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HTC One X review

 Review: April 2012  

Last updated November 2012

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: With an incredible 4.7 inch HD screen, the world's first quadcore processor, an 8 megapixel camera with full HD video recording and fantastic Beats Audio sound quality, the One X really is the ultimate phone.

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The 5th April, 2012 is the day HTC fans have been waiting for - the release date of the HTC One X. According to HTC, the One X is the "Best phone we've ever made," and we'd have to agree.

The formula is simple, but exciting: take HTC's best phone - the Android Sensation XL - and throw every conceivable improvement in technology at it. The result is amazing.

Physically the One X is very much like the Sensation XL, but even thinner at just 8.9mm. That's thinner than the iPhone 4S, but a whisker thicker than Samsung's Galaxy S2. It's a lot lighter too, at 130g, making the One X much more of a mainstream phone. The lightweight unibody casing is smart, strong and very minimalist in looks. It's beautifully crafted with curved Gorilla Glass protecting the screen. The other difference you'll notice about the appearance of the One X is that it has 3 capacitive buttons below the screen. That's because it runs Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) - more about that later.

The display on the One X is mammoth at 4.7 inches. That's as big as anything else on the market apart from the Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet hybrid. We've grown to love these big screens on high-end Android phones. The difference when web browsing, playing games, watching videos, or just day-to-day tasks is striking. We're willing to bet that once you've owned a phone like this, you'll never want to go back to a smaller screen. The display on the One X is particularly impressive as it's HD. With a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, it's got as many dots as most TV's, and all packed into a mobile phone! The result has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

If you could peel away the HD display, you'd find a lot of interesting stuff going on underneath. The One X is the first quad core phone to be released. Dual core was so 2011! There's a full 1GB of RAM available too. This is obviously a very fast phone, but perhaps less obvious is what to do with all that speed. Well, if you start thinking about the HTC One X as a downsized tablet, you'll begin to get some ideas. HD video playback, 3D gaming, ultra-fast web browsing and rendering of Google Maps, for example. It can multi-task with ease, for instance continuing to play music whilst making a HD video call. These are all areas where the phone demonstrates its prowess.

The One X runs a combination of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS) and HTC Sense 4. We first saw ICS on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and we were impressed by its faster multi-tasking and greater ease of use. But mostly we loved the face unlock feature. In HTC's implementation, HTC Sense 4 dominates, so some of the ICS improvements are less obvious. For example, the home screen is still dominated by HTC's weather/clock widget. The notifications bar has been improved, with more information and options. Generally speaking, the new interface is more customisable and refined.

Photography is perhaps an area where HTC don't have such a strong reputation as other manufacturers. That looks set to change with the HTC One X. To describe the photo opportunities here as awesome is possibly an understatement. The main camera has an 8 megapixel sensor and is capable of recording in full HD 1080p resolution. It uses an unusually large f2.0 lens to gather in as much light as possible. A smart LED flash provides more lighting when needed and determines the amount of light needed, depending on the distance of the subject. Now thanks to the quad-core processor and a dedicated imaging chip, image capture is very fast indeed - certainly a lot less than a second. And as part of Sense 4.0, HTC has introduced a novel feature of being able to capture a photo in the middle of recording a video - perfect for capturing those special moments that are gone in a second. There's also the ability to record high quality slow motion video. And to top it all there's a second front camera that can be used for HD-quality video calling.

For music too, the phone excels. Like the HTC Sensation XL, the One X is fitted with Beats Audio software customised for the Beats headset.

There's plenty of onboard memory here - 32GB in fact, although there's no microSD memory card slot. But to compensate, you'll get 25GB free Cloud storage via Dropbox.

Connectivity options are all covered, including Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. And the phone is equipped with everything else you might want from a flagship phone.

A final word on battery life. HTC have given this phone a very large 1800mAh battery, which is clearly what it needs. We haven't been able to run exhaustive tests on this, but the battery life seems to be similar to other smartphones of this calibre. Expect to charge every night and you won't go far wrong.

To conclude this tour of the HTC One X, we're going to reiterate just how impressed we are. By adding a quad core processor, a huge HD screen, incredible photographic capabilities and just a whole lot of other features, HTC have created probably the top Android phone of the moment. There's nothing missing, and the only phones that come near are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note. Until the Samsung Galaxy S3 appears at the end of May, HTC have won back their crown.

Update (15 Oct 2012): A 4G version of the phone, called the HTC One XL is now available.

Update (9 Nov 2012): The One X has now been superseded by an updated version called the HTC One X+.

