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HTC One review

 Review: March 2013  

Last updated November 2013

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: HTC's flagship phone for 2013 has an aluminium unibody and a 4.7 inch Full HD 1080p display. A radical UltraPixel camera delivers good quality images, and Zoe turns your shots into mini music videos. A blazing fast quad-core processor and 4G compatibility complete the package. The HTC One is our Phone of the Year for 2013!

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The biggest battle in the history of smartphones is about to begin - the battle for best Android superphone of 2013. It's Samsung vs Sony vs HTC, and HTC is girding its loins. With aluminium.

Design of the One

Perhaps HTC's biggest mistake of 2012 was launching a phone - the HTC One X - that was a match for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in every way. There was little to choose between the One X and the S3, and so few chose it. The One is different. It's seeking to differentiate itself from Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S4, through design.

Unlike the polycarbonate HTC One X and the plasticky Samsung crowd, the One is built from aluminium (or aloominum if you're American). The screen is made out of "Infinity Glass", which is designed to last forever, although we doubt the warranty states that. On paper, the phone is slim but not as slim as the iPhone 5. However, the curved, tapered edges are superslim, so it feels a lot thinner when you hold it. It's not lightweight though, weighing a solid 143g. It's particularly attractive in Silver, but is also available in other colours.

The screen measures 4.7 inches and has a full HD 1080p resolution. That's 1920 x 1080 pixels - the same as the Sony Xperia Z. That enables it to display HD youtube videos in full glory, with the very finest details visible.

BlinkFeed & HTC Sense 5

The One runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but there's something new. Clearly not happy with raw Android, HTC has always modified the user interface with its HTC Sense overlay, but the One features a completely new home screen, called BlinkFeed. BlinkFeed replaces the (boring) default Android home screen with content streamed from sources like facebook, twitter, calendar events and news feeds. It looks a little like, dare we say it, Windows Phone 8. And that's no bad thing.

Apart from BlinkFeed, Sense 5 takes a step back, in recognition that Android is maturing as a user interface and that HTC no longer needs to do as much tweaking as it used to. You won't find Locations, Footprints or the various HTC hubs.

There is another new feature though. The new Sense TV app lets you use your phone to watch the telly. You can use your phone as an infrared remote to control the TV and home cinema kit. The app includes a programme guide and will notify you when your favourite TV programmes are on.

One fast machine

For the One, HTC has opted for a Qualcomm quad-core processor running at an extremely fast 1.7GHz.

The RAM has been upgraded to a huge 2GB, and it's ultrafast DDR2 RAM too, so this machine simply flies.

The built-in storage is either 32GB or 64GB, but there's no memory card option. You do get 25 GB of Dropbox cloud storage free for two years.

UltraPixel camera

HTC is being brave and bucking the trend for ever-larger pixel counts with its new UltraPixel camera. It only has 4 megapixels. Yikes! What's going on?

Well, as you've probably read many times before, there's no point having a huge number of megapixels if you don't have the optics to support that many pixels. And camera phones, by their nature, never do. So adding more megapixels results in diminishing returns, or even picture degradation. So HTC has turned the argument on its head, reducing the number of pixels. Each pixel, being larger, is able to capture more light.

The result? Mixed, to be honest. Certainly the HTC One takes good quality photos. It's up there with the likes of the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920. But is it any better? We'd have to say no. None of the shots taken with the HTC One seemed to capture any more detail than the iPhone's 8 megapixel camera, so HTC's grand claims seem questionable, which is pretty well what CNET and Digitalversus also concluded.

The camera is equipped with a BSI sensor (for low-light performance), has a dedicated ImageChip 2 (for fast processing), an f2.0 aperture (to let in lots of light) and a 28 mm lens (so it doesn't cut your friends' heads off). There's also Optical Image Stabilisation and a smart flash that varies its brightness according to the distance from the subject. One-press continuous shooting and VideoPic enable you to take multiple photos and to extract a still image from a video.

Another cool idea is that the camera captures a 3 second video at the same time as taking a pic, so your photo album becomes, in HTC's words, a living, breathing gallery. It's called Zoe and it sounds a bit like the magical photos in Harry Potter! Zoe also compiles these 3 second clips into 30 second music videos that you can upload and share.

