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BlackBerry Curve 9360 review

 Review: October 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A gorgeously thin BlackBerry, with a very high quality feel, and the benefit of a full QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad. The 9360 comes with BlackBerry 7, which integrates facebook and twitter into the communications hub of the phone.

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Picking up the 9360, first impressions are excellent. The phone is the exact same height and width as the 9300, but 3mm have been shaved off the thickness, making the device much sleeker to hold, and it looks much more purposeful too. At 99g it feels astonishingly light to hold, though never flimsy. In fact, it's as solid and well-built as any BlackBerry. The fabulous keyboard has been retained, of course.

The 2.44 inch display is the same size as the old Curve, but the number of pixels has more than doubled. It's still a small screen though, and this limits any chance the Curve has of being mistaken for a media phone. It's well and truly a business phone, but that's OK with us.

The operating system has been upgraded to BlackBerry 7, which should be a seamless transition for old Curve users. The new operating system has several refinements, including much better integration of social networking including facebook and twitter. This certainly helps to boost the usefulness of the Curve as an all-round communications and messaging machine. The upgraded 800MHz processor gives the phone a certain amount of oomph! Coupled with 512MB of RAM, the user interface shows virtually no lag, and even apps such as web browsing and BlackBerry Maps show no sign of slowing down.

Media-wise, the Curve 9360 has an uprated 5 megapixel camera, but it's no great shakes, lacking autofocus and being able to record video at just VGA resolution. The music player works well enough, and you can plug in a stereo headset using the 3.5mm audio jack or pipe your music wirelessly via Bluetooth. The phone has aGPS with BlackBerry Maps, which doesn't really come anywhere nearing Google Maps, especially with that small screen. Similarly, the web browser, whilst fast, isn't suitable for more than basic browsing.

Connectivity is good, with quadband GSM and 3G available for roaming, plus the option of Wi-Fi for faster data access. There's even support for Near Field Communication (NFC) if you can find a use for it. But what idiot had the bright idea of equipping the 9360 with such an underpowered battery? It's just 1000mAh, which is smaller than the Curve 9300 and really isn't enough for a serious phone. It's part of the compromise needed to make the 9360 so thin, but we can't help feeling it's a mistake.

The BlackBerry Curve is a mid-to-high end business phone, sitting between the Curve 9320 and the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in price and spec. Media device it is NOT. Smart-looking yet slim and lightweight business phone it certainly is. But the battery life is a huge disappointment. We think you'd be better off in many ways buying the cheaper Curve 9320, which has the same operating system and a proper heavy-duty battery.

BlackBerry Curve 9360 features include:

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Tx messages comeing back once deleted?

Asked by jamie from england on 30th Oct 2017
When I delet a tx message thay show back up on my phone once I turn the phone back on.

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Average rating from 95 reviews:

Reviewed by Edgar kangwa from zambia on 12th Jun 2015
Have used this phone for 5months and it does not browse and play videos.

Reviewed by Clement Taylor from Nigeria on 31st Jan 2015
My blackberry curve 9360 is giving me problems to subscriber manually

Reviewed by Samuel from Nigeria on 23rd Jan 2015
I have been using the for quite a while and it has been fun... Not untill I tried upgrading it via the phone itself and its stuck @ the white screen saying patching OS.... I don't know what to do cos I'm rily tired.

Reviewed by mpho from south africa on 28th Sep 2014
I charge my battery more than four times a day n I dnt is normal,is my 2nd battery. . .how many times m I gna buy battries. .I love blckberry bt dis mks me h8 it

Reviewed by Debbie from Nigeria on 30th Jul 2014
I bought it 2weeks ago and today d fone automatically off. What i can do to booth it again?

Reviewed by sebastian from south africa on 13th Mar 2014
It's not that bad. I only use this 9360 for downloads, whatsapp and bbm. Nothing else. The quick battery drainage is from the processor working all the time so I prefer to have as little apps installed as possible. RIM should have worked a little harder on the battery but at least this phone is a lot better than the 9300 I previously had so I'm grateful. I wouldn't really recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by bernadette Blackman from United Kingdom on 10th Feb 2014
I have a 9360. It has to be charged all the time. When I turn it off with the number at 100% by the time I turn it on again it needs to be charged again. Replaced with
new battery and still the same

Reviewed by sabelo from south africa on 11th Nov 2013
Ibought blackberry 9360 on friday icharged it for the whole day but the battery is to weak.

