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HTC Sensation XE review

 Review: October 2011  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Sensation XE builds on the strengths of the dual-core Sensation. With an even faster processor, a massive 1730mAh battery and some quality Beats Audio headsets thrown in for free, this has got to be one of the best Android smartphones ever released.



Despite being an outstanding phone in every way, the HTC Sensation hasn't been able to match the huge popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S2. But HTC aren't taking that lying down. The HTC Sensation XE is an upgraded version of the Sensation that adds in:

Do any of these features really make a difference? With the dual-core Sensation already supersonic, an extra 300MHz of speed doesn't really make a noticeable difference. Battery power is welcomed, of course, especially in such a power-hungry device, so this is a definite plus. And as for Dr Dre and his Beats Audio? Yes, it's a high quality headset and switching on the Beats Audio software certainly enhances the music. But some quality Sennheiser headphones and bass boost / equaliser settings would achieve the same end result. Ultimate mobile audio? We doubt it.

So, HTC have taken an outstanding phone and made it better. It's certainly a 5 star phone by our reckoning. And yet ... and yet ... the XE still won't knock the Galaxy S2 off its top slot, even with the assistance of Dr. Dre. Why? Because it's 30% heavier and 30% fatter than the stealth-like Samsung. And because even though the XE has 4GB of built-in memory, only 1GB of this is available to the user. Read our HTC Sensation review for more details.

HTC Sensation XE features include:

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My phone was deleted and now installed wrong software i think older and now i would like to install original where could i find this one?

Asked by Ivan from Serbia on 20th May 2016

HTC Sensation XE user reviews

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Average rating from 41 reviews:

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 6th Jul 2012
Had this phone for about 6months now,

I'm gonna keep this review as short as I can. There are so many people who judge phones different so for a consumer its hard to get an all round feeling for a phone. My attempt as an experienced smartphone user:

Texting is only amazing if you use predictive text T9 not querty. To be fair I have never liked using querty on any of my phones and this one is no exception. My friend has the same phone and she uses querty and loves it so hopes this helps to.

Internet browsing is wicked and fast.

Camera sucks, supposed to be 8mp full hd recording but huh it's one of the worst cameras I've ever used. My old incredible s was so much better in this respect. the front facing camera however is a little better not too bad for a front facing but the main for me was a massive disappointment.

There are so many apps to download your never board and playing games is fast and hardly ever lags.

Battery life is ok but not that strong. It lasts about a full day with heavy use but can be made to last longer if you turn 3g off and just use it when you need.

This phones screen is very good and not too bad in sunlight, unlike some of my other HTC phones I've used. Still need to turn the brightness to full but you can actually see what your doing which is a plus for me.

Reception is fine always receive calls and texts. The bar isn't always high but then I travel a lot and honestly doesn't really make any difference as long as you still getting your calls and texts on time.

Re-booting sure I did this like once since I've had this phones but it happens.

Very nice phone I would actually recommend it of you love an amazing phones that does basically everything you want a smartphone to do. But if you love taking pics like me then I would say its not the best phone for you.

Reviewed by JMAN from UK on 4th Jun 2012
Great phone.... just needs bigger battery and front camera.

Reply by Helen from UK on 6th Jul 2012
Does have a front facing camera. How could you not have noticed

Reviewed by Nader from UK on 1st Jun 2012
This phone has so many problems, especially after the ICS update, that I'm considering buying something different after less than 6 months.

Reply by Be Bop from UK on 22nd Aug 2012
Since the ICS update my Sensation XE now lives up to its name.you must have done something wrong. Its turned a good phone into a great phone. I just hope we get Jelly Bean.

Reviewed by ziad from syria on 18th May 2012
it is faster mobile and stealish mobile

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 18th Apr 2012
This is a fantastic phone. It is so easy to text with and the predictive text is amazing (Foucault anyone? Lol). Camera and sound quality is superb. Surfing the web is quick and easy with no perceptible lag. Plus there are an amazing amount of apps in the android store - most of them free. My only criticism is that the volume button is in a daft place - far too easy to press it by mistake. Plus the battery life is poor - but then that's true of all smartphones.

Yes it's thicker and heavier than the S2 but in my humble opinion that makes it feel more of a quality phone compared to the S2 which feels way too flimsy for my liking.

