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HTC Legend review

 Review: March 2010  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Legend is a gorgeous compact touchscreen phone with a brushed alloy finish.



It seems that HTC can't get Android smartphones out of the door fast enough in 2010. We've only just reviewed the HTC Desire, and now here's the HTC Legend. It's another mid-range (less than £30 per month on contract) touchscreen smartphone and it's clearly another winner.

As we commented in our review of the Desire, Android has come of age, and it's now a proper grown-up operating system with the early beta feel completely smoothed over and the Android Market bursting with apps for you to download.

The Legend is a more compact phone than the Desire, and it shuns the usual "black slab" touchscreen look in favour of something altogether more tactile and sexy - a brushed metallic body. It's an ultra sexy phone, and that's something we don't often think these days when all touchscreens tend to look the same. It's very compact for a touchscreen - significantly smaller than the Desire and not much larger than entry-level phones like the Samsung Tocco Lite. But it still manages to squeeze in a decent-sized 3.2 inch screen. And it's a beautiful AMOLED capacitive screen with a good resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and a good response to the touch. OK, so it lacks the superwow factor that the Desire has, but it's still an excellent screen.

The user interface is a joy to use. The Legend has pinch-to-zoom capability, so you can easily control the onscreen view with your fingers. The screen is capacitive, so it responds to your touch beautifully. The combination of the latest release of Android 2.1 (Eclair) plus the HTC Sense interface make a seamless user experience, and the phone just responds intuitively to your touch. We'd say it's just as easy to use as the iPhone.

The Legend does nearly everything that the Desire does, but in a more pocket-sized device. The camera is a good one, with 5 megapixels, autofocus and flash, plus video recording. The built-in GPS receiver works with Google Maps, has a digital compass and enables geo-tagging of photos. The Legend has a digital music player that can handle all popular music formats and syncs easily with any Windows-based PC. We're delighted to find a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can connect a pair of high quality stereo headphones for the best possible listening experience. An FM radio is also included.

The internet works very well on the Legend. The responsive touchscreen and pinch-to-zoom feature make it simple to zoom, scroll and move around within web pages. The internet is fast and always on, with the 3G HSPA connection offering download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and uploads of 2 Mbps. If you're in a WiFi zone, you can make use of the WLAN connection for even faster data access. There are also widgets for facebook and other online tools. But this is one area where you feel that the larger screen of the Desire would make the experience better.

The 600MHz processor that powers the Legend isn't as fast as the CPU in the Desire, but it's fast enough, and is faster than most other smartphones on the market. The battery is substantial too, with a 1300 mAh capacity. That's plenty to power a device of this type, and the battery should last for a couple of days even with heavy use. There's plenty of onboard memory as well - 384 MB of RAM and the Legend can accept microSD card right up to 32GB.

Connectivity includes WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, with A2DP support for wireless stereo headsets, a mini-USB connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

All in all, the HTC Legend really lives up to its name. HTC and Android are on a roll at the moment, and it's where the action is happening in 2010. Both the HTC Legend and the HTC Desire are utterly brilliant phones. They cost about the same on contract, so the question is which to get? Think of the Legend as a more compact version of the Desire. It has the benefits of size, weight and that gorgeous alloy finish. The Desire has the larger screen, faster processor and more memory. Ask yourself whether you really need that.

HTC Legend features include:

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Average rating from 49 reviews:

Reviewed by Tim from England on 27th Jan 2012
As you can see, the reviews get progressively worse for this phone as time goes by. I don't think that's a surprise. Something happened in either the hardware or software over this time that has rendered it terrible. It started off well back in 2010 - for about 3-5 months (can't remember). But then the problems started. It soon started to lag horribly when texting. It now takes 20 seconds to open the messages folder and a further 20 to open a message. It crashes at random - literally switches itself off then back on - not much, but enough to make it a noticeable flaw. It basically justs runs so slow now that it's infuriating. It's not like I have many apps etc (I have the ones it comes with plus angry birds). I don't even have to have used any of the apps after a restart for it to be slow. It's just got some terrible slow disease. Like a computer virus. Painful. And I agree with the comments on the reception - I swear it was better with previous phones. Finally, the battery life is not an issue - if you're gonna get a smartphone, accept that all battery life is poor. however the charging mechanism is possibly the stupidest design I've ever encountered. I literally have to balance the charger in the phone for it to charge - otherwise it just slips out. I cannot get over how stupid the person who designed that section of the phone must have been. Seriously. So stupid. Anyway, it's not put me off HTC, just more in the camp that says, no one complains about iPhones in this way, perhaps it's time to up and convert. Or should I upgrade to the Galaxy 2S ...