Reviewed by Lee from England on 7th Sep 2013
As a Blackberry user of 4 years, I am extremely disappointed with the Curve 9360. Although good looking, and nice and light, the performance is abysmal. Mine keeps freezing and showing the dreaded "clock of doom". It clears after a few minutes, but we really shouldn't be getting this in 2013! By far the biggest problem tho, is the catastrophic battery life. The review is spot on in this respect, cos it's so bad I had to purchase a 2nd battery. Although it was a cheap fix, it's still hassle having to change the battery early afternoon and wait for it to reboot! Definitely my last Blackberry, the lovely keyboard is not enough to keep my custom any more.

Reviewed by Alex from Nigeria on 20th Feb 2013
The blackberry 9360 is a beautiful phone with an above average battery life. Since when i first got the phone i hv not had much reasons to complain. It slim, portable, nice screen. I dnt know why ppl are complaining about the phone's battery life. I would buy another one if the one am using now get lost without a 2nd thought.

Reviewed by Cheryl from England on 15th Oct 2012
No idea why people are giving the 9360 a bad reviews, cameras brilliant, battery last me over a day but not bothered if charge it overnight as I'm asleep then!! Not had any problems & I think its better than HTC & Iphone which battery went quickly after using. Would def recommend....the only thing not used to is not a touch screen!!

Reviewed by Shauna from England on 15th Oct 2012
The blackberry 9360 is shocking! The battery life is rubbish, it only lasts me a few hours. It constantly crashes and reboots itself. It gets very hot when its charging and I've had to delete my LED app to preserve the battery life. The you tube doesn't work it says the web address can't be verified. The MMS messaging doesn't work either. I'd never buy this phone again. Its just not worth the price.

Reviewed by Katy from United Kingdom on 27th Aug 2012
After having the old BlackBerry Curve which I absolutely adored I decided to go for a much newer edition, I decided to go for o2 contract and it all started off OK. After having it for about a week it started freezing which, didn't bother me too much as it wasn't often but over the time it kept freezing, wouldn't accept media card, the roll button on it packed in, battery was rubbish so I sent it back and 4 days later I was given a new one as it was still under warranty it was just a "quick" change over.

Now I have had my BB for 4 weeks and it is definitely going back for another new one as this one keeps freezing and I am taking the battery out and restarting it about 6 times a day then to add insult if when it turns back on I don't go onto the internet the internet won't let me go on it at all and I have to restart it all again.

DO NOT recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Matt from England on 18th Aug 2012
I've had my phone since it first came out and can honestly say its been great!

Battery life will last me 2 days without fail.
Pretty sharp camera.
All runs super speedily on a vivid screen.
Easy to use! Awesome keyboard!
Looks really smart too!

I know everybody hates the battery but it still beats the likes of a touch screen phone so its not all bad!

Also with regards to the glitches... Ive never had any! barely switched it off since its first full charge either!

So on a whole, just wanted to make sure some people get to see the whole picture and not just the bad reviews! :)

Hope this helps somebody decide!!

Reviewed by sv from INDIA on 12th Aug 2012
As a blackberry phone I think it is worthy but the battery life is terrible . It is slim and easy to use, good keypad

Reviewed by Tarun from United Arab Emirates on 12th Aug 2012
This phone is very good.
its fast,slim and easy to use.
bad part is the battery and less apps.
if you want good battery, just switch off and charge it fully.
then the battery becomes good.
and every phone has bad part and good part so chiillaxx and enjoy :)

Reviewed by Lucy Hampton from Wales on 31st Jul 2012



Reviewed by India from England on 25th Jul 2012
Great phone, I had all of the BlackBerry's, this is a great phone for social network, the battery life put me off, but the messagener is a great service and fast. The phone is good weight with exellent LED flash, I would recommed it to others :D