Reviewed by monkey from England on 15th Apr 2012
I bought the phone 5 months ago and I have to say, I'm still impressed! The keyboard and predictive text are brilliant (people have complained that it pressed full stop instead ofspace, no that's because just like on any recent phone, including the iPhone, pressing the space bar twice is a fullstop.) The screen quality on the device is incredible! So crisp and clear, the 8mp camera is brilliant, especially with the new sense 3.6 which gives it some pretty cool new features, as for sense it's a shame the phone didn't get the full 4.0 upgrade but it's still pretty impressive!my only real complaints with the phone woud be the front facing camera, which is very low quality. And so bad that it won't work with the new face unlock feature! Other than that its been a brilliant experience and I would still rate it above an iPhone

Reviewed by Stephen from Cyprus on 28th Mar 2012
I bought this HTC Sensation last week after selling my Iphone 4. All were surpriced with my move but i must say, i didnt not regret. This phone is amazing and i love the way it connects to gmail as well. Iphone might be more organized with the folders etc.. but the Sensation is very work friendly phone and i love the bigger screen when web brawsing! I surely recommend this nice phone to anyone thinking to purchase it!

Reviewed by adam from uk on 23rd Mar 2012
Just a short review written on funny enough a sensationxe apart from the battery life the amount of things you can do with this phone are amazing superb screen fast response when using WiFi and 3g as I said earlier could do with better battery life as I said you need to charge at least once aday or if you use heavily then maybe twice aday
love the sense3 interface and the great 8mp camera

Reviewed by Baz from England on 2nd Mar 2012
Had a Desire for last 18 months. Best phone Ive ever had so I was a little worried about upgrading. Only upgrading cos my daughters phone is broken so she can have the Desire. Had my XE for a few days Everything is brilliant, apart from signal reception. With the phone on a table (ie me not holding it) the Desire gets 3 signal bars, the XE only one. The Desire worked anywhere in the house the XE only works at the front of my house, and I live in a good reception area. In looking on forums a lot of people seem to have the same opinion, excelent phone shame about the reception. Its great having a phone that has good features but lets remember the basic idea is to make and receive calls. Sending it back to o2 to try another but I think this could be a phone problem.....what a shame

Reviewed by dave from england on 25th Feb 2012
Samsung gs2 or sensation xe, I,ve used both,HTC wins build qaulity better,Samsung feels cheap,xe earphones are a treat,deep base wow.

Reviewed by Stephen O'Connell from UK on 21st Feb 2012
I've had this phone now for a few months and I hate it! I got this to replace an iPhone 3GS (which I lost) but it has been one disappointment after another.

Texting on the phone is shocking. The touch screen isn't very good. So often it has registered a different letter dispite me tapping the same place on the screen twice. Pressing the space bar but it registering a fullstop! I have wanted to smash the phone so mant times.

The phone has shut down on me sevral times and I have had to reboot it by taking the battery out! I was expecting something like this though after the o2 person told me to take the battery out at least once a week! Apparently, you have to do ths with all Android phones!

This brings me on to Android. I was so disappointed with it. iOS is far superior. The market is truely terrible. Surely there's a finite number of copies of Fruit Slice?

To sum it up, I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I think I'll end up selling it and going back to my SE K800i.

Reply by Jonesy from UK on 14th Mar 2012
Your Joke review. Firstly - MILLIONS would disagree with your C-rated review of Android! You're a Iphone sucker who has been brain washed to believe the hype. Android = open platform, therefore endless possibilities. Iphone OS = Corporate propaganda and highly guarded platform, therefore - limited possibilities. It's like comparing the old USSR with the US in the 80s. One thrived, while the other disbanded. Iphone's are becoming increasingly unpopular as their basic upgrades are left in the shadow of giant leaps in phone tech by other manufacturers, like HTC. Leads to my Second point - Texting on the HTC Sensation XE is one of it's strong points. It's so much more concise and crisp than any other phone out there, back up by HTC sense, which if anything, is so powerful and intuitive the only flaw is that it uses up to much battery to power the platform. But the Keyboard is not the thing at fault. It's fabulous! Again - as even competitors will agree. Are you sure you're reviewing the right phone? Maybe you need to stop eating so many donuts Mr Fat-Fingers Thirdly - Mr o2 shop assistant was probably giving you his ill-advise to regularly reboot this phone because he is one of the many Iphone transfixed loonies goons who have recruited you to their tiny techno-corner, thinking you're having the most fun - stuck in the basement staring at a repeat of the same 80s movie, while everyone else are enjoying the big party upstairs. You're the kind of guy that bangs on the ceiling and tells everyone to be quiet so you can enjoy the latest Agatha Christie series. And to "Sum up"; So what you're saying is, you have never used the HTC Sensation XE? And are still using your SE K800i, yet you want an iphone? I'm right aren't I? Why are you such a hater? Oh yeh, it's part of the iphone propaganda. Go ahead - spend waaaaay more than you need to on a phone that does less, or better still stick with your SE K800i. Question! Did you use a 'Spectrum 128k' to write that review?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 14th Mar 2012
Jonesy, if Stephen says that he finds texting difficult, then it's a fact. If his phone shuts down, it's a fact. Remember - other people's opinions are just as valid as yours. That's the whole point of this website - to collect different opinions so people can benefit from the experiences of others.

