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BlackBerry Pearl 3G review

 Review: July 2010  

Last updated September 2010

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Pearl 3G is a BlackBerry with an alphanumeric keypad. We don't know why anyone would want such a thing.

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A BlackBerry without a QWERTY keyboard! Whatever next? BlackBerry built their reputation on handsets that were brilliant for mobile email, so what's the point of one with an alphanumeric keypad? We're still scratching our heads.

The Pearl 3G is a compact smartphone targeted at ... um, who? It doesn't have a touchscreen, it doesn't have a big choice of apps, it doesn't have a QWERTY keypad, it doesn't have a good camera or media facilities. It does have Wi-Fi and GPS, but so what? Virtually every other smartphone in this price range has them too, and plenty more besides.

We're left wondering why anyone would want such a phone. OK, to be fair, it's compact and it's got an optical trackpad and SureType to help overcome the limitations of the keypad. But why not get the real deal instead? It's not like the Pearl 3G is a cheap option. Better choices are the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Nokia E72 or even the BlackBerry 8520.

Update: since we wrote our review, we've had feedback from Pearl owners telling us we're wrong (see below for a flavour of these.) Guess what: we're not going to change our review, because we haven't changed our opinion. But there's clearly a small but significant number of people who really, really like this phone. Please read the user reviews below to get a more balanced perspective.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G features include:

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G user reviews

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Average rating from 78 reviews:

Reviewed by londeka from SA on 23rd Nov 2014
Its a good phone the only thing I hate about it is its keyboard does not light up when using like other phone.you cannot see the buttons when using it in a dark place.

Reviewed by NAzMi from Malaysia on 9th Jun 2012
The bEst PhonE Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!
i have...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by sally from UK on 30th May 2012
Your sooooo wrong!

I love my blackberry pearl 3G, it has everything i need in a phone, is really small and neat and has an alphanumeric keypad which i can text on without looking.
It may suprise you not everyone wants a phone to have every function under the sun, i use mine to phone (might suprise you that this is the primary function of the 'mobile phone' as the name suggests), text, occasionally go on the net and sometimes take a pic and thats it! We arent all technology nerds. :-)
Unfortunatley mine is a bit battered now, my network provider no longer sells them and im gutted. Im looking everywhere to find someone who sells them but i fear they have been discountinued. :-( Not Happy.

Reply by Louise from UK on 18th Nov 2012
Try on Ebay...I got one there in excellent condition for less than 50!

Reviewed by Victoria from England on 19th May 2012
I loved my blackberry pearl!!

Reviewed by rob from uk on 26th Apr 2012
Suretype is surely the worst predictive text ever, RIM could learn a lot from Nokia circa 2003.

In addtion, the Pearl constantly locks up, requiring removal of battery and to top it all, the camera won't focus.

I can't wait to upgrade to another brand.

Reviewed by daniella Dunne from England on 10th Apr 2012
I've had a blackberry pearl for 2 years and to be honest it has a better media player and camera and FLASH than the blackberry pearl so your review just kinda kicked its self in the face and have you even used one . . . . My guess is no so how can you write a review on somethin you have never used ? Plus the pearl has little or no major faults whereas the curve constantly breakes.

Reviewed by Kay from Nigeria on 8th Apr 2012
I don't think the critic who wrote that review above has ever operated the phone before or even knows h☺w to use the SureType or T9 typing technology. Its the best thing that has ever happened to mobile phone. I'm sure the only problem reviewer has with the phone їs the alphanumeric keypad, hear this! For me , its the joker of the phone! I'm much faster typing with it than most of ♍y friends using the Qwerty types. Fewer and well-spaced buttons unlike its Qwerty counterpart. Away from the keypad, its got a good flash, good camera qualily and good night shots. The mobile satisfies most of ♍y needs, so who needs a blackberry porche!
I'm the reviewer above inventionally wrote that in other to instigate us the users to write our own review, he knows the phone їs awesome!

