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HTC Touch HD review

 Review: November 2008  

Last updated November 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: With a brilliant touchscreen user interface and the Windows Mobile operating system, this is a very powerful but easy to use device.

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We've become big fans of the Windows Mobile operating system during 2008. Gone are the days when Windows Mobile was slow and bug-ridden. Microsoft have zapped the bugs and we think that it's a smoother and more robust OS than Symbian these days. It's starting to feature in more and more of the latest generation of touchscreen phones, and it's here in the HTC Touch HD. The Touch HD runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

The Touch HD is an upgraded version of the HTC Touch Diamond. It's a very sleek-looking minimalist slab of black plastic, that looks very futuristic. It isn't a small phone, but its slim minimalist design makes it appear not too big. The first thing that strikes you about the Touch HD is the size of the screen. It's very, very big! In fact, at a ginormous 3.8 inches across, it's probably the biggest screen ever seen on a mobile (the iPhone 3G S has a 3.5 inch screen.) Unlike many touchscreen phones, there are no push buttons on the phone at all - just a row of touch-sensitive buttons below the main screen. This makes it very, very sleek and sexy in appearance.

The screen isn't just physically big, it also has an ultra-high resolution: 480 x 800 pixels. Only a handful or other phones can match this resolution. To put it into context, the Touch HD has 2.5 times as many pixels as the iPhone 3G S! It's this ultra-high resolution that gives the HD its name. Now, as we've commented many times before at Mobile Phones UK, when it comes to touchscreen phones, big is better! The huge expanse of screen real estate means that you can see more options, more virtual buttons, more menus on screen at once, and the whole system becomes much easier to use. The triple combination of Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro plus the TouchFLO 3D user interface plus the HD screen makes the Touch HD one of the best touchscreen phones that we've reviewed. It's a joy to use. HTC are also quick to point out that the HD screen makes the phone great for watching videos too. The built-in accelerometer lets you easily switch between portrait and widescreen landscape modes, just by turning the phone.

The Touch HD is equipped with many features and applications that make best use of the big screen. But the weakest of these is probably the camera. At 5 megapixels, it's an improvement on the 3.2 megapixel camera of the HTC Touch Diamond, but it isn't the best camera around. With the autofocus we find that the results are adequate, and certainly good enough for taking print quality snaps in good lighting. In poor lighting though, the camera suffers from a lack of a flash. The video recording quality is on a par, with results that are adequate but not exceptional. A secondary camera is available for making video calls at up to VGA resolution.

A feature that works rather better is the web browsing capability of the phone. With a choice of WiFi or HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, you can be guaranteed the fastest mobile broadband connection speeds currently possible. Flip the display into landscape mode and you have a full 800 pixel width available for displaying web pages. This makes it feasible to display many web pages in full resolution, without the need to constantly zoom in and out. The web browser is fast to display pages, and overall this is possibly the best implementation of the mobile web that we've ever seen. Top marks to HTC!

Another good feature is the GPS implementation that uses Google Maps. This is another case where bigger is better. The large screen simply lets you see more of the map at any time, so you can get a clearer picture of where you are and where you need to go. The touchscreen navigation works extremely well with this application, letting you scroll and zoom just by tapping or sliding your finger.

The audio capabilities of the Touch HD are brilliant. Equipped with a music player and an FM radio, and with a 3.5mm headphone jack, the audio credentials of the device are impeccable. The music player is capable of playing all the main digital formats - MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA - and because it uses Windows Mobile, it's easy as pie to synch the device with Windows Media Player on a PC.

A device this powerful needs lots of memory, and we would have preferred to see more built-in memory. The phone has plenty of RAM available and can handle microSD cards up to a whopping 32 GB however. The battery life figures quoted by HTC are impressive - up to 8 hours talktime and 680 hours standby. But in the real world we don't think that you'll get anything like these. We haven't tested the battery life scientifically, so we're reluctant to stick our neck on the block here, but our feeling is that most users will need to recharge every couple of days. Besides, with such a feature packed phone, you'll probably want to use it to its full potential all day long!

This is a brilliant all-round device, and we initially rated the Touch HD at a full 5 stars. One year on, we've taken another look, and downgraded the rating to 4 stars to reflect the fact that mobile technology continues to move forward and the HD now has a few weaknesses, particularly the camera. It's also large and heavy, but you can't have a large screen unless you have a large phone to put it on! We love the big screen, we love the user interface, we love the GPS and the internet. Whether you use your phone for emailing, finding your way around, checking the stock market or weather, or simply making old fashioned phone calls, you'll find most things that you need here in one very smart device. It's still expensive though!

HTC Touch HD features include:

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HTC Touch HD user reviews

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Average rating from 103 reviews:

Reviewed by Donald from Ross on 16th May 2011
Worst phone I have ever had - slow and signal drop out... I'll never buy another HTC again.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 11th Sep 2010
Got my Touch HD a few days ago & wasn't overly impressed. It was slow, the apps were pretty dull was generally not very good. I've since flashed a custom ROM with 6.5 on it & it is now lightning fast & utterly brilliant. After adding a few apps it is now by miles the best phone I have ever owned, miles better than my old iPhone 3G

Reviewed by Wanachord from UK on 30th Aug 2010
I just got a used HTC touch hd phone originally Orange locked but has been opened to all network. I am currently using it on T-mobile. The internet is extremely slow and cannot open some pages at all. Is it the problem with the windows 6 ? what could be the the problem? Can any body help? Thanks

Reviewed by Anas Plakal from Saudi Arabia on 6th Aug 2010
Another great phone from HTC. Goods: Sleek and durable design. Unlimited,All compatible windows mobile OS. Quality audio and video. Universal usb port. Fast-Powerful performance. Taking a star for: Touch screen is not that responsive as Iphone. HTC need to improve their camera technology.

Reviewed by Tushar from India on 2nd Jul 2010
I give this phone 4 out of 5 stars. I see that in most reviews people ahve complained about the sluggish reponsiveness of TF 3D, jerky playback of videos etc. MOst of these problems can be easily sorted out by flashing a ROM from XDA dev site.As a matter of fact, the default operaing system loaded by HTC is not so good. Once flashed you can get the max. juice out of yr phone including better reponsiveness, lightning fast GPS fix, upto 40% extra battery life n tons of other features. So, go ahead n give it a shot !!!