HTC One X features include:

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Average rating from 50 reviews:

Reviewed by Victor from United Kingdom on 4th Dec 2012
I have had the HTC One X (16gb) for almost a month now and my previous phone was the Desire HD. The difference in power, speed, and responsiveness was jaw dropping. The build quality admittedly isn't as good as the Desire HD but the design of the gorgeous screen makes up for it. Its pin sharp clarity is a thing of beauty. The size of the One X was something I was concerned about and took a leap of faith when I upgraded, so glad that I did. When you compare the Desire HD and the One X there's actually not much extra between them. Yes it's bigger but not by much. I've had no problems whatsoever with regards to either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and the newer version of HTC's sense is a great update of the previous version. Its slick, organised and oh so familiar. Admittedly I'm a little biased as I've had such a great experience and 'relationship' with the Desire HD, I doubt I'd want to use another system (Please note I have an iPod Touch and a Galaxy tablet, so I've have experience of using them as well, but HTC Sense is my weapon of choice). The facility to scroll through your recent apps and swipe upwards to clear them is a great idea and does seem to improve battery life. I have not seen the phone lag once, yes it has 1GB less than the S3, but 1GB is all you need and this phone proves it. The camera is fantastic, its photos are beautiful and the wide variety of options from low light setting, to the take photos whilst videoing, to HDR option are within easy reach and make using the phone a really pleasurable experience. One suggestion is adding a dedicated camera button on the side (this goes for quite a few other manufacturers).Yes you can't change the battery, swap SD cards and when you use it for heavy 3D gaming or open a lot of processor intensive apps the battery does leave a little to be desired, but heck peeps it's a Quad cored beast of a smart device and the charge times are pretty quick, a lot quicker than some phones I've used and power saving options do make a difference. One side note, I've run Quadrant and AnTuTu numerous times and each time the scores are either on a par or better than the S3 (insert smiley face).I did consider going for the Samsung Galaxy S3, yes it has a removable battery and SD card, but I don't like the Samsung front end Touchwiz (a little over complicated and not that user friendly) and it felt cheaper in the hand compared to the One X. Both the Desire HD and One X are so underrated, HTC didn't market it or advertise it as heavily as Samsung did for the S3. Oh and on a side note I can recommend the Otterbox Commuter if you value your hardware

Reviewed by Wayne from Australia on 6th Oct 2012
Have had this phone since it was first released and after a shaky start a few software upgrades fixed most of the problems. I also have the samsung S3 and I have to say I prefer the One X , I just think it is a better quality phone and seems to run a lot smoother. They are both great phones but the One X just feels better in hand to me. I also think the camera is better than the S3. My one problem with this phone is the overheating issue,sometimes I am worried it is going to melt , gps seems to cause the most overheating trouble.There seems to be a bit of talk on other sites about this problem but no one seems to have a solution.If it was not for this I would say it is the perfect phone.

Reviewed by Phil th Fluter from United Kingdom on 4th Oct 2012
I go through phones like nobodies busines,just got rid of the Galaxy Note, HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire. This phone stands out as the best I've ever had. I've played with iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3, this is by far more superior. Facial recognition is superb, HD video playback is stunning, camera is awesome with some brilliant effects available, no problem with wi-fi, browsing is fast, 3G+ reception excellent, power button in better position than Note, still getting to grips with the position of the back button, but overall this is an outstanding phone. Thoroughly recommended.

Reviewed by Nikki from United Kingdom on 22nd Sep 2012
I have to say this HAS GOT to be the best phone ever! And here are my reasons for making claim to the fact .... I have had the One X since it came out and have dropped it sooooo many times to the point where it bounced off the floor and it has survived an almost fatal car accident and still working fine!!! Seriously, how many phones can you say you have been dropped (I would say at least 20 times) and been in a serious high speed car accident and survived? It doesn't have a single scratch on the screen, a few scuffs around the edges, but that's all! The features, the speed EVERYTHING about this phone is amazing! I love it so much I am taking out a second contract for the same phone to have as a spare for when it finally does give up on me lol I will say that the signal hasn't held as well since the accident 2 months ago but that really doesn't bother me at all - it works and that's all I ask for after what the poor lil mite has been through! lol

Reviewed by Agan from UK on 20th Sep 2012
Better than Samsung S3, such an underrated phone!

Reviewed by Tony Hayes from UK on 3rd Sep 2012
I have recently upgraded from a HTC Desire to a HTC One X after having a good experience with the Desire, and being sucked in to the ‘HTC quietly brilliant’ campaigns. However the experience has been soured by an on-going problem with the phone.
A couple of months into contract I noticed that when pressing on the left hand side of the screen, the screen seemed to discolour in a wave type effect. Similar to throwing a stone into water, and ripples coming from the centre. I instantly checked the Web, by Googling ‘screen faults on the HTC One X.’ I found thousands of hits. It is clearly a well known fault and people have even uploaded videos showing the fault on to YouTube.

[Edited because original post very long - Ed]

Reply by GH from England on 13th Sep 2012
Can i ask why you would want to press the left hand side of the screen ? Ive got a one x and i dont need to press the screen to use its features just use it as a touch screen.

