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BlackBerry Torch review

 Review: October 2010  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Torch is a groundbreaking phone for BlackBerry, with the new BlackBerry 6 operating system and a slide-out keyboard design.



The BlackBerry Torch is a totally new design concept for a BlackBerry - a touchscreen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard - and is being pushed as a flagship phone with initial prices even higher than the Bold 9700. At launch, this is the most expensive BlackBerry on the market - almost in iPhone territory. So it had better be mind-blowingly good. Is it? We'll check out each aspect of the phone in turn, starting with hardware and moving on to the new operating system and user interface.

Despite the new shape, the Torch is very recognisably a BlackBerry, and in some ways looks ever so slightly dated compared with other recent additions to the BlackBerry family. Nevertheless, the new form factor gives it a design edge, and it retains the solid build quality that we've come to expect from the company. The solid feel is reflected in the weight of the device, because at 161g it really is a heavy phone, even compared with the Bold 9700. And it's larger than the Bold too, even before you open the slider. Slide open the keyboard and it dwarfs the iPhone 4, even though the Torch's screen is smaller. All this is sending a strong message - that the Torch is designed to appeal to people who really like QWERTY keyboards. Fortunately, at Mobile Phones UK we do, and so do most BlackBerry users.

With a phone costing this much, you'd expect every box to be ticked when it comes to media and the Torch does just that. The media player is well featured and syncs with iTunes or Windows Media Player. The camera is a 5 megapixel device with an LED flash and can record video at VGA resolution. This is really the minimum required at this price point, with HD video becoming standard in high-end phones, but BlackBerry phones have always followed rather than led when it comes to media. The camera is very easy to use however. AGPS is present, together with BlackBerry Maps.

The memory is large, with 512MB RAM plus 4 GB fixed eMMC and a 4 GB media card included. This can be expanded with a microSD card to 32GB. The battery isn't the highest powered, with a rating of 1300 mAh, which is surprising when you recall how heavy this device is. Yet equally surprisingly, the Torch seems to last for several days between charges, unlike many rival smartphones. On the other hand, the 624MHz processor isn't as powerful as the 1GHz SnapDragon CPU seen in the HTC Desire, and this can sometimes show. It's most noticeable when multi-tasking, for example when switching between applications.

In addition to the new slide design, the company have rolled out their new operating system, BlackBerry 6. This is a definite improvement, with improved ease-of-use and clearer menus. The email and web systems have been redesigned, with the new web browser offering full tabbed browsing. The BlackBerry email experience remains intact, with full support for corporate email accounts as well as gmail. The home screen is more customisable, and there are plenty of shortcuts and helpful features to enable you to do what you want more quickly. It's a welcome change, but won't cause existing BlackBerry users much trouble in adapting.

When it comes to the user interface, the Torch offers a wide choice of methods. First off is the touchscreen, which is capacitive with pinch and zoom capability, and much easier to use than the Storm's touchscreen. The screen size is adequate for such a device, but at 3.2 inches and 480 x 360 pixels it looks already to be a year out of date compared with the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S. Having said that, it's bigger than the screen on the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The touchscreen supports both landscape and portrait virtual QWERTY keyboards. There's also a virtual portrait SureType keyboard. The SureType word recognition software monitors your own personal word use and suggests word completions. And, of course, there's the physical QWERTY keyboard that will surely be the preferred method of typing, otherwise why choose the Torch in the first place? The keyboard is certainly our preference, although the convenience of the virtual keyboards makes it unnecessary on occasions. We're also pleased to see the optical trackpad, which has now become standard on all BlackBerries, replacing the irritating old trackball of earlier generations.

Call quality and reception seem to be problem-free. The Torch continues the BlackBerry tradition of integrated communications, with text messaging, email, facebook, twitter and RSS all easily available. An integrated social feeds app brings together all your social network and RSS feeds. Fast HSDPA and Wi-Fi connections let you stay in touch in real time.

