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HTC Wildfire review

 Review: May 2010  

Last updated May 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Wildfire brings Android technology to the budget smartphone sector. Incorporating the power of Android and HTC Sense, plus a superbly responsive capacitive touchscreen, the Wildfire is easy to use and has access to thousands of apps. Combined with a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, a media player, GPS, Google Maps and fast internet, the Wildfire gives you a lot for your money. But compromises have been made with the screen, processor speed and memory.

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The HTC Wildfire is a cut-price version of the hugely popular HTC Desire, and it's been a huge success itself, bringing Android smartphone technology to millions. There are lots of reasons to like the Wildfire, such as its solid build, its superbly responsive capacitive touchscreen, and the power of Android. But cuts have been made in terms of screen resolution, battery life, processor speed and memory. Now, more than two years after its launch, its looking very dated and we'd recommend the HTC Wildfire S or Samsung Galaxy Ace instead.

The Wildfire runs the same operating system as the Desire, namely Android™ 2.1 (Éclair) with HTC Sense, making it both very powerful and very easy to use. The Android Market has matured greatly, with thousands of free games and apps now available, and we wouldn't be surprised if it overtook Apple's App Store in the near future. HTC Sense overlays the Android operating system, providing a very slick user interface with rich functionality. Friend Stream lets you see all your friends’ Facebook updates, Tweets and Flickr photos on the same screen. Caller ID shows not only the caller's name and photo, but also their Facebook status and birthday date too. The News App delivers your selected news feeds straight to your phone. There are 7 home screens available, all easily customisable, and in case that sounds like too many to remember, Leap View shows you thumbnails of all 7 of your Home Screen panels at once. You'd be right to think that the Wildfire is as much about social networking and the mobile internet as it is about phoning and texting. That's why Google developed Android in the first place, but actually HTC are leading the way in making this vision a reality. This incarnation of Android and HTC Sense behaves just beautifully.

You also need your phone to provide basics like a good camera and media player, and the Wildfire ticks these boxes too. The camera has 5 megapixels, autofocus and a flash, so it can take pretty decent photos under most conditions. Likewise, the media player can handle all common digital formats, has plenty of playback options, and produces excellent audio quality via its 3.5mm headphone socket. An FM radio is included too. The one thing missing on the media side is video calling.

The Wildfire has fast internet access via 3G HSPA, giving download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps - as fast as home broadband in theory. It also has Wi-Fi support, so you can access even faster data rates in a Wi-Fi hotspot. In addition it supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

As well as this, HTC have managed to pack in a GPS receiver with Google Maps, a digital compass, geo-tagging of photos and HTC Footprints.

There are a few other things worth mentioning about the Wildfire. The web browser is superb with full support for flash (move over, iPhone!) and the pinch-to-zoom capability combined with auto-rotation between landscape and portrait modes makes for a great experience, despite the limited screen size. We're delighted to note that there's support for Microsoft Exchange, so you can sync your email and calendar with your PC. And also that a dimmable flashlight has been built into the phone, just like those old Nokias - cool.

The hardware to support all these flashy features is only just about adequate however. The CPU runs at 528 MHz which can make for sluggish behaviour at times. The phone has 384MB RAM, with the capacity to accept a 32GB microSD memory card. The battery is a 1300 mAh Lithium-ion battery, which is almost as big as the battery in the Desire. Now the Desire doesn't have the greatest battery life, so it might seem that supplying a smaller battery could lead to trouble. And you'll probably find that the battery needs charging pretty often.

HTC Wildfire features include:

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HTC Wildfire user reviews

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Average rating from 401 reviews:

Reviewed by Jayaprakash from India on 2nd Nov 2015
Touch is not responding in winter season or when the temperature is less then 32 deg cel. i have changed touch 2 times when it was in warranty and all touches are behaving the same in the temperature is less then 32 Deg. it works fine in summer and now i am facing low memory issues as 7MB internal memory (even after factory reset).

Reviewed by Alex from England on 10th Mar 2014
For two years this phone was fantastic. It did what it was meant to with NO problems. All functions were a go. However we have hit year three and the bugs have surfaced. It has slowed down, the screen is less sensitive and when listening to music now it will cut out, for no reason and randomly ring people. What happened to the phone it used to be..

Obviously I will be upgrading anyway, I have just been putting it off for a bit for the better phones and prices!

Reviewed by shane from UK on 5th Oct 2012
the worst phone iv ever come in contact with :O(

Reviewed by Tomas from Singapore on 3rd Oct 2012
This phone is one of the worst I've ever owned. I'm starting to think that HTC might actually stand for "high tech c***." And it's not like I'm asking a lot of my phone. I simply want my "smart" phone to be able to do Facebook, Maps, my email, and maybe a calendar app. The fact that you can't move these applications from the 150MB internal memory to the (mine is 16GB) micro SD card (like you can with ANY other Android phone) renders the thing pretty much useless. Today, I couldn't even view the photos on the SD card because there was only 7MB free on the internal memory. Why is that? I even hacked/rooted it, and I still can't move over very much. Still miss my Sony Xperia and its size...wish I never would have switched.

Reviewed by Javier from UK on 15th Sep 2012
It is a hassle phone I bought it 2 months ago and one problem after another. I won´t be buying more HTC phones. Problems like the rooting, the date when the battery is removed, no good processor for the latest skype version.... No happy with the phone.

Reviewed by Marie from Scotland on 25th Aug 2012
i love my Htc wildfire but recently it is annoying me as it keeps saying low on storage when i have a 16gb memory card i have removed all apps and games but it is still the same!!!!!

Reviewed by Georgia from Wales on 30th Jun 2012
I've had my phone for about a year and a half, i suppose that isnt bad for £150.. generally the phone is ok, BUT the messaging app is awful, it has response times of up to 30 seconds sometimes, and even sends messages to the wrong people, but says it's sent them to the right ones, it is a nightmare. Also the camera is fairly poor. However a few of my friends htc wildfires work fine, i think it's just the pick of the draw.