Reviewed by Karl from England on 1st Apr 2012
Best phone I have ever had ... it's predecessor was flawed with the roller ball but this phone is perfect. I have had 1 for over 4 years now and it's a shame BB have discontinued :-(

Reviewed by Jay Ventura from UK on 4th Mar 2012
I got the 9105 around August 2010. I was not happy that the 9100 (North American Version) was not available in the UK as it has the HALF QWERTY keypad just like my old 8110 and 8120, The 9105 being a alphanumeric type. However I did not have to worry as the Blackberry predictive input is the most advanced that I have ever used on any phone. Truly amazing speed, This phone operates like any Blackberry Bold but slips into your pocket and you don't know it's there. That's very useful when you travel in Third World countries like me and you don't want to be robbed. I like to be very low profile as I am moving around West Africa on News Business. Just like my old pearls that I still take along for a spare line the 9105 gets a lot of use (about 80 emails a week) My only concern is the battery drain on 3G is faster than my old pearls that were operating on 2G EDGE. A friend in Hong Kong is going to post me a battery with more capacity to try out. If you use the pearl in international locations you can skip the Blackberry email for a cheaper experience. On all three of my pearls I did not pay for BIS when working overseas, The cheaper option was to Install the Opera Mini Browser and Gmail App, I send mail and surf the net on 2G EDGE in Africa and the data charges are LOW, PENCE NOT POUNDS, Just set up your TCP Setting in Options and it all works like a dream, for example if you are on the Airtel Network your TCP Settings will be:- airtel.com then airtel then password, That's it your Opera Browser will connect you to the net and your Gmail App will be "Live". Remember, Smart Phone Reviewer's have to look like they are earning their pay check, most talk a lot of rubbish, The other day one of this fraternity stated that the Blackberry Bold 9790 had a small screen as too much space was taken up by the qwerty keyboard. Correct me if I am wrong but when you call up the virtual keypad on a HTC or iPhone is the available screen area not half the size????? These sorry folk need to get a life or find a another career.

Reviewed by Roberto Santana from Indonesia on 1st Mar 2012
this smart phone is small, but able to fulfill my needs. i completely satisfied with its presence in my life. at the end, not all people use all features their cell phone's have. pearl provides me more than enough.. its simplicity has become its power. who really needs those tiny qwerty? kind of useless..touch screen? you have to guard the screen with your life...games? use PS! camera? use the real ones! pearl is awesome

Reviewed by Chris from Glasgow on 29th Feb 2012
In one word I can sum it up is useless, gone to apple

Reviewed by Francesca from UK on 29th Feb 2012
I have a Blackberry Pearl 3g and I am extremely happy with it ; it has everything other BB have , better quality camera and with the alphanumeric key pad I can type much faster that all my friends with bold , curve etc .
What I also love about it is that it look like a phone and not like an ugly calculator .

Reviewed by Steven from Manchester on 22nd Feb 2012
As so many people have said before me this is a great phone and I have know idea why blackberry are not doing a new one yet the need the pearl to give every one the option

Reviewed by rb from uk on 22nd Feb 2012
Just ordered this phone but I have had it before also I have had most bb's going from 8520 to the torch bold and the old track ball ones this phone is all right and I spend most my time on bbm and fb what's app and that wouldn't say its the worst phone in the world but coming from a guy that has had litraly had most of the phones going I would say get this of you want a good bb this is way better then the curve 8520 don't see why some people say there better you can't get os6 O the curve but that just me I think the phone is good nice on internet and texts great phone

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 5th Feb 2012
It's not the fact the Blackberry Pearl has got an alphanumeric keypad it's that every other blackberry has got the QWERTY keyboard, It's an awesome phone to use and looks like any other phone but the power of Blackberry. My 2yr contract ends July 2012 and sadly to say it's not looking like Blackberry will be doing another phone like this in time...bottom line I love the keypad.

