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BlackBerry Bold 9000 review

 Review: September 2008  

Last updated November 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The BlackBerry Bold is the best BlackBerry yet, although its size and weight mean that its for serious users only. If you're a serious user, you'll love the full keypad, outstanding email support, high-res display with user-selectable fonts, 3G HSDPA, 1GB of built-in memory, WiFi, satnav and many other features.

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At last - A 3G BlackBerry! Whilst BlackBerry is the undisputed king of mobile email, the lack of 3G in its devices was beginning to look very obvious. Enter the BlackBerry Bold, with full support for HSDPA-enabled 3G, making fast data transfer a reality. No more waiting while email attachments are sent!

The BlackBerry 9000 Bold takes the best of everything that BlackBerry has previously produced, and adds in 3G. It's also the biggest and heaviest BlackBerry, so is suitable only for heavy duty users. Weighing 136g, it's very slightly heavier and thicker than the BlackBerry 8820, which it replaces. In practice you can't tell the difference in size between the two devices. Despite its size, it's an attractive design, with its shiny black and silver finish, and some nice curves to (literally) take the edge off its bulk. The benefit of having such a large device is that there's plenty of room for a full QWERTY keypad, so there are no compromises here when it comes to the ease of text entry. The keypad combined with the trackball together provide the best UI that we've seen for serious emailers and texters. We're also delighted to see that BlackBerry have increased the resolution of the display from 240 x 320 pixels on previous models to 480 x 360 pixels on the Bold. With a 65,000 colour transmissive TFT LCD and user-selectable font sizes, this gives the Bold one of the best displays available, with only the iPhone offering a higher resolution.

The advanced phone features include a speakerphone and conference calling. With voice activated dialling and a Bluetooth headset, it's capable of fully handsfree operation.

Email is BlackBerry's forte, and the Bold fully supports all email standards:

You can view attachments in the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, WordPerfect, HTML, zip.) WordToGo and SlideshowToGo let you edit Word and PowerPoint files. Security is given full attention, with password protection and a keyboard lock, plus full support for encryption when using BlackBerry Enterprise Server to access data.

The Bold also incorporates some fun features, in particular the camera and media player. The camera is rated at just 2 megapixels, so this is no replacement for a digital camera, but it can take snaps and video clips. The media player offers light relief between meetings, and can play music and videos. Software is provided for ripping music off CD's and for synching your phone with your PC. In common with previous BlackBerries, there's a 3.5mm headset jack, so you can plug in any third party stereo headphones - a feature that's still surprisingly rare in the mobile phone world. GPS navigation is also included, and works with Blackberry Maps. This is another welcome feature, and can in principle be used as satnav for a car, but perhaps a more obvious use is navigating around a city by foot or public transport, as most Bold users probably already have a proper satnav system in their car.

BlackBerry have also done the right thing when it comes to memory, equipping the Bold with a full 1 GB of built-in memory, plus 128 MB of flash memory and the ability to expand this further by adding a microSD memory card. This gives plenty of space for storing and working with data, and is what a device of this power needs.

Connectivity options include WLAN (802.11a/b/g), as well as Bluetooth 2.0 and USB.

The battery life is not quite as long as the BlackBerry 8820, due partly to the larger screen, and partly to the fact that it's a 3G phone. However, we don't anticipate that this will be a major problem, provided that you charge the phone regularly, and condition the battery properly at the start.

All things considered, we love the BlackBerry Bold. It was fairly obvious what BlackBerry needed to do to bring their devices bang up to date (add 3G, a higher resolution screen, more memory and a faster processor), and they've done precisely that. The result is a brilliant communications device and all round PDA. Highly recommended. If you can live without the 3G network and would like a more compact device, then we would also highly recommend the BlackBerry 8900. However we have noted that several of our users have reported the Bold's tendency to drop the 3G signal. We believe that this is a network issue that is not present in sim-free handsets, and can possibly be fixed by updating your sim card or talking to your network.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 features include:

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 user reviews

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Average rating from 120 reviews:

Reviewed by lanre aregbe from Nigeria on 11th Apr 2016
The blackberry 9000 is completely useless cose none of the network operators in my country suppourts the device, after wasting much money on my blackberry 9000 subscribtion I discovered that I can't operate the bb app world. And it's useless when you are using or oprating a blackberry without the use of the app world is socks and I have upgraded and flashed it but proved nothing. So what can I do to open the bb app world on my blackberry 9000?

Reviewed by tom mboya from uganda on 21st Jun 2015
This is the ultimate device for me. Its got very efficient features. No smart phone in the world of non touch screen is gonna beat bb bold 9000.

Reviewed by HALLE from CAMEROON on 19th Feb 2015
The Blackberry Bold 9000 is a wonderful brand, infacts it is one of a kind, using this model is a wonderful xperience!!!!

Reviewed by john from south africa on 8th Sep 2014
I cannot make calls and have airtime

Reviewed by saket from india on 11th May 2014
First i was using micromax but then i use the blackberry it gives mu awesome experience nice phone.

