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HTC ChaCha review

 Review: June 2011  

Last updated May 2012

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC ChaCha combines a BlackBerry-style QWERTY keyboard with a large 2.6 inch touchscreen. It also has an extra button - a facebook button - that lets you instantly upload photos, videos and other stuff to facebook with one press.



The HTC ChaCha is a little unusual, but in a good way. It's a phone that's built around Facebook, and it demonstrates HTC's confidence in bringing out new kinds of phones and not just following the crowds.

It looks rather like a BlackBerry, wearing its full QWERTY keyboard proudly, but it's much thinner and has a larger screen. And watch out BlackBerry, because this is a touch screen, and under the cover is the power of the Android operating system. And right there, in the bottom right hand corner, is a new idea - it's a facebook button.

The ChaCha feels good to use. The keyboard is large and functional, and there are useful call and end buttons, plus 4 Android touch-sensitive buttons immediately below the screen. We're always fans of physical keyboards, simply because you can type so much quicker and more accurately on them, and if you're serious about messaging, then the ChaCha will let you speed away. The screen measures 2.6 inches, compared with the 2.4 inches of most BlackBerry-flavoured phones, and the extra screen space is most welcome. The screen resolution is about the same as the BlackBerry Bold 9780, which is to say that it's just right for its size. And of course we want to touch it, so HTC have obliged by making it into a touch sensitive screen, with which we can command the phone, opening apps, moving widgets and generally getting stuck in. There's a compromise in using Android on a 2.6 inch screen, but its one we're willing to make in return for the convenience of that physical keyboard. Android has been coupled with HTC Sense and a few ChaCha-specific tweaks that make the interface run very smoothly. And of course, there's that blue facebook button, waiting for us to press it. The button lets you share just about anything with one touch. Take a photo - straight to Facebook. Make a video - straight to Facebook. What a great idea!

You might expect that a phone that's so facebook orientated would cut corners in other places, but this isn't such a big problem with the ChaCha. It's really quite a powerful device. Take the processor for starters. It's an 800MHz processor. It's a match for the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and enough to power some quite serious apps and even multitasking. With 512MB RAM available, you're not likely to sense much delay even with demanding apps. Onboard memory is limited, so you won't want to install too many apps, but with microSD cards up to 32GB being compatible with the ChaCha, you can move a lot of stuff onto the memory card. Connectivity is excellent, with Wi-Fi and 3G HSPA offering fast data connections (a must if you seriously want to use facebook on the move), plus Bluetooth, USB and an audio jack.

The multimedia capabilities of the phone are also better than you'd expect. True, the relatively small screen size limits what you can do in terms of playing games and watching videos, but the media player / music player works very well, with plenty of memory available and a 3.5mm headphone socket too. The camera is better than most in this price range. It's 5 megapixels, with autofocus and an LED flash. The video camera is average, but there's also a front-facing VGA camera for making video calls. When you remember that most videos end up on facebook or youtube, you'll appreciate that it's so easy to upload your videos instantly, and you'll perhaps forgive their quality.

GPS is present of course, and has been well integrated. The 2.6 inch display isn't the biggest for Google Maps, although it's just about big enough. The facebook thinking behind the ChaCha is apparent here too, because what the ChaCha wants most is for you to share your location with your friends, so they'll always know where you are. A slightly creepy thought, perhaps.

Web browsing is certainly possible with the ChaCha, although once again the screen size does limit what you can do. Fortunately, zooming and panning is very easy with the touchscreen, and web pages load and display quickly thanks to Wi-Fi/HSPA and the fast processor. Text flows well when you zoom, and you can quickly highlight text and do searches on Google, Wikipedia or YouTube.

Battery life is better than some Android phones, being measured in days rather than hours. The 1250 mAh battery isn't large, but it's just big enough when you take into account the smaller screen size. However, if you use this phone as intended, i.e. a lot, then you'll be charging every day.

Our impressions of the ChaCha are good, and we'd like to see more like it. It's a clear demonstration of why RIM (the makers of BlackBerry) are losing market share to upstarts like HTC. Thumbs up from us!

HTC ChaCha features include:

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Can my htc chacha mobile phone connect to a television set via hdmi or usb leads?

