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HTC Desire 320 review

 Review: February 2015  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Desire 320 is HTC's entry-level Android smartphone for 2015, and is available on the very cheapest contracts. All the essential smartphone functions are present, but we can't say the phone did it for us.

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Budget phone - cheap looks

The design of the Desire 320 reflects its budget status. It looks cheap, and the styling lacks the refinement we've grown to expect from HTC's high-end phones of the past few years. It's quite a chunky phone, with a thickness over 1 centimetre, and weighing a hefty 145g. Still, it feels like a solid phone and we wouldn't lose any sleep over dropping it or treating it roughly. It could probably handle some abuse.

For an entry-level phone, it doesn't skimp on screen size, delivering a big, bright 4.5 inch LCD display. As you'd expect though, it's not the most refined screen, and can't match the resolution of other budget phones like the Moto G or EE Kestrel.

Quad-core specs

The phone is powered by the MediaTek MT6582M processor. Built from four ARM Cortex-A7 processors running at 1.3GHz, it's roughly equivalent to the Snapdragon processors used in other budget Android phones. It's sufficient to power the modest functions of the Desire 320, but don't expect to run the latest 3D games.

Basic cameras

The main rear-facing camera is a very basic 5 megapixel model with fixed focus. It's intended for quick point-and-shoot snaps, not much more.

The front camera is even more limited, having just a VGA resolution.

Limited connectivity

This is a 3G phone with the essential connectivity requirements of a modern phone, but no extras. That means Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth.

Battery life

We were pleasantly surprised to find that HTC has given their baby phone a decent-sized 2100mAh battery. This is bigger than most other cheap smartphones, and means that whatever other complaints you may have about the phone, battery life ought not to be one of them.

Conclusion - very cheap, very basic

The Desire 320 is one of the cheapest Android smartphones you can buy, and as you'd expect, it's one of the least capable. Still, there's a good-size screen and a decent processor and battery life here, so on paper all looks good.

In practice, while the Desire 320 certainly outperforms many older Android smartphones, we still think you can do better for the money. Take a look at the Motorola Moto G, EE Kestrel, Sony Xperia E3 and Huawei Ascend Y550 before you part with your cash.

HTC Desire 320 features include:

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Is it 3g enabled?

Asked by Abuzar from Pakistan on 21st Sep 2016

How do you download album art on to the HTC 320?

Asked by john wood from uk on 18th May 2016

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Average rating from 19 reviews:

Reviewed by Margaret Getty from Canada on 31st May 2016
Great phone have used it for a couple years and I charged it last night and when I turned it on it will not come on further than "hTc powered by android" is all it says on the screen. I tried to turn it off or adjust the volume nothing happens. What can I do now this has been a good phone until now. Have had no problems with it at all. Better than my son's Iphone.

Reviewed by Georgia Maclennan from England on 20th Apr 2016
I love the phone! It's fantastic, sleek, pretty, good sized (not tiny but not overly massive- perfect). I think that the half white, half black/grey version is beautiful. It may not be the most ultra-modern, ultra-glamorous thing there is out there but it certainly does it's job and more. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

Reviewed by Jesse from Canada on 10th Feb 2016
this is the worst phone i have ever had. most of the storage space is taken up by the system apps and the operating system, if freezes all the time, touch screen sucks, cams suck, SD cards work for a couple of days then disconnect randomly. I was much happier with my Galaxy S3.

Reviewed by Keefer from Canada on 22nd Jan 2016
This phone is by far the worst phone I have ever used, it's extremely glitchy and the touch screen is absolutely terrible. I am struggling to write this review right now with it. I would not recommend this phone for anyone who actually wants a phone that works. This phone is an absolute nightmare to use on a daily basis. You couldn't pay me $100 to use this phone for one more day. This is the first and last HTC phone I will ever buy. Any company that would let something like this go to market shudnt be making anything electronic related. My previous phone was galaxy s3.

Reviewed by Daniel Kreft from UK on 17th Nov 2015
I reviewed this phone 6 months ago when I first got it, and I've got to say after that time that I would not recommend it. I think the processor is poor, as the phone rarely gets the Internet, even when the signal is good. Therefore it's pretty useless for watsapp, for example. There's no compass, so no GPS. You have to text on landscape, as it too often closes itself down.
It's not the cheapest, but for the money it's not worth it.

Reply by Silvi from Australia on 24th Mar 2016
There is GPS antenna in the phone, you need to install software to use it. You can install compass software also from Google Play store.

