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HTC Touch 2 review

 Review: November 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Touch 2 is a compact, touchscreen, Windows Mobile smartphone equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, GPS, HSPA, WiFi and Bluetooth.



The HTC Touch 2 is HTC's entry-level smartphone offering. It's basically an enhanced version of the HTC Touch 3G, and is a compact, affordable, Windows Mobile smartphone. At this price point, the Touch 2 competes with smartphone offerings from other manufacturers, such as the Nokia 5800. Has it got what it takes to compete? We're not convinced.

The one thing that hampers the Touch 2 is its size. Yes, it's a compact touchscreen phone, but even dirt-cheap touchscreen phones like the LG Cookie or Samsung Tocco Lite manage to fit in larger screens. Call us shallow, if you will, but sometimes size does count. Windows Mobile 6.5 we can't get enough of, but on a 2.8 inch screen with only modest resolution? We're not so sure.

The Touch 2 packs in a fair number of advanced features to justify itself. It includes a GPS receiver, WiFi, HSPA offering blisteringly fast download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The battery life is surprisingly good for such a compact phone. It gives you easy access to Facebook and other cool apps. But the camera is fixed focus and comes nowhere near the quality of Nokia's 5530 touchscreen phone, which costs much less than the Touch 2, and has a larger screen to boot. It seems as though everything has been compromised to fit it into the small body.

If you want a compact, relatively inexpensive phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 (and who wouldn't?), the HTC Touch 2 is your phone. It's your only choice in fact. But we'd suggest that the reason why no-one else has made such a phone is because the compromises that must be made are just too great. The fact is that the phone needs a bigger screen. If HTC had realised that, the Touch 2 could have been a winner. As it is, it's an interesting concept that widens the choice of handsets available, but for us, it just doesn't cut it.

HTC Touch 2 features include:

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HTC Touch 2 user reviews

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Average rating from 19 reviews:

Reviewed by carl hopkins from uk on 30th Jan 2014
its ok but i canot get on the marketplace for apps and games ive tryed every thing if you can help could yon email me plz

carl hopkins

Reviewed by USER from EU on 27th Sep 2012
Fantastic phone. I have been using it since 2010. It works perfectly. I use all it features except ENROL. Everything else is working properly, faster and realibly. It fell some down months ago from the second floo balcony. There was an asphalt road down but phone works! Very durable. Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro is fast and never cracks. Batter is OK. Whan I talk 2 hours per day it survives 2 days. If you wanna more just go back to your Nokia 6510. I don't think to replace my Touch 2 it soon.

Reviewed by JulietS from England on 12th Apr 2011
I love this phone. For me, the fact that the screen is small is good - I really would not want a larger phone. This one is compact enough to fit in a bag without being unobtrusive. I have found everything on it very good, it is really easy to use and I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 25th Nov 2010
Brilliant phone,quick response,HTC's touch flo is excellent.Perfectly usuable without resorting to the stylus.GPS is good and holds signal well. Only very slight neg is small internal memory and battery life but i get a day and half out of it before recharge.Winmo is very good and nowhere near as clunky as people make out. Really can't fault it at all,very good phone and excellent deals on it at the moment.

Reviewed by Tom McKenzie from UNITED KINGDOM on 12th Nov 2010
There might be some units that work, but mine doesn't. Battery dead in 5 mins, heats up, turns off when it feels like it, calls people when I'm trying to scroll through contacts, stops downloading email, just a disaster. As I say - it might just be my handset, and I've had the provider admit that the initial battery I had in was from a 'bad batch' and needed swapping. Can't complain in that they swapped it very quickly, but the phone is still a nighmare. I am very used to iPhone, Ipod, Hero, etc. so am not doing or expecting anything untoward - this phone is just junk. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by Tony Hunt from UK on 8th Aug 2010
This phone is a disaster. I have had one for 2 months and the touch screen is dead. It is slow and clumsy. Vodafone are changing this as they no longer market this model. I am going ober to Samsung Galaxy. Can't wait

Reviewed by Karm1 from London/England on 29th Mar 2010
The Touch2 aint a bad phone at all, People who have a problem with this phone either dont know about winmo or quite simply aint smart enough to get the best out of smartphones. The phone ticks nearly every box one could want on a phone so whats the problem people keep finding. For the people that knew years ago, WinMo has so much apps going for it that we can customise just about everything

Reviewed by Edmund Velinor from Saint Kitts and Nevis on 26th Feb 2010
Ever since my first HTC phone i have stayed glued to the name. This phone as stated, is an upgrade to the Touch. It works great, faster smoother and much more responsive than my old Touch. I do miss my navigational button and my designated camera button though. The video quality is an improvement, but photo quality is just about the same. For the price, features, and quality, its an excellent phone.

Reviewed by gurmeet singh from india on 21st Feb 2010
the display might be smaller than other costly smart phones, but its value for money and is best in its price range. it has all the features which a professional needs e.g. push mail, full integration with microsoft outlook, 3g, wifi, good web browser. what else is left. Really a value for money.

Reviewed by STEVE from SHEFFIELD on 2nd Feb 2010

Reviewed by andy from manchester uk on 2nd Jan 2010
this phone is everthing you could want,its compact,easy to use,and looks and feels fantastic,by far one of the best looking handsets around and present and light for a windows phone recommend to anyone

Reviewed by Saravanan from India on 23rd Dec 2009
I bought HTC touch2 last week. It is fine good. but it lacked the following : Accelerometer,handwriting input methods, etc. But the main advantage is that it Windows Mobile 6.5 . That is the one which gives the real value to the phone. But not more than that. So if you want a simple touch screen phone with a descent camera (3.2MP),wifi,3G etc, then HTC touch2 is the phone u need to buy

Reviewed by David C from Liverpool on 14th Nov 2009
Can't praise this phone highly enough. I Originally had some problems with the LG Arena on Orange so sent it back and got this on T-Mobile. I honestly can't think of anything I don't like about this phone.

Reviewed by michael from u.k on 6th Nov 2009
amazing phone from the moment i saw it on the internet to the time i took it out of the packaging i fell in love with it

Reviewed by Chilaxx from Belgium on 22nd Oct 2009
I just got this phone a few days ago and I love it! Works very smooth and fast! Windows Mobile 6.5 is also a great improvement. And for 309 it's just an outstanding price for what you get.

Reviewed by megan from pakistan on 16th Oct 2009

Reviewed by paul from uk on 15th Oct 2009
great phone i love the touch screen prob the best phone ive seen thanks www.thegadgetsgalore.com

Reviewed by dougie from scotland on 13th Oct 2009
the best phone ever

Reviewed by annie from britain on 5th Oct 2009
this phones awesome! its so cool my mate has it and i used it i love it thanks babe luv ya

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