Reviewed by kim from MT on 21st Jun 2012
don t buy just after six months i cannot open my messages because the touch is so bad , i can t do anything

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 12th Jun 2012
SO slow! and the battery is just abysmal, do not buy at all.

Reviewed by Randall from UK on 12th Jun 2012
Unbelievable how useless this phone is...7-10 second response times from the touchscreen causes more errors than you can imagine, unresponsive software and apps, messages come through in airplane mode, memory and user settings changing randomly....the list goes on. Stay away from this POS like the plague. I would give it 0 starts if I could.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 21st May 2012
I have owned this phone for over a year. It is the worst phone i have ever had the misfortune of owning!!! I would NEVER recommend getting one. I can not wait for my contract to run out but i may have to fork out to get an early upgrade.

THE GOOD: little.... battery life not bad, small, fairly stylish.

THE BAD: VERY slow (to the point where i just want to smash the thing). Doesn't support most good apps and games. Very poor screen with low res. Prone to freezing and crashing. just doesn't respond commands accurately or quickly.

As someone who has owned this phone i highly recommend that you DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, you will regret it until the day replace it, i grantee it.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 18th May 2012
I have had 14 phones in my life and this is the best one yet! I have had it for 10 months and never a problem

Reviewed by Experienced HTC user from United Kingdom on 15th May 2012
Firstly, everyone should install the Task Killer. As Joe indicates, anything running in the background can drain power. Lack of available power will not only effect your system speed but will also effect you phones ability to get a reception.
Secondly, be wary of downloading any old app. It is well documented (just read the reviews in the app stores) that apps can contain 'bugs' that will dial up your contacts etc. So if you are suffering from such issues, try uninstalling some of your apps you purchased since seeing the issue.
Thirdly, signal. This can vary not only with the phone but also the provider (carrier) and also the combination of the two. If you have a new phone that does not seem to carry the signal like your old phone perhaps you should switch providers. Some providers can provide you with signal boosters (at a cost) that will guarantee to increase you mobile signal within your house. T Mobile and Orange call it Nextivity, Vodafone cal it SureSignal but they are all basically legal repeaters. Note that it is illegal to operate (not buy, sell or own but use) one of these unless sold by a telecoms company that has the ability to switch it off at any time. So buy direct from your provider.

Reviewed by christine fenton from Britian on 15th May 2012
VERY POOR hate worse phone I have ever owned . it will probably have to buy a new phone before my contract runs out . It often sticks need 10 attempts to get my pin in sometimes it simply dosnt obey instructions , I have never yet managed to answer a call before it goes off - the slider simply dosnt workMy husband who is phone affulant cannot get it to work either orginially he thought it was me doing something wrong.I have owned it 6 months yesterday I couldnt hear my son even though I had full signal

Reviewed by Old Dave from UK on 6th May 2012
2+ years old. Inherited from my son who never got on with it as per reports below. I got it updated and now regularly update via laptop (quicker) and it works fine. Took me a long time to get used to the touch screen and still very sensative,or is it the shacky hands of a 70 year old?
I don't text, on screen key board rubbish but mapping and the apps are great, also internet, emails, weather, eBay,
not into Facebook but its all there.
At times slow but why is everybody in so much of a hurry????
Battery last about a day when using internet and WiFi alot.
This is my first smartphone and took a lot of getting used to but now I wouldn't be without it and you can pick them up for pence.

Reviewed by Jill P from UK on 5th May 2012
I've had the Wildfire for a year now, but I can't hack it any longer :( It's been in for repair twice(the first time was only after a month) due to it being so un-responsive, it freezes ALL the time, won't always let me answer calls. When texting, I'm constantly locking/unlocking it as it just won't co-operate. Sadly the last straw is that I can't hear the person on the other end properly anymore. It's like having really poor signal all the time. Sorry but it's going......

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 1st May 2012
I have had my Wildfire for over a year now and I cant understand all the negative comments. As long as you use the advanced task killer app the battery lasts for ages. Of course it will run slow if all your apps are running in the background at once DOH! As for dialing people by mistake just push the top right button to turn the screen off before putting it away and it wont. If your phone still locks up and wont do things properly then send it for repair. I think most of these issues are people not having a clue how to use it to be honest its a fantastic phone.

Reply by Laura from Germany on 4th Dec 2013
I have had my phone for about 3 years and it was brilliant to begin with but the last 6 months I have had all the problems previous people wrote such as the phone freezing, sending messages to the wrong person, the battery not charging. So it was good to begin with and I was very happy but will be changing on my return to UK.

Reviewed by Mark Randall from Uk on 29th Apr 2012
Not good. My wife and I both have this and have the same problems. Often the answer slide system won't work, therefore leaving the phone ringing until it goes to answer phone....very annoying. 3s signal is poor in many places so can't tell if the phone contributes to that. A very jerky Internet response too. Decent camera and GPS is useful but there must be much better phones out there surely ?

Reviewed by Sue P from UK on 25th Apr 2012
This phone is awful. I have had it for about 9 months now and it still has a mind of its own. I only want a phone to make calls/text so I was surprised when my phone decided to call the first 3 people in my contact list, whilst being in my handbag, and the screen being locked. I don't use my phone that much and was very surprised to receive a call from a friend saying that I had called them. It is known as my "ghost phone" Can't wait for the contract to end.
PS - my husband has the HTC Desire and he also has problems, so it can't just be me !!

Reviewed by Avis Lloyd-Dimmack from England on 23rd Apr 2012
When I first had this phone I was quite pleased with it - but the more I asked of it - the more it struggled. The battery was the first to show signs of ' not being up to the job' . It is generally unresponsive - and the content on the screen tends to wander around at will - It's - not mine ! I had to take it back to my phone shop about 3 months into my contract - to be upgraded . Which didn't really help. The battery still loses power immediately it is disconnected from the charger . I certainly would not recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Julien from UK on 20th Apr 2012

What's this, all the online Tech review journals give it 4-5 stars????

