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HTC Desire review

 Review: March 2010  

Last updated August 2010

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Desire is one of the most impressive phones of all time. An Android smartphone with a fabulously responsive touchscreen, the Desire packs in a huge choice of apps, brilliant web browsing, one of the biggest and best screens ever, a good camera, a music player and GPS too. You want more? Add in a superfast processor, monster battery, WiFi and a 3.5mm headphone jack and you've got the perfect phone.

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2010 looks set to be the year of Android. And HTC looks like the manufacturer of choice for Android phones. We've given previous Android phones a "beta" kind of rating, because that's what they were. But the Android Market has expanded rapidly in the past year, and the early glitches in the Android software have been ironed out, making it into a grown-up operating system for real-world users. The only other issues with the early Android phones were related to hardware, so can the HTC Desire overcome all of these problems and become the smartphone of choice for 2010?

Well, let's quickly put you out of your misery and say that the answer is a loud and clear YES!

The Desire is a logical upgrade of the HTC Hero. The Hero was a brilliant phone that received rave reviews on this site, but we felt that it just wasn't quite there. The Desire fills in all the blanks that were missing in the Hero, making it truly the smartphone to beat. The Desire is a mid-range phone too, available free on reasonably-priced contracts, and it's very user-friendly, so we expect this to be an absolute monster phone.

Let's start, as we always do at Mobile-phones-uk.org.uk with a look at the exterior. Pick up the Desire. It's a nicely-styled touchscreen phone that feels solid, but is ultra thin at just 11.9mm. It's slightly smaller than the iPhone 3GS, but has the same weighty feel. Unlike the iPhone it has real buttons at the bottom of the screen, which is no bad thing in our opinion. The screen itself will blow you away. It's a massive 3.7 inches across, larger than the iPhone 3GS and with an unbelievable 480 x 800 pixel resolution, which is nearly three times as much as the iPhone! This is virtually a computer screen fitted onto a mobile phone, and it's the best in its class. The AMOLED display is super-sharp too.

Let's move onto the user interface, because this is one of the most outstanding features of the phone. The screen is capacitive, so it responds to your touch like a dream. The Desire has pinch-to-zoom capability, so you can easily control the onscreen view with your fingers. The combination of the latest release of Android 2.2 (called Froyo) plus the specially-designed HTC Sense interface make a seamless user experience, and the phone just responds intuitively to your touch. Is it as easy to use as the iPhone? Yes it is!

The Desire isn't just a pretty face. Far from it. It's one of the highest-spec phones around. HTC have equipped it with a superfast 1GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon CPU, a massive 576MB of RAM and the external memory is expandable all the way up to 32GB. The battery has a giant 1400 mAh capacity. It's quite amazing that HTC have managed to provide such highly-specified components for a phone at this price point. We wonder if they're actually making any money on it.

All this equipment powers HTC's best camera ever. It's a 5 megapixel camera with face detection, autofocus and a flash. It may not match the best from Sony Ericsson or Nokia, but it's certainly a respectable camera for a phone. The camera is capable of geo-tagging too, as the Desire comes equipped with a GPS receiver. The GPS receiver works with Google Maps (pre-installed) and supports HTC Footprints (geo-tagging software) and has a digital compass.

Musically, the phone comes with a fully equipped digital music player that can handle all popular music formats and that syncs easily with any Windows-based PC. We're delighted to find a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can connect a pair of high quality stereo headphones for the best possible listening experience. And with up to 32GB of storage, you can store all your albums with ease. There's also an FM radio included.

The Desire is in the premier league when it comes to the internet. The huge high-res screen is simply superb for web browsing, and the Android software in combination with the responsive touchscreen and pinch-to-zoom feature make navigating, zooming and scrolling a doddle. The internet is fast and always on, with the 3G HSPA connection offering download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. If you're in a WiFi zone, you can make use of the WLAN connection for even faster data access. There are also widgets for facebook and other online tools.

Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, with A2DP support for wireless stereo headsets and a mini-USB connector.

We've already mentioned the large battery capacity, and this seems to give sufficient real world performance too, despite that massive screen. You'd do well to keep an eye on how many apps you have running though, and to switch off GPS and WiFi when not in use.

Is there anything that the HTC Desire is missing, or anything that could be improved? Nope, not really. This is probably the nearest we've ever seen to the perfect phone. No doubt there are one or two minor improvements that could be made, but then it would have to cost more. As mid-range smartphones go, this is as good as it gets!

HTC Desire features include:

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Average rating from 470 reviews:

Reviewed by adrian from philippines on 24th May 2015
Signal is low. At 4.4.2 os.why is the signal too low?

Reviewed by Graham from Canada on 26th Feb 2013
Had the phone just over a year - last week it stopped charging and there seems to be a problem with the power input jack not connecting. I did not buy an extended warranty and now after only fourteen months of use I have to replace it. I am not a happy camper!

Reviewed by Adrian from UK on 3rd Nov 2012
Had the HTC Desire for nearly two years and think that it is a great phone except fot the fact that it has now run out of phone memory. I have moved as many apps as possible to the SD card, which still has plenty of room, but some apps cannot be moved. I have spoken to other users and they are also frustrated by this 'problem'. Not withstanding this I still enjoy using it.

Reply by Rich from England on 23rd Feb 2013
I am experiencing the same problem with the memory. I don't know where it's all gone, it was fine for 18 months now it's very limited. I suspect every time the various apps update they use more and more memory, a factory reset might cure it. A great phone in its day but it's now obsolete. I fancy a change from android and have ordered a Nokia lumia 820.

