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HTC Hero review

 Review: August 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Hero is a very polished touchscreen smartphone, running Google's Android operating system.



The HTC Hero is the third "Google phone" running the Android operating system, and these Android phones just keep getting better! The Hero uses very similar hardware to the HTC Magic, but there are a number of distinct improvements. The device has been restyled, giving it a much more polished look and feel. It feels nice in the hand, with the trackball and buttons angled forward and easy for the thumb to use. The Hero is the same size as the Magic, but is slightly heavier and incorporates a higher capacity battery, giving longer standby and talk times. It also has an improved 5 megapixel camera.

T-Mobile have released the Hero as the T-Mobile Touch G2, but it is basically the same phone.

The user interface has also been improved for the Hero, and this is the first phone to feature HTC Sense, a concept based around personalisation, communication and a third ingredient that HTC mysteriously refer to as "discover the unexpected." The personalisation manifests itself through customisable widgets that can be placed on the home screen. These give you easy access to the features that you use regularly, and you can change the size and design of the widgets to suit your taste. You can also create multiple profiles, so that your work, weekend and holiday profiles match the functionality that you need in each situation. Another new feature called Footprints lets you create virtual "postcards" related to a specific place, so that you can identify it by its GPS co-ordinates and then associate pictures, video and notes with that Footprint. There's no rocket science here, but it does lead to a very pleasant user environment that is highly tailored to your personal needs and interests.

The second part of HTC Sense is all about communication, and this is of course what a modern mobile phone should have at its heart. As well as the basics of making calls and sending texts, the Hero is a good platform for emailing, and is also intended for the Facebook age, with easy access to social networking and photo sharing sites. The third aspect of HTC Sense is called "discover the unexpected" and, we think, is supposed to be about connections between data. Not quite sure about this one, to be honest - if anyone understands the concept, please post below!

The touch based user interface certainly works well, and confirms Android as a solid platform for modern mobile communications. Whether you are phoning, messaging, browsing the web or taking photos you'll find the Hero a nice handset to use, and a pleasant overall experience. There's been some talk about lag in the Hero UI. We'd like to dispel this, as we didn't experience any lag that could be considered annoying, although to be fair it's not as responsive as the iPhone or the Samsung Jet. The screen is a good size, at 3.2 inches, and has a high resolution of 480x320 pixels (the same as the iPhone), but it's not as good as some other phones for outdoor use. Android also seems to be a robust operating system in our experience, outperforming Symbian in this respect, and on a par with Apple's OS X system when it comes to choice of apps. The Android Market is shaping up very nicely in fact, and you'll find a wealth of third party tools available for download.

The 5 megapixel camera is an improvement over the 3 megapixel one on the HTC Magic, and it can take high quality photos in good lighting conditions, with autofocus to ensure sharpness. But indoors it's another matter, with no flash on the camera, and to be honest it's below average when compared with similarly priced smartphones (but still as good as the iPhone!) And it's a mystery why there's no video calling option in any of the Android phones so far.

The Hero is outstanding when it comes to connectivity, as it has the lot - Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate, mini-USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and a 3.5mm audio jack (so you can plug in any standard fit headset, hooray!) It also supports fast 3G data transfer with HSDPA giving download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. Quadband GSM lets you use the phone worldwide too.

Battery life, for a smartphone, is above average, maybe even good!

Overall, this is our favourite Android phone so far, although it's not such a big step up from the HTC Magic. The benefits of the Hero, compared with other smartphones, are the user interface, Android Market apps, and the overall polished nature of the operating system. There are nice touches such as the GPS with Google maps and digital compass, and the 3.5mm headphone jack. Aspects of the phone that are not so hot are the lacklustre camera and the lack of video calling and FM radio - features that have been standard on smartphones for years. It's disappointing that a brand new phone with an advanced new operating system should miss out basic and obvious features. But hey, that's what the iPhone did and it didn't stop it becoming a runaway success, so what do we know about it anyway?

We so wanted to give this phone 5 stars, but we just can't justify it. But still, a very polished phone, and so close to being perfect!

The new HTC Desire fills the few gaps in the Hero's armoury, and is absolutely a 5 star phone.

HTC Hero features include:

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Average rating from 136 reviews:

Reviewed by Evie from England on 19th Aug 2012
I have had this phone for about two and a half years now, at first it never let me down but a few months ago a number of problems began to occur including the on-screen keyboard not working, typing totally random letters and the home screen flashing on and off. The battery doesn't last too long either. The camera is okay, but the picture quality is best in natural light. Basic games are okay, if a little juddery. Web surfing is also quite slow, but I think that's just to do with the age of this phone.
In general, if you're not going to have the Hero for as long as me, it is an excellent choice if you want a good Android phone-even if it's a little dated! :)

Reviewed by Mr dictionary from clearly not your school on 5th Jul 2012
Hello I'm Jenny.
I'm going to write my review like a well educated being, as I read through the recent reviews I learned that around 89% of you shouldn't be allowed to have a opinion on the mobile in question, because you simply can't write with proper grammar, punctuation nor real words. For example phone is spelt p-h-o-n-e not 'fone'. Hopefully you would have all learned something from this and I shall now go on to my review.
Firstly I would to mention the bluetooth issue. We live in the 21st century no well respected person uses this or needs it. Secondly I would like to add the matter of the camera,yes this phone does not have a flash... but surely if you needed one you would have a handheld camera. The camera is perfectly compatible for a mobile and quick and easy to use,which you would want to a mobile.
Lastly if you want a Iphone buy one and stop complaining.
Yours sincerely Jenny.

Reviewed by John O from England on 21st Mar 2012
This phone is by far the worst I've ever owned.
Utter dog toffee.

Reviewed by JANA ONDREJKOVA from UK on 6th Dec 2011

Reviewed by Melloj from Bolton from UK on 5th Nov 2011
Absolutley the worst phone I've ever had, I'm going back to my old diamond model. The touch screen keeps going out of whack making texting slow and cumbersome. It has the outer shell of a modern sleek phone, but seemingly has the insides of ten year old technology. It performs sloooow!!! as if there is no horse power. The one good thing I can say about it, is that it's built like a brick, it still works after throwing it against the wall in frustration several times.

Reviewed by Shan from UK on 30th Sep 2011
I LOVE this phone! The only problems though are having no bluetooth file transfer, and no flash on the camera. But apart from that, it is the best phone I've ever had and I have no intention of changing it any time soon :)

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 20th Aug 2011
this phone is absoloutley brilliant but it wont let me download any of my apps. can anyone help me to do this please?

