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BlackBerry Curve 9300 review

 Review: September 2010  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A good mid-range BlackBerry, offering a full QWERTY keyboard, mobile e-mail, media player, plenty of memory, GPS receiver, 3G and Wi-Fi. The display and the camera are pretty basic though.

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The BlackBerry Curve 9300 adds 3G to the Curve 8520. Physically, the device is almost identical to the old 8520. In fact you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart. The full QWERTY keyboard isn't as polished as the Bold's, but it certainly beats a touchscreen. As the name suggests, the Curve 3G takes the basic Curve 8520 and adds 3G. Also added is a GPS receiver with BlackBerry Maps. So, read our review of the 8520 and decide if it's worth paying a little extra for these features. Or, read our Curve 9320 review and ask yourself if you should pay more still and get a newer version of the operating system, more memory, a faster processor, a bigger battery and a better camera. We'd recommend going the whole hog and treating yourself to the Curve 9320, but hey, it's not our money that we're spending!

BlackBerry Curve 9300 features include:

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BlackBerry Curve 9300 user reviews

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Average rating from 193 reviews:

Reviewed by Gabriel from mpumalanga on 2nd May 2016
My blackberry 900 don't want to allow SD card.

Reviewed by Maps from South africa on 10th May 2015
I love the phone bt it hs a lot of negatives its got a weak battery its camera does not even work like that of a smart phone its browser downloads slow even uc browser works slowly on this device.

Reviewed by Richie3846 from UK on 25th Dec 2014
It's a real shame the trackpad is sensitive to UV light (ie sunlight). I would give the phone at least 4 stars but as I can't use it outdoors or even near a window the phone is useless. As soon as UV light hits it, the arrow travels up to the top of the screen. Once my contract is up it'll be straight in the bin.

Reviewed by makhosi from South Africa on 2nd Dec 2014
At first I use to like blackberry curve 9300,but now I hate it because it give me lot of problem now I can't take any pictures,I don't see my music,I can't do videos.when I reboot and reinsert my memory card it says"memory failed"I don't why because this memory card is new.lately I login with my facebook.I am so worried

Reviewed by Stacey David from South Africa on 29th Nov 2014
I must be one of the lucky ones, lol. My Curve hasn't given me a single problem and I've been using it daily (a LOT), for over 2 solid years. I honestly have no problems with it at all. I absolutely love my phone and I'm a die hard BB fan because of it!

Reviewed by King from south africa on 27th Feb 2014
This phone so slow,downloading is bad real bad. I'm flushing it 4 good

Reviewed by nicholas from south africa on 31st Jan 2014
Nice phone! Until the battery started giving troubles! It just drains and goes off without warning! Other than the battert problems(which nobody knows how to fix) the phone is all right! I'd give it a 3/5

Reviewed by jake from south-africa on 14th Jan 2014
Bb 9300 3G is a piece of junk it doesn't play mp4 vids! Don't ever buy a bb buy a samsung

Reviewed by Vivien from Liverpool UK on 11th Jan 2014
what a rubbish phone all I want to do is download a star map to my phone can't swear but wont keep this phone after the contract is up I only got it because the contract was cheap with Virgin.

Reviewed by jay from uk on 10th Jan 2014
worst phone ive owned commodore 64 of phones always takes time to load simple app now screen freezes everytime I start it up.ile feel better when I put a hammer to it

Reviewed by Donna from Canada on 29th Dec 2013
I love my curve 9300!
I like that I can voice dial from my phone, but I hate that "Say a command" loud voice that comes on when you push that button.
Is there a way to change that?
The camera is not great but I've just decided to take my camera with me if needed.
The 9300 is pretty basic but does what I need and that's all I can ask.

Reviewed by Kishore B. Singh from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES on 3rd Dec 2013
For the first one year worked absolutely fine, but now the 9300, freezes, battery drains out whenever it feels like, always loading. Especially when travelling or weak network from a 100% battery to 0% in just matter of minutes.

Only if the battery was good, the phone would have been awesome!

Bottom line being, not worth the money and annoying phone!

Reviewed by ... from south Africa on 29th Nov 2013

Reviewed by annemarie from south-africa on 23rd Nov 2013
I have probleme social network with facebook and twitter but i have delete and agian download but will not open and nothing on my phone. Please sms me because i am deaf. I try all 3 weeks but nothing working.

Reviewed by ALHASS AN from GHANA on 25th Oct 2013
i am currently using bb 9300 3G phone. i was discarding some application i personally downloaded from bb world. it prompted me to restart after discarding an application but i ignore and continue with the discarding of other application till the last one when i accepted to restart it. now it shows red light and the screen appears white with a big 3 on the screen . i remove the battery down for several seconds and still does't work, also use the alt + shift+ delete keys to reset it was successfully but the screen seems to appear white with the 3

Reviewed by katross from zambia on 19th Sep 2013
I am only disappointed with my battery but I won't condemn it. My BB 9300 still looks new en in perfect condition.

