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Google Nexus S review

 Review: December 2010  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Nexus S from Google is a very capable Android phone, and one of the best of its kind. With Android 2.3 pre-installed, the Nexus S is brilliant for web browsing, facebook, youtube and everything else you could want from a smartphone.



The Google Nexus S: is it the best mobile phone ever released, or is it simply a re-branded version of the Samsung Galaxy S? Well, quite possibly yes, and yes. Let us explain.

On the face of it, the Nexus S is simply a Samsung Galaxy S with one or two modifications. The phone is made by Samsung, and it shares almost all the features of the Galaxy S. So, it's an Android smartphone with access to 100,000 apps. It's powered by a superfast 1GHz Hummingbird processor plus a dedicated GPU and 16GB of built-in memory. It has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and 720 x 480 pixels at 30fps video recording. It has GPS with Google Maps. It has a superfast internet connection with download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. It shares all these things with the Galaxy S. But in addition it has the latest release of Android (Gingerbread). The main camera has a flash too. So it's correct to say that the Nexus S and Galaxy S are very similar phones.

But it's also correct to say that the Nexus S is probably the best mobile phone ever released. Why? Because we described the Galaxy S as quite possibly the best phone on the market today, and that if it had a flash on its camera it would be perfect. And so we're prepared to stick our neck out and say that the Google Nexus S is (very, very nearly) the perfect phone.

Let's take a look at the operating system first. The Nexus S is the first phone to carry Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Android was already a mature OS, but Gingerbread pushes the limits of what a smartphone can be, and takes us neatly into the world of the future, i.e. 2011. Android 2.3 is faster than previous releases (most operations have no visible lag whatsoever), and the user interface has been refreshed. There's an improved keyboard with multi-touch support, making typing faster, easier and more reliable. At mobile-phones-uk we're big fans of physical keyboards, but the functionality available here might even convert us! Copying and pasting is improved, with a new text selection tool. Other new features include enhanced VoIP communication, Wi-Fi hotspot support for up to six portable devices and Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC is an emerging technology that lets your phone read data from objects with NFC chips embedded in them.

Have we mentioned that the Nexus S is fast? Let's say it again, because it really is. Gingerbread is noticeably lag-free when using the user interface, and the combination of a superfast 1GHz Hummingbird processor plus a dedicated GPU and 16GB of built-in memory makes everything run super-smoothly. This is a phone that is genuinely capable of multi-tasking, as well as seamless playback of videos, rendering of graphics-hungry web pages and game playing. In itself, this smoothness is a good reason to buy the phone. Let's also mention the battery life, because with a 1500mAh lithium ion battery, this is the best performance you can reasonably expect from a smartphone. It may not last as long as your circa-2000 Nokia, but it will easily power the phone for a heavy day's use.

One of the outstanding features that the Nexus S has in common with the Galaxy S is its Super AMOLED display. At 4 inches across and with 480 x 800 pixels, this is a brilliant screen for a smartphone. It isn't quite the biggest (see the HTC Desire HD), but the amazing clarity and brightness of Super AMOLED easily makes up for this. Tell your iPhone-brandishing friends that its screen is 30% bigger than theirs, and brighter too!

The Galaxy S has one glaring omission, and that was a flash on the camera. The Nexus S has a 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, plus 720 x 480 pixels video recording. It also has an additional front-facing camera that can take stills or shoot video in VGA resolution.

