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HTC Sensation review

 Review: May 2011  

Last updated December 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: HTC's first dual-core phone is one of the most powerful smartphones available. With a stunning 4.3" quarter HD screen, hi-fi audio and an outstanding 8 megapixel camera with Full HD 1080p video recording, it's a brilliant multimedia device.

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There are some big beasts in the Android jungle right now, and the HTC Sensation is one of the biggest to emerge from the undergrowth. It's the first HTC phone with a dual-core processor and it's designed to go head-to-head against the Samsung Galaxy S2.

You can think of the Sensation as the replacement for the HTC Desire HD, and it does everything the HD did, but more so. It's very nearly the same size as the Desire HD, although slightly thinner. At just 11.3mm thick, it's a very slim phone, although not in the same league as the 8.5mm of the Galaxy S2. At 148g it's lighter than the Desire HD, but a lot heavier than the S2, thanks to its unibody metal shell, which gives it a premium feel. The solidity of the body, the contoured glass edging and the subtle curved shape definitely make it feel like the high-end phone it is.

Of course, the reason for its large footprint is the enormous 4.3 inch screen which, together with the 4 Android virtual keys below, fills the front face of the phone. At the time of launch, 4.3 inches was the biggest screen you'd find on a phone, although six months later and there are phones like the HTC Sensation XL and Galaxy Nexus pushing 4.7 inches. By contrast, the iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch display. Pah! The display on the Sensation has a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels (qHD), putting it ahead of the Galaxy S2 and only just behind the iPhone 4. Its a Super LCD display, which gives much improved brightness and contrast compared with a conventional LCD TFT display. We'd rate Super LCD on a par with Apple's Retina display, but not as good as the Super AMOLED Plus technology used by Samsung. Lots of facts here then, but overall the display quality of the HTC Sensation matches the iPhone 4 but comes a little way behind the incredible display of the Samsung Galaxy S2. But it's still spectacularly good!

The Sensation uses the Gingerbread 2.3 version of Android, and also has a new version of HTC's own user-interface, HTC Sense. HTC Sense has the edge over Samsung's TouchWiz user interface in our opinion, and this new release brings a number of enhancements. One new feature is the active lockscreen, so that even when the phone is locked you can still view your friends' status, check the weather and launch up to 4 applications directly from the lockscreen. There are new groovy weather animations in the weather forecaster and 3D animations in the home screen. A Swype-like feature has been added to the virtual keyboards too. It's got to be our favourite user interface of all time.

The heart that powers the beast is a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. This is a match for dual-core processors from other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, and makes the Sensation one of the fastest phones on the planet, the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2 but not quite a match for the HTC Sensation XE. The fast processor makes several things possible, including Full HD video recording and judder-free playback of all things video.

When it comes to photography, the Sensation takes brilliant shots thanks to its 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and bright dual LED flash. It's a match for any smartphone, except the Nokia N8. The dual-core processor lets the camera process scenes super-fast, which means that when you press the shutter the photo is taken instantly, so there's no messing around and missing shots. The fast processor also enables video recording at Full HD 1080p resolution.

Musically the Sensation excels too, with a fully-featured media player and an FM radio. The media player can handle a wide range of digital formats, and audio quality is excellent thanks to hi-fi audio technology and SRS virtual surround sound. Plug in some high-end headphones via the 3.5mm headphone socket, or use DLNA to stream sound to compatible hi-fi devices in your home, and you'll be able to appreciate just how good the sound quality is. Some users are complaining about distorted sound through the speaker, but this is probably an indication of a fault and the phone should be returned for a replacement.

Web browsing has also been given a boost, thanks to the dual-core processor and high resolution display. The web browser incorporates multi-window browsing, pinch to zoom, Flash support for playing embedded videos, and all with a near-instantaneous flowing response. There's fast data access too, either using Wi-Fi or 3G HSPA (up to 14.4 Mbps download). HTC have provided quick links to Wikipedia and of course there's full support for social networking sites like facebook and twitter. HTC Sense also integrates your contacts with your facebook and Google contacts, so you can easily set up and interact with your friends on the move.

We haven't mentioned GPS yet, as it's now such a standard feature on smartphones. We'll just comment that in our opinion, Google Maps is the best there is, and the implementation on the HTC Sensation is very fast indeed, and comes with all the latest Google stuff like streetview, etc.

The Sensation comes with 768MB of RAM, so apps run without any problems, but we have to wonder why there's only 1GB of built-in storage when rivals have 16GB or even 32GB. You do have the option to add a microSD card up to 32GB, but there are advantages in having your data on the phone itself, and it's a shame HTC couldn't provide more memory on their flagship phone.

When it comes to the battery, HTC have clearly learned a lesson from the HTC Desire HD which was seriously underpowered in this respect. The Sensation, by contrast, comes with a huge 1520 mAh battery, which can match any competitor and should give a couple of days of battery life once the battery has been fully charged and discharged a few times. Heavy users may find they need to charge every day however.

The Sensation is one of the best phones we've seen from HTC. And that's saying a lot, because as a company HTC are a match for any manufacturer around. But there are a couple of issues that mar the performance of the Sensation. Apart from the poor battery life, the number one complaint from users is poor reception. It's not as bad as the problems that plague the iPhone 4, but it's a black mark against the phone. Also, there are a disproportionately high number of users who have found that their nice new phone has broken within months, or even days, of purchase. Problems to watch out for are faulty speakers and batteries and the glass screen breaking.

When you compare the Sensation with the competition, we'd definitely choose the Samsung Galaxy S2. If you want to stick with HTC, then you should check out the HTC Sensation XE or HTC Sensation XL.

HTC Sensation features include:

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Average rating from 97 reviews:

Reviewed by disturbed htc user from lagos,nigeria on 30th Aug 2014
Started using the phone then all of a sudden the network just stopped saying my sim doesnot allow a connection to this network.what is wrong and what can be done? Htc pls pls I need dis fone to work

Reviewed by Mamun from Bangladesh on 30th Mar 2013
I've been using this phone over yrs now. Using it in a 2G network mainly for usual calls (20-40 per day), sms (20 a day),email (1hr update), net browsing, play games and use it to keep my son busy. I've root the phone and have been using customer ROMs since beginning of 2012. I've also broke the glass once and replaced it twice. You may say, I've done heavy use of every possible way of it. I've also used BB, Nokia, Samsung and iPhone in my life. My findings if it helps.
- Excellent size and weight, and doesnt feel cheap
- memory could be better. multi-tasking is difficult but possible
- huge issue with the weak speaker (no use pretty much)
- battery could be better
- call quality is OK
I've found out that custom ROMs are better option that Sense and you should look for changoing them as u need.

Overall, Its abeautiful phone that great for everyday use and you dont have to worry if you put it in your sweaty pockets.

Reviewed by Russell from UK on 5th Aug 2012
Dust under screen issue and poor battery life. Avoid! should have got an iphone.

Reviewed by George from UK on 18th Jul 2012
can honestly say that the htc sensation is the WORST phone i have ever used and owned. I have two friends with a sensation and all of our phones crash regularly during use for which reason i do not know. HTC can not give me a reason why and would rather dismiss me than deal with the issue. my phone's screen also blanked recently and has still not turned on and i am still without a phone. if you are looking for an unreliable phone and poor customer service then this is the phone for you. if not avoid like the plague.