Reviewed by jessica from england on 21st Aug 2013
The black berry 9300 has a rubbish charger that has to be replased every so often

Reply by katross from zambia on 21st Sep 2013
Jessica maybe u have a lot of applications running on your BB

Reviewed by Samuel from Nigeria on 11th Jun 2013
I will not make a mistake by condemning the blackberry 9300 cuz it's actually the one I'm using in making this review, honestly I don't see anything wrong with this phone, the only thing that still bothers me a bit is the fact that I can't keep my phone network in 2G only and this really causes a drastic fall in its battery life which makes it go off pretty soon! There's absolutely nothing wrong with the trackpad, just reduce the sensitivity if it's too fast for you, you'll get that under the device settings!

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 31st May 2013
I have had the phone for nearly three years and within that time I have never had it replaced however I have always had problems with it not connecting for no apparent reason, the track pad has a mind of its own and now its decided that when I'm in the middle of doing something that it sometimes goes white and the only way to get it to work is to reboot it. I know some people may be like my blackberry is fine and I have had it only a couple of months well trust me the trouble happens about six months in. Unfortunately I am stuck with this phone till November. I wouldn't say don't buy it but I would recommend it for people who just want to use it to text and call as that seems to be the only thing it is good for. I would give it a 2 out of 5 as I have found that it can be reliable from time to time.

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 7th Feb 2013
This is the worst phone I have ever owned, I would rather go back to an old brick. I'm stuck in a 2 year contract and I'm on my 3rd replacement and it's even worst than the first one! On the first one the track pad went so it used to do its own thing so typing was impossible and it kept freezing. On the second one they hadn't bothered to connect the speaker properly so I couldn't hear anything during a call. On this one it constantly freezes, the track pad is going again, browser is stupidly slow and very often won't connect, and is's new problem is to keep shutting down and dying without warning even when the battery is still over half full and I'm stuck with it until June. I would advise to not go near this phone!

Reviewed by John Read from UK on 6th Nov 2012
Oh dear..1 replacement and 2 repairs within 12 months.The function button and keys come loose and cease to work. VERY annoying... I mentioned this in the 3 shop in Plymouth and was met with 'what can I do' shrug. My advice? Don't buy.

Reviewed by Simran from England on 15th Oct 2012
Terrible phone. It's my second blackberry and at first it's fine but then trackpad starts to mess up and not work. I've found this is a common problem amongst this model and as I have no insurance and my network refuse to fix it, I have to buy another out of my own money.

Reviewed by Gerry from Ireland on 6th Sep 2012
I kinda like the BB 9300 but the one issue I hate is that the Data setting is not a separate setting like on other phones, it is part of the mobile network setting and you cannot connect to the Internet with it turned OFF, so you cannot turn the mobile network off if you want to make sure you are using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. Not really suitable for a PAYG USER.

Reviewed by miriam from wales england on 29th Aug 2012
Ibought mine this year and find it a bit complicated but you can easily overcome this as there is a help key which as answered most of my questions and it is easier than Ithought and I do like it as theres lots of help available via a number that you can phone if you get stuck on anything

Reviewed by prince from zimbabwe on 28th Aug 2012
Used it for over a month now,not bad as pple said.only 1 problem (battery)I dnt wanna lie ,its really bad,mine can last for 16hrz on average use(disappointing.

Reviewed by james from uk on 26th Aug 2012
i hate my blackberry it always frezzes

Reviewed by Will Barlow from England on 22nd Aug 2012
The BlackBerry 9300 was the first BlackBerry I have had in my life and I really liked it especially how BBM is used and how when i know when someone is reading my messages BUT I got this BlackBerry at the end of May 2012 and it lasted me till the end of July 2012 which was 2 months. It is very easy to break the screen on this BlackBerry so if your one of those people who are clumsy i would not recommend you buying this BlackBerry but it is miles better than the Curve 8520 so i would rate this BlackBerry a 3star!

Reviewed by Greg from England on 6th Aug 2012
Guys, I haven't got the BlackBerry yet but I'm soon going to get one! If you live in the U.K then what you should do is buy it from Phones4U! My Nokia C3-00 broke, so Ijust visited them and they sent my phone back to Nokia to be replaced really quick! So if you do have a blackberry and the scrollpad keeps going off in random directions turn fown the sensitivity/ return it to the place of purchase and just tell them that THEIR product is faulty and they should be happy to fix it! I've been on my friends and to be honest BBm is brlliant! Forget siri, forget touchscreens, if you text/email/facebook or tweet on the go then this is what you're looking for!

Reviewed by tommy from samson on 3rd Aug 2012
I own this phone and it is in just a few words ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT i did have the 8520 which lagged so much and was disgusting by the way dosent this curve have OS6????

Reviewed by Dave Roberts from United Kingdom on 26th Jul 2012
This is one seriously poor mobile phone. In fact, it's awful. After having it for 6 months the touchpad starting malfunctioning. Trying to compose a text message or browse the web, the cursor flies around the screen and forces its way to the top. A call to O2, was greeted with, oh just power it off/on. Well 2 years later and 200 battery pulls it still does it.