Reviewed by Neil from N Ireland on 13th Dec 2011
Absolute rubbish. I'm just about to be given my fourth handset. Different fault each time. Components must be made of tin foil or worse. Never ever take one of these poorly made pieces of scrap.

Reviewed by laura from australia on 19th Nov 2011
i have had my htc legend for just over a week and advise anyone wanting to purchase one to think again....im not saying its all bad cause there r many good features about this phone but when it comes to the life of the battery it makes u want to smash it. since i got it i have only managed to get 6 to 7 hours of charge,the screen flickers and reception drops in and out sometimes to the extent of no service. i wouldnt recommend it thats for sure

Reviewed by Adam from Australia on 3rd Oct 2011
Had this phone for less than a year when I noticed that the screen starts to flicker black when it is cold. I live in a cool climate area but still don't expect a phone to do this. I have to put the phone in front of a heat source to stop the flickering and see the screen. Sometimes the whole screen is black. Nice phone, good system, just think it was manufactured poorly. This is where it fails.

Reviewed by BenO from UK on 3rd Apr 2011
The Legend might be good for geeks but it needs far too much maintainence for the casual user. And as for the battery lasting 2 days... Ha ha ha. No chance! Mine needs charging in the morning and again before I go out at night. And I don't even use it that heavily and have carefully researched and applied all the suggested power saving tips. Typing on the touch screen is a nightmare as it's far too laggy even with next to nothing in the cache or on the memory stick (not that you should be restricted on how much is in the cache or is on the memory stick anyway - I paid a lot of money for the phone and would like it to operate to my requirements!). It's my second HTC phone and I haven't been happy with either of them. My advice would be to avoid it - it's just too frustrating. I can't wait until my contract is up and I can replace the thing.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 12th Feb 2011
@ Gordon Brown. If it's suddenly glitchy you have probably done one of the following; let the caches grow too large, installed something that is affecting the rest of the system, accidentally deleted a program needed for the day to day running of the phone. However, reading the next bit of your sentence: Airplane mode always on (costing loads)..... Did I read that right?? If your airplane mode is always on then you won't get a signal because it turns all the radios off. & How on earth can it cost loads? It isn't sending or receiving anything. In airplane mode it's a pda/media player & nothing else. I've had mine since the day it came out & with regular spring cleaning it's as good now as when new. Try a factory reset (although from your post you'll probably struggle with this). & as for HTC doing nothing about it.. It's been 2 days! give them chance!

Reviewed by Zuzana from UK on 5th Feb 2011
@ Heather....download Handcent from the market. It's free and much better then the HTC messaging.

Reviewed by Jim from Australia on 1st Feb 2011
I'll give the Legend minus one star for phone reception. I like to use all it's functions but I still need a phone and this I haven't got. It will go back to 3 and cancel the contract.

Reviewed by Jamie from England on 31st Jan 2011
My friend has this phone and i have the wildfire and you can see that this has a better screen and faster processer it just doesn't look very nice with its chin and the wildfire looks nice if you look on the inside it is beautiful and has htc sense and footprints.

Reviewed by Gordon Brown from UK on 25th Jan 2011
Iv'e had mine since July and two days ago it started getting extremely glitchy. It permenantly restarts, is always on 'no service', is extremely slow, airplane mode is always on (costing loads!) and, worst of all, HTC have done nothing about it!