Reply by Anoniemouse from UK on 12th May 2013
I had this phone for almost 2 years before upgrading. It is a very good phone but to really get the most from it you need to root it, you can then get round the memory problem as most custom roms enable part of the sd card to be used as internal memory

Reply by Rich from England on 21st Sep 2013
Hi its me again, I'm typing this on my htc desire. I had the Nokia for a few weeks and couldn't put up with it any longer and went back to my Desire... this was in March, I sold the Nokia on Ebay... Fast forward to august 9th my brand new and highly rated xperia sp arrives. Call me old fashioned or something but big phones that you can't use with one hand are over rated, but it's not just that, there's loads and loads if small things that tick me off about these big new phones. Here's just 1 example, when you are browsing on the Desire and you need to zoom down on some text to read it, when you do it automatically resizes the large text so it fits on the screen, on everything else I've used (including the iPhone) you have to swing back and forth to read the text. Maybe when the large screen obsession has finished in a few years we'll see some high end small screen handsets appearing, until then I hope this phone will keep going... I've just done a factory reset and now have 75MB spare.

Reply by Stu from UK on 5th Nov 2013
Same issue for me. I've really enjoyed this phone for the last 2 and a half years but finally gave in and bought the new Nexus 5. What a difference, as you'd expect. I will miss it though, but Ebay here I come.

Reviewed by Jack from England on 30th Sep 2012
Good for about three months, it then started crashing every time I turned it on, this then exacerbated and now it is totally unusable. I have sent it off to htc today for fixing, so am hoping it lasts a bit longer.

Reviewed by McTavish from Scotland on 5th Sep 2012
I've had this handset since May 2010. I've found it to be reliable and hard-working. Surprisingly durable with Android's pleasing software, this makes for an excellent mobile phone. I've put this phone through consistently heavy use but without incident. I've avoided downloading 'junk' applications, as they're inclined to clog the internal memory and they're buggy too!

I'm enjoying this phone and with daily use for calls, bluetooth and wifi, I also find the battery life to be quite acceptable (2 days duration with normal usage). I've confidence in this handset. Having had numerous handsets over the years, I can honestly say that this is the very first time that I've not become bored/irritated by the lack of features on my handset. This is a simply excellent and reliable phone.

Reviewed by jess from uk on 28th Aug 2012
Love my htc desire, had it for over 3 years and its still fast and great to use!

Reviewed by layla from australia on 11th Aug 2012
it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dinesh from Sri Lanka on 10th Jul 2012
A fabulous phone, I had three iPhone 4's one iPhone4S and Samsung Wave, Galaxy S2.....but now back to the HTC Desire. All those who are complaining about freezing and stuff, install a custom ROM on the phone. Which will make the phone very stable, very fast, HD Video Recording, 2Way call recording, unlimited internal memory, super battery life (I used from 8PM to 8AM few calls text messages still the battery at 89% and the phone is over 1 year old.) The phone can be unlocked for free too. Buy the S-LCD one, the screen's colour saturations are much better than the AMEOLED.
The best screen size for a phone is 3.7 or the maximum 4, so New phones are out!
Best Custom ROM - Supernova_2.4.0.1 (Supports 2way call recording, although you can have ICS 4 custom ROM too), put a class 10 microSD card and you will be jumping with joy!

Reviewed by jordan from uk on 7th Jul 2012
The HTC desire is a fab phone but the iPhone ios 6 will beat android once again

Reviewed by didi from uk on 17th Jun 2012
it's a great phone.i don't it for myself but i use my husband's phone and it's definitely the best phone i have ever seen.good quality camera,easy to text and use internet.love it.

Reviewed by C from UK on 18th May 2012
THis is the worst phone ever - it crashes constantly. Its so slow you can't even answer the phone sometimes. About a year ago all my text messages deleted themselves without any reason. I will never buy an HTC/Google andriod phone again. It's not worth the hassle. Just waiting for my contract to finish now!

Reviewed by Matt from Spain on 9th May 2012
Absolutely the worst phone I've ever had, if you could give 0 stars on here I would. This phone has been the bane of my life for almost a year and a half, thank god my contract is up for renewal this month so I can change it.

Right from the first month it would randomly restart itself every now and again and freeze up. After 8 months or so it started resetting 4-5 times a day, heating up so much it burnt my fingers, was incredibly laggy etc and the battery didn't even last half a day (and I am NOT a heavy user).

Sent to HTC and they replaced the processor and everything inside except the screen, so was given a practically new phone. Around a month ago it started doing the same and today it has died completely. Thought mine was an isolated case but trawled the forums and found literally hundreds of disgruntled Desire owners like me...sorry but I will NEVER buy an HTC ever again.

Reviewed by danny from uk on 3rd Apr 2012
I have had my desire for just under 2 years now, and I think its a stunning phone. I have not had any issue with it freezing or it turning its self on or off. That said it only gets switched off when I am in a meeting or on a plane. I hope the HTC one x will be as good. I'm getting the one x on Thursday.

Reviewed by vaisakh vb from india on 28th Mar 2012
Its the best superfast fone than iphone. To beat htc desire it will be very impossible for iphone 4s..

Reviewed by Iain Robertson from Scotland on 27th Mar 2012
I have had my HTC Desire for nearly 2 years. Yes like the other reviewer it does like to switch on in the morning. However the main problem is it keeps trying to switch on or freezes. The HTC logo comes on and off and the only way to stop it is to take the battery outand leave it for a few minutes. However there is no guarantee that this will help as at times it takes a while for it to start working again. This is happening more and more. Its a pain as you just dont know when it will have one of its turns.Having said that I do like the phone when it works.

Reviewed by David from UK on 26th Mar 2012
I was given this phone by a friend at a little under 2ys old (i.e. in warranty). It had the HTC rebooting problem - it just kept doing it or, to add interest, freezing. Having read how bad HTC service was I wasn't expecting much when I called them. To my surprise, they said "we'll send a courier, is tomorrow afternoon OK?"

Courier came, it was couriered back six days later with lots of new bits and now works perfectly. I primarily use speech, SMS, internet and email.

I had an iPhone 3G before; obviously the Desire is much faster. I prefer iOS to Android, but that's just me and shouldn't detract from a very good phone.