The web browser crashes frequently, is slow and cumbersome. Using as a mobile modem, if it drops from 3G to gprs, you have to power reset to get 3G back, and does this frequently.

What else, oh yeah, calendar entries keep being cleared which is really annoying when I`m doing my accounts/mileage as I want to go back and check where I`ve been. There is nothing 3 months old on the phone, 2nd time it's done it!!

Overall, shame I can't give it 0 stars and it's going as soon as my contract is up... Awful is an understatement.

Reviewed by sprsunil from India on 21st Jun 2012
This phone is perfect for its price tag except for camera and html browser, opera mini solves the later issue but you have to compromise with camera quality.

Reviewed by tom from england on 9th Jun 2012
it is realy good

Reviewed by sarah from Uk on 3rd Jun 2012
This phone is better than excellant

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 2nd Jun 2012
Purchased this phone 3 days ago and already requested an exchange, what a load of rubbish!!! It couldn't even manage to play the welcome video without freezing 3 times and then said "APP ERROR" and restarted 8 times in 2 hours!!!! Wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy!!

Reviewed by bb user 1996 from UK - England on 27th May 2012
A well designed phone that is worth paying for but like all phones there are drawbacks such as the trackpad. The pad will stop working after 5 months if you forget to clean it by gentally rubbing it especially if you have naturally hot hands or like to use your phone all the time and don't clean off all the oils that acumulate through the day. Also note that bbm is only useful if all your contacts also have a blackberry otherwise it is suggested to intsall other I'm apps that can be used across all the phone brands.
But for the price paid the 9300 is a very reliable mid-range phone that will last is used correctly and not man handled.

Reviewed by planetlaxy2012 from United Kingdom on 10th May 2012
i have always preferred the qwerty style curve from blackberry other than the touch screen versions os some other bb models.
it is easy and basic and does the job but it will become boring in comparison to some of the latest phones from apple and samsung!

Reviewed by yaoodle from england on 23rd Apr 2012
i am in love wid dis phone siikk

Reviewed by Annomous from England on 12th Apr 2012
I got this phone On October 23rd 2011
I loved it at first i had no problems at all ,
but since january/february my trackpad has stopped working at times & the phone kept freezing then flashing then it would switch off , the battery life use to be excellent i would listen to music all day while am out & it would only go down one bar but now even when am sleeping and the phone is locked with a full battery when i wake up my battery is dead !
Am due for a upgrade today & am not sure if i want another blackberry because ive had enough !!!!!

Reviewed by Anonymous from GB on 12th Apr 2012
I am in love with this phone! I've had it for about six months now and I haven't had a single glitch. The trackpad works brilliantly and it's not faulty at all (although many others have found it to be). The screen is perfect, messaging capabilities amazing, Facebook on my BB I couldn't live without and BBM is fab. This phone is also so fast! You get a message and you can have replied within 30 seconds...dashing off a multi line message in seconds takes minimal effort thanks to the cuve 9300s fantastic QWERTY key pad. I find it extremely hard to find fault with this handset. It is just so perfect. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Brilliant brilliant. Thank you so much RIM. :) BUY IT NOW!!!!

Reply by I use bb from England on 3rd Jun 2012
I agree this si an amazing phone I bought it a eek ago and its so fast and does whatI ask

Reviewed by mnm from philippines on 3rd Apr 2012
I super love this phone. Its super convenient especially for those people who loves social networking site and wants to be updated asap. Though its battery life only lasts a day for me since I use it very very much. I love it and its worth every penny. I only had this phone for about a month but I love it so so much. Totally worth it!! :)

Reviewed by chanochano from philippines on 23rd Mar 2012
why so many people always comparing another phone to another. Lol. although i have android phone. Sony xperia ray but. here in my country its unlocked although its great phone but i need to pay lot of bucks to get unlimited intenet for 1 month. it seems 1 dollar per day. but there is a blackberry plan here it only cost 2$ per month with th use of unlimited social apps messaging apps bbm lol. services wise or specification wise lol. im FB addict lol.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 20th Mar 2012
Fantastic little phone, real workhorse and amazing all-rounder! out-does anything Sony Ericcson have to offer as I was previously an avid SE fan, but trust me, this is a phone not to be missed. Only getting rid of it due to upgrade, getting a Bold 9790, hopefully it wont let me down!

PS. this 'unreliability' issue if rubbish, only occurs to people who abuse their phones, keep it happy, and you'll be happy!

Reviewed by raj from UK on 18th Mar 2012
The worst phone I have ever had!! A white line has appeared thorugh the middle of the screen, I have never been able to send a single text message from the phone!! feels plasticy and cheap!

Reviewed by Gabe from UK on 14th Mar 2012
Like all phones the bb curve has its ups and downs but to be honest the phone will be brilliant for those that want a semi-minamilistic smartphone but heavey users are advised to chose a better modal as the RAM can run low and close the internet especially on sites that were not designed for mobile use.
I have had the phone for four months and only managed to fill the RAM once and crash it but others at collage have had problems as they tried to multitask and crashed the phones. So its really how you use the phone to how you will like it.