Reviewed by Emma from england on 7th Jul 2012
I brought this phone nearly a year ago now and at first it was great except having to charge it every night as the battery life is rubbish. As the months went on it started freezing and rebooting itself which takes forever, and then it started turning itself off and the only way to turn it back on it taking the battery out. Last week though it turned itself off after having full battery life and it will not turn back on even though I have tried everything, taken the battery out, tried charging up, tried plugging it into my laptop, it will not turn on. It is not being sent off for repair, I personally would not recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by zoe from england on 2nd Jul 2012
Good phone worth the money camera is fab an fine is sleek an stylish, battery doesn't last aday but I'm on the interent the lot, an doesn't freeze. just 1 thing if u updating on phone just leave it to up date an don't do any other apps at the same time as does course phone to slow right down

Reviewed by sarah from england on 29th Jun 2012
Its absolutely terrible! Ive had mine about a week now and it constantly reboots itself, switches itself off, dies quickly, gets extremely hot and freezes often. It's even worse than the curve 8520 I originally had. The battery doesn't last a whole school day. i take it off charge at around 8am and by 2pm the battery is totally dead. I wouldn't advise this phone at all. A heap of rubbish!

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 26th Jun 2012
I just picked up the second replacement last week, which now makes the owner of three curves 9360. Conclusion: worst phone I've ever had, everything that can go wrong with a phone will go with this one. Can not believe this model hasn't been recalled yet for all the faults it has.

Reviewed by James from England on 24th May 2012
worst phone ever. Sent back to repair 2 times waiting for 3rd blackberry now. Did not recieve calls and phone did not charge. Battery life is poor and only lasts for a few hours. Camera is also poor. looks good on the outside but not on the inside

Reviewed by Taliya from England on 24th May 2012
Not worth the money, not worth anything. It seems like a great phone at first, I've had mine for three months and right now it has frozen and despite rebooting it about 6 times, it will not work. It won't charge, all it will do is lock and unlock. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Billy from England on 23rd May 2012
If you don't like touch phones, this the best you can find.

Reviewed by emily needham from uk on 18th May 2012
i think it is a really good phone i would definitely recommend this phone

Reviewed by Alice from England on 17th May 2012
Not worth the money,
This phone initially looks promising, but within time, many problems occur, such as the poor battery life, and camera.
I would strongly advise to anybody considering this phone against it, you can get a much better phone for the price. :)

Reviewed by ari from trinidad& tobago on 11th May 2012
i love my 9360 it worth the money but the only thing i have problem with is that the flash is over flashy but other than that its a dream come tru

Reviewed by planetlaxy2012 from United Kingdom on 10th May 2012
Initially, this phone looks good but very quickly you will notice that it feels cheap.
The camera is good but the apps are not and the trackpad is fiddly.
The phone will become very boring very quickly!

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 9th May 2012
It's a piece of junk.

The battery lasts just 36 hours if you're lucky; the keyboard is the most unresponsive I have used; the software freezes on a regular basis; and if you have to reboot, go and watch a movie while it does so.

I seriously regret buying this garbage, but I'm stuck with it for the next 18 months or so.

Reviewed by Agus Paulo from India on 9th May 2012
Really great but not with this battery ...The only pbm is Battery life and if I am charging my battery four times in six hours a bit ridiculous .... :(

Reviewed by tom99 from england on 8th May 2012
awesome phone with great fetures :]

Reviewed by james from london on 27th Apr 2012
cooool !!!

Reviewed by Jas from England on 23rd Apr 2012
First got the phone five months go, loved it at first but past few weeks I have serious cursor problems. I can't click on it it. Tried rebooting it nothing works. Also I am charging my battery four times in six hours a bit ridiculous, taking it back hopefully they'll fix me or give me a new one :)

Reviewed by bryan from barbados on 22nd Apr 2012
Had the phone for a week, upgraded from an 8520. great phone but BATTERY LIFE SUCKS and im using a battery saving app!

Reviewed by bonnie from england on 21st Apr 2012
battery is awful

Reviewed by anmol from india on 16th Apr 2012
Awesome cll slik ..love this cll

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 11th Apr 2012
fantastic, love it! wouldnt want any other phone!!

