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Bosch WAT24460GB review

 Review: September 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Bosch WAT24460GB offers a superior laundry experience for not much more than 400. It's an excellent choice for the discerning buyer, and is well worth the price. Key benefits of this machine are its exceptionally high energy-efficiency rating, ultra-quiet operation, and the 10-year warranty on its motor. With an 8kg load capacity and a wide choice of programmes, it's a great choice for a family.



The WAT 24460 is a Series 6 model, placing it firmly in the middle of Bosch's range, offering value for money and a good set of features. It's an attractive, traditionally-styled freestanding washing machine that can slide under a kitchen worktop.

The machine has a large silver-white door that's practical and looks smart, and an unusually large LED display helps to give it a modern look.

The control panel is angled slightly to make it easier to access, and is well-designed with all options and information clearly displayed. An electronic rotary dial is used to select the programme, and touch controls are used to select spin speed, start the wash, and control other options. The LED display shows information about the wash, including the time remaining. A handy option allows you to pause or reload the wash, and there's also a 24 hour delay start option.

Washing and performance

The WAT24460GB has a large 63 litre drum, giving it a family-sized wash load capacity of 8kg.

Washing programmes include Cotton at various temperatures, Mixed Load, Dark Wash, Shirts/Blouses, Wool, Delicates/Silk, Sportswear, Allergy+, Down Wear, and Super 15 / Super 30 quick freshen-up washes. An Aqua Plus option uses more water than normal for more effective washing, and we recommend using this for best results, although it obviously costs more if your water is metered, and may increase wash times. Similarly, the Rinse Plus option uses more water during rinsing, and is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. Since modern washing machines use surprisingly little water, using these options isn't something you need to feel guilty about!

Like most Bosch machines, you can also choose the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect settings. SpeedPerfect speeds up the wash, at the expense of using more energy, while EcoPerfect does the opposite. Since the standard 60° Cotton wash takes 3 and a half hours, you might find that the SpeedPerfect option is useful.

There's a special programme for cleaning the drum, and you can set a reminder to let you know when this needs doing, if you like to keep your machine in pristine condition. The detergent drawer is self-cleaning at the end of each wash cycle.

The machine uses an EcoSilence drive, which does exactly what the name suggests - making the machine both extremely energy efficient and also very quiet. The energy rating of this machine is actually 30% better than the EU's maximum A+++ rating. With such high energy efficiency, you don't really need to make use of the optional EcoPerfect mode, but if you want to save even more energy, you can. However, this will come at the expense of longer wash times and arguably less effective washing. If you're really excited by energy savings, you can view the energy consumption of each programme on the LED panel.

The machine is exceptionally quiet too - both during washing and spinning. The only washing machines that are quieter than this are the more expensive Bosch models, such as the Bosch WAW 28660, or high-end models from Miele.

One thing that lets down this machine is the relatively low spin speed of 1200rpm. That's not enough to get your load as dry as it could be, and we'd prefer a maximum speed of 1400rpm to minimise drying times.


Bosch has a good reputation for reliability, and the EcoSilence drive used in the WAT24460 comes with a 10-year warranty.

Conclusion - a good-value, safe choice

Bosch is now one of the most popular manufacturers of washing machines in the UK, and this Series 6 machine is right in the middle of its range, making it a very safe choice. Its key features are its ease-of-use, good wash load capacity, exceptional energy efficiency and quiet operation, and of course Bosch's excellent reputation for reliability. That's a great package, and makes its slightly higher-than-average price quite acceptable.

We would actually choose the Bosch WAT 28460 model in preference to this. It's the same machine, but has a faster 1400rpm spin speed. The price difference is small, and we think the faster spin speed makes it a better option. But both models are highly recommended.

Bosch WAT24460GB features include:

User questions

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What is the water consumption for a full and light load?

Asked by roy from france on 20th Sep 2016
It is efficient but no actual deatils of waht that means.

Is this machine a cold fill only?

Asked by A THOMAS from UK on 9th Sep 2016
My existing Bosch machine is hot and cold fill but now needs replacing.

Bosch WAT24460GB user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 1 review:

Reviewed by Sinisa from Croatia on 15th May 2017
That product is very good choice.

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