Other features of the Nexus S include a digital music player, assisted GPS with Google Maps 5.0 with Navigation and web browsing. The device comes pre-installed with Google apps such as Google Search, Google Maps 5.0 with Navigation (free turn-by-turn GPS voice guidance), Places (info about restaurants, places of interest, etc), Latitude, Mobile Instant, Gmail and Google Earth. Being a Google phone, the Nexus S will automatically update software over the air as it becomes available. Web browsing is fantastic and there's a YouTube app for watching videos. Facebook and Twitter are there of course, and integrate nicely with your Contacts. Just remember that this is a pure Android phone, lacking the refinements that manufacturers like Samsung and HTC layer on top of the raw operating system. But again, for many this could be its unique selling point, offering a purist experience without any baggage. You can always download an app for anything that's missing.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate, micro USB and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Hey - did we mention that the Nexus S looks stunning? We were so busy being impressed by what it does, we forgot to tell you about its drop-dead looks! Whereas the first Google phone (the Nexus One) was a bit of a dog, the Nexus S is a supermodel by comparison. It has a gorgeously smooth glossy surface, with hardly any surface blemishes and a specially designed Contour Display with curved glass. The Contour Display is a gimmick for sure, but it adds to the smooth looks and tactile finish of the phone. Yes, we want to touch it, hold it, caress it. In fact we just want it, and you probably will too.

Is it the perfect phone? Well, it's not as nice in build as the iPhone 4, being slightly plasticky at the back, and it lacks a microSD card slot. But 16GB is surely enough memory? You can always find something to be picky about. The bottom line is that no phone is ever 100% perfect, but the Nexus S is so close that it deserves to be called the best.

Update (November 2012): The new Google Nexus 4 takes over as flagship Nexus phone.

Google Nexus S features include:

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Google Nexus S user reviews

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Average rating from 34 reviews:

Reviewed by sixacet from UK on 23rd Jul 2012
Just gets better. Now on Android 4.1 jelly bean and smoother and faster than ever. A bargain if you can find it. The only Samsung smartphone that fits into a normal pocket. Battery life is better than before and Google Now is an intriguing glimpse in to the future when our phones will spy on us more and more.

Reviewed by noodle from uk on 9th May 2012
update on my previous post. I've been using the Nexus S for a good while now with ICS. I loved it before. And now, it's even better. There is nothing wrong with this phone - apart from the lack of LED but that's a personal thing. I doubt I will ever have a phone as good as this again. I'm even considering buying a spare in case I break this one!

Reviewed by Titan from Ireland on 1st Apr 2012
Avoid this phone like a plague. The phone has a battery issue since the recent update and Google have refused to respond on a fix which means your battery will last for 5 hours whether you use the phone or not.

Reply by Grahame from UK on 19th Apr 2012
It's actually better since the update to 4.0. Battery life is as poor as most smartphones if you have the screen on for long periods of time. 24 hours is about right for minimal use. 5 hours heavy use.

Reviewed by Mike1987 from Scotland on 28th Feb 2012
The Nexus S is superb, I cant fault it. It's beautiful. Google and Samsung go hand in hand. I agree with one of the other comments though it needs an LED notification light. Getting the Galaxy S 2 tomorrow but I doubt I will use it until this baby breaks lol...

Reply by billy from london on 1st Apr 2012
yep i agree...

Reviewed by noodle from UK on 31st Jan 2012
Excellent phone. I had an HTC Desire for a year and hated the damn thing , so was somewhat reluctant to get another Android device but the Nexus s is fantastic. Stunning battery life for an Android, two days between charges. Call quality is really really clear , it's easy to use , keyboard is good, the only thing I would like is a notification led. Don't think about it, just buy one ! You will not regret it.

Reply by Simon from UK on 8th Feb 2012
FIX FOR NOTIFICATION LED: Check out NoLED in Android market

Reviewed by Warren from U.K. on 6th Jan 2012
Jumped on this phone like a tramp on chips when Carphone Warehouse were offering the Amoled version for 199 sim free. OMG what a stonking deal. Too good a deal to turn down, 200 was my limit and had my eye on this phone on eBay for a few weeks. Coming from a HTC Hero that was starting to show its age. First job i did was Load up ICS ( be rude not too). I have been blown away by both ICS and this phone. ICS is the best phone os yet - blows away ios 5 in comparison. Runs really well on the Nexus S. The Nexus S is also one good looking phone. The contoured glass is so sexy. It's very well constructed and feels very rugged in the hand even though it is made of plastic. Screen is to die for! Overall probably the VFM handset out at the moment. 5 stars!