Reviewed by mick from UK on 23rd Jun 2011
bought the in june 2011,too heavy in the hand when texting onehanded,android operating system uses too much power on standby 50% of battery.Better looking than the Wildfire,slimmer,well built,but too heavy for long usage.

Reviewed by Matt Rumpke from UK on 24th May 2011
This phone has been a big disappointment. Its battery life is much shorter than my iphone. I thought I was pretty good at computers until I tried to figure out how to download pictures from this phone to my computer and tried to download my itunes to the phone. VERY, VERY COMPLICATED. Can not wait until the contract ends to go back to Iphone. Pay a little extra for the iphone, you will be happy you did.

Reviewed by Caitlin from UK on 8th May 2011
I bought this phone in October 2009 on a 2 year contract and I can honestly say I dont regret that at all, this phone is one of the most robust and functional phones around. I love how the home screen can be customised to suit you and I think this is general idea around the whole phone - to make everything about you. Email, Facebook and Twitter are really good and texting is also good although you have to delete your texts periodically otherwise the phone becomes a bit slow, for those who despair at the thought of losing all your messages there are many apps that back up your texts online so you always have them just not necessarily on the phone. The pure range of applications and games that are available leave you with endless possibilities so theres no scope for boredom. The music player on the phone is good although the shuffle feature is a little dodgy but nothing too major. The calendar app is also good for keeping me organised as well as applications such as Springpad which keeps all my lists and notes together. The only major downside to the phone is the battery life - when I first got the phone the battery lasted around 2 days, now it lasts just 1 but you can buy a replacement and also im assuming this is because I've charged it everyday for the past one and a half years. All in all this is an amazing phone and im definitely an Android convert, the thought of an iPhone interface instead of the Android one brings a tear to my eyes and I will definitely be buying another Android when my contract runs out.

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 2nd May 2011
I was due an upgrade in Feb this year. This might sound silly but I'm just not ready to give my beloved htc hero up! It still does everything I need it to, I'm thinking of the galaxy s2 but then I will have to give up on htc sense which I think is the best OS skin out there by far. The htc sensation will have the all new fancy sense 3.0...decisions decisions! Well at least I'm in no hurry to part with my hero. I'll. Wait on the comparisons on the s2 & sensation before deciding. I wrote a review about my hero back in 2009 on here, that's how long I've had it. I would advise anyone with a budget to get on ebay & STILL buy this :)....a little note to the moderators of this site.. why hasn't the "top monthly" phones been changed in ages? Surely the galaxy s and htc desire haven't been the top when all these new phones are out? Really love this site for reading up to date reviews but would love to see the home page top monthly phones change even every 3 months or so. Still top site:)

Reviewed by Kate Tidman from UK on 7th Feb 2011
My HTC Hero was great for about the first 2 months then the cracks began to show... It would stall alot, the storage space ran out really quickly, the Camera is awful if the light isn't bright, and it was really slow. Now nearly a year on I'm in turmoil! The phone will refuse to call someone for 5 mins then because i'll have pressed a few times it'll call the same person over and over again at once. Texts are now sporadically coming in, today one was 2 hours late! Calls will cut out after about 20-25mins (also happening with a friend of mines Desire) causing nothing but stress and has caused me to look very unprofessional many MANY times. The newest thing is when I plug in the USB cable to charge from my computer the phone will stall in black half way through and the light stays on too. Its meaning i'm having to take the battery out of the back constantly. Wish I'd just got an iPhone! My advice, don't go with HTC.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 26th Jan 2011
First android phone so was initially impressed. Over long term I slowly started noticing its faults. Its far to slow texting, cannot keep up with me and I dont think Im that fast, its more frustrating than anything, it randomly crashes and sends me back to start when Im doing things. Ive now had this phone 18 months and just signed up for an iphone 4 yesterday. HTC have the right idea, i think they just have tried to throw the phone out there too early before they learned to deal with the various glitches.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 17th Jan 2011
I've had this phone for 10 months, and I absolutely hate it, it's unbelievably slow, it's got so many bugs and glitches and it's definitely not ready to be on the market without the correct operating system! The messaging cannot delete, the phone locks completely if you get ur passcodes wrong, it's just a terrible phone!

Reviewed by Gibbo from UK on 8th Dec 2010
Must have a different phone, mines complete junk. Was punching the screen tonight, stuck in the snow and lost, the GPS is so slow it wouldn't find me if I had a satellite sticking out of my bum! It gets stuck and is slow, can't keep up with my typing when texting. I have a new word to describe it, pretendology, because it pretends to do a lot but is in fact rubbish!

Reviewed by Qamar from UK on 1st Dec 2010
It's an excellent phone, better than Iphone! Yeah I said, and it is more attractive, nicer feel, good for texting etc.

Reviewed by Donna from UK on 27th Oct 2010
So...Decided to get this phone over an iPhone 3gs in February '10. Wish I hadn't. Now on my 3rd handset. Phone very slow, unresponsive. Freezes or crashes everyday. Drops calls like it's going out of fashion. I'd say for every 3 calls i make, it will drop 1 of them. Orange claim this is due to the fact that one of the 3G masts in my area being removed and not replaced...the jury is out on that one. Also I receive blank text messages from 'anonymous'??! Even the guy in the Orange shop was stumped by that. Pretty bad camera considering how great the phone is supposed to be. Disappointed that you cannot connect to another handset via Bluetooth...surely that should be a standard these days??! Texting is a bit of a nightmare as well. Dodgy keyboard and again, can be unresponsive. All in all, really disappionted, the concept of the phone is great, and some of the feature are good, but i expected so much more, I was told it was a worthy rival to the iPhone. Ironically, my partner got an iPhone 4 a few months ago, and despite all the well published problems with them, he hasn't had even a tiny issue with it. On the plus side, Orange have told me that I can change to a completely different handset, which i will be taking advantage of ASAP. Extremely disappointed.

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 3rd Sep 2010
The HTC Hero is the first Android phone I have owned and, having previously been a Samsung or Sony Ericsson girl, I can honestly say this is the best phone I have ever owned. I previously changed phones every 9-12 months or so when new ones were released but I have a feeling that the Hero will a stayer for me. I am constantly finding new features and apps to personalise the phone with and I love the fact that I can set it up to my specifications and have what I want at my fingertips. Updates are automatically prompted and each one just makes the usability of this phone better and better. A whopping 5 stars are a huge thumbs up from me. I love love love this phone and think anyone who is seriously considering buying an iPhone should check the Hero out first!