The camera also records video at 1080p full HD resolution, with a slow motion option. A 2.1 megapixel front camera completes the package.


HTC has upgraded the audio capabilities of the One with something called HTC BoomSound. We think this is just a fancy name for the front-facing stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers. HTC claims these deliver "fat sound from a thin phone", but don't expect to use your HTC One instead of a boombox for your next party. It also has Beats Audio for studio-quality sound.

In addition there's a HDR Microphone. Dual built-in microphones detect ambient noise and dynamically boost the in-call voice to compensate.

4G & connectivity

As you'd expect, the One supports 4G LTE, giving it data access speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Connectivity options are comprehensive with Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, micro-USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack and DLNA support.

Battery life

HTC has equipped the One with a powerful 2300 mAh battery, which is on a par with the Sony Xperia Z and is larger than previous generations of phone. However, phones like the One are notoriously hungry gas-guzzlers, and it will need every drop of power the battery can supply.

Like in the One X before it, the battery is non-removable.


You've got to admire HTC. Faced with a slump in sales, the temptation might have been to play safe. Instead, the One is a brave and exciting phone. Embracing a new aluminium design, a brand-new style of home screen and turning the trend for more camera megapixels completely on its head, the HTC One is a phone that clearly succeeds in differentiating itself from the herd. It validates HTC as an alternative to the Samsung/Apple market domination, and that can only be a good thing for consumers.

HTC proved the success of this formula by being voted S21's phone of the year for 2013.

HTC One features include:

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Average rating from 37 reviews:

Reviewed by Al from UK on 4th Mar 2015
I still have my HTC One, even after 18 months (-ish, should have the receipt knocking around somewhere to tell me exactly) so thought I'd write a review. I got it mainly for the proper GPS it has as I use maps abroad A LOT. No need for expensive data required for the fake and very inaccurate transmitter triangulation location "GPS" method used by the Samsung and Sony phones new out at the time. And I despise Apple but that's another story. Battery easily does a day of my use still. The software is the major sticking point, it still has some niggles (when typing a text with the screen side on, the send button disappears behind the predicted word selection)(picking up that the phone is connected to the docking station and dedicated HTC provided USB micro cable is very hit and miss, so auto launch of car app - which is pre-loaded software so expected to be perfect - takes pushing it into the slot the exact right way/time/something so it only works one in 10)(updating the homescreen doesn't update the calendar quick view section or move on with the time of day)(google now launching doesn't match the settings I set, can't get it to stop trying to start a search behind the locked screen!)(colour palette selection very limited)(battery status indication always white, why not keep the green-yellow-red-black)(you have to switch to camera/video mode rather than both being immediately available, this is too cumbersome for nights out when something funny happens)(review of photos is not a reflection of the photo that gets saved). It used to get very hot whilst charging and running an app at the same time but that seems to have been sorted by the last system update. So overall, hardware great but software validation not great and still some learning to be done. Considering HTC do this over and above the Android OS, you'd think they'd check it in use.....hopefully future devices will be better in this respect and properly functioning as I'll be back in the market if this one ever dies/leaves me.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 11th Apr 2014
The HTC One gives you iPhone or better build quality, iPhone ease of use with the HTC Sense 5 and Android openess. What is not to like!. Had this phone since February 2014 and absolutely pleased with it. Fast snappy response, 32GB memory. Battery life typically 2 days. Sound quality is amazing from speakers and excellent from Headphones. Note you need high quality headphones to appreciate how good the sound is!. Only fly in the ointment is the camera quality in low light. Ok-ish but you know what - when I want high-quality pics I use my Canon dSLR!!!. Even with the slightly underwhelming camera I still give it a 5-start raiting. Overall the best HTC ever made!

Reviewed by antonio ferrao from Portugal on 14th Mar 2014
I have a iPhone 4s and then I decided I should also have an HTC One, connect a device and have open access to all it's content, root it, (jailbreak iPhone equivalent) and all that stuff should be great. It isn't! Your life doesn't need to revolve over a phone, after a couple of tricks and a few days of playing with it, you lose interest and it returns to the regular use any smartphone usually does: call you better half, send a couple of messages to your kids, use the Maps to find out where is that restaurant they talk so much about, check your Facebook page, play a little game while stuck in the traffic and that's pretty much all there is to it.
That's when you realise the HTC One camera sucks, the screen it's too big for everyday handle but too small for a decent web browser experience and the software it's not as direct and simple as iOS.
Now I understand why despite the bad reviews iPhone keeps selling like peanuts.