Reviewed by Heather from UK on 23rd Jan 2011
I absolutely love my HTC legend but have one issue with it - the text messages are shown in date order, rather that reverse date order so I have to scroll all through the messages from a friend to get to the latest message - is this a know fault or is there a way I can change the order of text messages?

Reviewed by alex blood from wales on 9th Jan 2011
the best mobile phone ever FACT

Reviewed by Barry Warhurst from UK on 20th Nov 2010
Hi Have had the legend for a couple of months and its brill fast intuative and great looking , i cannot fault this phone it is so responsive, and with the new release of Froyo 2.2, which i have just downloaded, it has just got faster and lots of mods too many to mention look them up for yourself, this phone is not only fast it is sexy. as you can see i am enamoured with this phone it is quicker and more responsive than the iphone. GO FOR IT.

Reviewed by Rich from England on 20th Oct 2010
I bought this phone for my technically illiterate girlfriend last May and she gets along fine with it. The battery lasts about 4 days as she only uses it for texting and some horoscope app thing. Reception is good in the house which is a poor signal usually on my Nokia. The screen is very colourful and contrasty, because OLED screens arn't backlit the blacks are deep black. One thing I have noticed is sometimes the pinch to zoom and other things on the internet aren't quite as smooth as on my iPod touch, it's just not quite as polished as the apple products. But I'm giving it five stars because these are very minor niggles. and anyway you can't Bluetooth a photo on an iPhone can you tee hee

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 20th Sep 2010
Excellent phone, extremely easy to use. Very responsive scree, looks gorgeous and the pocket size is perfect. Battery life is not very good (as it never is for smart phones in general) but with the 3G turned on only when required it lasts easily 48hours - 60hours. Best phone in this price range.

Reviewed by Ben from England on 23rd Aug 2010
Had this phone after my N97, the only real gripe isn't really with the phone it's with the software support on PC. Just wish HTC made a pc suite that was like nokia's allowing easy sync (i now have to use gmail calendar to outlook) and also allowing connecting via bluetooth to send text messages, there are third party add ons, but nothing that works as easily as pc suite. Phone itself is great, easy interface with everything to hand, make sure you get advanced app killer to ensure prolonged battery life had it 5 days now, battery lasting a day atm with light-moderate usage. I probably would send back to get a desire, but the deal offered from voda free phone, ult texts, 600 mins & 512mb internet data for 20p/m over 12 months is too good not to have it! 5 Stars for phone, but only giving it 4 due to software issues on pc and battery life. Although battery life may improve as it goes on.

Reviewed by Ken from Wales on 19th Aug 2010
Fantastic looking and easy to use (that is of course if you can find somewhere you can use it!) 1. Reception is dreadful alernating between 3 bars and no signal (this appears to be a common problem looking at various forums). Compare this to my old (ancient) Nokia, which never drops below 4 bars. 2. Battery life is limited...with no use whatsoever it needed recharging after 15 hours. Don't waste your money on it unless perhaps you live and work in a big city or somewhere with fantastic signal strength.

Reviewed by N Nadeem from Uk on 19th Aug 2010
Got this phone on vodafone. Really bad signal poor battery life and had problems with the Internet. Return it back after two days. Please don't get this phone get something else. honest advice...

Reviewed by Aitchisonian from pakistan on 17th Aug 2010
My first touchscreen and I have to say. It is simply amazing. Gets a little slow while installing apps from the market but definitely a hot phone. HTC sense is great and of you don't like it there are many other home screens available on the market. A must buy!!!!

Reviewed by bob smith from uk on 9th Aug 2010
i find this phone to be very slow and i dislike htc sense very much. i regret a lot buying this phone and its really heavy compared to my old phone the really good htc magic

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 8th Aug 2010
Michael, I think you must have had a faulty phone & the vodafone shop clearly don't know this phone as it does indeed have an overcharge cutout. the LED turns green when fully charged & the battery stops charging. Will Roberts, having read your rant I'm pretty sure you don't own this phone. I use it on O2 & all my settings are there for location & weather etc. (in fact it set them up itself with no input from me when I first inserted the sim). I've never been able to run it flat in an hour. I've never used video calling (same with 99% of the population) & the predictive text & auto correction make it one of the easiest touch screen phones I've ever typed with. Overall I find this a fantastic phone if a little limited in updates as 2.2 will be the last this phone can receive as 3.0 requires a 1Ghz processor.