Somebody is getting a kick-back. [Editor's comment: LOL, not us!]

the number one worst thing about this phone, is the message service. Almost unusable. It would test the Dalai Lama's patience.

Reviewed by michael from united kingdom on 20th Apr 2012
I think someone who critises this phone for having to wait milliseconds for an app. to close or perhaps a minute for the screen to change should buy an I phone. Therefore paying £30.00p a month for the same thing. Some people are so picky and tight fisted.I have found that the battery life is abit short,apps sometimes do take abit to close and also the screen does the same. But I am not useing my phone for business and have the patience to wait.I have had my phone for about 12 months and find it very good, I was abit dubious at first as whether I wanted this sort of technology, I had a Sony K800i before and was very happy with that but find touchscreen technology easier to use.I will give 4 stars as I am pleased so far.

Reviewed by Lucy from Scotland on 16th Apr 2012
Cannot put into words how awful this phone is. Constantly have to "force close" on the apps, can take up to a minute for the screen to change after sending a message or to go on to another app. Poor battery life, below average camera and memory. Basically, the delayed responses of the phone, constantly having to shut down the android system itself- I would recommend the old nokia brick phone over this rubbish piece of technology!

Reviewed by Emily from England on 12th Apr 2012
I'd sincerely recommend anyone considering to buy this phone to RE-CONSIDER. This phones technology is awful! The messaging thread is very slow and easily become unresponsive , apps and the internet equally do the same thing. The camera is the only decent feature about this phone. All in all this phone is not worth the time or money , there are plenty of other phones that actually work better for a cheaper price. HTC GET IT SORTED!

Reviewed by Amina from England on 10th Apr 2012
I am very happy with my HTC Wildfire, I know have it for 7 months and it is working perfectly. I
dropped my phone many times and yet the screen hasn't broken, My phone also dropped in water but it worked perfectly after I found a solution. The only problem is the start up and when calling the annoying screen lock. This is a very good phone to use for people new to smartphone. I love the android market its really good and easy to use.
I reccomend this phone for people new to smartphones and want to try something new.

Reviewed by Selwyn Mason from England on 7th Apr 2012
I have had a Wildfire S phone for a couple of months now and have been extremely pleased with the performance.
One problem I have however is that I cannot unlock the phone to answer incoming calls, the phone works fine on hands free bluetooth which most of my incoming calls are, but it is most frustrating to have to call people back because I could not answer their call. This apparantly seems to be a common problem.
Because of this problem I would give it a 3 star rating.

Reviewed by ClaireJane from Ireland on 6th Apr 2012
DO NOT GET THIS PHONE! I have had it for a few months now and ive had more problems with it than any other... Its been in the shop getting fixed more times than I have had it in my hand. Don't make the same mistake I did and keep your money. honestly!

Reply by Nicki from UK on 27th May 2012
Ive had this phone since jan i think and ive had hardly any problemswith it,the onlything is something went wrong with notifying me i had a text but that was something i did wrong, the onlything ifind with it is the battery life,and i had to have a rplacement battery, apartfromthat i find it a slick phone and quite like it although im boredof itnow lol

Reviewed by jen from England on 1st Apr 2012
Got this phone about a year ago. was fine for the first 8 months, but then I tried to send a text to someone and it decided to send it to my whole contact list, good job it wasn't anything private!! So then I was so paranoid about it happening again with a text which I wanted no one to see that I switched back to my samsung soul :). Overall though it was quite a good phne with a good camera and a nice size. I got a bit bored after a while though:/. For a first android phone, I would recommend it :)

Reviewed by alan brown from england on 31st Mar 2012
I was really looking forward to owning a smart phone and obtained the htc wildfire on recommendation from tescos, the biggest mistake i have made for a long time. I can find my way with a compass on it, use the the gps, I even have a spirit level on it as well as liots of games. The only thing I cannot do is make phones calls. When someone rings it is so difficult to operate the screen lock that they either ring off or go to answerpnone, I constantly have to ring them back, to sum it up it was a mistake it now sits in a cupboard drawer and Ihave gone back to my cheap nokia which works every time. Unfortunately I am now stuck with a 2 year contract at £ 20-00 per month

Reviewed by Colonel Klink from Australia on 29th Mar 2012
Slow processor, unresponsive screen, crapola RAM, 6 hour battery life, unusable camera...don't waste your cash!

Reviewed by Les from UK on 26th Mar 2012
Agree with most of what others say. Some features are good ie sat nav, google maps & camera. Other features are poor Internet keeps freezing and pinch to expand /contract screen is only intermitant.The internet help desk is useless - there is no ability to reply to their comments and it appears to be based in the Ukraine. There are no preloaded games and downloading them appears to be another nightmare. Overall i am unhappy.

Reviewed by alex from england on 24th Mar 2012
When I got this phone over a year ago there was no metion this phone was a cheaper HTC, I am so dissatisfied with this phone, I cannot wait for the contract to be over, I am even changing provider for not making me aware how cheap and nasty this phone is, the camera is rubbish every single photo I have taken is blurred, I can't play decent games off the market and it isn't compatible and most others just don't work, signal is rubbish worse phone I have ever had, y make a cheap version I never want a HTC again as this has completely put me off

Reviewed by val from uk on 23rd Mar 2012
The phone has masses of super widgets and apps, but its ability to act as a phone is severely limited. It locks after a few minutes of non-use, and then it is impossible to answer calls, as they get lost before you can unlock it. It gets expensive to have to call back on every incoming call.

Reviewed by Maggie from England on 21st Mar 2012
This phone is fab especially for a beginner learning to de-tox from an old Nokia. Internet, texting, emailing all great, only gripe is battery needs plugging in twice a day and it needs more memory for all the apps available, otherwise a good phone for a techno novice. It does what it says on the tin, quietly brilliant for the money, if you can afford all the bells and whistles then my son swears by the Iphone!