Reply by susan farrar from uk on 2nd Aug 2012
Mine has done exactly the same .. One minute my phone was working next blank screen dont know why,, now ive no phone.

Reviewed by Joe Taylor from England on 8th Jun 2012
I love htc phones don't get me wrong but this one for me is not the best, it was good until it had an update and since it is slow and often unresponsive. I also have a major dust leak in the phone somewhere and the screen is covered.

I loved the phone when i first got it, raving about it to everyone who asked me, but as time has gone on its just not as good as i first thought, although i must say it may have alot to do with the new android update crashing the phone.

Therefore i cannot wait to get the new htc's and ditch this one!!

Reply by siko from England on 2nd Oct 2012
I had the same problem like you, after the update phone was tooooo slow and take seconds to respond after pressing any button. At last got it sorted, try this: SETTINGS - POWER - UNTICK Fastboot - Restart the phone. I hope it works for you

Reviewed by Jeff from United Kingdom on 12th Apr 2012
Wow.. just been reading loads of peoples reviews on her for the sensation. I've had mine for a year now & everything works great.. yes the loudspeaker isn't the greatest & I bought an Anker battery. But apart from that it's perfect.
Actually bought a S2 but sold it 2 days later.. I didn't notice any real speed difference but really noticed a huge difference between Touchwiz & Sense.. Felt like I was going back in history by 3-4 years with touchwiz, no wonder iphone users look down their noses at Android if they just look at the S2!
The Sensation feels & acts like a real alternative to iphone but at half the price!!
I like it so much my partner is having mine & I've just bought the XE.

Reviewed by Chelsea from UK on 3rd Apr 2012
I've had this phone for about 3 months now and I loved it up until a couple of weeks ago. It has started to take camera shots every time I press the home button which makes it very hard to navigate around the phone quickly. Also it sometimes takes a couple of presses of the lock button until it locks as it just flashes back on. These faults are really beginning to annoy me and although it doesn't have any of the other faults that other users have listed, I feel that the phone does not live up to the high standard it has been set.

Reviewed by Jannet from Canada on 30th Mar 2012
I agree with most of these reviews. First off, the battery life is TERRIBLE. I texted one person for about 1 hour and it was down 50%.. fully charged before hand. Also, one evening it texted multiple people random text messages, and did not show up in my phone as being sent from me but received to them.

Reviewed by Tom from Landan on 28th Mar 2012
Read the reviews online but I though, ah that won't happen to me! naah course it won't!..

How wrong I was.

Bought this phone in September 2011 and since then It has been giving me grief. Have to treat it like a baby/unhappy girlfriend. Do one thing wrong and it's hard to control throughout the entire day.

1. Battery drain - Yes after a lot of usage it does drain battery (which happens in most smart phone) however this phone is ridiclouso when it comes to battery life.
2. Crashing/restarting - After browsing only like 2-5 pages of the internet/ going from one app to the other and pressing home, the phone WILL restart and crash and bur. (not literally) Due to this I now have to be careful with how I use it (considiring this a 'smart phone' I shouldnt have to deal with the phone in this way)
3. Craazzzyyyy touch screen! - When the phone is plugged in/greasy screen the touch screen becomes weird and not very accurate. You press one key on the keyboard and your typing allah instead of all! Terrible if you ask me.
4. Lag.
5. Screen Capture - Press home and it takes a picture of the screen. However, when I do want to take the picture of the screen it doesn't work. WHY HTC WHY?!
6. All of the above.

Reviewed by diane from uk on 25th Mar 2012
Love the phone, but in the last 2 weeks everytime i make or receive a call i have to turn the speaker phone off and it will go to mute and hold. This was not on my screen when i first had it about 6 weeks ago. I have been into the shop and they just told me to lock it when using the phone-this is really annoying me!! Any suggesstions out there?????

Reviewed by john from uk on 17th Mar 2012
ive had my htc sensation less than 9 months
its been back for repair 3 times , still waiting on it to be returned , nothing but problems with it , great phone apart from the problems,would i buy another one, thats a hard choice , probably not,

Reviewed by Gareth from UK on 14th Mar 2012
I will never have an HTC again after having the HTC sensation, back to the IPhone so much better!!

Reviewed by bbbysherry from uk on 11th Mar 2012
the htc sen is just the bizz i have the samsung galaxy s2 but like youing the htc more battery life is now exerlent with full use the sensation will take a lot to beat it looks feels and is just the tops

Reviewed by kevin brake from RSA on 10th Mar 2012
poor reception, will not buy htc again.

Reviewed by Bob Shadwell from Uk on 3rd Mar 2012
I am now on my third HTC Sensation from Vodaphone and all of them have had the same problems of no reception and poor battery life. I am constantly without a signal while my wifes I Phone4 has a full signal in the same area so it must be the phone and not the network which is at fault. I am in discussions with Vodaphone with a view to changing to another make of phone and I would deffinately not recommend the HTC Sensation.

Reviewed by Steve N from UK on 28th Feb 2012
Had my HTC Sensation just over a week, having "upgraded" from a BB Bold 9700. My phone is used predominantly for business. On screen keyboard is superb, accurate and clear. Screen is excellent and the phone is much faster than my old one - and it should be. However, battery life is appalling - it barely lasts 12 hours with fairly light use. Contact management and e-mail far better on Bold 9700. Maybe with time and regular use I'll change my mind but at this point in time I wish I'd stayed with Blackberry and opted for Torch 9810 (my second choice).

Reviewed by Louise` from UK on 27th Feb 2012
I have had my HTC Sensation for 6 months and have been using mobile phones for my job since 1994 so have given it a good chance, with a fair amount of experience of different phones. If you are a Blackberry user and use your phone for business rather than as a toy/nice gadget, then think twice before switching to an HTC Sensation, or you will become very frustrated. For some things it is good, but in other ways you will wish you had never switched (I do).- e.g. for browsing the web it is excellent. For using Skype (difficult on a Blackberry), it is good. If you happen to use Lotus Notes at work for email, then that can be used on an HTC Sensation too (not on Blackberry without a lot of hassle). So in other words, as a mini-PC it is great. However, as a phone (and that's actually what this is in case anyone forgot) then it is not so good. In fact that is an understatement. The phone reception is not as good as with a Blackberry (same network), Bluetooth connection is not as good as a Blackberry, so if you make in-car calls a lot via Bluetooth perfectly fine on your Blackberry, then expect bad quality calls with HTC Sensation (I've given up, which is no good for a business person). Even something as simple as displaying your to-do tasks in the same calendar as your appointments is not possible. Such a simple ask; on a Blackberry it just happens. Tethering - on a Blackberry it just works without faffing about. I haven't managed to get it working yet on the HTC and I'm not IT-illiterate. Even choosing a different mobile network (to get around the rubbish reception problem) works automatically on a Blackberry but is quite a few button-clicks with this phone. And it has developed an annoying bug that activates screen-shots when the home screen is pressed (known reported software problem as yet unfixed). I moved to this phone as I use Skype and Lotus Notes in my job and that is possible on the HTC Sensation - but I think I will just go back to using my laptop and buy a phone that I can actually use to make calls. Wow. It never occurred to me that buying this phone would stop me making phone calls! In summary - as a gadget: great; but if you are a business person and have got better things to do than mess about with a gadget, stick to your Blackberry and do the things that a Blackberry can't do on your laptop until Blackberry catch up. In contradiction, I find others reviewing the HTC Sensation as having a good signal and clear call quality - I find quite the opposite in the 6 months I've had it.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 27th Feb 2012
The sensation has the potential to be a good phone but has many weaknesses.it has a good camera for still shots but the video is appauling sound distorts and picture jumps when playing on computer. The dual core processor is no different to a single core and can be like the old symbian software to connect to the internet. Sound quality is poor through its own speaker and the Samsung galaxy s is miles ahead with sound quality and video. HTC has some serious competition to deal with as the Samsung galaxy s is far better in a lot of areas than thesensation not to mention the s2