Reviewed by Toby from UK on 17th Jun 2010
Started on an Orange contract (bad decision) with the Touch HD (even worse decision). The OS is bugged and is the most frustrating HTC I have ever used where this is my 6th handset due to my loyalty to Activ Sync/Windows. To make calls is a nightmare (read previous reviews) and the dropped calls/grim signal reception is appalling for a so-called "smart phone". Despite the Orange support being quick of the mark/UK based (I am on a large tariff), they are unable to answer any of my questions regarding the many issues this phone has and looking forward to the end of contract to ditch the handset. Win Mob'7 looks good but only hope that HTC have not gone excessively into the "consumer"/Android market where quality control is becoming anh issue.

Reviewed by Osama from UK on 24th May 2010
I got this phone in Feb 2009 and still use it. When buying this phone I had to choose between Touch HD and iPhone 3Gs and I chose this. I love this phone and all the features it has got. The best thing about the phone which makes it a winner compared to iphone is the exclusivity as I am mostly the only person having this phone and catches most attention due to its executive and exclusive looks. I am one of those tech guys who like to troubleshoot my computer and all electronic equipment so its not too difficult for me to use bu I can tell that it must have given a tough time to a lot of guys. The only problem I have faced with the phone is the proximity sensor. I have samsung jet also in which the sensor always works but in touch hd it depends on the phone's mood and sometimes the display turns off when I want to use the keypad. I don't know whether its a problem with my device or a global problem. Otherwise a great phone and if it wasn't for the proximity sensor I would have given 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sam from Uk on 29th Jan 2010
i have had the touch hd for about half a year after the post lost my htc touch diamond when i sent it into repair for something and gave me one of these for free. i found the phone very good with only a few problems, these being its quite slow even when the memory is not full. Speically when wanting to read a text or opening a picture. The other problem is the camera, to get a good picture you need to have a very steady hand and good light otherwise it could be blurry and dark. however i think the goods massivly outway the bad the huge screen for starters is pretty impressive when viewing pictures and videos, while the internet is very speedy. Listening to music is also very good, uploading your music is a piece of cake while the equalizer gives you loads of options to give a good sound. i am now coming to the end of the contract and can get an upgrade and apart from the iphone there is not much to upgrade too thats technically worth upgrading too!

Reviewed by dave from uk on 17th Jan 2010
i have just sold my touch hd. havig first got it i thought what a great phone with only a few bad features. that was until i got a iphone 3gs! compared to that the touch hd is rubbish. hard to work, terrible touch screen facilities, poor camera. generally not a good phone. only saving grace is the large 3.8 inch screen which is good for web browsing. iphone everytime!!

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
Weak phone receiver. Cellular radio crashes regularly and needs resetting via Comms Manager. Processor grossly overloaded so responses are aggravatingly slow. WM6 phone functions are total pants. The HTC front end is better but takes up too much RAM. Hardly ever get enough reception for internet, so no danger of getting anywhere near my 0.5GB/month on Orange. Tried downloading the latest ROM but HTC say it doesn't apply to my s/n. Great. Pluses: Great screen. GPS good.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 5th Dec 2009
Why do people buy a PDA/phone when they just want a PDA? Next thing is they complain about it. The guy next to me at work has one. In 9 months he has never used the GPS, videos, mp3s, email, Internet or any non-standard apps. What a waste of money. This is a great device for people who have a requirement for it. If you just need a phone, then buy a phone.

Reviewed by Geoneo from UK on 1st Dec 2009
Please ignore the negative comments about this phone, I assume that the people who don't like it are not familiar with a Windows mobile phone and are having trouble getting to grips with it. This phone is still one of the best Winmo phones available even a year on. It has a great quality screen making web browsing a pleasure, decent 5mp camera, wifi, GPS, yo uname it this phone has it. Check out HTCpedia or XDA developers for custom roms and you'll get a near perfect phone that looks great and runs well

Reviewed by Dsmas from UK on 25th Nov 2009
Had this phone for a year now and i have throughly enjoyed it. Its a geeks phone and I love it. Yes its not as responsive as the Iphone but its a resistive screen Its more than sensitive enough. Loads of apps available. Battery life is actually very good, depends on what you use it for, the same as any other phone. If you have the WIFI on all day that will comsume more battery. If you GPS on all day that will consume more battery. (Just common sense) If your willing to experiment with the phone you can change the OS to WinMo 6.5 with 2.5 or 2.1 manila(google XDA blackstone). There are some very good roms out there. Not to say the phone does not have its flaws but I had great fun with it and still enjoying it. Still waiting for something else thats worth upgrading to from this. (HD2 not fairing too well in the forums yet. Also Too BIG)

Reviewed by saravanan from u.k on 15th Nov 2009
i had this phone for 9 months,i never had this problem but all of sudden my screen went black,when i called HTC they said its microp problem.So i sent to repair

Reviewed by ross from uk on 13th Nov 2009
I agree with many here that this phone is a bit disappointing. Battery life is not great, the touchflo software is a bit of an annoyance as it adds a pointless layer of indirection to all your operations - e.g. if i go to messages I get a stupid image of an envelope with one message partially shown, then I have to click which account I want then 'all messages'. With touchflo switched off I can click directly on the account I want from the home screen and see all messages straight away. Same sort of thing with contacts. On the up side google maps is excellent, although it burns up your battery like there's no tomorrow, especially with the GPS switched on. The camera is pretty good, but again you don't want to use the htc interface. Overall this is not a great phone.

Reviewed by William from UK on 11th Nov 2009
I had one of these for almost a year. The large screen is nice but not the most responsive for touch. Also the battery life was poor for a telephone and sending sms or emails a pain. In short it was great for watching video clips and that was about it. I have replaced it with a Nokia N97. The screen is smaller, but the phone is far faster, and sending text messages and emails is much much easier. The camera on the N97 despite also being 5 mega pixels is also much better.

