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HTC Incredible S review

 Review: February 2011  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Incredible S is an Android smartphone that sits between the Desire and Desire HD in HTC's lineup. Key features include the huge 4 inch screen and the 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording.

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The HTC Incredible S is the first of the new "S" series Android phones announced by HTC in Barcelona on 15th February. What can we say about this stunning phone? It certainly lives up to its name! The Incredible S sits midway between the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire HD, in price, size and spec. HTC have sought to differentiate the Incredible S from its existing range of Android phones by subtle contouring in its design. This is especially noticeable from the rear. Otherwise, there isn't a lot here that's new - it fills a gap in the line-up rather than bringing anything revolutionary to the table. So perhaps "Incredible" is stretching things slightly.

Nevertheless, this has got to be one of the very best phones money can buy today. Physically it isn't much larger than the original Desire, and it weighs the same, yet HTC have miraculously fitted a larger 4 inch display with a super-high resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It's also been given the same camera as the Desire HD - 8 megapixels with a dual LED flash - plus HD video recording. The memory has been upgraded too, to 1.1GB, and you can extend this with a microSD card by another 32GB.

The Incredible S is running Android 2.2 (Froyo), but it should get an update to Gingerbread 2.3 fairly soon. In any case, Gingerbread doesn't offer any particularly ground shaking new functionality. The processor is 1 GHz - the same as in the Desire HD.

One thing that we're particularly pleased to see is that HTC have supplied the Incredible S with a suitably high-powered battery (1450 mAh), which should give a significantly improved battery life compared with the Desire HD.

We've just given a quick overview of the Incredible S here, outlining how it differs from the existing line-up. Read our HTC Desire review and HTC Desire HD review if you'd like to find out more about what these phones are capable of. We'll just conclude here by saying that the Incredible S would be a fantastic upgrade for any existing Desire owners, with a larger screen, improved camera and more memory. If you're choosing between the Incredible S and the Desire HD, you'll probably conclude that the Desire HD offers more, although it is of course a larger phone and the Incredible S has better battery life. There will be more Android phones released in the next few months, so you might want to wait for one of the dual-core devices before making up your mind. But then again, new phones are being released all the time and there's always something better, just around the corner. If you want the very best that's available right now, the Incredible S should definitely be on your shortlist.

HTC Incredible S features include:

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HTC Incredible S user reviews

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Average rating from 30 reviews:

Reviewed by Abby from UK on 4th Jun 2012
This is a Great Phone, Dont know why There are Bad reviews Below, maybe they Dont know how to Use a Smart Phone properly, AFter owning A Desire s, Desire HD, This phone must be the Icing on the Cake, Bargain too £105 From Ebay.

Reviewed by Eddy from UK on 5th Feb 2012
I have now had the phone for 6 months and still love it.
Good points are the screen quality, speed, virtual keyboard, internet browsing, Android apps and the camera also is OK.
I would say the only bad point is the speaker volume on loud speaker is pretty quite.
Having the speaker on the back of the phone is a bit strange (especially after having a Nokia Xpress music phone) but when the phone is placed on a surface the sound quality improves.
Cannot see any need to upgrade when the time comes as this phone does every thing I could possibly want. Easily 5 stars.

Reviewed by Emma from England on 20th Dec 2011
I Have had this phoen for quite a few months now and i have to say it is the best phone that i have ever had. My signal is generally great (expecially for living right in the country side!), it very oftern has better signal that my collegues phones including the new Iphone. If your phone was not working that well then perhaps there was something wrong with that phone as i love mine, it does exactly what i need it to do and more. I love the new update that i have just installed it makes the phone look even more modern. I hope many more updates come in the future!

Reviewed by Kamurocho Lullably from United Kingdom on 17th Nov 2011
Owned this phone for 3 - very long - days and couldn't wait to return it. A dreadful handset and one of the worst I've owned for a long time. Battery life was frankly dreadful - even for a battery which was just getting up to speed. It felt impossible to stop the phone, or the OS, randomly opening apps which were a drain on resource. Screen outside in bright light was absolutely hopeless. Camera took poor shots and the music player was, at best, tinny. Have now swapped it for a new Nokia Lumia and the difference is really like night and day. Will review that in due course.

Reviewed by qasimodo from bell tower on 16th Oct 2011
1 T H I N G T O S A Y A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B E S T S E L L I N G H A N D S E T I N H T C

Reviewed by hughm from UK on 4th Sep 2011
Liked this phone and decided to get it sim free. Had to return it because of reception issues specifically people phoning you and not getting through. Speaker is very poor, and audio playback very juddery. When I returned it to check the reception problems apparently they knew about reception problems due to faulty contacts on the back cover. A pity - spoils an otherwise nice performing phone.