Reviewed by Jase from Uk on 3rd Sep 2012
First off I was an iPhone user and never thought I would swap as I was used to IOS, I got sick of waiting for the iPhone 5 so I thought I'd try an android!
Played with my friends Samsung galaxy S3 and didn't really like the feel of it and he was dead against the HTC, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. It is one of the best moves I've done, on first getting the phone ( took some getting used to android) I noticed how much faster it was than my 4s but I didn't like certain things battery life and screen flicker, but this was after one day of use. I noticed on the second day a update to 1.28, so I updated it which improved the battery but still a little screen flicker now and then, I checked again for an update as I noticed on the net it was at 1.29 so checked and download that one.
I have to say it is near on perfect now, I use it for around 10 mins in the morning before going to work then it sits idle in my car until I leave work (as I work in a prison) when I came out the phone was still on 96% after 10 hrs, I then tried to run the phone flat so I could give a full recharge by watching YouTube and surfing the net! I got just over 4 hrs out of it before it started telling me the battery need charging. This was the main flaw in this phone and either I was lucky to get one with a good battery or the update sorted things out but I'm really pleased with this phone and will not be getting the iPhone 5 due to this blowing me away.
I looked for loads of reviews for iPhone to android I didn't find that many but I have to say "just do it but give it a week" as I've had this just over and will not go back now.

Reviewed by timi from nigeria on 14th Aug 2012
htc makes some of the best phones around, & i am a die-hard fan of theirs. the only bone of contention i have with them is that their phones lack enough internal memory.

Reviewed by Scott from England on 9th Aug 2012
Had the One X for a few days now having previously owned a Desire S which I was most happy with. I only purchased the One X as I found it on a contract for under £20 a month so thought I could sell it in the worst case. I've decided to keep it, it is a worthy upgrade and offers some extra zip and extended capability across the board mid range phones cannot. And that 4.7 inch HD display is just awesome to hold, especially since most people should be able to do so comfortably with one hand (a worry of mine when ordering). But to be honest, I am not overly impressed. Were I paying 25 per month or more, I would be perhaps more critical. The problems are well known, and they are not insurmountable, but they do niggle. If you want the latest tech, go for the S3 (provided you can stand Touchwiz and the awful looks, both of which put me off instantly). The One X is, under the bonnet, second best every time. But it's a lovely piece of kit that will not let you down with its capabilities. If you can find it on a good deal and fancy a phone that will still give you far more positive surprises than nasty shocks, you're in luck. But an unreliable unswappable battery and various other less severe niggles mean it's not worth 5 stars.

Reviewed by cozy from england on 26th Jul 2012
At the end of May I made a stupid mistake in thinking
I will sell my one x and go for the Samsung s3 what a mistake.
Don't get me wrong the s3 is. Great phone, but I know now
The one x is far better much easier to navigate, the screen
Is far sharper but the reason I've now got another one x and sold
The s3 was for the beats audio it is out of this world.

Reviewed by GH from England on 5th Jul 2012
Read review after review on s3 and one x and opted for one x, phone is superb, no wifi issues just faultless streaming,needs to be used to appreciate its features.

Reviewed by Robbie Loughran from England on 2nd Jul 2012
I was going to get the Galaxy S 3 after owning a GS2 for the last year but Samsung made the mistake of using a pentile screen and making the phone look like a toy so I ordered the HOX, wow I'm glad i did, Sense is soooo much better than touchwiz now i don't have to use a launcher!.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 30th Jun 2012
Bought this phone and it has rubbish WiFi reception so returned it and got another, same problem, returned that one and gave up one the One X, HTC has acknowledged that a hardware problem does in fact exist with this phone. http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/18/3094567/htc-one-x-wi-fi-hardware-connectivity-issues

Reviewed by Nigel from England on 30th Jun 2012
Well what can I say I have a One X, a Ipone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy S3. I have gone fro the Iphone to a One X then to a Galaxy S3.
I have on problem I keep coming back to the One X. The Iphone display is now far to small the Galaxy S3 somewhat annoying (don't know why?) It's just that the One X dose everything very quickly and is easier to use must say I love it.

Reviewed by me from usa on 30th Jun 2012
omigosh so big its bigga thtn my hand omg! i luv it!

Reviewed by Abu Yusef from UK on 22nd Jun 2012
Having had the Desire for 2 years im a great fan of HTC so chose this ahead of SGS3. The screen on this phone and the build quality is the best there is. My initial worry was the battery life which was awful to start with but after a week greatly improved so you can get a days use out of it. However i had some issues with this phone - the first was GPS - it was just a bit out but it meant that the sat nav was unuasable. Also the reception seemed quite poor. After many setting changes i still couldnt get these right, but these 2 issues may have been due to a faulty phone.

My other issues were the placing of the volume control on the phone. Guarenteed if you watched anything in portrait you would be touching these - very annoying. The browser itself also had some issues. On websites with a lot of content the scrolling would be ever so slighly delayed and when scrolling up the task bar always comes up. My final complaint was the low volume setting of the speaker - i thought with 'beats audio' ot would be great but it was worse than my old Desire. All of these things (aside from the reception /gps) may seem quite minor, especially when there are so many excellent features on the phone (htc sense in itself is great) but after having the phone for a month decided to exhange it for Galaxy S3 and this was definetly the right decision ( see my review for that!)