Reviewed by Malcolm from Scotland on 7th Aug 2010
I was so excited about this phone when I ordered it. After reading such good reviews all over the web I couldn't wait for it to arrive. When it arrived however, I was very disappointed. Battery life is absolutely terrible. It lasted for 7 hours. What use is all this new Technology if the battery does'nt last ? Also the signal was very very poor I had 7 days to return the phone and I'm very glad that I did..

Reviewed by charlie stephen james broome from england on 5th Aug 2010
htc is a great all rounder and gives a good sound picture and music , on the down side is the the phone book which down loads facebook id automatic which can be a bit of a hassle when u want 2 keep ya phone book freinds and family only ? plenty of aps and the screen is so sensative u end up calling wrong numbers when starting off for the first time with toutch ! everything else is spot on internet/ processor and all the other mod cons . u can make this phone your own with all the 7 differant screens u can customize , just get it and go with it . lol chaz

Reviewed by Kevin from Scotland on 28th Jul 2010
After a lot of searching I decided on the HTC legend and I'm glad I did what a phone!!! this is my first touch screen phone and was aware that I wouldn't get great battery life compared to my previous phone SE C902i but as long as you have certain things turned off when not in use like WIFI/3G and I have installed juice defender and I'm getting up to 2-3 days on moderate use, so not bad when you look at what the phone can do.

Reviewed by will roberts from uk on 25th Jul 2010
avoid this pile of junk at all costs it doesn,t allow settings off 02 network so you cant get your location and weather temp etc and the battery stinks used it for 1 hour and it was almost flat, lousy ringtones you can hardly hear no video calling, querty keyboard is too small and you keep getting the wrong letter up & to write a text is a joke and slow and these are the phones best bits so if youre determined to by one get the dummy version off ebay for around a fiver at least it,ll save you around 360 quid because the real one is for MUGS on a scale of 1 out of a 100 i would give it a 1

Reviewed by michael pearson from england. on 11th Jul 2010
I`ve had a HTC legend for about 6 weels now and in fact i`m on my second one. I took the first one back as I was having to charge it 3/4 times a day and the phone was to hot to touch. I have since been told by the Vodafone shop not to charge it ovenight as there is no cut off when fully charged and the battery just fries. Sound advice but no good after the event. And you would think in 2010 there would be a cut out. All my previous phones have. I too have had to have a full reset when the signal went. That aside it is a very good phone to use and so easy. I was apprehensive about touch screens but now I have this I`m converted. Apart from the battery problem which I believe they are sorting, this is a good phone.

Reviewed by Gail from Scotland on 10th Jul 2010
Fantastic fone. Battery life poor on my legend,but on the plus side it charges quickly. Wud recommend 2 anyone.

Reviewed by Rob from Lincolnshire on 25th Jun 2010
This phone replaces my IPhone 3G and in my opinion knocks spots of the 3G & 3GS. Battery life as good if not better Screen clarity indoors and outdoors is as good if not better Speed is better Apps, well maybe not as many but adequate for me A big factor is the monthly tarriff and no charge for phone as the IPhone was going to cost me 75 up front and more per month

Reviewed by Dennis from Ireland on 21st Jun 2010
I have this for about 2 months now. I love it. The Android OS is great, my only quip is that the startup time is longer than I would like, so I just leave it on. The battery is fine for me. If the screen is on constantly you'll burn up the battery. Usually I have wi-fi on 24/7, BT off, GPS off (unless travelling), and I listen to music for about 30mins per day on it. By the time bedtime rolls around I usually have about 50% - 60% battery left. At work the building has poor reception on most networks, but the Legend has a better signal than most. Friends with iPhones cannot get a signal at all most of the time, but my Legend has one for about 80% of the time. I live in Galway and the reception all over the city is excellent. Perhaps the poor signal in London is due to the carrier not the phones?