Asked by noddy from england on 6th Jan 2017

HTC ChaCha user reviews

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Average rating from 58 reviews:

Reviewed by Jeremiah from Ghana on 12th Dec 2014
my internet is not working...its very annoying...how do I do it....you can contact me on +233261397420 for solutions

Reviewed by Victoria from USA on 12th Nov 2012
I hate the HTC cha cha the volume is too low. How do you increase the volume? The app I bought didnt work

Reviewed by echar from uk on 5th Jul 2012
I have had this phone for a year now and I do love it but.....does anyone else ever have a problem with texting? Sometimes when I am writing a message it will just come out of it by itself and go back to the home screen and it keeps doing this until I create a completely new message?! Hugely irritating when you want to send a text in a hurry!

Reviewed by OLLMAX from England on 28th Jun 2012
This is an amazing phone! I have had it for sevral months and has not gone rong at all! Reccomended to everyone, who wants a querty phone and beats the blackberry! It looks cool as well and has many well thought design features.

Reviewed by Simon from Netherlands on 23rd Jun 2012
I naively bought this phone based on the above review and poo-pooed the people who talked about low memory problems as being people who don't know much about android phones. How wrong I was.


With almost no apps installed you daily get the low memory warning. This phone has a pitifully small memory. Unless you love to spend hours trawling the internet to find very complicated ways to hack your phone to 'root' it and move things to the SD card and then hard reset your phone, don't bother. A real shame as the design and features are really great. Stupid decision about the memory size.

Reply by natasha from uae on 13th Nov 2014
M really fed up with this phone memory...i have only whatsappinstalled Yet it shows 2mb memory....

Reviewed by tracey richmond from united kingdom on 17th Jun 2012
This is the worst phone ever, you cant update as always saying no storage. I have to wait one more year and its going to go very slowly. Do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by Aharon Pope from Vatican on 28th May 2012
BAD very poor internal memory,small screen,battery life.
GOOD nice desing,great qwerty,easy use.
overall 2.5 stars

Reviewed by oye from lagos,Nigeria on 11th May 2012
the phone is blessed.complaining about the battery life solely depends on the way you use your battery and what you leave open(it certainly cant be as bad as most blackberry's).internal memory is limited you say,get a memory card??!.the key pad is the best in the world so far..

Reviewed by rachel from england on 9th May 2012
this phone is so good, I am so impressed. everyone on here is saying "battery runs out within a day" right ok, well it depends how much you use it. I found my battery went down very quickly which was a bit of a pain but THEN I found this GREAT app - extended battery life I think its called.(I would DEFINATLEY recommend this app.) my battery lasts a long time now I have this fab app.

Also, the camera is FANTASTIC. pictures look fab when loaded onto the computer where you can see them properly. on the home screen where you can slide it I have the "notes" app where I put anything that I need to remember (very useful!!)

andrea, this phone is not ugly. its beautiful. texting is so easy with the simple keyboard and the phone itself is so smooth its so nice to hold.

I had never had a touchscreen before but when I was allowed to play with it in the shop I really liked it - especially as it has a keypad AND touchscreen.

this phone is great, seriously. just take my advice about the battery app.

Reviewed by pauline from england on 16th Apr 2012
the battery does not last long (15 hours) even with all the services closed down and task master active, this is the 1st time i have had a smart phone and have to say not overly impressed.....having to close all tasks down i am not able to teach myself how to use it to its best ability, also there are no instructions,or information on the phone within the box?

Reviewed by ness from uk on 12th Apr 2012
why complain about the size of internal memory you can buy a memory card for it???

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 12th Apr 2012
I bought this phone after losing my I phone and I got it from the orange shop for 110 complete bargain! I absolutely love this phone! I had never used a qwerty keyboard before and i thought it would be hard to get used to but it's so easy after a night of texting. I love how smooth the touch screen feature is on the phone and there is also some handy arrow keys on the keyboard as touching a certain part of a text you are writing can be tricky to click on using your fingers to edit. I really do like this phone and in my opinion it is certainly on par with my deceased iPhone for a much cheaper price. 10/10!