In common with others in the BlackBerry family, the Torch comes with a full array of security, including password protection with a keyboard lock and AES or Triple DES encryption with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES).

In many ways, the Torch could be described as the best BlackBerry ever. We like the slide-out keyboard design and we like the new OS. The Torch is in many ways an incremental improvement over previous models, offering everything that the Bold 9700 offers and more. And yet ... two things have happened. First, the smartphone market has jumped ahead, with Apple, Google and even stalwarts Microsoft and Nokia powering ahead with new and better phones, practically on a monthly basis. Second, RIM have chosen to price the Torch right at the top end of the market, which makes it inevitable that people will make comparisons between the Torch and phones like the iPhone 4, HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S. It's definitely a step in the right direction, and will probably be a hit with existing BlackBerry fans, but we wish it had a better screen and a faster CPU.

Update: the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 improves on the original Torch with a faster processor, higher resolution screen, more memory and HD video recording.

BlackBerry Torch features include:

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Invalid email address?

Asked by sya from south africa on 11th Sep 2016
Ha there can u help me I got a problem here since I wiped my blackberry torch It now unable to setup my email address I used before even the new one I created from this vodacom simcard it keep on saying" invalid email address please verify it or if the problem persist please contact gmali.com" so I did so many verification even registering on wireless network, deleted nd resending service boook and waited for one hour but still not help.

BlackBerry Torch user reviews

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Average rating from 66 reviews:

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 24th Sep 2012
I got this last year on a 24 month contract. 9 months into the contract the massive screen dislodged itself and wouldn't work at all. I sent the phone off for repair and seemingly the phone was fixed, apparently not. The screen freezes constantly and reboots itself, usually deleting contacts or media images, the phone is slow and always changes screen colour. The lock button is neither use nor ornament, if I put the phone into a bag then I use get a "jdhusyf" posted on my Facebook. I seriously wouldn't waste any money or time on it, it's over priced and Christ knows how anyone could use it as a business phone.

Reviewed by Glen from UK on 8th Apr 2012
Had a bad experience with the Storm so was sceptical about the Torch. No worries at all. Had it over a year and love it. It does all it is supposed to with good clear call quality, which some who write reviews seem to forget is the fundamental purpose. Hardly both with apps. Email, sms, camera, calendar, word, all work fine. Battery lasts a full day. This phone has great functionality and quality and those are key determinants. Never mind the tinsell and fashion. Think about what you actually use a mobile for and this handset does all you really need. If you buy the Swiss Army knife, you mainly use the blade for cutting. Draw a sensible analogy, then go shopping for your BB 9800. You will be content. I have tried HTC, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, none perform as well as the Torch.

Reviewed by davis from india on 25th Mar 2012
I is a bad phone

Reviewed by bob from UK on 5th Mar 2012
awful phone! it was ok for about 3/4 months but then started to freeze, switch off and the screen would randomly go blank, avoid!

Reviewed by toby from england on 18th Feb 2012
i hate this phone

Reviewed by Donald from England on 14th Feb 2012
I have had the Torch for 3 months now - first Blackberry for me. At first I hated it, wanted my G2 builders phone back.as this thing was much too complicated. Then found I could send text so easily using the slide out, also could send e-mail, just as easy. The camera on the phone is fantastic, can send a photo of wall or roof, from site; straight to boss for job approval. The main thing is this phone is compatible with my Apple computer - an important matter for me. Also, I never forget birthdays/meetings/appointments now - the phone reminds me. Got used to 'most' of the functions now and the product build is very good indeed. Very glad I chose this type and model.

Reviewed by Char from UK on 10th Feb 2012
I had the Blackberry Torch for a year and I would not have a blackberry ever again. The battery life went down to only being able to use it for a few hours. The phone was so slow and it used to freeze. The finish on the phone wore off after a few weeks and it used to give off small electric shocks when charging. The only good feature of it was the camera this was a good feature. Do not get a Blackberry you will be disappointed !!!!