Reviewed by PSiReN from UNited Kingdom on 10th Nov 2009
I've had this PDA now for just under 12-months and in that time it has only worked fully for about 2-months. During the course of my ownership SMS-Messaging has failed; on-line video rendering has failed; it has burned out two MicroSD Cards and required 2-battery replacements. While the device is primarily intended for a touch-screen market; the sensitivity of the resistive screen (or lack thereof) can make some interactions very difficult without having to rely on the provided stylus. But, be warned - even with the lightest of touches with the supplied stylus; the screen is prone to scratching and will require the regular replacement of screen-protectors. I don't doubt there are many delighted owners who have thoroughly enjoyed having this bright and shiny new toy; however, it's worth bearing in mind that there remain several question marks over the performance of some elements of its Operating System and general functionality. Windows Mobile 6.1 is problematic and while HTC attempts to mask those problems with their own proprietary interface; only so much can be done to make a silk-purse out of a sow's ear. When it does work; it can be a real asset - but its reliability falls very much short of what one would expect for device in this price-range. Of particular note is HTC's woeful Customer Support. In each of the faults I've listed above; HTC's only recommendation is to try a Soft Reset (which failed each and every time) followed by a Hard Reset, which unless you're very careful to back-up all your data and personal settings you will lose and can take in one instance up to 5-hours to reset. HTC seem to regard the proposition of replacing a clearly defecting piece of equipment as beneath them (I've been told repeatedly that it is not "policy" to replace their devices) and have insisted that the device go in for repair. Each time it has been returned to them it has come back (between 3 to 6 weeks lead-time) with the fault unresolved. What they must imagine you're supposed to do for mobile telephony while they're supposedly fixing the problem is anyone's guess. For a device that allegedly thrives on its adaptability, connectivity and personal customisation; it promises a great deal... However; over time I have found it singularly one of the most frustrating pieces of kit I've ever laid my hands on and that frustration has only been compounded by HTC's ambivalent, incompetant and, dare I say it, complacent approach to Customer Relations. Buyer beware - HTC's bid for mobile supremacy with this device has its flaws and in my experience; that bid comes very much at your expense - both in terms of money; time and inconvenience. HTC had the recipe for an awesome meat pie; then made it with dog-meat... A real shame.

Reviewed by J from England on 3rd Nov 2009
I think im going to be one of the first people to admit i regret buying an iphone 3g =/, the phone is constantly pmsing having no service or cant connet to this cellular data network because you have updated and WAIT YOU then have to go update some figures because the updates DO NOT WORK :@ gah! the phone loses service after 10 months of usage, regularly, by that i mean at least twice a day. in short the iphone is like a good looking blonde woman, beautiful, dumb, and after 10 months with you gets bored and stops responding to you -.- getting the HD ASAP

Reviewed by Sam orgue from italy on 16th Oct 2009
well, its my first time using HTc, i had before Nokia, and SonyEricsson, simply i thik Nokia is better, on HTC need more time to use, also there still confused how to send SMS for more than 1 person like Nokia,even my Sony Ericsson was faster when surfing the internet,both are more easier than HTC to make calls,send messages,and using other applications

Reviewed by Daniel Keates from Ebgland on 25th Sep 2009
overall a very good phone apart from the signal strength, its stays very low when you should have full signal, the device does everything but i would not rely on it for calls and txt.

Reviewed by Paul Kirk from England on 23rd Sep 2009
This is one seriously annoying phone. Why? 1. Really poor battery life - I've had this handset for less than 2 months, conditioned the battery properly and yet now I can only get, at best, a day's life out of it. At worst, it lasts for a couple of calls, a dozen or so emails, about 10 hours - then it needs to be recharged. This isn't acceptable for a mobile phone. 2. With the TouchFlo software activated, the phone keeps shutting down by itself. At first, I just thought I wasn't popular. Then I realised the handset keeps shutting down by itself. Turning off the TouchFlo interface seems to get around this problem, but then, like a lot of other people, I bought this handset because I liked the look of the software. And that ain't good. 3. Something's not right about the internals - either the CPU is vastly under-specified for the job, or there isn't enough memory set aside to run things. The software/handset continually hangs doing the simplest of tasks.....like looking up a contact, switching between MP3 tracks in Windows Media Player. Just about every application seems to take forever to load and give you what you're looking for. 4. The touch screen is crap - there's no other word for it. Let's say you use a PIN code to lock the handset. When you come to try unlocking it, the display comes on quick enough, so you start typing your unlock code - four digits then Enter. Not that difficult you'd think. Except that by the time your finger has hit the Enter key, the screen has only registered the last 2 digits. So you have to start again. In testing, it takes 3 presses of the first digit to register before you can proceed. 5. The Opera web browser, the default web browser, is pants. I ended up using IE. And the camera is poor too. The company I work for provided me with a Blackberry 8900 Curve. And what a fantastic piece of kit THAT is. Without doubt, the best mobile phone ever made. The HTC Touch HD looks great and I believed the reviews when I read it was the best handset out there. In reality however, I have to say that it is truly the most annoying handset I have ever owned. Never again will I buy HTC - give me a Blackberry 8900 Curve anytime. Anyone know where I can trade in an HTC Touch HD? Better still, anyone out there want to swap???

Reviewed by Rui from UK on 15th Sep 2009
This is my first HTC. I've mostly used Samsung phones before and always tried to keep to simple ones since I never thought lots of gadgets on a phone were necessary. This time around I figured I'd give it a try and after reading up on HTC I decided on the Touch HD. It took about a day to get use to the menus and where to find settings...etc (first time using windows mobile and first time touch screen user) but once I got the hang of it I must say it is an excellent phone and easy to use. I customized it with all the apps I wanted and it hasn't given me a day of trouble. Voice clarity is excellent, web browsing is excellent(obviously good connection speed is needed from your network for this), screen is excellent and all round performance is good. This phone can keep you in touch and entertained while waiting at the airport or even while relaxing on your couch at home. I'm not saying itís perfect but there is very little more you could ask for from a phone. Having said all that if you struggle with simple tasks on a computer, maybe this isn't the phone for you.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 9th Sep 2009
I've used many different mobile phone brands - actually, in order in which i've owned them, there have been Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Nokia, Samsung, Samsung, Nokia... and now this. HTC. I thought i'd go for something different. Something smart. Something challenging. I'm an idiot. Let's begin with the positive points, shall we? It looks and feels like a magnificently constructed piece of kit. Aesthetically, very pleasing indeed - with curves and glossy finishes to bring a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. And then, in a fit of madness, you try to make a call, or send a text message, using perhaps the most user-unfriendly interface designed by mankind. Living with this phone for four months has been a hellish experience. Nokia Forever.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 7th Sep 2009
i have just had this phone, the programs on it are great but the signal you recieve is very low on the 2 networks i have tried o2 and vodafone (i am in a good signal area) if anyone has had these problems please let me know thanks keatescarn@aol.com

Reviewed by clare from yorkshire uk on 28th Aug 2009
Cant wait to go back to a normal phone. This one is driving me mad. Worst fault is cutting people of in middle of a call cause your face touches it. Even found it puts people on hold and starts redialing someone else. Camera is rubbish. Texting is not straight forward. Give me a Nokia anyday.