Reply by ann marie from uk on 26th Mar 2012
Thanks for this review, I'm trying to ditch my 'old friend' ordinary phone as its going slower & slower, so I need to move on. I've resisted being dragged into the 21st century but your review has made me really consider this phone, shame you won't get commission when I buy one! Utility Warehouse will pay you commission for recommending but you need to be a customer of theirs first, but they ARE well worth joining. Thanks again!

Reviewed by lakisha from usa on 21st Mar 2012
It is no good .my gps does not work .internet does not work. I want my money back now . I need to take someone to court. I should of read this 30 days ago.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 21st Mar 2012
lakisha, no need to go to court. Just return it to the retailer and explain the problems.

Reply by ClaireJane from Ireland on 6th Apr 2012
I am going through the same problem! I don't want mine any more, I have had so many problems with it. I took it back to my retailer and all they want to do is keep repairing it but its been in the shop getting repaired for the touch screen sensitivity more times than I've had it in my hands!!! so sick of it, worst decision I've ever made >:(

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 15th Mar 2012
This phone, in the time I have owned it is terrible. The battery life is rubbish, and it is terribly slow. Its like being on windows 95. The quality of the camera is not to bad but could be a heck of a lot better, and that goes for the sound quality as well. The signal is shocking but this is probably down to the fact I am on the three network. It takes forever to load up when turning on, about 5 minutes sometimes, and cannot be used for about 5 minutes when it has loaded. It just wont let you. Overall, dont bother wasting you're money, do the right thing, get an iphone.

Reviewed by susie from uk on 15th Mar 2012
such a waste of money, with my first wildfire breaking within the first week, the replacement within the second week, constantly dropping calls- even when the signals good. continuously freezing, shutting itself down, battery life is terrible and I can only describe another problem as 'spazzing out' when writing messages, randomly typing letters and symbols and the notification bar pulling down constantly sliding over the keypad while typing...the only positive would be the camera.
everything else about this phone is, terrible.

Reviewed by Alec from Uk on 14th Mar 2012
Fails at the basic functions of a phone. Rotten signal reception: no signal when other devices are giving not merely some, but good, signal. And risky to get 36 hours off a charge with no calls. No use being smart if it is not a phone most of the time. Bad mistake.

Reviewed by Ciprian from Romania on 14th Mar 2012
I don't like it either. I'm just wondering how come the overall rating is Excellent with all these Poor ratings..

Reviewed by Sue from England on 12th Mar 2012
The HTC Wildfire is the first smartphone I have ever used and I love it! It was bought for me secondhand by my husband to see if I could get on with the technology (I am 60 and a bit behind the times) I made a few mistakes at first especially phoning people I didn't intend to. It took me about 8 weeks to fathom everything out and can't imagine being without it now. I regularly use the internet, use Facebook, take photos, download apps, send picture messages and listen to the radio. It does everything I need and I'm finding it simple to use. Had no problems at all up to now. Would definately recommend.

Reply by Laura from Uk on 23rd Mar 2012
Me too. Have it for over a year now with no problems. Internet can be slow but fine on wifi.

Reviewed by emma bates from uk on 12th Mar 2012
Absolutely awful, 4th time after been sent for repair and it still coming back unfixed (problem with the microphone, people couldn't hear me although I could hear them??) They agreed to replace the handset, this appeared 3 weeks later with the same fault. A month with no phone, sick of ringing them and getting nowhere. Don't buy !

Reviewed by Matt from Uk on 8th Mar 2012
The worst phone I have ever had. Worked for about 2 weeks then screen stopped working.

Reviewed by Pepe from Mexico on 3rd Mar 2012
I hate it. Its too laggy. Should have got the iphone instead. Damn.

Reviewed by graham from UK on 1st Mar 2012
I was advised to purchase the wildfire by the orange techy guy as "a great touch phone".....how wrong was he. The sync software is useless unless you have a gmail account. The speaker malfunctioned after 2 months, but the worst thing about this phone is the fact that when you sync it with your laptop the software in the phone screws up. It will then not pair with a car or similar bluetooth device, disconnecting itself randomly. The functions on the phone become less responsive and the software constantly freezes. I have had to carry a 10mm spanner in my car for 6 months to disconnect the battery to reset the radio and bluetooth system when the pairing causes that to freeze. It randomly removes numbers when you add a word to the phone dictionary then when it syncs with gmail removes that number on gmail and it's gone....forget "smart phone, dumb owner" the HTC is the worst phone i have ever used. I have had to do a total restore on the phone numerous times and lost vital info as the sync system is so poor. HTC customer support are no use, they seem to be of the attitude of "flood the market and hope the %age of good comments outweighs the bad" after I had my 4th wildfire and complained orange kindly gave me a free upgrade due to al the issues. NEVER EVER HAVE HTC!!!!

Reviewed by jane from london on 1st Mar 2012
this is the most stupid phone ever. i texted my mate when i was with my bf, and his phone beeped and got the txt. i checked the sent items, and it said that it was sent to her. it also texts people when it feels like it - sometimes the same message 100 times. it sent a happy new year message to everyone last week and once i looked at the screen, and it had half a message 'sorry can you call back i am busy...' and i swear to god i never even typed that. if you click on a message string - it will bring up every flippin message string except the one you want - and this fun and games can go on for about 10 minutes. if the alarm goes off, you cant turn it off, have to shut the phone down and wait 3 flippin hours for the stupid thing to load back up. sometimes you cant answer calls, sometimes you will ring people without even touching it. its the most annoying, stupid phone ever. god forbid you ever need to call someone or send a txt in an emergency. i feel like smashing this phone against a wall - or into one of them tree bark shredders on a regular basis. and also the battery dont last 5 minutes. lol, i hate it, its that bad its funny - and im so glad that im not the only one. i was creasing up reading the reviews coz i know how you feel!!! x

