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HTC Desire 610 review

 Review: July 2014  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Desire 610 offers the looks of the flagship HTC One M8 at a reduced price. But while the Desire 610 is a nice phone in many ways, it doesn't do enough to justify its price.

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The HTC Desire 610 fills the gap between the mid-range Desire 601 and the more expensive One Mini 2. This higher-middle range of phones is where you'll find last-year's flagship models, plus new phones that don't quite match the jaw-dropping specs of the top-end models. Unfortunately the Desire 610 doesn't really have what it takes to win in this tough battleground.

Design & looks

All HTC phones are starting to look very much the same, and the Desire 610 copies this now familiar look with dual frontal BoomSound speakers situated behind grilles mounted above and below the screen. It's a good look, and one of the reasons for HTC's recent recovery in sales and profitability. The phone is quite ergonomic, with a flat back and gently rounded corners and edges making it easy to grip.

The Desire 610 lacks the metal body and ultraslim design of the luxurious One M8, cutting costs by using plastic. It's by no means a bad look, but it's a little chunkier than we'd like and surprisingly heavy too. The phone is available in a range of colours.

Audio quality isn't quite on a par with the One M8 either, despite the BoomSound speakers.

The display is a good size, measuring 4.7 inches, but HTC trips up in delivering a sub-par resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, or 234 pixels per inch (ppi). At this price point anything less than HD just doesn't cut it.

Android plus BlinkFeed

The Desire 610 runs Android 4.4 KitKat with HTC Sense 6 on top. This means that it's running the latest version of Android, with all the latest features. HTC Sense offers minimal customisation, but it does include BlinkFeed on the home screen, providing a dynamic feed of all your social media updates and interactions. You can see what's new at a glance, and it's a practical tool as well as nice eye-candy.

Quad-core power

The Desire 610 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, which is a quadcore processor running at 1.2GHz. Not long ago this would have been considered exceptionally fast, but top-of-the-range phones now run significantly faster than this and even the budget Motorola Moto G gives you the same Qualcomm processor for about half the price as the HTC. The 1GB of RAM is also decidedly mid-range.

We're not blown away by the amount of memory for apps and data either. The built-in storage of 8GB is the minimum we'd accept at this price, and busy users may quickly fill this space. Fortunately there's a microSD card slot so you can easily and cheaply add up to 128GB more storage.

These are essentially mid-range specs on a higher-range phone, and don't really cut the mustard.

8 megapixel camera

We don't really have any complaints about the camera on the Desire 610. The rear camera is an 8 megapixel beastie with a BSI sensor for improved low-light performance. It can record Full HD 1080p video. It'll give typically good performance for a camera phone under most lighting conditions, and should be good enough for most users.

The front camera is intended to be used for selfies and video calls. It uses a 1.3 megapixel BSI sensor and can record HD 720p video. 


The Desire 610 is a 4G-compatible phone with support also for 3G and 2G networks. It comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, NFC and DLNA connectivity.

Battery life

Once again the Desire 610 fails to live up to our high expectations when it comes to battery life. The 2040mAh battery is underpowered for a phone of this type and battery life is likely to be around 10 hours of continuous use.


The HTC Desire 610 is a nice-looking 4G phone with a good-sized screen and a quadcore processor. It's equipped with the latest version of Android and also comes with HTC's Sense 6 user interface features. That's all good, and the phone's significantly less expensive than the high-end HTC One M8.

But if you're looking for a high-spec Android phone that doesn't cost the earth, there are much better choices out there. At the budget end, the outstanding Motorola Moto G offers nearly all the features of the Desire 610 for a fraction of the price. The EE Kestrel and Sony Xperia M2 are also excellent choices. In the same price bracket as the HTC you'll find the ageing but still impressive Samsung Galaxy S3 and for a little extra you could afford the outstanding Google Nexus 5.

HTC Desire 610 features include:

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HTC Desire 610 user reviews

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Average rating from 9 reviews:

Reviewed by david from uk on 7th Apr 2016
This phone is rubbish, I have never had so many problems with a single phone. Only had the phone for8 month's, it has been repaired 12 times. Wish I had never opted for this phone. HTC never again, don't purchase this phone.

Reviewed by Mark from England on 27th Mar 2016
At first I loved this phone, but it's easy to be deceived. First of all the touch screen is very poor while attempting to drag down on the touch screen to read emails, and the same problem with trying to drag the screen from left to right. Second, my phone HTC 610 desire had master reseted itself on three occasions, so I had lost all of my phone numbers and important apps such like online banking.
Third, the camera is rubbish, and the same applies to the poor video camera.

Reviewed by Tony from United States on 22nd Nov 2015
I read a lot of bad reviews about the HTC desire 610 I diagree love this phone does what it was made to do also it looks good tony.

Reviewed by Alphonzo Griffith from England on 21st May 2015
i find that the phone erases numbers by itself its disappointing in that i cannot access virgin media t v anywhere on this phone its hard to get into the battery compartment. i would be pleased if anyone out there who can access virgin media t v anywhere will share how they accessed this. i have another year to go on this contract and will decide then if i continue with the same provider. other than above i like the phone.

Reviewed by James from UK on 19th Jan 2015
Disappointing smart phone. For making calls and texts it does the job. The camera is woeful. Not only is the picture quality bad, the response from hitting the button to actually taking the picture is terrible, meaning most of the time you miss the shot you wanted. Micro SD card un-mounts so often it is unusable; have seen this on a few HTC posts on android forums. I could probably re-format it or mess around and maybe get it working (unless it's a hardware issue), but if your not a techy then you're in trouble. Not easy access to the battery. I prefer my Samsung with a broken screen than this phone.

Reviewed by emma from scotland on 10th Jan 2015
Phone is dire. It can be locked and on standby yet it changes its volume by itself. It downloads pictures by itself. It accesses apps by itself. It takes pictures, videos, dials numbers and adds calendar items when locked in your pocket. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Reviewed by James from UK on 6th Nov 2014
I've had it for 4 months and I really like it. The camera on it is decent and I like it's design. The curved sides make it easy to grip even though the back is slippery plastic that feels pretty solid. The sense 6 interface is well designed and the battery life is really good, especially with it's power saving modes.

Reviewed by David from UK on 20th Sep 2014
Bought phone on contract with 3 on 03/08/14. Worked fine for 27 days; then started rebooting itself independently, flashing strobe like screen becoming unusable. Returned to HTC with faults. Technical team came back with internal corrosion issues and a 100 bill. Phone never dropped in liquid/moist environment/left in car overnight etc. Bearing in mind this phone is a sealed unit with no access to internal parts, would indicate that this is a design fault. First experience of any fault with a mobile in 20 years and one where you would never have expected this problem in such a short time. If I was looking for a similar android smartphone in future, I wouldn't risk this one - or have to deal with HTC Customer 'Care'.

Reviewed by Rais from uk on 8th Sep 2014
Ok phone. Quite happy with it.
Screen turns off and have to reach for the power button every time to wake it up.
There is a loud annoying beep at the end of every call which is damaging my ear drums! Need to find a way to change this setting if possible.
Had Samsung earlier and really enjoyed the swiping left/right feature in order to call/text a contact, no matter which window you were in. HTC is annoying in that you can't be in the call history list and decide to text someone from there..I don't think so anyway..
Maybe I have to learn more about this phone.

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