Reviewed by Chelsie from England on 24th Jan 2012
I received a contract blackberry torch 9800 almost a year ago and in a nutshell, I am thoroughly disappointed with it. At first the phone worked well, it was fast, efficient and problem free. But after a while I began to notice minor problems, the screen started to cut out, the device became slow like a highly virussed computer, despite having blackberry protect to prevent such problems, and the battery life had shortened greatly. Presently my blackberry 9800 will not work with the screen slid up to expose the QWERTY keyboard due to the wires becoming damaged with time, which is another fault with the phones design. When I slide the screen up everything will move to an incorrect position and the touchscreen will work as though it is very badly calibrated and upon locking and unlocking the phone, the screen will turn grey and have streaks across it, which would sound like accidental damge but,I can assure you, this is certainly a manufactural fault.

Reviewed by Mo from UK on 20th Jan 2012
Just Amazing.

Reviewed by william jay gould from american - living in nicaragua on 18th Jan 2012
I have a BB Torch 9800 and I think its fantastic, I was comptiplating in upgrading to an BB Bold 9900 but, I am quite satisfied with my Torch. Thank you for making and excellent smartphone.

Reviewed by Anu from India on 16th Jan 2012
BlackBerry Torch along with all the good features has one major drawback with the handset. The polish of the handset would start ripping off just after the few days of purchase. I own a red color handset while I cross checked with others in my circle and to my surprise they are encountering the same issue irrespective of the color or metal texture. It's horrible to see the handset now just after 2-3 months of purchase and spending big bucks is just in vain.

Reviewed by LUKE from wales on 14th Jan 2012
had this phone in replace for my bb 9780, as i thought that was bad......this phone was even worst !!!!! very top heavy when kb was open, battery poor, camera poor, screen poor and so on .......... i want my bb 9700 back :(

Reviewed by g_saci from Italy on 8th Jan 2012
Fantastic phone, very outstanding, but blackberry need to make something less bulckier and more resistent to scratch...

Reviewed by Alberto mlawa from Tanzania on 26th Dec 2011
The phone z adorable and I love it

Reviewed by unknow from lebanon on 21st Dec 2011
Best Phone ever

Reviewed by aj from england on 10th Dec 2011
well i have have blackberry 9800 and its a amazing phone i was going to get iphone4 but got blackberry as it is much easyer to type. also i have ipod4 and ipad2 so blackberry is a nice change, blackberry torch is the best phone ever made end off. my advice; you go buy it now! before there all goneD: cya.

Reviewed by Torch review from Uk on 28th Nov 2011
The battery life lasted me 17 minutes, too bad bb, you need to catch up. I think a will go back to my nokia brick, yes the torch is really that bad! Although my brick is pretty cool too, but I said that to emphersise how bad torch is and how I really don't recommend it. Sooo bad I am dissapointed with the cost...and the battery life, you couldn't send a decent text without losing battery then charging up. No offence BB but your worst phone yet. I hate this phone so much

Reviewed by Jose from Panamá on 21st Nov 2011
I'm not complaining, it's better than the storm and compete with the iPhone the screen is acceptable I do not care how they look the lyrics or the images I do not demand a lot because I'm young and elderly persons who do not complain about the resolution of the screen this phone is very stylish but the iphone good camera (bad camera is 2 mp down)

Reviewed by Philbert from USA on 4th Nov 2011
The biggest issue I have with BlackBerry Torch is with the menu, the top bar which shows the time date and signal, opens up and gives access to the manage connections, there you can accidently turn the radio off and now can not receive any calls, I think a double click or a password would help with that

Reviewed by MADDY from UK on 16th Oct 2011

Reviewed by Tinkerbell from UK on 14th Oct 2011
I loved this phone when I first got it, but well after 6 months I'm thinking of selling it. The phone crashes with nearly every app that's downloaded. I've exchanged it already but this handset it just as bad as the first. The screen resolution is shockingly bad (look at a Samsung Galaxy S 2, WOW) BB are just so behind. Its heavy, bulky and if I'm talking on it in my left ear it either jumps to loud speaker or mutes me. Really annoying. I'm thinking of getting a HTC or a Samsung.