Reviewed by Andy D from UK on 27th Feb 2012
Sorry to say but I am returning mine to Vodafone after just three days. The battery is appalling, had the phone on charge from 10pm right through to 9am the next morning and after making two short phone calls, sending some texts and a go on Facebook, by 12pm the battery was already down to 50%. The signal is very weak and constantly moves from being strong to nothing at all. Also, I found the phone to get very warm, especially when I put it in my pocket. There was some good things I liked, such as the quality of the camera and watching videos, some of the apps are good, but basic things such as sending a text message are very complicated.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 21st Feb 2012
My sensation has just been sent back to HTC for repairs - i do not know what the fault is as yet but the phone won't turn on despite the battery having full charge, HTC suspect it is a software fault. However, this is my 2nd sensation after the shop replaced the 1st one due to dust under the screen (as experienced by other owners). I quickly suffered from the same problem with the replacement but couldn't be bothered changing it again.
I also suffered from the signal problems others describe on here, nothing seemed to remedy this, either I had to restart the phone or just wait for it to sort itself out.
Apart from these reliability issues I really like this phone, it does everything an iphone or S2 does, but thats not much use if its broken half the time.
Next time I think I will go for an iphone or possibly samsung just to try and avoid these reliability problems.

Reviewed by David Powell from Ireland on 19th Feb 2012
Great phone in my opinion better than any I phone

Reviewed by Martin T from UK on 16th Feb 2012
I've moved to this phone from a works Blackberry and i'm very impressed so far, with none of the issues mentioned by other users. Connectivity is rapid and solid, calls are nice and clear and the display makes it a joy to use. Battery seems to last a couple of days at best, but i'm probably not as heavy a user as some. Overall i'm delighted with this phone, amazing power for the money.

Reviewed by Andy from Devon England on 15th Feb 2012
Just upgraded from my HTC desire to the sensation, couldn't be easier to use or change over information from one to the other, the phone takes you through everthing its that simple.
Also the sensation asks you what you want to do i.e transfer contacts does it all for you,
Its also a brilliant phone i would recomend this phone to anyone, its great go and get one now.

Reviewed by FG from France on 15th Feb 2012
Got my Sensation a couple of weeks ago after breaking my HTC Legend. I have to say that so far I'm really happy with it. I'm no expert, but I use my phone a lot. I've never had a smartphone apart from this and the Legend, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the highlight for me has been the excellent camera, loaded with useful features and with an excellent resolution. Only negative is that the flash is just as overblown as the Legend's was, photos are pretty much ruined by it.

No problems with signal or speaker quality for calls, the internet works quickly, the widgets are cool, love the weather animations, there's lots of intuitive features that come as part of HTC Sense that I had to download as apps with my old phone, like Task Manager and so on. I had big problems getting through a day of use on my last phone so when I bought the Sensation I bought a spare battery, but so far I haven't had to use it much. I like that the 'soft' buttons are now not moving pieces, which means that using the phone is smooth and silent, but when it's really cold the screen has a hard time picking up my fingers, and it's hard getting used to editing text without the little trackball thing the Legend had.

Biggest negative for me is that it's a bit too big to use with one hand easily, and the new action to pull the ring up instead of just swiping down is a bit annoying. Also seems to crash a bit which the Legend never did. Hopefully that's a problem that can be fixed though.

Overall, very pleased so far, and glad I got it. Ask me in a year!

Reviewed by andrea from UK on 14th Feb 2012
over heating is a discrace but, it is such a pretty, gorgeous style like mobile but, in risk of it blowing up I'd rather get hands on first.

Reviewed by farrakh from aberdeen on 11th Feb 2012
When I first got this phone it was simply amazing! Had no issues with it except the camera bug which sorted itself out after a restart. The batteries never been great but gets me through the day. The screens tough but not great, the one day I didn't have my phone cover the screen got scratched, and it was in my pocket all day. Now the huge problem I've had with this phone is overheating. I went to college, had 90% battery and within 15 minsi felt my leg burning up, right enough it was the phone and showing 48.7c and went down to 12%. Major inconvenience. Now this happens alot, a new thing its started doing is shutting itself down when people try to call or text me......really fun. Not. Pretty great phone for games, never had a problem with it or reception for that matter but as for the overheating, its a joke. From what I hear I'm not the first person with this issue so wouldn't recommend buying it till its sorted. Also I know how work the phone well etc, when it overheats there's nothing running.

Reply by steve from England on 1st Mar 2012
Hi there sounds a bit like what I m getting with mine. It can crash in the middle of a game or.internet reading when it gets hot or battery getting low and even wiped my apps when it shut down and rebooted. Gone back to using my old galaxy s as this has never crashed. On me

Reviewed by Shark from Wales on 7th Feb 2012
Force closes all the time.
If i cud get out of the contract I would.want my iPhone back.
Overly/ rubbish.

Reply by Ben Bull from Brighton on 13th Apr 2012
Right there with you, damn U Phones for u for mis-selling this piece of tat

Reviewed by cherries from england on 4th Feb 2012
love the phone hate the battery life and the signal is rubbish,my desire was better for signal and battery.Its a shame because its a good phone in every aspect. Next phone i buy will not be a HTC because of the problems i am having with this one at the moment its going in for repair because it has a faulty battery.

Reviewed by Gecko from Australia on 3rd Feb 2012
This phone has not lived up to the reviews in my opinion. I find it to be very temperamental the majority of the time. Some of the problems I have experienced after 6 months of using it are:
1. Already on the 2nd battery after the first one wouldn't hold charge for more than 4 hours.
2. Find the camera terrible to use!! The shutter button is down the bottom of the touch screen itself, so if you are trying to take self-portraits or pics of yourself with friends it is impossible, as you can't see the button. Even when you switch it to face around, it is very awkward trying to hit the button, while balancing it in your fingers and keeping the phone steady, to say the least! And if you do manage it, you can't use the flash that way!
3. The phone intermittently goes into spasms when trying to hang up a phone call and the screen switches off, then on, then off, then on (etc) all while you are trying to hang up the call. This could go on for up to 10 seconds before it responds.
4. The touch screen is also very irritable, as sometimes it will be very sensitive and responsive and then it will decide it wants to be difficult and you will need to practically ram your finger through the screen for it to work.
5. When scrolling through contacts, it will randomly dial the contact you just happened to touch when you actually wanted it to keep scrolling past. You end up calling a heap of people accidently just by scrolling.
6. The volume button is situated right where most people would put their fingers to hold the phone during use, so you seem to be constantly turning the volume back up after having accidently turned it down.
That's all I can think of atm, but other than those, it is a good phone :)

Reviewed by Simon from United Kingdom on 1st Feb 2012
Had this phone about 6 months and am really impressed. Admittedly its my 1st 'proper' smartphone but I can't get over how fast it runs, the quality of the display and browsing experience. If the Galaxy S2 has a better display then it must be something to behold!