Reviewed by Alistair Leckie from N.Ireland on 5th Jan 2012
Great phone, I got mine last week for 240 new when my htc desire gave up. Stock android is amazing - the gingerbread update for the desire was nothing like the stock gingerbread on nexus s. The nexus does everything perfectly and is still a modern phone a year on. Mine is the super clear lcd version and the image quality is no different from amoled screens. Honestly I can't get over pure android - no bloatwear or doubled up functions and apps. get one!

Reviewed by michael maher from ireland on 26th Sep 2011
Was skeptical switching to a touchscreen as I have been using blackberries for a few years. But so far have found the nexus really excellent and very easy to use, PROS: superfast / fab screen / android 2.3 / lots of admirers / sat nav is fantastic / decent camera. CONS: miss the smooth email of blackberry / could have done with a notification light

Reviewed by Samrat Bose from United Kingdom on 17th Aug 2011
I'm kind of disappointed with this phone. It drops calls, takes time to join a wifi network (first the wifi sign turns white, with the reception bars which were green till then). There is no flashing light to display if there is a mail/message waiting for me. The touch interface is not that smooth...certainly, compared to my last phone, the HTC Desire, this was a downgrade rather than an 'up'grade....

Reviewed by qasim from new york on 22nd Jul 2011
i think that the google nexus s is a incredebaly good phone. i think it should atleast be a 5 star.

Reviewed by Jan from Australia on 24th Jun 2011
Very disappointed & frustrated with this phone. I am hearing impaired so I need a ph that will give me a flashing light to alert incoming call or sms. I have an hearing dog so I need the the ringtone & the notification tone to be the same. Impossible to do! The notification ringtone is too short. I can't find how to make a "face to face" video call on this ph & can't find anyone that does know! Disappointed? You bet ya. Not sure where to go from here.

Reply by Howard from England on 28th Jan 2012
Call Your service provider. They control the phones ringer time. Maxium is 30 sec's I think. I don't know of any phone that has an adjustment setting for ringer time? Odd that! Can you tell us why that is Mr editor?

Reviewed by Mitesh P M from London (UK) on 23rd Jun 2011
I have had this phone for while and I have to say I am nothing short of impressed. Pros: - Very quick in operation - Slick good looking slim handsome handset - Has 5 desktop like screens to store pics and shortcuts on which is useful - Smooth camera plus movie recording - a unique amazing built in tom tom called 'car home' which is deadly accurate. - Wireless works intelligently, I had configured the phone to connect to two wireless networks, one at each premises and when I go to either premises, the phone automatically picks up the wireless which is cool. - Amazing selection of apps from android market - 3G coverage is smooth - Good standard memory capability - Notifies when updates are available - When using the internet the video streaming is quick (wireless and 3G) - Also virbrates (alert) when receiving calls - Data feeds of Google servers - Fast throughput Cons: - Sadly the camera has no ZOOM function (both cam + vid mode) - Battery drains if used heavily but is expected as it is a top phone - Keyboard takes getting used to otherwise good. - although vibrate mode is there when receiving calls, sometimes its quite hard to hear ring tone otherwise nothing major. - no HD recording but still very clear - No other major cons so far... I have been very honest with my review and hope this helps readers making their minds up with this phone. Overall, with its vast number of features and quick responsiveness I would recommend this phone especially for Android lovers out there! 4.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by James from London, UK on 24th May 2011
I have had this handset from the first week of it's UK release. I also have an iPhone 4. I live with them both day in, day out - and have done so since January 2011. My views are sincere and unbiased by brand loyalty or desires for one platform over another. I can say with cast iron assurance that this is the most convenient, practical and multi-purpose handheld device that I have ever owned. My iPhone in comparison has been relegated to little more than a precious, beautiful glass relic with an impressive camera on-board. Of course it is not perfect (very little is - although I believe Apple MacBook Pro's do come as close as you can get). For all the many plus points that have been well served in these reviews, the Nexus S/Samsung touchscreen keyboard interface is still someway short of Apple's. Other than that it is a runaway winner.