Reviewed by Jane Moore from UK on 3rd Feb 2012
Not everyone wants a "smartphone" that makes the tea and puts the washing on, call me old fashioned but sometimes you just want a phone, that's a phone. One that looks simple,but stylish, makes calls and allows you to text. That's all you need. Ever think that some older people are just happy with that! The Qwerty keys are tiny and fiddly, touch screens are a pain. I hope they continue to make them.

Reviewed by Sal from UK on 2nd Feb 2012
I agree the pearl is an ideal size but unfortunately much prefer the old qwerty keypad (which I still have but would like to have the updated advantages and I suspect it is only a matter of time before the ball sticks forever.........) - I don't understand why this was only issued in the version available in the US. Please can Blackberry also issue a qwerty keypad in the UK.

Reviewed by Hayley from uk on 25th Jan 2012
Love it..... Hope they bring out a new one the same style. Cannot stand touch screen or full keyboard phones when it comes to texing and calling someone. People just get use to the awkwardness of touchscreen and forget that traditional phones are actually more efficient and do what you want them to do and when. You can text without you having to double check, text with one hand without pressing other buttons and text with looking at your phone. The normal buttons are not effected by weather conditions when your hands are hot or cold, raining, hot or snowing. You can press one button to end a call and not keep looking at your phone to make sure the button you have pressed has ended the call. They are only good for browsing but I have a laptop for that. Nothing beats a button......... BLACKBERRY PLEASE DONT GET RID OF THIS STYLE!

Reviewed by mike from uk on 21st Jan 2012
Got mine on a 2yr contract from Oct 2010,best phone ever had, had the older pearl (3 in fact) nokias and sony ericssons but its this 3g pearl that bets them all, i just hops blackberry consider another pearl about Oct 2012 just in time for a upgrade, can't be faulted

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 18th Jan 2012
I love my Blackberry pearl, I am on my second one. All my friends have blackberry's but they are all too big apart from the pearl! Before my blackberry Pearls I was a Nokia girl. I agree it's a little weird they no-longer have a qwerty keyboard, my last blackberry pearl did. However, I have had no problems with it, it has a better camera and surfs the net quicker than my boyfriends old I phone. It is easy to use, and does everything I want. Hope they make a new version when I am looking for an upgrade.

Reviewed by nadia van wyk from durban on 21st Dec 2011
I love my blackberry bt ay sumtimes I just wish I had a new fone!

Reviewed by lana from uk on 15th Dec 2011
I have always had nokias so I'm used to being able to send text, make a phone calls, get on the net and open apps all one handed without having to stare at my phone or sometimes not even looking at my phone and I like that feature. The pearl is up to date modern and is what I'm kused to. Why should I follow the croud just because everyone else is using quearty and touch screans, how many blackberry users can ride a bike one handed and send a txt without looking at their phone?

Reviewed by Desy from Ireland on 7th Dec 2011
i love this phone so much i am gona buy anothr one just incase my current one gets lost. none of my friends understand why this phone is the best - its good to hear reviews from other like-minded people!

Reviewed by Hans from England on 6th Dec 2011
A top non touch screen smart phone, for thick fingers, and one hand use, hope rim, can bring more new phones, with the alphanumeric keypad option out.

Reviewed by Vikki from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
I got my phone in December 2010 and it worked find up until around about august 2011 then it kept cutting out on phone calls, i got a replacement which worked fine until I dropped it in water and thats when the problems started. They sent me a replacement and I am now on replacement 11! I find this phone awful! I would NEVER EVER get a crapberry again! Cant wait for my phone contract to end! 12 months and counting!!!!!

Reviewed by diane harrison from england on 22nd Oct 2011
I'd never fancied other blackberrys,always bin a sony eric girl but thort,hey get with it!I didn't want a qwerty,and I can txt and email and...shock ..horror.. ring people which is why we hav mobiles aint it?!battery life nt the best and the black square clock that appears now and again really bugs me but apart frm that I love my purple bb,and It luks gorgeous!x

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 19th Sep 2011
The Pearl is ideal for those of us who can't use a keyboard on a PC never mind a small hand held phone. Are you people still teenagers??

