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Bosch WAQ28461GB review

 Review: January 2014  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: This Exxcel 8 washing machine is a step up from the cheaper Classixx 7 models. It's quieter in operation, with a larger 8kg capacity. It's more efficient too, with reduced water consumption thanks to the ActiveWater management system. A large LED display and a self cleaning detergent drawer make the machine easy to use.

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Bosch WAQ28461GB features include:

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Bosch WAQ28461GB
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Bosch WAQ28461GB
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Bosch WAQ28461GB user reviews

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Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by Sarah from United Kingdom on 22nd Feb 2017
I've had this machine since 2013. It's a great looking machine and easy to use. I just wish it didn't ruin the clothes. I can't use 1200 or 1400 spin on any wash or extra spin for fear of the clothes being pulled through the drum holes or even being ripped. Bosch came out twice last year (2016), one engineer said it wasn't the machine even though I showed him evidence of the various destroyed clothing. Another engineer came and I said that I'd be confident that bits of material would be found in the sealed drum if they were able to open it up, they changed the drum but never opened the old one to check, but it hasn't made any difference. Every wash I do I weigh it to make sure it's not over or under filled and still the clothing is ruined, I can't win.
I chose Bosch because they are a good make and the reviews of this machine at the time were excellent, but unfortunately I am hugely disappointed. I never experienced this with previous cheaper washing machines. Does it happen to anyone else with a WAQ28461GB?

Reviewed by Simon from United Kingdom on 16th Feb 2017
Purchased in 2013 we had a new control panel in the first week! then subsequently more engineers visits. Averaging a visit every 6 months over two years of warranty! the machine failed again after only 3 years. Customer services not very helpful at all, just fobbed us off with out of warranty. Poor Product. Poor Service. Buy Miele or anything else for better lifespan.

Reviewed by Geoff from Uk on 18th Jan 2016
Well just outside the 2-year warranty, the machine has broken down. It gets stuck on the washing cycle and it all points to the heater element failing, as no heat can be felt from the water on the glass door. The bearings seam quiet, so it may be worth repairing with a new element. I expected a 469 Bosch to last longer than 2-years!

Reviewed by David from UK on 28th Sep 2015
First machine failed after 1 year - main bearing failed making terrible noise.
Free replacement under warranty has failed after another 1 year - main bearing failed making terrible noise.
I will not be buying another Bosch!

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 22nd Aug 2015
Our machine is just over 2 years old, it's had a new heating element. Now the bearings sound like they need replacing. We had our previous machine (Bosch) for 9 years trouble free. Our next appliance will not be Bosch.

Reviewed by Dave H from uk on 12th Jun 2015
Our machine broke after 2 years, just outside manufactures guarantee as per others below. Our previous Bosch washer lasted 12 years. Wouldn't recommend unless you take out an extended guarantee.

Reviewed by rich horseman from UK on 6th Apr 2015
Our machine broke beyond repair after 2 years, just outside manufactures guarantee. Engineer explained bosch using poor quality Chinese parts (bearings). 1400 spin cycle never fast enough, touch screen pad not sensitive enough to be work properly.

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