Reviewed by chester lee from uk on 21st Aug 2009
well i cannot comment too much on this device as its not arriving till tomorrow but onething i thing is a little out of order is the fact we will not get the windows mobile 6.5 upgrade or so ive read anyway and the internt is not the best place for that. I have the i phone 3g at the moment and couldnoot wait for my contract to end i mean how many phone phones have you ever know that are on a 18 month plan and only just got copy and paste and mms on the come on apple pull your finger out and all. Yes the app store is good if you feel like paying a fourtune for all the applications and if i wanted a wanted a media play that could only run i tunes i would have bought a i pod touch another con apple dont tell you about. This phone looks ace and trust me in the past weel ive had alot of them even the htc hero is rubbish or maybe thats just android not a good operating system trust me on that on. Yes so many people are comparing most phones to the i phone but just look at the speck alone yeah its a little slower than the i phone 3gs but then saying that my i phone 3g is faster than that that was proved in the o2 store the other day and the sales adviser did not like that on. Well thanks for the review on this this product most of them good and seams to be main i phone users that seam to slate it bloody typical hey. ill give this phone a 4 star rating for now as not really tried it but from what ive read and on paper it looks alot better than most phones on the maket nowdays. So what else can i say back but back off i phone users yeah it looks good and its a i pod but i want to be able to put all my media on my phone not what i tunes allows me too the other advantage is you can deleate i items off the handset that you cannot doo with the i phone so bit on that one apple.

Reviewed by STEVE from GWYNEDD UK on 16th Aug 2009

Reviewed by David Jones from UK on 9th Aug 2009
Outstanding phone let down by abysmally poor battery life. The battery lasts for two days max - assuming you don't actually use the phone for anything. Make a couple of calls, play with the TouchFlo interface, send a couple of emails, connect to your Bluetooth car kit - result = battery out of juice in a day. This phone is fantastic but only if you are prepared not to use it.

Reviewed by oliver from england on 1st Aug 2009
i love this i couldn't agree more with it it has everything on it tat anyone needs

Reviewed by Geoff from UK on 28th Jul 2009
I can't believe all the good reviews this phone has got. Battery life is awful, you get one day if you don't use it much and when the battery runs down it does so quickly, this is a serious problem for business users: camera, well even the good reviews dis that and don't even think about using the camera in anything other than really good light: browsing is slow, the device crashes occasionally, it's fidley to make a call or to search thro your contacts (I'm used to Blackberry), It's easy to cut yourself off during a call if you let the phone touch your face(this is less likely to happen if you answer left handed because of the position of the end key): the screen is almost impossible to read in any kind of outside light: I am a business user and I sync with Outlook and have to say this is NOT a problem, thank god. I consider myself reasonably technically minded, I'm not dumb and I really wanted this phone to be great, but in my view it dosen't even come close.

Reviewed by Asher from Uk on 27th Jul 2009
Htc Touch HD: Let me set it off. Advantages: The phone looks really nice. Decent image gallery. Decent web browsing. Good screen. Disadvantages: Screen is poor in sunlight. Screen not that vibrant. Web browsing not the quickest. Video playback: For me, video has been slow, jerky and unclear. I'd like to know why, if anyone has solutions, let me know. Slow processor: I mean, it takes a while just to load the image gallery, and even then, doesn't load all of the images properly. All in all, this device has good points, but, for me, has more bad points, with quizzically poor, jerky slow video playback of movies. Until thats sorted, its hard to rate the phone highly. If you like web browsing, then i'd suggest replacing opera with the Skyfire browser, as its faster, a although, because it doesn't support the high resolutions of devices like the touch hd etc, the whole web experience is pixlated.

Reviewed by max from uk on 23rd Jul 2009
This phone is for ADVANCED users ONLY. People who are dumb should buy iphone cos iphone is made for dumb people. HD is loaded with everything u ever need.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 21st Jul 2009
I don't honestly know how anyone can say there are no apps for this phone, there are hundreds upon hundreds! You just have to LOOK harder! The user interface isn't brilliant, but the more intermediate windows mobile user will know that it can easily be changed, as well as updating the OS if you really want to. Windows mobile devices are aimed at the more advanced users, so I can only assume that the bad reviews for this phone have come from novice smartphone users. One word to describe this phone = incredible

Reviewed by Oliver from UK on 20th Jul 2009
The sat nav system is good and works quite well. It looks nice. That is it! Apart from those things it is terrible. The internet is very slow. The user interface looks bad. It takes too long to find a person in your contacts and then start typing the message. There are no apps for it. The battery life is terrible. It is jerky and can be unresponsive. I had it for 2 months and had to go back to my old sony erikson it was that bad.

Reviewed by boris from england on 17th Jul 2009
no way as good as the Iphone, the touch screen is no way as good as the iphone. the iphones interface looks better, just look at the screen on the htc that you text to people with. it looks awful. windows has failed. this phone is sooo slow sooo unbelievabley slow. i have this phone n i am stuck with it until next march. the 5 megapixel camera has to be virtually on a tripod for it to get a good picture, yes the quality is good but it takes around 4 seconds to take the damn photo by which time its blurred. video is awful. the iphones is way better even tho it is like 2 mega pixels. all in all for some reason all the websites review it as an amazing iphone contender when i wouldnt rate it higher than a gramophone

Reviewed by scullninio from england on 13th Jul 2009
i liked this phone when i 1st got it, but its far toooooo slow now. and its not even full. so guna exchange it for the se w995.