Reviewed by jbomber from UK on 17th Jun 2010
Battery life can be sorted pretty easily with a bit of setting up and with the help of a couple of Apps (Task Panel & Juice Defender for example) but the inability to connect to the web of make a call when others can just defeats the whole idea of a smartphone. I have read that you can make a call when there is no signal showing but tried that yesterday in the middle of a shopping centre and it didn't work for me. I also obtained a new sim from a Vodafone shop but that didn't help either.As soon as HTC issue a fix I shall visit the Legend again but until then just can't recommend it.

Reviewed by jbomber from uk on 15th Jun 2010
Being anticipating this phone for months and it is fantastic except . . . . . The reception is terrible. I ve compared it with.my old SE905 and my wife's Nokia 5800 and it's no contest. Very disappointed.

Reviewed by LP from UK on 12th Jun 2010
Got my HTC Legend the other day and have tried all features. I bought it on the strength of the review here, youtube and other sites. But I hate it. The battery life is appalling. I've also had to reset to factory settings twice. It didn't pick up my location. The Vodaphone network in my area is bad so the signal was bad, which made the whole exprience bad. The only good thing was the Wi-Fi in my house, which it picked up well so I used that to browse the web. The pinch re-sizing is ok. The qwerty keybaord in landscape and portrait mode is not as good as reviewers make out. It is an overrated phone. There are better Nokia phones out there, like the N97 mini, which also has a real qwerty keyboard, not just a touchphone keyboard. Overall poor.

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 10th Jun 2010
A nice phone, sturdy and very responsive touchscreen. However poor battery life and Noticeably inferior signal strength to any other phone I've owned have lead me to regret purchasing this. I'm tied to a 2 year contract but wish I knew then what I know now.

Reviewed by edwin from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
The phone gets disconnected right in the middle of any conversation and gets switched off showing the signal. Funky phone but it doesn't work for business when the phone switch off every time.

Reviewed by zuzana from uk on 30th May 2010
phone is still great after few days of full on use. With the right apps and playing around, you can set your own tones to messages and the battery lasted me all day (about 11 hours) with full, non stop use of wi-fi, apps, youtube other internet search and games. When the battery started flashing and was on 14% and then 9%, I still got about an hour of playing games. there is really great apps to customize you mesages and peoples list and everything else so you can truly make the phone your own. So there really is not one thing to annoy me just yet. Not sure if my first overly long review will make it here, but still giving it 10 stars. It really is the first phone I ever had that I am not moaning about for the first week or so, that I can't find anything. How did I not get HTC phone before, I really don't know. I'm converted for time being.

Reviewed by Zuzana from UK on 28th May 2010
OK, after reading possibly all info about all phones, I have decided to go for the Legend even though I'm SE biggest fan. HTC are doing good things and it was between legend or desire, but the 30fps video recording of the legend that got me to buy it (15fps on desire and same as my SE phone). So I sacrificed the 1GHz Snapdragon, the bigger screen and some other stuff and went for it. I have to say that I do love this phone, but the whole body looks somewhat cheap and very prone to scratch. But the size is just slightly wider then my SE C902 so very poketable. The battery is ok, I know with the use I give it I will have to charge it every day, but it lasts longer then I thought it will. Very user friendly and easy to set up even for someone like me. The android store has plenty of free apps to last me very long time. I did find the actual ring tone setting and changing a bit fiddly and hard to find, but got there. I haven't figured out how or if you can change the text tone to your own (as far as I can tell you can't), but saying that it is letting the phone down will make me sound really picky, lol. I just like my own tone for texts and alarm....I overslept this morning completely ignoring the strange sound I'm not use to. Anyway, the camera is ok for smartphone I suppose. The video recording is nice too, but can't zoom in during the recording, only before. But hey, doesn't matter much, it's just back up camera for me when I forget my proper one. There are cool apps for photo editing and for taking funny pictures, different colours and shapes......well, there is apps for just about anything really. The speaker is fine when watching youtube or for music, but not so good when recording videos (still not a big deal). This being my first touch phone, I do find it smooth and easy and you will just take to it like duck to water. I was surprised just how easy as I was really against touch phones a lot, lol. No problem transferring my contacts through b luetooth and I love how you can link all you contacts to your facebook and it will come up with their facebook picture in your phonebook. But now I have people phone numbers that I didn't have before (not sure if I'm the only one that has facebook friends that are not really that close), so that is not so good as they will have my number too, lol. Took me some time to find my old ringtones and voice recording that I transferred through bluetooth, but got there in the end. I'm really trying to find faults with this phone as i had it for a day and my sim is still not registered (yes, Vodafone) and I don't want to love it in case they can't sort it out and it has to go back. But there really isn't that many (3- the cover is cheap, the text tone and the alarm tone). But it is early days for me and there is so much this phone has and does that I probably might have missed it. Sorry for this long review, just trying to cover what I think and I'm a chatterbox and could talk about p hones forever. Giving it 5 start and hoping that Vodafone will sort it or I will give up on phones and buy old nokia with snake game and that will do me, lol