Reviewed by georgia from England on 11th Mar 2012
its amazing, i love it and i have only had it a day, so i say go buy it! xx

Reviewed by bbgeek from england,bradford on 9th Mar 2012
awsome fone but could be improved a bit everyone complaining got a rip off buy it from asda tesco or argos and see where that gets you

Reviewed by ang from scotland on 7th Mar 2012
bought bb 9300 it just loads all the time cant use it 95 percent of time because its loading

Reviewed by Jackie from Canada on 2nd Mar 2012
Have had the 3G since May 2011. Was happy at first, but after a month or so the scrollpad went. It scrolls up/down on it's own, and can only be used out of direct sunlight (which makes it go haywire- typing weird symbols and scrolling all over). Putting my shirt over my thumb stops most of the scrolling issues.
The browser stinks, and crashes all the time. The system seems to have little-to-no RAM, so apps run slow or freeze. (Selection isn't that great, either).
The camera is awful, unless in daylight. But then the zoom goes crazy because of the scroll issue, so it's hard to take a photo. Inside, pictures are pretty grainy, and very low saturation.
The battery lasts about 3 days for me, but I am not a heavy texter. However, it does shut itself off lately, and will not turn on until it is plugged in... Even if it was at half battery.
Overall, I'm happy with BBM and texting layout. But those are on all blackberry phones. DO NOT get a 3G! It is cheap for a reason.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 29th Feb 2012
I got the BB 3G when my iphone stopped palying things on wifi, it would connect just not play. I'd had it years so I thought I'd look for something else and tried out a few in the shops and liked the BB so read some reviews and thought it sounded OK. I hadn't realised that if you're PAYG you have to pay to connect to the blackberry network, without this you can't connect to the net or wifi, so makes it more expensice to run than the iphone. The apps are a bit sad, apart from that I can't say I'm impressed. its really complicated to do anything and unless you need one for business I'd say give it a miss and pay more and get something that works, come back iphone all is forgiven.

Reviewed by jake from morroco on 28th Feb 2012
its a great phone add me on bbm ha ha

Reviewed by Lily Rose from England on 27th Feb 2012
I got this phone back in September 2011, I was really excited to have the phone and two months in, it started freezing a lot. I spent a lot of time taking the battery out and rebooting it. The battery also drained when I switched it off at night and I even switched off Mobile Network and WiFi. I wouldn't reccommend this phone for travelling uses or gaming uses although it's messaging services are superb. Camera is rubbish, needs 5 megapixels or 8 megapixels. and front facing camera with flash and auto focus and 10x zoom. The battery lasts 4/5/6 hours maximum if you don't use music services that much. I recently purchased the HTC Desire S and that is amazing and beats BlackBerry so much. HTC are better than iPhones and BlackBerrys. Also the optical trackpad kept scrolling up on its own or go down on its own and wouldn't let me surf the net properly. The internet is rubbish, closes the page all the time.

Reviewed by Jessica from England on 22nd Feb 2012
Its one of the most rubbish moblies you can get... The crome edge of the curve is starting to fall appart, it reboots often, and I also have had to call 'geeksquad' a number of times because this particular phone has been turning off by itself, flashing red when I don't have a message and also wiping out all my photos, music and videos. I have to keep on taking the battery out because it has frozen a number of times. I only bought this phone 4months ago and these are the problems I have had with it. I am now on my 2 replacement and are having the exact same problems? So no its not my blackberry that was broken thanks very much? You will probably be better off with a nokia c3!!!

Reviewed by hannah from england on 21st Feb 2012
ive had my bb for a week now, its really easy to use and it is by far the best phone i have ever bought for a good price! its a brillliant phone and the keyboard is very nice to use as well, RECCOMENDED!

Reviewed by Andrea from Bristol Uk on 20th Feb 2012
I did have this curve before I went over to bold 9780... only cause i was being a brat .... I WOULD HAVE A CUPBOARD FULL OF BLACKBERRY'S but too be honest its a great phone battery life is great takes good pics easy to use features e-mails are a doodle..everything is as you would expect from a Blackberry..never had reason to have a negative comment about blackberry's well done again rim ....

Reviewed by Laura Jackson from England on 20th Feb 2012
Don't understand why people are giving bad reviews... have you not thought that maybes your blackberry is broke? I had the 8520 and it was a good phone, had it's hick up now and again but worked great... until I spilt cider on it. Looking forward to the 9300 as I had a non-mainstream phone with the 3G on and worked great, so I can see the 9300 living up to it's standards. Don't give back feedback unless you have checked that it may be the fault of your own.

Reply by klay from england on 23rd Feb 2012
Eh, yep I'm on my 2nd blackberry... Still rubbish?