Reply by Janvi from India on 10th Mar 2012
Yea same here! This is exactly what happens with my wildfire! The most annoying thing is the random texting. My friends think that I am pullin their leg or something but this phone just doesnt seem to stop! >.<

Reviewed by steve from uk on 28th Feb 2012
Not good, won't play video's , radio has never worked ,just kept getting fobbed off by HTC UK and provider , when contract is up will never touch HTC or Vodafone again :(

Reviewed by Geoff from UK on 27th Feb 2012
I can't understand all these negative reviews about one of the most competent and reliable smartphones ever made. I don't doubt that the reviewers are having problems but it has to be how they're using it because these faults have never happened to mine unless it was me doing something wrong. I used this site myself before buying my Wildfire and was wary of all the complaints but I also spent a lot of time on the various Android forums where users were detailing similar faults and competent owners were giving explanations that cured all the problems. Look for yourselves and find people with slow phones... then they say they've 1000's of texts clogging it up.Have you seen that phrase often found on the forums and Market reviews..... "Smart Phone, Dumb Owner."

I guess there have been rogue handsets. I know from reviews and the forums that some handsets from our big high street dealers can be suspect too, as is their after sales support if owners have difficulty using their new handset. My Wildfire often had me cursing and swearing at it for the first few weeks when it would send multple texts and phone people when I wasn't expecting it to.... but it was always the idiot holding the phone, ME, who was at fault. Each time I learned from my mistakes and they never happened again.

This review site is brilliant and trustworthy and I repeat there must be bad phones and dud phones out there but the Wildfire isn't one of them. I love mine. 17 months old, no case or screen protector and it looks as good as new. Battery charged every day but still goes to 100% and lasts all day with lots of use. And I'm still finding things it can do that I never thought possible but make my life easier. It really is a Smartphone.

Reply by Diamond from US on 10th Mar 2012
I truly love your comment. I bought the phone because you made it sound so easy :)

Reply by Elisa from Finland on 30th Mar 2012
Huh, so you are saying that problems that I have encountered with this phone from the very beginning (microphone stopped working for a month, then suddenly recovered, in messages folder when tapping the new message the phone shows another message sent a couple of days ago etc) are something that are due to my own incapability as a phone owner? I do not think that a device is good if you have to use days to read different forums to learn how to manage it. And I will never buy another HTC!

Reply by kevin from london on 31st Mar 2012
had over 18 months no problems.yes does get sluggish at times, battery will run low quickly if internet or maps are used often.call quality usually good.maybe later ones are,nt of same quality?

Reply by Randall from UK on 12th Jun 2012
I work for a technology company and not a single one of my colleagues likes this thing. Add that to the fact that the negative comments I see far outweight the positive ones and I think we can all agree that your assessment of other people's phone skills is not only preposterous but insulting.

Reviewed by jonn c from uk on 26th Feb 2012
Nice phone but rediculous battery life of just twelve hours that is without using wi to , blue tooth, gps etc. Good camera though.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 25th Feb 2012
Worst phone ever. im on my second one as the first one was absolutly shocking, thinking it was a one off, i got another one thru insurance and this one was just as bad, no memory, very very short battery life, awful speakers and takes about an hour to delete 10 messages with auto delete and when you go to send a text, click on one contact then it will randomy load up the person whose text is at bottom of the screen, same with phoning people. it is the worst! id rather go without than have it, to be fair to it, its hit the wall numerous times and does still live, but barely!

Reviewed by Katie from England on 22nd Feb 2012
I've had my wildfire for about 8-9 months and im not happy. I have two year contract unfortunately so I'm stuck with it :/ I literally can't have any apps on it because the frame rate is so low. I reset the phone to see if it would help. I got a simple app and it won't even load. The Internet is pretty much impossible to use sadly. The camera is or was amazing. Form what started as 5 meg camera is now about 2 because it's sticks out of the back to much. The lense gets scratched in my pocket even with a case on! Texting is a nightmare. The other day my friend text me and it took about 5 minutes to open the damn text. I really wish I hadn't got the 2 year contract.

Reply by Colonel Klink from Australia on 29th Mar 2012
My Wildfire is a slug. I found that installing a task killer frees up the RAM and speeds up the phone. I use Advanced Task Manager which I got for free from the app market

Reviewed by Abi from England on 21st Feb 2012
Basically the Wildfire S is the worst phone I have ever owned. I have had it for nearly 6 months and have had no end of problems! It has the shortest battery life ever, it barely lasts a day and I only ever use it to txt o quickly check my emails! I find myself having to charge it every night! On top of that I find it almost impossible to text on. I have a had lots of types of phones inclding Samsung, Nokia, Motorola even a Siemens and a Panasonic but I've never had this much trouble just sending 1 simpl message. It hardly recognises any words and autocorrects them as completely bizarre things! The back button is far too close to the space button so I find myself constantly exiting the message (and I have very small fingers so god knowshow a man would cope!)The touch screen is very slow and trying toend a call is painful as it freezes or exits the screen. The internet on it is appauling. it hardly everconnects and if it does it is extremely slow. This is not just my opinion, I have asked other people who I know who have the phone and they agree! All in all I'd say it's the worst pon I've ever used and am very close to throwing it out of a window and going back to my old Nokia!!