Reviewed by James from UK on 28th Aug 2010
I've had this phone over a year now and whilst it has some great features the real problem is the processing speed of the machine. It just cannot cope with much and you have to download software so that you can close down apps when you use them, why isnt that included? I've got it for another 6 months (18 month contract) but i'm fed up with it so shall be selling it soon.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 11th Aug 2010
Seriously people if you get this phone update it on htc website and it is amazing, omg it's the same than the legend but people who give bad reviews is prob cos they dont no how to use it!

Reviewed by James from UK on 4th Aug 2010
Worst phone ever ! at first it started crashing and then freezing, then it started to cancel my calls and cancel my outgoing messages, i told HTC and they didn't help at all so they told me that a new version would be coming out soon (Android 2.1) in a few weeks and i waited 2 and a half months! then when i finally got my update it got worse, it lagged and froze more and it still cancels my calls/ messages . DONT BUY !

Reviewed by abbie from UK on 4th Aug 2010
hey, ive had this phone for like 3 months now, and it is one of the best phones i have had. Yesterday, i was able to download 2.1 and now the phone seems even better, those minor errors have been corrected and the phone works like a beauty. The battery life isnt that bad, 3 days is more than enough for me. The camera is amazing, the custom home screens makes the phone nice and easy to use. It is not that big and fits inside my pocket nicely. The bluetooth has been fixed and now i can use to send stuff to different phones. This phone is just perfect for me and does everthing i need and require. Once again, WELL DONE HTC ON ANOTHER OUTSTANDING PHONE =].

Reviewed by Ricardo from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
I must say that this phone is very good, the OS is wonderful, the apps, the features, the only thing that lets it down its the battery as it only last for one day the specs are wrong as i spoke to other friends that have the same phone and they all say the same "we have to charge the phone every day...", if HTC can improve the battery live it will be a 5 stars phone. Overall on my opinion well done HTC but the battery needs to improve a lot.

Reviewed by mary from scotland from UK on 21st Jul 2010
used to have the g2 on t mob signal an utter nightmare as could never get one just got the htc hero friday 18th july on 3network unfortunatly just the exactly the same havent even made a phone call yet a should have learned with the first one

Reviewed by Shabs from UK on 17th Jul 2010
So you'll knock off a star just because it doesn't have an fm radio or videocall, but you'll award the 3GS even when it doesn't have either of the two? Id give this phone a full 5 stars!

Reviewed by Rosemarie from UK on 14th Jul 2010
After spending hours trying to get my new phone to work on bluetooth,my sevice provider told me it would only work with another htc unit.In that case totaly useless handset.

Reviewed by John from UK on 13th Jul 2010
Cannot use bluetooth to another phone,which is really pathetic.Will put it on ebay SAP,as it is a waste of money.Stick to nokia,samsung etc.

Reviewed by Joanne B from UK on 11th Jul 2010
I have had this phone a week, Initally it was a bit of a strugle to work with but then I worked it all out and love this phone loads. I had a nokia E63 and loved that but this i so much better. My only gripe is battery life, it doesnt seem to last tht long.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 6th Jul 2010
I upgraded to this handset with an open mind, and excited by the new functionalities it had to offer. I'm a tech savvy user, working for the largest mobile provider in the UK, enthusiastic about Android, etc, etc. For the first few months, I was very positive about the phone and made an effort to accustom myself to the quirks of the device, reminding myself all phones have their pro's and con's... Three months later, it is in the drawer. Hate is a strong word, but am pretty sure I can say the word Hate is justified for this useless hunk of junk. Here is a summary of my gripes: *reception is poor *slow responsiveness on UI *doesn;t work with all WiFi routers *battery life is < a day *keyboard has a settings key directly next to the space key *apps are mostly poor quality and generally don't work as they are supposed to (read most app reviews) *dialler is very clumbersome *volume rocker is too sensitive, often setting itself to silent in my pocket *internet user experience is terrible *generally, native & marketplace applications are not seemless I could go on and on... A Hero enthusiast will most likely respond with a workaround for each of my gripes, which I initially followed. The point is, there are so many little quirks and changes you need to constantly make in order to keep the experience acceptable, it isn;t worth it! It also dawned on me, unbeleiveably, with the exception of wifi, my Nokia 6210 does EVERYTHING the Hero does but quicker. Don't got there! Mark.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 1st Jul 2010
With the new 2.1 update this phone is now simply amazing. My brother has a 3gs and evertime i look at it i just laugh inside thinking "he paid £300 and his monthly contract is around £35, whereas im on £20" We constantly compare and i constantly trump him. This is coming from someone who has had the iphone, and tried all the new phones, and i cannot praise the Hero enough. It held its own before, but with this update it just simple rocks. People these days say "omg omg i got an iphone im never going back to anything else." Meanwhile Hero users say "yer i got a Hero, look at all straight jacket wearing iphone users, i would never get one." And that sums it up, get one and you will understand.

Reviewed by James from the UK from UK on 29th Jun 2010
This is THE worst phone I have ever owned.It not only lags,and is just plain slow but I have huge problems with the phone not responding to simple things....like phone calls,and sometimes when I go to my phonebook and touch a name that I want to dial,it dials another number randomly. I don't get all the good reviews. What is good about this phone??I've gone back to my Nokia 6500 slide for the moment until something that I want comes along.

Reviewed by Abdul from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
When i first got it i loved it. Now it annoying. The keyboard is rubbish and i misspell every word i write. NO froyo upgrade and no flash and camera is rubbish. ALWAYS a youtube error. Awful rlly. IMA buy a bb.

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 17th Jun 2010
I wanted a Hero instead of another iPhone and have regretted it ever since!!! I can't wait to get my hands on an iPhone next week. The Hero is slow, it lags, it can be unresponsive, it sticks, the scrolling is jerky, the internet rarely works the first time round... There are good bits about it, don't get me wrong, but if you want a smooth, nice, classy phone, DON'T get the Hero. It looks nice, but it hasn't got the full package. iPhone all the way!