Reviewed by Axel Xefaia from Indonesia on 18th Apr 2012
Alright, first things first, design sucks, although that's because the wide physical qwerty keyboard. The keyboard's pretty good though. Before I used this phone, it was previously used by my little sister, and more previously my father, so it's pretty old, say about 3 years. So, the charging dock is broken and the battery's near useless, the original battery's life is about a few hours without wifi, gps, and a few small browsing, so the battery is changed. And then, there's the trackball which was broken and needed to be changed, but hell, it's so difficult and pricey just to change it. For todays' technology, the processor and the ram is just really slow. Once I tried to read a manga with the Opera Mini, and heck, there's about a minute interval of loading between this page, not to mention the loading time. Install a few apps and themes, and you will be able to see the spinning clock more often. And then the signal, it keeps dropping to GPRS or EDGE which is really lame. Also important, this device only supports OS up to 5.0, and because the charging dock is broken, I can't get it to update and stuck in 4.7. The camera is also slow and old, with 3.2 MP, and the flash just makes the picture worse. Overall, I hate this phone, especially since it is a slowpoke, and I was never a fan from the ugly Blackberries from the start. So, I would say, don't buy this phone, probably search a better one with the trackpad and higher specs instead. This is all just IN MY OPINION, though.
Oh, and 1 more thing, the volume and power button is so hard to press, and even if you pushed them, you would be unsure if you really pressed it And this omment was typed by the phone itself..

Reviewed by Samantha Hunter from England on 6th Apr 2012
Well this phone is great, should you be looking for a phone that lasts you two weeks and then is so messed up it would be better used as a house brick, or a paper weight, whatever floats your boat really. I must admit at first I was half impressed with it, sure it isn't the most up to date phone, but it worked and functioned well. Then the trackball kept getting stuck, wouldn't scroll up or down, and then decided when and were it wanted to work. So without the 'up' use of this scroller, navigating on the browser is nearly impossible, as well as scrolling up and down lists, so I had to spend ages finding keyboard shortcuts so I could gain back half of the function of this phone I paid good money for. Now the phone hadn't been dropped or damaged when this happened, however it has been dropped twice since, no lasting damage thank god, I believe this is due to the likening of this phone to a cockroach, practically indestructable, not that it doesn't brake (eg trackball, LED, profiles, themes not loading). Now that my faults that occured are complete, I'd like to say how well and truly rubbish the camera is, although I didn't buy a phone for its camera, it would have been nice for it to be able to take a picture that doesn't look like its a Salvador Dali orginal abstract painting. It is unable to accept updates from blackberry as its seen as an 'old model' meaning that it isn't supported on their new RIM software. Now don't even get me started on RIM. Overall its a great way to go put your money down the drain, I would strongly suggest taking your money outside now, and placing in down the drain, because that would be a better use of your money. If I could give it no stars, I would.

Reviewed by tess from canada on 27th Mar 2012
i was perswaded to buy this item it sounded brilliant nothing nothing was going to put me off i made such a good desision it is fabulus I LOVE my BBM you should realy buy this item it has every thing you need but however search and hve a good contract

Reviewed by Kass from Canada on 6th Mar 2012
reallllyyyy love my bb :) only thing that sucks is that the battery dies too quick -_-

Reviewed by McDoyen from Uganda on 15th Feb 2012
The Bold 9000 is a great mobile. I love its fast net attractive themes. It has got nice keys that can b placed by any fingers

Reviewed by Ian Alexander from St. Lucia on 2nd Feb 2012
Got my BB9000 just over one year ago and it works great. Folks should be mindful that these high tech phones can also be infected with viruses which can severely affect their performance. I had some problems with mine but since i got it flashed in St. Lucia, it's working very well.
After reading most of the comments i've realised that the Brits are not having a good time with it. THERE IS A MANUAL PEOPLE, READ IT !!!

Reviewed by Danny from England on 21st Jan 2012
Terrible phone. I have charged over night, had a busy day, by 3:00pm my radio had turned itself off because of poor battery. I'm with Vodafone, and rarely have signal unless I'm in the middle of a city, this is bad because I travel alot. I've been loyal to Blackberry for over 10 years, and I think this is the final nail in the coffin of the BB Hype. I can't wait for the new iPhone to be released so I buy that and sell this piece of junk to someone who hasn't done their research for alot of money. Very dissapointed

Reply by Katherine from England on 20th Feb 2012
I agree it is absolutely useless. Good plan. Already trying to buy back my old Blackberry. This is not an upgrade.

Reviewed by bello from Nigeria on 16th Jan 2012
Hi I l love my bold 9000. I just got it n its swit.but one need to spend more mny bfor its enjoymment. I downloaded some games n app but aren't working. Pls Y. Help me

Reviewed by Tray from UK on 12th Jan 2012
I love the Bold 9000! It's the best Blackberry out there and I've tried several - including the Bold 9700, the Bold 9780 and even the Torch 9800. This one is fast with a terrific solid build. The keypad is the best - so easy to use with miniumal errors. It is bigger and weightier than other BB's, but, even so, it works a charm and I really love it !