Reviewed by Bill Holmes from Northern Ireland on 3rd Mar 2014
Having been a hard nosed iPhone addict, imagine my shock when I upgraded my wife's phone to the HTC one and then after using it for one day, gave her my iPhone 5s, this is without a doubt, the best phone on the planet, both to look at and to use, it has all the freedom of Android with the feel of Apple, screen is great, phone feels classy in the hand and best of all, the battery life, blows Apple and Samsung out of the water, out of ten I give it fifteen

Reviewed by Craig from Australia on 15th Dec 2013
Had the HTC one for about six months until I lost it and thought I would give the Samsung galaxy s4 a go. Three weeks in I regret this so much, HTC was faster and smoother to use and also had much better call quality and reception. Galaxy s4 is only slightly better than HTC and it is nice having a memory card slot but the HTC beats Samsung in every other way. HTC one is deffinetly five stars.

Reply by Craig from Australia on 15th Dec 2013
What I meant to say was that the galaxy s4 is slightly better than HTC one as far as the camera goes. But that the HTC is better in every other way.

Reply by Demola from Nigeria on 11th Apr 2014
My Lumia920 takes a better picture than the S4,wife has a Samsung S4 and she still prefer using my phone when taking pictures.

Reviewed by Sean from Northern Ireland on 27th Oct 2013
This phone is the BEST all round phone I've had in years! My last few phones in order of ownership were Iphone 3G s! Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Sony Xperia Z..... I love the solid body and sense UI...it's my first HTC but I love it.

Reviewed by rob from england on 7th Oct 2013
amazing phone everything works well, its well built and looks very nice, no sd card slot but 32 gb as standard should be plenty for most.love this phone. but needs an app to stop my wife complaining that im playing with it all the time ;)

Reviewed by Hassan from UK on 28th Aug 2013
I've come from Blackberry to the HTC One. I just got mine yesterday, I'm new to android but WOW this phone isn't complicated at all! In a simple sum-up, AMAZING build quality, sound is absolutely awesome, the screen display is just gorgeous. The phone is very smooth and quick, typing is the best experience, better than other touch screen phones. Battery is good so far, I will update sometime on the battery life. I love the look of sense 5, its really fun to use. Once you get this phone you won't want to put it away!

Reply by Hassan from UK on 16th Sep 2013
*UPDATE* So I've had the HTC One for almost 3 weeks now. The battery life is very very good. On low use, you can go a fully two days without charging. If used with moderate use (Texting, whats-app, facebook, twitter, etc) the phone will last a day and a fair few hours over. For heavy use you should get roughly a day worth of use. I use the power save option which greatly helps me. Also, one little annoying thing I have come across is that if you press the home button for more than a second, you will be taken to google now, i have changed the functions slightly so this doesn't happen anymore though. Anyways, like I said. Great phone, brilliant, battery is superb. Highly recommend buying this phone.

Reviewed by Les from Sheffield. u/k. on 12th Aug 2013
Returned the first one after only 24 hours because of reception issues, the second one I returned after 3 weeks after lots of issues, changed it for a Samsung Galaxy S 4 which blows the H T C One away, may be I was just unlucky but I would'nt get another.

Reply by Khaleecee from England on 29th Sep 2013
Your unlucky!

Reviewed by adrianeds from UK on 5th Aug 2013
From my personal view this is probably the best all round phone currently on sale today. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and it is stunning. Everything just works so well, it is amazing. Don't get me wrong I am not saying it is perfect, what phone is, but it's the best on the market in my mind. And I have made comparisons, with my friends phones, they have Samsung's and Sony's, iphones etc. As regards the camera I think this is slightly better than the rest, again after comparisons. One "gripe" about this website, when comparing the cameras do like what they do at "Techradar". They take photo's from the phones and compare them, and match them up on your website. There they comparison can be seen clearly, and not in words. Anyway that is my point of view.Thanks.