Reviewed by will from UK on 4th Jun 2010
This phone is very nice in the palm of your hand, and has a fantastic touch screen. the applications are brilliant, lots to choose from, the screen is clear and the camera is OK. Overall the phone is sleek and sexy. But! It has its major problems. 1. AWFUL signal, ive never had full signal and its not just my area ive been all around with this phone and it still has bad signal. 2. The phone constantly freezes, the screen goes black and switches its self off. 3. Messages never go through, I always have to re-send them and still never goes through. 4. you cant get on to the android app market unless you have got wifi connection. 5. The BIGGEST problem on this phone is the batter life, it lets the phone down completely. I dont use the phone constantly but with it just even being on standby and sending a message every now and again it runs out of battery through half a day. I have to charge this phone in the middle of teh day and all night, it has really bad battery li fe. I am now taking it back to the t-mobile store and maybe replacing it with the nokia x6 as I currently had the nokia e71 and never really let me down. I wouldnt recoomend buying this phone.

Reviewed by jeff hall from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
a sleek mobile that matches the iphone in many areas. It has a better camera but a worse blutooth connection. It is a lot cheaper than the iphone. Its graphics for amny of its features are stunning.

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 29th May 2010
i have had this phone nearly 1 month, and imo, it is amazing, the camera is great, i use it outdoors and INDOORS where somepeople have been talking about the bad lighting, i just took the contrast down and much better, the intergrated facebook is great so i dont have to get loads of apps and it is easy to upload pictures, calling quality is great and so is signal(on 3 in my area it is anyway) internet surfing is a breeze and loads quickly, no lag, music quality is great, bluetooth let it down a but with no file transfer, but there is an app on the market that fixes that, so, overall, a great phone, cant wait for 2.1 though, will make it even better :),

Reviewed by john from england on 21st May 2010
The G2 mobile looks impressive but if its a true internet mobile that you want forget the G2. Its constant connectivity and error messages make a 10 second you-tube video last 1 hour. Its on screen keyboard is great for text messages but try using it for completing online forms and or entering search queiries in search bars - foregt it. the camera is useless as not only does it have no flash the picture gallery will only work if you reboot (remove the battery) the phone. An awful piece of junk which is such a shame as the G1 was brilliant.

Reviewed by Erin Wilson from United Kingdom on 19th May 2010
Oh my gosh the hero is amazing! BUY BUY BUY!

Reviewed by Luca from UK on 3rd May 2010
I bought my hero at the end of 2009 being reassured by the seller (three.co.uk) and in various press articles that the android OS 2.1 was to be released imminently and would open up the market to newer and even better apps. But after a few weeks I noted that the update was needed to get the phone workable; eg, my desktop win pc boots in less time than the htc phone :( I've been watching all the rumours fly around about late march, april 16th, april 26th, early may and now June... JUNE release date (the google release was in late october and nexus google-HTC phone with android 2.1 was in early january). Meanwhile on the HTC site there are NO clues as to what is happening or what might happen. It's still a good phone but I was very much hoping to use a few of the features of 2.1 and I couldn't be LESS impressed by HTC's attitude to keeping owners NOT informed about what's going on. I have *NO* confidence in a June release and am beginning to suspect that HTC are allowing these constant rumours to circulate to keep people buying heros whilst never actually bothering to update them at all. Why should they, with so many new phones to sell coming on line? In the end, this is the first, last and only HTC phone I purchased. no more HTC for me. or yes.... if you sell me it for £100, it does not worth more money...

Reviewed by Paul from England on 29th Apr 2010
Excellent phone much more flexible than an iphone and very adaptable, great touch response screen, great call quality, my best phone to date.

Reviewed by raby from scotland on 4th Apr 2010
i went back to my iphone after 3 weeks, its slow, clunky and annoying surfing the web. the biggest problem is when surfing it opens websites zoomed into the pagee...

Reviewed by David from England on 1st Apr 2010
I've had mine for over a month now. Very stable and reasonable battery life (vertainly as good as my old SE W910i anyway) I feel that the positive side of thisphone has been wella dn truly emphasised already adn so I will share the 2 major problems that I have found. 1. Bluetooth file transfer is impossible (this is an Android problem) 2. WiFi is notoriously hard to keep working. It will connect but it seems impossible to get the data to reliably transfer and so the browser just pauses and times out. If you read the extensive contributions to the 'Android Forums' (just google it) and then search for 'Connect via WIFI problems' you'll soon get the picture. For this reason, my otherwise bargain phone only gets 3 stars tiny.cc/y12d3

Reviewed by Dom from UK on 31st Mar 2010
iPhone killer this is not! Unresponsive and clunky touch screen. Frustratingly bad keyboard. Inputting correct key is a risky business - works better for text and emails as the phone brings up some word suggestions but still poor and be warned when having to input keys for any other reason. The battery life is poor has to be charged every night. Widgets are slow to load. Will not connect to my home wifi while all my other devices can. But my main gripe is its inability to sync to my work email account. Effects include no emails and contacts have vanished and then reinstated themselves for no reason. Factory restore did not help. Two of my work colleagues have had these issues with the addition of the music player switching itself on while on a call as well as the phone switching itself off on occasion. In all, the HTC hero is the poor sad cousin of the iPhone and does not in any way compare to the user experience on that device. To sum up – slow, clumsy and comes with a range of connectivity and syncing issues. Avoid.

Reviewed by Mitch from Uk on 29th Mar 2010
annoyes me as it drops calls ALL THE TIME waste of money its that bad tht im trading it in D:

Reviewed by laxipati ballagee from uk on 17th Mar 2010
i love this phone i had it for 1 months and the operating system by google is great the camaras gd very happy bit disapointed with the bluetooth

Reviewed by Sandeep.R from England on 15th Mar 2010
This is simply an awesome phone, I have been using it for almost 6 months now and completely satisfied with it's features and usability. The battery life is much better than the Smart phones available in market.

Reviewed by alan baker from uk on 15th Mar 2010
Major problem with this phone is that there is NO bluetooth from handset to handset ! Bought for wife , had phone 5 days , cannot see benefits of all the widgets and very slow connection speed along with the inability to transfer by bluetooth all her music and pictures plus battery life v poor , so putting on ebay tomorrow .

Reviewed by tony from England on 13th Mar 2010
@ Boss that is simply not true everyone in my school chooses a hero instead of an iphone and my school isn't some kind of geeky school I'm gona get the legd as I prefer the amoled display, flash and up to 16GB expandable. This phone is great tho. Anyone who gets this phone now is a dumb person because they will end up regretting it in a couple of months when the legend comes out.