Reply by PJ from UK on 24th Mar 2012
Bit suspect though you have to agree. No problems with texting, android or having to reboot mine. Love it.

Reply by Cleave from UK on 29th Mar 2012
Funny i have had an HTC desire for almost 2 years & it often doesn't even get rebooted let alone have the battery removed, last time i checked this was an Android phone. Looks like you got idiots telling you wrong things about android phone, possibly even a rep for apple as this has happened to me before.

Reply by Veruncular from UK on 8th May 2012
Hey, that review was rubbish sure - but don't bad mouth the mighty Spectrum 128k. :D

Reply by Be Bop from UK on 22nd Aug 2012
iPhone better than Android.....Give me a break! I think Stephen either works for Apple or has just been sacked by HTC. The Sensation is a great phone.

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 11th Feb 2012
I love this phone for many of the reasons other posters have noted. The Sense interface is fantastic and it is so quick and responsive. Plus it does everything but wash the dishes lol. I'm on my second handset however as the first one kept shutting down and rebooting. It has just happened on the replacement handset too! Aaaaarrrgggh! Has anyone else experienced this? I have read elsewhere that some other users have experienced the same problem. It's not a cheap piece of kit so this really shouldn't be happening...I don't know if it's a hardware or software problem. Difficult one. I don't know whether to keep it but have two weeks to make up my mind, so I'll just see if it happens again...

Reply by Zoe from UK on 7th Apr 2012
UPDATE Well I contacted HTC and they told me to do a hard reset - return the phone to factory settings and start again from there. I did this and have never had a restart since, 2 months later. I am so so pleased - the phone gets the full 5 stars from me now!

Reviewed by Sykes from Zambia on 31st Jan 2012
I've had my Sensation XE for two weeks now and what a phone it is! Well done HTC! Some early negative reviews on this site had made me wary, but having tasted the Wildfire S a few month ago (before I sold it), I was basically sold on HTC and this handset in particular. Steep discounts on the basic Sensation were also deeply tempting but in the end, partly because the Galaxy Nexus was not yet available, I was determined to get my full list price sim-free XE from Manila. I'm glad I persevered! Coming basically from my eternal SE W810i (bought 2006 & still going strong, BTW), this phone is more than a revelation: it's a whole new communications experience. Itís everything my W810i was and much, much more! I love the speed and responsiveness: "buttery smooth" as some Asian blogs put it. I have audio and text Bibles in different versions, YouTube movies and clips, countless MP3 sermons and songs, etc, and yet I still have more than 2GB free on an 8GB SD car. And it's widgets and apps galore in the Android Market. Other major pluses: (indispensable) notification light, quality build, HD video recording, Beats ear-buds, slick Sense 3.0 interface with pseudo 3D effects; easy-to-remove back cover. Negatives: display hard to see in sunlight; have to charge it at least once a day, ringer volume not loud enough to hear from another room, coarse vibration 'sound'. Wishlist: dedicated camera button and sound volume adjustment on inline Beats audio controls. If you think my review is too gushing then read TechRadar's review. This phone really IS that good.