Reviewed by Alex Dickie from Scotland on 17th Mar 2012
Have had my Desire for almost two years now. Only problems I've had have been with internal memory being somewhat low, and that original battery life is poor. The latter, however, was cured by a battery upgrade from an alternative supplier, which came with an enlarged rear cover that fitted the phone perfectly! Also, love the 'Android' capability and the fact that I can download songs without paying (unlike i-tunes). Would heartily recommend this phone to anyone!!!

Reviewed by SleeplessinUK from UK on 11th Mar 2012
Mine & my husband's HTC Desire phones love to turn themselves on in the early hours of the morning (no pun intended). This wakes us up & freaks us out. We can't find any explanation for this anywhere online. It's not cool! I'm not impressed.

Reviewed by James William smith from america on 10th Mar 2012
I've been on it for years and I will say its the perfect phone, also this sensational phone is much better than the blackberry and apple iPhone according to its amazing fast web browse,and excellent irresistible app's. also this phone has flash player which makes it more unique.
If u do have any problems or needs you can always contact ur shop and tell them your problem.

Reply by Alain from Mauritius on 21st Nov 2012
Blackberry is meant to be a BUSINESS mobile phone...Hope you got hat I mean...Now if need me t spell it out for you let me know...

Reply by Ste from UK on 18th Jan 2013
"Blackberry is meant to be a BUSINESS mobile phone..." Of course, that's why thousands of teenagers use them. And they are available in purple (the phones, not teenagers) And the last person I would want to "Spell something out" for me would be someone who couldn't spell. Lovely irony. Now, if you need me to......... Oh, never mind

Reviewed by htc lover from Uk on 9th Mar 2012
GREAT GREAT PHONE!!!! Have had to replace battery, but probaly because i've had it for 2 years!! other than that no problems! the respnsive touch screen is fab!! buy! buy! buy!

Reviewed by phil from UK on 7th Mar 2012
A great phone in it's day but the lack of internal memory lets it down now, I've never had a problem with mine and will now use the desire as a holiday phone and buy another (probably HTC mobile) for use here in the UK. I've had iPhones (3G and 4 and loved them apart from iTunes and battery life so never again for me) use a Blackberry Bold 9900 for work (another really good if limited phone but great for work, e-mail etc)but feel that Android and the newer hardware are the way forward as long as they don't kill the batteries by adding stupidly fast multi core cpus without adding a large enough battery to make them last at least 2 full days on a charge (more is better).

Reviewed by Steve Burrell from Uk on 6th Mar 2012
I think the phone is the best I've ever had leaps n bounds over the n8 Nokia n n97 I've had .I had one on a two yr contract n had no problems whatsoever so now I have bought a htc hd payg to replace it sellin g the old phone for a good price the only negative is if u leave the gps on it zaps your credit so b aware other than that I love it .4.5 rating

Reviewed by kay from uk on 24th Feb 2012
Wonderful phone had it for 19 months. The only issue i have is my gallary is playing up and it takes about 15mins to try and look at my photos and then gives me the message force close this only started about 2 months ago. Any one have any ideas?

Reviewed by jacques from RSA on 15th Feb 2012
google htc desire crash -

Reviewed by Johnsie from UK on 8th Feb 2012
I've had my HTC Desire since they came out nearly two years ago. It has been very useful over that time and quite reliable. I've dropped it umpteen times and it has been soaked in the rain a few times too. It still works well and runs all the same apps as the newer Android phones. The volume is good, the phone is fast and the screen is very good.

Reviewed by john smith from england on 7th Feb 2012
USELESS you need perfect vision to read the tiny font size in sms messages. three of my friends & myself have got rid of our htc phones & gone back to iphone's & blackberry's just so we can read our messages so stay away from htc unless you have perfect vision

Reply by Johnsie from UK on 8th Feb 2012
Not true. The fonts are easily readable and can also be changed to meet the needs of any special needs users.

Reply by JessieK from UK on 10th Feb 2012
Not sure if you're aware but the font size on texts can be changed the same way you zoom in/out on any other app.

Reply by Dave from UK on 28th Jul 2012
The standard SMS app on the Desire uses font that is 1.5 to 2mm high, the same as almost any consumer magazine, hardback book or paperback. Millions of people without perfect vision live their lives everyday with an amazing invention called "glasses". And the font size cannot be changed in the standard SMS app that is pre loaded on the Desire and it also can't be zoomed into. You can, however, download free SMS apps off the Market/Play store where you can change virtually all parameters of the SMS app, including font size.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 5th Feb 2012
Poor battery life, over heating problems,poor signal problems and screen problems.

Had my phone now for six months and although when i eventually got used to it it wasn't a bad phone and had some decent features (im no expert on phones i use them to txt and call mostly)after a short time it became apparent it wasn't going to be a good one. i had to charge the phone at the very least once a day but if im using it for browsing the internet i have to charge it twice and sometimes three times. also after 4 months it started to over heat orange kindly swapped it but the second one over heated too. the third one as soon as i received it i had problems with the screen not responding wrong letters being typed during txt.also the signal is constantly going on and off. this could be a problem with my area i guess but nobody else seems to have the same problem around me. im currently waiting for my fourth phone from orange so will see what luck i have with that.