Reviewed by taz from nigeria on 28th Feb 2012
amazing phone bbs iphones and htcs are awesome!!!!!! blackberrys r best

Reviewed by andrea from UK on 14th Feb 2012
this is quite an ugly looking mobile but, it is still very good and it has android and angry birds!!!! yay!!

Reviewed by Ashleigh from Swansea uk on 12th Feb 2012
Poor phone memory full,they say it's for Facebook well not as it fills memory,I got no apps no music no photos onit trying not to fill memory I have requesting orange for a refund and I'm still waiting,got this for Xmas cost a lot of money,so orange please give me mytefund and customer donot by this phone

Reply by Dan from UK on 17th Aug 2012
Some apps, music and photos are stored on the SD card. Only apps have anything to do with the iternal memory! It isn't designed for lots of apps as it only has a small screen :) thanks for reading

Reviewed by A Durkin from Britain on 8th Feb 2012
HTC is basicly useless and user unfriendly, any requests for help are routed to commercial groups, it's just a way for the creaming off of the thing not working properly in the first place?

Reviewed by Chris Salter from UK on 8th Feb 2012
The abilities and concepts of this phone are excellent
It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Theres just one problem and yes its a biggie, huge in fact!!

The internal memory is way too low, i got my daughter one of these phones for xmas, she loves it but in the 6 weeks she's had it, we've had to factory reset it 6 times (pretty much once a week)

This is because free internal memory (all 100mb of it) seems to decrease by itself to the point where theres 2mb of free space and you cant open anything

Bear in mind, she installs NO apps, has a few photos and a few sms messages
If this phone had an internal memory og 1gb it would be a good phone.
But i'm sorry, its current internal memory is a real show stopper.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUY THEN GOOGLE "htc chacha internal memory" FIRST! And there is a fix, but it will void your warranty

Buyer Beware.....

Reply by ness from england on 12th Apr 2012
or you could just buy a memory card????

Reviewed by Goran from Serbia on 6th Feb 2012
This phone is JOKE !!!

Reviewed by maia pace...x from englandd on 5th Feb 2012
Im on my _HTC right now!
I didnt need to read the leaflet or be given instructions its soo simple and mega fast internet connection. Liturally im on youtube and it takes about 3 seconds to load a film no streaming nessessary. I would go as far as saying its better than my ipod touch. With the double camera it is soo easy to take pics for fb or whatever social networking sight u use. Its not a phone designed just for fb u can use it for anything. I couldnt be more happy with it . My friends thourght it was cool just looking at it but then i yole them about the camera and touc screen and they practically threw away there blackberrys . Im 13 so looks are really important to me and this phone looks gr8 its slim big screen big keyboard but also very cute. The curved shape is my only problem i dont really like it but tht is so easy to get over when u take into account all the other amazing features. Its a great phone for anybody and i would highly recommend it.

Reviewed by jackie from uk on 5th Feb 2012
Im loving this phone would never have gone for it if it had not been for this site i always look at the phones on hear first i see this and decided to go for it and havent regreted it its brill loving the facebook button and the buttons r spaced apart nicly i love the feel of it in yr hand i love it

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 4th Feb 2012
Nice phone to use internet works well texting is good . nice pictures taken though some said couldnt open . downside no flash (wasnt told this in shop when i bought , also want to open docs from work to view only but wont let me unlike my workmates who use Samsungs and I phones . If your not going to use Flash or try opening attachments from ms office then lovely phone .

Reply by maiapace from englland on 5th Feb 2012
My htc has a flash?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 5th Feb 2012
I think Dave is talking about the lack of Adobe Flash support in the web browser, not the camera flash.