Reviewed by Sherry Ann Todd from Barbados on 6th Jan 2012
I absolutely love the BOLD 9000,its the best phone that rim has even made,the keys are nice and big and I love the screen is big and greatnot to mention the speakers,I love the fact that I don't struggle to hear folk on the other line..thanks RIM ,I LOVE IT..

Reviewed by Asheley from Toronto on 4th Jan 2012
Well I just got my blackberry bold literally just now and I'm loving it!!! I was so exited I just got into the box... Back to the reall thing k so I advise you to buy it I don't know about you but I only pay 15 $ a month!!! I mostly use is to text my twitter phone call Facebook... Well what's so good about the blackberry bold is that it's more advance then the other blackberry's and well the crackberry is crapberry and it's much faster. to be completely oneste with u guy's do not buy crapberry or torch or whatever just buy the flipping blackberry well that's all I have to say about it peace!!!

Reviewed by andrewking from scotland on 3rd Jan 2012
best blackberry yet emails are great much faster than iphone which i had also battery life is much better great phone once you get used to it

Reviewed by Lisa from USA on 30th Dec 2011
I just bought the Bold and I love it. 90% of the time, I use my phone for e-mail, text and calls. For my core use, there is not a better interface out there.

Reviewed by allan othiambo from kenya on 6th Dec 2011
I just love the way blackberry 9000 is very fast with internet its wide screen and color its keypad makes it very easy send emails the only problem I have with it is instaling face book to its application that's all the rest am just having lots of fun with its

Reviewed by Boitumelo Mohosana from South Africa on 3rd Dec 2011
I love my black Berry 9000,I look for ways to better the performance of browsing and battery life.

Reviewed by Gugs from UK on 11th Aug 2009
This is the best phone I have ever owned. Had it for a week so far on Orange and no problems whatsoever. Flawless!

Reviewed by Kagan Ergul from Turkey on 10th Aug 2009
I really cant understand how you people can say this phone is rubbish!!!! most probably you dont know how to use it... Its the best blackberry so far..

Reviewed by Haz from Uk on 8th Aug 2009
After years of boredom, with nokias and the rest, I got the BOLD, and what a bold decision! Love the phone and and everything about it! Even the charger is Bold, where you dont have to worry about adapters if you travelling just take the appropriate smart adapter and your done! If you are unsure, get the phone and be amezed, believe me you wont regret it! It does exactly what it says BOLD! Brilliant

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 8th Aug 2009
Best phone I have ever Had. Get one and c ur life take a turn for the better! Amazing piece of kit.

Reviewed by John from UK on 7th Aug 2009
Just been lumbered with a BB 9000 Bold as a works phone. I like it so much that I plan on leaving in its box and will carry on using my trusty Nokia. What a piece of junk. Its awkward, cumbersome and so user unfriendly, I have a funny feeling it may meet with a mishap ;-) Call me old fashioned, but I just want to punch a load of numbers in a speak to someone, why make it so complex !!! Anybody want it ?

Reviewed by lamar from usa on 7th Aug 2009
I love my bb. This is the best thing that has ever Happen to me. All you haters of the bb, I would like To kno how many times have you dropped ur phone ha ha Ha ha. If u drop it a lot bad things will happen.take Care of ur 500 dollar I do.

Reviewed by Roger from UK on 31st Jul 2009

Reviewed by CHRIS G from UK on 30th Jul 2009
As a phone - dreadful. Had it six months and waiting for an exchange. Phone calls are a nightmare - tricky to explain but imagine a conversation where you stop mid sentence every few seconds and carry on a few words later - thats what I hear all the time, as does the person on the pther end. Plus, it freezes up continually. Waiting for an exchange. I have had to take out the batt and sim card more times than anyone reading this has had hot dinners!!

Reviewed by Karen G from UK on 28th Jul 2009
got this as my upgrade on Vodaphone and not sure I should have bothered, it's so tempremental, I have never taken the battery out of the back of a phone so much, it sticks, it turns it's self off, selected tones change themselves. I really must have got the one made last on a Friday it's a nightmare

Reviewed by Robbie Burns from UK on 25th Jul 2009
I recently acquired a new Blackberry 9000 Bold (Vodaphone) for work purposes. Initially I was seduced by all its geekiness. It's got push email, a camera that takes video and still pictures, it can use WiFi, it's GPS enabled so you can see where you are, it's 3G download capable and it hooks up to the Bluetooth hands free in the car, the screen looks fantastic. It has everything that your inner geek could need. But.....I'm coming to the conclusion that actually it's a bit rubbish. Why? Well all that techno nerdy stuff sucks the life out of the battery in less than a working day, frankly that's no good. I have resorted to turning off the WifI and Bluetooth connections in a vain attempt to extend the battery but the effect is marginal at best. Not only that but the GPS seems very sulky indeed and says it cannot see any satellites and asks me to go somewhere with 'open sky' , even if I'm stood in a field! Maybe I just have a clunker, perhaps I'm being unfair but none of the nerdy stuff means anything if the battery is flat. Until this techno beast arrived I was on an old data only Blackberry and a mobile phone. Charged up, the that combination would be good to work for at least two days, sometimes three with light use. It seems we have gone backwards. It's just a bit rubbish really.