Reviewed by NJT123 from UK on 22nd Jun 2012
Fantastic phone.

Replaced my Ipod, my digital camera and my Kindle. No need for them with this.

Screen is amazing and 3d games are fun.

Storage is enough and works well with Dropbox to help.

Audio Beats built in is a nice touch.

Reviewed by johnathon from uk on 20th Jun 2012
just as good as the s3 very fast lovely screen very clear feels good in the hand, batt live is pretty good after its been conditioned after a few flat charges, wifi reception is the best ive had and ive had most android phones also reception excellent, a few software bugs but nothing you cant work around until htc sort them out, really good looking phone, its all about knowing how to use a smart phone and settings some people just dont have a clue what there doing, 5 star phone

Reviewed by michael from england on 16th Jun 2012
apalling signal and wi-fi reception with this phone and its replacement - as a result got a refund . There is a growing number of people reporting signal issues with this phone on the internet - make sure if you buy this phone to get a retailer with a good returns policy !

Reply by Jane from UK on 20th Jun 2012
you must live in a bad area for signal & wifi...........change your network! there is nothing wrong with this phone!!

Reply by johnathon from uk on 20th Jun 2012
signal is mostly down to your network wifi is always down to your router. my sgnal is the best ive ever had with any android phone excellent all round phone.

Reply by Dace from Australia on 21st Jun 2012
Had the same problem with my first two HTC One X's then third one was fine with very good reception. I am not sure if there was a faulty batch or if a software update fixed the problen but i am very happy now.

Reply by Dave from UK on 25th Jun 2012
I think the WiFi problem is a known issue, I tried to post a link to a story but it wasn't allowed, but I have seen news stories relating to the re-design of the WiFi system. Sure hope they sort it soon, my contract is nearly up and I was planning on getting the One X, come on HTC

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 25th Jun 2012
We have no rule against posting links to relevant articles.

Reply by Nigel from England on 30th Jun 2012
Crazy the reception on the One X is better than a Galaxy S3 never drops out when the S3 dose and has the best WIFI to date and I've had every phone you can buy!!!!!

Reviewed by andrew from scotland on 14th Jun 2012
Great battery life, lovely clear screen super fast no lag. i cant find fault with this monster of a phone every one admires it. as as been said battery isnt as bad as some make out normal use and am getting 2 days

Reviewed by Gary from Eltham, London. on 13th Jun 2012
Can't fault this phone at all. The battery is not as bad as people make out, at least a day and a bit ( much better than my Desire HD ) I've taken it to a few party's for the camera and everyone wants to look and play with it. Screen is excellent but the brighter you have it the more juice you use. Web browsing is very fast. Had it for 3 weeks now and still finding new things to do. Would NOT swap for a Galaxy s3.

Reviewed by Scott from England on 13th Jun 2012
Fantastic phone! Really clear screen, great camera, super software, no crashes, great apps, go get one!

Reviewed by janet from wales on 11th Jun 2012
Awsome phone love it screen is so bright and clear. it is every bit as good as the S3 infact it has a better screen. great out doors viewing

Reviewed by Mark from England on 8th Jun 2012
The best phone on the market without question. If you want a phone which plays video flawlessly (anything you want, get MoboPlayer for non-resident formats), gaming like a PSP only better, blindingly fast at everything, then this is the One. And it makes calls, sends texts, handles email in whatever format you choose, GPS turn-by-turn with Google maps, etc. etc. If you are not very bright, get an iPhone with a tiny screen, simpleton interface, iTunes nonsense, pay for everything operating system. If you are a grown up, Android is the future. Live wallpapers, apps which do things apart from pre-school games, widgets which are helpful...

Reviewed by John from UK on 5th Jun 2012
Obviously the best phone I've ever had. The first thing that blew me away was the the 4.7 inch LCD 2 HD Display. It was so vibrant and clear, its one of those things you have to witness for yourself to truly appreciate. People say the Galaxy S3 blows it out of the water, but remember this HTC one x was the first quad-core phone, it set the benchmark for all other phones to follow.
I could have given this phone 5 stars but I have 1 issue of its multitasking capabilities. For example I could be surfing the web, when all of a sudden I decide to put on some music, when I go back to the web page, it starts to load up all over again.

Reviewed by John from Ireland on 13th May 2012
What a beautiful phone. I sold my iphone 4s to upgrade to a bigger more powerful device and boy am I not sorry. This phone has a beautiful screen that seems curved and feels like a top quality phone to hold. Features like the quad core really make this device super fast. Camera is amazing and ICS is really great too, in fact everything about this phone is brilliant. If I could change one thing it would be to make the batter last a bit longer but for the super phone that it is you cant expect the battery to last very long. I can get 1.5 days with medium usage. I highly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by gary from uk on 8th May 2012
the htc one x is a really good phone people were saying about the battery but its very good its better than my S2 with the htc update and from new i used it til it ran out then charged i done this a few cycles and its great 1st time it was about 8hrs 2nd 14hrs 3rd 19hrs now i get well over 24hrs i use the phone throughout the day and when i get home around 6 its still got half,its got really good features and the camera is the best ive had and the effects are very good to i was going goind to get rid when the S3 came out but after seeing the S3 spec i was a bit disappointed and having them side by side there not much difference between them im really happy the one x and it feels more premium next the S3

Reviewed by Rowan Tejura from UK on 8th May 2012
worst phone i,ve ever bought constantly crashes with the feautures it suppodsely advertises

Reviewed by NJT from UK on 6th May 2012
Great phone!