Reviewed by Im not telling you! from Uh Hu, don't think so! on 29th Jan 2012
Well I was about 2 secounds away from buying this phone, when I then read a review and it told me it was a phone basically revolving aroung FaceBook! What is the point when I don't have FaceBook! I love the layout of this phone though, it is like a BlackBeryy but has much better all roundness as it is an Android operating system. This phone is sleek and beautiful backed, ( I no all this as ALL my cousins haave it! ) I was just about to buy this phone becuase I think at the Moment the HTC ChaCha is the best phone around. A beautiful camera inwhich some stunning dhots can be taken, a qwerty keybored brillinat for teenages, young adults ect ect. I do not reccomend this phone to someone who DOES NOT have FaceBook,eg 60+ but I don't think thats many people now! NOT GOOD for someone with poor eyesite as the buttons ar e quite small and the screen is not so big, but all round a BRILLIANT PHONE!!!!! PS - Comes in a nice box to ! xxxxx :-))

Reviewed by Emily from England on 28th Jan 2012
The HTC ChaCha is an amazing phone. Pros: Very good camera and loads pictures straight to facebook, quick, easy to type QWERTY keyboard,nice slim shape, touch screen, apps, android. Cons: Useless battery life, strange looking, Heavy, quite big. If you are looking for a smartphone with quick performance, good apps and 1 day(or less) battery life this phone is perfect for you. The only let down for me is the battery life but you can buy a spare battery and single battery charger from Amazon. The memory is fine when you use an sd card. It might not look great but the actual phone is worth it. Use advanced task killer and battery defence from the app store - both free this increases the battery length.

Reviewed by H from England on 18th Jan 2012
I got this phone for my birthday and was quite excited at the prospect of it because I wanted a Blackberry but they seemed to be so common with people, and I wanted to be differant. Although this phone does have its set backs, such as the battery life and the memory capacity, and the fact that the internet os slightly slow on 3G. It is Genrally good to use, it enables you to get messeges out quickly. The great thing about it though is the camera, as a person that loves to take pictures I find this feature amazing and definatly earns a 10 out of 10 for me!

Reviewed by Shajib's Effect from Bangladesh on 17th Jan 2012
Well...I recently bought HTC Chacha after considering so many good cell phones.....and i found that its an awesome mobile phone...so good looking...the problem i found that is battery charge do not last long....... At the end i must say.....its GOOD....

Reviewed by oliva from england on 15th Jan 2012
The htc cha cha is an epic phone, the keyboard is really easy to use and the internet is really fast. It has a good speaker which is good for music and the touch screen is really good. Overall i i think its much better than any other phone out at the moment . Its sick :)

Reviewed by M from UK on 10th Jan 2012
Been using it now for 3 months and it is a brilliant phone. The option of touch screen AND keyboard makes life easier. The phone is fast and responsive and has not frozen. Battery life can be extended by installing Battery defender app and Advanced Task Manager app. My first HTC and am very very happy with it.

Reviewed by Jay Patel from United Kingdom on 8th Jan 2012
This is a staggering phone as it has a comes with a 2GB memory card where you can move all your apps to. It has all the features you would expect from android and the facebook button is just genius. The screen it actually pritty deceint. The only problem i have is that when you download apps from the android market some of them appear to be portrait which is difficult to handle with as you have to turn the phone portrait as the qwerty keyboard gets in the way, appart from that i would reccomend this phone.

Reviewed by Eva from West Midlands on 8th Jan 2012
The HTC ChaCha is an amazing phone and has some brilliant features. The battery life is fine for me and the memory is okay. You will need to charge it a little more than another phone but believe me it's worth it. I am able to upload a photo or a video, or update my status with one quick press of the facebook button at the bottom of the phone. The QWERTY keyboard is outstanding and the touch screen is surprisingly sensitive. if you are looking for a phone that has very good features and is an all round brilliant phone that lasts for ages, then buy the HTC ChaCha. don't listen to all the people that say they hate it, its by far the best phone i have ever had! AMAZING! ;D

Reviewed by James from United kingdom on 8th Jan 2012
I really wanted to love this phone, despite it's poor battery life, it's nice to use. I wanted a basic/middle of the range smart phone that didn't cost too much. But like others have found the memory has been a killer. Every day it was telling me to go to the memory storage wizard, but nothing I did helped. I even scoured the Internet for answers. It spent 6 weeks in a drawer whilst I used my old battler 3GS. In the end orange and phones 4u have admitted that the cha cha is unfixable and have offered to let me choose a different phone. Result. Shame though.

Reviewed by calum from wales on 6th Jan 2012
Amazing!!!!! Easier to type on than an iphone plus it has a touch screen! You will need a seperate memory card as it only comes with a 2gb microsd but its worth it! In fact im typing this review on a chacha and it feels like a small computer!