Not experienced any of the issues that some people have complained about (phone turning itself off, poor signal, freezing etc) - guess they're just the unlucky ones.

Only niggles I have are battery life and internet speed when not on wifi.

It winds me up no end how certain apps run in the background draining your battery, even with a taskmanager installed, but I guess that's just part of smartphone life. I get a days use out of a charge which is fine if I'm home on an evening to recharge but when I'm out all day and into the late evening I can find the battery almost flattened towards the end of the day. I'm gonna try a 3rd party battery with higher capacity and see if that improves things.

Regarding non-wifi internet connectivity, having not used any other smartphones I've no idea whether thats a problem with the phone or just poor mobile internet service in some of the areas I frequent, so won't hold that against the phone. On a decent wifi (eg. at home) my phone loads pages way faster than my pc!

Overall, would be 5 stars but for the battery issue.

Reviewed by Jamie from United kindom on 31st Jan 2012
amazing phone I love the htc sensation

Reviewed by Andy Miller from UK on 30th Jan 2012
Really disappointing for a "high-end" smartphone. Pressing home ends up taking screenshots all the time, power button is poor and doesnt always turn screen off it just makes the screen flicker, and the signal is very poor. Just been back into voda shop and they did factory reset which has improved signal but other two issues are worse than ever. They sound minor but are very annoying. Its good for surfing, games etc when it can't hold a signal - HTC have failed to get the basics rights.

Reviewed by Mark H from England on 28th Jan 2012
I've had my Sensation for nearly a year now. It's rooted, new firmware and running Android ICS. The stock phone is great, but as with the majority of Android phones, they need to be rooted to free them from all the bloatware which is buried within. Battery life is fine, once the battery stats have had a chance to recalculate - give it time! I've never had issues with signal (either 3G or WiFi). You should remember that Android is still behind IOS in terms of lifetime, but it's getting there. If you want a rock solid reliable phone, get the iPhone. If you want to be ahead of the curve in terms of specifications and features, but are prepared to accept that Android is still in its infancy, then the Sensation is the best phone available

Reviewed by gazza from UK on 22nd Jan 2012
Warning,do not buy.An awful phone,lags,very slow.Shame i could not rate it with a 0.

Reviewed by jassi from italy on 22nd Jan 2012
i love my htc sensation...amazing fone..

Reviewed by Bar from uk on 21st Jan 2012
Its a Great Phone, as for the review below you would get dust int he phone if you did'nt hoover your floors

Reviewed by stephen from uk on 21st Jan 2012
Rubbish. Keep getting dust under the screen. I really hate this phone now. I'm getting a galaxy s2 next week.

Reviewed by naveed from england on 21st Jan 2012
the only con to this phone is the mic. it is too sensitive for video recording. even htc themselves wont do nothing about it. 3gp format for video could have been better. everything else is brilliant

Reviewed by Potter from England on 16th Jan 2012
Awfull build quality! on my third phone in 5 weeks. Constantly gets dust under the screen, which HTC say is 'not a known fault' so will not replace again FOC. real shame as the phone is an awsome piece of kit, which I would otherwise be very happy with.

Reviewed by dave madgwick from england on 16th Jan 2012
overall the phone is clever , not that impresed overall internet speed is poor most of the time , had problems as the software in the phone was for a desire ? and the best of all i cannot write ( am )in predictive text ? this word will not save ? have seen o2 guru and he is baffled also . thinking should have got an iphone4s

Reviewed by Larry king from Ghana on 14th Jan 2012
the fone is wowooooooo, vry powerful

Reviewed by james from UK on 12th Jan 2012
This phone is amazing it is more than perfect for what I use it for, such as taking pictures and videos, music and browsing the web, I agree with most of the reviews battery life is terrible, so i recommend buying the anker 19000mah battery from amazon, only 12!

Reviewed by brody from england on 11th Jan 2012
If you want an android get the new HTC sensation. It has a large HD screen. 8 megapixle camera and a duel core flash. 8gb memory card Included with the phone. It has a lovely design and a beatiful back on the phone. It plays grease music with a 3D music setting it plays all round the roon. Comes with cool charger and great headphones. These are some of it features there are hundreds more. If you want one you could get it on contract for 35 to 40 pounds or buy it out for around 650 to 750 pounds. Great price I have this phone and would trully recomend

Reviewed by Sam Wall from UK on 7th Jan 2012
Just to update my review, taking the battery out sorted the speakerphone issue. I think the navigation software thought I was in satnav mode so was turning the speakerphone on. I will be avoiding that app in future.

Reviewed by Sam Wall from UK on 3rd Jan 2012
Had the phone about three weeks. Love it. Still learning what it can do. It's near perfect. The only slight niggles for me are the occasional freeze(happened about three times), which I feel is acceptable when the phone has lots of apps installed, and recently when making calls, loudspeaker is activated, so I have to remember to switch it off quickly when in public places. Maybe someone has a suggestion for that issue. Battery lasts a day with heavy use which is perfect for me. I run it down and charge every night. No problem. Was concearned that full touch screen would be frustrating, but have found no issues, and can type fast especially in portrait. Landscape makes the keys too far appart for me. Have no regrets with this phone. Feels very solid and well made. Would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Zee from Pakistan on 25th Dec 2011
Out class look best touch screen H.D 1080p recording superb camera. Better then I phone 4. The problem is a week signal and hanging. but recommended

Reviewed by mark la roche from london england on 19th Dec 2011
I truly love the HTC sensation despite the poor battery life and reception problem. I would recommend this phone to anyone

Reviewed by Nizar from GCC on 18th Dec 2011
Screen glass is very weak and not reliable. The design for back cover is not practical. The speaker volume is very bad. Spare parts are very expensive.

Reviewed by stephen t from uk on 13th Dec 2011
Have the sensation for 2months and really impressed with it's capabilities its great having a phone that actually does what it says it can .overall very impressed.

Reviewed by Annie from England on 11th Dec 2011
There are some good things about this phone - the screen size is good, and the predictive text brilliant. But apart from that there has been nothing but trouble. The battery life is poor - it never lasts more than 24 hours and if you use some of the apps (eg navigation)it's even less - and yes I do know how to kill apps that are running. The worst thing is the intermittent signal - half the time I've had the phone I haven't been able to access the internet. I've been back to the shop several times - they suggested removing and reinstalling the battery, which sometimes works, but I don't want to pay all that money for such a hassle - I want the phone to be reliable. It's now had to go back to HTC to be sorted out and in the meantime I am still paying nearly 9 a week for nothing while the phone is away and O2 will not refund me. I am reassured by some of the other posts that I'm not the only one to be very disappointed in this product.

Reviewed by Ashley from England on 7th Dec 2011
It's official, this phone is more unreliable than a Blackberry. The battery life is poor, the signal cuts off all the time, occasionally the screen won't move when you touch it. When I plug it into charge the screen will flicker on and off when it pleases, and sometimes bring up the menu of whether I want to turn off/ reset. It will suddenly go into screenshot mode without warning causing me to have tonnes of screen shots on my phone. And also the speaker has now for some reason become distorted and began to crackle when on the phone. I've been into the shop, replaced the battery, things have got worse. I pray my insurance will get me a new one thay works. Only good thing is the marketplace. The phone looks good, but you are liable to get a poorly made, awful handset. I'm sure others are great. But I thought i'd let you know what happens to some of them!

