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HTC 7 Mozart review

 Review: December 2010  

Last updated April 2013

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The HTC 7 Mozart is a Windows 7 smartphone with an excellent camera and music player. With its rounded shape and brushed aluminium casing it's a good looker too, with a solid feel.



The HTC 7 Mozart is the third Windows® Phone OS 7 phones for us to review. We've previously reviewed the HTC HD7 and the Samsung Omnia 7. Whilst the HD7 and the Omnia 7 are monster phones with enormous displays, the Mozart is more like a "normal" phone, although all three cost about the same on a monthly contract. What then, is the unique offering of the Mozart?

The clue, presumably, lies in its name. It's going to be a music phone, right? Well, here's the thing: all of the Windows 7 phones have strong music credentials. With the same digital music player embedded in each phone, plus similar headphones bundled in the sales package and either 8GB or 16GB internal memory, all three that we've reviewed seem to offer pretty much the same thing. The differentiating factor of the Mozart is something called SRS WOW HD™, which to be honest didn't strike us as being anything as jaw-dropping as its name suggests. In essence it's virtual surround sound with better bass, and to be fair it's a match for any other mobile phone. Just don't expect it to turn your phone into some kind of home cinema!

Interestingly then, the thing that the Mozart excels at turns out to be photography. Whilst the other Windows 7 phones have a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, the Mozart has an 8 megapixel camera with a far brighter xenon flash. It also has HD video recording.

Apart from the improved camera and music features, the Mozart is very much like the other Windows phones, except that it's more compact. It's a great looking phone in fact, with a very solid brushed aluminium casing giving it an air of quality and a solid feel. Not everyone is giving the new operating system the thumbs up, but we think that's unfair. It's a new OS with some areas that will undoubtedly be polished in future updates, and it starts off with some good core apps, although it lacks the thousands of third-party apps that you'll get with an iPhone or with Android. Perhaps this is a phone better suited to grown-ups.

HTC 7 Mozart features include:

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I can't download any window app with this phone and I cannot play music?

Asked by james from Nigeria on 24th Jan 2018
Andy buetooth is not working a loot of problem. please I need a solution.

How do you play music on this phone?

Asked by sachin from india on 20th Feb 2016
I can't play any mp3 or songs plzz help me.

HTC 7 Mozart user reviews

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Average rating from 35 reviews:

Reviewed by Lee from Australia on 23rd Sep 2013
The worst thing iv ever had!!don't go near this

Reviewed by Jeff from England on 31st Jan 2013
The 2 action (slide and press) to answer the phone, does not work 85% of the time. Also the 1 touch end call, is the same.
I have a replacement phone, and the problems are the same.
At the end of the day, it's a phone, and if you can't answer a call, when the phone rings, something is drastically wrong. I am stuck in a 24 month contract, with 8 months to go, and can't get out of it. I HATE IT !!!

Reviewed by william from scotland on 20th Nov 2012
this phone is just anoying!...
the camera is good,but any pictures or video you take MUST be viewed/saved on the pc via a piece of horrible software called zune.also the video constantly tries to re-focus images as you record,if you so much as raise an eyebrow the camera has to re focus...i won't go in to the horrors that await you with the software...it's pretty irratating and time consuming to do anything with it.
calls to people sound scratchy and hissy...and the dreaded echo abounds.
in order to do anything with the phone,you MUST have a microsoft account of some kind.
microsoft cleary do not understand anything about the things mobile phone users want

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 31st Aug 2012
Bought it this week as it was on offer at Phones4u. Fairly big screen,(3.7in), and am now fairly au-fait with it. It didn't have an operating manual, but there is plenty of information online to help you. Early days yet, but am pleased with it on the whole, especially the quick web connection. Radio is rather hissy and the dial moves very quickly up and down when you are trying to locate a station. On the positive side, it looks good, has a good camera and is very good value for money. This review is subject to change at any time, but think I've bought a good phone, and recommend it.

Reviewed by Erick from United Kingdom on 22nd Aug 2012
This device is outstanding both in terms of hardware, build quality and its smooth user interface, which is now available running Windows Phone 7.5. Brilliant and a great alternative to android. It also has a particularly sharp camera. Recommended.

Reviewed by jack clifford from hull on 5th Apr 2012
this phone is shocking honestly dont get it these ither coments are people trying to get you to buy it,dont its badd very bad

Reviewed by Steve from Wales,UK on 24th Feb 2012
I have had my Mozart for nearly 18 months now. Once the Mange update was installed I reset the phone to factory, Zune and Windows Live sorted out my contacts and photos etc with no bother.
The phone is great. Without a doubt the best phone I have ever had. And Windows Mobile is excellent. The previous version was poor.
Since Mango update no freezes no problems. The battery is not great, a couple of days light use but it is a smartphone. There are apps for all the important things in life readily available. Unlike Apple OS phones the phone actually works as a phone and is not stuck in the Apple/Itunes trap. Unlike an Android phones there is no need for process killers and loads of ram.
As the main review says this is a phone for grown ups.