Reviewed by Moozy from UK on 23rd May 2011
Had this phone for 2 months now in Scotland on Orange. Totally delighted with it. Spent about 6 months looking at phones but picked this over Desire HD due to battery life and nice styling. Absolutely can't complain about anything. Fast, fun, smart. Even my one worry about the camera quality has been unfounded as the shots are great. Mates with iphones are jealous.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 22nd May 2011
Nice phone. No issues with calling or receiving calls whatsoever. Very fast internet, excellent camera and video recording. But it does not have radio and does have rubbish earphones. Not as much entertaining as IPhone4 but still Top 5 in the Smartphones Premier League as per today.

Reviewed by Marlo from UK on 1st May 2011
Google steal your personal information and even when you delete the sync of the Gmail account, the information is supposed to be deleted from Google servers permanently. It is not. You can prove this by unchecking the back up option of your stuff to Google servers, delete and reset the phone and when on the "welcome screen", choose restore back up (Remember Google is supposed to have deleted your data on the first step above) an all the stuff that was supposed to be deleted remains and is restored.. This phone has a lot of privacy issues.

Reviewed by JSQ from UK on 20th Apr 2011
Had it for 2 weeks now, upgraded from Nokia 5800. Works beautifully. Smooth, fast and responsive OS with many apps to customise the phone as you want. The gallery and music app on the phone are not great but you can download better apps to do the jobs such double twist for music and Astro manager to organise folders and pictures in the gallery. Camera is decent and does the job nicely, video is ok. I am giving it 4 stars not because of the phone, the phone is great, is a real eye catcher and gets a lot of attention :) But because the OS lacks basic things such as: 1. the contacts section you can not have group contacts to mass message people (have to download an app for that), 2. you cant make your own albums in the photo gallery (have to download an app for that), 3. the calender does not have a task list (have to download an app for that), 4. there is no overall call timer to see how many minutes you have used (no idea if there is an app for that). These were things my nokia did with ease and as standard. I shouldnt have to download an app for something like that. But overall, I am very happy I got the phone and don't feel bad for not having got an iphone :)

Reviewed by Tom from United Kingdom on 14th Apr 2011
Like Nick I'm coming from the HTC Hero and using this is the biggest step up, like, ever. I thought the Hero was smooth, easy to use, great screen, now I've got the Nexus S I just feel spoiled. I honestly have no complaints whatsoever - still feels fast even after loading it up with all my apps, screen is gorgeous, camera is actually better than the 8MP one on my friends HTC Mozart. I've been hooked on Android since my first week with the Hero and this phone just makes things better - am so glad I chose a phone with a vanilla install of it rather than a manufacturers skin (most, with the exception of HTC Sense, are awful) I really can't go through all the good points, there's too many - so here's the marginal bad bits. It's a bit plasticky and insubstantial (although it still feels lovely in the hand) and the battery life isn't the greatest, although that could be cause I'm playing with it so much!

Reviewed by Jayboy from England on 9th Apr 2011
Had this phone for 3 weeks now and love it. Fast slick and i love the pure android experience. This phone will get updates before others as well so thats another major bonus! Recommended

Reviewed by Peter Green from England on 2nd Apr 2011
I am an oldie at 59 although in the IT business and technically competent (says the theory). I am a latecomer to smart phones thinking a Nokia with voice and SMS is all one could need. A long time user of PDAs from the Psion XP (anyone remember those?)onwards to the last Sony Clio I finally wedded the two in an HTC HD2 - lovely phone, absolutely dreadful operating system. Android 2.3 on the Nexus was a revelation to use. Suddenly the phone does simply what you want. With one or two niggles about the way some software works, and despite the new selector icons in text I do miss arrows (:, this phone is outstanding. It looks, feels and operates slick(ly). Others, including Apple owners, admire, touch and drool. This is a very, very good phone. Deservedly outstanding.