Reviewed by Adam from England on 22nd Nov 2011
I have had this phone for little over two months now, it has already been sent back to HTC where they replaced the screen and reinstalled the software, but the same problems have all occurred again! The battery life is poor, and signal is poor considering Vodafone is one of the best networks for signal. Wish I just went for an iPhone.

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 20th Nov 2011
I upgraded to the Sensation on Orange recently, and for the most part I couldn't be happier. Its a great phone that's let down by one niggling flaw - the battery life is pants! It's dead within 24 hours with low to medium usage. I've not encountered any other problems with it after nearly 2 months. It's powerful, fast, easy to use, tons of great features. So, yeah, great phone apart from the battery. Hence 4 stars because it's quite a significant shortcoming.

Reviewed by Bucko from UK on 18th Nov 2011
I upgraded to the Sensation from the Desire in Aug. Since then I have 4 handsets, 3 in the past week alone. The first had an internal speaker problem, the next 2 identical software problem with HTC Sense force closing constantly and the fourth would not receive calls! I have always been a fan of HTC but this phone really disappointed. Battery life is poor and constantly drops signal. I may have just been extremely unlucky but I am now moving to something that I hope will work

Reviewed by Ross Johnston from Scotland on 15th Nov 2011
Amazing phone, battery life better than Desire, people who post about battery life clearly don't understand how to manage the apps on their phone, useful task manager to kill apps that are running you weren't aware of aswell which is good. I can sometimes get two days battery out of the phone. Signal is good on the phone, again if you have problems with signal it's probably your network. Screen is amazing and phone loads apps with ease. Typing is a dream on this phone! Must have, beats any iPhone or Blackberry device hands down!

Reviewed by niks from england on 9th Nov 2011
When I first got this phone it used to overheat where the battery was. But a few weeks into use that seems to have stopped. I absolutely love this phone. It grows on you the longer you use it. Have had it for about 3 weeks now. When i first got the phone I wasn't too impressed. But use it.. and its so brilliant. Downside is battery life. I have been to work on full charge and battery is dead by lunchtime!! Every day. But that's ok will get a spare. I got this phone 25 a month with Tesco. Galaxy s2 was 6 a month more expensive. So that made my choice. I really do love this phone. It's so easy to use. Texting is a dream..internet browsing is fast. And the phone flies. I have it on a 2 year contract with insurance. I am sure I will be happy to keep it that long. It's the best phone i have had. Have downloaded loads and loads of apps and had no problems with speed or memory. It comes with an 8 gig memory card which can be upgraded to 32 gig. Gaming is fantastic the speed graphics and sound. It's like having a games consule. Camera. Video camera. Laptop and phone all in one. If you buy one you probably won't be dissapointed. I love my phone.

Reviewed by Stephen from uk on 8th Nov 2011
Have owned the sensation for around 2 months now & im already on my second replacement battery & now on my second replacement handset due to power/battery issues,not just poor battery life in day to day use but also when then phone has been fully charged & then turned off overnight turn it back on in the morning & hey presto the battery is empty,third & final replacement handset on its way but if this fails then it's definately going back for some other handset.

Reviewed by Eren from UK on 6th Nov 2011
I think that this might just be the best phone on the market and the best phone I have ever owned. It's screen looks amazing, with brilliant looking videos and pictures. It's really, really fast and web browsing is awesome. There is but one small gripe: the battery life. Even though I conditioned the battery, I still wasn't getting great battery life out of the phone. However I have solved this problem. If you are willing to pay 11.99, you can get a new battery, made for the Sensation, thats around 1920maH, which is loads more than the stock battery. If you condition this battery, battery life is massively improved. It's an Anker brand battery and I would seriously suggest getting it. The phone is amazing!

Reviewed by Richard from England on 11th Oct 2011
The HTC sensation is awesome,the only draw back is the 1 gig memory but thats no hardship as it can be extended by the memory card,beats the i phone 4 handsdown and can guarantee 99 per cent would agree with me as the i phone is a thing of the past

Reviewed by Waseem Ahmer from United Kingdom on 18th Sep 2011
This is not the best iys the GREATEST SUPERPHONEin the world rite now I had the Samsung dull boring galaxy s2 this is the iPhone ripper amazing looks UI and the power this has to be HTC meaning high tech component buy buy buy I'm getting the HTC sensation XE out 9th of next month Google it up its the beats sound phone designed by Dr Dre HTC rocks well done

Reviewed by cozymorgan from england on 16th Sep 2011
Having owned the sensation since June, I have to say What a superb phone it is , I've played about with galaxy 11 And it only wins on the amoled screen,everywhere else The HTC batters it , its faster,better looking and much Easier to manouver around web pages, signal as never Let me down. The best smartphone without question.

Reviewed by Dave H from England on 16th Sep 2011
ive had this phone now for a nearly a month and i am still delighted with it. before i went ahead with the purchase, I spent a week looking at video reviews online, comments on here, and finally in store at all the phones on my short list - those were; HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2, Xperia Arc, BB 9900, and LG Optimus. I have always been a massive for of HTC phones (my first one being the HTC designed and QTEC branded "9100" several years ago), and the Sensation is another leap forward for HTC. The phone hasnt put a foot wrong, fast CPU, fully loaded, Sense UI 3.0 is brilliant! you know HTC have really thought about the software - there are dozens of fantastic little touches. Battery life is as expected, you'll see pretty much a full day out of it with medium usage, you'll still be charging it once a day - on a par with nearly all smartphones these days really. Overall I highly recommend the HTC. I work in an IT department and the amount of people who have come in and fall in love with the phone is impressive! 5 out of 5.

Reviewed by rob from belfast on 15th Sep 2011
the sensation isnt the best android phone out there. i used mine for 7 days its not a bad phone but defo not the best. skype didnt work well broke up a lot. the best part of the phone is the htc sense its fantastic. i noticed if you press hard on the screen you could see a shiver underneath like what you would get on a lcd pc screen if you press on it. i returned mine and got the samsung galaxy s 2 and its much better skype works a treat, htc seem to be going back not forward. i had the htc desire for a year and it was a great phone but the sensation does have flaws.

Reviewed by Aji from UK on 11th Sep 2011
I 've been using this phone for two months and I am very disappointed with this.very very poor signal reception and poor battery life.......

Reviewed by iestyn from wales on 7th Sep 2011
Have had this phone now for over a month. after an initial problem where my 10 year old SIM card didnt work in the phone (damn you new technology!) and having to arrange for a new sim card, which was a minor inconvenience, i have had absolutely no problems with the phone whatsoever. It has fallen over occasionally but nothing a quick restart solved. Yes, the battery time isnt brilliant but i havnt had the phone die on my yet with what i class as average useage. have a spare microUSB cable plugged in at work and you will be fine. not overly impressed with the clarity of the phone speaker when in a phone call, but it isnt enough to warrant only a 4 star rating. a mate in work has the Galaxy S2 and keeps reminding me it is the best phone in world. it may well be, but this is certainly the best phone i have owned.

