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BlackBerry Storm review

 Review: October 2008  

Last updated January 2010

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Storm has a touchscreen user interface that incorporates a full virtual QWERTY keyboard. However, the Storm is generating a lot of negative reviews from our users, so we have downgraded our rating to 2 stars.

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For the past couple of years, RIM (the makers of BlackBerry) have been chasing the mass market. They've glued cameras, music players and even GPS navigation systems onto their business smartphones. But still the mass market eluded them. The Storm is the first BlackBerry to have a touchscreen user interface. In one fell swoop, finally here's a BlackBerry that looks like a mass market product. Ever since Apple released the iPhone and iPhone 3G, every phone manufacturer has been trying to produce an iPhone killer. Here's BlackBerry's answer.

By adopting a touchscreen UI, the BlackBerry Storm offers all the benefits of a standard BlackBerry (i.e. full QWERTY keyboard and unrivalled email/web browsing), with the style and ease of use of an iPhone. Cleverly, the Storm incorporates two kinds of virtual keyboard: the full QWERTY keyboard seen in the BlackBerry Bold and the SureType® keyboard used in the "baby" BlackBerry Pearl. The keyboard switches depending on whether you're in portrait or landscape mode. The touchscreen on the Storm is a capacitive type - the same kind used in the iPhone. We find this easier to use than the resistive touchscreens used on most rivals. You get a better response when moving your finger around the screen, and the near-instantaneous response makes the user interface very intuitive. Rather than using haptics (vibrating feedback) to indicate when the screen is pressed, the Storm uses a new innovation called "ClickThrough". This means that the screen responds to pressure, so it feels almost like you're using a real keyboard. The display itself is massive and has the one of the highest resolutions of any phone that we've reviewed. With 480 x 360 pixels, you can fit a lot of information on screen, and view photos and videos in near-perfect detail. As with previous BlackBerrys, the font sizes are user adjustable - a feature that we love and wish was present on rival phones too.

BlackBerry phones enjoy an unrivalled reputation when it comes to mobile email, and the Storm is no different. Apart from the ease of entering text with the virtual keyboard, the Storm beats other manufacturers' email systems because of its ease of use, power, wide compatibility with all email protocols (including web-based mail and secure mail) and its support for attachments. There is even an attachment editor, so you can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the phone. The Storm is also an absolutely brilliant platform for the mobile web. With HSDPA running at 7.2 Mbps, you have the fastest possible download speeds available on any phone. The huge screen and ClickThrough response is ideal for viewing web pages. And the Storm supports rich media, including YouTube videos. Built-in applications make it easy to access social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

The Storm is a smartphone, just like previous BlackBerry phones, so there will be plenty of applications available for it. It also supports multitasking, so you can view a document or browse the web whilst talking on the phone. The Storm supports a range of advanced features including voice activated dialling, conference calling and voicemail attachment playback.

Any phone that wants to conquer the mass market needs to have a good camera and media player and the Storm does. It certainly isn't the best camera phone around, but the camera has a resolution of 3.2 megapixels, and with autofocus and an LED flash, it will take reasonable pictures - good enough for print quality, provided that you don't zoom too much. The media player supports every common audio format and synchs with iTunes. The Storm has 1GB of built-in memory, which is plenty to get you started, and will accept microSD memory cards up to a whopping 16GB, which is enough to store around 4,000 MP3 tracks. There's full support for Bluetooth stereo headsets, and another great feature that is missing from many rival phones is the 3.5mm audio jack, which enables you to connect any standard stereo headphones. This means that you're not tied into proprietary headphones, but can connect to very high quality headphones for the best possible audio experience.

We mentioned the presence of GPS earlier. The Storm has a built-in GPS device and comes with BlackBerry Maps, so you can find your way around. With the large touchscreen, this combination works well, and is ideal for pedestrian use. With a proper satnav application installed it could even replace a dedicated in-car satnav. The Storm comes with a 6 month licence for Vodafone Find&Go Sat Nav .

Battery life is quoted to be 5.5 hours talktime and 360 hours standby. In the real world, using the phone heavily you'll get about a full day's use between charges. So if you don't like the hassle of charging each night, the Storm probably isn't for you. The Storm loses one star from its rating because of this.

Which brings us to the one other feature that we dislike about the BlackBerry Storm - its size. Even larger and heavier than the iPhone, the Storm weighs in at 155g, making it the heaviest smartphone currently on sale in the UK. Bigger is not always better, and we'd certainly like to shave a couple of millimetres off the Storm. But then again, you need a big device to have a big screen, and when you consider the number of features that have been crammed into this beast, it's a trade-off that we're happy to live with.

But the worst features of the Storm are its habit of freezing and dropping calls. These make it pretty well useless as a business tool. The Storm2 adds WiFi and some other improvements, but suffers from the same kinds of problems.

BlackBerry Storm features include:

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BlackBerry Storm user reviews

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Average rating from 312 reviews:

Reviewed by Luke from United Kingdom on 25th Jul 2012
Well i've just recently bought a storm & yeah its got problems with battery life & signal, it has frozen a couple of times on me but its not as though it happens constantly folks!!! My advice to anyone out there who's got a storm (try downloading the firmware update) this seems to clear up the freezing probs etc etc.

Apart from the couple of problems i've had its a great phone, really simple to use, well built & has really clear screen.

Reviewed by Daniel from Malaysia on 23rd Jun 2012
Terrible life of battery! I hate it! Sucking hang!

Reviewed by James from London on 16th Mar 2012
Never have I ever owned anything that so thoroughly deserves a one star rating. It is mentally unintuitive and given that I like my blackberry pearl so much, Im really shocked by this one. Terrible.

Reviewed by Ade from UK on 13th Mar 2012
NEVER under any circumstances buy a Blackberry!! they are awful awful phones, never work properly, keep freezing, deleting apps, losing info, not connecting to wifi, losing id. Absolute rubbish, my 11 year old bought one with her xmas money and it is an absolute piece of junk!!!