Reviewed by Jesterbri from England on 25th Jan 2012
This is a quite incredible smartphone. I have used a HTC Desire for 2 years which I loved and upgraded two weeks ago. The phone is outstanding and meets my requirements in every way. It's robust and the size/weight is no problem. HTC Sense v3 is fanstastic and there are so many features that I'm still finding out about e.g. you can put it in chargedock mode and use it as a photoframe displaying your pictures....great on my work desk whilst charging. Browsing speed is amazing and I experience hardly any lag. Videos through flash player are 'sensational' and I don't use my laptop anymore...it's redundant.!! The 8mp camera is great and androids apps/games are just getting better and better. To me though the outstanding feature is the Beats Audio. I use my phone a lot for music and the audio quality through the earphones and also through a speaker doc is superb. I've installed a 32gb memory card and now have the perfect media accessible to me all day. I did look at the Galaxy S2 and Nexus but HTC Sense as an interface won hands down to me and whist the screen display is slightly better on the other two, the overall quality, build and features of the Sensation XE won the day for me. Battery isn't fantastic but is adequate and lasts the day on pretty high usage. I charge every night but that's not a problem because I'm asleep.!! If you're in two minds then just go and get this phone....you won't be disappointed. I don't really know where a smartphone can improve from here but I'm sure HTC have got their development team working on the next level.! All i know is that I'll be happy for the next 21 months of my contract and I made the right decision. GO GET IT...!!!!

Reviewed by Greavesy from England on 14th Jan 2012
The BEST phone i have ever had! better than an iphone as it does pretty much exactly the same, but has monster beats by dre technology/headphones (which are outstanding) and makes this phone better in my eyes. The above statement says high cost? not at all! i paid 20 quid for the handset and only 21.50 a month, cheaper than my old blackberry 9700 (which i've now realised is a poor phone). the heavier weights gives it a feeling of "more for your money". rediculously fast and also has a 16gb sd card with it! what a great deal! BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by ali from uk on 11th Jan 2012
Awsome phone takes a few flat charges before batt gets conditioned. Any one who buys a smart phone then moans about the battery needs to buy a little 9.99 phone then you will get a week from it. all smart phones eat up the juice i cam get a full day moderate use and still have 50 percent or more left

Reviewed by Jeffery from Malaysia on 7th Jan 2012
Got it a week ago, great phone, great sound but batt life is extreme poor (heavy user) 100% at 8am, but by 1pm i am down to 28% ... with all task killer, batt saver etc install also won;t help much.

Reply by Richard Waring from uk on 8th Feb 2012
Get another battery

Reply by David from UK on 24th Feb 2012
Turn down the screen backlight to 50% (or less). You'll save a bunch of battery and you'll make a full days use.

Reviewed by JC from LONDON, UK. on 5th Jan 2012
GOT THIS PHONE ON THE 11/11/11. THOUGHT I WHOULD GIVE IT A TRY AFTER A FEW DAYS, THEN I WHOULD RETURN IT IN EXCHANGE FOR AN IPHONE, BUT IT TURNED OUT THIS PHONE WAS QUITE BRILLIANT...I'M QUITE HAPPY SOMETIMES OVER THE MOON...DECIDED TO KEEP IT...HAVEN,T CHANGED MY MIND SINCE THEN AND UP TO NOW. Perhaps only a better version of this fantastic phone can make me change it. An HTC with 4quad processor, a better screen like an AMOLED. A LESS WEIGHTY VERSION PERHAPS ARE The only reasons I whould go get another phone....till then chances are that whould come into reality before the end of 2012. Which means that I'll be using this phone for a couple of months

Reply by richard from new zealand on 17th Apr 2012
htc one x

Reviewed by thomas from hungary on 4th Jan 2012
unbelievably fast phone with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, this phone is the most powerful smartphone in the market. easily used and spontaneous, and with the great camera, i guess this is ultimate phone available for now. i used an iphone 4s and galaxy s2, but still this beast is the fastest. still don't know why the media is ignoring it?!!

Reviewed by elnaggar from egypt on 29th Dec 2011
This phpne realy smart phone i don't want Any thing more Thank's htc team

Reviewed by rob from uk on 29th Dec 2011
Awsome phone very fast no lag, I moved from the galaxy's 2 which was laggy at times i have not yet had any lag on the htc, The screen doesnt match the galaxy 2 but it's still pretty good, Good build quality Feels good in the hand takes a few flat charges to get the battery conditioned mine is better than it was when new, htc will be updateing firmware to ice cream sandwich in a few months.the sense interface is the best you can get well designed, the sansung ui is pretty dull to say the least.