Reviewed by SUPER HTC MAN from U.K on 3rd Mar 2010
people dont even do videocall, it is kind of awkward and uneccessary its better to download last fm than to have a radio app taking up space, as some radios do cause problems also ppl that use loudspeaker on radio are the iphone irritating type just like the ones in the tv ad prancin about, it is a very smart phone with a bit more common sense and maturity than the avarage iphone user, there is no tv ad for hero because it is like the ferrari of phones, if you want the quality and prestige that lets you make the right decision between a i(immature)-phone or a Hero, be new be different , be a HERO !!!

Reviewed by Boss from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
I believe HTC Hero is for adults and iPhone for teenagers and women.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
Are women not adults?

Reviewed by Matt from Uk on 1st Mar 2010
This phone is simply amazing. Doesn't need the hardware that the nexus one or the touch hd 2 has to run smooth. Its off the pace of the iphone by milisecond(s)! Android is simply outstanding. There are so many apps that have so many functions. keep you entertained for hours...if you're even thinking about comparing it to the iphone, go for the iphone since you'll most likely have a biased opinion, even after using the hero. If you accept the hero open mindedly, its fabulous in the sense, it will do anything you throw at it. Still manage to be smooth and presentation is awesome! One downside for me is that some of the widgets take up one whole screen, like the (full) calender or the (full) music player, text messaging and the mail, they could've put in a bit of work for those, it could've been better but I'm nitpicking here...the androir market is on the rise and rising a hell of a lot faster than apples app store did...i wouldn't be surprised if it overtook it by the end of this year...

Reviewed by JT from UK on 21st Feb 2010
No need to say much more as its all been said before this phone ROCKS!!!!!

Reviewed by tony from peru on 21st Feb 2010
I was going to buy this phone then i had my doubts: -the memory card only supports up to 2GB! -the media player isn't amazing -no 16m screen I'm going to w8 till the htc Legend comes out looks like its defiantly gonna beat the iphone but then they'll probably release something even better, i hate iphone but i have to say the rumours looks like it will be better than a netbook, anyway the phone is good but if you wana pend big jut wait till the legend, tho right now its the best phone on the planet right now

Reviewed by J from UK on 15th Feb 2010
Got the HTC Hero on Friday 12th Feb... So far, I'm impressed. Wireless connection was v.easy to set up. Email was v.easy to set up. Apps are easy to install and use and move around the screens. The only thing it could do with is a flash, you need lots of light for pics & vids...

Reviewed by Ryan Curtis from UK on 12th Feb 2010
I've had this phone for a few months now, and i love it. It can be laggy at times, but the over all result is outstanding. Beats the iphone by a mile as there is endless amount of costumization you can do to the phone, and NO restrictions like the iphone either! Buy now! :)

Reviewed by Kev from Scotland on 9th Feb 2010
I've had the htc hero (g2) for about 3 months now & I still can't put the device down! I'm constantly finding new features 3 months in. The sense UI is just AMAZING!I It's like having 4 different phones when you customize the different screens with htc & android widgets. The txtn is brill, I tend to use the "phone" keypad mode. I just find it really easy and fast to use, even if you type in a few wrong letters in a word the hero still gets the word you were meaning to type! I've tried this out a lot meaning to type errors but the predictive txt just comes up with the correct word. Internet browsing is a REAL pleasure to use, it's very fast on 3g/HSPDA I done a test using speedtest. net app from android market & I got a download speed of 3.6mb, now that is fast for a mobile smartphone! So I don't even bother using my home broadband WiFi router. It also plays flash content from the websites you surf & does it pretty well too. Now multimedia...the music player that is built in works well with good quality sound, I have a 16gb sandisk micro sdhc card in minds with nearly 10gb worth of music & video, they play just fine with No lag worth mentioning. I did download median player from the market just for an alternative, that app is good aswell as the default player. I just love the way everything just works on the phone, No hassles, just a great experience. I think this is a phone that people who are into their gadgets will love! But a friend of mines who isn't as interested in the gadget side of the phone as me doesn't really like hers, it's because she isn't using all the widgets and features as they should be used so I think it will be going on eBay. To sum it up in my honest opinion this is the best phone I've had or used in all the years I've had a mobile/mp3/portable internet device. who needs a mobile phone/netbook & mp3 carrying around when you can have it all in a great looking compact device? So glad I went for this choice. I also done a good bit of research before purchasing and the reviews say it all & it's won 4 or 5 prestigious awards too. Just have a go on a hero and I'm sure you will be hooked! . 5 stars :)

Reviewed by mango from ireland on 7th Feb 2010
Brilliant! have had so many phones and this one is by far the best, The Sense UI is really polished and very smooth. The latest firmware has nearly eliminated all lag, and the 2.1 should eliminate further! apps are great too. Also, you DO NOT need specific software for this phone as you do with iphone/itunes, there are NO restrictions and it can be used as a mass storage device, so NO syncing and that rubbish with iphone. OUTSTANDING phone. Friend has the N1 but this is more polished (yes slower) and more user friendly. LOVE IT

Reviewed by doug from england on 3rd Feb 2010
great phone battery on my phone last for about 2 days when i play with it alot and about five day on standbye great. no freezing. so much better than the samsung tocco ultra i had before. i give it top marks.

Reviewed by Sam from england on 31st Jan 2010
very good phone that has everything you could ever want but the battery life really does let it down. i cant go a full day without it going flat so for that reason i really wouldn't recommend it. i bought this basically because i didn't want to pay for an iphone but it really is the only way to go.

Reviewed by Norman Cook from England on 25th Jan 2010
I have to agree with the consensus; this is an awesome phone! The only serious omission is the inability to send files via bluetooth to other phones. Hopefully this will be addresses in 2.0 / 2.1 when it is released.