Reviewed by sassy from unites states on 21st Feb 2012
Had the phone for 3 weeks low internal memory ..cant text while charging..have to charge every night ....can never get on the internet..wish I had my lg back Had to uninstall fb idk the friendstream never updated..ill have to fill you in more I hav it I GUESS

Reviewed by Aigroeg from asdfghjkl;' on 20th Feb 2012
Well, The HTC Wildfire started of as an amazing phone! But I have had it nearly 10 months now and it is utter rubbish! The touch screen has been going funny (it won't work for hours sometimes), my messages take ages to load it's unbelievable and it takes hours for me to delete a chain of messages with like 50 in it, also the camera isn't as good as some other 3.2 mega-pixel cameras! the internet doesn't always work and it's extremely slow sometimes! The worst bit about the phone is that when my phone dies or I turn it off it sends people old messages on it's own. This has been happening a lot in the past 3 months, and I'm not happy with it wasting my credit! The battery life isn't that good if you like to text/listen to music/go on the internet, as at about 7 O'clock I have to charge it all night.
A good point about the phone is that the graphics in the screen are good, but take quite a while to load.
I am a typical teenage girl who likes to text and go on Facebook, but this phone just isn't quick enough! It takes me up to 10 minutes to reply which takes the micky. Also Facebook on my internet doesn't work properly due to the slow internet connection. I have got to have this phone for 2 years (24 month contract) and I'm not quite 10 months in and the thing is nearly broken, this phone is a let down! There are much better android phones!

Reviewed by Goran from Serbia on 19th Feb 2012
You just install Cyanogen mod 7,this is mod for android Gingerbread 2.3.3 version and everything in great.My Wildfire runs great, no lag, batery life is much better.For this money you cannot buy better android phone.Build quality is great, looks very nice, kamera is pretty OK, and audio quality is excellent, not like my old Nokia E52, where i need to change speaker every month (don't get me wrong E52 is a great phone but every nokia have problem whith speaker and not just E series but EVERY NOKIA !!!).So just go for the Cyanogen mod and no problems (keep in mind that whith install of cyanogen mod you lose warranty)

Reviewed by Allen from uk on 16th Feb 2012
Don't even think of buying it, WiFi is rubbish, internet slow, battery finish, same with the Nokia lumia 800, I'm getting Samsung galaxy ace on a weekend:)

Reviewed by JCL from UK on 15th Feb 2012
HTC WILDFIRE has many problems with SKYPE and is unworkable. Check out the internet and other sites about the problems. I have discussed this with HTC and they say it is not 'their' problem because when the phone was developed it was OK for SKYPE but now thatSKYPE has upgraded a few times the WILDFIRE cannot cope with it. Choose another phone if you ever want to use SKYPE

Reviewed by asf from pakistan on 15th Feb 2012
it is very good

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 10th Feb 2012
Do NOT buy this phone!!! I've only had mine since mid July 2011, now its February 2012, and it is soo slow. Also it sends random messages 5 or more times, my messages refuse to open and it doesn't answer call 50% of the time! Definately regret buying this 'smart' phone now! Rating of 0, not 1!

Reviewed by DC from UK on 10th Feb 2012
Had the phone 10 months now and apart from the battery life and not being able to upgrade to gingerbread I can't really fault it,been good as gold, does everything really well,very reliable not 1 fault so far,

Reviewed by Dave from Denmark on 10th Feb 2012
Had my wildfire 18 months, there are loads of free aps out there ( check the inbuilt market ap ). One of the most important will help address the battery life issue, "advance task killer" is essential, so much stuff goes on in the background the battery drains quickly without it .. As for being robust, My 14 year old has one and that has been dropped more times than I can count.
I use my phone at work to listen to uk radio via WiFi, A full charge will only use 40% battery at the end of my 8 hours.
All in all i'm pleased with mine.

Reviewed by Catherine Phillips from UK on 8th Feb 2012
I am really disappointed with my HTC Wildfire. It might be the 'cheaper' version of the Desire but oh boy you can't half tell. The screen is so sensitive I have had to buy a pen to use with it. The screen is tiny and because of the sensitivity very difficult to use to do anything. Hardly any free apps and ridiculously short battery life. To add insult to injury my husband went to the 02 shop a week or so after me & got a Desire deal for the same price as my Wildfire deal with more features and free apps.
If you can get the Desire not the Wildfire.

Reviewed by Stacey from England on 7th Feb 2012
I thought i would just have a look on the net to see if people had experienced the same issues as me and THEY HAVE! I've had this phone for a year and it's been getting increasingly worse over the last 7-8 months. Very slow to open texts, texting random people, frequently unable to answer or end calls, predictive text dictionary doesn't know very basic words or replaces them with random ones (for example when i type 'is', phone decides i meant 'OS'. In capital letters too). Battery is rubbish, phone freezes....i have decided to spend £150 just to get out of this contract as another 6 months of this rubbish will probably kill me. Wish there was a '0 Star' option here.

Reply by david knapp from u,s,a, on 16th Feb 2012
stacey in England may be u should try metropcs no contrack no brainer. david from u,s,a,

Reviewed by mellisa ernst from usa on 6th Feb 2012
Love the phone!!!! Easy 2 use. Memory sux

Reviewed by alan from england on 5th Feb 2012
i have had to put up with this phone for a year and a half and getting a new phone today... yep eeee
i have lost so much time and money with lost calls ( poor signal) each time a call comes in the phone will not connect have down loaded an app for an easy answer which sorted out the problem but now when answering a call the signal dies ... so annoying
also the music player never worked
please don't spend any money on a htc phone

Reviewed by kierran from uk on 5th Feb 2012
I love my HTC wildfire. It's a robust phone
(I keep dropping it). It does everything my ipod does and I can message and ring people. The only annoying things are the poor battery life and the fact that as soon as my phone has been on charge for about 30 mins,the phone feels very hot

Reviewed by Arthur from England on 1st Feb 2012
As this is my first smartphone I can`t compare it with the competition, but I`m impressed. There are a few small niggles like having to leave it on all night for the alarm next morning, not being able to add new message/alarm tones and poor radio reception, but other than that it`s solid and more than does the job.
I have had one major problem in that after around 8 months it started cutting off calls despite a full signal. This worsened over a few weeks, but my phone shop sent it back to HTC who within a week replaced it with a new one.
So far so good.

