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HTC Wildfire S review

 Review: May 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The upgrade to the hugely-popular Wildfire, the Wildfire S is a budget Android smartphone with a premium metallic body, an uprated touchscreen display, 5 megapixel camera, Android Gingerbread, GPS with Google Maps and access to over 100,000 apps from the Android Market. It compromises on processor speed, memory and battery power, but it's still one of the best of the lower-priced Android phones.

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The HTC Wildfire was our favourite budget Android smartphone when it was released back in May 2010. But it was clearly time for an upgrade, and we're pleased to welcome the HTC Wildfire S into the Android stable. The original Wildfire gave a lot for your money, but where it fell down was in the low screen resolution, sluggish processor, underpowered battery and restricted memory. We're pleased to report that HTC have worked on all of these issues with the release of the Wildfire S, although they haven't completely solved them.

The Wildfire S has a sleeker design than the original Wildfire, with 4 virtual buttons below the screen and no physical buttons. This has allowed it to be smaller and lighter than the original Wildfire, which is no bad thing. With its metallic body it looks and feels very smart and not like a budget phone at all. Although not strictly in the "ultraslim" category, with a thickness of 12.4mm it feels slim and fits well in the hand, making single-handed operation a possibility if you have a dextrous thumb.

The screen size is the same as the original Wildfire, at 3.2 inches, but the resolution has been doubled to 320 x 480 pixels and that makes all the difference. Web pages are sharper, images and videos are more detailed and apps run better. The user interface is improved too. The Android operating system has been updated to the latest version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and the terribly refined latest release of the HTC Sense user interface is the icing on the cake.

The camera is unchanged compared with the Wildfire. But at 5 megapixels with autofocus and flash plus video recording in 3GP format it holds its own against the competition.

Media is well catered for, with excellent music/media playback and a built-in FM radio too. Audio quality via the 3.5mm headphone jack or wireless Bluetooth headset is good. The 2GB memory card included in the sales package has room for hundreds of MP3 tracks.

Web browsing on the Wildfire S is a pretty good experience, with the higher resolution screen making a big difference. The Wildfire S is equipped with HSPA 3G, enabling download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, and it's Wi-Fi enabled too, so data access is very fast. The responsive capacitive touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom combined with the fast and well-designed Android web browser makes the experience pleasurable. Facebook and Twitter are here of course, and HTC Sense integrates them nicely with your contacts.

Assisted GPS works well, with Google Maps making good use of the increased screen resolution.

The processor speed has been uprated to 600 MHz, which isn't fast compared with the 1GHz or faster speeds of high-end Android phones, and at times the phone can appear to freeze or become unresponsive. The problem is most noticeable when running intensive apps like Google Maps and some games. At these times, it's necessary to take a deep breath and remember that the Wildfire S costs less than half as much as a HTC Sensation. The memory has been upgraded to 512MB RAM and this helps when multitasking or running those power-hungry apps, but sometimes the phone still needs more memory.

The battery life isn't impressive. The 1230mAh capacity lithium-ion battery is actually smaller than the battery used in the first Wildfire. That makes no sense to us, and even HTC's official battery figures show a marked decrease in battery life for the Wildfire S compared with the Wildfire. Expect to recharge every day if you use the phone frequently.

The Wildfire S isn't the perfect smartphone. Although it's a step up from the original Wildfire, there are inevitable compromises here. The display is a huge improvement on the original, but it's still quite small for an Android phone. The processor is still underpowered, although it's not noticeable all the time. The battery life is distinctly on the low side.

We originally awarded the Wildfire S 5 stars. Over a year later, lots more entry-level and mid-range Android phones have flooded the market, and the Wildfire S no longer looks so good. It's still a decent phone though, as long as you understand the compromises that have been made. Other Android phones in the sub-£100 price range include the HTC Desire C, Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y.

HTC Wildfire S features include:

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Why is it that even if i uninstall all my apps in my internal memory the available space will be much but when i check it again it will reduce on its own?

Asked by victorine from nigeria on 4th Oct 2016
My internal space is high but later it will become low on its own.

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Average rating from 134 reviews:

Reviewed by Christian from England on 13th Feb 2014
I've had this mobile device since Christmas 2012. I can honestly say it is the worst phone I've ever purchased. Since late 2012, this phone has constantly created new problems for itself and I cannot wait to get rid of it and get a better model. I have 9 months left for my contract to run out but am seriously considering ending it before that time elapses.
Downloading apps is literally pointless as the phone cannot keep a consistent record of how much memory is available. It is slow and frustrating to use. Texting is very difficult as the keyboard's predictive text literally turns off/lags in the middle of typing a word. Without even tilting the phone, the picture changes orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa. Social media becomes very aggravating to use as every so often you have to delete temporary memory for photos to load properly and for messages to be received. Whenever I click on the settings button in the menu, the brightness changes itself without me wanting it to, and this is without having the auto-brightness setting turned on. Recently, my HTC Wildfire S has developed an issue on the lockscreen, whereby a giant capital K appears on it for absolutely no reason.
Overall, it is an abomination of a mobile phone, and I would not wish my worst enemy to have this device - DO NOT BUY IT.

Reviewed by rain darbyshire from uk on 21st Oct 2013
The htc wildfire s is not a bad phone for what it costs but you are better off investinga bit more money in a more reliable phone. I have had the phone for nearaly a year now and have found that it is slow and does not have enough memmory to support even the most simple apps like you tube google play and facebook. It has also ocured twice now that all video and camera do not work and only offer the noise of what is being played. So if you like to watch you tube alot DO NOT get this phone!

Reviewed by NC from England on 3rd Apr 2013
Had the Wildfire S for almost 2 years now and for the most part it's pretty good.
I love the size it fits in all my pockets, the camera is excellent probably better then my compact
The internal memory is awful!! Keeps saying it can't receive texts as internal storage is low I clear app caches, delete apps I don't need and it still says it's low even when it has 14MB left! Some apps can be moved to the SD card but not all of them. It's a 50/50 as to whether I dismiss the alarm or snooze it, I don't have the option of cancelling a call only accepting it. Once the messages crashed for a whole day and a half which I didn't realise until my Uncle said he texted me so I had to reset my phone to get it to work again. Sometimes even when not on silent it won't make a noise to let me know I've received a text message so I read them late. Has loads of un-needed apps pre-installed that I can't delete for example I have 3 versions of e-mail: Google, HTC and an Orange one- none of which work!
If you don't have a lot of apps (which I don't)this phone may be all right but at the moment it's struggling. I've given it 3 stars because the user experience is much better than my old Samsung Galaxy Apollo definitely faster but the main problem is that it's old.