Reviewed by dignu from UK on 4th Feb 2012
I am one of the unfortunate owners of a blackberry storm. That phone crashes in the middle of most basic applications, the only manner in which you can get it to work again is by resetting the whole handset - and we are all aware of the amount of time involved in that process. Whilst typing an email or an SMS, it again kicks me out on multiple occasions by locking the device. Most people I have conversations with complain that I am constantly breaking off. Doing a bit of basic math, this phone has wasted more of my time by me waiting around for it to work than the actual usage time.
This was my first blackberry experience. Despite my innate aversion towards iPhones (any illiterate out there seems to own one) I have been successfully turned me over to their side. I am looking forward to the end of my current contract so that I can become an Apple consumer.
BTW, I would suggest this particular phone to be removed form the Smartphone category - there is nothing smart about it. Also, its title is rather ironic.

Reviewed by Julius Wandera from Uganda on 4th Jan 2012
Indeed this is rubbish of a phone. I have to charge the battery every day. on a day when i receive heavy calls i have to charge it twice. If freezes as often as i cant tell and i have to keep restarting. I am so frustrted with this devise and are looking to dispose it off. Its 11:52 here and it hasnt worked since 7am when i got to office. the phone is still frozen and cant respond to any command. jeje.wandera@gmail.com

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 9th Dec 2011
Rubbish! Had it for less than two months as a replacement from my curve and I regret it so much! The battery is rubbish, my touchscreen freezes and does the complete opposite of what I want to do, I end up leaving it for at least 10 minutes before it begins to work again. The signal strength is poor. Calls are poor as the speaker is so quiet even on maximum volume; I always have to use my headphones to be able to take a call so I can actually hear them speak! Very poor phone, regret paying nearly £100 for it! Don't get how the Storm is getting so many 4+ reviews:S

Reviewed by edward from UK on 31st Oct 2011
i hatee it

Reviewed by adrian from UK on 14th Oct 2011
worst phone ever never had so many problems with phone ever who made or desiged this phone needs to be shot it crashes freeze up all time try txt to quick it shuts down

Reviewed by khouri mao from UK on 8th Sep 2011
i used this phone for less than 2 years, but just recently the lcd display started to annoy me, there are times when i want to open my messages the lcd doesnt respond, but i can see the lights on the keypads and the lcd. then a week later the phone just got dead. theres no power, it doesnt even charge and it cant be detected by the computer. i never drop it, i just download some games and applications on it before this happen. my iphone is better than this one. so guys its better to buy iphone than blackberry storm

Reviewed by Paul Win from UK on 16th May 2011
This is the worst phone ever. Hangs up all the time, or when you get to recieve a call, it wont let you end it. Freezing all the time, TERRIBLE reception, constantly on SOS, wireless complete pants...soooooooo slow battery life...say no more The END

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 27th Apr 2011
I've had the storm for almost a year and still have a year on the contract...unfortunatley. I had the Bold before and wish I'd stuck with it. The storm freezes on camera, so I have to wait the 2 to 3 minutes to re-boot (by which time the photo opportunity has gone), the browser fails so often I keep ringing O2 and they jsut tell me to do the re-register procedure, which works (around 8 times I've had to do it so far) but it's frustrating and time consuming. (Especially if you're trying to search whilst in a meeting to help everyone!) Battery life, yes, all the reviews here indicate problems and I found every couple of days leaving it to charge for 10 to 15 hours (if you can) helps a great deal; I no longer go by the bars showing. Emails arrive on my PC long before the storm, then other days they're instant. I tried switching the storm off occasionally and this seemed to re-boot the emails which then came through thick and fast on being switched back on. The keyboard took some getting used to but I miss the speed of the Bold (as a touch typist it's particularly frustrating) I like that it is "weighty" on the weight though, I feel nervous with light phones, I need to feel it LOL. Looks superb too, sleek all over black certainly looks smart. I wouldn't recommend this phone without trying it and researching alternatives first. I'm getting used to it, but why should it take a year and ongoing niggles?

Reviewed by Ayren from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
I have had the Blackberry Storm for the past 19 months and I am finally getting the iphone 4 today. I was told when I got the storm by everyone I new to get the iphone but I had no wish to be a sheep and went for the Storm. My experience: The battery life (even with low usage) barely gets through a day and never has. The charger also ceased to work and I have used the USB cable from my Mac for the past 6 months. Texting is a nightmare and if your fingers are remotely sweaty then forget it. The switch between screens when you click is slow and often jams half way (usually involving a battery pull - seems to be the answer to everything). The signal is tenuous even at home where every phone me or my friends have had in the past 5 years has had a full signal. The browser is slow and about 60% of the time nothing loads. Music on my media card wont play and hasnt done since August 2010 even though there is "nothing wrong with it!!!' but then my network and Blackberry see no problem with the Storm. Its been away 6 times for repair. I could go on for a few more pages but suffice to say I can't wait to get my iphone now. The Blackberry for which I was so desperate 2 years ago, I am happy to a dmit was the worst phone choice I have ever made. Later today I will be a happy sheep. The blackberry Storm should never have been made available to the consumer and the network should have accepted that it was a screw up and offered early options to return them following complaints. I like my network I have been with them 18 years so I won't be moving this time but I will never recommend a BB to anyone

Reviewed by bo from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
storm 2 the worst product with reception

Reviewed by chris taylor from UK on 16th Mar 2011
Storm is great for e mails, but the worst phone for making and receiving calls i have ever had in 28 years of mobile phones. Would never recommend it

Reviewed by Tom Mulligan from UK on 9th Mar 2011
I did a lot of research before buying my Blackberry Storm which suggested it was a good phone. However, having had the first one repaired twice and a new phone having to be sent out because of repeated faults I still find it painfully slow, the touch screen horrible to use and it makes me dread recieving a message as I know I will have to use the phone to reply which is just awful. I have had four Blackberrys and this is the first one I hate. So much so that before my contract is up I BOUGHT another Blackberry 8900 to relieve me of the pain of the Storm. AVOID IT.