Reviewed by Jason from Ireland on 17th Jul 2013
Love it. Great phone, battery is better than I had even hoped and the new update is just icing on the cake. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Mamun from Australia on 2nd Jul 2013
Awesome phone but have some limitations. Excellent build quality with super fast processing. Like the audio quality and the camera (Zoe) features. No complaint with non removal battery and no-SD slot at all. But after using 2 months, in my opinion it is missing some of the very basic features that should be included. Before this phone I was using a Nokia N8. So what I'm missing in this phone are: no inbuilt profile manager, file manager, not able to set increasing alarm sound, cant connect HTC sync manager using Bluetooth :(. I'm not a power user and I think these are very basic but mast have features for a flagship phone like HTC One. I cant give more that 3.5 star rating for this phone.

Reply by Phil_D from Wales on 9th Jul 2013
@Mamun. If there's something you miss (or want) on the phone...Google Play Store's your friend - there's nearly ALWAYS a 3rd-party app for the solution! For the alarm, try Kaloer Clock, in it's basic (free) version, it's streets ahead of the stock alarm (inc. the increasing alarm you want) plus seperate Day/Night profiles if you pay the small fee for the Full version. Also, HTC Sync IMHO is a waste of time and space and I've never used it. Much quicker is to get a file manager like ES File Explorer and it gives you the ability to quickly just Wifi things over to & from your PC. If you want to back other things up - get AirDroid.... HTH

Reply by Mamun from Australia on 24th Jul 2013
@Phil_D. Thanks for your comments and suggestions about the third party apps. But my point is a flagship phone that cost about $800 must have some basic features for which users need not to download any apps. Personally I hate those apps with disgusting adds and thus Android also. HTC One might be my very first and last Android phone. I don't like the concept of downloading apps from Google Play Store (and thus some irritating adds for free) for each and every basic needs.

Reviewed by Pann from S'pore on 29th Jun 2013
Must use it to love it. Beyond description.

Reviewed by Mika from UK on 22nd Jun 2013
Love it, super fast, super design, amazing sound quality. Battery life isn't bad either considering how much it uses. Best HTC I've ever had, good job guys.

Reviewed by JC from UK on 19th Jun 2013
Upgraded from the HTC One S - a phone I think is superb.

First impressions are it's a little big, but then I thought that about the One S when I got it, and the power button is on the other side, a mite annoying for the first few days.

It feels quality to touch, but I can't work it properly with one hand, my hands just aren't big enough, I wanted to wait a month or two in case the rumoured mini came out, but O2 wouldn't have it.

I'm sure I'll cope and accommodate in the next two years, but that's still my view after a week.

If you're used to HTC then the general feel of the phone is more clinical and business like than in previous versions, the text the text and icons are more blocky, square and very 1980's graphics like in appearance (albeit super sharp).

Even the unlock screen and call answer buttons are the same, there is little imagination or creativity here, just pure functionality it seems.

If you are used to previous versions of Sense and HTC phones, this is a bit of a let down, it really is not as pleasing on the eye when zipping around the screens (and they do zip), the nice looking premium feel of the body is not matched up to on the runnings.

If like me you use your phone for messaging, phone calls, on the hoof camera shots which need to look good, half an hour of internet a day when your relaxing after work, and maybe an hour of music at the gym, then the phone clearly handles all that very well with ease.

It's a bit much for me it's too big, and doesn't look good at all when using it. I'm sure if you have plenty of time to procrastinate with your phone playing games and watching videos then it's great for you, but not for me.

As for blinkfeed, the same applies, the lack of proper personal customisation (you have some stock choices of what to show) makes it largely irrelevant, unless you have time to sit down and read tangential articles about something you don't really care about by a paper or magazine you don't read, then it's rubbish.

Oh and I never understand the point of insisting you have the weather function on the clock, if I wanted to know the weather outside the window, I'd look.

And you can't get rid of it, sure you can set a different home screen and never have to look at it, but it's always there.

Superb functionality and specs from this phone, it clearly is a fantastic piece of kit, but I just think some of the bells and whistles that made HTC's so welcoming and user friendly in the past are missing.