Reviewed by ste from england on 28th Dec 2012
had 15 mths, battery is awful,charging twice a day, keeps freezing,bluetooth gone off,too quiet with music,couple things ok but dont but one. get a samsung

Reviewed by Lilly from England on 26th Dec 2012
I wouldn't recommend this phone, it is slow and when I want to ring somebody I wait for at least 2-3 mins to dial. Sometimes it will cut off unexpectedly.
When others try to ring, i pick up and it cuts off. This can waste your credit or minuets.
I have a passcode lock on my phone when i try to unlock it goes funny and I will have to wait for 30 seconds and this keeps happening.
I have a gig memory card i put in my phone, the phone doesn't let me download apps it will say 'not enough memory'. I don't have many pictures or apps.
I wouldn't say it is the WORST ever, but its not one of the best. My recent phones has topped this phone.

Reviewed by Jay Callaghan from Ireland on 24th Oct 2012
Mine just completely stopped working all of a sudden after a year, lost touch responsiveness making the phone useless. Also there is barely any memory and the majority of apps cannot be moved to the memory card.

With that said it's a decent phone when it actually does work properly

Reviewed by Vicky from england on 21st Oct 2012
WORST PHONE EVER! I have had nothing but problems with it, iv had it for 5 months and had to send it back 3 times, and it always comes back with the same problems..

There is such low internal memory that i could not receive texts, if there were just 15 in the inbox, i was always having to keep contacts and photos to a absolute minimum to be able to do anything on it before it would crash, it turns itself off, drops calls..list could go on!
even though i have a sd card in, it wont let me put certain things on it. I have only downloaded 3 small apps.
I was so dissapointed with this phone, i have it on contract as well, so i have had to complain to vodafone various times as the phone is completely unusable.

Luckily i had complained so much to vodafone saying that i do not want to be stuck with it for a year, so in the end they agreed that they will send me a new samsung galaxy s2, i hope for a half decent phone that works!

(do not buy this phone!!)
take note that the majority of reviews are not good!

Reviewed by Cheryl from England on 15th Oct 2012
Did put a good review on about it, was good to start with BUT now for some reason its started to freeze constantly, sometimes has a mind of its own & when I try to put in certain numbers it uses other numbers?? For example press 2 & comes up 5!! Have a memory card but always comes up memory full, trying to access the internet sometimes impossible as says I'm not in a wifi area yet I'm at home & never had a problem with wifi before. Battery awful, have to charge it twice a day, brilliant camera, DO NOT BUY, would NOT recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Cheryl from Nottingham on 12th Oct 2012
Not long had the phone but already love it! Had the explorer for a while BUT with no flash I started to hate it with a passion, love this phone though brilliant photos, just got to figure how to transfer photos & music to memory card, I'll get there though!!!

Reviewed by i hate the wildfire s from uk on 10th Oct 2012
this is quite possibly the worst phone ever invented. do NOT buy it. I will never buy another HTC phone due to the grief this phone has caused me. It is not a smart phone. It comes with insufficient phone memory and you cannot move things to an SD card. I have to delete my texts every week, I cannot have any applications on my phone, keep pictures and contacts to a minimum, I have deleted many functions which came on the phone and even with all this there is still 'insufficient memory' If I wasn't on contract I would smash this phone into pieces.

Reviewed by lucy from uk on 22nd Sep 2012
Best phone iv had so far still working like new one year down the line I herd the day after I bought it people said 'HTC phones freeze' but mine has never froze
It can take time to load from being turned off but is amazing afterwards .... X :)

Reviewed by George Goring from UK on 19th Sep 2012
I don't normally write reviews but am so annoyed with this phone I want to warn others off. The worst thing is the lock screen. When a call comes in, it is virtually impossible to answer as by trying to unlock, it rejects the call, even if you aim for the 'accept' button. Also, the screen icons have become very unresponsive. Probably best to save up for a proper smart phone.

Reviewed by Hasan from Khan on 28th Aug 2012
This phone is the best phone I have ever had!
If you are a moderate user, like just use 1 app at a time, this phone is for you! All the reviews I saw down below, are 20% right! You should get this if you want to start your life with a smartphone even with Android (2.3.5 GingerBread)! 5MP is very nice! Video appears pretty smooth, pictures are nice, multi gestures work well!
hTC Wildfire S, FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Enjoy
((((((BUY IT))))))

Reviewed by Kris from UK on 24th Aug 2012
I got this phone on contract about eight months ago and before i got this phone, I usually had samsungs.
This phone is possibly the best phone I've ever had, I love it! The touch screen is quite sensitive so I don't have to press hard to use it which I love.
The only had thing is the memory as it's constantly low, but other than that, I think it's a fabulous phone!

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 7th Aug 2012
Possibly the worst phone I've ever had.
The internal memory is low all of the time, and I have to delete a lot of things constantly. I don't have much on my phone, and honestly; the touch screen on it is rubbish. The battery life is appalling, I'm charging it every day because it's dead after not even 3 hours of using it. To lock my phone, I have to press the top of the phone so hard, it hurts! The speaker is becoming inaudible, and I can't do much on it at all.

Reviewed by Deb from UK on 6th Aug 2012
Hate it - internal memory low all the time, and force closes. I don't have much on it and what I do is on the SD card so only the pre programmed stuff is still on the phone. Don't buy this phone, mine is so close to going in the bin.

Reply by Mark from UK on 30th Aug 2012
Don't buy it. At first it's fine, but wait a few months and you'll see what I mean! biggest problem, and it's a bloomin' big one, is the screen sensitivity goes awful. I have trawled the internet for a solution to this, and cannot find one, anywhere. I suspect the phone is fundamentally flawed. I have about ten months left on my contract, and for the moment have reverted to an old non-smart phone. Because the wildfire is now virtually unusable. Never will I buy an htc phone again.....unless htc acknowledge they have a major problem with the wildfire screen, and do something positive about it.

Reviewed by anon from UK on 30th Jul 2012
Has to be the worst phone I've ever had. It turns off by itself, has no memory at all even though I have barely any pictures, no videos, no music or additional applications. And I'm stuck with it for another year, no idea how I'll cope.

Reviewed by Nade from UK on 28th Jun 2012
This is my second Android smartphone and I love it. The camera is good (not the best but good enough), it is pretty fast and is very simple to use. The touch screen is very responsive the touch buttons aren't as responsive as the screen but still work. My other android phone I constantly had to turn off and on again due to freezing, this phone has frozen once in almost a year! I also like the restart option (used for when storage is playing up).
The only bad points are the storage space as the phone is constantly telling me I can't download apps as there is insufficient storage even though I just deleted items! When this happens it won't let me view photos on the gallery so I downloaded a different photo viewer and it doesn't like me looking at my music. All in all I would buy another HTC phone again wish I had brought one sooner!