Reviewed by rachel from UK on 25th Sep 2011
I have recently got a white blackberry torch, on contract. And I find its amazing. When I was looking for a blackberry phone, I was warned by many people not to get the blackberry torch and that I should get the bold, I stuck with my instict and went for the torch, I found it really easy to get used to, as this is my first blackberry and I have not had to look in the manual for anything.some people say that the buttons are too small or that is quite heavy, but surley by looking at it you can tell what it looks like? Personally this to me is a great phone, it has blackberry messanger and blackberry app world. I would reccommend this phone to people as it has mant good features, and also the white version looks more classy, I'd say this phone is a great choice! Hope this helps!

Reviewed by dan aviomoh from nigeria on 13th Sep 2011
Best fone eva.....

Reviewed by James robertson from UK on 19th Aug 2011
I've had the 9800 for a while now. I have had no problems with it at all, although at first the battery life was AWFUL. But after a few days the OS seems to settle down or something and now i get 2-3 days on a charge using internet, wifi, playing the odd game, BBM, texting etc. General medium use id say. No problems with my ear touching things on the screen, i guess i dont have BFG ears like some. has never reset itself or crashed or force closed an app or dropped a call or done anything. Blackberry apps are atrocious, and they sell themselves on their premier email handling. Sure you get push email, but the client does nothing that any other client can do. Gmail, logicmail, etc. RIM are gonna go down if this is the best they can do. One thing, although it is a good phone and i genuinely like it, it is NOT worth the price RIM are asking for it. If you want a touchscreen with qwerty there are other, cheaper adn better phones. As soon as I can i will trade this in for something else.

Reviewed by Howard from UK on 25th Jul 2011
I like Blackberry phones and have two Bolds and and older Blackberry. Tried this phone and In hate it. It decides what it wants to do for itself. If your eat touches the phone that the end of the call. Sold it and went back to my od Bold and now waiting for new Bold Touch to come out. You have been warned!!

Reviewed by jack from uk on 5th Jul 2011
not good and to heavy

Reviewed by Adam Kilvert from United Kingdom on 16th Jun 2011
Boom, the black berry torch is the way to go... sleek elegant and may as well be the Ferrari of the phone world. cannot beat it for practicality and especially for the fact its not like any other phone out of the market.... A+

Reviewed by lewis from uk on 8th Jun 2011
Ever since I got the bold 9700 with an amazing contract I have not been able to stay away. I have a curve 8520 for work and I've had the 3g. I've had htcs and nokias. But I am a blackberry guy.

Reviewed by tomexh from U.K on 23rd May 2011
Don't buy it or rent it. Full of software problems with no fixes from Blackberry and no matter how many times you change it the same problem will be back with in weeks. Homescreen message notifier with red asterick wont go away after messages have been read and deleted rubbish

Reviewed by Claire from England on 18th May 2011
I brought this phone for £27 a month, ( its around £500 on payg),terrible. If your getting this for bbm. dont. its so slow, and battery is drained after a few hours, it has a few good things, like the keyboard, but i put the phone in my pocket after having it for 4 days, and there was dust under the screen?! also it creaks badly! took it to o2, swapped for a htc desire s, which is amazing. regret buying the torch!, Htc all the way!

Reviewed by Rachael from Manchester, England on 26th Apr 2011
I have had BB's in the past, but got given an iPhone 3G - this was a brilliant phone, although missed 'physical' buttons, was going to get iPhone 4 but the shear expense put me off - £35 pcm tariff plus £100-£200 handset cost... so got a BB Torch White as the features are comparativley similar - i immediately remembered why i loved my previous BB's - love this phone, BB OS6 is amazing, functionality as always with BB - brilliant and the white version looks sweet!