Reviewed by matrob from england on 6th Jul 2009
the best mobile phone out at the moment ... better than the n97 and also the diamond 2 (the hd has a bigger screen :-))

Reviewed by Leah from UK on 21st Jun 2009
A dream phone - would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Wido from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
What a phone! Excellent Hardware - yes ppl have said Windows Mobile but it has not crashed on me! (been about 5 months now!) excellent sound and video playback, touch interface is excellent (an iphone friend commented at how good it was) excellent choice with great range of downloadable applications.

Reviewed by pjf from uk on 31st May 2009
I see the iphone brigade have been giving poor reviews of this device - mainly due to the fact that famous american fruit has lost its crown...the HD is a class act with everything you could want on board (not an ipod with a phone add on!) and it looks like the future is looking good for htc to wipe the floor with anything that steps in its way. i fully recommend this device to anyone who likes to tweak and mod and likes powerful features, but a warning to people moving from camera phones or first time windows o.s users...dont just expect everything done for you...if you want an easy phone get a nokia 3210...and dont dis the phone because you cant handle it! get a device that suits your ability.

Reviewed by James.e from UK on 22nd May 2009
The phone is good but i have heard from several people that the phone has problems with certin programs that the wont load and the phone just freezes on you i also experienced this on a sony ericson phone the c905 wasn't impressed. if you want to buy this one be under certin risk. :(

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 14th May 2009
Love this phone! This is first touch-screen phone that I can actually recommend to a friend - it is convenient, fast (3G rules!), and I love GPS functionality and huge screen.

Reviewed by Tim Berry from Solihull, England on 4th May 2009
Had this phone for about 3 months now and honestly would give this phone.... looks 8/10 screen is ace but the phone is BIG internet browzing 7/10 poss 8 practicality 3/10 They have just made simple processes really long-winded and truthfully starts 2 get on your nerves after the initial buzz of it is over. honestly wished i got a c905 just to have a mobile that is primarily a phone and then a multi-media device, not the other way round.

Reviewed by Fone Freak from canada on 2nd May 2009
Great phone~! Nice features, and for only $999

Reviewed by Tony Horrit from Englan on 29th Apr 2009
I had this phone for just short of a month before returning it. It crashed 1 out of 3 times i strated it up and the battery life is terrible, i had to charge it nearly everyday which isnt what i like as i dont take my charger everywhere. It is a complex phone to used and took me nearly two weeks to figure out every feature. If you have a laptop then there is no need for this phone because the only place i am going to use microsoft works is at home but i have a computer at work and a laptop at home so there is no need for all the extra add on's. My new phone is the LG Arena which has basically all the same features apart from Microsoft, also the LG is smaller and lighter. So i give the HTC Touch HD 1 star

Reviewed by Bazzer from UK on 28th Apr 2009
Excellent phone. Has so many options. Put Finger Keyboard 2.1 on the best upgrade you can have. Noticed a ROM upgrade on HTC site. Have Orange put their version out yet?

Reviewed by HotelTangoCharlie from Uk on 17th Apr 2009
Dwayne, You can download GoogleMaps for the HTC by going to google mobile. A friend thought the same as you after he bought it, until I installed it on his phone for him!

Reviewed by dewayne from england on 6th Apr 2009
i cant agree more, but the only let down for is the google maps is not available in the uk i would like to know when this comes available. as this was one of the main feature that captured me into getting the phone.

Reviewed by Devi Prasad from Libya on 30th Mar 2009
Perhaps, the only mobile until now... that can beat iPhone...!!

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 28th Mar 2009
Great phone!! Not for the faint hearted though! You had better be prepared to spend a lot of time familiarising yourself with the many many functions. But wow!! what a screen!! The phone has a class feel to it. I too have installed TomTom maps they work great! It connects to my home wireless internet, one of my favourite things to do are watching uTube videos (with my headphones on) while my wife watches her rubbish on telly. It connects to my iPod player in the kitchen. Pros: Quality build. High def screen. Good battery life.Communicates well with pc's. 3.5mm headphone jack. Loads of free software. Wed pages can be viewed full screen and loads of other pros!! Cons: It is a wide phone. Complex operating system

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 28th Mar 2009
Makes the iPhone look like something (only stupid) dinosaurs would buy + use ie even more embarrassing with Apples excessive greed based overpricing and now completely outdated yesterdays technology (that never worked in the first place anyway:D ). The HTC Touch HD by complete contrast, on the other hand, is the slickest,smoothest most advanced tech mobile available at the moment :)

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 11th Mar 2009
Yes hello people, I am back after what has been a non-stop phone testing! Along the tested phones I tested this one HTC touch! Very attractive phone with a wide range of features, including 3G bluetooth, and am amazing touch screen, the first hour of testing it was like a fat child around a burger or curry, or any other fatty foods, I was happy, but I dropped it, and it broke, but I mannage to fix it! Overall: A good phone,looks good for all these wannabes but, very fragile, if you drop it, it will break!

Reviewed by tel from UK on 10th Mar 2009
Ok phone no bad

Reviewed by Mark from England on 6th Mar 2009
I struggle to understand some folks' dislike of this phone, which, imho, is quite amazing. GPS is spot on (I've added TomTom software but can toggle between that and loaded Google maps). Texting is easy and can be done one-handed - I have average sized fingers. Adding apps and roms is fun, not absolutely necessary. Windows 6.1 has its failings but is still smarter than any normal phone (& 6.5 is due in 2009). Having muliple apps running at once is great, multiple texting does need a small, free extra bit of software (same for all windows-based phones). I find battery life fine, I'm recharging every couple of days despite quite heavy use. Media viewing - photos or films - is great, this device means carrying just one item on a trip rather than satnav, dvd player, etc. I'd recommend pocketshield software, which makes its use as a phone even easier and more 'fun' - (eg shake the phone to answer a call). I know at some point someone will trump this and bring out a better phone but for now - and I've tried several including iphone - no other comes close.