Reviewed by Zee don from India on 24th Jun 2012
Awesome mobile !!!!!!!!!!!!! It was in salt water on a beach but it still works must buy phone price under 100 euro

Reviewed by Toby from UK on 17th Jun 2012
For those of you with storage issues, consider the following:
Go to settings, about phone, software update, check now.
I went from 10MB space to 60MB.
Overall, awesome phone, good touch screen, great camera. Not the nippiest or biggest of the Droids but it does pack a hell of a punch (im even typing this on my phone) and quite glad I bought it. Some performance issues though, hence 4 stars.

Reviewed by Diane from england on 13th Jun 2012
A great little phone does exactly.what you want a phone to do,only one thing spoils it, and that is the memory it won't use the memory card,when getting apps from the store it will say memory full so you.have to delete things and you can't work out how to put things onto m card, so this is the only annoying thing.......

Reviewed by Nicola from England on 13th Jun 2012
I totally disagree with your rating.

I have no problem with the basic functionality of this phone, but I have had "Insufficient Storage" issues on this phone since the first week! Neither Orange, not HTC were able to resolve them. I have done 3 factory resets in the last 12 months. I have to say I thought my problems with the HTC Hero were a one-off, but I will never buy an HTC phone again and I will (and have) actively discourage friends and relatives from getting one.

What's the point of having access to the apps on Marketplace if you can't actually use them because you have to delete them to be able to receive messages or view photos etc.


Reviewed by gregory from uk on 12th Jun 2012
Have had one from Orange for 9 months. No flash so no iplayer capability. Poor signal response, so often no phone capability. Touch screen often not responsive on start up, causing irritating delay. Bluetooth soon packed up, Orange absolutely no help sorting out problems. So stuck with very expensive phone on which I can ocassionally send texts. It's barely a phone.

Reply by Ally from England on 16th Jun 2012
My daughter had a Wildfire S. Had a number of issues. The solution was to contact the CEO of Orange and the Executive office. Within a week, I had a reply to my query and my contract is being cancelled.

Reviewed by B A C from UK on 9th Jun 2012

Reviewed by Penny Clements from England UK on 5th Jun 2012
I really love this phone! I did read negative reviews and was almost put off. I went ahead and got the phone as it did everything I wanted. I went into the settings and altered all the usual things that use the battery, eg I do not want my email checked every 20 minutes nor do I want fb refreshed every ten minutes etc, etc.

I have however decided to get an upgraded battery as I found myself using the phone more than I expected because I just loved playing with it!

It's not a top of the range smart phone but it does what I need - Email, fb, twitter, phone calls, texts and the occasional google look up and of course the camera is very useful.
Therefore if you want a phone for the same reasons then I would definitely recommend it. Is also small, cute and sexy!

Reviewed by gabby tookay from england on 30th May 2012
Pretty useless phone to be honest and id much rather have a blackberey,which this phonw substituted for when my ols phone broke. As u can see theres sprlling mistakes with rhe typing, but rhats the touchscreen and buttons whixh im not gonna coreecr cos it takes forever. Dont get one!

Reply by chris from isle of man on 24th Aug 2012
So, you`re giving the phone a bad review because you`re too lazy to correct your spelling mistakes? Hardly a conclusive or imformative review, is it? Had this phone since xmas, had a few problems with it that have already been mentioned, low memory etc and also had an SD card issue which was cured simply with a new SD card( the phone is fussy about the type used, it doesn`t like TDK SD memory cards) but apart from that it does everything I need it to do. Give it 3.5 stars out of 5

Reviewed by mirage from uk on 28th May 2012
Its a bit like marmite love it or hate it.
for the price its a bargin when it works and most of the time it does just that. Most phones on the market have faults some minor some major the wildfire does indeed have some minor faults but then can be overcome.It's a phone not a laptop/pc

Reviewed by Dave from England on 28th May 2012
Great phone for the price. Looks sytlish and does the job as a basic smartphone altough definately not in the same leagure as an iphone. Battery life not great and really needs to be charged every night. Nice options to setup contacts as photo icons so easy to call straight from home screen - even the kids can use it. Touch screen very responsive when you get the hang of it. Can be easy to call people by mistake so I installed call confrim app and that has solved the problem.

Reviewed by Dani the redpanda from Err…space? on 23rd May 2012
This phone is good, except it has very poor battery life(wich u can make longer if u get a good battery on amazon 4 a tenner. A software update can fix its internal memory issues, and its stylish so good for showing off to your friends.

Reviewed by dee from england on 23rd May 2012
this so called smart phone is rubbish, daily problems are plentiful and you only have to go look at the reveiws in the ap market to see that there are many unhappy customers, I can only store 14 picrures, only have 2 apps downloaded and am forever struggling with Facebook and the internet. The Google map does not load correctly ... I could go on forever ...do not fall for this phone...Go buy an I phone insted ...I wish I had

Reviewed by Chloe from Uk on 20th May 2012
I love it!
I got this phone on my b-day, and it had been great. And I recently downloaded cut the rope and it works fluently and quickly on it. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a great android phone for £150-£200.

Reviewed by William from gb on 15th May 2012
bought this phone have had to send to htc 5 times.
absolutely appalling finally got my money back and bought a blackberry best decision ever!!!!!!!!
Also apart from it breaking down so many times with firmware errors.the worst thing about the phone is the battery life.
Shocking! lasts at the most one day.

Reviewed by Brent from uk on 13th May 2012
I love this phone for me it's perfect in price and use it's the best mobile I have had yet.

Reviewed by alspals from england on 8th May 2012
I am really not a fan of this phone at all. I bought it in October to replace a broken HTC desire that I had no insurance for. It's nothing like as good as the desire but for the price it's not surprising. When I first got it it was completely unresponsive touch screen wise but an update sorted that. however, I still don't like the phone much. It's not slick, it's not a good looking phone, it really is a basic, cheap smartphone. Which is all well and good, it is what it is, but don't think you will be fooling anyone (or yourself) that it's a top of the range one, it doesn't compare! but if you're not interested in that and do just want a basic smartphone then it's a good option, I like my phones a bit more exciting than this, but you get what you pay for so it's more bad in my opinion than bad full stop, if you see what I mean!

