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Hotpoint FSFL1810G review

 Review: February 2016  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Hotpoint FSFL1810G is one of Hotpoint's better fridge-freezers. It's larger than average, and has good freezing capacity and a well-designed fridge compartment. Its graphite finish is practical rather than premium, but overall it seems to be well-built and reliable. It scores well for energy efficiency, but isn't the quietest appliance you can buy. We recommend that you shop around for a good price.


Design & features

The Hotpoint Smart FSFL 1810 G fridge-freezer has been around for a couple of years now, and thanks to recent price falls, it's starting to look like good value.

This model is wider than most other Hotpoints, and it has a more generous storage capacity. It's not a premium appliance, but has a hardwearing plastic graphite finish that's built to last. The doors could be easier to open, but they do have a useful automatic closing feature, so there's no risk of leaving the door open accidentally.

Inside, the fridge and freezer compartments have good, practical layouts. The freezer section is moderately big and is divided into 2 small and 2 large compartments. The fridge has split salad drawers, 4 glass shelves (3 are adjustable), and a sensible amount of door storage. The total fridge space isn't particularly large, but is more than cheaper Hotpoint models.

The appliance has an anti-bacterial coating on the inner walls that supposedly kills bacteria and mould, and is frost-free. A simple control panel at the top of the fridge lets you set the temperature, and there's a special "holiday" setting, which keeps the freezer running whilst the fridge is set to 12ºC.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

Like the majority of fridge-freezers, the FSFL1810G is rated A+ for energy efficiency. Being smaller than many rival makes, its energy use is low, making it very economical to run. It's averagely quiet, with a noise level of 44dB.

This model is popular and has been on the market for a couple of years now, and it seems to be reasonably reliable. Its simple no-nonsense design means there aren't many things that can go wrong.

Conclusion - one of the best from Hotpoint

The Hotpoint FSFL1810G is one of Hotpoint's best fridge freezers. It's larger than most of the company's other models, and has a larger storage capacity. Its internal layout is good, and it seems to be solidly constructed.

A word on pricing, however. The price of this particular model does seem to fluctuate considerably. A good price would be around £350. Don't pay a lot more than this - it's not worth it.

Hotpoint FSFL1810G features include:

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Freezer working fine, fridge won't go cold and is constantly bleeping?

Asked by Paul Mitchell from England on 7th Sep 2017

Reply by Dawn H from Uk on 10th May 2018
Compressor not working need an engineer ASAP freezer will go next.

Flashing refrigerator and freezer button?

Asked by Rafa from España on 29th Aug 2017

Reply by Dawn h from Uk on 10th May 2018
This happened to mine told I needed a new compressor took 4 days only to be told not compressor,engineer confirmed unfixable luckily I had insurance with Curry’s.
Total time without f/f 11 days which is totally unexceptable.Dealing with Hotpoint is a nightmare you have been warned....

Any idea why the fridge is not very cold at all- am losing food from it. The freezer is fine ??? HELP!

Asked by Sue from Uk on 16th May 2017

See all 4 questions

Hotpoint FSFL1810G user reviews

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Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Beryl Lucid from Ireland on 27th Jun 2018
I amp a great ambassador for Hotpoint products, but however I am disappointed around my Hotpoint Fridge /Freezer model 1810G I purchased this appliance in 2011 and after two years I had nothing but trouble I was flat I had taken out Demestic Insurance Plan and they were fantastic after three attempts to fish my appliance they replace it in March 2014. All has been good until a couple of weeks are and now my fridge is not working and freezer is just about ! My insurance run out in March 2017 And now I need to purchase a new appliance as it will be to expensive to have it repaired. In my opinion it seems that I only got three years life on these two same appliances and I am quiet annoyed by this. has anyone else had this problem usually Hotpoint are up there with all top appliance makers, maybe just unlucky . Thank You . Beryl Lucid

Reviewed by Ms Harris from Uk on 10th May 2018
Lovely looking Fridge freezer very good size bright internal light although it is more noisy than most models I never found it annoying.Unfortunately after 3yrs the alarm kept going off temperature in fridge going to unsafe level freezer working fine,engineer confirmed needed new compressor this took 4days,it turned out not to be the compressor f/f not repairable.The engineer unplugged my f/f without telling me and left I lost a full freezer of food something neither Curry’s or Hotpoint will take responsibility for.
It seems this item has a problem with its compressor
Please note if you buy your insurance through Knowhow with Curry’s you do not deal with them you deal with Hotpoint who lack training and manners........

Reviewed by Mrs buxton from Uk on 10th Nov 2017
I have a big problem with this product.it is only 17 months old and the compressor has stopped working the part needed will take 4 days to arrive from my warranty provider I have had to go and purchase a freezer to save the food inside I could use house insurance as anyone knows this will put my insurance premium up in am not happy and out of pocket.

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