Reviewed by tiijay from debdon on 18th Apr 2011
Hello there guys and gals I baught the blackberry torch in white last week and was a little bit worried as to how dirrty this phone would get as I work on a building site all day only to find that wednesday last week the phone feel out my poket and straight on to the concrete floor and I picked the phone up and not a single scratch to the screen only on the chrome bezzle that surrounds the phone any way what I'm getting at here is that the white model is not a dirt magnet nor a finger print magnet like the black one . The back cover on the whitw one is also a shiny plastic back instead of the rubber back and there are no problems with it I like the white version compared to the black as I feel it looks soo much more classy than the black I'm just gonn have to find some chrome paint now to cover up my scratch oh well great phone ;)

Reviewed by dalip singh from india on 18th Apr 2011
this is good cell fone

Reviewed by Daniel Ratcliffe from England on 18th Apr 2011
So, having owned the phone for a month now, I must say I am very impressed. The Torch designed as a whole RIM shake-up, and many people say it didn't deliver. It did. This was a groundbreaker for RIM. Non-SurePress touch-screen, slide out QWERTY keypad, 5mpixel camera. Yes, Android beat them to it all already, however RIM have put this into a solid package that is a pleasure to use. The slide-out QWERTY keypad is a dream to use. Get used to it and you'll fly through those emails and other text-based communications. It is a hybrid keyboard with inspiration from the Bold 9700 keypad. The 5mpixel camera comes with lots of "Shooting Modes" which really help. I spun in a circle at high speed on Action mode for example. Hit the capture button on the camera while spinning, NO blur (however there was a weird angle on it). You'll find the camera a pleasure to use. People will say the processor is underpowered. Maybe so, however the BB OS was designed to work with lower processors, so why not save money on the processor? Works fine for me! The touch-screen. Now this is sometimes a mixed bag (it occassionally locks up, a lock and unlock fixes it mind), but is generally very responsive. Battery life is my only annoyance with the Torch, as it isn't stellar, not by a long shot. If battery life is really important, the Bold 9700/9780 is for you. All in all, a phone I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone wanting a BlackBerry and has a high budget. It has plenty of advanced functionality that will make it feel nice to use.

Reviewed by tommy from london on 14th Apr 2011
I get these phones are mainly mad for professionals but I feel rim are trying to open a new criteria with this phone although the app store I feel is a little week when compared to say the android market or the apple app store when you get 3D games for free and great apps that tell you of great places to go in your local area although the BB app store is too weak no 3D games and all the 2D games come in at nearly £4 a pop craazy if it wasn't for bbm I think I would have gone for an I phone 4 .

Reviewed by Tushar from India on 13th Apr 2011
I got 9800 a few days back, and it was my first bb but i have to say it has made me crazy for it...brilliant phone with gr8 functionality...i would recommend everyone to go for it without hesitation.

Reviewed by annoymous from england on 5th Apr 2011
Iv just got this phone and so far so good! I thought I wouldn't be able to work it but I came to me straight away! Its soo easy and so fast! And also I was worrying about the size of the phone.. Its fine! Fits perfectly in your hand! The buttons are really east to type with! I would reccomend this phone to anyone! Its miles better then the iphone 4 witch I previously had before this phone, this phone is the best phone out yet! 5 stars from me! Honestly I'm 13 and I would reccomend this phone to anyone that's stuck between 2 phones:) I think I'm gonna stick with blackberrys forever I'm in love with them:D

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 19th Mar 2011
I quite agree with regard to the Blackberry Torch review. It IS a superb phone and I would highly recommend it. Having had and used a Blackberry Curve before I was used to the menu structure and powerful tools that come on a Blackberry, AND the help from Blackberry customer support is just superb. The reason I chose the Torch was simply a case of ease and speed of transfer of my old phone information from my curve to my new Torch. With a NEW phone that would have taken longer to do,...time which I don't have. My other choice may have been the HTC Desire, which my step brother has and I have heard has a faster processor and yes the screen CAN be slow to respond sometimes. I did have a months worth of using an HTC, and I was VERY impressed. However, I like the email push on the Blackberry. I Love my Blackberry.