Reviewed by ytytyt from ENGLAND on 2nd May 2012

Reviewed by tina from uk on 27th Apr 2012
I am very disappointed in this phone although it has some nice features it is very unreliable as it tends to freeze just when you need it most volume is rubbish as is battery life I was talked into buying this phone by salesman but cant wait for contract to end

Reviewed by linda hughes from england on 23rd Apr 2012
I have a wildfire s phones not bad but the keyboard is awful it does not predict yor txts and its slow x battery lasts very short time and does not have good memory

Reviewed by kim from uk on 17th Apr 2012
When my husband first got me the Wildfire s 3 months ago it was fantastic!! i couldnt fault it. However 3 months down the line ive had to ring up to reset the phone to its original settings, the battery life wasnt great from the start but i was playing with the phone a lot when i got it as u would expect. However i dont use it as much now n im having to charge the phone TWICE a day. Whenever i try to go on facebook it takes a long time to load up, it freezes n tells me to either wait or report the problem to facebook. To get it to work i have to press report n then it doesnt always work n i dont think the problem is with facebook. Whenever i turn my phone off then on again i have to reset the date n time even tho its on automatic! And FINALLY my battery died AGAIN n wen i went to turn it on wen it was plugged in charging, it wouldnt turn on!! Dont get me wrong i love the phone hense the fact im a little peed off with the problems!!!

Reviewed by Lynne from UK on 13th Apr 2012
This is my 2nd HTC phone and i'm going to try another brand next time. The memory is taken up with so much useless rubbish that never gets used, some of it is even duplicated. There is no option to remove them. Another problem is that i've had the phone around 6 months and i've had to perform a factory reset 3 times now to resolve various issues. Should also add that the battery life is very poor.

Reply by mark f curtis from Wales Uk. on 18th Apr 2012
Totally agree, apps installed which are never used, unable to remove. Battery pathetic, and a larger memory would be a great help. Be looking at a new model myself, when contract is up. Shame got a lot of potential, just not up to it.

Reply by Chloe from Uk on 20th May 2012
I agree with the battery life, bur You can delete apps. Go on the play store, look for the app you want to remove, click on it and when it loads, there is a button that says uninstall. Or go onto settings, go to applications, click on manage applications, find the app u want to delete, click on it and press uninstall.

Reviewed by Jessica from Untied Kingdom on 11th Apr 2012
I was amazed with this phone...AT FIRST..when I first got it, I loved it, I could download apps, look at YouTube, go on the internet ect. But 3 months after I had it, things got bad...very bad. The battery began to not last even minutes, I now cannot download any apps because my memory is ''too full'' when it isn't because it's only 1gb of memory and I got a different card of 4bg but it still said no memory. Not only that, I cannot go onto the internet anymore and it is now VERRRRYYYY slow. And it's quite difficult to text as the sceen is too small. Not impressed. There is also tones of other reviews on this phone that is bad and I suggest you listen to them. You even have to remove data on apps and other things just so you can send and receive texts. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!! IT'S A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

Reviewed by Nikos from greece on 9th Apr 2012
I use this phone for both business and leisure. With 16 sd class a . Very nice phone. I use a lot viber, team viewer, g gps,mail, hotmail, my business mail, angry birds, music downloads ect. I also have 7 movies in sd and 890 songs. I love this phone and althoug i own ipad 1 &2 and iphone 4s, the small htc is my choice. 4,5 because it s the best pocket sized phone.

Reviewed by Timbo from UK on 13th Mar 2012
Having lived with the original Wildfire for a year I thought I'd treat myself and upgrade to a Wildfire S. First thing I noticed was how much better the screen is, and the newer version of Android and HTC Sense are other plus points. On the minus side, the battery life isn't good but that was easily solved by buying a high capacity 'gold' battery on ebay for about a tenner. I miss the little trackpad from the original Wildfire as it was also the camera shutter button, on the Wildfire S you have to use the on-screen virtual shutter button - definitely not an improvement. Strangely, the reception I get from the FM radio isn't as good as my old Wildfire either. Overall though, I reckon it's worth the upgrade for the better screen alone.

Reply by Brian from UK on 27th Apr 2012
This gold battery what is it called ?what size perhaps you could give me the link. How much longer does the battery last. Regards Brian

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 11th Mar 2012
I had this phone for 3 days....Be warned if you like making calls or sending texts and have bloke sized fingers don't buy this phone. I would say it's a kids phone who like playing on the internet, if you want a phone to use as a phone this will drive you nuts. Battery life is less than a day without using the wi-fi, finding people in your phone book is a drama even answering calls is not simple....worst 3 days of my life, - so far

Reviewed by Chris W from UK on 8th Mar 2012
I was so impressed by the HTC Wildfire that I thought I would upgrade to a Wildfire S.Nothing wrong with that except that I bought it from the Orange Shop.The phone has only 512Mb of internal memory but sufficient for most.Problem is that the Orange branded Wildfire S is chock full of useless Orange Bloatware Apps that you cannot uninstall without rooting the phone,something most people do not know how to do and which can easily brick your phone if done wrongly.Who wants Orange Mail you have to pay for when there is Gmail,Hotmail etc - who wants Orange Maps you have to pay for when there are Google maps and so on..With a minimum of apps from The Market only some of which can be run from a microSD card,your phone is soon down to 20Mb of internal memory & HTC Sense stops working.HTC Wildfire S is a great phone but Orange just kill it for £30 off the SIM-free price.Buy your phone SIM-free if you can but certainly not from Orange.

Reviewed by Lud from Mexico on 26th Feb 2012
I love the phone, fits great in my hand and the sound is better than others phones in the past. It gives me what I need when I need it, speed and accuracy.. Photos & videos are crystal clear including movement shots. Just superb..

Reviewed by NCR from UK on 20th Feb 2012
I reviewed this phone back in August 2011 when I'd had it for 2 weeks. 6 months on I'm upping my review from 4 stars to 4.5. My issue previously was the battery, however it seems to have bedded in and I now regularly have 40 to 50% left when I stick it on charge in the evening so much better. The other issue with this phone was internal memory. It didn't matter that I had a 16gb sd card, there are so many apps and bits of software that have to be on the phone memory that things like friendstream, and built in twitter/facebook apps wouldn't work "This application needs more than 20mb memory to operate" so you'd have to clear the cache, wipe the data from internet (losing your bookmarks) and facebook (logging you out and removing your contact sync) just to get 20mb of space so stuff would work. HOWEVER, yesterday my phone informed me there was an Android update available 2.3.5. Once completed the free space on internal memory leaped from 20ish mb to 55mb!! With this update you get the same lockscreen as other top end HTC's with the handy shortcuts. It has also sped up loads, is much smoother and an all around more pleasing experience. Still not quite 5 stars but possibly the best mid range Android phone out there, it does everything I need and more. 4.5 stars.