Reviewed by Gazza from UK on 15th Jul 2009
If you're having isses with the battery running down, turn off bluetooth and wifi! And don't leave the gps running with either google maps or blackberry maps, they will suck the juice out of the battery if left on. Overall internet, txting with BT and Wifi off I can easily get a few days worth of battery cover without resorting to a recharge. Using O2 and the coverage is excellent around the UK.

Reviewed by laszlo shapiro jn. from new york on 13th Jul 2009
stay out.this phone is even worst than my old bb8900.battery live?10hours.signal coverage?very bad.freezing issue..get nokia E63 insted.

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 12th Jul 2009
i had a blackberry, it was rubbish so i got a e71. they rock!

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 10th Jul 2009
I'm 17 and this is the best phone I've ever had!! Internet is great.. Battery life is fantastic.. So easy to use to text and send emails.. One word 'AWESOME'!! Definately get this if your blackberry fans :D

Reviewed by Annonymous from Jakarta, Indonesia on 28th Jun 2009
Okay, I've had a bb bold for about 3 months and I am very very happy with the phone. Internet is great, emailing as well and if you love chatting, bb bold has it all for you. Ym works great as well. This phone is the best bb to buy... So far. :) the only prob is the battery life which is actually understandable since it IS a 3g phone. I guess it can be fixed in the future but if u just can't be patient like me, buy a bold! Also I don't know if its just me but the more time u use ur bb, I noticed the trackball getting quite yellow. but overall, if you want a blackberry, choose a bold!!! You won't regret it, I promise!

Reviewed by chris from australia on 27th Jun 2009
Blackberry bold is the WORST phone i have EVER owned keeps getting the white screen of death have not been able to get rid of white screen now for many weeks it is a heap of rubbish

Reviewed by gary from england on 24th Jun 2009
Had most phones on the market bold is the best yet

Reviewed by david from trinidad & tobago on 23rd Jun 2009
the best phone yet. i love it! i can now be in touch with cyberspace, send texts and listen to good music!

Reviewed by tim lowe from uk on 20th Jun 2009
100% fantastic

Reviewed by n from uk on 15th Jun 2009
had it for 1 wk.... returnd it as battery was no wer as gud to the nokia e71.... buying a new e71 as i dropd mine into water.stick to nokia if ur used to them.

Reviewed by Tareq from Kuwait on 29th May 2009
I enjoy using both of my blackberrys but using the bold is much better that the curve. Especially for buissnes.

Reviewed by Ian from uk on 27th May 2009
I love this phone, it does what it says on the label, was a dream to set up. I keep my phone in the leather case in my shirt pocket I set it to auto on at 7 am and auto off at 11pm I get 3-4 days before having to charge with the wifi and blue tooth turned off, I get max 2 days if these are switched on. There are new features such as maps which works well. all in all it was worth the upgrade from the curve.

Reviewed by John from Canberra, Australia on 21st May 2009
Excellent email connectivity on the road which is integral with our business as mobile field techs. We now pick up and clear jobs on the fly, customers are amazed at our improved response times. Bit bulky as a phone but functional. Small looking keys are cleverly deceptive - really easy to use for a large ham fisted guy like me to text. WiFi saves mobile data plans when available. In a word - awesome. Use it what it is designed for - power users - not Utube! Really good deal on 3 Network - pity they aren't more regional...calls have had no problems either.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 18th May 2009
Have had 2 Curves previously which were just fantastic, decided to upgrade, wish I had not done so. Having nothing but trouble trying to get it to sync with Microsoft Outlook, I have now given up trying, would seem to be a known problem but not one that is well known or where a patch is available? Battery life is also poor when compared to the curve. On a positive the screen is very good, and blackberry is now getting into apps. It is very good for emailing, made easy by the keyboard.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 17th May 2009
I was torn between this phone and the curve. Ended up getting this one and it hasn't let me down! An amazing phone, which is very easy to use. Email setup was extremely simple as with everything else on the phone. My only complaint is regarding the battery life - I have to charge every night, which could get annoying - thats even when I turn 3g and Wifi off. Another little thing which could grow more annoying is that the back cover doesn't fit the phone perfectly - so sometimes when typing it makes a noise. Both of those points are me just being 'nitpicky'. Ultimately, a great, easy to use phone!

Reviewed by Rich from Bournemouth - UK on 14th May 2009
What can i say, well to begin with this Mobile is without doubt the best phone i've ever had, nicest screen i've ever seen, easiest qwerty keyboard i've ever used, enough multi-media devices on the phone to keep u pleased for ages. Easiest email to set up ever, 3G and Wi-Fi works fantastically well too, battery life very good too, IF u are sensible and turn off the Wi-Fi and 3G when u aren't using it, makes the battery life last much longer understandably. The size, yes the phone is not super small, but it's not that big, besides what u are carrying is basically a lap-top in your hand, so all things being considered it's rather tiny really. One down side of the phone is the camera, but really if i wanted a 5 mega pixel or above camera i would have bought a decent digital camera, i wanted a quality smart phone, in which i've got. Will Blackberry make a phone better than this Blackberry Bold, the answer to that is obviously YES, BUT NOT FOR A VERY, VERY LONG TIME.