Reviewed by ron from uk on 4th May 2012
i returmed mine due to screen flex the screen also flickers. my replacement is worse has more flexing. this is a well known defect its all over the web i will be returning mine for a refund. its a pity cause its a real nice phone but no way am paying 450 for a phone with dodgy build. if you press down the left side u will get a ripple effect you may also get flexing which you can hear just do a search for htc one x flex that will reveil how big the problem is

Reply by david from scotland on 7th May 2012
i had the same screen problem htc are aware of it i sent mine back

Reviewed by Jamie H from UK on 2nd May 2012
This is my upgrade from the HTC Sensation. Gutted ICS wont let Sky Go app run on this phone (yet). I have found the battery to be better than the Sensation but the signal is significantly worse in my home than the Sensation. I have downloaded the latest software update and noticed a little improvement. Other than that it feels like a typical HTC phone with improved software that seeems to be slicker to use. If you like HTC phones and want the latest ICS software then this is the phone for you. After previously owning the Desire HD and Sensation I have to say the phone quickly loses its wow factor after a few days. There really is nothing that amazingly new about it compared to other HTC devices, but its software's smooth feel make it the best. Camera is excellent. Call quality good but lack of reception in some areas a concern. Overall very pleased with this phone.

Reviewed by stephen t from uk on 29th Apr 2012
Had the phone a couple of weeks now. Very happy with it... Reception was worse than other handsets but the update to 1.28 sorted that for me

Great screen, decent battery life if you use it to call, text, facebook etc. Soon as you start using it for a lot if games or internet the battery will drain.... But what smartphone won't? Comparable to most other phones out there now anyway.

Ics and sense 4 work very well together and the camera is brilliant. Started using the device camera now rather than a normal camera for work.

No issues at all here. My inky advice is to get an unbranded handset if you can so to get the updates quicker.

Reviewed by eileen from uk on 29th Apr 2012
This is my 2nd review of this phone its just to say I've now
Upgraded the new firmware 1.28.401.9 and its a major
Improvement 1stly the battery life is much better HTC say 20% better.
Also signal seems a little bit stronger amongst other niggles.
You will notice the difference.

Reviewed by Nick from england on 25th Apr 2012
I upgraded after almost 2 years with the HTC Desire, I paid off my contract so that I could upgrade early as I was very eager to get the One X. At first the battery life was very poor until I totally drained the battery then fully recharged, then battery life greatly increased.

I've had one freeze where after ending a call the phone became totally unresponsive with a black screen and a feint red light on the top left hand corner, this lasted 15 minutes but since then it never happened again.

The signal reception seems to be poor in quite a few areas but doesn't drop many calls. On The plus side, the HTC One X is the best phone that I've ever owned. It feels pure quality in the hand with just enough weight to make it feel substantial. It has speedy internet, a vibant and pleasantly large screen, ICS operating system is great as is Sense 4. This is an absoloutley fantastic device. Well done HTC.

Reply by peter from uk on 28th Apr 2012
I guess you haven't tried any iphone, or the new Nokias. If you call it outstanding with bad reception and you are happy it doesn't drop many calls and you give it 5 stars then fair enough!!

Reply by Nick Prosser from Scotland on 29th Apr 2012
Bad reception? Dropped calls? I've had no problems whatsoever! Iphone? Lol no thanks, I hate Apple. The iphone itself is great Apple make it difficult should you wish to add a non Apple device. Consumer bullying! A woman at work always buys the latest iPhones, and how we laugh when she can't share any of our ringtones/videos/pictures via bluetooth because her phone can't send or receive anything via bluetooth to non Apple devices. Just like the Samsung advert, I am not a sheep, thank you very much :)

Reviewed by Dave from Australia on 23rd Apr 2012
Had HTC One X for about a week now, and agree with what most people here are saying about things such as speed , camera , screen and ICS. There are three things concerning me with this phone and keep in mind i am on my second one now, first is reception, i can not make calls in many places where i was able to before with my iphone 4. The One x seems to have the worst reception of any phone i have had. The next problem is bluetooth seems to struggle to hold a signal, i have a few different headsets that worked fine before but now keep dropping out all the time. Last problem is the battery life, i know a phone like this is not going to have have brilliant battery life but i would have expected more than around six hours of average use. Maybe a good phone for playing games and media stuff but it really does struggle as a phone for all the important things you expect from a mobile phone.