Reviewed by Stephen Pattichi from United Kingdom on 29th Aug 2011
I had this phone for over a year. The US version of the pearl 3g comes with another keyboard and not the basic alphanumeric keyboard shown here, although the phone is the same. It is a fantastic phone and do not take heed about the review. It is a beautiful looking compact blackberry which is easy and functional. I just bought the 9900 and although I love it also, I do miss a lot compactness of the pearl and having to search in which pocket it is. That is also a nice feeling. You could never forget that you are carrying the 9900 and what can that really do more than the pearl which I can't do more comfortably at home in any case. It is all up to the individual that's why the world isn't exactly round!

Reviewed by Adell from UAE/ India on 24th Aug 2011
I'd just like to point out the uselessness of the qwerty keypad, only because you are so hung on it. Firstly its not like you can really use all your fingers to type on it as if using a keyboard; you are actually stuck using the same two twiddling thumbs just as you would a normal keypad. Secondly, the added difficulty in qwerty is the size of the buttons are drastically reduced which makes your thumb twiddling even more difficult and less precise. Those who like qwerty only do because they have gotten used to it cause it SEEMS to replicate the keyboard. Even the iphone's standard display is not qwerty; its just an option for texting. Thirdly with qwerty, most phones dont have the predictive text. all the more reason why its not really more logical to use. So hold your horses before you critise this perfectly sized, non bulky, non-overactive touchscreen, superb phone option kept for smartphone seekers.

Reviewed by caz from uk on 19th Aug 2011
It is cute and girly with out all the over complicated features of most modern phones. Love it.

Reviewed by Thorson from England on 17th Aug 2011
That review of the pearl 9105 is rubbish, i love the phone its better than the bb curve 8520 and 9300 and the camera is great! And all the apps you can get on a curve you can get on the pearl! plus the pearl has the new update the curve 8520 doesn't, it has a better screen, camera and its lighter( plus its basically a mini bold!

Reviewed by Fussy25 from Leeds, UK on 16th Aug 2011
I've had a Pearl since March '11 after 'disagreeing' with a Samsung Tocco and this has been the best phone ever. I use a qwerty keyboard all day so didn't want one for my leisure time which is when I would use my phone. Other than short battery life, this phone was the love of my life! I have now lost my Pearl and am faced with choosing another model to replace it as they are out of stock @ the Insurance co- I'm pertified of getting one of the other models after some of the reviews!

Reviewed by Andy from Scotland on 14th Aug 2011
was so looking forward to this phone as ive had an 8100 and currently have the 8120 but why oh why did they release this without the qwerty keypad thats one of the reasons you buy a blackberry, although RIM did release this phone with the qwerty keypad (9100) it so far hasnt been released in the uk and untill it is I'll be looking at other options poor show from blackberry on this one

Reviewed by Katy from Uk on 12th Aug 2011
I love this phone because of the keypad is has, I wanted a blackberry for ages, but didn't get one because of the keypad... soo this phone is perfect for me. I love it, best phone I've ever owned!

Reviewed by Alan from U.K. on 9th Aug 2011
"Frankly we don't know why anyone would want such a thing." Oh really ...well I did and not everyone wants a touch screen phone that lasts a day on a full charge.It isn't that many years ago since keypads were all that were available and we thought they were great didn't we all? Great all round phone despite the life-crisis lack of touch screen (I also have an HTC Desire by the way) but wanted a phone that lasted just that bit longer and this fits the bill. I never liked blackbery til I tried this and I do hope they bring out another generation pearl after the 9105 because I,ll buy one for sure.Good buld qaulity,plenty choice of apps good battery,hasn't crashed on me yet unlike HTC Apple and Microsoft.