Reviewed by Kennedy from UK on 21st Mar 2011
I really don't understand how this phone has got such excellent reviews. I never write reviews on the net, but really felt the one sided response to this product so far needs a bit of balance. Firstly, I'm 25 fairly tech savvy, happy with computers, gadgets, different operating systems etc. The fact I found this phone difficult to use came as quite a shock as I have never really had that experience with any gadget I've owned. Using an iPod Touch 4th Gen (with similar or same OS as the iPhone I assume) is very easy, smooth and intuitive. Using Android felt like pulling teeth. Anyway, this is the first phone I've used with a touch screen. However, I am used to using a touch screen due to owning an iPod Touch. With the Galaxy S however I found the touch screen unrepsonsive. The space bar is bloody awful and words keepgettingstucktogether. Again, this is so much better on iPod/iPhones. Apps- The apps I used (Twitter, Facebook etc), didn't work as quickly or as smoothly on this as they do on my iPod Touch (which remember, is about 200 cheaper). They're also not as well designed as their Apple equivalents. Size- Although light, it's pretty big. I'm not sure why people are so into smart phones at the moment. Surely for 400-500 it would be better to get a decent priced mobile and a netbook? To me, smartphones are stuck in no-man's land. They don't have the processing grunt to be a decent comp, but aren't small/light enough to be a mobile that doesn't make you look like a pervert on the bus when it's in your pocket. Wifi- The wifi reception was at 1 bar in the same location my iPod touch had 2 bars and my laptop managed 4 (of 5). Price- Thank god I didn't pay a penny for this and I'm able to send it straight back to Vodafone and get something with a better touch screen and/or old school keypad. T9 predictive text for me! Basically, if you want to look cool and have the best phone on the market for the next 2 months, give this a go. If you want something like a computer, buy a computer (Asus EePc netbooks are great and under 300). If you're not comfortable using a touchscreen keyboard in any way, avoid this phone. PS- Android sucks.

Reviewed by kris from Australia on 21st Feb 2011
Brilliant phone. Does everything i need it to. Video recording is good even if it isn't 720p. Keyboard is pretty good and battery life isn't too bad. Superfast PHONE!

Reviewed by Arran from England on 20th Feb 2011
PLEASE GET THIS PHONE! PLEASE! FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!! This is BY FAR the best phone out there.. Let alone the best phone ever. a MUST have!!!

Reviewed by Chris Cox from England on 16th Feb 2011
This is the best phone I've ever had, quick, easy, excellent!

Reviewed by Mary from UK on 14th Feb 2011
I am disappointed with the nexus x for a number of reasons. It doesn't have a radio. the on off button is on the side not the top so I keep turning it off. The volume control is ugly and unnecessarily large. Why? It is plasticy to the touch and feels too delicate and sweaty in the hand

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 8th Feb 2011
Brilliant phone, highly recommend it. I've upgraded from a HTC Hero and the difference in speed of loading apps and internet pages is huge -pages load faster than on my laptop even via the mobile network (t mobile). The operating system is very basic compared to HTC sense but there are so many apps on the market that can do what sense does it doesn't matter. Camera is great,shame about lack of HD recording though. My only other gripe is the lack of video codecs which mean AVIs and the like can't be played - I hope Google sort this out in a future update. The phone also looks great and I personally like the smooth back plastic which helps make the phone very light in the hand. 5 stars without question!

Reviewed by Toria from UK on 5th Feb 2011
I thought I'd just add my two cents worth and say 'wow', what a fantastic phone!! I have tried many handsets believe me, specifically the HTC Desire HD, Blackberries, iPhone 4, 3GS etc... Whilst the HTC Desire HD is a lovely handset, it's simply far too wide and cumbersome to hold. However, this baby is just the right size and weight. The keyboard is very good and it is very snappy. I got mine SIM free and therefore there weren't that many programmes pre-installed - I have to say I really miss the clock and weather widget from other HTC phones! You can download widgets of course but they're not the same - I miss the windscreen wiper and fog etc... I haven't managed to find another one for the Nexus so if anyone knows of where to download one from, please do let me know!!! I'd HIGHLY recommend this phone to anyone and everyone - if you want emails/internet/social feeds on the go, then this baby is the one you want!!! Go get one, you won't be disappointed!!!