Reviewed by Chris Cox from England on 27th Feb 2011
Mine was brilliant when I first had it but got a bit slow when I filled the internal memory, the QWERTY keyboard is excellent and the touchscreen works excellently. Loved it!

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 27th Feb 2011
Bought as a replacement to my BB 9700. Compared with the Bold interface is much better however the new OS does need some time to think when making the actions (some 1 or 2 second delay). They feel of the keyboard is much better than the Bold and although people say it is cramped, I find that I tend to make more typos on the Bold than on tne Torch. A couple of issues with it though - the lock button is pretty rubbish as it doesn't sit flushed on top of the screen and when I leave it in my pocket it unlocks itself (sometimes it happens as I'm putting it in my pocket). Also, while in a call it is prone to face dialling random numbers on the screen. Maybe there's a fix for this but I certainly haven;t found it yet. Apart from those two issues, I absolutely love the phone!

Reviewed by mark from uk on 24th Feb 2011
i just upgraded from a iphone 3gs and can say its a very user friendly phone emails a breeze and battery is a lot better than the iphone even when wifi and heavy use i can get two or more days with ease , call quailty is the best ive seen for a while and the slide out keyboard is a big plus even for me with fingers like well shovels (almost) overall very happy and look forward to the next from blackberry

Reviewed by Qasid from England on 24th Feb 2011
Just upgraded from the Samsung Tocco Ultra (because of the similar touch + keypad form) and I must say it is a fantastic one! I've grown accustom to the qwerty keyboard on the phone, but has other input methods too. The speed is great, not slow like others have mentioned. The only problem is that while making a call, it doesn't swtich of the screen sometimes...resulting in awkward behaviour. Other than that a brilliant phone, a great successor to my older phone (except the camera ofcourse: 8MP before, 5MP now).

Reviewed by David from England on 16th Feb 2011
Ok, but Nokia E72 is a better bet.

Reviewed by Timmy from Ireland on 16th Feb 2011
I am a previous blackberry addict and have always had nothing but blackberry and now I see why this device is just amazing and they on the bottom of the phone are so tactile not as good as my bold 9700 but as close as your gonna get to it and I can download lots of apps no more 128mb like my bold 9000 this is a phone of beauty and it shows in the price tag £450 ouch but worth it I got the red one carphone warehouse I hope the torch 2 has a better screen though not that the screen on this is any lower res compared to anyother device but if you hold it to say a samsung galaxy S the colours on the torch do look a little bit wAshed out but otherwise one of the best BBs ever :)

Reviewed by Jose from UK on 31st Jan 2011
Got my phone the day it was released in the UK, absolutely fantastic phone, easy to use, great conectivity and fantastic looking piece of kit. I've had iPhone's but to be honest they just don't cut it for me. By far and away the best phone ever.

Reviewed by Olumide Adeboye from Nigeria on 28th Jan 2011
Brilliant phone and make life easy

Reviewed by Richard from London on 20th Jan 2011
I have just sent my bb torch back. Pros very neat phone well made very good battery life great screen, bb have made a phone which is a gem and is far the best yet...but I use the blackberry bold 9700 and so dose my wife, the things that made me send it back were the locking key on the top of the phone is far to sensitive it switches on and off in your pocket and opens different apps up very fustrating that means you could be dialling someone and you don't even know, also I could not end a call using the slider,and the screen the phone is just to touchie for me i turned all the settings down and still had problems,the phone weights a ton but fits comfortably in the hand, maybe the key pad could have be a bit bigger as for the keys at the bottom are hard to use due to the slider shutter, im just used to the bold , i will always stick with blackberry because it has the best email client and I use it for business.For me this phone is certainly the way forward for blackberry.i will wait for the torch 2 to come out and try that hope fully they will tweak all the small problems.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 18th Jan 2011
This is my first BB, having been a Nokia fan all my life. I am very impressed, as I wanted a good, reliable communications device and this does everything. It did take me a little while to work out how to use everything - the tiny manual does not explain everything and I had to look at forums and the BB site for more info. However, I am one of their older customers and not as good on technology as some of you younger ones. This phone is heavier than most but it is classy and feels like a quality phone. The ring tones can sound a bit low but as I am not planning on downloading Juve Bunny as a ring tone anytime soon, I can live with that. I would recommend this phone 100% but look for the best deals with a free phone.