Reviewed by Leigh from UK on 31st Mar 2012
Fantastic, upgraded from my 9300 which i hated, everything works properlly, dunno what the fuss about the battery is all about, ITS FINE, battery lasts a bit less than my 9300 but not much and the screen quality is way better and opp 7 is way more detailed and phone is alot faster, i use bbm facebook internet texts emails and calls often and only need one charge per day, what do you people expect from a smartphone, if you use it lots the battery runs out, simples, no different to any other smartphone, and i dint turn gps, bluetooth, screen brightness off like people have suggested because its fine as it is, i hated blackberry when i had my 9300 had so many probs with it, mainly browser not wanting to load, but now i love them again, this phone looks and feels like the quality it should be for the price unlike the 8520 and 9300 which feel cheap, feels fantastic in the hand, very slim, best qwerty pad ive used cam is descent, media player is great,browser is fantastic compared with the opp system 6 one, loads instant everytime and is miles faster, all the apps work well, if your thinking of upgrading from a 8520 or a 9300 i would say go for it, you wont be dissapointed

Reviewed by Abhishek from India on 28th Mar 2012
WTF.. is it a phone i thing it just a box.. can not run two apps together. battery life sucks..quality of video camera disgusting and memory like a dunb. i did a blunder mistake that i purchased this phone in INR 19600. Better donate your money to an Old age home , because purchasing this phone is like threing your money in sevage.

Rest all yours.

Reviewed by xqzit from south africa on 26th Mar 2012
great phone
battery life sucks ( turn of the 3g and the battery life aint that bad)

Reviewed by dawn from uk on 24th Mar 2012
I'm v happy with this phone. Great for emails, texts & good call quality too. Had my 9360 for a few months. Battery life is much improved now its had time to settle down. I get around 3 days, fairly moderate use. Instal the latest firmware updates and keep it on 2G.

Reviewed by pat from Uk on 22nd Mar 2012
The Blackberry 9360 is lovely size and handles well. however it's battery life is terrible, I often have to charge it twice daily or keep it plugged in when driving to keep it charged.
connectivity to internet and use as a phone is great. However if you had an iphone earlier then you probably wont like it for apps it just doesnt compare.

Reviewed by rayon alexander from saint lucia on 22nd Mar 2012
I recently bought the curve 9360, owned a bold 9700 prior so for me it was a n upgrade.There is definitely most good and some bad to this new phone. first off the the battery life is non existence.On heavy usage needs charging at least 3 times a day< on mild usage normal once every other day maybe. but who uses a bb like a normal phone! there's a reason they call it a smart phone! so battery life sucks!other than that though it beats my old 9700 hands down!have more memory, new OS, and looks so slim and sexy!!!!!!! in conclusion if u can get over the disappointing battery life then this is the phone for you, but if u are like me who needs a phone that can take u through the day without needing charging then u should go for the bold 9780........cause thats what I'm going for. All in all great phone though!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Roman from Philippines on 22nd Mar 2012
Battery sucks, Blackberry maps here in philippines wont work (Nokia maps ok). Google maps wont work.

Reviewed by craig from uk on 20th Mar 2012
had this phone for about a month battery life seems to get better over time lasts for around 2 t0 3 days very sleek good looking phone and very easy to use all in all love it

Reviewed by John from UK on 19th Mar 2012
had the phone for 3 days and it does what it says on the tin! I read loads of reviews for the 9360 and have to agree with the majority that the battery life is a bit rubbish. I charged it for 8 hours overnight and by 6 in the evening i had to charge it again and that was from only moderate use.

But that is the only downside to the phone i can see. Don't let the battery put you off cos the pros of this blackberry massively outweigh the cons. I can put up with less battery as the phone looks great, feels good in the hand and has all the apps and uses you could wish for in a non touchscreen phone and for around 200 cheaper than the bold 9900 on pay as you go it's a steal.

Reviewed by shraddha from india on 16th Mar 2012
battery life of this cell sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by anon from UK on 13th Mar 2012
I think that the curve 9360 is much much better than the bold 9780 and i really dont know what the fuss is about. it is a social phone with no mistakes at all. i really love my 9360 and love the new sleek design. thanks.