Reply by John from UK on 9th Mar 2012
With all due respect, Laura, the rules of this review column state "please don't review this phone if you have not used it." Your experience was with the 8520, which, while it looks almost identical, has very different components inside. Even the trackpad is different. My wife and I had 9300s at the same time. They were fine at first, but after a few months, the trackpads on both phones went haywire, sending the cursor jumping randomly around the screen on it's own. I sent both phones back for repair under warranty, to be told that they couldn't be repaired, so refurbished replacements were issued. I've received mine today, and am writing this reply on it right now, but unfortunately the trackpad on this one hardly responds to my finger at all, and only works properly if I use my shirt or tie material to operate it. I've got 7 mor months of my contract to endure and when it ends I will definitely not be looking for another Blackberry. The app choice is limited and poor quality, and the browser isn't capable of opening two tabs without running out of memory and closing completely. When it works, it's good, but there have been too many occasions when it doesn't.

Reviewed by Anna from England on 18th Feb 2012
my bb 9300 is the secound phone i had got. My first phone is Samsung B3310 and if you look at the picture it is also one of those keyboards phone which i just love!! But now my father is got me a bb 9300 for my birthday and omg u can type so fast without even knowing. The camera is really clear and HD. U can put a huge amount of songs on ur bb 9300 and 100 pictures and 67 videos and still have some MB left!! EVERYTHING ON BB 9300 IS AWESOME!!!

I would advise you get a BB 9300 for someone special in your life for their birthday!!
Make them happy!!

From Anna
Please reply if u agree

Reply by Bob from Uk on 21st Mar 2012
I think that it is correct!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ish from india on 18th Feb 2012
i just don't know what is the problem with these users. i have been using 9300 for the last ten months and it never hung, never dropped a call, maintains a good signal strength, and the battery charge lasts for two days with moderate use.the call quality is superb. did they buy fake products?

Reviewed by Lucky from India on 15th Feb 2012
I have bought blackberry just 5 days back and that too for the first time in my life. Earlier I had used Nokia and Samsung. As far as the experience with My BB Curve 9300 is concerned, it has been the most pathetic one so far since I started using cell phones in my life. This phones hangs frequently and I find myself re-inserting the battery on a brand new phone. I am not sure what is the total satisfaction policy of Blackberry for its Indian Customers. Can I get the replacement ? If somebody can guide me further ??
Thanks in advanced.
Lucky Aulakh

Reviewed by AKPAN from Canada on 14th Feb 2012
Certainly the worst mobile phone I've ever had, in every imaginable respect. It's hard to find a single aspect of this contraption that I would recommend. Don't accept one even as a gift.

Reviewed by Riki Loizou from Cyprus on 14th Feb 2012
I have my Blackberry 9300 for 6 months and for have serious problems with the signal. Cannot speak on the phone for more than 5 minutes without dropping its signal!

Reviewed by amyooonom from uk on 13th Feb 2012
its good i have one and they dont freeze like everyone says cuz their well jel.

Reviewed by Lydia from England on 11th Feb 2012
Worst phone i've ever had, and i've have some bad phones!
I've had it for about 2 months and I'm on a 2 year contract, for starter's the grey casing around the edge is starting to come off.
The scroll key-pad always does it's own thing and scrolls up,
I don't see why people would want this phone or give it a good review.
If i was you, i'd had a HTC/Iphone, they are much better than Blackberry's and I will NEVER be buying on again.

Reviewed by JD Knell from South Africa on 10th Feb 2012
My Blackberry Curve 9300 is the worst phone i ever had, it almost always has a connection error or the server were busy, facebook and the internet are so slow and almost never connects. i will NEVER get another Blackberry again. the perks are not the frustrations worth!

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 8th Feb 2012
The first blackberry I got my hands on was the original Storm a few years back, I fell in love with the Storm and it soon become the best phone I'd had, I then damaged it and got a cheap 20 phone until I could get I replacement, that went out of the window and I purchased a nokia N8, after many months of happiness with the N8 I sold it and was bought a 9300 CURVE, I didn't want the basic 8520 with the flaw of no 3g on the handset so I was bought the 9300! And I love it!
256mb is enough to get all the useful apps for the phone and a few social networking ones etc without making the phone run slow. Keyboard good quality and makes typing long messages fast and efficient. The 2mp camera is point and shoot basic camera, if you want a good camera with any special features just get a digital camera.
Screen resolution is good enough to watch films and Family guy, Simpsons etc in rather better quality than I ever expected from a mid range phone.
In call sound quality is very good with a real crisp, clear sound. The media player also out-performs many nokia's etc of the same price due to being able to read many music and video formats (mp4, AVI, WMVA, mp3 etc)
Games are also great on the curve 9300.
Wi-fi is great, get very fast download speeds and never fails to connect etc as some people have reported.
Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Please note always Exit/Close app's properly using the menu when your done. Delete logs in your messages folder by pressing menu, view folder and deleting missed call and call logs folders.

Also BBM, Internet etc will struggle same with any phone in 2G only areas! Make sure you choose a network that supports 3G in the areas/towns you most go.

A blackberry is like a pc so you must clean memory and internet cache, history etc often.