Reviewed by Terry from Belfast on 13th Jan 2011
Hello! This is now my second review on this site, and will now go ahead and review the Blackberry 9800 Torch. I have never owned or operated a Blackberry device until I received mine last week as an upgrade. I read numerous reviews and read all the good and bad points of owning this Blackberry Torch 9800 I was nearly put of from purchasing this phone because of the bad reviews relating to bad battery life, considering it is a touch screen phone? My Blackberry device will last approximately 3 to 3.5 days on one charge and I use mine quite A lot for txtn'g BBM, E mails, and phone calls. Things to remember on first charing the phone do so for 18 hrs. Second: Let the phone's battery completely deplete until it switches off then recharge for 8 to 12 hrs while your sleeping at night is best way to do it. Turn the screen brightness down to 10%, turn wifi & bluetooth & vibrate off. Thats bout a wrap. If you do the above you will get maximum life and longevity out of your device.. I would say it would be equal if not better life expectancy than my Nokia E72. I have to say I a'm very pleased with this phone, the responsiveness is very fluid as well there is no buggyness slow down or anything of that nature, makes calls with good clarity and functionality, only down side are the ring tones which are very low in tone, if you don't have it near you only way to realise you have received a call or anything else is by the flashing led indication which blinkes until you access the device... The phone is a wee bit heavy but I like that fact feels real quality while holding it in my hand it's built to last, the size of the phone is good also. Takes fantastic pictures & video all round swiss army knife of mobile phones currently out there today.. So all in all very happy to be using this blackberry Torch 9800, wouldn't consider anything else ever again.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 12th Jan 2011
This is just an outstanding, functional, well built mobile phone. Blackberry users will love the OS6 which makes things easier without being fiddly. Why do people insist on comparing this phone to the i phone, desire etc. Its not like for like. If you want a toy to play games on and occasionally make a (poor quality) call on then get an i phone. If you want a top of the range communications device then get the Torch because its the best out there at what its supposed to do !

Reviewed by A.Pedley from UK on 11th Jan 2011
Just ditched the Storm 2, (piece of junk) for the Torch, absolutely brilliant by comparison, why do people slag off the screen resolution so much i think its fine, the new operating system is smooth and easy to follow especially if you are used to Blackberry's Great phone!!

Reviewed by Christian from UK on 5th Jan 2011
This phone really is the best blackberry yet and if your a Blackberry user you will love it for sure. Things that stand out for me is the new opperating system and improved web browsing. ive heard a lot of reviewers slate the screen resolution. Yes admitingly it is lower than the i phone ect but saying that i really find it to be clear and sharp. the only thing i would like to see is HD video recording but the camera is a huge leap over previous Blackberry's

Reviewed by michael from uk on 29th Dec 2010
It is not worth the money, but then again which phone is worhth the money these days. It has all the functions you would expect from a high end phone. The touchscreen is excellent, and the overall phone is much faster than expected! BUT! ONLY BUY THIS if you like qwerty keyboards, you will not like just using the phone, as it is too thick to be just used as a touchscreen phone!

Reviewed by mobee from england on 17th Dec 2010
the phone is outstanding, it has everything required for todays technology. . definately recommend. a must buy for bb users.