Reviewed by andy williamson from Wales UK on 14th May 2009
Have just got this phone and all I can say is wow!! Loved it from the moment I opened the box. Good screen, easy navigation and excellent features. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Reviewed by John from England - Bromley on 12th May 2009
BB Bold, excellant phone, like most new phones it's a computer first then a phone. Emails arrive faster than my works comp. It's a bit bulky, but then if I'm out at weekends I take Motorola K1 small and light and fits in your pocket. During the week my BB Bold does everything for me, and to overcome the battery life problem I have a charge at home, in my car and at work so can plug in anytime. In a nutshell get out and get one now...

Reviewed by georgie from uk on 11th May 2009
firstly any one who is moaning about this phone must be on a rubbish network or not using it to its full advantage this is the best phone for business but also facebook addicts its fast heavy duty cos i get drunk and drop it still not one problem if u want a fast phone to get to grips with this is the one the keyboard is sooooo easy to use roller ball also i was worried about goin wrong but i am soo suprised after my hell with the nokia n96 ...... bb bolds rule!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dario from Oman on 29th Apr 2009
It is the worst investment I have ever made in my life. Blackberry Bold 9000 is the worst mobile I have ever seem in years. So much money for the functionality it provides. Difficult to use and no applications like maps or other stuffs I had for free on my 'stolen' Nokia E71. Never will recommend somebody to buy BB.

Reviewed by rob from england on 24th Apr 2009
what can i say about the blackberry bold ? i mean i have had most phones out there , this is my first blackberry ...one word FANTASTIC. i would def recommend this phone . briiliant

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 22nd Apr 2009
just recieved my new bold today from o2 on a new contract. if you pester the sales staff on the phone you can get a great deal aswell - free upfront, 30 quid a month on an 18 month contract with 1200 minutes, 1000 texts and unlimited web and email! i am only worried about scratching to the silver part of the casing and the screen. has anyones begun to show any signes of damage prematurely?

Reviewed by Denim from Uk on 20th Apr 2009
This phone is great by all means. I don't have one but I tested this out for hours from a friend, and I have Zero problems with it, this phone is great for emails and web surfing, I wouldn't recommend this phone for people who is a multimedia addict as this functionality is short lived.

Reviewed by john from u.k on 19th Apr 2009
The bb bold is the best phone i have had,works like a dream with no issues yet on O2. Its an outstanding phone and find it hard to put it down. Buy It now

Reviewed by Anthony Stockman from U K on 7th Apr 2009
I reviewed this nearly a year ago and they have had some software issues - now resolved. Reliability is now very good. I notice everyone whinges about battery life, BUT you can dramatically improve this with a couple of simple tweeks. 1) Go into settings and turn down the screen brightness from 100 to 10% - YES 10%!! it will still be plenty bright enough, but makes a significant difference. 2) Unless you're using it, turn off Bluetooth and WiFi. Just those simple things will DOUBLE your user time! 3) Buy a spare battery - I did and get a charging dock from e-bay 12.99 inc postage from China. all will then be well.

Reviewed by JT from Venezuela on 3rd Apr 2009
The best phone I´d had so far. Like every blackberry, has some software glitches. Overall it´s outstanding. A phone one can use for several years without having to buy the new model. If your going to buy a phone for work, fin or both I totally recomend this one. Buy it. Just be aware that one you start using a blackberry you can become a bb addict.

Reviewed by mo from uk on 2nd Apr 2009
I am a new user to the blackberry and by far it has impressed me very much with the functionality and its capability. One thing I have to point out though is the blackberry’s music player it’s amazing I didn’t expect it to be this good especially when played through the loud speaker. It is so cool to be completely connected mms sms email Internet trust me when you get the hang of the blackberry it may take a day or two you wont go back to anything thing else. However there are a few issues that perhaps blackberry can iron out one of the problems I have come across so far is that some time when you receive a call the number only comes up despite having the contact stored on your phone so you don’t know who is calling you. The other would be the battery I must admit I have become an addict and there’s not enough battery power to quench my thirst so I am carrying around my charger all the time. I ma with o2 not great for call quality but I havenR 17;t had any problems with email or the Internet so far. This is by far a very good phone the only phone to beat this one would be the next model released by blackberry I do hope that blackberry think of a way to improve the battery because with a phone that can do so much not to have enough battery doesn’t do it justice. Despite all that I have given the phone 5 stars, as there is yet to be a phone that can do what the blackberry is capable of.

Reviewed by Aj from UK on 2nd Apr 2009
I've had the phone for a few months and am very happy with it. Battery life is ok -- charge up every 2.5 days if not using excessively. Onece or twice I had to do a hard reboot (take out battery and put back in), but other than that everything else has been great. The casing is very well built in my opinion. Keyboard size is perfect (although I don't have chunky hands). Voice quality is good.

Reviewed by Tom from USA on 26th Mar 2009
The "white screen of death" issue happens more often that is understood, and be advised that at least here in the US ATT is VERY bad about replacing phones even though it is a known issue. You might want to ask your carrier how they handle this issue.