Reviewed by McTavish from Scotland on 21st Jan 2010
I recently upgraded to this phone, having previously had a Nokia E71. I am finding the Android platform to be a revelation. Where my Nokia really laboured to keep up, this Hero seems effortless by comparison. The transition between screens and programmes is as fast as I need. Clearly, where several programmes are running simultaneously, there will be a degree of 'lag', though this is not a significant issue. I am particularly impressed with the App's available via the Android Market. Quite apart from the novelty factor of innumerable games and the like, there are some excellent, free and valuable applications: 'Beebplayer',' Taskiller' and 'SMS Popup' to name but three. I have spent much time working through this phone’s capabilities and I am very impressed. For me, the stand-out uses of this phone (apart of course, from being a phone), are wireless/internet capability and email. The technical capabilities make browsing a real pleasure. This is the kind of phone that unlimited mobile data geeks (like me!) are going to love. The touchscreen is clear and bright with the facility to customise the screens to suit your preference. I can’t say I need FM Radio. This phone offers every possible ‘want’ by way of Internet radio anyway. The camera does the basics well. If I want videocalling, hey, I use my laptop and webcam. This is a phone, which does many things but not others (it has no hoover attachment). The 2gb Micro SD Card supplied is sufficient to begin with, though I've substituted this for 8gb, as I like to have movies to hand. Quite apart from merely being a sharp communicator, it'll keep you amused in a myriad of ways. Simply pop into Android Market and clean up on the vast array of freebies of almost infinite variety. The phone has a sure-footed and robust feeling about it, striking a pleasing balance between style and functionality. I particularly appreciate HTC Hero being so different in styling to the smartphone competition. This is the best mobile phone I've had, by far. If you want a stylish yet practical smartphone that’ll perform most tasks extremely efficiently, then HTC's Hero will make an excellent choice.

Reviewed by daz from wales on 15th Jan 2010
great phone had 2 weeks no freezes .no problems,only problem getting used to it ,always had sony ericssons

Reviewed by John W from UK on 14th Jan 2010
So easily worth 5 stars. Your site lists the Nokia 5800 as 5 stars and this phone is available on similarly priced plans and wipes the floor with the Nokia. With the exception of FM radio and video calling (but who ever uses that?) it has everything you could want at this price. Best phone I have ever owned by a long way.

Reviewed by rob from england on 14th Jan 2010
ght this phone for christmas and its been great no problems and i think harry from england has got a dud one if it keeps breaking. i've had no trouble of signal thts ur netwrk usually not ur phone and its not slow no problems brillant phone worth buying any day unless u want 2 be a sheep and have a iphone :) lol

Reviewed by Harry from England on 8th Jan 2010
Good phone to start, then just gets annoying, the touch screen is useless trying to text is a nightmare the calibration is terrible, it is so slow constantly freezing, i have done rom updates, its still bad and i never get any signal, hardly an iphone competer, do notbuy!

Reviewed by Jonesurf from UK on 8th Jan 2010
Don't understand why this website only gives this phone 4 stars, when most of the consumer reviews give it 5 stars, along with most of the very positive reviews on other more notable sites!!! Strange. Don't listen to the reviewers of this website, listen to the consumers and other more technical reviews. This phone has set a new standard in phone tech, and it's awesome that they've managed to pack so much into what is comparatively basic spec. Android is well utilized here. I would imagine there will be quite a few phones based on this phones skeleton. GREAT phone!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 8th Jan 2010
Different people have different opinions. Ignoring minority opinions is called "intolerance."

Reviewed by Danny from England on 7th Jan 2010
What can I say. Ive had soooooo many phones over the years and this one tops them all including kicking the iphone!!!! I should ive had two. I highly recomend this phone. If your stuck in the world between the Iphone or the HTC, trust me and get the HTC Hero you will not be dissapointed.

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 7th Jan 2010
Had Hero for several months now. I was very unsure about choosing this phone. I've been a long term user or Windows Mobile on many touch screen PDAs. I can genuinely say Android is like a breath of fresh air after WM5. If you are in the same predicament, don't hesitate a moment longer. There is not a single thing I miss about WM, and I felt sure I would! In spite of a couple of mealy-mouthed people below, I agree that this is most certainly a 5* phone and no mistake, and I'm no easily impressed 12 year old either (add 40 years!) LOL No phone of this calibre is entirely glitch free and this is no exception, but there is nothing I'm not entirely happy living with, and the coming firmware upgrade to 2.0 will really move this devise forward! iPhone? Strictly for chavs now!

Reviewed by Graham from Scotland on 31st Dec 2009
Had this phone since September and I still love it. It has so many features and I never run out of uses for my phone. I came from a K800i and own an iPod touch (familiar with the iPhone OS), and HTCs SenseUI simply owns all other interfaces out there. Get this phone, it's awesome.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 29th Dec 2009
Excellent phone, does nearly everything well, and has great battery life.

Reviewed by Niki from UK on 29th Dec 2009
I bought this phone about 3 weeks ago. And i am still amazed by everything it does! Its so good, it keeps doing these little things that impress me further! I was a bit worried about buying it, becuase i originally wanted the iphone, and wasnt sure how the Hero would compare. But I personally think its better! It does everything the iphone does, in most cases better than the iphone, and it does more! And it was about £300 cheaper! If your having any doubts by this amazing phone, dont worry! Its amazing! :)

Reviewed by steve from england on 16th Dec 2009
WOW , what a phone,had a lot of phones in my time but this easily beats them all. Fantastic apps,looks and feels great,would have this phone over the iphone anytime. Only downside to this phone is the lack of a flash on the camera,but with all the other features it more than makes it up.

Reviewed by sid from uk on 15th Dec 2009
WOW,defo great fone

Reviewed by Lauren from Englnd on 14th Dec 2009
Hate THIS PHONE. SamsuS5600 is bettaaa goodd i hate it

Reviewed by WANTS THIS PHONE from HTC HERO on 14th Dec 2009
everyone loves this phone there is only like 1 person on the whole list that says its rubbish, and that guy probs was just unlucky cos it was a manufacturing mistake, IT HAPPENS TO ALL OF THE MANUFACTURERS.

Reviewed by Kris from UK on 12th Dec 2009
Moved from a Samsung Omnia 1, which, I have to say is possibly the worst phone I have ever experienced using, and completely put me off touchscreens. Having been stuck with it for 15 very long months, but reading the good reviews ab out this phone, I thought i'd risk going for another touchscreen. Receiving and using this phone in comparison to the Omnia felt like what people must have felt watching TV for the first time. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. The look is great, Android OS is amazing, wish more than anything it had a flash, but for work, communication, browsing and loads of fun, this phone IS outstanding. -and not a ****** I-phone which is even better!!

Reviewed by Amy.S from Scotland on 11th Dec 2009
AMAZING PHONE. Sooooo worth the money, its really responsive and i like the little ball that you can move at the bottom of the phone, lol. Good camera, not so good at night tho. The battery lasts ages so im happy. Great internet and supports flash, the apps are awesome.

Reviewed by layla from UK on 7th Dec 2009
i love this phone the only thing i despise is the price i wish it was cheaper on pay as you go but still fab phone!