Reviewed by liz from uk on 27th Dec 2011
I got the phone in November and I have to say I was worried it would be a bit big and masculine for a girl of my size (very small hahaa) but you get used to the size very quickly and without the red wall paper it looks much better! Aside from looks its a brilliant phone, sound is good, display is good, camera is surprisingly good! And its SO fast! my only tiny issue would be that it can get very hot whilst using the mobile internet! I can't wait for ics which will undoubtedly make it even better!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 21st Dec 2011
Remarkable phone my first HTC after many years of owning Nokia cannot see me ever leaving HTC let alone going back to Nokia. Got mine on the 1/12/2011 and still learning about it all but what a device. Shame the beats Audio is only for music but I dare say that will change in the near future. Comes with a 16GB SD card other manufactures should learn from this. Very solid unit.Outstanding.

Reviewed by Laney from Wales on 22nd Nov 2011
Had this phone since release after being crapple for a couple of years, absolutely love it. Really quick to respond to input and nice bright, crisp display. A joy to watch video on and the music player sounds really good, if you upgrade the headphones as i have it sounds even better (the beats phones aren't really all that great ) Lots of apps, widgets and other things to keep you happy for a long time :D. Very much recommend this phone.

Reviewed by RIAZ from UK on 20th Nov 2011
What can I say about this phone that hasn't been said already.. HTC have really gone all out with this new flagship phone.. the XE has got an awsome camera that now comes with some basic editing soft and also special effects. I've used the Samsung touchWizz UI and I have to same HTC smash them with their sense 3.0 UI..imagine what the sense 3.5 is is going to be like. It's true the battery life has improved massively and with the new task manager installed it helps you save precious battery life. The phone is on the heavy side but I prefer it like that is it feels well made and robust unlike the Samsung s2. The only drawback with this phone is that the beats audio only works the music and nothing else. I know HTC have just released the codec to all the developers to incoparate the beats audio in thier apps. All I need now is for the ice cream sandwich update to arrive then I will be showing all those apple fanboys what they are missing.

Reviewed by tommy from london on 17th Nov 2011
I love this phone soo much I was worried about the memory in the sensation xe but you get a 16gb card free in the box I've not had a problem soo far I got on the 4th November my battery is brilliant I take my phone off charge at 5am and it can last right the way through till 11-12 in the morning with heavy use. The beats headphones included are great thy cancel out all the noise around you and all your hearing is your music no hissing or wind when your walking just you fabulous music. The android market has so many apps in I'm spoilt for choice and I like the fact that you can move your apps to the memory card to save your phone being clogged up. If you haven't got this phone you don't know what your missing .

Reviewed by hetmi from France on 16th Nov 2011
in one word I love it...

Reviewed by mrmick from uk on 11th Nov 2011
Had phone for about 2 weeks, and was very impressed, keyboard is a doddle in landscape with corrective txt and predictive too internet is lightning fast, everything it does it does well. Camera, vid and sceen top notch, pity the ram couldn't have been more, always killing tasks no longer needed to free mem & keep batt above 50%. but will last 8hrs of play / work. This will still be an above average phone in 2 yrs time, especially with ics on board. Def 5*.

Reviewed by shaft from UK on 10th Nov 2011
Have had this phone 3 weeks now and I must say I am impressed with the endless options for theming/customising. Sorry to all the iPhone 4 users but I have defected to this and have not looked back. May I add my iPhone 4 was jailbroken but as a standard non rooted phone, this knocks spots off the iPhone 4...sorry. 10/10. Can't wait for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reviewed by john ward from uk on 10th Nov 2011
Just recieved my new HTC Sensation Xe,after having the Sensation.Very impressed with this phone,build quality is robust,good looking and the bigger battery and the faster processor makes a difference.HD video recording is first class,along with the beats headphones this is one of the best Mobiles i have had.....recommend this phone no problem

Reviewed by Rubayet from Bangladesh on 29th Oct 2011
My wife owns a S2 , I bought the Sensation XE . First the UI in HTC XE is way better than S2. True Samsung S2 is lighter and slimmer. BUT the sensation XE feels awesome in your hand. Music quality is top notch, beats Ipod anyday. I would say XE is really like having a powerful computer in your hand. I would highly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by shaft from UK on 29th Oct 2011
Love this phone, theming is a killer. Had jailbroken iPhone 4 for 6 months and this knocks spots off it as standard. 5 stars super phone.

Reviewed by John from England on 22nd Oct 2011
What can I say, amazingsound, superfast camera and brilliant UI, with sturdy build quality. Everything else needs to try to catch up.