Reviewed by Giles from UK on 24th Mar 2009

Reviewed by Jayant from India on 24th Mar 2009
The Bold is the best Blackberry there is. With great features. The screen is brilliant, and the sharpest I know. The Storm lacks wi-fi, the Curve has no 3G. The Bold has it all. Simple as that.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 18th Mar 2009
This is my first BlackBerry and i have been very impressed. Great phone, loads of features and looks great. I had an i-phone previously and i would never go back!!

Reviewed by Darren from United Kingdom on 17th Mar 2009
This is my first ever Blackberry, I will never go back to anything else. this phone is amazing it does everything you want and more. satnav, google apps, facebook, divx player (depends on format) instant e-mail, sooper quick to type on best keyboard ever, quick responsive os (not like the windows mobile i had which sucks). the messenger's BB & live brilliant. love the way it shows ya sms in coversation. not to mention it can open word docs, excel, and powerpoint, syncs with outlook contacts and calender perfectly, o yea and make calls, and a voice dial that actually works better than any iv'e had before. i could go on all day. the only thing that could be better on this phone is the camera it's perfectly adequate but i had the SE K850 before and can really notice the difference. although uploading pics to FB etc is a breeze :-) Seriously recommend this phone!!!!

Reviewed by Safari Bob from India on 14th Mar 2009
Have now had Blackberry's for more than two years, started with the 8800 and got that changed to a Bold some months ago. I am travelling around in the world and the blackberry have more and less replaced my laptop. Have honestly never had a problem with any of the phones beside the track ball (pearl) on my 8800 got damaged, otherwise this I close to be my dream phone, the only thing I am missing is a good camera with 5MP resolution or above. Have been playing a bit with the Storm and found the touch screen a bit too slow for email typing, nothing beats the QWERTY keyboard on the Bold. Great phone (at least for business). B

Reviewed by Steve May from New Zealand on 9th Mar 2009
My 4th Blackberry and this Bold is absolutely faultless as a business phone. Awesome reception strength anywhere, even in remote places of the World, great screen and beautiful looking email, it will be a hard phone to beat. I considered the Storm but I just could not get on with the touch screen, too many errors when typing, and I do not have large fingers either. I was way faster on the old QWERTY.

Reviewed by Eduardo from Argentina on 9th Mar 2009
The BB Bold is the best BB! And also the best smartphone on the market. I have also a iPhone 3G, 16Gb...it is a nice toy...or a great MP3 player, no more than that, very poor battery life.

Reviewed by Chiswick Singh from UK on 8th Mar 2009
Absolutely classic piece of hardware!!!

Reviewed by Toria from Oxford, UK on 8th Mar 2009
Booootiful! Just activated mine on Orange and she's gorgeous (I'm so sad!). It's a lovely handset, the screen quality is fantastic and it just does everything that it should. It syncs with my Mac using Pocket Mac (unlike the useless Storm that I'm sending back) and is just brilliant. No problems with dropped calls or bad signal but I knew we had good coverage on Orange anyway. The camera may not be fantastic but it's better than the one on the Storm (and that's a 3.2 mp camera!) but then this is a PHONE not a camera peeps. I'd definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Mark Buchanan from Jamaica on 7th Mar 2009
I luv my BB although it does not support flash player. It is a very unique smartphone.

Reviewed by Sabre from USA on 3rd Mar 2009
Folks, be WARNED. I’ve had the Bold for four months with AT&T in the U.S. At least 50% of my calls have dropped and 25% have failed to connect. After three months of calling AT&T every other day, I FINALLY got a senior tech tell me that AT&T is having this problem all over the U.S. The point to problems with the Bold code and its ability to switch networks. They have no fix or idea when Blackberry will update the code. SIMPLE RECOMMENDATION – AVOID THE BOLD until the ‘Beta’ program is over and they release stable and functional code.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 3rd Mar 2009
Sounds like a serious problem in the US, but I just wanted to point out that this isn't affecting the UK networks as far as we are aware.

Reviewed by Gaz from UK on 28th Feb 2009
had my Blackberry Bold 9000 for just over a month and I cannot fault it, best phone I've ever had. Video quality awesome, sound quality amazing it's got stereo speakers built in! Best phone i've ever had can't believe I waites so long to get my first Blackberry.

Reviewed by Richard from United Kingdom on 28th Feb 2009
I was unsure about all the Blackberry hype and was content with my O2 Xda`s which I have had every version of last being the orbit 2, but I type a lot in the form of emails and documents while commuting so was getting tired of not having a keyboard. So I made the leap to Blackberry I bought the BOLD from CPW because I find certain devices loose their edge when orange put their own software into a device, CPW phones are open network devices. I have never been so HAPPY the BOLD is an outstanding Handset and does exactly what I need and more. If I was to have a grumble it would be that internet browsing is not as good as I have seen on an Iphone (my brother has one) but that's it. By the why Iphone and the Nokia E71 which are both good rivals to the Bold might boast push email, but NO ONE can beat RIMs Push Email NO ONE. EMAIL IS BLACKBERRY`S BABY AND CANNOT BE MATCHED. NUFF SAID.