Reviewed by POUCHIE from ENGLAND on 27th Jul 2011

Reviewed by sizzles from india on 22nd Jul 2011
the phone is cool and all that its almost as good as bold throuh my experience the smallest blackberry phone but you know what small but mighty to me this phone is good and portable but i really wont say its the worst and i wont say is the best

Reviewed by Haneef from UK on 11th Jul 2011
First of all, 5 stars to this phone. I will not say much about it but just that it's a smartphone in the size of a normal mobile phone! Amazing piece! I will use and archive to see and faill in love with it again after 20 years.

Reviewed by cynthia from indonesia on 9th Jul 2011
Actually I buy bb only to get the BBM facility. This phone is perfect, with a good price I can get not only BBM but also 3MP cam with flash n autofocus, alphanumeric keyboard (surely I hate qwerty keyboard coz it takes long time to tipe n makes me unable to type text with only one hand) :p the only one BB that has alphanumeric keypad and good facilities. Superb!

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 4th Jul 2011
Absolutely superb phone for someone who, like me, never could quite see the reason for touchscreens. Tried them and disliked them. This phone does everything I want, it's light, looks good. Love it!

Reviewed by Samantha from Manchester, UK on 25th Jun 2011
I bought this phone after looking for a replacement for a year, I dont like touch screen phones and didnt want a phone with all those silly little keys so this phone is perfect for me. Its like a traditional mobile but has the added bonus of being a blackberry. I just love it and its easy to use.

Reviewed by Prashant Thakur from India on 23rd May 2011
I love this sell

Reviewed by Emma from Uk on 11th May 2011
An Ex touchscreen Htc Desire & Iphone3gs user Thank God Blackberry had the sense to produce this pearl Excellent u spend more time with real texts & genuine communication than fart arsing about with the High tech extra gadgets within a phone Has the world really got this sad within competition of what phone has more ? "YES" Mobile phones are about communication ! u wanna play games get an xbox & stay at home. My touch screen smart phones guess what Binned. thankyou BB pearl ur amazing from an IT & technical analyst In Pc's & Yes PHONEs

Reviewed by James from UK on 3rd May 2011
Why are people giving this low ratings if your making comments on how its faulty , Thats not a real review?

Reviewed by Hannah from London on 13th Apr 2011
Gop is right u are missing the point , if u want a keypad get a curve or bold, if u want toushscreen get storm or even a iphone if you can afford it. You have given it a rubbish review because it doesn't have the qwerty keypad but thats the point in pearls no pearl has ever had a qwerty keypad the older pearls only had two characters per key. The pearl is supposed to be a Blackberry but not be too wide or heavy but still have the features of a blackberry and it has the trackpad which i really like. I don't have this phone so i'm not being biased but maybe you should think about your opinion. The pearl is supposed to be lightweight,thin, small and compact and still have blackberry features. It is more feminine and is probably for people who want a blackberry but don't want a bulky phone or a buisness looking phone

Reviewed by Gop from UK on 5th Apr 2011
Think there missing the point... if you want a QWERT keypad or a Touchscreen etc you buy a Torch or Bold or similar phone according to your preference. Don't review the phone to be rubbish just because you purchased the wrong phone for your needs... I mean only an idiot would buy an Alphanumeric keypad phone if they wanted the functionality of a QWERTY Keypad. Phone is Brilliant, Compact, Lightweight but yet still able to do almost everything the bigger more expensive phones can do.

Reviewed by sam from england on 3rd Apr 2011
this is without a doubt the stupidest phone ever , first of all the top three buttons (back , play forward) fell off , ive had this phone six months and now its broken. i usually look after phones. the peice of plastic that held the back on broke. its just been a dreadful phone , every time i turn it on it tells me i have some sort of error , it takes an age to load up when you turn it on after taking battery out. its internet is dreadful. its just generally annoying . i would advise anyone to go out and buy anything else! the most appaling phone ever.