Reviewed by Ali from England on 20th May 2010
An update on my last review.Most peoples gripe is about the battery life (rightly so) but I've found that if you turn the Internet off (hold down power button at the top then disconnect internet) the battery will last for 2.5-3 days.I then connect a couple of times a day to update all the apps that are running.If you think about what its doing there no supprise the battery dies so quickly.Still 5 stars for me...

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 17th May 2010
The HTC Legend is like one those beautiful woman you are instantly seducted by but when you start dating them you scrape beneath the veneer and start finding faults. Admittedly these aren't massive, but perfection this phone ain't. For example, the Contacts database is messy. I had a lot of duplicate entries when synchronised with other account which though I was able to "link" are still appearing with individual items listed several times (e.g. if each contact has the same mobile number this is listed again and again). Since I had it and for some inexplicable reason, it has deleted all my SMS messages twice. Vodafone can't help with suggestions ranging from resetting to default or buying a new memory card, but if you Google this error you will see that it's common to some of the other Android phones too. Finally battery life is shockingly poor. It really only lasts for a couple of days if you use it as a simple mobile phone, i.e. no data, no camera, nothing, just calls and SMSs. The moment you link it to data (even mobile data) you'd be better off carrying a rucksack with your own power supply. Yes, it is beautiful, yes, it is no doubt "sexy" and the screen is a pleasure to use but as for being practical I reserve my own judgement.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 3rd May 2010
I am comparing this to the iPhone as I've seen that and done it.The 2 phones are very similar they both handle the same they run the same too having additional screens that you move effortlessly across. One to put your apps on,a home screen on another.The touch screen is as effortless as the iPhones as is the speed of of the prosessor that runs the Legend.In conclusion HTC have a phone that has as much gusto as Apples more expensive (Three times the price)handset if your desporate for all things Apple ie.Itunes & Apps (some Apps are the same in the Android Store)then the Iphone you must go,if its everything else then for me the HTC Legend is a superb alternative choice.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 3rd May 2010
The phone is nice and well made ... Here comes the but,Battery life is poor(needs charging 2/3 times daily,Signal not the best and my biggest bug bear... Try and use it in sunshine outdoors and you cant see the display! I would think carefully before I bought one of these,I would not make the same mistake again!

Reviewed by Steve from UK (bournemouth) on 1st May 2010
Recently upgraded my vodafone contract with a new phone, and chose the HTC legend. I was abit sceptical about going touchscreen, but thought i should go for it before i have no choice on a touchscreen phone because they are all turning ut that way. Anyways, received it yesterday, and am in love with it. Its the most brilliant phone ive ever had. Very clever, very attractive and extremely personalized, its quick, and overall, its amazingly easy to use. And so far, so good, with no problems what so ever(TOUCH WOOD) and if it stays that way with no problems, then HTC have a VERY happy customer. I would recommend this phone to anyone. Its a very high quality.