Reviewed by richard from UK on 5th Jan 2011
In a word AWFUL! The worst user interface on any phone I have ever used. The touch screen is just appalling. The Storm is obviously a quick and dirty response to the iPhone without any thought for the user experience.

Reviewed by Steve Lynes from UK on 6th Dec 2010
I have had my first storm replaced under guarantee due to massive faults. The replacement is fragile, prone to strange breakdowns and suffering from reception faults. My Blackberry 9002 was excelent this blackberry is rubbish.

Reviewed by Bryce Valentine from UK on 30th Nov 2010
I have had my Storm for over a year now and am very pleased with it. The screen is superb and once you get the hang of it, very easy to use. I am finding the keypad becoming a bit sticky now and if you press the keys down too hard the letter becomes a capital so some of the texts are interesting!! The only other complaint really is that you cannot lock the keyboard properly so I land up dialing the last number I called again if left in a pocket, even if on standby mode. Otherwise, I love it

Reviewed by RB from UK on 26th Nov 2010
I have had a BB Storm for 2 years...... it has been a torrid 2 years. The OS is slow, the orientation sensor is slow, the touch screen is slow to respond, it crashes regularly, it turns off its network connection randomly, the browser is slow ...it's endlessly frustrating. It looks to me like they rushed this thing out of the door in a hurry and the comment from PJ Higgins is spot on - it's not in the same league as an iPhone. Save yourself from misery and disappointment by not buying one.

Reviewed by Will from UK on 26th Nov 2010
I think before you have the internet service, blackberry messenger and app world the phone is fast easy to use. But when you have it all the phone battery drains very quickly. it wont even last me 3 hours so i have to take my mobile phone charger into college so it can be used for the whole time im in college. Also when you lie down on your side and have your phone like that it doesnt recognise it and that isnt very good. but overall the phone is okay.

Reviewed by Ian Holmes from UK on 25th Nov 2010
Wanted it, Had it, hated it, got rid of it! Had 3 of them, on O2 contract and each one was rubbish with making/receiving calls. Touch the phone screen accidentally with your cheek while on a call, and it jumps to loudspeaker. Keyboard appears on its own, and won't go away. It's great for picking up e-mails, great for receiving SMS messages, but absolutely a waste of space when replying to SMS. Tiny, tiny max 3-lines for texting, and if you make a mistake its easier to delete the whole thing rather than try to use the fiddly little edit tool that jumps about all over the text. Went back to my old Blackberry Curve, (never misses a call) temporarily until my HTC Wildfire arrived. Now there's a good phone. Worked 100% straight out of the box! Half the weight, half the hassle! Bye-bye Blackberry Storm.

Reviewed by jason from UK on 25th Nov 2010
Simple and easy DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE ..So many troubles .. The screen freezes for no reason . Battery dies without warning. If battery dies you have to wait at least 10 minutes to be able to make a phone call(( battery too low for radio activity))) great in an emergency situation. Loses service on many occasions plus many dropped call and self dialing that's why I cannot add numbers on my speed dial buttoms.. Big joke I bought an iphone one month after I tried the Storm . No comparison.

Reviewed by George from UK on 20th Nov 2010
Different problem every day. Battery life is awful. Calls cut out all the time. Youtube just doesnt work. Screen freezes constantly. Downloading doesnt work. Claimed a new phone insurance twice. Cant wait for my contract to end.

Reviewed by BB Dislike from UK on 7th Nov 2010
I thought this would be a great phone when I purchased it, with RIM's reputation or making business SMARTphones. Instead, half the time results in me waiting for the machine to finish lagging, even without applications running in the background. Bad battery, poor signal, and ultimately the worst lag I've ever seen (phone, computer, etc.), I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Francis from UK on 7th Nov 2010
ive had this phone about 3 weeks and i love it, its an Amazing Phone the camera is really good and i love the web on it and blackberry messinger i just love this phone best ever <3 x

Reviewed by Hina from UK on 14th Oct 2010

Reviewed by ETOD from UK on 29th Sep 2010
Battery life is appalling and the screen is terrible. The clickthrough idea is good in principal, but its just useless. The screen is often non-responsive and freezes on occasion. The battery rarely lasts more that a couple of hours and to top it off the phone gets exceptionally hot if a phone call lasts over 30 mins. The blackberry app world is terrible to negotiate and after downloading apps one has to restart the entire device. Compared to the I-phone and apple apps, this is frankly, embarrassing. I got this on vodaphone contract and vodaphone have been helpful in assisting and rectifying the problems... but Blackberry after sales are not good at all. Having owned an i-phone prior to this, the storm is not even close. A catastrophic mix of good ideas, implemented terribly on this below-par phone. Do NOT buy!!!!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 29th Sep 2010
Worst handset I've ever had. Stuck with it til Feb when I will be on to a HTC Desire.

Reviewed by Richie from UK on 13th Sep 2010
I got one of these from a friend not so long back which had the upgrade on and havent had problems with the battery life (much better than my old nokia 5800) which could last a few days. Its been a really good phone but i do have to do a hard reset (remove battery) every now and then due to it freezing. Also i think the battery is slightly loose on mine becuase if it is knocked in my pocket or what not it will act as if the battery has been removed and hard reset itself. Apart from that good quality camera, no problems with signal, loud clear music player and no problems talking to others in phone calls.

Reviewed by jordan from UK on 8th Sep 2010
i love this phone the screens wide and takes good pictures have no problem with this phone what so ever but it has no wifi but oh well

Reviewed by Arran from UK on 6th Sep 2010
The blackberry storm is epic.