Reviewed by Alice from Northern Ireland on 30th Mar 2011
I have the purple version in this :) I have had it since...September and it is such a good phone, quick, easy to set up, easy to get used to, not the confusing keypad (although I slightly regret not going for one of those as it does take longer to text) and have had no rpoblems where as all my friends' blackberry cruves had to be sent away to get fixed :)

Reviewed by Natalie from England on 3rd Mar 2011
I had this phone since August after having iphone, and its best choice ever. Works fast, good camera, and completely lightweight. texting is easy and quick! can even do it drunk! battery works fairly well, depending on if i use interent or not. did have problem with charging port, but o2 replaced phone so its all good! i would not even think about going back to an iphone now. love it!

Reviewed by Lesley from UK on 27th Feb 2011
This is a fab phone, it is the first phone i have bought that has done everything it says on the box!! I have used this phone for 2 months now and it is so easy to use, if help is needed use the Blackberry web site. This phone works well, texts are easy to send conectivity is excellent, even in the Caribbean. This is the best phone i have had.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 13th Feb 2011
Love it a lot :)

Reviewed by Louise from Glasgow on 3rd Feb 2011
Its the best phone i have ever had, the bbm is super, the battety life is outstanding. I can't find anything wrong with this phone well done to blackberry as it puts all the other mobile phones to shame i will defo be buying a blackberry again i even got my husband and children one they all love the phone.Keep up the good work blackberry

Reviewed by Walt from Scotland on 29th Jan 2011
I have had this phone for 5 months and am extremely happy with it, the battery life is fantastic and the internet is perfect for me to check the footie results and check my fantasy football. The blue tooth voice dialing is a plus in my car as is the volume of the speaker on the phone for playing music in the works van, I travelled 38 miles and only used one bar of battery

Reviewed by Sean from England on 22nd Jan 2011
i got a FREE One of these in a raffle and OH MY IS IT TERRIBLE, yeah the OS is the same as 8520 but no QWERTY keyboard? why would you waste money on this? QWERTY Keyboards are the best to type on. this for me went straight on ebay for 80 and i got myself a classic ipod :) much happier.

Reviewed by lauren from london on 17th Jan 2011
the phone was rubbish

Reviewed by Ben from England on 6th Jan 2011
This phone is absolutely horrendous - worst bit is I'm stuck with it for a little over another year. Since all of the problems developed once I couldn't return it - cheers Vodafone! Amongst problems: The trackpad gets stuck, seal around the screen is about as useful as a sieve as I begun to get dust between the screen the day I recieved it, after a few months of owning it it looks absolutely terrible as the screen is dust filled. On top of that, the screen is far too soft, so I wouldn't advise putting this into anything short of a air filled bubble, to avoid taking numerous chunks out of it. On top of that, texting is extremely irritating on this phone. Full stops appear when I'm nowhere near the 1 button, and dialing numbers frequently results in the 0 key becoming stuck. Meaning it takes a good bit of blowing out the keys to even be able to dial a number. This thing isn't bad, it should be illegal. This phone is pure rubbish and should be pulled off the shelves.

Reviewed by andrea from usa on 30th Dec 2010
you are completely wrong! the pearl 3g is the best phone i have ever, ever, EVER had. it is slim and compact, and does everything you would ever need. you can type out long messages pretty quickly when you get used to the keyboard. the phone is just amazing, it does everything. you can connect to facebook, hotmail, msn messenger, twitter etc. and your notifications come straight to your phone and notify you with the light. it is honestly AMAZING and i reconmend everyone to go and get one.. one floor is the battery life isn't too brilliant, but i'll live with that! :D

Reviewed by christine from england on 1st Dec 2010
i bought this fone on saturday and im taking it back already it keeps crashing on me, bb messenger dosent worjk properly i cant take fotos as that crashes my fone and the wifi will not stay on and the signal strenght flutaites all the time its drove me mad people are rining me but telling me my fones off when it isnt its put me off purchasing another blackberry other than that i loved the lightness of the fone and keypad.

Reviewed by sly from england on 30th Nov 2010
Listen here I checked all the phones in the shops before I purchased the pearl. It looked sweet and was basically a normal blackberry but with a normal keypad. I hate touchscreens and this was the only phone in the market that had some serious class and looked like a normal phone. The trackpad is wicked and it does have apps. Did you check this phone out 'properly' before you wrote the above review? I think not!! Iv always have had nokia n loads of sonys but clearly this phone is in its own class.