Reply by noah from usa on 15th Mar 2012
I have the same problem with my phone it overheats in my pocket and battery life is down to 20% in about 2 hours and signal I used to get signal in a lot of places with my first desire but now I hardly get it anywhere and when I do its only about 1-2 bars I can't waitto get rid of this phone and get something better

Reply by steven from uk on 18th Jul 2012
I'm in negotiations again with Orange to receive a new handset, I'm on my third HTC desire for three different issues within 2 months, my first handset I had just about 12months without any faults and worked perfectly but then it developed the rebooting issue, when trying to reboot the handset it wouldn't accept the commands to reboot the phone. My second handset developed a fault in reading and accepting my SD memory card, after visiting the Orange store in Ashton-under-lyne carphone warehouse and the Asda mobile outlet to try and figure out how to fix the problem, I followed the instructions by all the stores which was to reset the handset and reformat the SD, on doing this nothing worked and the handset still flagged up with the message insert memory card, I placed the card in an old handset to query my thought that it was the handset and not the SD card and the SD card worked fine in my old handset. Now the latest issue, with the third handset, I used the sat nav app which is already installed on the phone and after switching off the sat nav the head phone icon came on without the headphones being plugged in! This mean's I can not make calls or accept calls without the headset being plugged in, now this the third handset developed this fault within less than a week of receiving it from Orange! I'm currently in negotiating again with Orange to change the handset for another model phone but Orange are telling me I have to accept a forth HTC desire handset which I do not want just due to the fact I have lost all faith and confidence in all HTC phones, a lot of the Android forums are full of articles of other users having the same issues and others, if your considering a HTC for me forget it get something else!

Reviewed by Peter from United Kingdom on 29th Jan 2012
Outstanding phone. Even better when you install custom software and mods! Amazing.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 18th Jan 2012
Horrible phone, its most annoying habit, of which it has many, is to tell you that there is a signal and as soon as you press send text there is no signal! Back to the iphone for me as soon as this contract is up.

Reviewed by Jennifer from UK on 13th Jan 2012
HTC Desire 2009 model. Positive: Love my phone. Loads of options and great for internet, music, radio. Great screen size phone and still finding other options now. Negative: Red eye on photos. Battery life poor. It is a challenge to work out. Always had problems with downloading HTC desire updates. Sometime struggle to send messages. Pictures are above average but not good for taking moving images or night photos ie sunsets.

Reviewed by kenny from uk on 3rd Jan 2012
It's a great phone in every way, EXCEPT, and this is a big exception, the size of the internal memory. It was a colossal error on HTC's part, to equip such a good phone which such a pitiful amount of internal memory, which has pretty much deleted the "smart" from my smartphone.

Reviewed by james from england on 2nd Jan 2012
Love my desire it does everything I need it to though the battery life is pretty naf , advanced app killer is really helpful it gives me an extra couple of hours a day . I'm die an upgrade but can't yet find anything that I think will replace of ...

Reviewed by Luigi from Philippines on 28th Dec 2011
I got the HTC Desire for Christmas this year (2011). I can say that it is a FANTASTIC phone. I got it for 16K Pesos. But it was worth it . I didn't regret it. Now we will get to the Cons Of the phone. I think you all experience this all the time. BATTERY LIFE. It only lasts for 1 day. I need to charge it every day. Please HTC . Can you give us a solution here? Can you make YOUR phones last up to 3-4 days . I guess. Pros!! Everything!! (except battery life) :( HTC we need a solution!! :) thank you!

Reviewed by Wayne from England on 25th Dec 2011
The original Desire is not to be desired at all. I'd had the phone for four months when the locking bar wouldn't scroll down to answer a call. I would then have to ring back. The screen kept locking and I would have to turn the phone on and off repeatedly until it unlocked itself. The worst fault was the charger which would turn itself off and then discharge the phone overnight leaving me with no phone in the morning. I sent it back and they told me it had water contamination even though I couldn't remember any incident that caused it. I said "explain water contamination" and they replied " going from a air conditioned area to a warm area or using the phone whilst drinking a cup of coffee" I said "Normal use then". The reply from HTC dirct was "If you don't like it , go and see a solicitor or phone Watchdog" Terrific customer service then.

Reply by kelly from england on 16th Feb 2012
i am having the exact same problem and all htc are doing is constantly repeating themselves over and over again. saying the phone has water damage when its never been in or around water. they keep sending me photos of the inside of the phone which is brilliant just how on earth am i ment to know weither its my phone and what water damage looks like on the inside of the phone! htc are rubbish and i would advise EVERYONE to NEVER buy a htc. if you do u will have nothing but problems!!

Reviewed by Arnie from UK on 23rd Dec 2011
Great phone at the start but now it reboots if u ask it to do anything, get about 5 mins surfing the net reboot, 2 mins gps reboot, 10min phone call reboot. A total piece of junk I will never buy a HTC phone again, it's going in for repair but how long will this buy me another 6 months till the reboots rise their ugly head again?

Reply by Bee from United Kingdom on 29th Jan 2012
Hi , Your phone has a hardware problem, take it back to your phone company. Mine went back to the phone company twice since the 21/12/2011, they couldn't repair it because of the hardware problem , now they have given me a replacement phone. The phone Rebooting is a hardware problem.

Reviewed by Roger from UK on 23rd Dec 2011
like so so many other people my phone constantly freezes and htc just tell me to take the battery out or do a factory reset - I factory reset all the time take the battery out all the time it never solves the problem - desire is a strong emotion - all I feel for this phone and this company is hate - lots of it.

Reviewed by amber from united states on 18th Dec 2011
Okay so I have gone through a bunch of this HTC desire phone. I've had rebooting problems. I have had force close problems and problems with the SD card registering that its in the phone. I am tired of the problems also when do we have a software update that will fix all the bugs with this phone

Reviewed by Ana from Jeddah, KSA on 16th Dec 2011
Just like what other is complaining of! After a year of owning this mobile, I had a rebooting problem everytime I'm using it's wifi or 3g and I noticed that it overheats! I was so disappointed because it was really good except for the memory apps issue.. Will not recommend this..

Reviewed by alanah from Australia on 16th Dec 2011
my HTC desire is rubbish it keeps craching whenever i try to charge it and iv only had it for 7 months! it is a good phone in general though as you can download and play cool games on it and the tounch screen is really good! i would giv this phone **(2) stars because it practical but not perfect!