Reviewed by Matthew from U.K on 6th Mar 2009
Received the HTC Touch HD a couple of days and it is impressive. The only thing i will say is that whilst navigating your way around the main apps is simple and user friendly, changing the smaller things isnt so easy. It took me a while to realise that to bluetooth something you have to "beam" the file. If you press "send file" it only comes up with SMS/MMS/Email options.My battery has lasted 2 days from first charge so i think that battery life won't be an issue. Overall a good phone but not worth getting if you dont plan on using the MS Office apps! Personal opinion is its put to better use if for business use

Reviewed by billy from uk on 6th Mar 2009
had this phone for almost a month now but its becoming quite clear that the only thing going for it is the screen. review ratings usually depend on how people use their phones so the more texts and calls I make, the more I dislike the hd. as a multimedia device it is awesome. as a phone/communicator? terrible. windows is great for a lot of things but not for a phone. sure you can spend your life 'tweaking' and cooking roms and buying apps etc.. which you need to do in order to be satisfied. a lot will also bring stability issues so be prepared to hear the advice: "just hard reset" (see xda developers) Just to send a quick text is painful in every aspect as is making a call if you lead a hectic lifestyle. battery life is understandably poor because of screen so budget for a spare battery or sacrifice brightness and usability. admittedly most of the drawbacks are from windows 6.1 as things you took for granted in a s60 or sony ericsson device are missing. group texts and profiles etc.. also ease of wifi and bluetooth the way they've marketed this as a 5megapixel device is simply disgusting. the camera is rubbish. So leave it charging and you have a great web browser,organiser, document viewer, and video player. just make sure you buy a phone as well.

Reviewed by Kevin from China on 5th Mar 2009
I'm afraid that I had one of these for about 3 months, couldn't wait to get rid of it. Battery like is so bad, using blue tooth and reasonable phone usage impossible to get working day out of it, 8 hrs max. The phone crashed quite a bit and the back up service from HTC virtually non existant. I was used to Palm and tried this because it read so well, big dissappointment. Now have Blackberry Storm and recommend highly, battery 1 1/2 days minimum, veen on heavy use

Reviewed by kevin from wales on 2nd Mar 2009

Reviewed by jenny from UK on 1st Mar 2009
Excellent phone, love it to bits! Especially the design aesthetic!

Reviewed by paul from uk, newcastle on 18th Feb 2009
had this phone for 2 weeks now, and i can say its the best phone i have owned. not very difficult to use, amazing features and looks amazing. only draw back is getting used to the touch screen for texting, can be a bit anoying. everything else thumbs up!!!

Reviewed by Karthik from UK on 17th Feb 2009
One of the main drawbacks I found was that the built-in accelerometer lets you switch between portrait and widescreen landscape modes only on few programs like Videos, Web Browsing and not on all screens which Samsung Omnia allows you to. Other drawback is Camera, it doesn't look like 5 mp, ordinary quality for such a big screen without a flash and the poor video quality as well. Positivies are Big Screen, Windows Mobile, Good touch interface and High resolution screen.

Reviewed by SA from UK on 14th Feb 2009
Got this phone a week ago and really loved it, I think its the best touch screen available with hd screen it plays videos like no other phone does. Unfortunately had to return it back to orange as they missled me by saying I had free international calls on business but I didn't. Already missing it and trying to find a better deal. I would 100% recommend if any of you are thinking to buy it.

Reviewed by kk from some where... on 11th Feb 2009
it has a windows os but its not slow like those other junks! killer interface and a hi res larg screen! how can you go wrong?!

Reviewed by Marguerite Savident from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on 5th Feb 2009
OMG!!! i love this phone it is absolutely fab:-) Go out & buy it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by chris sly from uk on 2nd Feb 2009
im a gadget freak so after owning all the top smart phones...i phone , sony xperia , blackberry storm , I can tell you honestly! this is by far the BEST smart phone...the only downsides are: it runs windows mobile 6.1.....& slightly sluggish touch screen (when compared to the apple iphone anyway).... the upsides a are: awesome screen , fantastic battery life , (for a large smartphone anyway) buy one NOW!

Reviewed by Canaer from UK on 31st Jan 2009
man is dis der bes fone evver if not iam a fick chav. it is bes fone in croydon

Reviewed by dert from uk on 31st Jan 2009
it is best in world of fones

Reviewed by Jack from England on 29th Jan 2009
After reading through some of the negative reviews I am compelled to give my positive review along with the negative. However some advice to the folk that check and approve the comments on here...Please check more carefully since some comments are either fanboy related i.e. iPhone all the way!! Or those that have poor coverage and blame the phone. Now onto my review. Firstly I spent many months checking what I should upgrade to and what phones offered what in terms of features, the Touch HD kept coming out on top even against the iPhone the HTC Touch HD surpasses the iPhone in everyway albeit it that there is no iTunes on the Touch HD. The phone can be a bit daunting to use at first with its many features and even setting up your own ring tone can be very tricky enough to make you think its not possible but it is. The phone is of superb quality and feels great, the screen is also fantastic. Apart from the amazing features this phone has along with very good product support as the offical HTC website already has some nice hotfixes the HTC Touch HD is simply the number 1 phone for soo many reasons I would be here all day. But lets mention a couple of niggles, when texting sometimes the screen will freeze for a few seconds, I hope a hotfix is brought out soon for this, and lastly the main issue for me is there is no flash other than that its the best phone I have owned since the Samsung D900!

Reviewed by Osmond DSouza from KSA on 24th Jan 2009
I have used all kind of phones till date from Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Imate, O2 & HTC. I ma very happy to say that HTC touch HD is the best, I used till date. I am fully satisfied with it that, I will not move to any other phone. It has a good camera. A gorgeous screen. The touch sensitivity screen is great. It responds smoothly. The pictures from the 5 mega pixel camera is great. The sound quality is also great. I love watching movies on it as it has a large screen. Everything of it is great. I really recomend you go for it. Dont even think of comparing it with a Iphone. Iphone cannot even come close to it when it comes to features. 5 stars from me.

Reviewed by Chris from Norway on 21st Jan 2009
This is not a very good cell phone. low talking time (my experiences) ect. but it is an EXELENT multimedia phone. it has a very fast internet connection, an outsdanding screen, a fantastic resolution. The only things i wish the phone had; is a camera light and a keyboard.