Reviewed by Wishidboughtanokia from UK on 6th Sep 2010
Don't buy this, it really is the worst phone ever. The touch screen is useless and sticks most of the time. Software is intermittent in working at best. Also, I can only receive audio through on headphone when listening to music. On the plus side, the screen is nice and big for internet browsing and reading emails (when the touchscreen is actually working!!) Overall, I wouldn't ever buy another Blackberry as the build quality is terrible!

Reviewed by Ollie from UK on 27th Jul 2010
I cannot wait until my 24 month contract is over so I can say 'bye' to vodaphone and this terrible phone. I miss my 3210 when I use this!

Reviewed by malk from UK on 27th Jul 2010
i have blackberry storm for 12 months , never had a prblem and think its brillilant, love it

Reviewed by SULEHA KHAN from UK on 15th Jul 2010
I'm hating it! The battery life is soooo bad that I want to smash the phone! It's hardly 5.5 hours talk time, it's more like half hour. The minute you browse the web or make a call, battery dies instantly. I wish I could cancel my contract. Being on Vodafone network doesn't help either. Very poor reception, could hardly make a call from inside the house. Otherwise, the phone is a good one to have!

Reviewed by d makki from UK on 13th Jul 2010
the blackberry storm is a piece of rubbish it is slow and the PRESS screen is not accurate.

Reviewed by Niall from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
It is slow, doesn't get signal on Vodaphone anywhere and always cuts off calls. The texting is a nightmare. Few of my friends got the curve and it is much better! I am buying one of them from play.com sim free! Cba with the storm anymore!

Reviewed by John B from UK on 8th Jun 2010
I have just got O2 to replace my first Blackberry Storm 2 as I thought it was faulty - awful call quality - constantly drops calls - not very user friendly menus for contacts. The worst thing is the battery life as i get a lot of emails it drains almost completely in the night even when in bedside mode. So as a business tool for making and receiving calls it gets 0 out of 10. Emails and speed of sending and receiving is excellent - camera is fine as is all the other bolt on's BUT the call side is terrible. I am back to my good old Nokia E51 ! hope this helps someone - believe me I have tried hard to work with the Storm but the call quality for me is the killer. John B

Reviewed by Lilly from UK on 29th May 2010
great phone i recommend it to people who store lots of photos, messages, notes and more its the best phone i have had

Reviewed by m.norman from UK on 26th May 2010
I have just bought the storm off a friend. I will admit that at first it seemed slow and I was getting frustrated with it. But then I updated it via Blackberry. Was ruunning on the 4.7 software but now running on the newest version of 5.0.0 and it is like a completely different phone. I've watched videos online comparing the storm and storm 2 and I can honestly say with this update it runs just as fast. Anyway... the phone itself seems well made. It isn't the lightest phone out there on the market but if you're like me then you won't mind. I prefer heavier phones as they feel more durable and you know you've got it with you. Screen resolution is great and the touchscreen itself is a joy to use. The button system or sure press as RIM call it takes a bit of getting used to at first but once you're used to it you will wonder why all touchscreens are not the same. Camera is average really. Flash is very bright and does help in low level lighting. Easy to text with with either the multi tap, sure type or full qwerty keyboards. Anyone who is used to Blackberries will be used to the qwerty style so not hard to get on with. If it's your first just be patient as it will take a while. If not use sure type - very easy to use. Overall I say that this is a great piece of kit. If you can't afford the Storm 2 then this is the next best thing. Just remember that you need to check the operating system version. It's under options - about. It's usually the 3rd line down. Mine reads v5.0.0.451(platform Well hope this has helped. If you're still unsure maybe go for the Blackberry Curve 8520. I also have one of these. Very cheap new and are brilliant bits of kit. With WiFi and very customisable. Just not as good build quality etc but it is a lot cheaper than a Storm. Thanks for reading.....

Reviewed by john from UK on 19th Mar 2010
honestly the worst phone i have owned cant wait for my contract to run out. very unreliable (comes up with jvm error 102 then have to wipe phone completely, has happened 6 times in 2 months!) full of glitches, battery life is rubbish and signal is terrible!

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 8th Mar 2010
Awful phone. Nothing but problems. Crashes constantly. Screen freezes, when I try to use the camera the phone freezes, I have to switch the phone off then I get a message saying 'device error report' the phone then takes quite a while to switch back on. Sometimes the browser doesn't work so I had to remove the battery and switch on again. Battery doesn't last a day. Now the phone won't charge so had to purchase new charger and battery. I have used blackberry for a long time but this phone has put me off for life, I will never have a blackberry again.

Reviewed by bigman from UK on 4th Mar 2010
The keyboard is rubbish. The battery life is rubbish. Screen freezes. It gets hotter than Hades by the end of a long call. Drops calls. Standard size ear bud plug doesn't fit the hole. Menus come and go for no obvious reason. Switches to "hands free" for a second occasionally and blows out my eardrums. I hate this phone. I wish it was yours instead of mine.

Reviewed by clintcadungog from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
hi i got my blackberry storm from vodafone australia and i love the phone except for its battery life..i am a heavy user and my phone would last from 12.30 lunchtime until 8pm..it's not too long but i am very satisfied with its features like email and the yahoo messenger..i always chat with my girlfriend whenever we're not together and that what makes me stick to my blackberry storm..a thumb up for this phone but out of 5stars for its battery,i only give 3stars..but you could always search the internet for replacement batteries that has 1600mAh (compared to the original 1400mAh battery that comes with the phone) or 2200mAh, 2400mAh, and the biggest yet is 2600mAh..but we appreciate if the batteries really come from the manufacturer,in that way we don't worry too much if we get electrocuted or having the battery lasts only for a few months..i conclude,the blackberry storm is good but still needs a few improvements but still a kick-ass smartphone.. :)

Reviewed by Marc Parsons from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
We have 3 Blackberry Storm in our family. None of them work properly . The click screen doesn't work after a while, calls people randomly. Have sent them back to be repaired and keep getting refurbed units. Avoid at all costs. Go for an i-phone

Reviewed by BB from UK on 9th Feb 2010
Had this phone for three weeks when my Bold finally gave up after just over a year. If you are considering this phone then dont. I am currently awaiting a 9700 replacement. Briefly some of the bigger faults include; terrible battery life, worst touch screen (inaccurate, slow, infuriating), slow switching screen portraits, glitchy. Forget typing emails on this, it will end hitting a wall... Never had a more frustrating half baked phone, shouldnt bear the BB name.