Reply by Moe from U.k. on 25th Jun 2013
Whats the point of a weather widget? Because looking out of the window wont tell you what the weather is tomorrow, in a couple of days or few hours. The weather widget can easily be removed, change it to just a clock widget. In comparison to previous Htc or sense, this a leap forward its actually a step in the right direction. Previos sense versions where not simple and user firendly and often lagged. The Htc One is simplied version making this phone a breeze to use and no lag at all.

Reply by Simon from Uk on 1st Jul 2013
JC - It seems to me like you've got the wrong phone for yourself. You've got a high tech phone and yet complain that its to high tech! You say you only use your phone for the basics so why not get a mid range or even a budget phone? Also what did you mean by O2 not letting you wait for the phone you wanted? You can stick with your current phone until one you like comes along!

Reply by reza from uk on 14th Jul 2013
it seams you get this phone only for show off rather than use, you are right it is hich tech and thats the reason people buy it. and having small hands is not reason to take star of the rating, you can choose smaller and simpler phone without damaging the rating.

Reviewed by Moe from U.K. on 15th Jun 2013
I have been using the HTC One for over a month now. This phone is a pleasure to use. Every element of this phone from design, hardware to software has been given a great deal of attention.

The design is splendid and eye catching, The aluminium feels great and the handset sits comfortably in the hand.

The screen is crisp and clear, watching videos is a pleasure and colours are amazing making objects just jump out at you.

Boomsound, the sound from these speakers is jaw dropping, yes it is that good. I was surprised at the output and the quality of the sound and bass. A great feature.
Htc Sense is very elegant and simplified, very easy to use and customizable. They is no lag at all, runs very smoothly.
Battery life is very good, i get a full days usage (14hours), that includes having internet on all the time, using the internet and having blinkfeed on constantly.
Blinkfeed is great if you want to keep on top of all the latest news that interests you. I really like blinkfeed.

Camera quality is very good, better than expected. Colours are accurate and images are detailed. Camera features like Zoe are great for capturing perfect moments. The only negative point is noise in some pictures taken, this is not evident in all images however. I am hoping this is a software issue and can be fixed with an update.

With the HTC One You are not paying for anything gimmicky, what you are paying for is the sheer quality of the elements used to construct this handset. This is evident when you use the handset. Simply an amazing phone.

Reviewed by Sean from dublin on 10th Jun 2013
Bought the girfriend the one she is over the moon great phone looks a million dollers compared to my S4.

Reviewed by Lo Wang from UK on 5th Jun 2013
I've had HTC phones for years and understand their flaws (warts n all) their cameras have always been lack-lustre in comparison to the Carl Zeiss lense cameras on other phones, but I've stuck with 'em and this phone is my reward!

The dual speakers are a great idea and if you watch tv on it it's like having a portable tv in your hand! the screen is nice n sharp and the feel in the hand is reassuring. I manage to get about 2 days out of a charge, which is good for HTC and the 'Zoe' feature is a nice touch for your pictures (which you can turn on/off if you want?). Used it at a friends wedding and have some nice animated pictures of the event, which is nicer than just a still image.

The camera isn't going to win any awards, but what it will do is take some nice photo's in poor lighting conditions, which is what we've all been waiting for from HTC :D

Reviewed by Baz from uk on 29th May 2013
Had the phone a few weeks now. Absolutely love it. Glad I picked it over the s4 as the software extras in the s4 are goof but do I really need them.

Back to the HTC. Great screen and speed on phone. Love the new sense and sound quality is on another level. The camera is a weak point in my opinion but doesn't really affect my overall views. Zoe pics are great when you have kids. The harder life I get a full days use. I am a relatively heavy user facebook eBay red and web during the day. The overall feel is much more quality than the s4 in my opinion.

Reply by Baz from uk on 7th Jun 2013
Just noticed my terrible spelling. To clarify some points. The extra software on the s4 is good but I don't really need them And I get a full days battery life out if it heavy use.