Reply by Chris W from UK on 9th Mar 2012
I am so glad that I read this - I also downloaded the update to Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 and it does indeed significantly change & improve the phone firstly by immediately upping the free internal memory from about 20Mb to over 50mb.The lock screen does change to the pull-up ring. The phone is now running Android 2.3.5 HTC Sense version 2.1 and the software (HTC) is All else of my set up of the phone remained unchanged including all the neat little HTC widgets that I use that really make the Wildfire S such a big improvement on the Wildfire all amplified by the so much better screen fo the later model. All that could improve the Wildfire S now is to give it 1Gb of internal memory.

Reviewed by jason Gates from England on 14th Feb 2012
Brilliant phone had a blackberry curve this is a step up from that with the high resolution screen and amazing camera. High speed touch screen with auto turn $or easier typing. All together a really good phone!

Reviewed by lauren from uk on 11th Feb 2012
i love this phone so much its the best in the world !!!!!

Reviewed by Sean from Uk on 11th Feb 2012
Simply put amazing.

I originally had an iPhone 3s don't get me wrong a great phone.

However the wildfire s is a top draw phone , there is so much to like.loads of hidden features excellent camera great apps superb speed.

Just love this phone very easy to use instinctive in so many ways.

Well done htc

Reviewed by Claire from England on 8th Feb 2012
Oh goodness, where do I start? All I can say is... listen to the bad reviews. The people who have written nice things I can only imagine don't use the phone a lot or just make calls and texts. I have 3 friends who all bought the Wildfire S at the same time and we are all in abject misery about the nonsense we've had to put up with. I have a 24 month contract and I'm only 9 months in. I think it will kill me to have this phone any longer. It's slippery, unsensitive, unresponsive, impossible to cancel a call, makes rash decisions on your behalf, has a ridiculous dictionary which insists on suggesting the most obsolete words and the headphones broke on the first use. The worst thing is it has no internal memory so you have to plumb the applications every single day to delete data to try to win back a bit of memory to be able to open your texts or photos. The computer software doesnt work so I've never been able to connect it to the internet to back up online. All you ever get told from HTC is that you need to move apps to the SD card- yeah...I would if you could. Only a very few things will move, everything else is welded to the phone memory. I have deleted EVERYTHING, even things you actually really need on there just to free up some space. It really will make you miserable. Just get one of those proper phones, you know what I mean...

Reply by NCR from UK on 23rd Feb 2012
The update to 2.3.5 will help you with this issue. Go into 'about phone' from settings menue and select software updates.

Reviewed by Saurabh from India on 1st Feb 2012
I got this phone a week back and am satisfied with the performance in comparison to the blackberry that I owned before. The Delay clock was a big question in the face of the RIM and this Phone does not disappoint me the same way.
Having said that, There are certain things apart from the +ves mentioned above that I have had some look on and are certainly not pleasant. Two things that came in my notice when i bought the phone and within a week's time were - the widget on the mainscreen crashes intermittently(I am not sure if this is a bug or a application crisis) and the other was the contact auto syncing that is happening as and when it likes(on its own whim)... The bloatin contact storage and Application Update internal sizes increments have been adding to the already compromised internal memory of the Phone and as such begins the trouble of the lag and the constant dialog "Free some memory upto 20mb" - hopefully ICS should be able to take care of it and tehre should be some liberties in the upcoming upgrades to relieve off the internal softwares like plurk and others which are not needed and SD Clarity in terms of storing Applications.

Overall its much better than the previous HTC Handsets and way too good in terms of performance. a 4 from me .... :)

Reviewed by tech dude from planet earth on 31st Jan 2012
A good all round phone. Easy to use and reliable. The phone part can send and receive calls just a you would expect and it has a loudspeaker option as well. The overall software is excellent, when I bought mine there was an update available and I got a load of new software for free. The camera is good, 5MP, and the screen resolution is perfectly adequate. The wi-fi is quick, 8Mbps, and there's 3g as well. It's not the biggest, fastest or best phone on the market but every aspect of the phone gets a solid 4 stars. There are no bad points at all, but if you really want to complain then the battery is the only thing that springs to mind - 1200mAh is not great, so I bought a 1500mAh replacement from HTC for about £9.00 (via Amazon).

Reviewed by Kirsty from UK on 29th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for about three months, I have had no problems so far and I think its great. I does almost everything you can think of. It's easy to use, looks great and the touch screen is usually very good. There are many ways to personalise this phone and its very compact. It's an android phone so many games and apps are available for free. The only thing I think could be better is the battery life as I have to charge mine everyday, although it depends on how much you use it as to how often it needs charging. This isn't really a big problem though and I think you can buy/download apps to save your battery. Lots of accesories like cases are also available on various websites and the phone comes in multiple colours.

Reply by Jo from UK on 1st Feb 2012
Hi Kirsty I've only had my phone for a few days. I cannot work out how to attach a photo ID to contacts - can you help me? Jo

Reviewed by Diane from UK on 23rd Jan 2012
Had this phone 4 months. When it's working it's great I can't fault it. But it keeps freezing or suddenly going to whatever screen it wants to. Will ring people too and there's nothing to stop it. Not sure if it's just mine that does it or if it's a common fault.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 23rd Jan 2012
Just a small point. I see a lot of people complaining of low battery power on the Wildfire S. This can be easily fixed as a larger capacity battery can be bought from Amazon for around £12. With that installed it's a great little phone.

Reviewed by ashleigh from united kingdom on 20th Jan 2012
i have an htc and im not recieving texts messages until few hours after they have been sent iv tried shutting the fone down and turning it on and off but doesnt seem to have worked does anyone else have or had this problem and how do i fix it!!

Reply by eastisbest from uk on 10th Jun 2012
more likely to be your network than the phone

Reviewed by zoe from england on 17th Jan 2012
I think the wildfire s is great its small lightweight and is quite tough i love the android market because you can download free apps wallpapers and games the camera is pretty good considering the phone is really small it comes with a 2gb memory card. Overall i really love this phone

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 15th Jan 2012
Had my Wildfire since July 11 and its a fantastic device getting the balance between phone and computer. I get 2 days on a charge, so work out what eats your battery life and switch it off if not needed e.g. WiFi. My main uses are: Work Phone - reception good works like any over phone I have ever had. Screen sensitivity takes a bit of getting use to then its great. Music - sounds as good as my MP3 and very easy to load music from PC interface. Very customisable I have loaded about 20 different apps and they all work fine. Video is nothing to shout about. Battery life - can be limited and very heavy use will only get a full day. Small and compact and fits in my pocket easy. Very good value for money and anybody considering a start with smart phones should consider this before spending a lot of money on something they will hardly use.