Reviewed by henry.h from UK on 20th Jan 2009

Reviewed by Aek from USA on 14th Jan 2009

Reviewed by Nawaraj from Nepal on 12th Jan 2009
Great Phone

Reviewed by Shibu A. Karunakaran from UAE on 11th Jan 2009
Its fabulous moblie with Htc touch

Reviewed by misfire from UK on 11th Jan 2009
i'll keep it short....if you're a simple person, like PROPER simple....then you won't like the touch hd, go get an iphone. it's a simple phone for simple people. it looks nice, and it does some stuff. but if you actually are a bit more complicated than a block of wood, buy this phone. had mine a couple days now, and i love it. the screen looks gorgeous, and whilst the resistive screen is never gonna be as sensitive as a capacitive one (aka iphone), it's bloody close. plus i can use it with gloves on. useful in -3 weather. ;) touchflo works smooth, looks ill too. browsing is quick, works well. typing works well, even better than the iphone in my opinion because of the resistive screen. now like wttdegs said....you're gonna need to do a bit of tweaking to get the most out of it. for example....the phone will use wifi OR phone internet as it so needs without asking, even if u turn it off....so i had to search a little and download "NoData" and lock it off till my unlimited net comes through! so anyways.....if u want a phone with everything on the plate for you but not much past that....buy an iphone. if you want a phone thats a better allrounder, has a user interface with most of the iphones flair, and something that rewards your effort, buy this.

Reviewed by WttDegs from UK on 29th Dec 2008
Had this HD phone for a few weeks now, and still love it! Does everything I need it to do, and then some more stuff too :-) As noted elsewhere, camera is not fantastic, but good enough - if you want great pics, buy a camera not a phone! Browsing is fast (especially via wifi), and the size of the screen makes it easy too. True, you need to tweak things and set it up properly to get the very best out of it - this is not a phone for techno-phobes!, but there are a couple of great forums out there with all the hints and tips you need :-) As to the HD vs iPhone debate - who cares! LOL If you wants something pretty that works out of the box, get an iPhone. If you want something to invest some time and effort into, and aren't scared of tweaking, then the HD is VERY much worth a go :-) Enjoy!

Reviewed by Dr.Tech from USA on 27th Dec 2008
You people that 'pay out' on this phone, need your heads checked! The ones that think that Apple's i-Phone is better, u haven't done your research and just 'slag-off' the HTC Touch. Your just jealous and want others to go out and buy an i-Phone! I don't care about HD screens; when r they gonna make a proper one then? This phone is probably the best I've viewed for a PDA!! Whereas an i-Phone, u can't compare to it - because it's not a PDA! The i-Phone is just a Tech-gimmick!!!

Reviewed by Bahar from America on 25th Dec 2008
this phone is full of junk battery time is limited crashes many a times during start up. video camera mode is blurred. internet is slow both on wi fi and hspda. warning to all don't get this phone at any cost waste of time and money

Reviewed by SV from UK on 25th Dec 2008
Excellent phone. Great responsive, bright ,HiRes screen.Worth the wait. Feels a bit delicate compared to the Sony Ericsson P1i that I upgraded from.loads of useful features to keep me playing with it for a long while.No flash,though. Still would give it 5 stars.Wanted an Xperia X1 but I changed my mind at the last minute after reading the reviews here.

Reviewed by JSZ from Poland/UK on 23rd Dec 2008
A phone so well equipped and with such a magnificent display can only have a 5 star rating. I was going crazy about the iPhone 3G when it came out but thankfully kept my head on and never got it, waiting for this. It's off to the shops for me before the new year! HTC, here I come!

Reviewed by sean from usa on 23rd Dec 2008
much better than iphone

Reviewed by WJ from UK on 20th Dec 2008
Toyed with the idea of getting an Iphone, but I want to stay with Orange and therefore opted for the HTC HD Touch. Very impressed, and getting to know it better each day. Internet, google maps, MS apps all very good. Have sync'd my outlook contacts and diary without any real problems. Battery needs charging on a daily basis but I suspect I have too much running whilst I am in learning mode! Highly recommended, go for it!

Reviewed by Ian G from UK on 16th Dec 2008
After careful consideration I was left with the option of two handsets, the Samsung Pixon and the HTC Touch HD. Both are very good phones, but the Samsung is just lacking style. Something the HTC is not lacking. When the phone arrived I was thrilled to find that HTC had not only designed a great phone, but also designed a great way to present it. It comes in a very stylish box with all the usual accessories including a padded cloth cover, something all manaufactuors should include. The phone itself is one of the best looking phones on the market, and it's only rival would be the Iphone. Now they are both touch screen and have all the applications you could possibly think of, but the Iphone is branded with the Apple logo which seems to give them the right to print money. HTC seem to have their heads screwed on as this phone does it all, GPS, touch screen (3D) Games, a 5 Meg camera and so much more. So the plus sides. Well, stylish, touch screen, Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS with Google Maps, stylus, amazing applications, superb web browsing, video calling, FM radio, very big memory On the minus side. Possibly a little large, and the camera could do with being slightly better but not the end of the world.

Reviewed by Busewa from Denmark on 14th Dec 2008
Brilliant device, very little to fault. Have crashed the software once (fiddling with music while it was receiving an sms - locked the phone up and I had to restart it) Works brilliantly with Tom Tom 7, all in all- hats off to HTC, this is the ultimate tablet phone, makes my Touch Dual seem positively old, although it wasn't a bad phone right up until I unpacked the HD!

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 14th Dec 2008
THIS PHONE IS AN iPHONE KILLER! On the iphone you cant bluetooth, you only have 3g (being ripped off if you bought the first iphone) and it doesnt have WIFI! The HTC Touch HD does far more than iphone. It has WIFI twice as many data connections, the screen is far more vivid and a higher resolution than iphone and you can bluetooth anything to anyone! The camera is better by 3 milion mega pixels too! iphone is a Chavs phone. The touch interface on iphone is a little more fun but HTC have developed a phone for those who want it all. also on iphone you cant expand memory or record video!