Reviewed by Paul B from England on 24th May 2013
I got the HTC as my upgrade. I was torn between this and the S4. A friend has the S4 and raves about it so I tried it and thought I'd get it but after a few days of playing with it I concluded that whilst it's a top end smartphone, a lot of the new features are a little "gimmicky" and I probably wouldn't have any use for them. I did a bit of research on the HTC and went for it. I am SO glad that I did. The screen is up there with the S4, the speed is fantastic with no lag on anything I've thrown at it, the UI is simple and not that far from a raw Google phone such as the Nexus 4 and the build quality, well, is "Apple-esq" to say the least and a far cry from the plastic used by Samsung! The phone just oozes quality. The sound is great from the dual speakers and the Beats Audio adds some great bass and tone. The camera produces great shots and the Zoe feature is a real treat to use and not just a toy! Call quality (it is a phone after all) is top notch. Battery life is good and easily lasts the day with heavy use. All in all this, in my opinion, is by far the best smartphone available at the moment. The iPhone is looking considerably dated now compared to this but no doubt Apple will pull it out of the bag in June but they have a true challenge on their hands. Recommended with all the stars you can throw at it!!!

Reviewed by Kim G from UK on 23rd May 2013
I have had this phone for just over 2 weeks now and i am speechless....in a good way! It's absolutely brilliant (in my opinion) and i'm so ridiculously happy that i have finally found a phone that has a more than decent battery life in it. Previous phones (due to me using it every 5 mins of the day) would sometimes not even last 1 day but this one is still on three quarters battery life when i'm going to bed! I previously had the Samsung Galaxy S3 and i loved it, but after seeing that the S4, disappointingly, looked exactly the same, i had to search for something else. I like each phone i have to be different from the last so when i spotted the HTC One i loved it. It doesn't look cheap and 'plasticky' (i'm aware that's not really a word) and it looks so nice. The sound quality is brilliant (and goes well with my Beats headphones) and i've not experienced any kind of lagging since first using it. Despite the camera using ULTRA pixels, it's a flawless picture and HTC Zoe (once i'd got used to it) is a great way to add life to pictures when it's not really a video moment. All in all 10/10 HTC, i'm very impressed!!

Reviewed by anna from uk on 8th May 2013
truely rhe very best phone you can get i love this phone stunning looks superd build very fast i bought my one sim free 489.99 true value if you want the best its the htc one good match for the iphone in fact better.

Reviewed by Steve Russell from UK on 8th May 2013
Was in two minds whether to get the galaxy s4 or this one, I previously had a galaxy s3 which was great although plastic looking and I really held my breath waiting to see what the s4 would look like but unfortunately the s4 looks nearly identical to the s3, why on earth they didn't change the design or use better materials I don't know. But getting back to the HTC one it's easily the best looking mobile phone out there and runs like a dream. Samsung have shot themselves in the foot here as most people will be drawn to the HTC one on looks alone.

Reviewed by ron from uk on 29th Apr 2013
Great build rock solid, this phone goes like a jet its really fast no slutter at all, been useing it now for 4 days and really cant find any faults, like most it was a choice between the s4 and the one yes the s4 has more software features but mostly gimmicks from what i read dont work well, it has a nice feel in the hand looks like a premium handset should do, go in to a shop and take a look and am certain you will take this beauty home, put it along side the s4 and you will clearly see the one is the s4s beautyful sister

Reviewed by robert from ireland on 22nd Apr 2013
this phone is awsome. build quality is the very best only the iphone can match. it looks and feels fantastic its by far the best out there. it flys no lag what so ever the camera is just as good as any 8 mega pixel and in dark shots much better. htc have a winner i was gonna go for the samsung s4 but it looks cheap compared to the one. i moved from the note 2 which is a top phone spec wise but nothing like the one for looks and build. htc have put on this phone every day things you will use no gimmicks. battery is really good am getting 2 days medium use 1 day heavy use far improved from the one x days. htc have put a lot of though in to this phone hands up to them

Reviewed by mark from UK on 19th Apr 2013
My old phone used to be a HTC Disire HD but i never really got on with it after 1 of the updates and went to a sony but i saw this 1 and totaly wanted it and im accually glad i did its an amazing phone and the battery life is brill aswell.

