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Bosch WAT28350GB review

 Review: March 2016  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The WAT28350GB is a mid-range Series 6 washing machine from Bosch. With an exceptionally large 9kg load capacity and an energy efficiency rating that's 30% better than the EU top rating of A+++, it has a lot to recommend it. It's super silent in operation too, and has superior build quality. Yet we feel that at 600 it's over-priced, and its very slow wash cycles could be an issue too.



The Bosch WAT28350GB is a good-looking washing machine that's evidently been built to a very high spec. The silver door trim and advanced LED display panel help to set it apart from cheaper appliances. Yet it's still easy to use, with a simple easy-turn dial to select the main wash programme.

The 63 litre drum is large enough to handle very large loads - right up to 9kg. It's an extremely efficient machine as well, using 30% less electricity than a top-rated A+++ washer. The 1400rpm spin speed is fast enough to get your clothes reasonably dry too.

But that energy efficiency comes at a price - excessively long wash times. A full high temperature cotton wash will take an astonishing 4 and a half hours, which is truly shocking, even by modern standards.

On the other hand, it's an extremely quiet machine in operation, so you can leave it quietly doing its business while you get on with other jobs in the kitchen.

On balance this is a very good machine, but it's slow, and seems to us here at S21 to be rather too expensive. The slightly smaller Bosch WAT28460GB offers better value.

Bosch WAT28350GB features include:

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Can the wash time be altered?

Asked by Ian from U.K. on 7th Aug 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 7th Aug 2016
The Speed setting will reduce the time. A 40 degree mixed load on Speed setting takes about an hour.

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by Woolman from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
After requiring a new machine when the existing one wouldn't fit in our new kitchen I chose a Bosch because it a renowned brand for reliability and quality of build, which is evident when feeling the machine. The machine also had a super silent motor which is excellent and you can barely hear the machine at all, even when spinning, except for the clothes swashing around in the water in the machine.

The machine's inbuilt Activewater function ensures the optimum amount of water is used for each wash and this is something I cannot fault as the clothes are always soaked enough to ensure they get a good wash.

Instead of water entering normally through the holes in the drum, the machine incorporates a distinctive approach by having the water enter through a hole in the seal and the water runs down the seal and down the front of the door, making for a nice effect, however this can be problematic if there is a need to open the door, say, to put in discarded items of clothing, which consequently can result in water leaking over the kitchen floor. However this is only a minor design fault.

The machine's 9KG load capacity is excellent and is one of the predominant reasons for myself buying the machine, as you can fit in a whole week's laundry for a family of 3 or 4.

Now, the cycle times can face an ambivalent reception at times. A Cotton 40c wash takes an estimated 2:55 to complete, which sounds rather excessive, especially for such a mainstream wash cycle. But, bear in mind this is only if a full 9kg wash is put on, anything less and the machine will calculate the time and reduce it, often significantly to within the timeframe of 2 hours, which is much more reasonable. The machine also features a very handy Speed button which reduces the time, often to an hour, so if you need a wash quickly or are not prepared to wait 3 hours for a wash cycle to finish, the machine will wash to the same high standard within this shorter timeframe.

The machine also features luxury cycles such as Shirts, Sportwear, and other useful programmes such as Wool and Delicates, which are often essential for more delicate article of clothing.

The spin speeds on the machine range from 400rpm-1400rpm. The latter being the fastest on the cotton cycle and 1200rpm being the maximum on the synthetics (Easycare) cycle. Noticeably, the machine wrings a considerable amount of water from the clothes and, in most cases, they come out drier than other, older machines have proved in the past.

On the whole, the machine is an excellent choice and should be considered if you have more of a budget to spend. The machine's hefty price tag should be expected for excellent build quality in contemporary society and, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Bosch provides excellent German engineering as expected.

Reviewed by Paul Moore from UK on 27th Mar 2016

The washer cleans well, is efficient and quiet and has numerous functions to help in the mundane world of washing. Some of the Eco programs can last an age but if you have time then the results are very good however in the rush and fuss world that is the 21st Century with families then it's not the most practical to wait for ever! I was surprised at the Bosch customer service centre when my machine developed an issue showing a red tap low water pressure issue. I was told if it's not the machine I would have to pay the call out fee, not that I mind but the emphasis was the call out fee not the sadness or care that my machine their product was showing a problem! Certainly not a customer services experience like Dyson provide for example, they were outstanding and highly recommended. I don't think I will buy Bosch again due to the care free attitude of the customer services it makes their product no different to any other entry level low cost manufacturer and this model washing machine is not cheap. This product is barely mediocre for the price, don't waste your money here!!

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