Reviewed by steve from england on 25th Dec 2011
It has the potential to be a really really good phone unfortunatly it isnt the internal memory becomes full after just using fb and no other app after about 3 days and you need to carry around a charger constantly lasts about 6 hours if you only use the phone a few times!! LISTEN TO THIS REVIEW DONT BUY ONE!!!

Reviewed by Aimes from The Netherlands on 25th Dec 2011
Pros: sensitive touchscreen; Android means there are a lot of interesting apps to download; internet connection is pretty fast, though is slower than the Samsung Galaxy S; Qwerty keypad is userfriendly; flashing notification light on top right of phone is visible, unlike the Nokia E6 which is practically non-existent unless you download an expensive app; phone looks quite nice and seems robust(maybe a bit girly) in the white/silver colour though the black looks very plain; the back cover is a nightmare to get off Cons: The camera doesn't take great pictures and the lag of shooting means the subject (e.g. a baby) will move whilst the picture is being taken; battery life could be better; screen is rather small so the font is also on the small size; ringing volume is not the loudest; the number keypad light up keys are blue which is difficult to see; the Android menu structure takes time getting used to, after being a Symbian (Nokia) fan

Reviewed by Tia from Wales on 24th Dec 2011
I have the htc chacha now,I have had no problems with the phone at all,I'd rather have this phone than no phone..:)Excellent compared to my older phone {Blackberry}.

Reviewed by Mark Hughes from Ireland on 10th Dec 2011
An excellent phone, if you can carry an electrical socket around with you, battery life without additional apps and only making 2 calls and 5 texts per day is 6 hours or less, sorry but not worth the money, frankly stick with the BB. Aside from that, the touchscreen is responsive, internet on 3 is poor so be wary, the quick access icons are a great idea, if battery were as promised it would be excellent.

Reviewed by divy from india on 7th Dec 2011
i am facing a lot of problem with internal memory on this phone every other day my phone cries out low memory and also i cannot save my contacts now. i would rather advise taking a bb over chacha or an iphone if you dont need a physical keyboard.

Reviewed by Louis Dare from UK on 16th Nov 2011
This phone comes first in a one horse race. Google this phone and you'll find people unhappy with two main factors. 1) if you want to use your phone then this is not for you. The battery will not last a whole day if you use it. 2) The 150mb internal memery is almost full when you buy the phone and many apps you download won't move to SD card. However as this is the main QWERTY Android phone that feels like a Blackberry you won't have any choice as Nokia and Blackberry rivals don't use Android.

Reviewed by salim from india on 5th Nov 2011
htc chacha not support its keypad for SBT mobile application downloaded from android market. and not get share trading application flipme of geojitbnp paribas frmmarket.

Reviewed by Vinnie Tan Jia QI from Malaysia on 27th Oct 2011
i like this phone.Before i buy chacha,i did read a lots of user review from the other website and here also.Many of them complaint on the battery life and also the internal memory.I m not addicted on playing games or looking for any high tech function.what i want the phone do for me is,when i m boring,i can use it to play some easy game and also use it to check my email and fb.So the internal memory is enough for me and also most of the apps and games that download from android market are able to move into sd card.That is actually not a big problems for me.I downloaded a apps call "battery defender",it really works good to defend chacha's battery life.with chacha,everything related to fb are so easy.I am enjoy on using chacha.I believe if you are a new user for smartphone,u will fall in love with chacha.But if you are old smartphone user,mayb you will feel chacha is not enough good for you.It depends on what you looking for the function u wish your phone to do for you.ChaCha is a cute name,i think most of the girl will like it.hahaha...This is one of the reason i will choose it.

