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Green Star Energy

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Launched in 2013, Green Star Energy is a new company in the UK energy market, supplying gas and electricity at competitive prices. Green Star Energy is a UK subsidiary of US-based Just Energy Group Inc.


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Can I use the winter fuel payment with green star energy ?

Asked by david from United Kingdom on 21st Jul 2016

Green Star Energy user reviews

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Average rating from 12 reviews:

Reviewed by Steve from England on 24th Mar 2017
Got them to admit that they mislead us into leaving our previous company but they refuse to repay the full amount it has cost us to move away. First off they ended up being around 18% more expensive which they agreed they would honour for the first six months of new package (yay them).

They agreed they would pay for the £60 early settlement fee that is put in place to keep you in their hiked price deals. So I asked them to repay the £60 it cost me to move to their more expensive deal from the previous supplier who I would have stayed with if they had not mislead us, not a chance. They are refusing point blank to move on this.

They are using underhanded methods to get your business and then not giving a damn when they leave you out of pocket. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Reviewed by Kim from Wales on 12th Mar 2017
Green Star are the most unprofessional company we have ever had the misfortune of dealing with and we would advise everyone to give them a wide birth unless you want to be stitched up, insulted by they call centre staff and even accused of cancelling direct debits mandates when we hadn't.

Their administration can only be summed up as totally incompetent as they either don't communicate with you or send you multiple identical letters on the same day.

This company gives utility companies a bad name and should be closed down.

DO NOT TOUCH THEM unless you want problems.

Even the omnibudsman cannot control these cowboys so what chance do you think you have when it goes horribly wrong?

Reviewed by Rose from Wales on 21st Feb 2017
Well, I am being billed £83 & I am not even with this company! Three bills now & threatening me with debt collectors. I have tried to ring them but get no response & I cannot stay on a mobile phone indefinitely. I have written to customer service & have received no replies. Great start for someone not even with this company!

Reviewed by Paul Key from England on 1st Feb 2017
I switched to Green Star nearly a year ago, you cant get customer services on the phone, they do not respond to emails and when I was asked to give meter readings allowing them to generate a bill, the end reading was estimated up rather than use the readings I provided. I will not be staying with Green Star avoid if you can.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Original tariff OK, then shot up. We have now switched and proving impossible to date to recover 1000 credit on account.

Greenstar seem to have no understanding that this is my money not theirs. I have been expecting it back since October.

Always same response ^10 working days". You cannot speak to a manager, they won't give you a complaints number.

I will never switch back to them again.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 28th Nov 2016
Customer services are a waste of time i have spoken to them five times and also emailed them twice trying to get a rebate as i had over a thousand pounds which i wanted refunded and every time i spoke to one of them yes i would receive it within ten working days then when i didn't they said that it needed a manager to sign it off this has been going on for nearly a month now and i have asked for email confirmation about my rebate and have received nothing and also no reply from the email i sent i have ever had any problems with any of the other energy providers. i will not be staying with them.

Reviewed by Leanne from England on 1st Nov 2016
Absolutely appalling. I have not had my first bill yet, I am receiving debt recovery letters instead! They do not answer letters and do not send out the bill as promised in my phone calls.

Reviewed by eileen abell from uk on 21st Oct 2016
Awful website, no scroll-down, bills not up to date, wish I had never chosen to switch to this amateur outfit. Looking to switch to a bigger, possibly dearer but more accessible, clearer and more honest provider. Bad move.

Reviewed by Nash Popovic from UK on 17th Oct 2016
Waited for a half and hour for them to respond and finally gave up. Awful.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 9th Oct 2016
My brother switched my 83-year-old aunt onto a dual fuel fixed tariff with Green Star Energy as it estimated her monthly D/D based on usage would be approx 35/month. However, a year on and another switch attempt and Green Star say they will not allow her to be switched as she has an outstanding bill of over 1,000!! It seems her monthly d/d have not covered the amount she was using, but instead of contacting her when the bill started mounting, or increasing her d/d automatically (which my energy suppliers have always done), they allowed a year to pass so she now faces a bill she cannot possibly pay in 1 amount! It's been extremely difficult getting hold of customer service, too. I would not use GS!

Reviewed by Ray from England on 21st Aug 2016
They don't reply to customer service emails, as soon as you switch they get in contact.The new bill format is more confusing than the earlier simpler format. They lie about 12 months fixed rate contracts, my contract ended up over 13 months hence the customer service email they never replied to. There were cheaper tariffs but when I tried to switch something always went wrong. The annual total usage estimate was way to high in my case.There are cheaper tariffs from other suppliers.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 21st Jan 2016
I used Green Star for electricity for a 12-month contract. Everything worked well, and I had no problems at all. Their deal was much better value than the major energy companies.


Green Star Energy website

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