Reviewed by ped from uk on 9th Dec 2011
had my desire for about a year & apart from some initial issues with the software, which was ironed out by an upgrade to the latest version, have never had a problem with this phone. build quality is good & the phone is pretty robust as i've dropped it on more than a few occassions & unlike my old iphone (& even more the iphone 4 & 4s) has remained unscathed with no cracked or shattered screen. battery life has been good with the phone often going 2 days between charges & that's with apps running or wi fi scanning. my contract has expired some time back but as i think that this phone is still just as capable as some of the newer phones, i haven't bothered to upgrade as this phone still does it for me. if you want a cheap reliable mobile then check out HTC's range i know i will & that's probably not a bad endorsement of a product..

Reviewed by Cleave from UK on 6th Dec 2011
I have had this phone for 18 months now, i rooted & unlocked it after owning it for only 1 month. I have over 130 apps installed & i still have 100mb of internal memory left. This is still an excellent phone & i would still recomend this phone even now.

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 4th Dec 2011
I have had my Desire for 7 months. After only one or two months and installing only 4/5 apps, my internal memory said it was full. It appears that the Desire does not save apps or much else to the sd card without going through a procedure of "rooting" the phone - which apparently invalidates the warranty if anything goes wrong with it. But even having "rooted" the phone and followed all the suggestions on the android forums, the internal memory still fills up straight away. Had I known about the internal memory issue before starting my contract I would have chosen a different phone. Needless to say I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

Reply by Waqas from UK on 17th Feb 2012
Have you thought about buying a memory card? When I got my phone it came with a 4GB memory card but I negotiated and got another 8GB card free.

Reviewed by Darryl S Taylor from UK on 30th Nov 2011
I'd like the wifi and 3g to be on at the same time as I have the Vodafone sure signal box. Also the memory is a little low so you restricted on what apps you can have. Otherwise a brilliant fone. Will get the HTC Sensation XL when I can upgrade. Thanks HTC.

Reviewed by shazaaa from narnia on 24th Nov 2011
THIS PHONE IS SOO BAD!! i hate it!! cant do anything on it cuz whenever i do it overheats!! and restarts and you have to take the battery out!! I ADVISE YOU TO NOT GET THIS PHONE!! I WANT TO THROW AT A WALL IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH

Reviewed by Milo O'Neill from UK on 22nd Nov 2011
My desire is now 18 months old and it's upgrade time, and to be honest I'm looking at all the new phones out and I'm not really seeing anything that excited me the way this did back in mid 2010. The screen on the Desire is fantastic, bright, detailed and with eye popping colour. The operating system (sense) is brilliant and I just love the functionallity of Android. My only gripe is that I've ugraded to Gingerbread (against the advice of HTC) and now find the the internal memory is insuficiant for all of my apps so have had to uninstall a few (though they are still on my Android Market acct should I need them later, you don't loose them or have to buy them again. The sat nav works well, the audio player is good, videos and games are great and the social functions (FriendStream, Footprints and Lattitudes) all work seamlessly. The news feed and weather functions update in the background and are always spot on. So, only problem is which phone next, Samsung Galaxy S2 is getting rave reviews but feels plain cheap in the hand, new galaxy nexus sounds good but will probably feel the same, motorola Razr looks great but I fear wont be as slick as a HTC sense product...... looks like Sensation XE then eh?

Reviewed by Martin Steedman from uk on 21st Nov 2011
Had it for a year now, slight problem after 1 month, sorted out, and never failed since. would recommend it to any one.

Reviewed by Claire from England on 18th Nov 2011
Having owned this phone for 19 months, I am counting down the days untill I can get rid! Was once a fantastic phone, after around 12 months of use it over heats and reboots 5 or 6 times a day, mainly while browsing the internet. I have googled the problem and found this to be a wide spread problem on many HTC phones. It was even reported on Watchdog and HTC do very little to help. Don't waste your money. Amassive shame as without the rebooting problem I would give this phone a 5 star rating.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 18th Nov 2011
Do not buy this phone, mine is broken for the 4th time despite never damaging it in any way so far I've had, screen problems, heating up, camera off, audio off, audio jack off, random turn off ons, freezing, signal problems, short battery life, this is by far the worst phone I've ever had even beating the early LG I had. Don't buy it

Reviewed by Lizette from South Africa on 14th Nov 2011
I have endless problems with my phone, signel problems, messages, mms, screen problems, ringtone problems. HTC - Never again !

Reviewed by Terence Galvin from UK on 4th Nov 2011
Htc Desire was a very good phone when I got it over a year ago since I updated to it to 2.2 it has been a disaster it overheats turns itself off on a regular basis when making calls surfing the net and using sat nav the list is endless it has to be the worst phone I have had ever and I have had many total nightmare stay away from any htc phones there customer service is lip service at best also I have the Htc wildfire just as bad slow to respond to any command maybe I was unlucky to get 2 bad Htc smart Phones but I doubt it, my contract is now up so I am off to buy any phone other than a Htc I really could have written a book on the problems I have had with these phones "you have been warned" I have to give 1 star because there is no zero

Reviewed by victoria from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
not the worst phone i have ever had..but i have had it for 10 months now, and it is so slow! i have thousands of messages in my inbox, but i cant delete them as it takes forever (as in 10 minutes to delete 12 messages!) i cant put apps onto my sd card, which has made the memory full and unable to download anything else. the battery life is poor, i charge it every night. otherwise it is ok, got good apps on android, shame i cant download anymore, signal is always good. got my contract for another 8 months yet :( want a new phone now!!

Reviewed by benjamin perrotta from UK on 1st Nov 2011
The worst phone I've ever had!! Glad only on 12 contract!! Terrible reception terrible battery life, HTC desire lucky to last half a day if you actually use the thing.. don't waist your $$.. I've switch back to my old phone and its great happy again.... Don't get sucked in!!

Reviewed by n walker from UK on 24th Oct 2011
was quite reluctant to get rid of my faithful Motorola Razor, but not everything lasts forever! so hearing and seeing so many good reviews about the Desire, i went ahead and treated myself to one. and yes it awsome in every way, however the battery life is abit pants!! and could be better. also i was very dissapointed to learn that the phone gives NO notification to the fact that you've had a missed text or call!!! the only way is to keep turning it on to check whether you have or have not! i find this dissapointing in such a smart phone as it was a VERY useful adition which was availabe on the Motorola. A LOUD bleep would sound ever couple of minutes or so to inform you of this, and would stop only when you acknowlaged it. SIMPLE idea; and VERY MUCH MISSED.