Reviewed by Beth from England on 30th Jan 2012
I would not recommend this phone to ANYONE!If I could have given this phone a 0 rating I would have. The touch screen is NOT sensitive or responsive. The battery life doesn't even last me the whole day. The camera is very poor quality. It sends messages to the wrong people and sends the same message more than 5 times. If you are wanting a phone that appears to be high-tech when actually the basics of the phone is worse than a brick then go for it.

Reviewed by Erik from Germany on 30th Jan 2012
A cheap phone with a lot potential. Sure, it may not be the bet out-of-the-box experience, but great for tweaking nonetheless. It is an easy to unlock handy why great support for alternative ROMs. I've overclocked mine to 768MHz and re-partitioned internal storage so that I have 305mb instead of original 170mb for apps Battery life ranges from 12 hours of intencive usage to 36 hours of mostly idling. There are better phones around, but not at that price. Ideal to try mods such as CyanogenMod. Hardware is a bigger problem, but htc service is nice.

Reviewed by jadeeeee from uk on 27th Jan 2012
this is a great phone! and i have had it fir 16 months now... there is a few set backs such as the porr battery life as if you are on it all day i dies at about 4pm when i need it most!! also the screen will only work if it it your skin it touching in so if its a cold day you have to take you gloves of!!!... this is my first touch screen phone so i dont have much to compare it on but it is a good phone over all :) xXx

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 26th Jan 2012
Brilliant phone all round. Great touch screen - very responsive. Good sized screen, very intuitive to use - I'd had a Samsung Tocco before which was terrible in comparison. Good phone, on small budget.

Reviewed by dileep from India on 26th Jan 2012
I love this phone.....

Reviewed by alexmac from UK on 25th Jan 2012
This might not have been the best choice of touchscreen phone for someone like me who likes a 'querty' keyboard with buttons (remember buttons?)but it was the only free handset with my BT call plan and I thought I'd try 20th Century technology even tho' I'm not quite ready fir the 21st. Unsuccessful so far, as since starting to use it I've not managed to send a text in less than 10 minutes, and usually give up, as my fat fingers squish over several buttons of the on screen keyboard with disasterous results. And all the intuitive stuff I've learned from Samsung, Nokia and an early HTC are out the window so I have to RTFM (as in when all else fails 'Read the Foolkin Manual')... but there isn't one- just 'tips'... I'd give it to the grand daughter and crawl back to my stone tablet except she's already got better kit..

Reviewed by Tate from UK on 24th Jan 2012
Awful. The alarm stopped working causing me to oversleep. Then it sounded at a time it wasn't set for. The text keyboard is slow to respond and the dictionary doesn't seem to know the most basic of words or insists on using a capital letter when you don't want it too.I'm currently trying to switch it off but about 10 seconds after it shuts down it restarts by itself. An embarassment.

Reviewed by chris from uk on 23rd Jan 2012
ive had this phone for a year ive had no probs photos are good theres plenty of worse phones out there some people talk rubbish its not a bad phone when you consider its cost people should think about that !

Reviewed by Fiona Mills from englan on 19th Jan 2012
This phone is terrible! it first starts sending random texts to people, then it goes really slow. The other day the touch screen stopped working then the phone turned it self off, it has done that about 7 times this week, the apps are rubbish compared to apple apps, being logged onto facebook/twitter makes the phone slower, the battery life is rubbish. today it started flicking through all the apps I had used today and it wouldn't stop so I had to take the battery out! While being on the phone to someone you can't multitask simply because the phone screen flashes on and off, ending the phone being frozen, Once it would'nt let me end call so i wasted 20 minutes on that. the camera quality is rubish. RANT OVER! I cant wait to get my iphone!

Reply by anthony from waterbury on 12th Mar 2012
iphone sucks too.it freezes and its a hell of a bill

Reviewed by Jackie Bouaziz from England on 17th Jan 2012
Worse phone ever it freezes all the time, keeps saying storage full when i have loadssssss left, starts opening features i have not requested absolutely horrible phone.

Reviewed by Jennifer from England on 16th Jan 2012
DO NOT GET IT!!!!! I had the phone for a year, it was so slow, most apps won't work because of the major lag. In the end my mum just brought me out of my contract, now I have a BB curve 9360 and absolutely love it. Wildfire=Waste of money...

Reviewed by Hamish from UK on 15th Jan 2012
Worst Phone I have ever owned. So slow, texts the wrong people. Heap of junk.

Reply by Sohaib from Pakistan on 30th Mar 2012
It can never be possible to have a good phone to own until u better know its usage....as in an htc wildfire everything is perfect about it....the price,camera,apps and specially an android phone....its awesome to have one....you cannot complain for its wrong messaging or calling coz that depends on your choice to text and call....you touch the wrong contact nd blame the phone...dat is not really fair....although i would say that it has a beautiful shape and wonderful android phone to have....!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Reviewed by Devonte from UK on 14th Jan 2012
This phone is a GOOD phone, not the best but beats most mid range phones that are curently available yes the phone freezes sometimes, but what phone doesnt? Its got very fast iternet over 3G and even faster over WIFI. the interface is very good and the screen is big. I really like this phone. If u buy this u wont regret it

Reviewed by patrick from uk on 13th Jan 2012
good phone shame about the battery life

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 12th Jan 2012
I have had problem after problems with my HTC Wildfire! I regret choosing this phone! I am on my second replacement. It's so slow on anything! keeps freezing and force closes! I will never buy a HTC again!

Reviewed by N K Agrawal from India on 12th Jan 2012
Very disappointing Battery Life, it can't sustain even for 24 Hours!!!

Reviewed by Malcolm White from United Kingdom on 10th Jan 2012
Very disappointed. The one thing I needed was to be able to answer calls. When the screen is locked it's impossible to answer an incoming call, because you can't unlock the screen with the usual swipe. I therefore installed the no-lock app which prevents the screen from locking. However, even though the Answer Decline buttons are now visible, I'm still unable to answer a call no matter how I tap, swipe or press the screen. Total rubbish.

