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HTC Desire 510 review

 Review: January 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC Desire 510 is a budget smartphone with a big screen and good looks. Positives include a responsive quad-core processor and good battery life, but beware of its bulky design, poor camera and low screen sharpness.

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Design & looks

The look of the Desire 510 is clearly derived from HTC's flagship One series, but instead of premium materials, the build is plastic, and the styling much less refined. But it's still a nice-looking handset when compared with some of the ugly ducklings out there in the budget sector. The single front-facing speaker delivers better-than-average sound quality. Available in Black or White, we much prefer the White version pictured here.

The phone is quite large, but not particularly slim, and surprisingly heavy for what it is. It's not the easiest phone to hold and use, especially in one hand. The main reason for the size of the phone is of course its big screen. Measuring 4.7 inches, it's a real monster screen and bigger than anything else we've reviewed in the budget sector. The size is an asset for watching video, surfing the web or playing games, yet it's disappointing to find that the number of pixels isn't really enough for the screen size. The screen isn't HD. It has a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, which works out at a low pixel density of 208ppi. That isn't very sharp at all, and we'd have willingly sacrificed some screen size for a higher resolution and a less bulky handset.

Android plus BlinkFeed

This is an Android KitKat smartphone and it comes with HTC's excellent BlinkFeed home screen. BlinkFeed replaces the boring old Android home screen with content streamed from sources like facebook, twitter, calendar events and news feeds. It's a nice feature that we like a lot.

Quadcore Snapdragon processor

The Desire's Snapdragon 410 processor offers 4 cores running at 1.2GHz and is sufficient for most apps. 1GB of RAM is available, which is typical for this price point and is a good match for the processor. There's little sign of lag in everyday tasks, although some apps can take a while to load, and the most demanding 3D games are probably out of the question.

Onboard storage is 8GB, which again is typical for a budget smartphone. While this can be a little cramped, there's a microSD slot so you can add up to 128GB of additional storage at little extra cost.

Budget camera

Pennies have really been pinched when it comes to the camera. The main camera is an unimpressive performer, with 5 megapixels and no flash. It's a basic snapper with no finesse at all, even though it has the capability to record full HD 1080p video.

The front camera is even worse, with just VGA resolution, which is barely enough even for selfies and video chat. 


The Desire 510 is a 4G phone, and is available on some quite good value 4G plans. It will also run on 3G and GSM networks, with a wide choice of bands.

You'll also find essentials including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 and even DLNA compatibility. It's not NFC enabled though.

Battery life

Battery life is one area where the Desire 510 does well. Equipped with a large 2100mAh battery, even with the big screen and quadcore processor, you can get up to 17 hours of talktime from this handset, which is impressive. Used intensively for internet access, the battery will probably need charging every day, but light users might get a few days use between charges.


The HTC Desire 510 is a likeable smartphone. It's cheap, looks nice, and offers the benefits of a large screen, responsive performance and long battery life.

However, it's a heavy, bulky phone, the screen sharpness is lacking, and the camera is poor. While it's by no means a bad choice, we still prefer the EE Kestrel, Motorola Moto G and perhaps even the Sony Xperia E3.

HTC Desire 510 features include:

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by doki from romania on 17th Jan 2016
I use to listen FM radio while on walk. But this, otherwise decent, phone is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. FM radio is almost nonexistent !!! From 15+ local radio stations I can receive with my 5$ Chinese no-name phone almost anywhere (even under metal roofs) the HTC poorly delivers 2 stations and only outside. And this problem is not a because I own a faulty piece. A lot of user complain about the same issue. So if You like to listen FM from your phone ... choose anything else but not HTC

Reviewed by Julie from United States on 6th Jan 2016
I read several of the reviews for the HTC desire510. several of the reviews state that the headset is heavy and bulky. I have found that I don't have any issues with the phone at all. If I had a criticism it would be the camera isn't as high quality as my former phone. But I can overlook that minor problem.

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