Reply by john from uk on 25th Apr 2012
you serious? the iphone battery isnt great and thats with a 3.5 screen. i have none of the problems you claim to have. my htc one x has been perfect much better than any iphone thats for sure.

Reply by Dave from Australia on 25th Apr 2012
I never said the iphone had great battery life . but it does last twice as long as One X , screen size does not matter once battery is flat and you cant use it. As far as the problems you say i claim to have, i use my phone for work so i have had to go back to the iphone to be able to get reception in a lot of the places i go to. A quick google search will show how many people are having battery life and reception problems with this phone .

Reply by Robert from Australia on 26th Apr 2012
I have to agree with John. No problem with mine...maybe his carrier is Vodafone? never get a good signal with them anywhere in Australia...also the battery life is normal at 2 days with normal use, 1 day after heavy use...maybe he was too excited and didn't charge the battery like we all know you should on the first charge....even the 3 charge rule helps...don't care if idiots say you dont need to...it really works. cheers

Reviewed by Nick Prosser from Scotland on 22nd Apr 2012
This is my second One X and second review. In short, i love this phone! My first one had some issues, and this one has none. It's perfect and i love it. It is so light, feels amazing in your hands, and is the fastest phone available!
Forget the SG3, Sense is much better than Touchwiz.
And the camera? It's amazing! And the screen looks beautiful. At 4.7 inches, it is the largest you can go whilst remaining comfortable to use, if you are a thumb typist like me.
This is the best phone ever!

Reviewed by Tim from England on 21st Apr 2012
Had my One X for a week, upgrading from Nexus S. The X runs ICS 4.0.3 so not the latest version. On top of this is HTC's sense 4.0. Not a big fan but unlike previous versions this is subtle and the extras don't use much more memory. The speed is sensational, apps open quickly. Stock HTC browser is good but Dolphin HD better. Camera outside excellent but indoors with low lighting it's only ok. Was a problem with Spotify which was resolved with a major revamp of Spotify (think still beta) and now like iPhone app you can sync tracks 320kbps. 32gb is more than enough. The beats audio option is fantastic and gives real depth to your tracks.

Another nice touch is the LED notification for SMS, missed calls etc. Screen is fantastic and a match for my work iPhone 4 screen. The X is better because it's bigger (4.7 inches) and makes surfing so much easier on the old eyes. Games are miles better on a big screen but watch battery life..

Downsides, battery life is ok. You'll need a good battery management app and even on the lowest brightness setting you should get a day in normal use. Factor in a 3D game on your commute, browsing, checking email and listening to music then you'll be looking at 8 hours. Battery is non removable like all iPhones but seeing that my iPhone 3 and 3S are still going strong you should see 2 years easily.

HTC also do unlock boot so if you want better ROMs or just stick ICS (thereby freeing up valuable memory) then this is what I will do.

Only gripes are the power button on top. Sense (is nice but ICS just so good now)

Reviewed by robert from uk on 19th Apr 2012
awsome phone nice big clear screen very fast with no lag. battery life is much like any big screen phone. but i can get 2 day with medium use. feels good in the hand it doesnt feel as big as you may think. samsung will have there work cut out to beat this beauty.

Reviewed by Cleave from UK on 16th Apr 2012
Got this phone myself after having a Desire for almost 2 years.
This phone really rocks it is seriously fast, (over twice as fast as the galaxy tab in quadrant). signal strength on mine is the same as the desire, phone calls are miles clearer.
Overall pleased with the upgrade, not expecting great battery life so may even be pleasantly surprised

Reviewed by Vic from UK on 16th Apr 2012
Got this as an upgrade to my HTC Desire which has been faultless, I liked the spec and the large HD display. Had the phone one week now, love ICS and the latest HTC Sense and the speed of operation. What I don’t like is the loss of signal, and the poor signal strength resulting in dropped calls and missed calls, icons disappearing from the screen (the HTC clock and weather has removed itself twice). Travelling into Manchester last night along the M602 with Google Navigator the screen froze several times although the distance count down continued to function, had to touch the navigator icon to restart the screen. On my way back out of Manchester the map reversed direction as I passed over the M60/M62 junction (the direction arrow was now pointing in the opposite direction) it was now coming down the map towards my current position, I turned it off, could not rely on it on a busy Motorway at peak times. Going to return it today and get a simm only contract for my old HTC Desire. I would give 5 stars for design, HTC Sense and speed of operation but there seems to be a serious fault with the software and the signal strength reception which seriously limits its use as a phone.

Reply by One x from England on 21st Apr 2012
I wrote the other poor review about the signal. I took the phone back and they exchanged me a new one x. It now works perfectly. Don't go back to the old deire, get the one x !

Reviewed by Keenan from England on 14th Apr 2012
Wow, what a phone. Immediately you can tell the screen is something brilliant. It has the typical HTC weather clock which I don't mind, you can get rid of it if it isn't your taste.

The music player is great especially with beats audio for that added depth and bass, the sorting of the music folders isn't exactly brilliant but the music player itself is pretty damn decent.