Reviewed by Alice from England on 13th Mar 2012
I've had this phone for 5 months and I don't know what everyone is complaining about! I use bbm all day, I'm never off it! and i only have to charge it once every 2 days at most! Its fine as long as you dont download lots of themes and stuff x

Reviewed by u don't know it from uk on 11th Mar 2012
I've had this fone for 1 month. I am even posting this review from it. Its battery dosent suck. If u just turn the bluetooth off it is fine. Or u can just download the battery saver app. I am a social person cause of bbm. Outsatnding fone thogh someimes if u use the internet a lot the fone overheats. But that is natrual. If this is ur first bb (like me) I recommend buying it. Plus if u go on amazon u get good cases for it. Buy the fone it is awsome.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 11th Mar 2012
awful battery life

Reviewed by DolsieAmelia from England on 10th Mar 2012
Today, I purchased the blackberry curve 9360. I was advised to give it a full charge before use, so I did, and left it to charge for around 5 hours although it only really needed 3. The battery seems to have gone down slightly already, which is a disapointment, as my previous blackberry (8520) had a much larger blackberry life. Other than this the screen quality is unbeatable, I'm so impressed! And the shape of this phone is modern and classy! Its not too havey, and I am really enjoying this phone. It has a nice metal finnish around the edge, and the internet speed is really good. We'll see how I cope with this phone! Unbeatable tarrif too! D.A xxxxx

Reviewed by millicent from SA on 8th Mar 2012
ive had the fone for a few weeks now bt gosh! i h8 it!!the batery SUCKS have 2chARGE it 2tyms a day>........lyk criusly now its frustrating

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 7th Mar 2012
I have had this phone 3 months and must admit I have had enough,battery life is poor and it locks up and requires battery taking out and re inserting every couple of weeks..
Calls quality is good and emails great,its just not good enough for and light to moderate use,it will leave you looking for a power source
Plus points= It looks good and fits in the pocket

Bad= Battery is poor and you can tweak as much as you want,its poor,I wont lie,I wouldn't get one again!

Reviewed by Dennis from England on 28th Feb 2012
I've had this phone for about a month now. Great phone however has its bad sides. The battery is a complete let down after having an upgrade from my 8520 curve the 9360 really lacks good battery and I thought 8520 had bad battery. One of the worst battery's every in a phone I have used. The keypad also tends to get very sticky and the whole phone is very easy to scratch with the littelest tickle on the phone.

Reviewed by Jorge Grez from Chile on 25th Feb 2012
it's true. Battery doesn't lack much. I found a download app called: battery saver pro" to extend BBerry 9360 battery life. Let's see if it works.

Reviewed by sal from UK on 25th Feb 2012
Really good phone but just the battery life is just a let down

Reviewed by Iamah Rana from UK on 24th Feb 2012
Great phone but the battery life is a slight problem although yu can download an app that saves yur battery life i tried it and my phone has been on going for 4 days straight find and download the app it is GREAT!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Tracey from UK on 23rd Feb 2012
Had this phone just over a week now and don't regret getting it as it's amazing! Yes, battery doesn't last as long as some other devices but, it really isn't as bad as people are making out. People must have wifi turned on all the time or something since mine was on when I got phone and I had to turn of myself. Camera takes fantastic pics and sound is great. I think battery drains on certain networks more than others so probably down to compatability of your network with area you live. I am on vodafone UK and I only charge battery once a day but that's with real heavy useage ie a few hours on internet through wifi, some music listening, a few texts an odd call and maybe some gaming. Overall a great phone!

Reviewed by punta from usa on 23rd Feb 2012
like any other blackberry curve

Reviewed by martins son from bradg on 19th Feb 2012
heyy there iv had my blackberry curve 9360 for nearly 6 months now and im loving it , i advise every one to get the blackberry cyrve 9360 if you are interested in a bb and u totally disagree with the fact that the bb batery is not reliable as i rag my fone and the batry lasts me for at least 3-4 days no matter how much of a slag line my fone is soo id advise you to gt it also the prise is very reasnable too with a sleek model x

Reviewed by L from uk on 18th Feb 2012
Nice phone, However keeps freezing 3-5 seconds everytime i try to use it. Gets annoying.

Reviewed by Jennifer Possberg from Canada on 18th Feb 2012
Well i have had this phone for a few months now it's really not the greatest phone. everyday at least once i have to take out the battery and the SIM card to be able to send and receive e-mails, text msg, and IM's. and the only time the phone is fast at loading anything is when it had a Wi-Fi internet connection any other time it is so slow i don't bother using it unless i'm at home. I would not recommend that you buy this phone. blackberrys are full of bugs and they are annoying. Go with a android or iphone. i had an android phone and it was nice and fast and never froze. save your self $390 dollars and just get a cheaper android phone that will work! i have had a few blackberry phones and they all have bugs in them some different but they all have issues! good luck!