Reviewed by Lee from England on 7th Apr 2013
Had this phone from Thursday not stopped playing with it (setting it up), to me it's alot better and easyer than an IPhone to use once you get to know where everything is. Screen is very bright and clear it is faster than the iphone can not comment on the battery as i have not put the thing down, but was only getting 1 day out of the iphone4, will put a comment later when i use the phone normally

Reply by Lee from England on 16th Apr 2013
got the hang of this now, what can i say it's one hell of a bit of kit, i am getting 2 days out of the battery

Reviewed by Phonejunkie UK from England on 6th Apr 2013
Ok so heres my view on the HTC one having used it for 7 days straight........phenominal, now normally the "joe bloggs" opinion would be taken with a pinch of salt but I happen to work for a highly regarded competitor so it pains me to say what a great phone this is but credit where credit is due.

BUILD-pure class, you will want to just keep picking this device up over and over again.

PERFORMANCE-slick, fluid, no lag, snappy, just anoverall joy to use.

CAMERA-ok so ULTRA pixels.......HTC say its a revolution......no, but it does produce good images on par with my iphone5, xperia z, and galaxys3.

BATTERY-medium usage easilya day to day and a half usage.

BLINKFEED-different.......pretty much a marmite feature.

BOOMSOUND-ridiculously impressive sound performance best ive ever experienced.

Overal the user experience and blend is brilliant, pick one up today you wontbe disappointed.

Reviewed by LA X from England on 4th Apr 2013
I just got this phone yesterday, a little over a day ago, but being a past contractee of the HTC Hero (a great phone), the Desire HD and now a soon to be ex One X owner, I must say that based upon my past HTC experiences, the 'One' is not so much a 'step' forward, more a leap with 'screw you gravity' defying machinations.

To start with the sound from the forward facing stereo speakers is little short of excellent (in my humble opinion), the bass and range is just fantastic from such a small device. The camera quality is at least, by comparison, as good as the iPhone 4S it appears that the new larger, more sensitive sensors are doing their job despite being sullied by the moniker of 'Four Megapixels', believe me, you will like the image quality, especially in the Panorama mode.

The phone feels good, solid, it feels like a quality product, it seems like HTC have finally caught up with Apple on that front.

The whole new apps layout is a bit.....too much. I don't want to look at my phone and find a plethora of Facebook, BBC news, Reuters and whatever the hell headlines staring back at me, I want >MY< desktop with >MY< apps on them giving me the information > I < want. My sock drawer has a million pairs of cotton/nylon coordinates in there but all I need is a clean pair for the day ahead, not the whole contents of the drawer sprawled before me each time I open the damn thing.

Overall I have been solely impressed with the One, HTC should have waited and not put the One XL out there, that was just stupid and in lieu of what was forthcoming they should have waited. But now that it is here, even with the looming Samsung S4 clawing its way out of the Arrivals lounge, from all I've read and ingested about said handset for me I am happy to have placed my stake and am willing to bet wholeheartedly upon the One, the S4 is at the very least, going to have a real fight on its hands.

Reviewed by Manz from England on 3rd Apr 2013
Hi have had this phone for 3 weeks now.
I had the HTC Desire HD.
This phone is absolutely amazing. Everything runs smooth. The screen is amazing and sharp.
The only this is that accessories are few and far between.
The remote control is also excellent and works a treat.
The camera is also very flexible and quick. Shooting videos is also very sharp and good.
The one thing i have noticed but its ok, is that the bakc and home button are sometimes not responsive. It may by that my fingers big.
This phone is way better than the over rated Iphone 5 iterms of build and hardware.
If you ar egoing to upgrade, this is definitely the one to get over anything else.
I hope this phone becomes no. 1 as it deserves to be.
Even when the S4 comes out, i would still stick with the ONE because of build and quality.
Also, bought from Phones4u. Good service and deal.

Reviewed by John Burns from Ireland on 29th Mar 2013
Well well, its arrived. I just picked up my ONE from VF and I am in love!! This is the nicest device I have EVER held and its screen is stunning. This is no doubt the phone that the iPhone 5 should have been, that is sleek, sexy and just down right gorgeous. Camera seem really good quality but have yet to take more variety of photos to get a real feel for its potential. The new blink feed is really cool and the sound on this baby is amazing. I thought the boom sound was going to be a gimmick but its top class. Obviously having the phone only 3 hours I cant comment on the battery levels yet. This Phone should and deserves to do really well.