Reviewed by daveymac from uk on 25th Feb 2009
got this work of art yesterday its gotta be the ultimate fone on the market. o2 contact, reception and everything else about it are superb its my first blackberry and am kicking myself for not using them right from the off.if your looking for a new fone dont hesitate go and get a bold u wont be sorry ps stay away from 3rd rate providers orange vodafone etc. o2 r the best provider out there. no i dont work for them im an electrician rnjoy ya bold

Reviewed by Dale Robinson from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
If people have problems with dropped calls and network it is not the blackberry it is more than likely the fact your sim card is not a 3g sim card.. I had issues with it at first as my signak went into SOS i phones o2 who said it was the phone but a little research and i found its the sim card!! phones up o2 got a free 3g sim card and phone works perfect!!!! this hone is awesome and beats iphone anyday.

Reviewed by Nick Etches from UK on 20th Feb 2009
My first Blackberry (the Bold)the best phone ever,i love it. Had a problem with 3G but it was due 2 not having a 3G sim. O2 very helpful with any problems. Email hits my Bold before my laptop, its incredible. The only downside is Blackberry Bold is NOT compatible with Parrot handsfree,which i have in 2 vehicles,but the Bold is worth the inconvenince. I love it.

Reviewed by Kevin Lendroth from United States on 13th Feb 2009
Purchased this device when it first came out, and I can hinestly say it was worth every penny. I have used blackberry's ever since I started usng cell phones. I had the curve 8300 and then the curve 8310 and now I have the bold. I must say it is the best one of the bunch. Blackberry really did this one right. From the 3G to the video player, everything on this phone is great. Everything is user friendly and easy to use. The processor is outstanding, you can jump from one thing to the next and not have to worry about lag. What I also like about the bold is the fact that if you are in a call and can still use almost everything on the phone, you can read and send text and emails and surf the web while on a call. And the word/excell/slide show to go is a great feature for the business users. I have to say this is the best phone that I have ever owned.

Reviewed by badman from UK on 12th Feb 2009
OK been using this device since sept08 and its a wonderful bit of kit especially as i use it on our corporate e-mail (BES). The video/music playback is brill and the satnav (Nav4all.com) is truely wonderful as its FREE and works a treat globally... However there are a few issues with the hardware, suck as phone randomly turning itself off, data network is a bit flakely and when dialing numbers sometimes doesnt connect until after a few tries.... Spoke to Vodaphone and they were ahppy to ship out a replacement, but still have these intermitant issues, suppose only a new firmware update will cure it...

Reviewed by Dik from Len on 8th Feb 2009

Reviewed by John from England on 7th Feb 2009
A superb phone. I could write at length about its features and how it works but the first sentence says it all !

Reviewed by Yuri Velasquez from UK on 5th Feb 2009
I had this phone for 5 days as part of an upgrade. If one is a businessman or politician with loads of scheduled meeting and a necessity to be in constant e-mail contact. It will suit you. I like photos and music, so it doesn't suit me. One thing I found annoying when browsing, was the constant need to keep magnifying a web page. Which became tricky. My present phone automatically fits the page to the screen. It is also large and I like to pop a phone into my top pocket. On the whole I think the phone is overrated.

Reviewed by ersin from england on 2nd Feb 2009
i think the bold is the better phone i had the storm first and due to its touch screen the phone has a lot of problems and is not adaptable or usea friendly the bold on the oher hand is the best blackberry ever made everything is to detail

Reviewed by Attiq from Pakistan on 28th Jan 2009
Very good phone and provides all the functionality required for executive users. However, I think camera improvement is required and streaming is also not good.

Reviewed by steve from england on 4th Jan 2009
had my bold for a month on 02, had no problems with connections etc. Fantastic for emails, screen is really clear, keyboard is so easy to use, all in all delighted, only complaint is the lack of flash software available which does restrict some websites

Reviewed by BRIAN MC from ENGLAND on 1st Jan 2009
Just received mine and what a piece of kit, synced with i tunes, added a few applications and the build and screen on this handset are awesome. Sound when playing music is loud and clear and all in all very very impressed. Got my o2 blackberry bolt on sorted. Very impressed with my first Blackberry.

Reviewed by Fi from England on 30th Dec 2008
(Bought beginning of Dec)I have flitted from phone to phone for a while and have finally found the ideal phone.. It really is amazing, a great screen; looks sleek and attractive; music and volume great; such easy access from manouvre to manouvre it just seems to glide. Qwerty board so easy to use (no more awkward texting).Never mind all the other things I haven't even mentioned.. It seems to do just about everything I need, not far off being a lap top in your pocket. I really couldnt recommend a better phone.. the only down side is the battery life (but what to expect with so many available things to do? I cant leave it alone!!)Only other downside is I have had "white screen" 3 times now,but worst scenario is a replacement of exactly the same model, as hopefully its just a faulty phone.. I would really recommend it and dont be scraed of it, so easy to use!!!!!

Reviewed by john from England on 27th Dec 2008
i cna't find a signal anywhere in my house! so dissappointed! my service provider confirms i have 100% signal!