Reviewed by yoni from bg on 18th Feb 2012
the best

Reviewed by A Reviewer from UK on 29th Jan 2012
Switched to this from an iPhone 3G and the difference is amazing. Its smooth, quick and easy to use. It's not without its issues but then which phone isn't. The interface is straight forward and intuitive, messaging is easy although the predictive text can be annoying sometimes (but then when isn't it?). The camera is pretty good and it is easy to share photos, although there is no option for bluetooth sharing. Uploading to sites like Flickr or Facebook is quick and easy. Lack of UMA is annoying as I live in an area which is not the best for signal. The choice of apps is adequate but then I look for a phone that will call and text foremost, not something that I can use for Twatter or Facebook. I havn't used the music or video functions so cannot comment on these. My only complaints are poor battery life, I have to charge it every other day (although this is nowhere as bad as my Cackberry which needed a charge every day without fail) and power button sensitivity. Yes this is an odd one but when I lock the keypad and out the phone in my pocket one slight touch when walking and the phone switches itself off. Another niggle is the inability of the phone to recognise changes to address books. I have updated with new numbers and saved them yet the phone will sometimes revert to old numbers, still trying to work this one out. Overall I like this phone. Compared to a Cackberry and an iPhone it is leagues ahead of them both and I hope to keep using this for a good while yet.

Reply by John from UK on 14th Mar 2012
are you synching phone with pc? if so you need to update numbers on the pc rather than the phone then when you connect to pc it will overwrite your old contacts with the new

Reviewed by Jacapady from England on 1st Jan 2012
Very good phone no faults 8gb is big enough for everything, windows 7 is definately the best operating system over Android, just so easy to use and sleek looking windows app storeis great. Works for anyone from a gamer to a business personnel. I would definately recommend this phone to anyone

Reviewed by smiler from England on 29th Dec 2011
Having just had a HTC Mozart I like it !! Just a few days ago I read that you can not have your own ringtones on this phone and within 5 minutes of having it found this not to be TRUE just download the free ringtone app type In your favourite song or artist click ad as ringtone and there you go !! As for the rest of the phone i am still messing around with it but all seems good alot better than most people are letting on it even has a voice like the iPhone 4s

Reviewed by Louisa from UK on 28th Dec 2011
Don't bother!I am on my third handset since December 20120 and it's just not good enough. Most of the Apps don't work and the ones you want aren't available. Add to this the constant screen freezing due to unresponsive touchscreen, the dodgy camera that takes blurred photos, the updates that never work and the battery that lasts 6 hours if you're lucky!

Reviewed by Batz from UK on 27th Dec 2011
What a rubbish phone. As mentioned by previous owners below; phone resets and doesn't update, texting is basic with limited features, screen is oversensitive when typing but undersensitive when navigating the menus. Battery is useless and very few quality apps. Avoid.

Reviewed by J from uk on 23rd Oct 2011
Haptic feedback buttons you can't switch off! Keyboard which is unforgiving compared to iPhone. Can't create music playlists on device by picking single tracks! Camera with crazy auto focus which blurs as you take the shot. Tiny, non replaceable micro sd card. 2 days of use and it's back to the shop. Nice screen, good size and well made but just not good enough.

Reviewed by Me from England on 22nd Sep 2011
i had had many many phones over the years and i was very excited when i got this phone, its was light, had windows 7, you can go straight on you tube, its looks great and to top it all it has xbox live. ive never been so disappointed, this poor excuse for a phone has been completely unreliable, failing to update, the online FAQ was unhelpful, the phone crashes and freezes all the time, when i recieve a phone call it will turn itself off then when it turns back on the date has been reset to 1980, the microphone periodically stops working, touch screen is either oversensitive or not sensitive enough, it fails at being the most basic sort of mobile phone. but i suppose i was very nieve to expect anything more from a windows anything, and now im stuck in a 2 year contract.

Reviewed by Jayboy from England on 20th Aug 2011
Top little phone. Got it free for 10.50 a month on O2 (removed data bolt-on) as a work phone to compliment my Nexus S. Screen isn't as good as the Nexus S but then again its a lot cheaper in price. WP7 IMO is better than Android. Much faster, smoother and you dont have to worry about app store malware. Camera is above average. Battery needs charging everyday but then im used to doing that now for smartphones. Looking forward to Mango coming soon (1st Sep latest prediction) Oh and after also reviewing the Omnia 7 on here i can confirm Bluetooth works fine on the Mozart ;)

Reviewed by Logix from UK on 3rd Jul 2011
I have had the mozart for about 4 months now,and have grown to love it the more i use it. The only problem i have with this model,is the battery life. The windows O.S. is faultless on the mozart, but thats just my opinion. Looking forward to mango update.