Reviewed by CarolB from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
This is the worst phone i have ever had. It has gone back for repair again ! I am now awaiting my 4th Blackberry and I am just looking into the legalities of ending my contract as Vodafone are not providing me with a service in return for my money each month. Very poor battery life -- 2 phone calls 10 texts and its half drained -- poor signal, cant get e mail/internet, can't get it to stay on vodafone etc etc The service at the shop is so poor it's laughable, in fact thats exactly what I did -- laugh-- when they said the answer to my problem was to buy a signal booster for £5 per month extra. Pathetic !! Don't get one of these phones !!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
I returned my first Blackberry Storm because the the one thing I really need --- a phone --- was absolutely terrible. Everyone I spoke with complained about not being able to understand anything I said. Even the voice command feature could not translate even basic names and constantly fed junk back after attempted voice commands.. Many folks would not talk to me unless I called on another phone. Verizon agreed the phone was terrible and gave me a new phone ... SAME PROBLEM ... don't care about any other features if the phone's rubbish ... Fix it or the public will all abandon Blackberry and RIM will tank even further ...

Reviewed by william block from UK on 27th Jan 2010
i was due an update when my previous contract with vodaphone expired a few months ago. i read all the reviews about the blackberry storm. i thought this was the one for me. i wish id never bothered. one of the worst phones ive ever had. i had a technical problem with the first one and sent it back. they sent out a replacement which worked well for a month or so. apart from the poor battery life which i can live with. the phone constantly freezes up a will not respond to any of the functions on the touchscreen. on numerous occasions the only way i could disconect from a call was to take the back off and remove the battery. this is unaceptable. given all the initial hype on this phone. ive given up on this phone as its ureliable. so all you out there i wouldnt go near this phone. any calls to the vodaphone helpline are answered with the same old drivel. take the battery out and leave for a few minutes and put back in. who wants to be doing that numerous times a day. verdict. stay away from this one.

Reviewed by Bryan of Fleet from UK on 18th Jan 2010
They should be taken off the market! I bought the BlackBerry Storm for work. Very poor coverage & signal strength compared to my Nokia, ie. always drops calls & battles to receive network signals. Keyboard is not at all user friendly. Going for an iPhone ASAP.

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 9th Jan 2010
I had this, it was terrible ! Very difficult to use, it feels as if the screen moves when u press anything. The touchscreen keyboard is very hard to use, and takes a longtime to get acquainted to. I now have the blackberry bold, which is 100 times better. It is not worth it. Any other blackberry is better.

Reviewed by unknown from UK on 9th Jan 2010
this phone is completely useless! if you want a phone that will not give you migraines and headache don't buy blackberrires. i warned you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by philip from UK on 7th Jan 2010
blackberry storm,,rubbish,,i cannot recieve anything via bluetooth and also cannot download any maps,,the phone is slow and the only way to make sure it dont ring someone when in your pocket is to put on a password protection screen which you have to type in everytime just to even read a text message,,,slow,slow.slow..im highly dissappointed with this phone

Reviewed by denise lally from UK on 1st Jan 2010
this is my second blackberry storm which i have had from Vodafone, I am really annoyed. I lost so much stuff from my phone, music,contacts,address and calendar dates. My phones have frozen and i have had to revert to my old faithfull nokia. i am waiting to find out if there is a way of retaining my information when i send it to be repaired, apparantly not they just wipe the phone and send another. !!!!!!! Very unhappy with this phone.

Reviewed by Rob from Midlands from UK on 30th Dec 2009
The blackberry storm is the worst phone i have ever had!!! I am on my third storm in as many months. It locks up almost on a daily basis necessitating removing the battery, and then you have to wait about 10 minutes for it to re-boot. My friend has the same phone and is having the same problems. Do not get this phone.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 20th Dec 2009
I am now on the 2nd unit, The device keeps on rebooting. It was ok until my 1st one which was on for about 12 months had an OTA upgrade, then it kept on rebooting, it was changed by vodafone after repair. the new one did the same thing. got the new one back after repair yesterday. then last night the little clock of a reboot.... (The only apps loaded are Facebook & Google maps) from the applications on the phone...

Reviewed by reg from UK on 17th Dec 2009
absolutely awful,battery life woeful buttons work when they feel like it,don't use it for media, it will shorten the 4 hour battery life,which will lead to depression and dark moments when using this dreadful piece of plastic.i've takem my sim out of this and now use it in an old nokia,much happier now,and the days brightened up already knowing my 1998 polyphonic ringtone black and white housebrick is 10 times better than a 2009 piece of junk

Reviewed by Kezz from UK on 16th Dec 2009
Great Phone! Honestly unbelievable the only slight down side is the battery but still im used to charging phones once a night so amazing!

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 9th Dec 2009
Worst phone I have ever owned, how can you say the keyboard is easy to use? It's virtually unusable, even for my 12 yr old daughter (who has skinny fingers, using the landscape position). Hopeless battery life too. Customer service from Vodafone is borderline obstructive. Having lived in the US, I've been a RIMM user for nearly 10 years, this is their worst product by far; should offer a swap for another product, that would be the fair thing to do.

Reviewed by jeff from UK on 29th Nov 2009
Good phone but am getting rid of it. Have gone through two batteries that stopped holding charge and now my storm won't start no matter what I do. Just the little red light top left and no other sign of life....despite pulling the battery several times and for plenty of time in between. it is disappointing and infuriating. I would not recommend it. Wish I'd bought an iPhone.