Reviewed by luke from england on 17th Feb 2012
the blackberry 9360 is a briliant yet a unique phone to have. It is brilliant and extremely simple to use unlike some of the other blackberrys. The phone has a 5 mega pixel camera with a flash making your blackberry experience the best....

Reviewed by laura from south africa on 16th Feb 2012
Dd read the reviews bt dnt know what got into me,this battery thng sucks I regret ever getting this phone at tyms have to charge 4 tyms a day wht a waste of time

Reply by Gary from N Ireland on 19th Feb 2012
Have you tried upgrading this phone to the latest OS 7, to fix the battery drain?

Reviewed by kelmend from Albania on 16th Feb 2012
nice phone

Reviewed by cade from uk on 14th Feb 2012
brilliant blackberry curve 9360 the BEST!!!!!

Reviewed by L3581AN87 from U.K on 13th Feb 2012
I really do like this phone, it is easy and comfortable to use but as EVERYONE else has said, the battery life is nowhere near as good as it could be.
Is a shame that I am stuck with this phone for the next 18 months. That will teach me to read rewiews in future. BOOO!!

Reviewed by Bussy from Nigeria on 8th Feb 2012
The battery life is too low. It discharges too quickly. You recharge about 3x daily for maximum use.

Reviewed by tramstop from UK on 7th Feb 2012
Looks and feels really great. Does not matter how good this phone might be as the battery is useless. After 2 months and 2 replacement batteries still cannot get a full day out of the battery. This is in spite of switching off unused apps and reducing everything that can be reduced. For this reason I rate this phone as awful. What is the good of all the bells and whistles and speedier OS if the battery does not last 1 day.

Reviewed by Melly from UK on 1st Feb 2012
RUBBiSH BATTERY LiFE!! Buttons horribly sticky. Attracts so many finger marks! OS7 nice, screen res good, decent camera. Battery life makes this a big no no unfortunately, even with GPS off etc etc. Get a bold for same price or a curve 9300 or 8520 even. Disappointing :(

Reviewed by Ronald from Shetland, Scotland on 1st Feb 2012
I got my phone a week ago and it seems to be fine so far, the mike seemed to stop working for 1 call last night but it worked fine since so i will wait and see what happens with that. The camera is ok, not as good as i would expect for 5mp with a flash, and the buttons are fiddly if you usually type with your thumbs but i am learning to type with my fore finger instead so its not to bad. the battery life is not as bad as reviews lead me to believe i use roughly half my battery in a day, and charge it up while i sleep at night so wheres the problem? facebook/twitter apps are as good as you can want for any mobile device, internet seems to work pretty good apart from the small screen, it does stick a bit but not for long, just be patient with it and you will get on fine

Reviewed by Cliff from Canada on 28th Jan 2012
I went to a Bell store and the sales rep tried his best to sell me anything but Blackberry. I purchased the Curve 9360 against his advice because 1. my friends with Android phones have had all kinds of difficulties syncing with itunes 2. Outlook syncs seamlessly with Blackberry's. I have been very impressed with this phone. It's small, good looking, and does a much better job than I ever expected given all of the negative reviews it has received. I find it almost as good for music as my old iphone, and much better than any Android device I've ever used. I also love the Blackberry red light message indicator. I will not be going back to Apple.(No keyboard - no indicator - too large).

Reviewed by pink lady from uk on 26th Jan 2012
i love this phone i bought it in white but this is my third one the first two i bought from phones for u omg! big mistake dont ever get a phone from them everyone i spoke to has had problems with them my first one just froze after 2 days of use and would not let me change profiles, and deleted my bbm contacts, then after taking it back for a exchange the second one was ok for 2 weeks then one day the mic just went and no one could hear me when i made a phonecall, i took this one back and got a refund as i was fed up with the hassle, while i was in the shop another girl wanted a refund because she had the same phone for 3 days and it wouldnt hold the charge on the battery for more than 1 hour! after getting my refund i ordered the same phone from the t-mobile website and got it within 3 days and fingers crossed so far so good is performing much better than the other 2 but the battery life is dissapointing even with the phone with no faults, i think the phone looks lovely and is very smart it does everything i want and the browsing and email are great and the camera is 5 megapixel with a flash compared to the the 2 megapixel i had on my 9300 with no flash so that is a good improvement for me as i use my camera alot and u need a flash for your camera, so overall i think it is a great phone but price a bit expensive i think.