Reviewed by T.G. from UK on 20th Nov 2010
Bought this phone on 02. I gave it back after 4 days. The signal strength fluctuated too much. When held against a nokia 6303 the Nokia signal strength stayed at the maximum, but the BB was constantly fluctuating. Also it was not user friendly. Predictive texting was very irritating to use as was the long winded ways of accessing some functions like texting. After several long texts the key pad began to annoy me due to its shape. Texts are also stored in a conversation format, even though the texts are unrelated to each other or were sent weeks apart. Received texts will only show the time they were delivered to your phone, not the time they were sent, very annoying if you turn your phone off for long periods such as night time, or the text was simply delayed for some reason. On the plus side the battery was very good, the small screen is excellent, and its easy to switch wi fi, blue tooth etc on or off. The camera was good and took decent sharp photos. All applications worked quickly with no delay. I now have a Nokia E72. It seems more user friendly and signal strength is better. The screen quality isn`t as good, but then again I wont be watching videos on it.

Reviewed by MartinB from UK on 15th Nov 2010
Poo to your review,great little phone having previously been with nokia,does all I require from it,key pad no problem,and who wants loads of AP's ?,they are only to pose with,

Reviewed by Trina from England on 11th Nov 2010
This phone is the worst, keypad way too sensitive, and it likes to freeze regularly on messaging...

Reviewed by dawn from uk on 11th Nov 2010
Love this phone!! Coming from Nokia & Sony, this phone's quality stands out. It is easy to use, the email is great and the screen and trackpad are excellent. I didn't want a touch screen phone and so looked at Blackberry due to email ability. Would recommend to all.

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 6th Nov 2010
I was torn between a touch phone & a Blackberry pearl phone & im so glad i chose the Blackberry. Its the first Blackberry i have owned since having Nokia's & Sony ericsson's & I must say im extremely impressed with it. I like the keypad as its in keeping with all the previous phones I have owned & I think the trackpad is great. Its very easy to use & i would it take over my friend's Iphone any day of the week

Reviewed by Ashlee from England on 2nd Nov 2010
I can see your point of view with the review but this phone is aimed at people who like the blackberry functions but dont like the Querty keypad, like myself. I bought this phone the week it was released and wouldn't change it for the world. It does everything I wanted it to and more. After having a touch screen phone i was fed up and wanted to go back to a keypad but wanted a blackberry so when this phone came out i was so pleased and just had to buy it!!!

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 10th Oct 2010
Its not often that I really disagree with your reviews on here, but I really think you missed the point with this one.There are so many good reasons to own a blackberry, but some people just don't get on with a qwerty keyboard. This phone is for them. My wife can't use the little keys on my 9700 and wants to keep with a standard phone layout. With this new pearl she has all the functionality of my phone (including UMA) but with a keypad she can use. The UMA technology available on this phone through Orange is a massive selling point for anyone who lives in a poor signal area but you don't mention it at all. I think you have been a bit short sighted with your review, bear in mind that not everyone wants or can comfortably use a qwerty keypad or even a touchscreen.

Reviewed by Ali-G from UK on 27th Sep 2010
Well I really don't get the whole 'qwerty' scam. Why would anyone want a totally illogically laid out keyboard? It was disigned to slow you down for Pete's sake! I never liked qwerty on a full finger size keyboard let alone a midget finger keypad! I can understand that it would be preferable if you have no predictive/suretype facility, but I just don't get why you would want more keys when you can have less and hence less movement around the keys. Also, if you don't want a brick in your pocket this is the only decent option out there for business users. And I don't for one minute miss the touch screen of my iphone. I think there was a major oversight in the design of this type of phone - they are ok so long as you are a nailbiter but if you have more than 1mm of fingernail on your fingers you cannot use a capacitive screen without getting very frustrated. It wouldn't be so bad if they had at least thought to add a stylus into the design but as far as I know there is not one c apacitive touch screen phone with that feature built in. You have to buy a separate stylus and then you have nowhere to store it safely! Great design - NOT! Thank you, thank you, thank you BB for keeping the Pearl going when just about everyone seems to be blindly following the touchscreen & qwerty craze.