Reviewed by Kaitlin. from England on 12th Jan 2012
So yeah, the phone looks all fantastic and smart. Just wait until you get it. Everything crashes and you have to use Application Manager to clear the data from your apps just to send or recieve a text.

Reviewed by mab from uk on 11th Jan 2012
only had this phones for 1 month but good overall phone. it needs more internal memory as it is used up by apps not on phone. sometimes freezes but then it is a cheap android.stylish and has a good camera picture. HTC needs to put better battery in as i use it lots and have to charge every night.overall i would

Reviewed by Syed from England on 10th Jan 2012
Warning - Do not buy!! The customer service is just as bad as the phone itself. I brought this phone brand new in October 2011. First month it was fine. On the 2nd month - i was unable to download any apps as the internal memory was full. I moved everything on the memeory card - but it still said that the internal memeory was full. So when you move the apps to the memory card - it still uses up a bit of the phone memory. The second issue is that i brought a 8gb memory card - but the phone does not support it. I tired re-formatting the memory card, and even moving the setting from the current one to the new one - doesnt work. The next MAJOR issue is that the phone sometimes is irresponsive. When you press the screen nothing works. I need to keypad lock then unlock to make it work. Other times it automatically presses buttons such as goin on the internet and making calls! very annoying. I rang HTC everyday for a week trying to ask them to send me a replacement as it been under 3 months since problems started. They asked me to send it to them for repairs. I sent the phone and received it back damaged. There is a deep scratch. The problems were still there. When i contacted them - they do not still give me a replacement! They keep saying the will repair it! i have the latest software on the phone and apart from the scratch HTC damaged during repairs - the phone looks in excellent condition - so what is casuing this problem and why do they not give me a replacement. I have no trust in them now and i am taking my time to write this review to warn you! Please be warned if you intend to purchase this!!!

Reviewed by Emily from England on 10th Jan 2012
After getting the phone in June I was really impressed, I had no problems with it. It was easy to use, the camera quality for a phone was amazing and the touch screen was really nice. And even though the battery life wasnt great, you kind of already expect to be charging your phone daily. Its only recently that I've started to have problems; ~ The screen freezes making it impossible to use, you basically have to wait for it to stop playing up ~ It randomly vibrates, I have watched the phone go from being on full volume to vibrate and then continuously vibrate without me touching a thing And then recently its just stopped working all together. After experiencing a few problems with it last week I thought resetting the phone might help, so after pressing that it brought me onto the reboot screen. With the four options and you have to use the sound up or down thing to move up and down, and then the power button to choose one. Sounds simple, except I could not get it off that page, no matter how hard i pressed down on the power button it would not go. I tried taking the battery out the back and turning it on again but i was stuck with the same screen, but obviously the power button was working as it was turning the phone back on. Eventually however it did manage to work itself, I dont know how as it was in my bag when it did it. Very strange. And the only reason I mention this is because it has done it once again! Its highly annoying I am off to go see someone tomorrow about it and see what the verdict is. I should add that the phone has had a lot of wear and te ar in the past months, with a little water damage. So the moral of the story, if you look after this phone, it can be a very nice HTC :), if you don't.. like me you will suffer :/

Reviewed by anthony from philippines on 8th Jan 2012
great phone, for those who needs more memory for their gadgets, buy a PC instead.

Reviewed by aint gonna tell ya from uk on 6th Jan 2012
This is the worlds worst android phone. On market i try downloading somma and It says insufficient storage . I have 8 mb and i try downloading task killer(under 1mb) and it still says I don't got enough memory .

Reviewed by Franks from Uk on 5th Jan 2012
Do not buy this phone! The touchscreen is impossible to use, the battery life is rubbish and the camera is difficult to take pictures with. I had always had nokias before and was very happy to upgrade to another but the salesman talked me into this phone, wish he hadn't! Also my chargers broken and you have to wriggle it around for ages before it will charge. All in all I've had it for about 5 months now and it hasn't grown on me at all. still got another year and a half to go fml.

Reviewed by John from India on 5th Jan 2012
Superb mobile so far no problem but low battery capacity....

Reviewed by courtney from UK on 30th Dec 2011
i was thinking of buying a blackberry or iphone 4. looked at their prices and found HTC was the cheapest android phone. sister and brother both have smartphones and said that they cost too much when you are on contract. they changed over to HTC and we all love it! the service is great and the cost is way cheaper!! all the features are really good including the android market! best phone i have ever had! i will continue using HTC!

Reviewed by Higgins from England on 29th Dec 2011
This is the worst mobile I have ever had and the first non-Nokia unit I have owned and I will be going back to Nokia! I detest this phone with a passion - it has a useless battery life; poor phone reception; has a fiddly and temperamental touch screen and is generally horrible to use. I upgraded to this primarily to access emails on the move . . . and I wish I hadn't! I haven't used it in the way I anticipated partly due to the way it operates. I would not recommend this unit to anyone and cannot believe it is rated as highly as is. As a phone this is a joke.

Reviewed by Hannah from Wales on 28th Dec 2011
I've had this phone for around 4 months. I'm in love with it, to say the least. It works so well, it's a lovely size to hold, and stores everything i want it to and more! The battery life is fine, unless you are on your phone 24/7, in that case...it's not so great. I don't have any faults with this phone. HTC, have done well, yet again! I'm very happy with this phone, and in future when a new phone is needed, HTC is definitely the brand i will be going for.

Reviewed by Alan from england on 28th Dec 2011
Had it six months wish I spent a bit more as the available memory is shocking, just got 2.3.5 and now its even worse, the rest if the phone is great its just disabled by having a small memory, bit like a ferrari with a tiny engine!

Reviewed by Robert from South Africa on 26th Dec 2011
This is just an outstanding phone. Got it a week ago, switched it on and got the Gingerbread 2.3.5 update right away. Configured my Hotmail and Gmail with Exchange Active Sync, so now I have push email in my HTC mail app and it works 100%. Downloaded Angry Birds Rio, copied some music, photos, watched some YouTube, new Facebook app - I just cannot believe it that I'm getting all this for so cheap. Oh, and I replaced the stock keyboard with the Gingerbread keyboard by Steven Lin (search for it on the Android Market) and this little phone is just the best thing ever. But the best thing about this phone is the call quality. Voice calls are absolutely crystal clear, definitely beats my old Desire HD hands down. Just don't expect this phone to perform like a superphone, and if you can do that, you'll have a fantastic phone. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Natalie from England on 22nd Dec 2011
Worst phone i've ever wasted £140 on. decided be a nice change from a 2nd hand BB i got given (because blackberries are just as worse) worked fine first few weeks, now wont send texts or call unless i reset phone. finding myself taking out battery about ten times a day. i've actually gave up on contacting people. this phone is the only phone i know, which doesn't actually work as a phone. the only thing that works is the music player or the camera. and if i wanted that i'd have bought an ipod touch.