Reviewed by Lee H from UK on 27th Nov 2009
What can I say about this phone. My first touch screen phone and it is excellent. Upgraded with Orange from Nokia 6500 slide. What an upgrade!! As everyone says shame about camera, yes could do with flash but then my old nokia had flash but pics also came out great when turned off flash and they do on the Touch, though would recommend downloading camara zoom fx app as vast improvment on standard camera widget. There are so many great apps to download from the market and so easy to search, install and use. My app recommendations are: Shopsavvy - scan cd,books etc barcode and it will list cheapest places to purchase the items. PKT Actions Ebay - Ebay app Gmote - connect to your pc and use phone as remote to control your music/films but will also allow you to stream to your phone! There are loads that could put, but half the joy is finding them for yourself, also search for HTC Froum for great help and tips. Overall does everything I need and more, was considering Iphone from Orange but for £34 month contract for 600 mins and 500 texts(compared to £20 contract currently on with 200 mins and unlimited text, dont need many mins with magic numbers and my text usuage is a lot!!!!)and also pay either £80 something for 24 month contract or £187 for 18 month contract not worth it. Get this phone you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Mr Plow from UK on 24th Nov 2009
I love this phone as much as anyone but come on people we all know it's not worthy of 5 stars! Three simple reasons - no flash, no fm radio, poor battery... can everyone stop pretending these things don't matter. Loren, people are only giving it 5 stars because it's the first real alternative to an iphone. Now let's all calm down before we hurt ourselves :)

Reviewed by Loren from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
OK - had the phone for just over 4 months now. And have upgraded my score from 4 to 5 stars. The phone just gets better. How many phones can you say that about. My girlfriend who hated the phone (partly cos I love it so much), now loves it & admits it's a great phone. She loves the apps, that are easily downloaded and deleted again. And with the new firmware - I have no problems with it being slow in any way! You know every now and then a gadget comes around that makes you wonder how you ever got on with out it. This is that kind of gadget! If you wondering whether to buy, just look at all the 5 star responses. The iphone didn't even get this much positivity. Well done HTC

Reviewed by Ben B from UK on 12th Nov 2009
I have now had this phone from t-mobile for 4 days, and can seriously say that the only problem with it is the Battery life, I can live without the FM radio, and video calling, which you can get anyway if you really want them.... It could however do with a flash on the camera, but if u want a near perfect camera, buy a camera not a phone... The 7 home screens are brilliant, I have widgets everywhere, perfectly integrated with my twitter and facebook... My favourite app at the moment is imusic, download songs straight to you phone, and I can use them as my tones, perfect... Android will soon take over the iphone and itunes, its only a matter of time before all the little things that are missing all come into place... I have had alot of phones and this is the best one so far...

Reviewed by Chris from North Wales on 12th Nov 2009
I've had this phone for about a week now, I upgraded on Orange from a Nokia N82. I have to say that it simply is the best phone I have ever had, It excels in every respect... The touchscreen is very responsive and everything works fast with no lag like previously mentioned. The several home screens is a fantastic feature you can just about customise everything you could think of!! I love the fact that everything is so accessable. The only real downside to the phone is the lack of flash on the camera... but personally I didn't use the camera much on my old phone and for takin photo's outside the Hero is perfect at 5MP. To sum it up this is a must have phone... iphone's are all to common and having compared them side by side the Hero won.

Reviewed by Dave B from UK on 12th Nov 2009
Had this phone about a month and LOVE it. It keeps getting better too as HTC upgrade the operating system to the latest Android version and more apps come out. I really think there will be more android apps in the next year or so than there are iPod ones. The only thing it's missing is a flash on the camera. That would really make it brilliant. As it stands it doesn't take great photos inside.

Reviewed by nobby from uk on 12th Nov 2009
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.Kids said i wouldn't be able to use it,proved them wrong.What a great phone. Take a couple of days getting to know it and then you'll love it.Don't be like the rest and want the i-phone, get a hero.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 11th Nov 2009
Update. The WI-FI does log you back in to a paired network! Widgets are cracking, just got a free eBook reader with a huge catalogue. Going to London with work so have downloaded loads of apps for restaurants and POI. Cant recomend this phone enough.

Reviewed by David from UK on 8th Nov 2009
My first touch screen phone, first HTC and first review! Had the phone just under a week and already feel compelled to write some thoughts down, i upgraded to the Hero on Orange, after having the S.E C902 for 15 months, i went through 3 of those handsets so whilst i cant yet comment on the reliability of the HTC i am certainly hoping its better than the S.E...The Hero reminds me of an Apple product, packaging, design etc, its all a nice experience from the start, upon first powering up it can be a touch daunting, but the phone is quite intuitive to navigate around and quickly i found out where things were, i havent touched 75% of what this thing can do! Ergonomically i find the Hero is great, the back is a soft touch plastic which feels warm and tactile in your hand, the chin feels natural too, screen is simply fantastic with definition to die for, and the whole design of the hardware and screen works beautifully together. The touchscreen is fine to get on with, quick to resp ond with just the odd time it takes longer than normal, i noticed this to be the case more so when the battery was low. Visually the operating system is very cool and customisable which is nice, with multiple screens to flick to, to set up the things you want to use on a regular basis. The phone comes with a very good pair of in ear headphones which sounded surprisingly good through my ipod classic, and very close to a pair of Sennheisers i recently purchased, which was a refreshing change to see these bundled with a phone, i found it easy to transfer music and pictures across, sound quality from the music player is more than good enough, and im so impressed i will use this in the car and while on the move, saving my ipod for the house hifi a bit more. Im not using a lot of the social networking features but i do have unlimited internet for free with Orange so can leave it switched on meaning the phone updates the weather and things, its all very slick, hopefully it will last and not breakdown! All in all 5 stars from me, i can forgive any potential failings other people see, because its a phone, it was a free upgrade and it does everything really really well, top marks to HTC!!

Reviewed by jai from uk on 8th Nov 2009
amazing phone,bought it after reading the reviews here. still early days, however very happy and totally worth it.