Reviewed by Leo from England on 24th Jun 2011
Win phone 7 OS is a definitely eye candy but has too many restrictions and features missing at the moment. Mango is coming out soon but its still not enough. The OS is very fun to use though but the biggest problem for me is the battery, you spend hundreds of pounds for a smartphone but you cant use it. I have purchased a 1800mah Mugen battery which gets me past the working day easily but this is not good enough for me as I can forget to charge it at night and wont be able to use it the following day. The thing about smartphones, people say you can turn off 3g, data connection, bluetooth etc..but then whats the point? I might aswell use a classic Nokia. The 8mp camera is a mix bag, you can get good pictures at time but sometimes there is just to much noise and pictures are worse than some 5mp cameras phones. Why do ppl like HTC's btw? Audio/Videos/Pictures have to be uploaded via Zune PC or itunes on a mac (via win phone 7 connector) which can be annoying conversion on my videos didn't come out as sharp and pixelated at times.

Reviewed by chorley from uk on 23rd Jun 2011
The architecture and design is superb, but not the basic working of the unit. There is a very basic fault apart from extremely poor power storage,standby and talk time, that is if you turn it on and actually use the phone! When making a call the various touch pads, bluetooth..add call..speaker...mute...hold and end call are all displayed in the top third of the screen . If you are not using bluetooth at the time and do not wish to use the loud..speaker and you raise the unit to your ear in order to hear the call, you can very simply end the call..mute the call..or hold the call with the touch of your ear without wishing to!! signed Exasperated.

Reviewed by benjamin from Ireland on 25th May 2011
absolutely beautiful!! everything that you could ever want is included in this phone!! i have fallen for it and it will stik by me for a long time.

Reviewed by natashadunlop<3. from Scotland on 24th May 2011
Had this phone since Christmas, thought it was amssing, untill I tried to download apps from the market place. In the market place it has loads of apps for htc's but none of them work on this phone! As I try to download the apps it keeps saying 'Sorry Can't Download, Try Again Later' soo bugging! So I phoned at the htc customer service and they informed me that I need to have a google acount for the mobile, I told them that I already have one, but yet it still dosen't let me download any apps! So now I have decided to swap my htc for a blackberry torch...

Reviewed by kev from Scotland on 8th May 2011
traded in sony Ericsson satio for this phone....big mistake....avoid at all costs...

Reviewed by Alan from Scotland on 19th Apr 2011
Had this phone for over a week and I am loving it. At first it was tricky to operate, however, now I have mastered it, it is proving to be one of the best phones I have ever had. The operating system is slick and very responsive while the apps are endless. Camera and music player also very good. Would definitely recommend this phone.

Reviewed by andy from uk on 14th Feb 2011
I think the Mozart is a good phone but suffers from some big critical let downs. Firstly the static memory limits download capability. It plays film superbly but lacks the necessary ability to store decrypted MP4 files, such as dvd burns. This can be remedied by stripping the back cover off to get at the micro sd card, unusual to find something that's usually impossible on any other unit with static memory. 32gb safe expansion. The battery is a huge issue, I think this is exacerbated by the sheer amount the phone seems to do constantly, thus bleeding power all day. However, its a micro usb charger so can be charged from pc easily. I also find the casing and screen easily scratched and it has worn quickly over just a month. putting these weak areas aside, i do feel the phone has a huge amount to offer, ... it's quick with snapdragon processer, live tiles make using it childs play, push email, 8mp camara, excellent screen quality, ms office onbard, customizable home screen further cuts down time spent on the phone due to ease of access. Generall I think it's a thumbs up, however it does have limitations. reckon desire hd2 a better bet.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 12th Jan 2011
I got this phone on contract back in December, needless to say it was sent back a couple of days later and exchanged for an iPhone 3GS, No doubt its beautiful both software wise and exterior looks, but its let down badly by the useless battery, its the first phone I ever had that didn't last the day, in fact it died around 3pm and that was with wifi etc turned of. HTC also have made a real blunder with this handset, as they have done with all there handsets in fact, They wire the FM radio antenna to the mic wire in the headphones, meaning if you use any standard headphones which 90% do not have a built in mic you won't get an FM signal, try this out, use standard headphones and pull them out just until the first dimple, you will get perfect reception, that's because you are now hitting the mic wire. So this forces you to use the standard HTC headphones which are really poor quality. On a positive note the camera is really excellent, but sadly thats about the only positive, apps are limited, add to that the shocking battery life and dodgy FM radio and headphones I'd say avoid.