Reviewed by janine marie from england on 22nd Dec 2011
I did love my phone but battery dosent last long thinkin off gettin samsung galaxy pro but cn u customise it to my taste like the htc wildfire

Reviewed by James from England on 20th Dec 2011
Some people say it has a bad battery, or that the touch screen is sluggish blah blah blah... but this phone realy isn't to blame. you see, if it is faulty, you can tell by looking at reviews online, so you can send it back and get a better one free. mine was a-okay aand i loved it, battery was fine, didnt have to charge it for about a month or 2, the screen is fine, responds like anyother phone, what you have to realise is that if you think it has to be like any other phone that costs like 500 quid, it wont be as fast, it wont be as fast as using a computer, its just a cheap smart phone, so when you tap it, you need to know how long it takes to load, not compare it and end up mauling your phone and destroying it, it obviously wont work as well after you do that, thats what stupid people do. In conclusion: dont listen to anyone else, its a great phone, but dont have high expectations, its a 150-200 pound phone, it will do as it is told untilk you complain and you start destroying it with your furious "taps"...

Reply by annoyed from england on 23rd May 2012
Excuse me but I have not mauled my phone nor am I a tech idiot, sometimes things just don't do as they say in the tin. From day one I had problems such as the phone cutting calls off because the heat from head interfered with touch screen meaning all calls had to be on loud speaker. I'm glad you don't have probs but please don't undermine those who do.

Reviewed by lara from england on 20th Dec 2011
have had this phone for 5 months droped it down the toilet in the bath x2 and it still works as well

Reviewed by Alec from UK on 19th Dec 2011
Disappointed,battery life very poor,two days at best without using any apps at all,either freezes up or just shuts down of its own accord,no question,worst fone I've had-sim card spends more time in my old Nokia E7(which by comparison is bullet proof)

Reviewed by Zerosen from USA on 19th Dec 2011
Put it this way. For the price im paying a month for it 30dollars...you cant beat it. 30 dollars a month for unlimited internet, unlimited text and 500+ calling minutes its great! At first I was unsure when buying it because most budget "smartphones" are junky. But when I got home and started working with it...I found it quite awesome! My signal is good everywhere in my area, even when it drops down to 1 bar at times briefly its still running fast and my calls get through clear. The battery life is what I expected, its not the best in the world but its not bad either. But I always charge my phone so I never worry about running out of battery. I paid 1hundred and 40 dollars for the phone its self. Which isnt too bad for all the stuff this little phone can do. Finally, if you are upgrading from a phone that is older or lower quality you WILL be pleased with this phone. But if you are downgrading from a high end smart phone you will make a few compromises But for the price haha you cant beat 30 dollars a month for all this good stuff! So I recommend it!

Reviewed by Yash from India on 18th Dec 2011
It is a good phone but the processor is weej

Reviewed by hossein from iran on 16th Dec 2011
beautiful ... more than any : it's HTC is better. than samsung but not iphone. nokia is out (andorid !! ). sony erricson walkman can compare with this phone but htc is better ( its my opinion )

Reviewed by Blanka from Netherlands on 15th Dec 2011
The Wildfire S is a nice piece of hardware for the money. Camera is slow but capable, case is solid, screen is ok with good touch input, but hardware without software is nothing. That is exactly what is wrong with this phone: Android with HTC Sense. It is just ridiculous. The major function of a phone: does not work. The easiest way to call or text people on the Wildfire S is by removing both the call and text apps, and replace them with the contacts app. Otherwise selection of your target is really cumbersome. You have all contacts covered by the number keypad, and clicking in the back makes unwanted phonecalls. When you finally have someone on the line, it is impossible to end the call. On an iPhone: just hit the power button: end call. On a Wildfire: shake the machine or hit the powerbutton to wake it up. Then try really hard to hit the "end call" on screen button. The picture and movie apps are horrible too. If you try to adjust the settings of the picture/movie (over or under expose), the system just hangs. No response, no ability to change it. The four buttons under the touch screen are horribly placed and have bad response. You really miss some physical keys. Then the fiddle of adding a Google account. What you want is add one, and use the market. But Android means you add Calender, Mail and lots more syncing, not asked for. An iTunes account is just for shopping, here all is tied together, to one cumbersome mess.

Reviewed by Nicki from uk on 14th Dec 2011
Only had this phone 2 days after loads of excellent reviews about it and its a pretty good phone, takes some getting used to though with texting, no moas about it, apart from the batery, but that i can live with =) best phone yet next phone is the htc desire =)

Reviewed by Lewis brooker from United kingdom on 13th Dec 2011
The htc wildfire s has no problems I have had mine 4 six months and is a cheap good quality phone I have readied Reviews on this phone I think it's just little children not looking after it iv had no problems So I erg u to buy it also has no issues with keypad touch screen freezing the only thing is battery power lenth I suggest getting the more longerlasting battery I've got it and my battery last 5 to 6 days

Reviewed by Maggie from UK on 9th Dec 2011
I was slightly sceptical about all the raving reviews on this phone but decided to opt for it when operator offered it at upgrade and I have to say I'm glad I did, I've head people complain about everything from battery life to signal but have to say I've experienced neither (other than the regular quick batter EVERYONE has when they first get a new phone and play with it lots!) Those who say it's unresponsive may want to remember the screen must have actual fingertip or similar "capacative" contact to respond. I've been using this for 3 weeks now and have had to charge it five times in total (including original first charge, which was only four hours!), considering I've used it for internet during this time (at least every other day) that's not too bad (I honestly couldn't comment on how many "hours" life this equates to) highly recommended to others who are trying to decide. My only downside to this phone is that it seems slow to connect to the internet when you select the mobile network option but that can be forgiven as once you're on it rarely slows.