Reviewed by aran from uk on 7th Nov 2009
Simon from China writes "this phone is not for average user. There is a learning curve to understand the android system eg upgrade the rom, root, widget etc." I'm a programmer and technically proficient in messing with phones. I havent "Rooted" or "updated the ROM". As for widgets, piece of cake! I've had it for 4 months, its an Awesome phone, best phone I've ever had, not had a single problem with it, yet! Camera is not to shabby and takes decent shots if the light is good, no flash though :( Battery life is a little poor, but makes it through the day no problem, it gets alot of use too. Get a desk charger, car charger and a spare charger for the bedroom (I bought all three on ebay for less than a tenner, with a car cradle and screen protectors), problem solved. android market place is cool and easy to get apps and games. Good solid phone.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 4th Nov 2009
My first HTC and my first touch screen. Out the box its very user-friendly asking a few questions it will soon have your email and social networking sites all nicely synched. However its doesn't synch with iMac, not a biggy as I can get my calendar off my Gmail account. Next problem i had was searching for contacts to send SMS/Email I had, a long time ago, lost all my contacts after my phone had been water damaged, since then I have stored all contacts on the SIM card. To get the most from the OS you have to save all contacts to the handset, this was when you search for people it will very quickly find them. I dont consider this to be a negative, just a bit different from what I'm used to. Contacts or People as the widget says can easily be sent messages in any form quickly and easily. Andriod has lots of widgets already built in. FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, you tube, gmail, a weather app and a number of games, google maps. More can be downloaded from the Market. The size of the handset is nice and is a good weight. The screen is nice and bright and the definition is outstanding. I found the touch screen very responsive, only requiring the lightest of touches. I would like the WI-FI to automatically log into a network once it has been turn on and found an already paired connection, or again i might be doing something wrong. Texting is simple even my mans fingers can mange to hit the right keys when its in landscape mode. A great handset that I would recommend.Oh the ringer is nice and loud and the sound quality of the earpiece is also very good!

Reviewed by David from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
my first touchscreen and it's going to take me a while to get used to it. i love it, but i find text entry a bit fiddly at times and im having some wifi issues at the moment. it's a really solid handset though which makes a nice change for me, and it feels really nice in the hand. I really like the physical design - the chin/chamfered edges is a refreshing change. the main reason why it only gets 4 stars from me is because it doesn't have an fm radio. yes i know you can download last.fm but i havn't got an unlimted data plan for that.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
Wow, someone agrees with us!

Reviewed by Wotan from UK on 30th Oct 2009
Why do u need FM radio when u can down load an app that gives u internet radio with around 500 stations? Looks the best android yet untill we get the motorola droid.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 30th Oct 2009
Because you need a reliable 3G connection and unlimited internet access.

Reviewed by Zayid from New Zealand on 29th Oct 2009
Imported this and LOVE IT. I am usually very cautious with enw technology but this phone is AMAZING

Reviewed by dave from uk on 25th Oct 2009
Had hero for 3 days and its brilliant. Always had nokia but not anymore. 5/5 10/10 Just get it.

Reviewed by Simon from China on 24th Oct 2009
I have hero for almost a week and my comment is that this phone is not for average user. There is a learning curve to understand the android system eg upgrade the rom, root, widget etc. I have to find a widget to patch the phone because the earphone cannot works....that's embarrassing. overall the phone is quite well built as expected from HTC but will not shine if shown next to iphone. It is a 'Google' phone which need to connect to web most of the time, be careful if you are travel overseas due to the high rates. As mentioned by others it is not a lousy phone and the new android system has potential but let see.... 3.5 star for me.

Reviewed by kevin from uk on 23rd Oct 2009
i had same problem as you jake from uk, trackball & backlight, and headphones stopped working. I contacted t-mobile & they sent me a brand new phone 2 days later ( i was out of the 7 day return policy) had it about 1 month! the courier just picked up the faulty phone (swapped it for new one) so im guessing it`s a common problem as ive read before the firmware upgrade alot of ppl with the same problem...my replacement has been great!! so far so good!! i too love this phone...best out there & 10 times better now that t-mobile has upgraded the firmware to fix lag.If you havent updated it yet get over to t-mobile forum & get it done..you wont be dissapointed people!!.The new replacement you get jake will probs have the updated firmware...goodluck. ps: just say on the phone that u know other users who have had same problem & got a replacement handset sent out ;)

Reviewed by Jake from uk on 21st Oct 2009
I still love the hero/g2, but mine is slowly dying... First of all the headphone jack, backlit buttons, trackball, and charge lights died after about 3 weeks. And recently its become slightly sluggish and the main speaker is faulty (some kind of skin-thin membrane covering the speaker has perforated) so ringtones sound terrible. This is unfortunate, as it is still amazing and the best phone i've ever had. Ok so the media player is a bit disappointing, as is the camera and video recorder but those features were only missed momentarily. Apart from the inability to transfer files via bluetooth... extremely annoyed! The screen is awesome both in quality and its touch responsivness. Level of personalisation makes it seem built just for you, can't really fault any of its other features (messaging etc). And regarding battery life, weirdly enough that has improved over time to my relief. If it weren't for the technical faults i'd highly recommend this phone to everyone without feeling guilty... I just hope t-mobile replace mine :(

Reviewed by A Jane from UK on 19th Oct 2009
i got to play with this phone for a while and it is absolutely gorgeous. first off, when you get it in your hand it feels luxurious. it actually fits so perfectly, it is as if it is part of your hand. the screen is crystal clear and the touchsreen is highly responsive. it feels homely and only requires one hand to operate. the customisable home screens are beautiful and the network operates pretty seamlessly. it comes with an SD card to expand the phone memory too. i do feel however, that while it may take influence from the iPhone, it does not try to compete with the iPhone in any way. instead it just tries to look like itself, and sticks to being itself. i fell in love with the phone, and would prefer this phone over the iPhone any day. this phone gently, but stylishly, ushers you into the age of touchscreen, widgets and smartphones, whereas the iPhone is best suited to someone who wants a phone for absolutely anything and everything [and i mean ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING - i tried the iPhone, and it is MAJOR!] life has to offer. Remember, everybody is different. So some may prefer the HTC Hero, whereas others may be suited to the iPhone. But for me, i feel much more at home with the Hero. I guess you could say it's my hero! [i know that was an AWFUL play on words, but i just HAD to do it!] :-)

Reviewed by htcuser from uk on 18th Oct 2009
some cases this phone is good but this is the second one i have had in 2 months due to problems with google applications. The battery life is v poor has to be charged every night without fail. No bluetooth and no flash for the camera which i would of expected on this phone. phone keeps cutting out during calls and does not log missed call. Applications are good would like to see more variety. Would still consider getting iphone over this one.

Reviewed by dr jay from england on 16th Oct 2009
I love the g2 the only thing is that u can watch tv on the g2 like the iPhone witch let's the phone down also a lot of The app don't work property. Even so it is a great phone.

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