When watching movies, the screen is so crisp and the colours are great but dark movies can be a little hard to see, I'm not sure whether this is because of the contrast of the screen.

The processor is everything you can imagine, browsing is a breeze, you just type in the website and instantly it loads, click a button and instantly it loads. It's the same story with downloading apps, they almost instantly download, even the 16mb sort of apps!

The camera is great. 8 megapixels may not sound revolutionary but you could have a 12 megapixel camera that is poor, just like my old Motorola Milestone which was 5MP (the standard at that time) yet the camera had the focus and quality of a 2MP camera. This 8MP camera produces stunning shots and you can even watch your movies and take a photo whilst the movie is running (of the movie) as a sort of print screen! Even the front camera is of decent quality and the face unlock is pretty cool to use.

All in all, this phone is a definite 5 stars however getting used to a virtual keyboard is pretty hard but the screen being so big helps a lot!

Reviewed by John from Ireland on 14th Apr 2012
I've had this phone for just over a week and it is the best phone I have ever had.

The screen is excellent and the raw power of this phone is unbelievable. Ice Cream Sandwich runs very smoothly.

The camera is one of the best I have ever used, the burst mode is great. The time between shots is also very low, far lower than a normal camera phone or a dedicated digital camera

The battery life is excellent and I usually get over a day out of it including music, light web browsing, texting and a couple of calls. My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy S2, which lasted 6 hours at most

I would definitely recommend this phone to everyone. It beats the iPhone 4S in so many ways including processing power, screen size and battery life.

My one small problem with this phone is that it isn’t running Windows Phone 7.5

Reviewed by Vin from UK on 13th Apr 2012
Time for my upgrade. I have always been a 'Blackberry' man, only I was not keen on their recent offerings. So I decided to forego BBM and look around, I decided on the HTC One X. I have lived with it for a few days now, and I just love the phone, easy to use and the screen is something else ! A fast and very capable phone in all respects.
Just a couple of minor gripes, there is not a Micro Sim Slot, although you do get 32 gig of internal storage, somehow it isn't the same. Also mine was shipped with cheap generic headphones and not 'beat' ones. Other than that, I am well impressed with the One X at the minute. I may have a different opinion when and if the internal battery fails as the One X supports a micro sim, where my spare phone doesn't so I guess a sim adapter will be called for.

Reviewed by eileen. crewe from uk on 13th Apr 2012
A couple of years ago when htc made the desire and quite frankly
made its rivals take notice but since then they haven't kicked on (in my opion)
Thyve let Samsung and iPhone have the field pretty much to them selves.
But now they are back with Bang with the one x what a brilliant phone.
The look, the feel, and the quickness is staggering, browsing is a joy to behold
Unless the iPhone 5 and the galaxy s3 have the power to make my husband
Look like George clooney then they have one heck of a fight on there hands
For the number one phone ever produced.

Reviewed by Mike from Wirral on 13th Apr 2012
I have had a Samsung Galaxy S for about 2 years. I got bored waiting for the S3 so decided to take a punt on the One X. It's an amazing phone and I find it hard to understand how the S3 can be much better. I find that Sense is easier to use than Touchwiz. The phone is sleek , slender and lovely to touch. Its very fast and has a seriously sexy screen. The best thing about it is the camera; its the dogs nads. It has such clarity and a quick focus. The HD recording is something to behold.

My old phone ran on Gingerbread. This runs on Ice Cream Sandwich which is a huge improvement. The only thing about ICS that irks me is that Sky Go doesn't work on it yet and it could be months before they configure it.

Reviewed by stuart from england on 12th Apr 2012
i have an iPhone 4s, I've had the last three generations of iPhone and have been happy...i wanted a change and a bigger screen, so i opted for the htc one x...not too worried about battery life and i like the ice cream sandwich setup with htc sense and the speed of the internet...BUT and its been a big but....i like my music, and I've got 32 gb of mp3's.....i've spent 3 full days putting different amounts of data onto the internal memory....from a few mp3's to 7 gb, and all my mp3's are tagged with data, i.e.., artists pics and dates....when i tried to access them in htc's music app the pics was not to the right artist (to the right mp3)....and i had to wait an eternity for it to work, i tried and tried with varying degrees of installation but still no success....is it a memory fault that no one has recognised yet?....it really made the phone unstable and unusable ....so hence after many hours of trying to get it to work i ended up returning it and i am now back with my rock solid apple iPhone .... its a great shame for a great looking phone for something so basic not to work.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 8th Apr 2012
Bought this today from Phones4U for £520. I had a HTC Desire HD and considered the Sensation when it was released, but it wasn't enough of an upgrade. Then I saw the note advertised, but the £600 price tag and TouchWiz GUI put me off. I love HTC Sense so was hoping to stick to HTC. So I waited a while, and heard of the One X. The epitome of mobile phone epicness.
So I got it home and powered it up. Lightning fast. However, Sense is different this time, the back button has moved, and there is no designated menu button. This can be annoying, especially on the internet...you have to scroll the screen for the menu button to appear.
Also, the top half of the phone gets very hot when charging. And you can actually see the battery draining as you use it.
For me, yes, it is the fastest phone out, with the best camera. But there is nothing new over the Desire HD in terms of pleasurable use. When I first got my DHD, I couldn't put it down. This phone is not as exciting.
The random internet crashing that was so frustrating with the DHD is still here. Some websites just refuse to function e.g. try selling something on ebay, it is impossible, ebay telling you the advert can't be placed without ticking certain options, which you cannot tick. I would switch to Opera in this case, but that just crashes with this phone.
it's just not that exciting to use. The screen is bigger than the DHD (4.3" compared to 4.7") however, with some apps, there is a bar at the bottom of the screen used for the menu button, which is about 7mm high, so you are basically losing part of the screen.
The sound is fantastic, it's like being at a concert, especially with Beats headphones. However, these are very expensive, and I have an iPod for that.
Maybe I am just bored of the HTC layout, and want something new and exciting for my £500. Which is what I will have from the Galaxy Note I just ordered :)