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 27th Jan 2011
I've also used this website for years to get some decent impartial reviews on phones so thought i'd give something back. This phone is AMAZING!! Without doubt the best phone i've ever had and i'm VERY picky about what my next phone will be. I've not had any problems with it at all and it's super quick at doing what it does. It's just immense. The android market could do with a bit of an overhaul but that's no slight on the phone. Battery life is very good considering other phones of this type. All in all i'm very happy with it and look forward to the next Nexus!

Reviewed by Will from UK on 16th Jan 2011
I've used this website for many years and it hasn't let me down yet. I agree that this is close to the perfect phone. For me it was a choice between the Nexus S and the Desire HD. I'm glad I chose the Nexus, as it is plenty big enough and the super amoled screen is stunning. I've previously used a BB Curve and liked the keyboard, so it was a risk taking this. I think the keyboard is excellent actually. It's not as good to touch as a real physical keyboard, but it has great word predictions which speed up typing a lot. I haven't tried the voice recognition feature yet, but that sounds like it will be very useful too. As for apps, there may be 100,000, but 99% of them are rubbish! Still, that leaves about a thousand useful ones. The best ones for me are Google maps, RAC traffic reports, London underground planner, 5-day weather forecast and Sky News headlines. Contacts were easy to set up. I exported them from my old phone (Nokia) into gmail (which the phone created for me) and when I next looked at the phone they had automatically updated! When I installed the facebook app, the phone loaded all the photos and other info into the contacts automatically. In fact the phone seems to do a lot of stuff for you without even being asked. Cool! I've only had the phone for two days, but I've been playing with it almost constantly and my battery is still on 25%, so I think I'll probably get a few days use from it once I've stopped fiddling with it all the time (I charged it for 18 hours when I first got it). That's another reason for choosing this phone over the Desire HD. I preferred the Nexus S to the Galaxy S as I read that Samsung's Kies software is hard to use. Also the Nexus usees Gingerbread and gets auto updates, so will always be ahead. Not sure that the Galaxy S has the voice recognition feature either. BTW, did I say that this is easily the best phone I've ever had?

Reviewed by Paul B from England on 2nd Jan 2011
I've had my Nexus S for a week now and have to say that I'm very impressed with it. The touch screen is faultless, the screen is fantastic and the aesthetics of the phone "almost" match the iPhone 4! The most impressive thing for me is the battery life. I had the Desire and it was ok I suppose. I read several forums saying to get the best battery life out of the phone was to switch of 3G, wireless, Bluetooth, dim the screen etc - what's the point of making a superb phone and not being able to use any of the functions in case the battery runs out? Admittedly I turn the WiFi and Bluetooth off on my Nexus when I'm not using it and am getting two days of moderate use! There is limited availabilty of accessories at present but I'm sure it won't be long before there are more on the market. Overall I'd recommend the Nexus S. Is it an iPhone beater? Hmmmm..... I think it could well be!!!

Reviewed by Recklesslife from UK on 29th Dec 2010
Despite people saying it should be a duo-core phone and blah blah blah.. I can honestly say nothing bad about this phone. It's perfect in every way and if you want the best possible Android experience then this is the phone to get.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 28th Dec 2010
Coming from the HTC Desire I can say that the Nexus S fixes nearly all the little thing that stopped the Desire from being the ultimate phone for me. I can see myself keeping this for a good while until a decent dual core Cortex A9 phone comes out. The build quality is brilliant, with the only let down being that the volume buttons are a little flimsy and rattle a little when moving the phone. Otherwise it's top notch. Re: iPhone vs. Android - I'd give my girlfriend an iPhone for simplicity, but I'd choose the Nexus S every time for being the ultimate geek device.
Some will find the stock Android UI and apps a little basic, compared to say HTC Sense, but it's Android so they can all be changed. I recommend installing 'Dialer One' to give the T9 predictive phone dialer, 'ADW Launcher Ex' to pimp up the launcher, 'Fancy Widget' for clock/weather on the home screen and 'Folder Organizer' to organize apps into expandable folder widgets on the home screen. For more essential apps see lifehacker. Excellent hardware + classic software + almost unlimited customizations = One top notch phone

