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Eon Energy

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

E.ON UK plc is a supplier of gas and electricity to UK homes and businesses. E.ON offers a variety of fixed and variable tariffs, and can install smart meters and provide help with energy saving home improvements.


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Are the meeters being installed now in Blackpool 2nd generation?

Asked by n? from Lancashire on 23rd Mar 2018

Eon Energy user reviews

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by Robert from United Kingdom on 7th Jun 2018
Rubbish can't speak to anyone.
They keep you on hold for ever.
Never again.
Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by Rachael from Scotland on 27th Feb 2018
We were with eon for 3 years at one of our houses then we moved into a flat and they had put us on the wrong tariff which then ment we headed up with a huge bill cost us a fortune on fone calls to try and sort the situation and got nowhere and ended up having to struggle to pay what we couldn't of used in the short space of time we were there the customer service was a disgrace in one of the members of staff asking how I got in so much debt I said excuse me I've never been behind in my bills it's down to them they r a total disgrace avoid them.

Reviewed by Robin from UK on 31st Oct 2017
I use E.O.N for a business and not at all impressed wth service. They just didn't get the change-over right and ended up causing a lot of time on the phone.

I now use BULB....
Great service and great prices that seems to be saving me £200 a year on a 2 bed flat. And 100% renewable as well. Use the link below and they will put £50 in your account once you are connected


Reviewed by Neil from Uk on 30th Mar 2017
Avoid at all costs rude abusive operators managing ćo Mr cocker dosnt want to know not bothered rubbish company no customer service available for those who need it.

Reviewed by Frances from England on 14th Mar 2017
Please Please do not let E-ON INSTALL Smart Meters it is the worst thing i have done ! I am been charged double for my gas and at 70 years old i am having to go with out heat i can not afford these new bills so i am having to go with out heat i am too afraid to use my gas ,I have called E-ON 3 times so far but they seem to think they are right and that customers are stupid.

Reviewed by karl from west mids on 2nd Aug 2016
e,on is passed a joke should have come to fit new smart meters on 13 6 16 they never turned up re arranged to be fitted today 28 6 16 , engineer turned up fitted the so called new meters he explained to us what we needed to do to top up credit, went to one post office they had no idea what i was going on about and had no facilities to credit these new smart meters, so i went to a second post office to see if they knew how to credit these new meters, they were exactly the same and didnt have any idea what to do with topping these meters up. so they contacted e-on who then explained to the post office over the phone what to do, to set there equipment up, at this point i purchased credit for both gas and electric. got back home done what the engineer told me to do and meters kept saying credit rejected. so i contacted eon who then told me there was a problem with my account at there end. so they said they would phone me back, which they did and then they informed me that they had installed the wrong meters. so the credit i had purchase was useless. the information the engineer had advised was also useless. now ive got to wait for e-on to phone me back to book me another appointment to refit new meters. how unprofessional e.on is, had a call from the resolutions manager on the 29/06/16.he is now telling me i have to wait another month to have my meters changed over., to the pay as you go smart meters. the 2nd lot of meters are now fitted (28/07/16)we were told the same as last time how to top up so got 2 more 10 credits from post office come home put codes in meters as was told yet again rejected so phoned Eon who then told me you don,t put the credit codes in the meters you have to phone E.on and give them the code then they put the credit on for you i told them to get a manager to phone me back as i was unhappy with all the lies they have fed me i then phoned all the local post offices to see how many do the new E.on pay as you go smart meter credits not 1 of them now about the new E.on meters and have not been informed about them yet one of the E.on team told me its compulsory for all post offices to do them plus the poor chap that come to change the meters was the same one that fitted the first lot and was blamed for fitting the wrong ones he said this is the 3rd time hes been blamed for this now and is not happy so now to top up my meters i have to go to a post office to get top up vouchers , come home then have to phone eon up, for them to put credit on these meters for me, where as before i just had to pop to the local shop top up my keys/card and come home to put them in the meters straight away.


E.ON Energy website

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