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Extra Energy

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Extra Energy is a new energy company that aims to keep costs low and pass savings on to its customers. The company supplies electricity and gas to UK homes and businesses. It offers fixed-rate tariffs and uses a UK-based call centre.


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Extra Energy user reviews

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Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by JusG from UK on 1st May 2018
From my experience I would not recommend anyone to use ExtraEnergy. There are many reviews online including on Which and MoneySavingExpert that would reflect my feelings. Having moved into a house supplied by ExtraEnergy I had no alternative but to be supplied by them for the few weeks it took me to set up an account with another supplier. They supplied me for 3 weeks for Gas ONLY and I was shocked to receive an extortionate bill for nearly £80 (I'm in a small 2 bed house). Communication with their Customer Service to appeal this proved futile. Their customer service staff repeating set scripts like soulless robots. Their argument being that I could have had a cheaper tariff if I had taken out a fixed price tariff contract, thus signing up for a year (sure!!). But because I was forced into being supplied by them until I could get a different supplier set up, of course I didn't want a 1 year contract... therefore they charged me an expensive tariff because I was trapped in to using them for those 3 weeks. Avoid! They do not care about their customers, just their money.

Reviewed by Alan h from England on 29th Apr 2018
Don't touch with abarg pole brock in to my house to read the metres when I told them I wlould be on holiday.

Reviewed by Oliver from England on 7th Feb 2018
If I could give zero stars I would, this company is atrocious. Please if you are thinking of going with them heed my warning and don't. My mother has been so stressed out and upset dealing with this company that she has had to put me (her son) on the account so I can deal with it and I'm close to tearing my hair out. Upon taking electric out for a vacant property we were told it would be a set amount of £4 direct debit as we were using no electricity. Multiple times now they have taken over £100 a month after confirming it would be £4. Every person you speak to says a different thing and then lies about putting notes on your account. I have caught 2 people out now lying saying they had made a note in the account. I have never in all my years dealt with such a horrific company. As soon as we can I'll be transferring to another company. Extra Energy you should be ashamed.

Reviewed by Bbecerra from UK on 29th Aug 2017
I asked them to include my husband on the bill to use it as a prove of address and they told me that it can't be done because they only do credit check on one person. First time I hear that!!!!!! any other provider has no problem to include at least two as in a Country that needs the proof of address for everything.

Reviewed by David Panter from UK on 12th Jul 2017
5 months after leaving them no bill for the 11 months I was with them owe me more than £110, hopeless long wait to talk to customer services, email several weeks to get reply but no solution to problem, they are probably the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Reviewed by chris hey from uk on 18th Apr 2017
Dreadful. Beware their DD system is flawed and they produce data that is very unreliable. DD system cannot tell difference between seasonal account and account in trouble. Constantly changing dd contrary to their own web site.

Reviewed by Steve M from Ipswich on 28th Jan 2017
Life is way too short to spend so much time on the phone dealing with complaints, getting disconnected, agreeing on call backs that don't happen, getting conflicting price information and not responding to emails.. If you have the time to undertake these wasted tasks, join Extra Energy.
Extra Energy Customer Services Team are completely incompetent as they have no idea how to deal with a complaint and their Complaints Team seem to be none existent.
The company seems to be run by a bunch of under trained teenagers who have no idea as to how to deal with their customers. The staff can not even deal with the simplest tasks such as getting a meter read, not informing their customers that their year contracts are up for renewal or confirming what your present tariff rates are.

Avoid, Avoid.


Extra Energy website

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