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Date: January 2016

Ecotricity claims that its electricity and gas have the lowest carbon footprint in Britain. Ecotricity's electricity comes mainly from wind power, with hydro and landfill gas making up the bulk of the remainder. A small amount comes from solar power. The company supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses across the UK.


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Are you planning to get more energy from new hydro schemes soon. If so where?

Asked by tony from uk on 4th Oct 2016
Rain on our hills drops to the sea , and we let it ! the tide moves water twice a day and we do not harvest this energy The technology is nearly all developed, and we do not end up with a toxic waste. Engineers get funded!!!

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Reviewed by Vicky Coombs from Somerset UK on 29th May 2017
I joined Ecotricity in November 2015 and have billing battles ever since. I joined this company based on the recommendation of a colleague after a poor experience with Scottish Power. I was attracted to the 'one tariff for all' ethos and the fact that there was much investment in alternative energy generators.

Although the staff are pleasant and apparently helpful the level of administrative incompetence is high; the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, and one is passed from one to the other, leaving one with the impression that the person at the end of line does not know how the company functions.

I converted to monthly billing and have just had the latest bill which shows the electricity portion only; no gas. The site not well designed and is tricky to navigate.with a very busy home page and although one can sign in one cannot sign off. When I attempt to open the bills section of my account I can only click on either electricity or gas with nothing on the page to permit me to progress from electricity to the gas without going out of, and then back into the billing page. When I click on 'gas' all I get is the electricity bill again. Frustrating; so I still don't know how much the gas bill is.

I am looking to moving to another supplier but hard to pick one as all seem to be bad,.The 'This Money' site lists the number of complaints per 100,000 customers and currently BG and SSE have the fewest. You pays yer money ...

I would rate this supposedly ethical company as 'disgracefu' and begrudge awarding even one star.

Reviewed by Jinty Niege from United Kingdom on 25th Jan 2017
Ecotricity are very expensive and their customer service is the worst I've ever encountered . 3 months of being mislead, passed around,being told completely different things by each and every person I've had to speak to, , poorly placated, patronised and treated like an idiot. 44 phone calls-up to 10 in one day- amounting to 8hrs, 13 engineer no shows just to get a credit meter changed to a prepayment meter. They've put me through hell, kept me locked into their expensive tariff, left me without heat after the meter was finally changed and I was put on the wrong tariff. If you're thinking of changing to an ethical company don't touch this one with a barge pole. They might be green but any company that charges people to treat them as cruelly as they've treated me can NOT call themselves ethical. There are plenty of better alternatives out there, both greener and cheaper. Save yourselves months of torment and grief steer clear of ecotricity. I had to give it one star which I doesn't represent how I feel, I wouldn't award ecotricity any stars and my rating would not be "poor", I would rate it as disgraceful.

Reviewed by tom from uk on 4th May 2016
Rubbish company.


Ecotricity website

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