Reply by steven from united kingdom on 3rd Feb 2012
i have the same problem with mine it wont let me answer a call very annoying appart from that a good fone.

Reply by Malcolm White from UK on 16th Mar 2012
Update to problem above. The 'phone has been returned to me for the 7th time! It still won't unlock the screen and answer an incoming call with a swipe if held in the hand, but will if it's on the desk. I'm guessing that there's a firmware glitch where the process handling the incoming ring conflicts with one of the other processes (g-sensor, proximity, etc.), as the screen unlocks immediately the call switches to voicemail and the incoming event (ring) ceases. Unfortunately, the HTC repair centre don't seem to be able to work outside the box and accept that there is a genuine fault with this model. It's unlikely, I'll ever buy another HTC device.

Reviewed by cris from England on 10th Jan 2012
I just hated it! Didn't get tv at all, no app for it.

Reviewed by kieran from uk on 8th Jan 2012
Phone has some very good features although text messaging is very slow ,takes ages to send a text and sometimes 5 minutes to load a single text. The body work is very easily dented or bent.

Reviewed by chris from uk on 5th Jan 2012
the flash is too bright and the quality of the photos are generally poor. the handset also has a nasty habit of turning itself off apart from that it seems to work ok but i wish i hhad gone for a samsung or stuck with nokia

Reviewed by Nicki from Northern Ireland on 4th Jan 2012
Worst phone EVER. My hubby bought me this phone for my birthday and within weeks it was causing problems to the point of sending 1,760 text messages to one person and the O2 people said 'it's just a one off' to two days later doing the same thing again!!! They replace phone and the problems started again but this time locking up, slow etc. Then on the 23rd Dec 2011 I was tapping at phone when it AGAIN wouldn't work after numerous taps the screen just cracked!!!!! No undue force or drop.(I promise) Well O2 won't replace and basically say it's my own fault, so a phone at £150 lasted me 1 month.

Reviewed by Tayzone from England on 4th Jan 2012
My Dad has the phone... but I use it a lot more often than he does. From what I can tell (and he probably can't)it's a fantastic phone, fun, easy to use and great to look at. Dad's had it for over a year and I've never ha d a problem with it, neither has he and he's kinda slow with the technical stuff but he gets on great with this easy-to-use piece of great technology. The internet is quick too and it's very touch responsive, I've always been terrible at texting so i can't blame the phone for what is most likely to be my fault. The battery I guess could be better but its and android so that's just part of the package. I love the phone I want one myself but I can't have it. the screen real good and clear too, great for watching videos and all that. My friend has it too and she loves her phone. I'd recommend it to anyone. just be careful not to break the screen, you'll have to buy another phone or pay about the same amount to get a new one; just another android phone this really. So get the phone and have fun with it; it's all you really can do. :)

Reviewed by matt from england on 4th Jan 2012
worst phone ive ever had, for ever tapping the screen as doesnt register, stay clear

Reviewed by Fan from Uk on 2nd Jan 2012
Well I have experienced the HTC Wildire and it's awesome it's got a large menu a large screen and also a magic bottom button. Just like the black berry curve. You also have the andróide market to download thousands of free games.its An. Awesome phone the battery can stay up to 1 week and you also have internet access also very fast and smooth.Its a cery smart phone.It has got music player and everything.I would recommend this phone for those of u that are. Very busy or if you really like one.

Reviewed by kieran from uk on 2nd Jan 2012
very good

Reviewed by ME from England, London. on 31st Dec 2011
Well the HTC Wildfire is a good phone lags a lot. Games such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are simply unplayable (if thats a word). The Market is not updated either. Everything else is fine expect this 'lag.'

Reviewed by Ahamed from kandy on 25th Dec 2011
There are so many problems in hTc i hate this even there is no solution for that .....i hate tthis andriod again and again

Reviewed by steve from uk on 22nd Dec 2011
seriously if you want a phone that will annoy you on a daily basis buy this!! its truly terrible. I just tried to send a simple text.....result....10 minutes later im no further forward....its incredibly slow then its decides to change the contact???? the battery, charged fully overnight will never last till after 5pm the next day. i need to take my charger everywhere i go!! when i answer calls it goes off often. seriously im a patient person but this pile of junk tests me!! AVOID!!!

Reviewed by Rach from New Zealand on 16th Dec 2011
I love it and I just wish it would stop crashing all the time! I haven't dropped it or treated it badly, but it'll randomly turn off and take ages to turn back on, which disables the sim card so I don't even notice it's off until I haven't received a text or phone call in ages. How do you fix the crashing and restarting??!!

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 15th Dec 2011
Brilliant phone! Ive had it for just over a year n I never had any problems with it. Although now Ive got water damage to the battery, its started freezing every few seconds, but this isn't down to the phone, its due to my daughter putting it into her mouth!!! Great camera, lovely large touchscreen, lightweight. All round a great phone and would defo recommend it!!

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 14th Dec 2011
I love it. I can do almost everything what any other phone can. Its a brilliant Phone. If someone can use it then its 5 star but for those who can't then sorry to say, it's no star...Its totally up to the user.

Reviewed by Bobby from UK on 12th Dec 2011
Had the phone for 14 months now. This phone is great, ignore the reviewers here who slag it off as they don't know what they're talking about. I've taken 100's of photos with very few of them being poor quality - you can actually adjust the settings and even switch the flash off if required. I have a 16g sd card, so it has loads of music and films on it and my screen isn't cracked because i'm not stupid enough to drop my phone!!!

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 12th Dec 2011

Reviewed by Kweku Abbey from Ghana on 10th Dec 2011
I really enjoy the HTC touch screen sensation. I have had the wildfire since September 2011. My only problem with it is, it appears when the weather is hot.... like in the afternoons, when a call comes through you drag the screen down to accept but it freezes and never picks the call. Please if this problem could be looked into and a solution provided it would cement my desires for my wildfire.. Thank you.

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