Reviewed by Jameshill from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
I have one of these phones it has a GPS issue and if you search the web you will find many more people ranting about the same issue. HT's repair centre have had the phone for 11 weeks after 2 repairs and a new replacement which turned out to be a refub' i am still without a phone and the attitude of HTC has been bad to the point that i will never buy another htc product and advise you not to either.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
So glad I choose the Desire White. Looks great and does all I wanted it to do. After my Palm Lifedrive's drop, I did intensive research for a replacement. No phone compared better for the price. After some software issues that I e-mailed htc about, I even had a call from htc Africa, from their offices in Cairo! Any other cellphone manufacturers try and beat that. I will definately upgrade to another htc once this contract is done.

Reviewed by Si from UK on 19th Oct 2011
This is a great phone is most areas, but the biggest let down is the lack of phone memory for applications! There are numerous formus full of people complaining that after downloading a relatively small number of apps the phone is "FULL" and unable to fit any more onto the device. Moving some apps to the SD card helps, but not for long. I have a handful of apps, and there are loads more I would like to get to fully utilise the power of the handset. But for some crazy reason HTC decided to provide such a small memory that it is not possible. COuld have been so good, get the Desire S, more memory. I'm stuck with this now for the next year.

Reviewed by sally from UK on 5th Oct 2011
i hate this phone. everything about it! Dated and heavy. Poor all round :(

Reviewed by delta94 from UK on 26th Sep 2011
The Desire is an excellent phone, when you get it, but after about a year things go abit adrift. Apps are very useful and work extremely well. BUT if like me you download more than a few then the desire will struggle to run and will constantly be running out of space,even after moving them to the sd card. I have on the whole really enjoyed my experience with the desire, just keeping the app addiction under control, does help enormasly. Just one thing recently though the clear cover covering the lens on the back of the phone has fogged over to I think a fungus? Anyway grand attempt.

Reviewed by Hannn from UK on 22nd Sep 2011
Best phone I ever had!

Reviewed by James from UK on 18th Sep 2011
I took this out on o2 contact and hate it. It was a huge mistake. I trusted written reviews. can't wait for contract period to end

Reviewed by roy from UK on 18th Sep 2011
Well im not a technophobe but this phone is not only superb in its quality,its superb for its simplicity of operation.i love it.

Reviewed by JazzMan from UK on 7th Sep 2011
I got this phone for 100 on ebay. This phone is great the screen is excellent and responsive and internet browsing is a joy. With a fast CPU and inbuilt flash it's everything I want in a phone. The only problems I found was that the battery quickly drained (about a day) and the internal memory was miserly at about 250Mb.This means you are quickly running out of space to put new apps. I managed to find a high capacity battery for this phone with 3000MAH so I could leave the internet etc on if I so wish and play games all day. I also rooted the phone and put Android 2.3 on it which gives me the option to save my apps directly to my SD Card. Would still recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by bill mac from UK on 7th Sep 2011
they say that time will tell..and it has. its gone from a beautiful gadget to a tempremental brick. after one year it has developed an overheating issue. its the processor or the motherboard. i searched online and there are hundreds and hundreds of people asking why their desire keeps crashing and or overheating. its going back to HTC, who seem to have a terrible record of successful repair, so im not optimistic. i think i was one of the unlucky ones who got theirs around july/august period of 2010. wont buy HTC ever again. who had heard of them 3 years ago?

Reviewed by Peter from london from UK on 6th Sep 2011
best phone ever, tried the rest and desire is best! and all at a reasonable price unlike apple ''I'M A HTC FAN''

Reviewed by arno from UK on 5th Sep 2011
i read poeple moaning about the desire its a great handset get the new 2.3 htc update for this solves all the issues i have done the upgrade and i love it 6/5 iphone 4 no thanks

Reviewed by Faqinel from UK on 4th Sep 2011
A great toy but a very poor phone for any worker who doesn't operate within easy reach of a USB charger. Without realising I've found myself surrounded by chargers: 2 at home (one 'must have' by the bed for charging overnight), 1 in the car, 1 in my office, 1 in my workshop, 1 in my van, 1 for the laptop and several spare cables. If by some small miracle I manage to make it through the day without it going flat then I still have to cross my fingers and pray for a signal when I need to make a call because like all Smartphone's the antenna is useless. Should you try to use some of the features other than phone and texting then expect the battery life to drop even faster as the processor, wifi or GPS suck the life out of the battery. By the way I don't know if it is a fault with my phone but when using GPS with the Navigator app the phone pulls more power than can be supplied by the charger. It also gets very hot. When it is charged and does have a signal then it is a very impressive phone, very easy to setup and use, with some great features but unless your days are pretty routine and you know you are going to be in easy reach of a charger and are confident you will get a strong signal I would advise to avoid this and any other smartphone like the plague.

Reviewed by David from UK on 30th Aug 2011
It is permanantly connected to a charger and I can't wait to swap it to something truly mobile when my contract ends.

Reviewed by swen from UK on 16th Aug 2011
Hate this phone!! Many times when I press a contact to call, it calls the contact that was dialed the last time, or when I press phone icon it doesn't go to phone, and I know I'm hitting key because I can drag to a different screen. Wish I'd got a Iphone.

Reviewed by tony from UK on 12th Aug 2011
The phone is useless texts have an hour delay some days it dosesnt ring goes to answer phone some days have to take battery out several times so it will let me ring out my nokia brick was better

Reviewed by Naomi from UK on 1st Aug 2011
fair play i bought this phone 24th feb 2011, it was working quite well now, my desire will ring people and the screen flashes on and off so i cannot cancel the call, alot of the time the touch does not work on it and the problem just seem to be getting worse, ive taken the mobile phone back to the shop today, to be repaired but after ready that hundreds of people have the same problem i dont think i want it back, IT HAS GOTTA BE SAID THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PHONE I HAVE EVER BOUGHT AND THE WORTH BY FAR WISH I STILL HAD MY NOKIA 3010!! AVOID THIS MOBILE PHONE!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! AVOID THIS PHONE!!