Reviewed by Mick from UK on 24th Dec 2010
I totaly agree with the review. This is indeed the best phone I have used..and i've been using them since '93! This phone along with Android truly brings smartphones to new heights. I had a HTC Desire HD but was within one day om right to exchange and I did so.. How lucky do I feel! The DHD is a lovely phone/concept but the battery life is shockingly poor and though beautifully crafted lacks the quality screen which does make a difference. Battery life on my Nexus S goes for 1.5 to 2 days with normal use (screen 50% bright) . Also one thing i noticed, the signal reception works brilliantly with Voda and O2. Tried my 3 and Orange sim card and it struggled to get decent reception (though no problem when using my Nokia). GPS and camera better and more reliable than in Samsung Galaxy S. The Nexus S is a Superb achievement from Samsung and Google!

Reviewed by DnGee68 from UK on 23rd Dec 2010
I got this phone as a free upgrade and currently have the Blackberry 9000 Bold and iPhone 3GS. This phone makes a welcome addition to my collection and I have to say as it is my first time with an Android phone....WOW! I was one of the lucky ones that pre-ordered the phone from The Carphone Warehouse. I had considered the HTC Desire HD and the Samsung Omnia 7 (WP7) as well. I had the Omnia 7 for a week and put the phone through its paces. I was impressed with the OS and think that Microsoft may have something to offer here. I also had the opportunity to try out the HTC Desire HD and found it to be a solidly made phone, what else do you expect from HTC? It was new and was running Android 2.2 and a host of features to boot. The only down side was the battery and this of course depends on how much you use the phone and its many functions. Now we come to the Samsung Nexus S.... The first thing that I noticed was that the build quality was not as good as the Omnia 7 but this time round Samsung had opted for a plastic/resin type casing, which showed fingerprints very easily. This does not deter me as fingerprints do NOT affect the way the phone operates and you will soon be able to buy a case if this is of concern. Compared to the iPhone OS the phone is EXCEPTIONAL as it scrolls so smoothly and the applications open almost instantaneously. The phone has more features than you could wish for but one of my gripes is that there is no micro SD card slot but 16 GB is enough for me as my iPhone has the same amount and I have not used even half of it. The screen is absolutely AMAZING and the live wallpapers show you just what this phone screen can do as I currently have a marine fish tank as mine and the fish look all too REAL! You can download more of these as they are available in the market. The camera takes good photos but unfortunately there is no dedicated shutter button (just like my iPhone), this was not a deal breaker for me as the phone just WORKS well. I suppose as I am new to Android this all seems wonderful and high tech but dedicated Android users may see things differently. There is also no HD recording but hey! Just how many of us will use this? I have a dedicated HD video camera, Nikon Digital SLR and an ipod to boot. The Nexus S WILL be used as a phone first and foremost, so the other features will just be there for convenience. I have to state here that I have only used the phone for a day so am still finding my way around the phone and what it can do but it IS an exceptional piece of kit. There is no future proofing in technology so expect there to be other phones coming on the market in the New Year but for now I have to say this phone sets the benchmark, which may or may not be met in the not too distant future. I will try to keep you updated as to how I get on with the phone but at the moment I have NOT used my iPhone and have not even thought about using it! That says something in my book but I would suggest you try to take the opportunity to play with one and make your own mind up. I have and this phone was worth the wait!!! DnGee68 P.S. I have to thank my friend 'Moonie' for his help and time in allowing me to try out his HTC Desire HD and explaining some of the quirks when using Android. RESPECT!

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