Reviewed by BaronBenico from UK on 25th Jan 2012
My first Blackberry and other than having to charge the battery one a day - not a big issue - I am more than happy with it. I don't Tweet and not into Apps and Games. RSS & Email updates, GPS for Maps/GoogleMaps/FB and searches is great. The camera is good enough for casual photography. I have a 10MP camera for serious stuff. Keyboard was easy to get used to and the Size and weight is great. Internet: It's met my needs so far. Overall I am more than happy with this. Will deduct 1 star for the battery, which is often an oversight of phone makers.

Reviewed by Salma from South Africa on 25th Jan 2012
9360 is a rubbish phone. Purchased it a month ago and 2 weeks after the phone shut down and kept rebooting. Sent it in for repairs and received a new one only to have the same problem a week later. The battery life sucks have to charge my phone everyday, sumtimes twice a day. Luckily I still have my 9300. Seems like bb is more worried about quantity rather than quality.

Reviewed by cyd from uk on 14th Jan 2012
LOVE IT in the apps SECTION of BLACKBERRY there is a BATTERY SAVER :) to download its brilliant can now go 4 DAYS without charging my phone tried the 9810 way way to heavy always had 9300 this is just fantastic ....

Reply by Hugo from South Africa on 29th Jan 2012
What's it called, is it free??

Reviewed by Tristam from England - Norfolk on 9th Jan 2012
I currently have an iPhone 4s and have a just bought a new curve 9360 to see if I can get the hang of it. I think bb's look fantastic :)

Reviewed by steve lowery from england on 4th Jan 2012
i brought my blackberry 9360 3mnths ago and absolutly love it the only downfall is the battery tht is disapointing as im charging it twice a day.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 27th Dec 2011
This phone is the reason I am browsing the net, looking for a replacement. The firm I work for recently migrated from the 8520 to this and everyone is requesting a return to the old handset. For business use (calls, email and messaging) this phone is terrible, it doesn't even make it through the working day - that is with all the unnecessary apps removed and screen brightness set to the minimum. The handset looks and feels far better than before; the screen and camera are also a big improvement. However, unless I am missing something, this phone is not fit for its purpose.

Reviewed by lvbala from malaysia on 16th Dec 2011
Great deal and its fun. You get everything in a mini package.

Reviewed by dawn from uk on 13th Dec 2011
To revise my previous post. Battery improves dramatically if GPS is turned off, didn't realise this was enabled right out of the box. This will likely disable blackberry protect, but will give the light phone user three days battery life easily.

Reviewed by dawn from uk on 8th Dec 2011
The 9360 is ok, great email & messaging, call quality is fine. It's a dinky & smart looking phone, screen is good and the new liquid graphics impress compared to my old Curve 9300. I like this phone, but the battery is v bad. Put it on 2G & touch it occasionally - you 'might' just eek nearly 2 days...3G with moderate use, one day, probably less. Even my Desire S can double that, with 3G and a fair bit of internet use. I paid 230, and think it's overpriced, build quality is low compared to HTC or even the old curve (a little too plastic fantastic). The battery gets hot if I use the internet, via 3G or wifi?! Internet experience is pretty frustrating full stop. Shame BB ruined this phone with a useless battery. Phone does fully charge in an hour though. So, it's nice phone with flaws (battery).

Reviewed by sam from england on 8th Dec 2011
this is my second blackberry phone, i had the torch 9800 fo 2 years, and ive gotta say that im pleased with this one, th only down side i find with it is that when setting up emails you need to have atlest 2 inorder to hve their own files!! I had an iphone before these and ive gotta say, blackberrys are so much better! I find the battery life is fine as i charge it every night anyway, some apps could be better, im sure the were on the torch!

Reviewed by e from england on 27th Nov 2011
pretty good phone but i have to say the battery life is not very good

Reviewed by Billy from England on 21st Nov 2011
Don't use mobile much for internet so I ditched my Htc Legend, I much prefer buttons. Excellent for calls text and emails, that's all I need. Battery life excellent.