Reviewed by nas_10@hotmail.co.uk from nigeria on 26th Dec 2008
got sent this phone and a ds with r4 from the uk from my uncle. its very good. email me at nas_10@hotmail.co.uk for any questions.

Reviewed by B Patel from UK on 24th Dec 2008
i think the blackberry bold is wonderful, voice activated calling is a dream especially while you are driving. emails received notification is a breeze, opens attachments easily whether excel word or images, it can't handle too large files, i find but it not a great problem. finding contacts with keyboard is effortless, ask you which number where there is multinumber entry.

Reviewed by Danie from Australia on 23rd Dec 2008
Constant dropped calls - max call length about 60 seconds. Randomly loses the network and returns to 'searching for network' even in high signal strength areas (as confirmed by the provider). Have been told the unit may faulty and need to send it in to Optus for investigation. All the functionality is great, except as a phone.

Reviewed by this miss from Australia on 23rd Dec 2008
Very sleek, very reliable. The Blackberry Bold fails to disappoint. The sound is lovely and real.

Reviewed by N/A from USA on 22nd Dec 2008
This phone is amazing! Before the blackberryBOLD I had a iphone. It is MUCH better then the iphone. There are more feautures to see and do. Here is my review. KEYS: Great! If you have small, big, wide, long, thumbs/fingers, don't worry about typing! It's really smooth and easy touch to type and addictive. CAMERA/VIDEO Quality is amazing! I've never seen this good quality on any phone. BATTERY: Yes, the battery isn't the best, but there ARE phones out there that have worse. Truthyfully, out of all the 5 phones I've had the battery is really good. MEDIA/SOUND: Amazing also! If you need it aloud you will get it loud, and I mean loud! TALKING ON PHONE QUALITY: GREAT. you can hear the person really well. PRICE: A little pricey but you get your money's worth out of it. worth every single penny and dollar. INTERNET: Works really well, and is quick. This would be a good phone for a teenager or adult. My favorite thing is that you can get Microsoft Word, Excel, and/or Powerpoint, so you can do your homework if your not by a computer and need one!

Reviewed by Dale from Wales on 19th Dec 2008
I've been reading through the comments on this page and everybody seems to be steering away from orange. Well I'd just like to say I've had my blackberry 9000 for 2 weeks now on orange and everything is perfect, no drop in connection, internet works fine, e-mail works fine. Superb servive and phone. 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by Brian from U.S on 16th Dec 2008
It sucks!

Reviewed by Jimbo from uk on 11th Dec 2008
Got this phone last night. After O2 finally got the settings sorted finally can use it for what its suppose to do. One word.......AWESOME. I cannot fault the phone so far at all, Great screen, good battery, web is superb great applications. I had a O2 orbit PDA before this and a samsung G800 both mediocre. Didnt like the keyboard n the iphone and was concerned about the keyboard on this but have been blown away. just like typing on a laptop. Cannot fault this phone hooked up itunes music on it aswell.

Reviewed by Russell from uk on 9th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 30th Nov 2008
Upgraded to Bold and initially it wouldn't receive 3G at all. Discovered (on web) others on O2 whose Bolds only worked with a new SIM card. Got new SIM and this fixed the problem, sort of. I now get white screen of death about every other day (problem is doesn't self reset so if I don't notice and take action, ie remove and reinsert the battery, I stay off line, bad as I'm a doctor on call). Other problem is a I like to listen to Audible books when "driving" in London traffic and RIM haven't enabled Audible (digital rights management) for the Bold yet. Otherwise an excellent phone, good for emails, loud and clear, easy to use buttons. I'm sticking with it and hoping for software upgrades soon.

Reviewed by Al Bolton from UK on 26th Nov 2008
Generally excellent device,though the very poor camera and no flash support let it down.

Reviewed by zoe from britain on 24th Nov 2008
dis fone is amazin

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
I have had my Bold now for a month and I'm really impressed. I already had an Iphone which I love, but I wanted a device to tap out fast email and texts on the go, something you can't really do on Apple's superb device. Everything about this handset feels quality and expensive, from the fantastic full keyboard to the magnificent (and I mean magnificent screen). I have downloaded a few music videos and even a film to the device and the playback is very impressive. Inside the phone, I found the operating system very easy to use, much more user friendly than Nokia N Series devices and with some decent applications. I wanted to be able to view PDF files on it, so I've downloaded Beamberry which enables you to do this. I have the phone on Vodafone and I can honestly say that I have had not one problem with the 3G service. Bad points? Not many, although I do find the PC software to be a pain at times. Well done Blackberry!

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
Really liked the look of the Storm so got one on Voda at launch, after lack of signal I sent it back and got a cracking deal with the Bold via O2 retentions. I find the Bold does everything I need it to and is the best phone I have ever used when it comes to surfing the net. Email is as you would expect from any BlackBerry device. For anyone trying to decide I would say the Storm looks much nicer and modern but for practical use the Bold wins hands down. One negative thing is that my handset which is only one week old struggles to go from 2G to 3G....sometimes I have to pull the battery out and pop it back in?? Am sur updates will come out in time that will resolve this.

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