Reviewed by One x from England on 7th Apr 2012
This phone is truly brilliant, I have recently purchased it in an upgrade. It does everything you could ask for and it is probably the best phone on the market. However my phone no longer works as a 'phone'. I am experiencing major service signal issues. When not touching the phone it connects at its own will, the signal may bounce to full then returning back to nothing every so often. The second I pick it up however, you can watch the bars go down to nothing.

I have gone back to the store I purchased the one x and they tested whether it was the new micro sim technology by swapping sims and phone with a 'one s' they had in store, of which they found no problem with the one s and again the one x had a faulty signal.

The demo version the store had and was testing found signal problems, but I was told that they rebooted (wiped the phone and factory settings) it was fine. They did it again to mine and it still is having problems. It may be the result of a faulty batch as it seems there are no others than the store I have visited. On a better note I've been promised a new one from a new batch next week.

Anyhow, 5 stars for the phone itself and features, and well done for htc and their ice cream sandwich!
But im having to give this phone a 1 star until my bug is fixed. Because this has rendered it unusable.... For now :(

Reply by One x from England on 21st Apr 2012
I took the phone back and they exchanged me a new one x. It now works perfectly!

Reviewed by Les Ram from England on 5th Apr 2012
My One X was acquired this morning, the day of its release. I know it isn't always perceived as a good thing, reviewing a phone after only seven hours of ownership but I felt compelled to proffer at least, initial impressions.

After owning the HTC Desire HD for the last eighteen months, the One X feels light and flimsy in comparison. But it isn't. The HD has a 'milled from billet aluminium' body and this can't be compared to the One X which is made of a very strong and durable polycarbonate which means it's lighter and every bit as tactile as the HD.

The gain in speed of operation is noticeable, genuinely! Accessing features from the Micro SD card of old cannot be compared to the rippiness (...?) of the O.X. In truth, with 32GB onboard the SD card is kind of rendered redundant, think more along the lines of the, dare I say it, iPhone and you'll get a better idea of the performance levels now in place.

The camera is good, very very good. Taking pictures, I was waiting for the delay I've become so accustomed to but it wasn't there, in fact there's barely any lag at all, a whispering 'click' and that's it, intially I had to check to make sure the thing had actually even taken a picture but it had, and it was, again, very very good. Sharp, bright and hand grenade to the HDs' firecracker, no more 'light blue touchpaper and wait for click'.

The Dropbox feature is a handy bonus although without wishing to disparage Dr. Dre, after reading some comments online I did download the Poweramp app just to add a little oomph to the sounds available on tap, one point to note, the earphones that come with are the old 'hang in the ear' type, NOT the in ear ones I was hoping for with my £480 phone...

Overall, first impressions are really quite spankingly good. If you've never owned a high performance handset then the One X will blow your mind, if you >have< owned one of the hierarchy of the android set, my first impressions are that you should take everything you thought yours did well and then add a technological jalepino to the mix, it really does go down well with an Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reviewed by Ambrose from UK on 5th Apr 2012
I was lucky enough to have my mobile phone contract end on 5th April so I have received my HTC One X this morning. As an Xperia X10 owner this is a huge upgrade for me.

I have not had chance to play with all the features yet but I am really impressed with the design of the phone and the general layout.

I guess you are in 2 camps when it comes to phones either Android or Apple depending on what you are used to and this phone has strengthened my alligence to Android.

My only slight area of concern for the future is in the non-removable battery cover, in the past if my phone has frozen then I can take my battery out to reset it, I am not sure what the answer will be if this happens to this phone

Reply by Dave P from UK on 20th Apr 2012
If you can’t turn HTC One X on or access settings, you can still perform a factory reset by using the hardware buttons on HTC One X. 1.Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button. 2.Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons. 3.Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

Reply by Nick from england on 25th Apr 2012
You just need to press the power button in for 10 seconds and it reboots. apparently.

Reply by Tez from UK on 9th May 2012
Dave P.... I dont think he wants to factory reset the phone, just switch it off!

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