Reviewed by will from UK on 28th Nov 2009
havnt made the effort with the phone really, none of my mates have blackberrys so i didnt bother with the instant messager, even though im sure its very easy to sort, didnt sort out an email account because i dont really need to view my email on the go, i think i got the wrong phone really, i bought into the whole image of the phone rather than the substance, good for businessmen i imagine, but if i was businessman id probably go for the bold, so its a bit of a non entity really, looking forward to getting an iphone, hopefully the reception will be better

Reviewed by Daniel Pollard from UK on 26th Nov 2009
Battery last til about 5pm even when its charged up all night, every night. Facebook app doesnít work. E-mail wizard and e-mail doesnít work. Switching between portrait and landscape view is way too slow. The keyboard is slow. The whole phone slows down every few weeks and needs a full power off and restart which takes ages. Alerts decide to stop and start working whenever they like. Itís too heavy. Iíve added 2 favourites to the web browser and it wonít let me add anymore. There are so many issues its unbelievable!

Reviewed by Brittany from UK on 11th Nov 2009
I've had this phone for almost a week and the only problems I've had are freezing it gets really slow when I go to a website that has a lot of downloads. The battery lasts me a while if I don't watch videos. But I love it so far. I guess they updated it

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 6th Nov 2009
This phone is rubbish, i have had so many problems with it and im stuck on a two year contract which i regret. i would advise people not to get it.

Reviewed by Paul Haldane from UK on 26th Oct 2009
Had the phone for 10 months. Dropped out off it's upteen times without any problems. Being a tradesman i had my doubts with all the stoor and water that could affect the phone. Never let me down till a few weeks ago when it was knocked out my hand and bounced about five times on a concrete floor. Had problems after that so it's not indistructable lol. Anyway it's fixed now. Only bad point on this phone for me is the fact it doesn't have wi-fi however i'm told the newer one has. 4/5 for me.

Reviewed by Del from UK on 25th Oct 2009
What's wrong with the Vodafone Storm 9500?? Nothing!! I have been using this phone for several months and I have found it to be easy to use with a super touchscreen. The IPhone always jumped the gun on the touchscreen but the Storm enables you to 'hover' during tochscreen applications. I have synchronised my PC email with the Storm and it has never frozen or locked up. Each to their own but anyone who HATES the Storm probably doesn't understand the Storm operating system and would be better off with a basic mobile.

Reviewed by audrey Shirley from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
I HATE the Storm. Strong words granted, but its touchscreen is useless, it has a slow response time and I have had no end of problems with it. I have little thumbs and quite how anyone with big hands uses this phone is beyond me. I took out a contract 2 months ago (giving me plenty of time to get used to it) but ended up spending another £300 to buy a Curve handset (without a contract) in order to just have a phone I could use but without all the hassle. I would NEVER recommend the Storm ... awful, awful, awful ... what were BlackBerry thinking?

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 15th Oct 2009
I upgraded to this phone in February after being convinced by vodaphone not to leave them and join o2 for the iphone. Note to self, always go by your instinct as I have been paying for it quite literally for the last 9 months. I have installed the upgrades, charged my phone on a regular basis, phoned vodaphone on so many occasions I don't dare to count, but today enough was enough and I have returned to the phone store and they have bought me out of my contract. The storm is a ridiculous over rated piece of plastic...Because that is just what it is...I doesn't work, it freezes during applications, it doesn't get signal, half way through a call it will tell you that itís failed. The battery will last 6 hours if your not using it and when your on the phone by the touch of your cheek it puts people on hold, yet when you try typing a text the buttons donít respond. Do you need me to go on? Blackberry have rushed this device out and ruined what could have bee n a better product than the iphone, but they where to greedy to loose custom. If you donít use your phone much, you donít mind it not working, and it doesn't bother you that vodaphone or blackberry done have a solution for the problems and will fob you off then I suggest that you go and waste your upgrade, otherwise stir well clear.

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 13th Oct 2009
I have had mine since January and I love it. It is the best phone I have ever had. I do know some people have had problems with theirs, perhaps I have been lucky. Eagerly awaiting thje Storm 2, lets hope those who have had problems and go for the Storm 2 end up loving it as I have my Storm.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 8th Oct 2009
I've only just found this website and reviews - I got suckered into a contract renewal extension and not being very interested in mobile phones accepted the offer of a Blackberry Storm. since then I have had to spend hours messing around with new service books being sent, replacement phone, no signal, no e mails, rubbish keyboard which doesn't type and slow response. it is a waste of time. Luckily i was complaining within the 7 day period and will go back to a Curve. this phone has been desgined by somebody with too much time on their hands.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 8th Oct 2009
possibly the worst phone I have ever owned, its has had one thing or another wrong with it since day one. the worst being attempting to send a simple text, pressing any key on the left or the right of the screen gives you a letter/number somewhere else on the keypad, it is an absolute nightmare. my advice, stay away from it, it all seems great at the start, but after a couple of weeks, all the gremlins start.

Reviewed by stu green from UK on 2nd Oct 2009
worst phone I've ever had! simple as that

Reviewed by J L B from UK on 1st Oct 2009
The recent upgrade to the Storm's operating system (v. 5.0) has improved operational use. It is now much easier to edit text and it can play 'Flash' downloads. However poor build quality, weight, and a poor battery life make the Storm an under-performer in what is a competative sector.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 22nd Sep 2009
I ordered the storm without looking up reviews and was mortified to read all the negative comments. I was all ready to send it back but thought I would trial it for a few days and I'm glad I did. Battery life for me is brilliant - I played on it for most of the day today and only lost 1 bar. I did charge it for 12 hours initially which may have increased the battery strength. The touch screen took a bit of getting used to but now I'm really quick on it. I can't fault the phone. I really recommend it.

