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BlackBerry Curve 9320 review

 Review: May 2012  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: A mid-range entry in BlackBerry's Curve series, the 9320 delivers all your messaging essentials - a QWERTY keyboard, BBM, email, social networking and texting. It even packs GPS, a media player, FM radio and a camera, but don't expect too much from these.

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Physically, the 9320 is about the same size as others in the Curve series. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, yet large enough for a nicely-styled QWERTY keyboard with well-spaced tactile and responsive keys. There's also a dedicated BBM key that will take you straight to BlackBerry Messenger - handy. The 9320 is slightly thicker than the slimline Curve 9360, but it's less bulky than the old Curve 9300.

Much of the hardware in the 9320 hasn't changed noticeably since the 9300 was launched over 18 months ago. The screen is a standard size for this type of phone - 2.44 inches - and it's a pixel-challenged 240 x 320 LCD display. The processor is a modest 800MHz, and the onboard memory is limited to 512MB, although you can add a microSD card to increase this by 32GB. The camera is a small step-up from the previous model, but it only manages 3.2 megapixels and lacks autofocus. There is - wow - an FM radio, and GPS too. But, apart from the keyboard, there's simply no aspect of the hardware that lifts the phone above average.

The OS has been updated however, and the 9320 runs BlackBerry 7. This runs smoothly with the 800MHz processor and 512MB RAM, and offers some new features including better integration of social networking, i.e. facebook and twitter.

The phone does communicate well - which is what a BlackBerry is supposed to be for after all - with 3G HSPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There's also a USB connection and a 3.5mm audio jack for plugging in your headphones.

Most of all, we're relieved to find that the 9320 comes with a heavy-duty 1450 mAh battery, unlike last year's underpowered 9360 and 9790 efforts.

Headline-grabbing it isn't, but the 9320 fulfils it's role of being a low-cost smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, fully equipped for all kinds of messaging. Whether it's BBM that attracts you, emailing, facebook or just old-fashioned texting, the 9320 does the job you'd expect perfectly competently. Why pay more?

BlackBerry Curve 9320 features include:

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 user reviews

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Average rating from 16 reviews:

Reviewed by nhlakanipho from south africa on 19th May 2015
My blackberry curve 9320 turnning of evry few minit dont know why.

Reviewed by General from SA on 13th May 2015
My device keeps stopping videos automatically while watching. What seems to be a problem?
I'm using 9320 curve.

Reviewed by chriss from Uganda on 17th May 2014
My blackberry it has problems of memory card when you insert isn't found it

Reviewed by Dance girl from Canadaa on 1st Apr 2014
I've had the blackberry curve 9320 for a year now. I used to beg for it and it was my complete dream phone!!! I thought I would finally have a smartphone and I could get some apps and personalize and stuff. Sadly, that bliss only lasted me a month or two before it became slow and horrible. I had only downloaded one game and what's app and some themes. Sadly my blackberry now has the worst battery life and it constantly glitches. I can charge it full charge and turn it off, the next time I turn it on (after about a day) the battery is already at about 50%. This is a major inconvenience for me because I like texting a lot, and a short battery life ruins that all for me. So after this, I decided to delete whatsapp (this was today). I thought maybe the phone can't handle an app like that. So when I deleted it, the blackberry said it required a restart. And so I decided to restart the phone, and once it was up and going, big surprise!!! I almost threw my phone at the wall, because all of the sudden all my hundreds of contacts had completely wiped away. The prior text messages I had written were labelled with random numbers, and I was no longer able to recognize many of my contacts. Not only this dilemma!!! All of the media apps that came with the phone ( radio, pictures, videos) were unknown questions marks. They were no longer organized in panels (media, favourites, frequent) but everything was scattered under all. I hated this because I'm an organized person and this kind of problems makes me very frustrated. Never buy this phone!! There is so much better out there!! I made a mistake wanting to be unique when everybody had iPhones. I now want a Samsung, but I'm stuck on a five year contract so no new phone for me for a lonnnggg time... :(

Reviewed by wale from nigeria on 1st Mar 2014
My blackberry curve 9320 do no longer connect to the 3G network,it just shows SOS from the network bars.

Reviewed by Paul from Uk on 5th Feb 2013
I had a torch 8900 on O2.
Was ok for a while but in the end it was so slow, and i got fed up with the browser keep closing "because the webpage is too large to load"
To cut a long story short: One day i launched my 8900 against a wall in frustration.
I had a iphone 4s anyway, but soon missed my Blackberry for email and social media.
So i got a 9320.

I miss the touch screen from my torch but the 9320 is a nice little phone.

Reviewed by mel from Wales on 3rd Feb 2013
Screen may not be sharp, but it is far better in the battery life stakes. Small and lightweight too and in my experience there is not much difference between the 5mp camera and a 3.2. Fine for snaps. Have found it to be better than the bold and touch in that battery life and size are better for me and I can still do everything the others did. Speed seems the same to me, but I am not a business user - but then a Bold is better suited to a business user than a Curve! (My only gripe is that OS7 has been out a while now and is still not able to accept many themes.)

Reviewed by Matthew from Uk on 21st Oct 2012
I had high hopes for this phone after reading some reviews, how very wrong was i.. It was slow and sluggish, switched itself off, froze all the time when doing the simplest of tasks.. After just two weeks of having this phone i took it back to the store for a refund. Rubbish!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 2nd Sep 2012
This phone is not worth getting at all. It kept freezing, would not let you open any apps, and the Internet speed is very slow. I would not recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Will Barlow from England on 22nd Aug 2012
The BlackBerry 9320 is fantastic!,great buy, its really clear compared to the 9300 as that was my last BlackBerry, Only bad thing is the battery life, It only lasts me 4hours! even when i am not using it, My BlackBerry Curve 9300 lasts 28hours even when i am using it for music and BBM, 9320 has a 3.2mp(megapixal)camera with flash which is great for catching images+moments. The Video camera on the blackberry lets you turn the LED flash on so if in a dark room you can see what you are videoing. cant say much else great BlackBerry

Reply by Mark L from UK on 23rd Aug 2012
Sorry, but no way does this phone's battery only last 4 hours. You either have a faulty battery or you must have lots of energy burning apps running non stop. Battery life is one of this phone's big strengths.

Reviewed by Harry from England burnley on 18th Aug 2012
My dreem for ever

Reviewed by Ashraf Uddin from UK on 10th Aug 2012
This phone has some really good features and it is a delight to use unfortunately it is let down by absolute rubbish battery life. only get 20 hours with moderate use

Reply by Rab Warren from England on 3rd Sep 2012
Only 20 hours!! There's Bold 9900 owners out there who'd bite your fingers off for 20 hours of good usage. Gone are the 5 days between charges that we used to see on the likes of the 9700 & 9780, I think 20 hours is pretty good for any smartphone these days.

Reviewed by Marjorie Lumsden from Woolstone Nr Tewkesbury on 6th Jul 2012
Really good little phone get great signal in my little cottage upgraded from a galaxy s2 and it really is better!

Reviewed by Colin Jones from UK on 6th Jun 2012
First thing I would do, and did on my BB was to scrap BB maps and get google maps instead!
Otherwise the keypad is nice and the phone is a good step up from older BB's

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 24th May 2012
The old man has just got one - it's amazing how user friendly BlackBerry actually are despite their rep of being for hardcore business users - it may not have the depth of a smartphone but excells in every other area
Very impressed - the first BlackBerry in our household

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 14th May 2012
Got one last week as a change from Wildfire S- so far I love it.

Yes a bit basic and maps not good- but I really like it.

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