Reviewed by NAJIB from ABERDEEN on 15th Aug 2011

Reviewed by James from Sweden on 12th Aug 2011
My first introduction to Android phones was with the Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 Mini. I bought it because I had always been a Sony Ericsson fan, and it seemed the best Android phone for the money. However, after a few months I realised my mistake and was starting to regret getting something with a 2.5Ē screen, relitavely slow processor and appalling battery life. It was time to get an upgrade! Originally I was tied between the HTC Desire S and the HTC Incredible S. I eventually went for the Desire S due to the better quoted battery life and metal case. However, in less than 24hrs the screen was starting to come away at the bottom, the rubber insert on the back was badly fitted, the battery cover was difficult to remove, and the software would crash repeatedly when searching through the contacts list. I took it back to the shop who offered a replacement with no obligation. I accepted this, but asked them for a HTC Incredible S instead, since they were selling the two at the same price (fate perhaps?) Anyway, I think this was the best thing that could have happened to me, since the Incredible S feels nicer in the hand and easier to operate with having a bigger screen and keypad; both cameras are also far superior. Otherwise though it is the same in terms of specification and features to the Desire S. Although I didnít have the Desire S for long, I think the battery life is comparable, since I used both phones quite intensely on their first days of ownership, unplugging at 6am, and by 5pm both were down to around 55%. I know this isnít very scientific, but what I can report is that the Incredible S battery gets better with age after the first few charges, if you do it in the correct way Ė i.e. deplete the battery completely than charge it from the mains for 8hrs solid for the first 4 or 5 charges. After that you can just charge it until itís full! Both were much better than the Xperia 10 mini. The reason for not getting 5 stars is because my friend has a Samsung Galaxy SII, and after comparing the two side-by-side the Samsung is slightly superiorÖ but then again it did cost him about £150 more than my Incredible S did. Therefore I think I got a good bargain :)

Reviewed by Ian from England on 5th Aug 2011
This phone on paper is a very good phone although trying to use it as an every day device is a different story. I started having problems with it within the first two weeks of having it, constantly updating, applications running when not in use, poor battery life, very poor sound quality (stutters, very annoying when listening toi music) and no designated camera button. I could go on. In my opinion smart phones are too smart for their own good and still need some serious development! I definately wouldn't reccomend buying this phone and would stick to nokia, sony ericcsson or blackberry.

Reviewed by paul from northern ireland on 26th Jun 2011
To be honest I was 50/50 between the HTC incredible and iphone4 but after about 3 weeks spent researching and studying reviews just like this one I opted for HTC. This phone is just as it says.....incredible. What made my decision even more justified was that a lady was stood in the phone shop complaining about what a poor phone her new iPhone was just as I was signing up the contract. Apple are over hyped, elitist, out of date and don't even hold reception long enough to make a phone call. I'm loving this HTC and have converted 3 mates in as many days. Best mobile on the market by a country mile!!!!!

Reviewed by Elena from UK on 13th Jun 2011
Phone is generally good. In call I can hear great but can the other person say the same? They can hardly hear me when I'm in call. I have tried everything but nothing works. Other major issue would be receiving texts from people takes a good3hours to get. How would that be useful to me? Just wondering if It's a phone fault or network issue. Battery life is not bad considering I use it all day to call text and browse the net which is actually a very nice experience. Loud speaker could be louder. Picture quality is very good really can't complain. Overall considering what I use the phone for its not good4 me. Need a phone that can do at least the basics :-(

Reviewed by Usman A Qureshi from Australia on 13th Jun 2011
Just bought a HTC Incredible S a few days back. Incredible good build. Incredibly bad battery. I'm a tech-guy. So I know stuff. Well at least I think I know. So I keep most of services off on my phone. But still it last for about 10 hours or so. Is it just my phone or is it happening with others as well. Very disappointed.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 13th Jun 2011
A few days isn't long enough to judge a new battery.

Reviewed by jimmy from australia on 11th Jun 2011
First smartphone I have, couldn't sell my soul to the iPhone 4 because I hate how it ruins the moment. This phone initially took over me (as does anything shiny and new), but it hasn't consumed my life like the iPhone has my friends. A great piece of technology

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 10th Jun 2011

Reviewed by O. Morgan Williams from UK on 10th Jun 2011
Initially thought the phone was fantastic... turns out it didn't receive texts until 6 hours later and people couldn't ring me yet i could ring and text them. A great phone for flashy gadgets yet ask it to perform basic tasks and it is utter rubbish!