Reviewed by Shanika from United Statez on 6th Sep 2011
I love this phone, if I have to point out anything it will be the battery. I had charge it up fully and it will only last for what 12 hrs, not a couple of days as it was stated in your description. But other than that, I love this phone

Reviewed by johnny p from Lancashire on 6th Sep 2011
sold my 1 yr old iphone 4 and Bought a Sensation after much time poring over the reviews and wanting to jump to Android.... what a disappointment, v. poor battery (all apps killed and handset sat idle on my desk for 3 hours, still watched 40% of battery juice ebb away) handset also started to hang after day 3 ???.... returned to Amazon, prompt refund and new purchase of IPhone4 ensued. I have to say Android software/OS is great but alas the sensation handset isnt. I would have been happier if the sleek Sensation were double the thickness with a meatier battery. no good it looking cool if it cannot last the day.

Reviewed by Roxie J. from Highland on 3rd Sep 2011
Poor signal quality and poor battery will be returning this and getting another Blackberry.

Reviewed by rachel mogford from uk on 2nd Sep 2011
Had this phone 1 day and its amaxing I haven't put it down yet. Battery isn't the best but I've bought a 2nd spare so its no problem. Loads of new things 2 keep u entertained 4 hrs. If you are thinking of getting this phone is say go for it you won't be disappointed. Amazing.

Reviewed by johnny P from England on 1st Sep 2011
Super phone but dissapointed with sound and volume for listening to music you have to use earphones.

Reply by FG from France on 15th Feb 2012
So you can't listen to your music through the speakers, music which is probably annoying other people near you who don't want to listen to it? Excelllent work HTC, wish all phones were made like this. Wear headphones if you want to listen to your music in public, please everyone. Otherwise you're being rude.

Reviewed by Derek from United Kingdom on 29th Aug 2011
I thought it's best to use the HTC Sensation for at least a few weeks before posting my review. Initially, I was not blown away with the phone however the more I played around with it, the more and more great features I discovered. The phone has got everything, speed, superb animated weather features, ability to watch TV, videos, listen to stereo sound quality music, great camera and huge array of apps from the android store. This makes the ifruit, sorry.....I meant the iPhone, look prehistoric ! I've hardly needed to turn on my PC since using my phone. My advice to everyone, before providing knee jerk feedback on this phone after only a day's use, I recommend playing around with it for at least a week. One surely cannot provide a full assessment of the phone after only a couple of days playing with it. HTC smartphones are justifiable the market leaders, and this is the best HTC smartphone ever made.

Reviewed by dave from scotland on 28th Aug 2011
Poor peice of kit! signal drops out constant! its going back. I think HTC have rushed this phone out to keep up with the "duo core" battle hence the bad operation and LAG LAG LAG! im actually angry at HTC as i loved my hero, had it for 2 years and still like it. HTC stop releasing too many phones at once....just take your time and release 1 or 2 GREAT smartphones per year and they will be what EVERYONE wants instead of this sensation ..should have caled it HTC constapation!its so laggy n slow at doing stuff!!!

Reviewed by david whidden from fordingbridge uk on 27th Aug 2011
had this for a week, but sent it back and now useing my fathfull blackberry hear are the pros and cons that i found: PROS, lovely screen res,mega fast loading off the net, great apps avalable, nice camera CONS: battery just lasts a day at most, cant inlarge the text,to use the alarm the phone has to be switched on, hands free reception bad quality, loses signal, no voice dialing.

Reviewed by waz from sccotland on 26th Aug 2011
Best phone in the world its like having a top of the range laptop in your pocket it updates itself not like the iPhone I have owned 3 iPhones but this HTC sensation beats them all ultra qhd bright screen and amazing camcorder video recording is just perfect download latest moves music ebooks ringtones all free via the HTC sensation I think I will stick with HTC they are just amazing phones

Reviewed by DH from UK on 7th Aug 2011
I've been weighing up the pro's and cons of the HTC S and the samsung GS2, while some users give glowing reports of each phone they both seem to suffer some sort of signal problem, and in the case of the HTC a battery overheating problem. not all these handsets are made in the same country or manufacturer each is slightly different even though supposedly the same product. It now seems pot luck as to whither you get an outstanding phone or a mediocre phone, that you would not pay a coin for, just read the reviews, its unfortunate but true. Now I've previously went with Samsung from way back. I think I'll get them both to test them out. One thing that disturbs me about the HTC for such a large handset and dual core its only got 768mb ram which will impact on performance; for a non AMOLED screen this is a serious omission it should be 1 to 1.5gb ram which would impact on the battery unfortunately; and the small 1 gb storage isn't all that good, not at this price. The SGS2 seems most of its issues are signal related when one is spending this level of cash on a mobile one should have second thoughts! From what I'm reading I'm not the only person with the should I samsung or HTC quandary

Reviewed by Stu from uk on 4th Aug 2011
Very poor signal compared to most phones, when signal is low and you touch the bottom of thr phone it goes completely just like the i phone death grip. Google htc sensation death grip , loads of complaints and just like iphone did htc are denying it exists- brill customer services I think not!

Reviewed by Elton from UK on 4th Aug 2011
Really, really disappointed in this phone. I bought it as an upgrade from my standard HTC Desire - having LOVED that phone so much, I thought this would be even better. The problem was the earpiece - it was distorted, not massively, (and I guess some people wouldn't mind it), but I'm not spending 400 + on a phone that distorts. I tried calling the same friend's landline number from 3 different phones - the Desire, Desire S and Sensation and the Sensation was WAY worse quality than the other two. I appreciate that this may not be everyone's experience with this phone, but it was certainly mine on two of them! On the plus, Sense 3.0 is great, the screen is lovely - I know people say how great the Samsung Galaxy screen is, but I really find it too garish, the Sensation screen is bright and clear without being over-saturated. But for now, I shall continue on with my old Desire until HTC can guarantee a phone that makes good quality phone calls...

Reviewed by Steve from United Kingdon on 29th Jul 2011
Okay having bored the vodaphone upgrades sales person into giving me the sensation for free on a 25 month contract overall I'm suitably impressed. The sensation is a fantastic beast. 99% of people use 'smart'phones for simple web browsing mostly on facebook and using a few apps i,e playing games.... oh and the odd call and text now and again, so you could really get any of the latest smartphones and they all would serve your needs admirably. However if you plan to use your phone for work, want a large screen and a good camera you can't do better than the sensation. There is little lag except when your downloading and then browsing at the same time. The UI is very good and has a few hitches such as no one button to instantly turn off wi-fi. Yet overall very easy to use. The phone has no reception problems unless you hold it with your fingers on the bottom... and to be quite frank if you do your an idiot, hold it normally and you'll be fine.