Reviewed by D Jones from UK on 29th Jul 2011
Wow!!! Its fab,best phone iv ever had :)

Reviewed by Casey Jones from UK on 26th Jul 2011
Got the phone in november 2010, was fine till march 2011. The phone started to switch itself on & off continuously. Ihad to take the battery out to clear it. At first just a couple of times a day but within a month the phone was off most of the day & would also get very hot. T-mobile have had it a month now & seem to have taken it to bits. Told them that they really should just give me a replacement new one but they insist on fixing it. Not impressed.

Reviewed by Jon P from UK on 19th Jul 2011
Desire HD VERY Disappointed Got the phone at the end of March, 1st one faulty returned it within 3 days, 2nd one has ongoing problems, loses signal & needs to be reset, make a call & the call does not go through needs to be reset before trying another call, GPS does not work in Europe. Sent to T-Mobile for repair away for over 1 month, phone returned all issues still present, at least my old & battered N95 works.... Don't bother with HTC

Reviewed by ricky@boston from UK on 19th Jul 2011
It has been the best phone to date that I have had, but there is one thing I would love is front camera..... Other wise its perfect!! I'll give it 10 out of 10 :)

Reviewed by SHAH from UK on 17th Jul 2011

Reviewed by Misery from UK on 13th Jul 2011
120 from argos - you can't go wrong, yes the s is smaller and the desire is quicker. But hey money talks and this is a lot of phone for the money

Reviewed by len hotchkiss from UK on 7th Jul 2011
its a great phone but the ringer volume is rubbish is there any way i can get it louder

Reviewed by oonagh from UK on 5th Jul 2011
This is by farther worst phone I have ever had. The charge lasts at most 3, hours. When the phone is charging it cannot be used as the screen will glad in and off. When composing a text it will randomly 'force application close ' and you lose the text. A lot of the time the touch screen freezes. Turning the phone off and on again is the only solution here. Also during a call you will be cut off at random and the phone won't let you ring the person back or them you. Again you have to turn the phone off and on again. Don't buy this phone, very unreliable.

Reviewed by Alistair from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
this blows all phones out of the water. everything can be tweeked and customised. Truly a computer in your hand. Ps battery life is a day on 3g and if you turn it to 2g it goes about 3 days. if you want to tweek it, it can be twuck.

Reviewed by Tiffany W from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
The first time ive ever had a contract and not been counting down the days til it ends! my first touch screen.. at first a little strange but now prefer it! also the first phone ive never had to send back for repair!! my sister had an iphone and all it ever done was break and crash, so glad i chose one of these! best phone ive ever had, will most prob not even upgrade as i really do love it!

Reviewed by Barry from UK on 22nd Jun 2011

Reviewed by waynegw from UK on 15th Jun 2011
I have the HTC Desire, which is a very nice phone, the only problem i have is it will not make phone calls every now and then, you press the call button and it seems like its going to ring but you just get a click then back to the contacts book, after a bit of time tho it will ring. other than that the phone is great except the batteries dont last very long if you play games or listen to a lot of music, and the free google navigation is awesome.

Reviewed by john from UK on 13th Jun 2011
there is not a lot good with this phone if you use it as its ment to be used eg take it out the box the battery life is poor; pictures will not scroll; rotating the screen is nothing but poor; volume is way to low; camera is not that good; touch typing is hit and miss; the android opp sys is not that good my phone is allways locking up and crashing; i will never have a htc/android again. i will swap anybody this for an iphone

Reviewed by hollie... from UK on 8th Jun 2011
absoloutly hate it. havent had it one day and ive already somehow used 10% of my 'unlimited' internet and barely even touched the internet, could spend hours a day on the internet on my old phone nd never ever went over my internet. battery is rubbish and i hope for an exchange on the phone tomorrow. gutted.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 6th Jun 2011
Had my Desire since November 2010. Everything was great. I accepted before I received it that battery life wouldn't be amazing and that most of the functions, mainly the social app and internet side, would be of little to no use to me, but the plus points of a great looking phone, with brilliant picture quality, ability to take upto 32GB memory card and hook up with my Bluetooth head unit in my car for my music and work needs, made it a perfect choice for me. However, 4 weeks ago the screen went black as usual when it goes into standby mode, but it wouldn't reactivate when trying to turn the screen on to make a call. Several attempts later the battery was removed for a few seconds and replaced. After the boot up it worked normal again untill it went back into standby and I couldn't get the screen to activate again. Battery removed and replaced, working phone for rest of day. Next morning alarm didn't go off, luckily house phone rang and woke me up otherwise I would have been more than 2 hours late to work. Did the battery thing and it worked for a few hours, had to remove battery again. Went through this for two days, I tried resetting it, different sim card, different memory card, software update (2.3 still not available) and the same thing kept happening. Sent back to O2. Had it back in a week, something wrong with screen, but now fixed, guess again. Lasted 4 hours before screen went white and froze. Sent back to O2, this time I was given a replacement handset. Everything great for a week then while I was training the music player just stopped. Tried to exit and restart it, but it wouldn't respond. Removed battery and replaced, I'm now an expert at this. Worked 5 minutes before stopping again. Managed to get phone to work, but music player wouldn't. Then the phone started doing the same screen blackout as the other one. Awesome phone when working, really great phone, but totally killed me ever getting another HTC and advising others to get them as well. 5 stars when working, but

Reviewed by chris from kent from UK on 6th Jun 2011
The best phone i have ever owned. I would not even consider any other phone.In a nut shell "AMAZING".