Reviewed by Angela from UK on 13th Sep 2015
Nice, clear and speedy, but it's nothing on my old HTC Desire C. For all the good features it does have, it's the basics that let it down. It freezes so that you can't receive or send texts or calls, so you either have to restart or remove and remove the battery. This is not ideal for a phone when texting and calling are the main purposes of the device. Battery power is good, but my main gripe here is that you get absolutely no warning when the battery is running low and near empty. Usually you get some sort of warning, like the battery symbol goes red, or something flashes, not with this phone. For example, I had around a third full showing on the battery icon, I sent a text, out my phone away, got it out half an hour later and I couldn't turn my phone on. It's not the first time this has happened. The home button at the bottom of the device is stupidly close to the spacebar so each and every time I text it closes because I accidentally press home. I try to be mindful of this and thought when I got it I'd get used to it as you do with new phones, but I haven't. I usually like HTC, but I think they could do better with this one.

Reviewed by deanna from canada on 9th Sep 2015
horrible phone! no message waiting indicator light?! also, the exit touch button is right under the space bar, the phone is so small that you keep exiting after ever word. Worst phone I've ever used. i'd rather use my first 1999 nokia.

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 26th Aug 2015
Talkmobile 8.50 a month is cheaper.

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 25th Aug 2015
This phone would be great if it didn't keep losing contact all the time. Usually on Sunday it will freeze and you can't make any calls or send texts. The only way to reset it is to remove the battery and this happens several times a night. This isn't good for the life of the case let alone the phone. TalkMobile who sold us the phone are less than helpful either.
The phone also doesn't have a manual with it so using it is a complete guess at times.

Reviewed by Joe from Canada on 2nd Jul 2015
texting is pain in the neck, battery dont live long only for a half day. goes into airplane mode all the damn by itself. Lock button is piece of junk. does close all the app even after closing it self open all the app. I think the phone is hunted and once i get more money it will be a huge bullet cure for my hunted phone. This phone is not worth any stars. i will a finger to it .

Reviewed by Jacko from UK on 28th Jun 2015
Phone freezes, have to remove battery to restart. No software to allow backup or synch with PC, space button a pain in the neck when texting, then the home button below that . . . Would not recommend.

Reviewed by macthefox from Vietnam on 28th Jun 2015
I have recently purchased a desire 320 in Vietnam, to use as a basic phone - calls .. text .. internet, but unfortunately no internet connection could be established. Happily we discovered that if the phone is put into Aeroplane mode it will, after a few seconds, connect to internet. I can then return to normal mode and maintain the connection. If I lose the connection it cannot be restored other than via returning to aeroplane mode. It works consistently so I will retain my phone - Just thought that it might enlighten others, if they face a similar predicament.

Reviewed by June V from Uk on 7th Jun 2015
As an 81 year-old, I was given this phone as a gift, and having had a very basic Nokia before, found this difficult to begin with, as there was no instruction leaflet at all.
Why? Two months on, I am still doggedly battling on with it, but am Not happy!

Reviewed by Pablo from Ghana on 6th Jun 2015
All those talking ill about this phone are haters of htc. For God sake samsung will never sell a phone with these specs sooo cheap as this. This phone is even better than Galaxy s2 but yet still way cheaper n Galaxy s2 is still expensive even after 4yrs of launch. I am very satisfied with this phone... even more satisfied than when i was using Galaxy s3. Thanks htc...u rock!!! Keep the good job.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 18th May 2015
This phone is simple and easy to use when it doesn't freeze. I am on my second one now and still occasionally can't make it come on. The screen remains black and the only way to reset is to remove and replace the battery.
The other niggle is the position of the home button below the space button of the keyboard.

Having said that when it works it's pretty good. Nice sized screen that's not a world beater but also isn't awful. Camera doesn't allow much flexibilty for me as it's fixed focus.

Reviewed by asha from canada on 15th May 2015
Seriously the cheapest worse android I have even encountered, so many glitches it freezes the screen goes black far better phone for roughly the same is the moto g!!

Reviewed by Danny Kreft from UK on 12th May 2015
This is my first venture into the world of smartphones. I wanted something that would be simple to use, and get the Internet. I have had issues with battery life, probably not because of the phone itself, but the rather useless support and instruction system. When I got it home, I didn't even know how to use the charger, and there were no basic diagrams. HTC, I am not complaining about your phone, but PLEASE upgrade your support and instruction diagrams and systems. The phone itself is basic and does the job I want it to do. I am not a gamer (I am 62) but I do expect to be given help on how to use the product.

Reviewed by Aaron from Canada on 12th May 2015
This phone is horrible! Here are my reasons:
-the keyboard glitches out and crashes occassionally
-Texting is TORTURE! Whenever i try to text it is way to easy to tap another letter by mistake!
-Auto-correct is a pain in the butt. I try to spell one word and it switches the word to another word
-It always automatically capitalizes your sentences and adds periods. I should have the choice how to type a message
-Slow and laggy
-Bug and bulky

After this expeirence ... i am never owning another HTC product again

Reviewed by Glenn from Wales on 7th May 2015
If your looking for a good android that's cheap an does the basics really well this is it as long as your contacts can be reached messaging works u receive emails an can download your favourite apps this is for you I'm 38 never had an HTC but excuse the pun what a SMART phone...

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