Reviewed by Graham from Scotland on 12th Dec 2008
This is an excellent device. Other people have had problems with signal strength and dropped calls but I have had no such problems, with excellent clarity and volume on both my end and the other persons end (in south and west Glasgow). Syncing the HD to my work Exchange account was very quick and easy and I now get notices of new emails whenever the HD is connected over Wi-Fi or the HSDPA is turned on. Text input took a bit of getting used to but I've never had a touchscreen before so they may all be the same. I'm a pro now. The camera is good for well-lit shots with decent quality pictures and the whole screen becomes the viewfinder which is quite nice. Simply touching an area on-screen focuses on that spot which is also quite cool. But don't get this phone for the camera. But I think one of the biggest plus points for this phone hasn't even been mentioned here in that the HD comes with an 8GB miscroSD card as standard (with Orange anyway). This is a great addition because the audio and especially the video playback on the device are brilliant. Windows Media player can play basically any audio format as well as wmv, mp4 files and you can download DivX mobile and play DivX files all in full screen. I've been able to rip DVDs to my pc that I own, convert them straight to DivX and put them straight onto the phone to watch on the train and the quality is excellent. It can play more file types than the iPhone so, with a 16GB miscroSD card, or even the included 8GB one, this is a great Personal Media Player + phone. The internet is good too and, being an amateur software developer, I like the ability to easily install and run home-made Java programs on such a big screen. Battery lasts a couple of days of moderate use but about a day with lots of Wi-Fi and video playing but that's the same of most smartphones. So much more than a phone, the HD is highly recommended if you're after the above features.

Reviewed by sangamesh from india on 5th Dec 2008
i am verh happy to inform that i saw and i stuied about HTC TOUCH , it has huge sreen and 5 megapixel camera however its very easy to use and aplanned to buy this

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 3rd Dec 2008
This phone is excellent. It has every single feature under the sun.. the new way of texting has taken a little getting used to, but I do love this phone. The widescreen is great for using Opera and tomtom/google maps.. I am very pleased with it. Got a great deal on orange too, so my missus also has a HD handset. :)

Reviewed by eachel from uk on 3rd Dec 2008
i luvvvvvvvv this phone!

Reviewed by rachel from uk on 3rd Dec 2008
love it takes getting used to especially with browsing on the internet. all in all pros outweighs cons hence 4*

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 1st Dec 2008
Got as a 'free' upgrade from Orange. Used it for a 3 days and then returned it... Ok so it packs all the right features, but it looks like HTC never really tested out the phone in real every day world. I have no idea why they put a huge volume button that doesn't lock when you lock the rest of the keys, meaning you left it on silent mode but by the time you've put it in your pocket and moved around it's now on loud. Very annoying when in the office. Typing text is also very fiddly. Whereas I can usually bang out the "hi honey, I'm running late and i'll be home in a couple of hours" message in a couple of seconds flat, I found myself giving up and making phonecalls. However, maybe that's just the way with touch-screen phones? Also I found the scrolling slow, and once a few aps are open the whole things slows right down. I'll miss it as a PDA, and the stock function keeps you checking back to see if you've lost any more money but as a phone I'm back on my old W910i waiting for someone to bring out a slim phone that does the basics very well. Also if you're buying this for the 'weather' feature, I suggest looking out the window will give you slightly better results! Sorry HTC, you've still got a lot of work to do with this one.

Reviewed by Tihomir from Croatia on 30th Nov 2008
After 3 days I discover Touch HD is the best mobile ever seen. The iGO 8 works better than in original GPS HW, the GUI interface is perfect replacement for WM 6.1 and all the relevant phone features works perfect. What you have to is just to learn how to use it. The phone does excellent job in every functionality included but battery should be better (at least 1500 mA) which should be understand if you use Wi-FI, bluetooth all the time. Rating ***** Outstanding

Reviewed by David Sims from UK on 27th Nov 2008
After 4 days I have returned this to Orange Gorgeous screen - quite slim I found it quirky to operate e.g. Physical volume button is always being touched when in landscape a PITA The keyboard does not rotate unless you use extra software and difficult to type with fingers despite trying 2 other software keyboards Screen does not always respond to commands and not repeatable Sluggish operation which did improve somewhat with registry tweaks The real deal breaker for me is the poor signal compared to other phones e.g. G600

Reviewed by d from uk on 26th Nov 2008
rubbish, pixon all the way

Reviewed by ted from uk on 26th Nov 2008
brought HTC diamond prior to this but sent it back as camera was shocking. HD much better quality, really pleased with it except for the size as impractical to carry around.

Reviewed by tom R from scotland cuz on 26th Nov 2008
dis fone is mash-up cuz it lyke comes wit everything even lyke a touch screen, i maen , bruv, how nang is dat!

Reviewed by Tom G from UK on 24th Nov 2008
Great PDA. Lousy phone. Reason - sensitivity. I'm on Orange, and on 3 other phones I get between 3 and 5 bars (out of 5) around the house. The Touch HD gives me between 0 and 2 bard (out of 4). It consistently fails to register on the network and drops calls when the other phones hang onto the calls and give me coverage. Even in my '5 out of 5' bar zone of the house the Touch HD only just hangs onto the call with some dropouts (and 2 bard on its signal strenth meter). I've tried two of them now, both identical, so if you're in an 'off the scale' coverage area fine, but if your coverage is marginal, with regret, I'd advise against it.

Reviewed by RedKipper from England on 19th Nov 2008
Hmmm... Seems some people can't read?! 'The Screen (on the iphone) is better'? I see, you'll be watching your 480p FULL HD TV as well then will you? DíOh!!

Reviewed by RFG from UK on 17th Nov 2008
If you want a standard phone that is only available with one supplier then iPhone is for you. BUT if you want a mobile office that can be used with any supplier and has a battery that you can replace and extra storage space (micro SD cards) then the Touch HD is the phone to go for. The touch flo does a good job of hiding windows mobile flaws, the screen is responsive and the quality (480x800) is excellent. The build quality is good it is the same size as the iPhone but with a bigger screen and I use it for my satnav in place of a dedicated unit. It all depends on what you want from your phone!!!

Reviewed by Ultdm, from UK on 16th Nov 2008
Great Phone. This is much better than Iphone 3g. I'd recommend this phone... Features + Style = PERFECT.

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