Reviewed by linzi from uk on 8th Feb 2012
I have had nothing but trouble with blackberry's i am on to my second handset and still on the same contract as my first one froze and broke on me... my new handset came on the 28th january 2011 and and im back to square one AGAIN it keeps freezing and shutting down.
I will never ever get another blackberry again i have been put off for life and i use it for my business aswell hence why it makes me so angry.
so if your thinking of getting a blackberry i would think again.

Reviewed by farrukh from england on 4th Feb 2012
i recently updated my blackberry from the 8520 to the 9300. they both are physically similar but they are very very different, its the best phone i have had so far and i love the blackberry os6 experience, if your going to buy a phone buy this one highly recommended. but the battery life is a downer

Reviewed by Chris Woods from UK on 2nd Feb 2012
I upgraded my contract with Orange in 2010 and chose the BlackBerry 9300 as my handset based on the good experience i had with my previous BlackBerry 8900 handset.

Within 6 months the 9300 trackpad failed and the cursor was static meaning that menu navigation was impossible, however Orange replaced the handset for me. 2nd Handset lasted 2 months until the trackpad decided that it had a mind of its own, where the cursor would wonder all over the screen and again it was replaced in September 2011. The 3rd handset has now developed a fault whereby the screen will go blank and display a clock. To reset the handset requires pulling the battery and rebooting which has lost my contacts at least twice and re-adding them is time consuming in itself. The long bootup time results in missed calls due to being off air. I have upgraded the firmware and the problem persists.

Not to mention the reliability of the BlackBerry services, as most people aware there was a 4day outage in October, however this was down to RIM rather than the handset itself. As BlackBerry handsets rely on this service to access email and the internet the handset is pretty much useless when this service fails. (and RIM are not exactly competent when it comes to dealing with problems).

The build quality of the 9300 Curve is nowhere near the standard of that used in the previous 8900 curve. Plastics feel cheap and nasty in the hand, however as this is an entry level BB that can be expected. Camera quality is pretty poor by todays standards as there is no flash. Applications available to download are also pretty limited.

On a positive note, Battery life is fair, i have managed to get 3 days in standby when used to access email and make the odd call. Audio quality during calls is excellent and the email service is instant, providing those lovely people at RIM have decided that their servers are working properly.

I have now upgraded to an iPhone 4s as the BB was proving too unreliable. On the whole, i would recommend that anyone after a QWERTY type handset looked elsewhere.

Reviewed by Ryan Cawsey from UK on 2nd Feb 2012
This Blackberry is amazing its my first Blackberry and my first impressions are: Light, Smart, Buisness like, Good looking, great buttons. The new 3G Blackberry 9300 is brilliant you have some dedicated buttons on each side, avolume rocker, media buttons on the top, full qwerty keyboard, optical trackpad (better than the trackball),3.5mm headphone jack, Micro USB port,and a 2.0 megapixel camera. Software include 3G internet, Camera, Facebook, Twitter,BBM, and app world. Overal this is generally a huge improvment to the previous 8520 curve model it also has nice metal around the edge. It is stylish and feels nice it is not to big or to small just right perfect for teens/ buisness men/women. If you are looking for a 'mid' class smartphone this is right for you Ideally you want it on contract to make the 3G and BBM work otherwise PAYG customers lose some features. The people who keep saying this phone is bad they have no clue as to what they are talking about this phone does not wear out its just for this handfull of users who are very critical about things so are picking every little bit. If you find it gets scratched buy a case/cover this will protect it and most cases lie between 10 and 30 pounds.

Enjoy this phone you did a good thing buying it :)

By Ryan Cawsey



Reviewed by Melly from UK on 1st Feb 2012
Freezing is only bugbear. Keep your apps down and its better. Wish mem card could be used to store apps. Turn GPS off and use Wifi at home. Certain themes slow down the OS, so trial and error is needed. However the keypad is great, internet fast for me, battery life decent and its small and light. BBM great. Would never go back to other brands now! Had a Bold which was fab, but more than happy with this! Fine tuning is all thats needed for most users.

Reviewed by Ali from England on 30th Jan 2012
it's a good phone.

Reviewed by xav07Ie! from philippines on 29th Jan 2012
i have a BB 9300.. it's my first BB phone.. where i came from, nokia is the most common handset model (philippines).. but we're not limited to the apple, samsung and sony ericsson brands.. for an average person like me, if you have a BB phone, you're a "high-ender" already.. recently, i upgraded my BB from OS5 to OS6 (for free) and it was brilliant! so far, this is the best and coolest phone i've ever had.. looking forward to have the bold one soon.. i still have to save money on a piggybank.. lol!

Reviewed by sara from england on 25th Jan 2012
Some of you obviously aren't treating your blackberry well enough if it constantly is dented and scratched. The internet is slow? Go invest in faster broadband. I have had no problems with my blackberry so far! Except for the poor camera, oh well it is a phone I am not going to use it for a photoshoot. I am on my blaclberry right now, the keyboard is ridiculously easy to use.I must admit, I was skeptical about getting this phone aat first after reading reviews, but after using it I have fallen in love! So yeah, that is my review on the Curve 9300

Reviewed by Wolf from UK on 24th Jan 2012
My Blackberry Curve 3G is the worst phone I have EVER had, I wish I'd not bought it, RIM really messed up on this one!