Reviewed by Justin from England on 19th Dec 2010
I chose this phone for 2 reasons..Sound quality and camera....(luckily its a work phone so I didn't have to pay for it) The camera is terrible, it has a really soft focus, and the shutter button has to be pressed so hard that every photo suffers from camera shake. The call quality is so bad it is beyond belief, it sounds muffled and lacks any high frequencies, its like the person you are talking to has a sock in their mouth. My previous phone Sony W850i had incredible call quality in comparison. One of the main selling points for me was the supposed audio capabilities "SRS" and "Dolby Mobile"...utter trash. Dolby mobile just creates a softened wider Soundstage losing tons of quality in the process, and SRS Wow is just a loudness button. I will definitely be carrying my Sansa clip with me at all times, (i have always been a separate device user PSP, Sansa Clip, Lumix LX3,and decent phone...I was foolish to think that any one device could replace them all. And please don't suggest the iphone because it sounds worse than the Mozart. (i once put the Sansa clip against an iphone using a pair of Beyer dynamic DT990's and the iphone user wasn't happy when he heard the sansa to say the least)

Reviewed by Richard from England on 18th Dec 2010
Decent phone. I really like Windows Phone 7. The problem I have is the reception. For some reason when reception is poor, the people I call can't hear me even though I can hear them perfectly. I sent my first one back thinking it was a fault with the phone. I'm disappointed with the camera and flash, disappointing considering the spec. I also find the screen over sensitive and I sometimes press the wrong buttons when texting. I love Windows Phone 7. I think it looks better the the Iphone and Android operating systems. It's downfall is that it lack the apps, and the games are massively overpriced. Games such as Sims 3 and Assassins Creed are 5.49 each. Battery life is good, the phone hasn't died on me yet (not used for work). An overnight charge has been enough for me, using the factory settings. The cost of this phone is also alot cheaper then the other 2 mentioned in the review.

Reviewed by Matt from uk on 13th Dec 2010
battery tip: as well as turning off wifi, gps, bluetooth when not needed and limiting email updates to once an hour, i turned off the automatic screen brightness and set it to medium, and this has made quite a difference. getting 24 hours easily now.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 11th Dec 2010
This is a decent phone, camera is excellent, best I've seen on a phone and the screen in crystal clear, however its let down badly in 2 areas, Battery is awful, even worse than the HTC android phones, you will be lucky to get 6-7 hours with it on minimal use with wifi etc turned off, It won't last a typical working day meaning taking a charger out with you, and secondly Windows phone 7, The app store is dire, its got a fair few apps but like Android most are rubbish. I ended up returning my Mozart

Reviewed by john styring from england on 10th Dec 2010
What a fantastic refreshing touch of genius this phone provides, Cannot fault microsoft with its new os ,super fast web and apps very classy feel to them, xbox live ,fantastic zune,camera, battery life superb, Got 3gs i phone, n8, But trust me in that this phone is the king,

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 4th Dec 2010
Had the Mozart for a month now and i have to say i'm so impressed . Have tried the HTC Desire and the Iphone 4 , but both had issues i wasn't happy with. I take alot of convincing and this phone did it very quickly. It's very fast , clear , and clever. The calls are crisp and the interface very easy to use . The build design is robust and has a very high quality feel.I really would recommend this phone highly.

Reviewed by Steven from UK on 3rd Dec 2010

Reviewed by Ed Frampton from N.z. on 2nd Dec 2010
Bluetooth does not work,,,,,sad,,,,well made phone.

Reviewed by Priesh from London, Mayfair on 1st Dec 2010
my first touchscreen phone and love it. the touch sensitive is good, music is good and the camera is beta thn the iphone. only prob is, nt as many apps as android or iphone, but hopefully windows will make sum more good apps. definatly worth buyin, n nxt upgrade will b another htc

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 1st Dec 2010
Had this phone for a week now. very happy with it. solidly built, nice bright screen. Everything works very well, and without getting into a debate about what it doesn't have yet, the UI is very fast, very fluid and responsive, and once you get used to the slightly different way a few things work, like yr message inbox, its a pleasure to use. Compared with my mates Desire, it just flows so much more smoothly. the music player is excellent, specially with the HTC app set on SRS, Zune, Marketplace, syncing, all work easily and the GPS is fast and accurate. The voice commands work pretty much every time. Call quality is a noticable improvement on my last phone (samsung) Battery life is easily a day with moderate use. camera is maybe the only slight dissapointment, its not bad by all means, but not quite what you'd expect for 8mp. Think its a great phone and a great start by Windows 7. I know that people seem to be desperate for microsoft to fail, but i think they have a great product here that will only get better.

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