Reviewed by fhmoghadam@gmail.com from UK on 6th Jun 2011
I also Love my Disire

Reviewed by Chase Martin from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
I have had this phone for a while now its fantastic!! A++++++++++!!

Reviewed by sgld from UK on 31st May 2011
I have had an HTC desire for 3 months now and I frankly can't stand this phone. I wish I had bought another Blackberry and not this. For starters the keyboard is unusable - don't take my word for it - experiment yourself with it in the shop. Also the general design features are a nightmare. The signal strength seems very weak - i get hardly any calls and people complain my phone is always off. Finally compared to the Iphone - the picture quality is not at all in the same league. Don't buy this - the iphone looks much better and I personally would prefer a blackberry.

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 30th May 2011
i am a htc desire owner, it is one of the best smartphones out.

Reviewed by tracy mcgonigle from UK on 26th May 2011
i have the htc desire n love it, as its so fast to use for facebook. The only downside is that it does not come with an instruction manual and have to figure out how to use it. The battery lasts less than a day if you are on it all the time, like i said is a fab phone though

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 23rd May 2011
Fantastic phone for apps, awesome on the internet and a brilliant camera, but absolutely useless for texting or calling. Glossy phone that's forgotten how to be a phone; stores texts, doesn't tell you they have failed to send and then resends texts when you turn it off; very annoying. Cuts calls, forgets contacts and sometimes freezes and doesnt let you answer. Fantastic phone for the 'wow' factor, but if you ever want to actually contact someone, better off with any other phone that's ever been invented. Seriously frustrating phone.

Reviewed by H.T. from UK on 23rd May 2011
Depends what you are looking for from a smartphone. If you want to play games, download and use apps, then its ok. If you want to have a good clear signal when someone speaks to you on the phone and get GPS Internet, then it is truly awful. HTC phones renowned for poor quality sound and non-existent GPS signals. Buy one at your own peril.

Reviewed by Simon Burkinshaw from UK on 19th May 2011
Dont believe anything you read from the Above! This phone is total and utter garbage! Infact dont buy any htc! The desire has major problems My phone has been sent back ! which was on the 14th april and i still havent recieved a new one in return as there is a back log of people waiting to have there phones repaired! SO AVOID THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by 6964elmore from UK on 14th May 2011
I've had a HTC Desire since August 2010 and have been happy with it apart from a couple of aspects. The first thing that lets it down is the volume even at maximum is far too low. The second (and this may be a problem with my individual phone) is that it freezes very regularly particularly when texting fairly quickly or browsing. It could be argued that it is the way i am using it causes it to do this but i use all phones the same and haven't had a problem with others. Other than this i am happy.

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 14th May 2011
Nothing but trouble, gps useless, worked well for a while and then failed; tried everything short of root which will kill gtee & contract. battery lasts a few hours only, you can watch the % dropping off! because applications restart every few minutes and you cant get rid of them on vodafone due to Vodafone's digusting vodafone 360 bloatware; had a DHD from t-mobile/orange for a short while but unfortunatly a poor signal in my area, the DHD was very fast compared to the vodafone one because of the v360. running task killer isn't enough to be rid of the rubbish. Really really hacked off :-(( (and please dont suggest I use the battery properly, I'm a bloody technician! cheers).

Reviewed by M Knight from UK on 14th May 2011
This phone is a disaster. Started off great. Then after a few weeks it would switch off if I used it whilst it was charging. After about 7 months, the phone would switch off and off repeatedly if using Google Navigation. The only way to rectify the problem would be to take the battery out. My HTC Desire was eventually returned to HTC who stated it was a hardware fault. Twice they promised it was fixed and twice that information was wrong. I have been waiting one month now and still it has not been returned. Google and Youtube searches show many many people with the same problem. I am now having to take legal action through Trading Standards as a breach of contract with my mobile operator. I am really disappointed with the attitude of HTC UK. Broken promises, no proper tracking to check your phone whilst it is in for repair and continuous broken promises of how long it will take to repair. I would not recommend The HTC Desire but if you do want one, I suggest you do not dispose of your old phone as you may need it when your HTC eventually breaks!

Reviewed by Alison from UK on 12th May 2011
I have had this phone for a week now and is my first smart phone. So far I am thoroughly impressed. I had read reviews before making my choice of HTC Desire and some people mentioned they were not happy with battery life, but I am actually impressed, when just using it as a phone the battery lasts several days, If you are using apps and internet access all day you will probably need to charge it daily (but you wouldn't be able to use a laptop all day without charging it?) So I am happy. Usability is fabulous, took me a while to work it out but so far I wouldn't change a thing about this phone. Screen is great size, camera is pretty good. It is liberating having email on the go and telephone reception is really clear. I LOVE THIS PHONE. My colleagues who use blackberry's and iPhones are quite jealous....... as the HTC desire seems to have better usability and is much cheaper.

Reviewed by Ian Watson from UK on 11th May 2011
I have had a problem with the phone which is now with them for the second time to fix with the same problem. It has been with them since 18th April and I still do not have it back. It has been in repair since 21st April "on test".They say they have a lot of phone at their repair centre and refuse to replace it. They said I would have it back by yesterday (10th May) but when I called this morning they said they were still awaiting parts and cannot tell me when I'll get it back. I'll never get a HTC again as their repair and customer service is terrible. It is great when it is working but my experience of the Desire is that it is unreliable. I wish I had kept my Blackberry which was reliable. Vodafone have not been able help and just passed me onto HTC UK.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 8th May 2011
Ive given this one star because i love the internet on this phone. However the problems i have encountered are horrendous and never ending!!! I have had this phone for about a year now, and the screen keeps freezing, the phone cuts out during phone calls, the phone sometimes wont let me make phone calls even though i have full signal, sometimes it wont let me turn if off, and today its turning itself on and off. Tmobile blame HTC and HTC blame Tmobile. Tommorrow im going to take it to the Tmobile shop and throw it at someone if i have to!!

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