Reviewed by Sammie from England on 25th Oct 2011
I bought this phone about 7 weeks ago, after briefly using a BB Curve and Nokia N8, the Nokia was brilliant for the camera (12mp) and I loved the BB keypad- then I came across the HTC Chacha, seemed perfect as I wanted an Android phone but still have an actual keypad. Absolutely loved the look and feel but within half an hour of switching it on a large blue ! appeared in the top left of the screen... Scouted a few forums turns out it's a bug, had to do a reset. Since then it's popped up a few times, HTC really need to find a fix for this. And resetting it only gets rid of it a few times, next step is taking the battery out while switched on (a hard task seeing as though the back of my phone will not budge) then when that doesn't work you have to do a factory restore. Battery life is disgusting (my partner uses an X10 and is on facebook etc constantly, his battery life is so much better) and I have to charge at least 3 times a day. Camera is fantastic and it's pretty fast, it's never crashed or froze on me. The phone reset option has stopped working too and I have to switch the phone off now to reset. That with the bug and battery issues has really wound me up because I do like the phone... However my partner's iphone is coming tomorrow so I'll be using his X10... Such a shame!

Reviewed by ChuckM from UK on 25th Oct 2011
What a diabolical phone from HTC, battery life is absolutely useless cannot get through a day without having to charge it twice and that is with very little use, even the first generation mobile phone back in the mid 80's had longer battery life. Also this is an android phone where you should be able to download apps to use on the phone, after installing only a few apps and moving them to the SD card the phone constantly runs out of memory. This phone was rushed to the market and has bugs and HTC has been stingy with memory and battery power. Take my advice don't buy this phone, I sold this phone and bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro, this is miles better than the HTC Cha Cha.

Reviewed by jake Carter from england on 25th Oct 2011
mine was useless. the function key broke, disabling the majority of other keys. The battery life was woeful and the back was near impossible to get off.

Reviewed by Shaneece from England on 23rd Oct 2011
worse phone ive ever had. regret even getting it. memories absolutely rubbish, not to mention the battery life. don't buy this phone!!!

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 21st Oct 2011
Not a fan, have always had Black Berry before and find this battery life poorer, have had to charge it twice daily sometimes which is a pain but the price of a touch screen. Not enjoying the 4 home screens, it can make for a very cluttered looking phone and don't like the way it blends my FB and Twitter information on the Friends screen. Memory is poor. Am tied in to the phone or I would go straight back to the store and get a Black Berry again!

Reviewed by Wendy from UK on 12th Oct 2011
I have been using this phone for about 6 weeks and have had very few proper conversations on it. I am constantly hitting the hold button or the speaker button, thought it might just take a bit of getting used to, but it's no better. Anyone else experience these problems? The memory is also not great!

Reviewed by GythaOgg from UK on 9th Oct 2011
This would be an outstanding phone, if HTC hadn't seen fit to equip it with near useless internal memorie. I have used it for 2 weeks and am down to a max of 2MB internal memery making it impossible to download apps and use the phone in any useful way. Even when moving everything possible to the SD card and clearing the cache daily the internal memory is near non exsistant. Such a shame. HTC what were you thinking!

Reviewed by Luke from Malaysia on 5th Oct 2011
am truely in love with this phone. fantastic keyboard, work wonders with my emailing habits, chatting on watsapps and sms. its pretty smooth thou not as fast as a samsung galaxy s2 but the battery life is just great. on a heavy phone call use it can last me a full day. were else the higher end android phone can barely last me half a day... if ur looking for a phone for games.. this is not it. but if ur looking for a phone for calling sms, emailing and lots and lots and lots of chatting and typing.. look no further,

Reviewed by adrianeds from UK on 14th Sep 2011
I have always had Blackberry's & my two eldest sons have Blackberry's,but this year I decided to get myself a HTC.The HTC Desire HD & all I can say is it's simply awesome.Then last month my wife wanted a new phone so I persuaded her to get the HTC cha cha.The Cha Cha is absolutely brilliant,a fantastic phone,simple to use,is quick good screen,& the keyboard is also fantastic. I would highly,highly recommend this phone!

Reviewed by Elaine from England on 2nd Sep 2011
I love this phone! It feels great quality, keyboard is very comfortable and responsive, touch-screen wonderfully sensitive and responsive, no frustrations there! I am converted to htc!

Reviewed by Sid from The Land of the Pink Zebra on 31st Aug 2011
What an amazing phone, I love it

Reviewed by shazad from uk on 12th Aug 2011
this is sikk fone. iphone no!!!!!!