Reviewed by darren from wales on 11th Dec 2010
Great phone, had it now for a month and haven't had a problem keyboard is also surprisingly easy to use I miss press a key about as often as I do on a full size one and can type almost as fast! Easily the best phone I have ever used only reason for 4 star is the poor battery life but that's due to the fact I leave my wifi and everything on always.

Reviewed by IA from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
First BB phone after years/decade of using siemens and nokia. Had it for a week now, no complaints so far. Made the mistake of not closing some apps and the battery didn't last 24 hrs. but once I closed everything battery now last for days. so no complaints. Its a plus that I have small fingers so no problem with keyboard.

Reviewed by Mike from Mexico on 19th Nov 2010
Very pleased with the Torch. I can work on it like a real computer. It can multitask smoothly between apps. You have the convenience of having a full qwerty keyboard and a touch screen. I love the fact that I can attach any kind of file to an email and send it without problems just like you were on your computer. Thats the convenience of having a native file system. The new OS is very good, stable, sufficiently quick, customizable (with themes) and the number of applications is growing. Oh, and it has survived its first trip to the floor without any problems. Overall and excellent, practical and reliable workhorse.

Reviewed by Vince from England on 13th Nov 2010
I'm very pleased with mine, a top-notch phone.

Reviewed by russ girdle from uk on 7th Nov 2010
Had the phone for about a week now, had blackberry's for last 5 years and was sucked in a few years back by the disaster that was Storm so wen I hered of another touch screen blackberry is was exited but very cautious.To date the Bold has been by the far best handset that BB have produced and when I came to upgarade my handset it was the touch or the 9780. I have to say that the phone is fantastic it takes some adjusting and adapting but touch screen excellent and you don't loose the blackberry style and usability, ie keybored. The build quality is class and slide well made. The torch is everything the storm should have been but more and it hasn't once had me reaching back for my BOLD 9700.

Reviewed by kook from england on 28th Oct 2010
dont buy it its not getting for free rubbish in all ways

Reviewed by Josephine Monday from Nigeria on 27th Oct 2010
Never knew I missed a lot not having a blackberry fone. Now am part of blackberyy family. Wow wow wow I luv it. Its a piece indeed

Reviewed by PAUL from WALES on 24th Oct 2010
was due for upgrade have tried galaxy s htc etc etc then this caught my eye its bril does everything fab its got menus for menus plenty to do on it and the keyboard and touch work bril never had a blackberry b4 hooked now you wont regret buying it

Reviewed by Christian from London on 20th Oct 2010
I'm rather conservative in that I like buttons to press - so I thought that the slide-out qwerty keyboard in combination with the touch(ish) screen was a good compromise on my way to a touch-screen only phone. The build quality of the Torch is fantastic. It even feels expensive holding it - and that is part of the problem: it's way too chunky and heavy. The second main issue is that the keyboard is just a shade too narrow/small. My main beef with my Nokia E71 is/was that I kept pressing two keys at once involuntarily. In conclusion, my relationship with the Torch was brief. Three days. It's now gone back to Orange and I'm eagerly anticipating taking the plunge with the touchscreen-only HTC Desire.

Reviewed by John Mason from Berkshire on 13th Oct 2010
I've had this phone for one week and love it. Had a Samsung Galaxy S that I sent back because the battery life was so poor. I think the blackberry is a far better phone for day to day use. The screen is the only slight let down but its not at all bad. Its just that screens on some other phones are now so good. I read a lot of negative reviews about the processor power but haven't found any problems with the phone lagging or locking up.

Reviewed by will from birmingham on 12th Oct 2010
the best phone i have ever had, and i had iphone. this is by far the best mobile i have ever used touch screen and buttins so best of both worlds.

Reviewed by Max Williams from UK on 12th Oct 2010
Hi, I was luckily enough to get one of these for free and I'm fairly impressed over my previous Bold 9000/9700's which I've had for the last couple of years. Everything takes a bit of getting used to and over the first couple of days the phone seems to speed up. Overall I like it, not sure its a worthwhile upgrade from a Bold if you have to pay for it though.

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