Reviewed by connor from london on 20th Oct 2011
I've had the XE for about two weeks now, and other than apps having to be force closed occasionally (which is the apps fault no doubt), I have had no problems what so ever. And comparing my iPod with £60 Phillips o Neil headphones, the custom sound set up is easily on par, if not better. Not bad considering its against a dedicated music player! I would honestly recommend this to anybody wanting to buy a new phone.

Reviewed by James from UK on 18th Oct 2011
Outstanding phone. With beats audio the quality of music playback is breathtaking. Easily better than an iPod or any phone i've ever used. I usually don't use supplied headphones with phones, the ones supplied with this one are brilliant beats branded ones. Watching movie trailers was literally like being in the cinema with ambient sounds and bass. Phone runs smooth with a powerful processor, which makes up for the smallish amount of RAM. Build quality is excellent whilst still looking stylish. My only gripe is the lack of onboard storage which doesn't really effect me.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 17th Oct 2011
Still only 1 GB of storage not good enough when Samsung have 16 or even 32 and micro sd expansion slot. The new HTC coming out has 16GB built in but its a shame for the people who have already bought the sensation and now the XE HTC good build and ui although the heavy sense does cause lag come on up your game and release phone with more memory once in a while instead of not up to par phones every month

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 17th Oct 2011
Decided to give an android phone a go, after years on a iphone and becomimg bored of it... Had this phone a few days now and Im impressed so far. Very quick loading, even on 3G and super fast on wi-fi. Android market has alot of decent apps and most are free. You can customize the handset as much as you want and so much easier that my prev iphone. Classy mobile phone, and much more value for money than the usual iphone update.

Reviewed by Jimmy from Scotland on 15th Oct 2011
After finally joining the behemoth that is Android OS I can safely say it has been the best mobile phone OS experience of my life. Add to that this excellent bit of hardware and the combination is most likely the most powerful phone on the market. Great to use, fantastic battery life, free headphones worth ~£100, not bad. The only worrying thing is why this is not getting the press and popularity that the SII, 4S and the upcoming nexus prime get....some sort of anti HTC agenda?

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 14th Oct 2011
Motorola Atrix Review: And to cap it all, the Atrix has the grandmother of all batteries - a 1930 mAh Li-Ion cell.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 14th Oct 2011
Lol, we didn't even read our own reviews! The XE's battery is of course the second biggest.

Reviewed by AndyWH from England on 14th Oct 2011
Hi I am now just past 24 hours of owning the Sensation XE, and I must say it is by far the best and most complete phone I have ever used! I have used it quite hard for the first 24 hours with about 5 hours of wifi, an hour of bluetooth and about 3 hours of listening to music and it is still about 20% charged! I have previously used a Samsung Omnia 2, an Iphone 3G and have borrowed my daughters Samsung Galaxy S2 which comes close but felt too flimsy for me. The build quality of the XE is great it feels strong and robust and as a 'bloke' it does not feel too light or that you need to hold it gently in hand to use it. I have large 'sausage' fingers according to my daughter and I find the on screen keyboard a breeze to use and the icons and 'buttons' are easy to use. The sound quality is very good, but is a bit base heavy, so would be better suited for those into bass and drum, however when passed via bluetooth into my car stereo (Sony), sounds absolutely great and the Dr Dre software is available this way as well. So to sum up, I am very very happy with this phone and look forward to using it for the future, I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and colleagues.

Reviewed by massivedwarf from England on 4th Oct 2011
Just been through 3 blackberry 9900 and had enough so just got the sensation xe. Only one thing to say about it amazing

Reply by Arun from KSA on 22nd Apr 2012
What's happening to the smartphones purchased in UK? In several reviews I have read in Mobile Phones UK, I have seen people complaining that they are on their 3rd set, 4th set because the previous one had a problem. I cannot understand why because the phones that we purchase in the Middle East (I know that they are unlocked and cost way more than the ones available on contract with providers) cannot be changed 2 or 3 times or we cannot even think about that. Even getting it replaced for 1 time is very painful. In my experience and also what I have seen from the experiences of my friends, most of the smartphones purchased here didn't require to be returned back to the seller or service center due to any major issues. Is it because they are unlocked and don't have mane bloatwares from the service providers? I love HTC phones and I have an HTC Desire S. I am thinking about upgrading to sensation XE as I have seen way too may Samsung S2s with way too many people.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 22nd Apr 2012
Arun, you're right. Sim free phones are always more reliable.

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