Reviewed by Haze from United Kingdom on 18th Jan 2012
Very poor piece of kit after a decent amount of time being used. The phone freezes, randomly goes into reboot, camera is poor, battery life is absoluetly terrible, the buttons around the phone tend to wear out and rip/make dents, slows done alot, drops signal, must charge atleast twice a day to keep it going. Its the first blackberry i ever bought, but dont get me wrong. i was verry happy with it when i first got it, but since ive used it for sometime now, its become a horrible thing to use. The battery literally lasts 6 hours, before having to charge it. i wouldnt recomend this phone. You should go for the 9700/9900/9360 or any other newer phone. i cant wait to get my new phone, this has the worst battery ever.

Reviewed by Holly from Scotland on 17th Jan 2012
Rubbish fone. had it a week since christmas and its already freezing. when i go to type in the password it takes 5 minutes to load up and when i play games it turns itself off! DO NOT BUY

Reviewed by Tracey from UK on 15th Jan 2012
I wrote a review for this phone 11 months ago and gave it a 5 star rating, however since I have had a good years worth of usage I thought I would come and review it again. I am no longer in love with this phone and can't wait until I can upgrade to something worthwhile and better value for money. Ok here are my numerous problems, when using browser, cannot connect, connection error or more commonly this page is too large to load, or close tabs, arghhhhh. Since installing the os6 the phone runs so much slower, before on os5 it was instant, now i am lucky if it connects at all. When out an about, it very rarely loads up websites, I usually have to go via planet 3 and use the Google search on that to successfully get online. Since some update I also lost my browser button, and never got it back. I am also fed up of each time you download an app the phone needs rebooting, you delete an app the phone needs rebooting, it becomes sluggish, the phone needs rebooting. And worse of all the battery life is completely rubbish I am lucky if i get a day and a half out of it, and that happens once in a blue moon, if I get no calls and no texts an don't check Facebook. The Facebook app is annoying, if you scroll down and don't stop when it says loading new feeds, it will re-show the posts that you have viewed already, if someone posts a large post and you try scrolling down, it keeps bouncing back to top of post and since the browser hardly works, very hit an miss, more so miss, I can't guarantee that I can do that. The camera is totally rubbish and no flash. Avoid this phone, its not worth the money, and although I love how blackberry's work, I am not getting another one. Folk keep saying should get the bold, why, it works in exactly the same way and has almost the same features. DO NOT BUY!!!

Reviewed by Lilly from London on 13th Jan 2012
This phone is cool, but the touch pad doesn't respond properly and the camera isn't the best

Reviewed by Charles Beecroft from Nigeria on 10th Jan 2012
It is a cool phone, except I have this problem with it's soft pad not responding to touch!!! Very frustrating. What can I do?

Reviewed by George Sinclair from scottland on 9th Jan 2012
good phone has good features and looks good two but is slow and freezez.

Reviewed by Danny Bate from UK on 7th Jan 2012
Terrible Phone, Always Freezing & The Browser Doesn't Work, Don't Buy a Blackberry!

Reviewed by syron from uk on 5th Jan 2012
i don't care what anyone say this is one of the best phone... am loving it :D

Reviewed by Ex BB Lover from UK on 3rd Jan 2012
I had the 8520 curve, which ended in an unfortunate accident and decided to get the 9300 curve for the 3g features! what a useless bag of rubbish it is, iv had it a little over 4 months and hate it, now looking at an Iphone 4, lack of space on the handset for storing apps, god forbid it u have more then 4 apps and it will lock down and freeze, takes about an hour to boot up if i do a total shutdown! very poor signal even with the UMA Signal booster, cant even get a 3g Signal stood next to an orange phone mast! track pad has mind of it own, along with it sending texts of its own accord! camera is pants and in comparison to my neices 2mega pix camera it does not even come close, its more like a VGA, bbm is good when it works! app world never shows updates for apps. media buttons on the top dont work even after setting them up! the one good thing about it is the battery cover unlike the 8520 the bb logo doesnt unstick peel off n leave the back of ur phone sticky! oh and thats another point it does not work as a phone, my husband stood in front of me and rang me with my phone switched on in my hand, on loud and it went straight to voicemail! this phone is seriously a waste of money! oh and the charger does not conform to british standards, it holds no BS Number which is in fact technically illegal, but they get thru the loophole by saying it is a travel charger!

Reviewed by Katie Kirkwood from Scotland on 3rd Jan 2012
Terrible phone, has given me nothing but problems! It keeps freezing, telling people callimg me that my phone in temporarily unavailable and now the track pad has gave up! I would never get another Blackberry!!