Reviewed by Jason, Scotland from UK on 22nd Sep 2009
Still canít believe that this phone ever got to market. Iím a heavy business user and my every day phone is the storm. If there are 5 star ratings on this device they must be staff members or paid off strangers. This device is pathetic, battery life, touch screen the list is endless. The most truly cretin thing about my storm is that it wont lock? I spoke to RIM and Vodafone and they have told me it canít lock due to a fault in the latest software. I downloaded ďthe storm slider appĒ to lock the device but the battery wont even last half a day because the screen keeps coming Ö.and thatís not even using the stupid phone for any calls??? Hmmm what a joke. The best part is that Vodafone wonít let you change it or hand it back. They told me thereís nothing wrong with the phone?? Really! Well I walked into the store and removed my sim card and told the manager to donate the phone to their bin! Anyone thinking of getting this phone just donít do it! If you want contact me do so through our company website, www.realitydebt.com

Reviewed by rob from uk from UK on 21st Sep 2009
very dissapointed had 6 replacements in 6 months same problems over and over again,turns itself off,disconnects while talking to people,does not respond first time when touching buttons on touch screen,does not respond when i press return button and Blackberry button also freezes constantly have to take battery aout to reset.This is the worst phone i have ever had.

Reviewed by Chris S from UK on 7th Sep 2009
I have had a Storm for about 9 months now. Never had any major problems. Battery life is poor but I just charge every night and plug into usb when at my PC so not such a big deal when u get used to it. The reception is poor in my area even for standard calls - worse than my previosu vodafone phones. Lack of wifi is the biggest downfall for this phone and where is the radio?. eMail is just fantastic as are all the messenger applications. FaceBook, MySpace and other applications just get better with every upgrade. Screen quality is amazing for video playback. I download off BBC iPlayer and copy to phone using USB Mass Storage function and the quality on screen is amazing - better than any other phone I have seen. All in all it seems to be bit hit and miss with this phone - I know people who have had major problems with theirs.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 4th Sep 2009
Without reading every other comment below I am sure I'm going to say the same! Very poor battery life, keeps crashing and needs rebooting, nowhere near as good as the iphone.

Reviewed by B from UK on 3rd Sep 2009
Being A Nokia man through and through for the last 14 Years, I was happy with their menu system and general way of working which was a pleasure to use. However, the need to have a reliable blackberry system forced me to jump ship and so I went across to the dark side and took out a contract with Voda on a Storm. This phone looks amazing and looked like it had great potential. However I don't want to repeat all the criticisms made by other reviewers as these are all true and I have found them to be the same for me. However I will add to the list of gripes with some more: - Whilst in call with any one, if the touch screen gets too close to your face, you end up putting the caller on hold or switching them to speaker phone. - The screen lock is the most useless button ever created by man - it will not stay locked no matter what you do - result - inadvertent calls made to people annoying the hell out of them. Nokia's use a 2 button system so that the lock does not come off by accident (menu - *), here, just a little pressure whilst in your pocket releases the lock with voice command kicking in saying 'say command...' I also can't stand using the touch screen as there is no sureness that you feel when pressing a button, so thankfully at least I have learnt that I am not a touch screen type of person and will stick to buttons from now on. 3.2 mp Camera - Worst pics ever taken, constantly blurry Good bits: - Great GPS System Ė works a treat Result: switched to Bold. Happier now.

Reviewed by Barnes Hawkins from UK on 27th Aug 2009
Nothing good about this phone at all. I've had it 6 months, this being the very last day until the 8900 arrives. I am so happy! Its a VERY bad business phone.

Reviewed by Michelle Caunt from UK on 27th Aug 2009
Have just transferred to a Blackberry Storm and my first impression is very good. Although it might be slightly heavier and larger than some people might like, the larger keyboard and lettering make it easier to see and touch without the need for glasses. It has an advantage over is predecessors of the minute keys which were hard to press without the need for a pen. The battery life is not a problem, particulary now with the methods available to charge and have found that we have no problem with coverage. Overall I am finding the Storm very good and would certainly give it a top rating.

Reviewed by sherwin from UK on 27th Aug 2009
iam a blackberry fanatic since i work in dubai blackberry storm is superb mobile i started blackberry pearl now i shift to storm keep up the good inventing a good gadget

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 24th Aug 2009
This Phone is the worst phone i have ever had!!!, Dont buy it, dont get it on an upgrade even if it is free, The battery is rubbish, it freezes, the call constantly fails, the touch screen isn't senistive enough and you can't personalise your ring tone and to top it off if you tell your moible provider theres a problem they do jack all about it. I wish i had never left my trust worthy nokia...Only another twelve months of this rubbish to go... Totally useless technology on the market that pulls buyer in with a false sense of security because it has the touch screen and you can't get the IPHONE unless your on O2....advice is as follows. Avoid this phone like the plague, chance network provider and buy the iphone like my brother did who loves it.

Reviewed by Beu from UK on 21st Aug 2009
This is the worst purchase I ever made! The battery life is dreadful, the touchscreen is so tempremental that it makes texting an absolute nightmare and it is so unreliable on the software side it is almost unusable!

Reviewed by Robert Powell from UK on 18th Aug 2009
This phone is rubbish. It's way too fiddly to use and when you want to do something quickly forget it, the operating system takes too long to catch up. I'm too far in to my contract now to replace it so unbelievably, I use my SIM card in an old Nokia 6230 which is such a pleasure to use. Wish I'd never encountered this Blackberry. Read Stephen Fry's (yes THAT Stephen Fry) website to see what he thinks of it as well, much more eloquent than me but equally as damning.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 18th Aug 2009
The real problem with all blackberry phones isn't really RIM's fault at all. It's that when you perform enterprise activation the IS department for your company gets to lock down the security on your phone in a most inconvenient way, if they choose to do so. Not everyone will experience this, but I had a blackberry pearl for years and it was adequate. Now my boss upgraded to a storm and it seems pretty good, almost as good as the iphone. Sadly though, he too is forced to have a password meeting horrific complexity standards. On the other hand, another manager at my company had a new iphone 3GS. He can connect to our corporate exchange server as if he had an outlook client and our IS department has no say over the security that he chooses to implement on his phone. Much better. He can choose what he wants to lock and what to leave convenient. The IS department might not like it, but that's tough for them. I'm carefully evaluating for myself, but the Storm suffers the same problem my old pearl does... lock down. The iphone 3GS is looking much better so far.