Reviewed by Anish from India on 26th Jul 2011
i've been using the samsung galaxy s2 for quite and a while and my dad has been using the htc sensation ..... the problem with htc it lags , not that smooth compared to the samsung galaxy s2 .... browsing experience is fast on the s2 where as on the htc it is just a second slower and scrolling lags sometimes but when u zoom in on the web page the text fits in automatically ...htc sense is a pleasure to use but is not smooth again , touchwiz 4.0 on the samsung does a decent job as well....s2 has an amazing display compared to the htc.... my samsung s2 used to heat initially but has reduced now , but the htc heats like crazy .... the camera is amazing on the htc but samsung has many options in the camera ...build quality is amazing on the htc compared to samsung .....very nice phone overall ....both the samsung and htc are excellent .... hardware : samsung user friendly : htc

Reviewed by keithy from scotland on 19th Jul 2011
I purchased a sensation from amazon , it arrived by courier and the courier left it in my porch ... which is not amazons fault , luckily i live in an ok area so it remained safe .. not a good start for such an expensive phone. The phone looked superb , I put my sim in , plugged the phone in and pressed the on button ... within a couple of minutes the phone started to feel extreemly hot. I thought ok ill keep going cos its new , my gowd I couldnt touch the phone it burnt my fingers. The HTC tripped the heat sensor and it switched off. It took me 20 mins to cool the phone down and get my sim out luckily nothing was damaged. I spoke to amazon who asked me to send it back. I then bought a phone direct from 3 uk , the phone is not as fast as you may think , in fact it is extreemly sluggish and buggy. There is a major heat problem with these phones, it easily gets upto 45 degree's without doing much , this cant be good for the phone I spoke to HTC who said it was faulty and to return it to 3 , I did a swap and the new phone had the same heat problem. The screen isnt that good ... and for a dual core its not fast. I have gone back to the Desire HD this is twice the phone the sensation is and also seems more faster. I would avoid this sensation at all costs

Reviewed by rob from uk on 18th Jul 2011
the sensation is fantastic very fast with no lag what so ever. the UI is the best on any android phone its remarkable well designed. the build quality is solid and feels like a top end phone. for me its was between the htc sensation or samsung galaxy s 2 and to be honest there both great phones. the samsung feels cheap compared to the sensation. the galaxy screen is its big selling point clearly the best. however the sensation screen is excellent just not as good as the galaxy s 2. i can get 3 days from the battery on normal use which isnt to bad as its a monster screen. no one would be dissapointed with the htc sensation its a top end well build phone with loads features.

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
I had the Galaxy S2 but changed to the Sensation within my 14 day cooling off period. I honestly am very happy with this decision! Make no mistake these 2 are the very best smartphones in my opinion. The SGS2 has its strenghts in its technical specs & the screen is simply the very best! Its raw power in terms of media/graphics is unbeatable. However, it didnt offer me evrything I wanted in a smartphone as a power user. It also felt so plasticky and the back cover was tasteless to say the least. I had a play with the sensation in the shop before changing to it and honestly HTC's Sense UI is simply the Android UI king. To me that was a key selling point and a major requirement. It is a complete package, so no need to download launchers or mess about with ROMS. It gets the job done and its efficent, quick, easy to use. The web browsing is better on this. I mean something simple such as text reflow makes all the difference. The vurtual keyboard on this is a joy to use and perhaps only the iphone keyboard could top it by a small margin. Although the screen is not as bright (or perfect) as the samsung, the text is easier on the eye and browsing options are better. Its pc software is also much better than samsungs. Camera is good enough too and I certainly had no problem with connectivity or reception. Its build quality and engineering are superb; so elegant and solid. It fits well in the hand and I feel as though everything was thought of a bit more than the SGS2. For example it's not as wide, making it is easier to hold for longer periods. I do miss playing games on the SGS2 as the screen was nicer for that inc videos. However its not a top requirement for me. When I was asked which to recommend I think you cant go wrong with either. From personal experience I'd go for the SGS2 for camera/media & entertainment..but for eveyrthing else including premium build quality, this is currently the best smartphone I ever had...and I've had many!

Reviewed by Matthew from England on 1st Jul 2011
Moved from iphone 3G to the sensation and it is amazing. It's like swapping a fiesta for a ferrari. They are not even comparable. HTC have produced a solid, well constructed phone that actually gives users the freedom to setup and tailor themselves. It is so fast and intuative. I never thought that i would leave apple but now i don't ever see myself going back. HTC is the new appple but without all the restictions!

Reviewed by Welshie from United Kingdom on 24th Jun 2011
I finally took my HTC Sensation out of it's box after receiving it two days before and all I can say is WOW!!! It is fantastic. It is so easy to use and on screen help is fantastic. Great how you can transfer your calander etc from previous phone so you lose no information. My battery seems to be wearing quickly but I guess that's because I haven't put the phone down in 12 hours!!!!

Reviewed by robert from scotland on 18th Jun 2011
all i can say is WHAT A PHONE! smart, fast, GREAT UI (love the new sense) its wayy ahead of the competition. All this samsung galaxy s2 v htc sensation nonsense is doing my head in!! it`s EVERYWHERE on the web. Just get the phone that suits you. I really like the sgs2 its so fast and has all the features you could want in a "superphone" it`s just my preference is the sensation because of its qaulity built...great look & feel & the briliant UI. If samsung had`nt a flimsy plastic back (although it still feels soli in the hand with no creaks) and a better UI i may have went with that phone. I just like HTC so went with that. Both hones you will not be dissapointed!! these phones are becoming little laptops in your hand....its geat alothough the prices are very high 500 sim free. EXPENSIVE.

Reviewed by don from uk on 13th Jun 2011
@Clear Cut Chap so why didnt you just get the samsung galaxy s2 then? the htc phones are much better than the samsung galaxy which are laggy i tryed out the galaxy 2 and found it laggy the sensations much more stable no lag. its all down to what you like some folks if they like the look of a phone will think its great.

Reply by Steve from UK on 1st Jul 2011
@don your wrong, I have the galaxy s2 and it doesn't lag at all must have just been the one you were using. My galaxy s2 is fast and smooth

Reviewed by Clear Cut Chap from UK on 10th Jun 2011
The Sensation is indeed Sensational! However pitting it against its direct rival the SGS2(i9100) it comes out second. If the Sensation had come out before the SGS 2,it would without a doubt be an undisputed number one; It looks sensational, it feels premium, the screen is really good, HTC's Sense has made the best UI yet. The SGS 2 exceeds the sensation in sheer speed, graphic capability, it is lighter, the untouchable Super AMOLED Plus screen - despite being of lower resolution than the qHD screen on the Sensation- crucially superior battery performance. While the Sensation is much better than the Desire HD in battery performance, it is the S-LCD screen that makes it heavier in weight and on battery consumption compared to the SGS 2. Again, it the Super AMOLED Plus screen that gives Samsung the edge over its competition. If you are looking for the top phone, it is clearly the SGS 2 you are looking for, however if you like the HTC Sense interface more than the compromises-admitedly minor-you have to make compared to the SGS 2 then the Sensation will not dissappoint. In objective comparison between the Sensation and the SGS 2, the Sensation just misses out on the five star rating - I would give it 4 stars plus if possible.It mainly misses out on battery performance, weight and not having a Super AMOLED plus screen.

Reviewed by Paul B from England on 9th Jun 2011
Well, another new phone for me - my 4th HTC in all. Coming from the Desire S the first thing I noticed was the size difference. While not huge it is certainly noticeable and does take getting a little used to. Right, first things first, battery life. For the first couple of days I can confidently say that it lasted the day with heavy use and everything turned on (GPS, syncing, wifi, Bluetooth). Now that the initial wow factor has diminished slightly and I'm not picking the thing up every 24 seconds to play with it, it is reading 49% battery remaining at the end of the day, still with everything turned on. All I can say to people when they are disappointed with the initial battery life is to give it a chance as after a week or so of letting the battery run down and a few charge cycles it does get significantly better. The screen - superb! I haven't witnessed the Galaxy S2's screen for myself but I have had no problems with the HTC and it is great in bright sunlight etc. The 4.3" is great for surfing the net and superb for the photos and video. The Gorilla glass seems very sturdy (not that Ive run a set of keys down it to thoroughly test it). Camera - very good. The almost instant shutter is a blessing. I was a little dubious about this at first as I thought the maybe a few focusing issues but I was pleasantly suprised to say the least. I'm not really one for shooting much video on my phone, just a few 30 second clips of the kids wrecking the garden or house but it seems very impressive and is very high quality. I am used to the Sense UI having had a few HTC mobiles now and the little tweaks on the Sensation are quite refreshing but not mind blowing. The speed of the phone is very good but there is a very slight lag if I'm to be hyper-critical. Mind you, comparing it to my wife's IPhone 3GS it feels like an Aston Martin racing Del Boy's 3 wheeler! Overall I've got to say that I'm very impressed with the Sensation. Maybe to the point of even keeping for longer than the three weeks that I normally keep a new phone. iPhone beater? Well that's all personal choice I think. I do prefer Android to the Apple UI I must admit and I think that the platform will one day become an equal to the big Apple monster.