Reviewed by brian from uk on 9th Dec 2011
Have been using this phone for a few weeks, after reading some of the other reviews I was expecting there to be problems with a number of things eg battery and signal etc. But I so far have been very pleased with it, have been using email and web quite a bit and a few calls and have been getting a good couple of days out of it no problems, no issues with signal either, also have found the speed of the operating system pretty good with things loading up fine. Compared to some of the higher end HTC's and Samsung's there is obviously a big difference in many areas such as camera, processor, screen size etc but all in all it is a good little phone for the price.

Reviewed by Ruth from GB on 5th Dec 2011
Im on my 3rd Wildfire S in 6 months, touchscreen keeps going faulty. First 2 were identical with left hand side not working after about 6-8 weeks, this one its whole bottom half of the screen after 5 weeks. I would mind if I was constantly on the thing but it spends more time in my bag or pocket than anything else. They are a brilliant little phone and features are great but unless its just purely my bad luck the hardware just isnt up to it. Its going back again I might add, time to try something else!!!!

Reviewed by mahogany from united states of america on 4th Dec 2011
I love this phone it is way better thsn the wildfire

Reviewed by Pavan from India on 2nd Dec 2011
Excellent mobile but front cam is no in tis mobile

Reviewed by Alster from UK on 27th Nov 2011
Hate this phone. Had the desire which was great but due to some issues I had to buy a new phone and chose this. Touch screen is completely unresponsive, doesn't want to know and doesn't recognise being touched or tapped until it will suddenly catch up and start doing all kinds of random things while it registers every single touch it has had in the minute or so you have been waiting for it to respond. So I had the bright idea of just pressing it once and waiting to see what happened....nothing!!! It has really poor signal as well, I am on o2 and have never had issues with signal before but it often loses signal. It also freezes a lot which drives me insane. Oh and it doesn't always let me know I have a message, won't beep and will get no icon in the top corner and no number on the messaging button but when I look I have them...this happened once when I had 6 messages from 6y different people, how it didn't pick up the fact I had received anything I haven't a clue. Absolutely despise this phone, have had it less than a month and even though it set me back 150 quid I am looking for another one. If you have never had a phone before you may be ok with it as you won't expect anything else, but if you have, avoid avoid avoid. As a side note, I actually found the battery to be quite good, I mean it's poor in general but my desire would die within a matter of hours, this can at least last a day, the power saver makes a big difference

Reviewed by am from england on 27th Nov 2011
no it isnt as good as an iphone.!..... no the battery life isnt great.!.... no the memory isnt very big (so buy a new card.!!!)..... i paid £100 BRAND NEW for mine, and for that price what you get and what it does is fantastic. people moaning about game use on it...... go buy an X-Box, people complaining camera isnt too good.... then go buy a "Camera".... people wanting to listen to music.... go buy an mp3 player.!!..... i think people forget it is a "Phone" and everything else is an extra, so if ur not happy with it, go and spend £500 on iphone or something similar.

Reviewed by Chloe from England on 22nd Nov 2011
Well i got my htc wildfire s about 5mths ago as an early birthday/christmas present. I think it looks good but the materials used to make it are a bit flimsy. It has a good 5mp camera which I use quite often. Me being almost 13, it's not just about texting and calling as with alot of others, there are some things which it needs to have like, apps, facebook and internet, all of which it has. I like how much you can actually personalise it like scenes and everything else. Only things I have against it is that it chips quite easily but the screen is still completely intact, the battery life doesn't last very long and sometimes when i'm on facebook, it just goes back to my normal screen with like my wallpaper on. Overall, I give this phone a very good 8/10, well worth buying. xx

Reviewed by JC from England on 18th Nov 2011
I have used and owned many Android phones AND iPhones and this little beauty competes very well against them all. Yes you can buy faster phones - yes you can buy flashier phones - yes you can buy more advanced phones BUT remember that the HTC Wildfire S costs a fraction of any of these. This is a lovely looking and very comfortable phone in the hand - it works VERY well and carries out all its functions very well. No crashes - great design - works very well AND does not cost "the earth" - what more can anyone ask?

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 15th Nov 2011
Had my Wildfire S for a few days now and i'm very happy with it. I find the screen and buttons very responsive, web browsing is fine either on the go or on my home wi-fi, the HTC Sense user interface makes sync with my PC easy also. I wasn't surprised that it does struggle a bit when running mem heavy apps like games, but I find if you put it into flight mode first, that shuts down most other features to free up memory and processor power. It's never going to compete with a high end smartphone, but I don't need it to. For a budget phone I can't fault it bar the battery. It is true that if you use it a lot, especially apps you will be charging it each day.

Reviewed by IAN from UK on 13th Nov 2011

Reviewed by LEE from GB on 10th Nov 2011
The worst phone I have had. Low processor and memory capacity means it crashes... A LOT! It's always asking me to clear memory, even though I save everything to the SD card. Screen becomes very unresponsive when memory gets full. GPS is constantly out. Phone calls unreliable. Keyboard is not user friendly. Auto tilt takes about 3-4 seconds to respond. User interface is cheap looking and not easy to find icons, etc. Not a 21st century phone! Do not bother is my strong advice!

Reviewed by mark from uk on 8th Nov 2011
its really easy to download from your pc to the phone when you connect your usb cable it asks you what you want to do on the phone just click USE AS HARD DRIVE then go onto my computer on your pc where your phone will now be visible open it up and just drag and drop your music,photos and stuff it really is simple

Reviewed by suep from uk on 6th Nov 2011
very very disappointed have been trying to download music from comp to phone it just wont let me AGH!

Reviewed by sandra coffey from uk on 6th Nov 2011
love my wildfire s- but also agree with others that the battery life is rubbish!-have to charge it every day! but having probs transferring music etc from pc to my phone-anybody any suggestions?

Reviewed by Osama Laden from UK on 4th Nov 2011
Very good phone, but one major flaw is the battery life. I was bit sceptical about HTC and was recommended by a friend to try. I must say this phone does exactly what I need for, browsings, email, texting and apps.

Reviewed by Will Juniper from England on 4th Nov 2011
Rubbish, Constantly freezes won't load properly, has a few good things but overall i thhink pretty poor

Reviewed by rob from england on 4th Nov 2011
good small phone not had any probs. one design flaw, the small amount of on board memory fills up very quick with apps,some cant be moved to memory card, and therfore need to be deleted to make space, this problem doesnt occur on phones such as galaxy s2 or iphone. i was going to get sensation xe but will now get galaxy because of this.

Reply by dingleberry from UK on 31st Jul 2014
I have to say a lot of these reviews read like: I bought this 2CV and it has one small design flaw, it doesn't have the engine size of a mercedes. When I put my foot to the floor nothing much happens, this doesn't happen with a Jaguar or BMW.. look at the price, I say!

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