Reviewed by Tony from England on 20th Nov 2011
If you are after a business phone to read emails and send back emails on the go then this is the phone to have. However if you want to watch movies and music videos then its not? As for the battery life, its decent but could have been better. Mine lasts a day just like my previous curve. To be honest show me a smartphone with a battery that lasts for a week or even 2 days. My wife has an HTC and rarely uses it but she charges it every night just like my blackberry.

Reviewed by H from England on 20th Nov 2011
Safe phone bbm is class

Reviewed by Tracy from UK on 6th Nov 2011
I've had the phone for 10days, love the phone but battery life is appalling! Needs charging daily and I would only class myself as a moderate user. Fed up as stuck with it now for 2 years!!!!

Reviewed by Tenez from UK on 31st Oct 2011
I received this phone 2 days ago. I have been with BBerry for 10 years and though the phone in itself is pretty cool, the battery is terrible. It's so bad that you can't call it a "mobile" phone anymore as it needs to be plugged constantly almost. They have made a mistake to opt for thin mobile instead of practical. Thicker with a bigger battery would have been much better. It's going back to the shop (have 7 days money bac guarantee) and I will order another model.Shame!

Reviewed by Terri from Canada on 25th Oct 2011
For those of you claiming the battery can last ONE day, I've been in and out of the shop with the issue of my battery only last 3 hours tops from a full charge. Mind that is with texts, BBM, fbk the works but when programs are kept from running in the background, seriously? 3 hours pushing buttons and the things dead. Not to mention it likes to not turn on or charge whenever it likes. For having a mind of it's own though, LOVE the reduced boot-up time, the browser is amazing, and for such a small speaker I'm suprised at its ability to pump out tunes when needed. If you need something that calls and moves around the web quickly, this is the device for it. BUT THEY COULD FIX THE DAMNED BATTERY!!

Reviewed by Zac from england on 20th Oct 2011
Sorry to say it but i was pretty disapointed with this phone ... poor battry life and stuff but thats just coz i have the bold now and thats x100000 times better :') BOLD FTW !!!

Reviewed by Devashish Tarra from India on 12th Oct 2011
I bought this phone 2 days back and have been testing it out most of this time. Absolutely great looking phone, but a huge disappointment on several fronts. 1. As pointed out, the battery life is bad, but I didn't really expect it be this atrocious. The battery hardly lasts for even half a day with medium level of calling, web browsing, and social networking. It may last a full day if used only for making and receiving calls. 2. Many applications which worked with the previous versions of Curve and other Blackberry models no longer work with this model - LinkedIn, Google Maps, Opera Browser, etc 3. Blackberry browser speed is better than previous OS versions, but just adequate for occasional browsing when you want some quick info. Otherwise, with a screen this size, web browsing is not really an enjoyable feature 4. The model is so new, there is hardly any after-market accessories available outside of Blackberry store 5. The Blackberry maps for some reason don't load on my phone inspite of rebooting. 6. I am OK with the 5MP camera and the results since I didn't buy the phone for its media capabilities (small screen. However, the lack of autofocus does pinch! Especially because at the no-contract pricing, Blackberry is lagging behind other mobile brands by far. And only VGA recording? What a joke! I do hope that RIM will quickly get their act in place and do sometjing about the above issues. They could come up with a replacement battery higher than 1000mAh to increase battery life. Most other issues could be taken care of by developing the apps quickly and releasing them faster for subscribers. The positive points - The phone is absolutely gorgeous looking. Slim, light, well-buiilt, with a great keypad and at 360 x 480 pixels, the screen resolution is fantastic for this screen size.The back cover has a very flimsy plastic-feeling when removed, but snaps in place perfectly. Removing it takes a little bit of dexterity with your finger. Having extended finger nails helps. I had a BB Storm 9530 before this and considering the number of times it would just freeze midway through an application, the 9360 is far better. The OS is smooth and fast and social networking integration is great. Overall, I would recommend this phone if you are looking for a good-looking business phone for voice calls, good messaging and e-mail capabilities,average camera,and social networking integration.The small and light weight size is excellent for slipping into your pocket and carrying around.

Reviewed by Jonny from UK on 8th Oct 2011
Had this phone for 1 week and generally I love it. Agree with the review that the tiny battery is a big disappointment. It only lasts one day if used a lot and two days if used occasionally. That is the only downside really, everything else works brilliantly. You won't believe quite how slim it is and considering how cheap it's available on contract I can't complain.

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