Reviewed by guy from england on 7th Aug 2011
had this phone for 2 weeks and quite enjoy it. It was my first htc and android so took me time to get used to it. The phones weakest points are: the camera and the music player. The music doesn't play music loudly compared to other phones and is quite annoying as you have to download a lot of key features a phone should have eg: file manager, a proper bluetooth application and an app remover(uninstaller). Overall gets a 4 star easily no way near 5 star though.(btw it came with a 2gig memory card).

Reviewed by TiM from UK on 7th Aug 2011
Had this phone for a week. Was going ok. Quite liked it. Then the volume buttons on the side stopped working, and it now says Safe Mode at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. A reboot and reset hasn't cleared this, so returning to O2 to get my money back under their 14 day returns. Shame.. :(

Reviewed by ella from england on 1st Aug 2011
Do nt buy ad two days was ok for first one then Button stopped wrkin so couldn't answer calls Cos no option on screen also screen times out Freezes for few secs wen playing games or just Lookin though mob went straight bk wil nt av HTC Again ad probs wiv wildfire but gave m benefit of Doubt still no gud hopes this helps only plus Side camera was good waiting for bb 9900 xx

Reviewed by Charlotte from United Kingdom on 19th Jul 2011
I love this phone! It's taken me a couple of days to get used to it as i've only ever had Samsung's, but I'm really pleased with it. The keypad is great, responsive touch screen and the internet seems to be very quick. I've read reviews saying they think the phone is ugly but I think it's really nice to look at. One weak point is the camera. I was quite disappointed with the results of the photo's i've taken compared with those of my 2 megapixel Samsung camera but i'm just being a bit picky.

Reviewed by jase from uk on 6th Jul 2011
I got this fone for my daughter and the only reason we went for it was the FB button. I must say I am really impressed with it, as is she too. Everything is available at the hit of a button and she is able to post just by this too. I did a bit of research though before I commited to by this for her... I found this site that helped me make that call.. We bought from Vodafone in the Uk, best offer and deal at the time..

Reviewed by Mittens from United Kingdom on 30th Jun 2011
I've been reviewing mobile phones for nearly 10 years now...I've always liked and admired HTC phones, but for me personally they've always had one major drawback...touchscreens. I LOATHE touchscreens! So finding out HTC had released a phone, with a keypad, that wasn't the size of a brick (and weighed the same) made me keen to get my hands on the HTC Cha Cha (what a dreadful name!) And first impressions don't disappoint. I've had it for a full day now. The battery life seems to be good, I'm still at half full after a full days use. The display is brilliant, the touchscreen is very responsive, and the keypad is one of the best I've used. The camera is a bit slow, but it's not the reason I bought the phone. On first impressions, I highly recommend this phone

Reviewed by SteakPieHarry from UK on 14th Jun 2011
I don't normally like to write reviews too soon as often the gremlins in a phone don't reveal themselves for some time. Those little annoyances that gradually creep in with protracted use. Such is my confidence in the (admittedly silly named) ChaCha I'm happy to draw first blood here at mobile phones uk. In a word the ChaCha ROCKS. I'm a big fan of Android but my insistence on a tactile qwerty has put any dalliances with this mighty OS on hold. Samsung temporarily piqued my interest with the Galaxy Pro but the dreadful screen put the brakes on that possibility. So here at last is my perfect form factor - Android and qwerty in beautiful harmony. Talking of qwerty I'll start by saying the keyboard on the ChaCha is AMAZING. Lovely to the touch and evenly spaced it's a dream to type on. The phone display is bright and clear with text and colours sharp as a tack. The capacitive touchscreen is as you'd expect, having you effortlessly swiping through menus with grace. The general build quality is fantastic. Whilst the looks aren't to everyone's taste the ergonomic design and feel is out of the top drawer. Calls are crystal clear and concise. Battery life is very good for an Android, the smaller screen giving the juice a little more leeway. The camera is just ok, working well in brightly lit rooms but the puny flash can light only the smallest of shots. That's a small sin in an otherwise perfect phone experience though. So an exceptional handset running a wonderful OS? Not even Charlie Sheen is winning this hard. Three thumbs up.

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