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 14th Sep 2010
Seriously you need to rewrite your review, it's very misleading. This phone does do blackberry apps and the media player is excellent. The camera is also pretty decent. It's light weight and very easy to use, especially email. Display is crystal clear and the keypad works well. magic phone.

Reviewed by dalaylama from free tibet on 31st Aug 2010
Very good phone,perfect display,not bad pad,amazing bb apls world,email,respectable camera,good price.

Reviewed by mlh from uk on 29th Aug 2010
sorry guys you clearly never had one of these phones in your posession when you reviewed it, this is a fantastic little phone that does everthing that a bold can do but is smaller and lighter, as for not having apps it does you using it with blackberry service enabled from your provider as it does make a difference. i have had iphone3gs & iphone4, htc desire, samsung galaxy but wanted something different and i think i have found it. So if you dont want some bulky phone weighing you down then seriously take a look at this phone and dont be put off with the lack of qwerty nonsense as it has sure typing that remembers words you use regularly i have found it no slower typing with it. i would definately recommend this phone

Reviewed by lee from leeds on 29th Aug 2010
this phone is the best phone i have ever owned and in my opinion the best blackberry its small light and full with features. who ever says its bad are jus following there mates like lil sheep jus cause they got a qwerty.

Reviewed by Shaun from Liverpool on 21st Aug 2010
This is a great little phone, people are saying that it doesn't have apps well it does it has the blackberry app world doesn't it. Yes this phone may not have a qwerty keyboard but so it can still be used for business and pleasure, it has Wi-Fi and GPS so what's so bad about it? Some people are moaning about the camera quality it has a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and auto focus what more do you want from a blackberry? it is meant mainly for business but blackberry are trying to make it for personal use as well, if you don't like the phone simple go out and get another one instead of moaning about this one.

Reviewed by Andrei from England on 20th Aug 2010
I've just ordered this phone after using it in a phone shop. It can do everything that the Blackberry Bold 9700 can do because it has the same processor, same operating system, same memory and same camera, the only difference is the screen is slightly smaller and it doesn't have the QWERTY keypad. I think the reviewer should do a bit more research before writing this article because it can mislead people, this phone does support all the apps available from the Blackberry app store. Its sleek, very stylish and very light but also very powerful and feature rich!

Reviewed by Unknown from Uk on 19th Aug 2010
It is a wicked phone best non touch phone on the market

Reviewed by Jwade from England on 14th Aug 2010
What are you lot talking about, of course it has apps. Blackberry App world works fine.

Reviewed by swaro3 from England on 7th Aug 2010
Oh come on, I've just got the Bold 9700 and my friend has just got the Pearl 3G and having used both the Pearl is an absolute disaster compared to even the basic BlackBerry, the 8520, why would you buy a phone because it's light, it's just a ludicrous phone, all the other pearls have been, but at least they had half QWERTY keypad, it's just gone backwards, and why no apps? Just a ludicrous phone

Reviewed by James from UK on 4th Aug 2010
A good phone which is light and much easier to pocket compared with other BBs. Perfect for most things, although it is limited by the screen size and lack of qwerty it still works very well. It certainly isn't pointless in my humble opinion, and is in fact considerably cheaper than many other smart phones.

Reviewed by hannan from london on 3rd Aug 2010
what ru guys talking about... its an excellent outstanding phone ever made from bb in the pearl range.. read opions reviews on gsmarena.com... change ur stars in2 outsatnding.. best phone ever used.. until now.. its got evrything u need from a bb bold 9700. but just samller.. read reviews on gsmarena or any mobile retailers its an outstanding fone.. thats it. end of it. thank you.

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