Reviewed by Tracey from UK on 18th Aug 2009
Got the blackberry storm in december. Had trouble from the start with poor battery and signal. Also the screen kept freezing and wouldn't allow me to receive calls. Final straw came in july when the phone froze one day and turned off. Would not come back on. Took it back to vodafone who sent it away to get "repaired".....only for them to return it to me! They said it was broken due to moisture damage and would not fix it or replace it! They classed moisture damage as using the phone in the rain or in a bathroom where a shower or bath had been running....and even the cheek to say it may have been due to climate changes! This is completely appalling as I live in scotland where we often have rain and climate changes! I have never exposed the phone to moisture and I am completely dissappointed in vodafone and the blackberry! I am now stuck paying £40 a month for the next 14 months with no phone! My only advice is never get the blackberry storm.....and never take out a contract with vodafone, their customer service was a disgrace!

Reviewed by Gavin B from UK on 10th Aug 2009
A total piece of junk and a waste of time. I have been to Vodaphone who are completely uninterested. I even offered to take a more expensive contract in order to just get rid of this but they stupidly do not want to know. I will never ever use vodaphone again. I cant stress enough to people NONT to use Vodaphone - once they sign you up - forget any help or service.

Reviewed by Simon Lance from UK on 6th Aug 2009
This is the worst phone I have ever had, it has changed the way I do business as I can't be bothered to send emails on it anymore

Reviewed by Naomi from UK on 1st Aug 2009
I've had this phone for over 6 months and would STRONGLY recommend NOT getting it. I've had problem after problem with it. Firstly, the battery life is very poor. I don't even make many calls but have to charge it every night, if I forget it will be dead by mid morning the following day. Secondly, the quality of the calls made is very poor. Often people I speak to say they can't hear me very clearly and describe the sound of the call as "muffled" like I've covered the speaker set with some material and attempting to talk over it! Thirdly, the phone often freezes and switches itself off, even when doing the most basic of things, such as making a call! Fourth - the browsing/internet feature is very slow There are some good things with the phone however, which have generated the 2 star rating which are: - This is my first blackberry so very impressed with the blackberry email features - The scrolling facility on the phone is brilliant - Two types of keyboard - qwerty and standard phone keyboard is handy, particularly when adapting from a traditional to a smart phone - The "clicking" feature on the pad makes it a lot easier to use the touch pad. So to conclude - don't buy this phone - get the iphone instead. However, I've heard the Bold/Curve are better handsets, I'm trying to exchange my Storm with either one of these models, but I'm not holding my breath considering the poor level of customer service that Vodafone offer.

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 31st Jul 2009
When the fone works it's awesome, but more often than not it doesn't! The screen freezes too often, the portait/landscape tilt mechanism is often too slow - sometimes I have to tilt and re-tilt it 3/4 times before the screen catches up. How can they call it touchscreen? It's push screen, yes you get a reassuring click feel when it's working, but three times now I've had to send my storm back for repair because the screen gets jammed, especially in the corners. I even went out and bought a click-on-belt holster thing, to protect the screen on my fone, but to no avail - stuck again and is now back in the shop for repair. It's been in for repair 3 times, had software upgrades and am on my second battery and this is all nine months into an 18 month contract. Now the thing keeps "dropping off the network" which means that it wont receive texts unless I hard boot it which is no good, cos once I've realised I've missed texts, it's too lat e. The service from vodafone has been disgusting - tried to fob me off with a "reconditioned" replacement. Things is they continually admit there is a fault with this fone, but will do nothing about it! I'm getting out of this contract as soon as I can, and I wont ever be using vodafone or blackberry again!

Reviewed by Alicia from UK on 28th Jul 2009
This the worst phone EVER! Battery is rubbish it lasts about 6 hours, it freezes all the time and is really hard to text etc. Please don't buy this phone it will be a massive waste of your hard earned cash!

Reviewed by DE from UK on 27th Jul 2009
I am a business user with an Enterprise version. I am now, in a matter of months, on my 4th handset. I love the phone but reception is poor, battery life is poor and it keeps on going wrong. This will be a great phone if/when they can sort out the bugs. Interestingly if I run my BB Pearl alongside the Storm the Pearl gets good reception and the Storm gets none.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 27th Jul 2009
Signal strength is awful. Vodafone customer service similar! Local store admitted that they had nothing but issues with the Storm and it is not on display.

Reviewed by Ngwako from UK on 24th Jul 2009
The handset is ideal for use with the email,messaging and all the other functions but there are two things that reflect negatively on the phone.... My handset tends to freeze especially when i work the dial pad and the call logs and yes the battery life...but otherwise its a cool phone....

Reviewed by Mark Millward from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
9 desperate months of an unresponsive touch screen, 20 second pauses while the software decides to respond and I've had enough. Now the iphone 3g S is out I'm happy to lose three months of contract payments - O2 here I come!

Reviewed by Harry Bain from UK on 21st Jul 2009
Had the phone for one week and sold it on as the battery life was a disgrace. the phone itself handles well and does what it should but the battery did it for me - useless.

Reviewed by ABz from UK on 17th Jul 2009
Sorry, maybe its me, but moving aside the issues with signal and battery life, what about the user interface? Is it only me, or is it mind numbingly frustratingly useless? I have to click on icons several times, and when you want to make an urgent call, and have to wait and disregard numerous calendar "reminders" before you can even get to call someone!! Sorry RIM, but I am selling mine on ebay and buying a Nokia.

Reviewed by dora callington from UK on 15th Jul 2009
A nightmare of a phone!!! They should be removed from circulation straightway. I had a replacement,btu was much the same. Lots of problems. I am trying to get my contract cancel

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