Reviewed by J from UK on 30th Apr 2010
Had my Legend for just over a week now and I LOVE IT. Its my first touchscreen and I upgraded from a SE W890i, so vast improvement for me. The keyboard is absolutely amazing, the amount of typos I make when typing fast but it still gets my word 90% of the time. The screen is beautiful and the ability of to customise each 7 homescreen is so convinient. Really impressed by android market as well, may not be as big as the app store but still very decent. Mail was easy to sync as well. Very impressed!

Reviewed by Ed from England on 26th Apr 2010
This is an update to my earlier review. I took the phone with me to Kew (visited Kew Gardens and The National Archives). The phone had a full charge when I unplugged it at 10am. At various points in the trip I was without a signal when I wanted one although I didn't make a single call all day. My friend with an iphone on O2 had signal at all times except when we we're in The National Archives. In one particular pub I had no signal at all for the duration. Bearing in mind we were in a fairly central part of London I'd say this is rather depressing if you're a Vodafone customer, especially as I could see the O2 netork on the Legend at all times... On the train home I checked the battery useage and it said that 66% of that used so far had been in trying to maintain the cell connection to Vodafone. Moving one step further it said that my disconnect time was 54%. This was the point at which the battery finally gave out - a total of approximately 15 hours with no calls made, a coup le of texts and only minor GPS and internet use. On a trip into London where you would imagine coverage would be excellent, this is a totally unacceptable state of affairs. In this situation the battery life was also simply woeful. Fortunately this trip was made within 7 days of receipt and the phone will be in the post back to the supplier tomorrow. You have been warned!

Reviewed by Nemo from UK on 23rd Apr 2010
I to am having Signal/Battery problems with the legend on Voda... Need to charge it twicw a day and poor signal! Anyone else experiencing problems? I like the features just the battery/signal letting it down at the moment

Reviewed by Ed from England on 22nd Apr 2010
Had one of these since Tuesday, so still very new. So far it does everything it's supposed to. Touch screen works a treat, and as it's my first one that's a relief. I've been playing with it a lot so it's a bit early to judge battery life, it might not be that great though, so I'll have to report back. Early impression is it's a great bit of kit.

Reviewed by James from England on 14th Apr 2010
The legend is truley a Legend. The touch screen is fantastically responsive compared to nokia 5800 and samsung tocca series. Processer speed and power blows away N97 mini and sony c905(if you want even more power go for the htc desire with its snapdragon processer but be aware it is bigger(slightly) than the i phone). Battery life is good and signal strengh again is better than the phones listed above. I live in an area where signal is limited so am well qualified to judge. The futuristic android 2.1 operating system runs smoothly and gives you access to a well stocked apps store. The wifi and bluetooth fire up with ease and synced to my car hand free staright away. The phone sits well in the hand, metal body gives you a really solid feeling and screen is crystal. Overall struggerling to say anything bad about the phone. If you want to get on board with the technology of the future look no further than the Legend.

Reviewed by Rakesh from U.K on 12th Apr 2010
@ Lou The battery and signal quality on the phone are fine, I work for vodafone and have used it. I would say there is a fault with the antenna in your phone and as you phone is always searching for a signal thats gonna drain the battery.

Reviewed by Lou from England on 10th Apr 2010
I have had the phone for a week now and felt I should give a short review to assist others considering a purchase. The pros - The screen is great, the processor is responsive and the sound is acceptable. It also looks good and is not overly big. The camera is good enough and is easy to use. The cons - I can't get a good signal on the phone even in built up areas where the signal is usually good. I am using the same service provider I have always used so that is not the problem. This causes the Leg-end to constantly lose the 3g signal. It is also really poor for battery life, but this is probably due to use and powering a big bright screen.

Reviewed by Rakesh from U.K on 7th Apr 2010
This phone is really good, made out of one piece of brushed aluminium, it is extremly solid. its rather cheap aswell, starting at 20 a month @vodafone. I have the HTC Desire and there is not much difference apart from this is smaller and the proccessor isnt as fast. HTC are doing well this year and there phones just get better and better.

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