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Hoover DXA48W3 review

 Review: April 2016  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: New for 2015, the Hoover DXA48W3 is easy to use, with a rotary dial and touch control panel. It's a well-specified washing machine, with an 8kg capacity, A+++ efficiency, and a good 1400rpm spin speed. It's very quick to wash, but also a noisy machine. Hoover doesn't have the best repuation for reliability, but this model feels very solidly built.



We're impressed by the look of Hoover's "Dynamic Next" DXA 48W3 washing machine, with its informative and easy-to-use touch control panel. It feels very solidly constructed too, unlike older Hoover models.

A key selling point of this model is its fast wash times, making it ideal for a busy household. It can complete a rapid wash in just 14 minutes, although this is just for lightly-soiled clothing that needs a quick freshen-up. A full mixed load completes in 59 minutes, and even a full 60°C cotton cycle runs in 3 hours, which is fast for modern machines, many of which take 4 hours or longer.

The machine's A+++ energy efficiency rating is good too, and the 8kg model is big enough for a family, so this is our recommended choice.

If there's one thing we don't like, it's the noise. This machine is noisy both when washing and spinning, but then again, it is cheap.

Hoover DXA48W3 features include:

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Machine keeps going for extra 20 mins but showing 1min to end of programme.Told I should put full load everytime which is impossible.

Asked by Lilian Ellis from United Kingdom on 18th Sep 2017
Hoover engineer has visited 3 times and informed me there was nothing wrong with the machine and would not visit again even though guarantee has 2 more weeks to go.

Can DXA48W3 wash on 90 degrees?

Asked by Zoran from UK on 6th Feb 2017

Hoover DXA48W3 user reviews

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Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 28th Oct 2017
Just failed after 6 months and 1 week!!!!

Reviewed by Roy from Ireland on 22nd Mar 2017
Truely dreadful machine! After less than two months of use, it began to shake so violently during its spin cycle that it eventually disintegrated the concrete weights inside with disastrous consequences. Fortunately it was still under warranty and Hoover wrote the appliance off and issued a full refund. Having subsequently checked other reviews on the Internet, it would seem that it is not uncommon for this model to chew itself to bits. In short, a washing machine that is not fit for the purpose it was designed for!

Reviewed by Laura Thomas from Scotland on 7th Nov 2016
This is the worst machine I have ever owned. You cannot spin a single item must be a full load. Whilst on a spin the whole kitchen vibrates. The door lock when unlocking sounds like it's filling the machine with water. I have had to turn the power and water of to get the clothes out. Complained to hoover but only got instructions on how to properly fill the machine. I am now after only 2 months looking to replace the horrible machine.

Reply by Jayne Gibbens from England on 12th Nov 2016
I have just bought similar - 7kg machine - worst machine ever owned - I HATE IT.

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