Reviewed by Semion from England on 3rd Jan 2012
I'm going to give an honest review on this blackberry as I don't like biased reviews. I got my blackberry for christmas + ever since I got it I've been addicted to it because I like the feel of the qwerty keyboard as its easy to use. However, the keys are rather small + sometimes they're difficult to text with. If not then you're lucky but if you get any blackberry you will most likely experience slowness on your device, I've experience such slowness that I decided to remove the battery from the device + restart the device. You have to have a lot of patience at times. The general social networking apps like facebook, twitter etc are good to be able to use on your device. However the internet can be very slow at times depending on your signal. I'd love app world to have a wider variety of better apps to choose from but you will definitely find some apps which will interest you + you'll end up downloading them which does take a long while depending on how much MB the app is tak ing up. There are so many feautures to use on this blackberry eg. Voice command, maps, copying + pasting, blackberry messenger but I'd advise you to do research on the internet to find out more about that. The camera isn't great as its only 2 mega pixels but its decent, if you're the type who loves a good quality camera + is into a lot of photographer then say "bye!" to the idea of buying this device :) anyway, overall I do like my blackberry a lot even though it has its downfalls.

Reviewed by becky from uk on 1st Jan 2012
i love my blackberry i think it is one of the best phones i've ever had it is amazing

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 30th Dec 2011
Blackberry Curve 9300 - Complete RUBBISH - dont buy one. The New version 6 operating system takes up two thirds of the applications memory which stops you downloading anduses APPS. Slow phone and keeps freezing. You have to take the battery out at least once a week to unfreeze the handset - thats pants technology! Worst handset Ive ever bought. I challenge Blackberry to prove me wrong.

Reviewed by luke from uk on 30th Dec 2011
i hate this junk no apps work or appworld

Reviewed by John from England, Staffordshire on 28th Dec 2011
I had the bb 9300 christmas 2011 and it is really good!!! The bbm was not free which everyone knows but very easy to set up and cheap aswell or cheaper than i thought 1 thing though bb app world.crashes sometimes recommend fir everyone though!!

Reviewed by Edgardo from Philippines on 26th Dec 2011
I have been using this unit for almost a year now and i like it, it serves the purpose as per my sales career is concern. Though, now I dig for the new Torch 9810 - still a BB. Happy holidays.

Reviewed by jimbob from america on 26th Dec 2011
I think that the curve 3G is actually a pretty good phone as I used to have it but now got a bold although for bbm on the bold 9700 there is no dp for you or your friend so your gunna have to download it of app world

Reviewed by BB-don from Uk on 22nd Dec 2011
An amazing phone got it in red for 159.99 from vodafone , it is a huge upgrade from the 8520 and is easy to use its keyboard is same as the 8520 but I feel it's less stiff and can be pressed with less force . Overall an estonishing phone :)

Reviewed by charlie from england on 21st Dec 2011
1st phone scroller stopped working sent into three store they gave me a new phone. 2nd phone within 2 months the internet would not work and would constanly freeze. 3rd phone which i am on now will not work on the internet will constantly freeze and will not download apps the battery lasts about and hour if i was to do anything on it and i am paying 29 a month not worth it anyway. Three have awful customer service avoid them at all costs they overcharge and to be honest there phones never work properly anyway awful phone do on get get the 8520 much better

Reviewed by Jordan from England on 19th Dec 2011

Reviewed by Daniel from England on 17th Dec 2011
I love this phone to bits. It is really good for browsing the internet and 3G comes in quite useful. Texting on it is easy and emailing the best I strongly recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 16th Dec 2011
This phone is amazing! BBMing is a breeze, texting is fun, the design is sleek and browsing the web is so easy! People are complaining about the Internet being too slow, or the apps slowing the device down, but nobody realises it's a just a phone, not a computer or laptop! If you want to browse the web for hours on end then get a laptop! Blackberrys are known for texting and the unique BBM service, so why not use the phone for just that? The end.

Reviewed by Camila from England on 16th Dec 2011
It is very good. Maybe you are just unlucky. Dont give people false info.

Reviewed by Blackberry from United Kingdom on 14th Dec 2011
Rubbish phone, horrible operating system, faulty hardware. NO-ONE BUY THIS PHONE IT'S A LOAD OF RUBBISH.

Reviewed by annonamous from england on 9th Dec 2011
this phone is amazing! i have black one, wouldnt have any other phone! BUY THIS PHONE!:D

Reviewed by niki from uk on 9th Dec 2011
I have come th the end of my tether now with this phone, afer months of keeping on at my service provider they ahve offered me a HTC, this phone is a pile of horse ****, freezes battery life is poor, is goes through the menu on its own, the list i too long, sinc blackberry went down back alonjg ive ben having problems using ,y bb. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE, I HAVE JAD 4 YES 4, my 4th only for 1 week before it started ti give me problems. 0/5 stars

Reviewed by Daniel from England on 8th Dec 2011
The Blackberry 9300 was a great investment I have only had the phone for a couple of weeks but i'm really happy with the 3G and 2G cover and speed and I'm addicted to the Blackberry messenger. Buy one.

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