Reviewed by tommy from braintree on 5th Jun 2011
I got this phone the other day through vodafone because I thaught having sense UI would be a one up to the Samsung galaxy s 2 but in certain ways I wish I had gone for the s2 now as this phone is fast and does feel premium in the hand its no where near as fast as the s2 although the camera on this baby is very sharp and the photos I did take with it came out better with this phone than on the s2 . I am having some major issues with my software in the phone as well it keeps giving me crash reports with even the most simplistic of tasks sushi as text messages on the sense home screen the widgets that HTC provide don't always work and some of them are glitching mostly Google and marketplace and the weather app. As much as I love this phone I actually hate it and I could be stuck with it for 2 years at 40 a month I'm going to try and exchange it for the s2 oh but one last thing the screen that's suppost to be a qhd screen is good but the s2 is much better although some of the colours do look over saturated .

Reviewed by Daniel from uk on 3rd Jun 2011
While loving the look and feel, weather app effects and photo album wallpaper on the lock screen are AMAZING, I am disappointed with It's performance, video player while amazing with graphics, loses sound after a couple of minutes on several formats, mp4 and avid in particular.

Reviewed by David from UK on 1st Jun 2011
Disappointed with Sensation and returned it. The battery life is very poor and struggled to retain sufficient power for a business day - using bluetooth, emails, phone calls. Also the signal strength is not as good as other phones I've used. Loved the display, build quality, and design, but until HTC can fit a more powerful battery, I'm afraid this is a non-starter.

Reviewed by Subha Lamichhane from Nepal on 30th May 2011
HTC sensation feels like a Rolls-Royce in your hands

Reviewed by Paul from Scotland on 30th May 2011
Hi Kevin, no problems, it looks like you are in a similar position to what I was, torn between the 2, but I'm in no doubt you'll be very happy with your upgrade if you choose the sensation! For your info, according to the task manager, 382mb of memory is used up running sense by the looks of it, this seemed like a lot to me at first but but having run multiple apps, internet browser, camera etc all at same time under normal use conditions I still havnt managed to max out the RAM and your dual core does indeed seem to keep everything zipping along nicely! :) i'll maybe try to max out the RAM on purpose and see what it takes and how it performs and post an update later!

Reviewed by Chris from England on 29th May 2011
Received this a couple of days ago as an upgrade from desire. Very impressed with desire and this is even better. only issue so far is getting a screen protector that fits!

Reviewed by Kevin from Port Glasgow on 28th May 2011
Thank You very much Paul, i was due an upgrade in feb from my htc hero which i still love lol. It`s wayyy dated now though so ive been torn between the SGS2 & the new HTC sensation (when it hits t-mobile) after reading reviews (its mostly sansung S2 reviews) so im really glad you have seen them both and had a little comparison! I think ive now made my mind up & will go for the sensation. I just think you can`t beat the new sense UI, im happy with sense with android 2.1 on my hero so i think im in for a nice surprise when i check out the sensatons UI. Just hope its not to heavy on the RAM of the phone. Hopefully the dual core can keep it flying like the samsung does. I think HTC and andoid were made for eachother. HTC just seem to have the edge with their android handsets although i have to say samsung done a GREAT job with the original galaxy S and now the S2 it seems . It`s for me down to getting a handset that feels good in the hand & looks & feels like a quality bit of kit as the prices are higher than state of the art laptops these days! Really looking forward to my upgrade now ( hope t mobile give me a decent allowance towards the handset)i will still be checking this website for a few more reviews before i take the plunge! Great site for reviews before upgrading, it`s real from users experiences :D

Reviewed by Paul from Scotland on 28th May 2011
Just upgraded from my old HTC desire to this! It was basically between the sensation and the galaxy s2 and the best advice I can give is go into a shop and get a chance to play with them both! This was a difficult choice for me because everyone is raving about the Samsung and on paper its specs are ahead. When I played with both models in the shop though, you want to feel like your getting your moneys worth and the HTC just feels like a premium handset compared to the Samsung! From the little time I spent with both real world performance between the 2 seems negligible so a lot comes down to the UI and look/feel! The first thing you notice is the screens, side by side you can tell the sensation has a higher resolution but the s2 has a better contrast ratio via the super amoled screen! Now maybe its the sense ui or the higher resolution but widgets/icons just looked better on the sensation in my opinion! The new version of sense is full of graphical tweaks and fancy transitions which while superficial again lend itself to feeling more premium then the Samsung's touch wiz interface. I would say I found sense easier to use than touch wiz but this is probably because I am used to sense from my previous phone! Battery life seems to be decent for me so far, comparing favourable to my desire although I understand the Samsung's battery is larger again so could last longer. I read somewhere that the sensation's battery drains as average under normal use but excels when the phone is idle drawing very little power at all! I would say this seems about correct so far! The other thing I like about the sensation is the dual led flash which allowed me take decent pictures in almost complete darkness! Again its little things like this and the aluminium case, contoured glass etc. which add to the premium feel! Lift up the Samsung and I have no doubt about its capabilities or the technology inside but it just feels like a piece of plastic! Don't get me wrong some people will love how light it is, I would just be worried if I ever dropped the thing! I've had issues with a few Samsung phones before so I guess in the end this, the overall delicate feel of the s2 and the fact I preferred sense to touch wiz meant I went for the sensation with its sturdier premium feel/look, higher res screen and dual led flash! Will always wonder a bit what I'm missing without the Samsung because of its spec sheet and all the rave reviews but I'm completely happy with my sensation and reckon this is the right choice for the long run!

Reviewed by Michael Sparshatt from Edinburgh, UK on 23rd May 2011
Loving this phone after getting it 3 days ago - it's beautiful to look at and really nice to use. Only downsides I have noticed is that Sense seems to use over half the RAM, but haven't noticed this affecting performance yet. The battery doesn't seem to be as amazing as I was led to believe as it seems to deplete pretty quickly but this might be because I've only had it a few days and it hasn't been broken in yet. Or something.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 23rd May 2011
Michael, be sure to fully discharge your battery then recharge it fully. Do this for a few cycles and you should notice the battery performance improve.

Reply by Arron from UK on 26th May 2011
Do not deliberatly delete and recharge your phone's battery, this is not healthy and was only appropriate for phone five years ago!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 26th May 2011
Arron, it's true that modern lithium-ion batteries have no "memory" effect like old-fashioned nickel-based batteries, but batteries are always supplied discharged and will need to be fully charged overnight several times before reaching peak performance. In regular use, Li-Ion batteries last longer if not completely discharged, which is your point.

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