Reviewed by k.schofield from uk on 6th Jun 2011
i have had two of the incredible s phones in 3 months both have been faulty the first crashed twice and would not update the second is only two days old and has developed a fault where it looses service and you need to turn the phone off then on to get it back,the battery life is not that good has to be charged every day

Reviewed by francis from UK on 31st May 2011
..IVE tried them all and can honestly say this is a great phone...ok it will be out of date soon..but what phone wont be. anyway by that time my contract will be up and i can move on..this is a seriously lovely phone...my update to 2.3 will be added soon as if got the nerve to do it as my last attempt at an 'update' with samsung rendered my phone 'bricked' and they wernt interested in solving it...so i stay away from them now.anyway this is 1 hundred times better..only gripe...too much tech for me but at least i know that if i gert more 'savvy' i can cope with it..

Reviewed by Subha Lamichhane from Nepal on 12th May 2011
I had to write a rather jaded review of the SE Xperia X10,and finally decided to take a chance on the Htc incredible s.I think this is an absolutely beautiful handset and exudes quality.It has performed exceptionally well so far,none of the major reported problems.Touch screen is a delight and simple to use.Only had it a few days,but absolutely love it.Always said i would never give in to the HTC brigade,but am now hooked.Very very impressed

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 3rd May 2011
Got to be the best bang for buck phone out there, awseome.

Reviewed by Job from UK on 31st Mar 2011
Amazing phone, the battery life isnt too great youll be lucky to get a day out of it unless you close all power draining apps, the mp3 player is tinny as it is on all android phones, you'll need to pay for a decent EQ app like i did and now its perfect :) (audio player with EQ platinum):app name..................... yea haaaaa

Reviewed by woodster from uk on 30th Mar 2011
Just a small tip to try with htc phones is with the camera, just try taking the iso setting off auto and putting it to 100 and just watch it improve totally... it seems to be fault with the software but just give it a go it may help

Reviewed by Dil from uk on 26th Mar 2011
Can only reiterate other comments. This phone is superb - sturdy and reliable. Everything on it just...works. Its zippy and the 4in screen is great. HTC sense is a true bonus and the android operating system is very flexible indeed (where the iphone falls down). One downside is that the camera is not as good as other phones (comparing Nokia and iphone), but other advantages make this a 'better buy' in my opinion

Reviewed by teddy ang from singapore on 18th Mar 2011
Been changing phone regularly this phone rocks

Reviewed by Les from england on 16th Mar 2011
Did my research on android phones for months before finally deciding on the galaxy s, returned it after 2 weeks due to connection problems, would not sync with my lap top and kies was a nightmare. Now to the HTC Incredible s, it's fabulous, lightning fast, sync's with almost anything if you'll let it. Its as if the phone knows what you won't it to do, so easy to set up, within minutes of taking it out of the box it had sync'ed with all my contacts from face book complete with all there phone numbers, sync,d with all e.mail accounts and set up google accounts with very little input. battery lasts a good 2 days after a couple of charges and the screen is just as good as the galaxy, though not in sunlight. What more can I say, other than FANTASTIC PHONE, BUY IT.

Reviewed by Ashish from Nepal on 15th Mar 2011
This is the real phone. Even iphone 5 cant beat this phone

Reviewed by David from England on 10th Mar 2011
This is a superb phone. The feel and handling is excellent with the matt finish and sculpted back and build quality seems up to the usual high HTC standards. The screen is larger than the Desire, but smaller than the Desire HD - the perfect compromise. This phone just works! Battery life is definitely better than the other two HTC phones mentioned here. If you like Android, don't hesitate.

Reviewed by Chiswick Singh from London, UK on 10th Mar 2011
Having finally ditched my tired, old and moth-eaten BlackBerry Bold 9000 and bought an "HTC Incredible S", I wonder how I ever lived without a decent smartphone. I'm absolutely amazed with HTC & Android and this handset is the best ever. So dynamic, adaptable and scalable - something you wouldn't get with the ubiquitous Apple iPhone. Battery life is excellent and I'm glad I didn't buy the (also excellent) HTD Desire HD!

Reviewed by mark from england on 5th Mar 2011
Another great Android device that wipes the floor with the over rated iphone 4

Reviewed by Jazd from Wales on 5th Mar 2011
If you've loved the HTC Hero, then moved to the HTC Desire and thought that was amazing then you will not be disappointed with the Incredible S; it is simply fantastic, battery life on mine is great(make sure download frequencies are realistic)down to 58 % after 14 hours, it's slick, light and very quick, browsing is rapid and the new Sense UI is much improved; lets hope they do as they say and up date it to the latest android release, 2.2.1 is great but android lovers will want the latest.

Reviewed by akash singh from uk on 26th Feb 2011
its alright

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