Brilliant Job HTC

Reply by Ian from UK on 29th Mar 2013
thanks for review any chance of giving us an update after say a week please?

Reviewed by Tim from uk on 25th Mar 2013
One of the best phones I've used but with flawed reception! This mostly happens in weak signal areas on LTE (4g) where it doesn't hold on to a weak signal as well as other phones and drops calls when switching to 3G. Such a shame, otherwise a great phone.

Reply by Tim from UK on 12th Jun 2013
To update my review, after the latest update the 4G reception issue is now rectified and battery life is excellent. This is the best phone I have ever used 5*!

Reviewed by mick from uk on 19th Mar 2013
Free upgrade from phones 4 u
Fast and stylish
Pure quality as expected from HTC
Do you want to stand out from the crowd ( sheep )
If so then this is the ONE !!! ( couldn't resist the pun sorry )
Forget the hype and technobable all phones make calls send txt access internet take photos ( reasonably well if your a true photographer then you'll have a DSLR and no phone can compare to that ) play music access social networking etc but the ONE is the One For me

Reviewed by kiN from London on 19th Mar 2013
Talk about S21's glaring understatement about the HTC One's screen resolution.

Surely S21, if Samsung's S4 and Sony's Z get a mention for their 5inch 441ppi, then HTC ought to be lauded as the new heavy weight screen champions of the world... To pack in so much in an even smaller screen factor is nothing short of impressive don't you think? Well I think so!

So let it be known... The screen of the One measures 4.7 inches, with a full HD resolution. That gives PHENOMENAL class leading pixel density of 468 pixels per inch, well ahead of the S4 and light years ahead the iPhone's 326ppi.

Reply by S21 from UK on 20th Mar 2013
Hi, kiN, thanks for your comments. Agreed - the HTC One's screen is amazing (I'm sure we mentioned this in our review), but most users would probably prefer the 5 inches of the S4 or the Xperia Z. Really all 3 phones have amazing displays and this shouldn't be a deciding factor in choosing between them.

Reviewed by simon bratt from englabd on 17th Mar 2013
Firstly this phone is available from p4u now.
I received my HTC one yesterday in silver sim free.
This phone can only be described as a masterpiece.
Since the HTC desire I've been waiting for HTC
To build a phone not only for it's looks but
For a strong performance phone. And here it is.
It's the fastest browser I've ever seen.
The hd screen is a joy to look at. The layout is superb.
This is as near to perfection youl find.

Reviewed by micheal hardman from UK on 16th Mar 2013
S21 are doing a great job reviewing these phones and other electronic products so there isnt any need of you to act like the clever one around. My simple point is read it or not, but dont criticize their review when you know nothing about the product.

Reply by Thing from UK on 20th Mar 2013
It was a lighthearted comment based on the earlier published "review" they did without having the product in their hands, while telling us not to review phones without actually using them. And S21 took it in much better humour than you did. I do apologize for acting clever and insulting your website but do not apologize for my well aimed sarcasm in your direction. And on a final note, I clearly do know something about the product as when you touch the screen, it DOES do stuff, so ner ner ner ner

Reply by S21 from UK on 21st Mar 2013
OK, end of discussion now, please.

Reviewed by Thing from UK on 26th Feb 2013
I quote "Please do not review this phone if you have not used it."

So, due to the mildly hypocritical prose above, here's mine:

You touch the screen, it does stuff. "Ultra pixels" is the most pathetic bit of marketing since "Face time", "Retina display" and "Unlimited texts". You get to 20:49 & the battery needs recharging. You play games on it & it gets warm. It stutters ever so slightly whilst using Sense, which has been coded by someone without much. In 13 months, it will be superseded by the HTC On, due to them removing a letter from the previous phones name each upgrade. Please post this and keep smiling!!!

Reply by S21 from UK on 27th Feb 2013
Not really sure what your point is, Thing, but we always smile when someone takes the trouble to write us a review.

Reply by Thing from UK on 27th Feb 2013
My point is that you say to us not to review phones if we have not used them, yet you have reviewed (albeit hands off....) the One without using it, yes? Hence the "hypocritical prose" comment I made! Apologies for the pointless post but many thanks for posting it!

Reply by Heath from England on 19th Mar 2013
ha ha ha ha

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