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BlackBerry Bold 9900 review

 Review: August 2011  

Last updated September 2013

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: Bigger than previous Bolds, the 9900 benefits from a larger keyboard and a touch-sensitive screen. Although it's now looking very dated, BlackBerry's messaging and security continues to deliver the goods. We wish it had a larger battery though.

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The BlackBerry Bold 9780 has stood the test of time as a rock-solid no-nonsense platform for serious users with zero tolerance for gimmicks. But it's time for an upgrade, and we've been looking forward to the Bold Touch for some months now. Well it's here, and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is bigger and bolder than ever! It's quite a lot larger in the hand actually, although thinner, as if it's been sat on by an elephant (a gentle, caring, techno-savvy elephant). The result is that it's really quite large in the hand, although the reduction in thickness makes it feel perfectly manageable, and in any case the wonderful QWERTY keyboard is now larger and even more wonderful than ever. Overall the device feels rock solid with its stainless steel frame and looks the business with premium styling.

There are other updates inside the case, which we'll come to in a minute, but the biggest and most exciting change has to be the addition of a touch-sensitive screen. The screen is 30% larger than previous Bolds and with a higher resolution too, making it pin sharp. And now you can prod it like those iPhone and Android phones! The BlackBerry 6 operating system first went touch-sensitive on the BlackBerry Torch, and proved itself to be a capable and easy-to-use interface adding genuinely useful functionality. And now here on the Bold we have BlackBerry 7, and it feels so natural we're starting to wonder how we ever managed without it. There's not a big difference between BlackBerry 6 and 7 as far as we can tell, but that's fine. RIM have used a smooth and responsive capacitive screen on the 9900 with pinch and zoom capability and something called Liquid Graphics (for faster graphics rendering). The familiar optical trackpad is still here though, and you can drive the user interface using the buttons and trackpad if you prefer, perhaps just using the touchscreen for web browsing. That's what we love most about the combination of physical QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen - you can use the most appropriate method to make the device do what you want. Which is how it should be.

The Bold 9900 still does everything well, especially messaging. Whether it's email, SMS or BBM, everything works smoothly under BlackBerry 7, and in fact it's not very different to older BlackBerries. Some things change though, and facebook and twitter are now part of the communications mix, and are integrated well with other forms of messaging. The facebook and twitter apps have been updated as well. Web browsing isn't as satisfying as on the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2, and with a smaller screen it's never going to be a great experience, so don't buy it for that reason. The Documents To Go app lets you browse and edit office documents. You want more apps? Hey, this isn't the iPhone, get real!

The hardware has been upgraded, with a very fast 1.2GHz processor and 768MB of RAM, so it never misses a beat. Sure, there are phones around now with dual-core processors, but the Bold isn't trying to do the graphics-hungry stuff that require such intense processing. It does the jobs it needs to without a hitch. There's also plenty of storage available, with 8GB of built-in memory and the capacity to accept 32GB microSD cards.

Photography has never been part of the core functionality of a BlackBerry, but the Bold 9900 does have a decent 5 megapixel still camera with LED flash, and even has the capability of recording HD video. There's no video calling though.

The connectivity of the new Bold has also been updated with the latest options. The 9900 supports Near Field Communication (NFC) for connecting with NFC-enabled devices and smart tags. NFC is probably the way of the future, but it doesn't do a lot right now. This might change over the course of a two-year contract, however. There's also dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11 2.4 GHz b/g/n, 5GHz a/n) in addition to the usual Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm audio connections. HSDPA and HSUPA are present and correct too, as well as GPS.

There's one thing bugging us about the 9900 though, and it's the battery. The previous Bold 9780 had a 1500mAh battery. The new Bold has just 1230mAh. BlackBerry's own benchmark figures show a marked decrease in standby time for the new phone, so we're left puzzled and a little frustrated by this decision. Careful users may get a couple of days between charges if they turn off GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. But heavy duty users might well have to spend a lot of time with their phones plugged in, and that could be annoying.

The 9900 is the best of the Bold series. It retains everything that made the Bold such a huge success in the first place - connectivity, security and ease of text entry. True, it can't compete with similarly-priced phones when it comes to consumer features like the camera, web browser and apps, yet it's not a consumer-targeted product. It's such a shame that the battery sucks.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 features include:

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My BB 9900 fail its battery then i remove the battery and i keep it for almost 6month, now i buy a new battery bt not working.

Asked by victor from krnya on 7th Feb 2017
imei is 356841041871671.model rdv71uw my email is shipitivictor@gmail.com plis help

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Average rating from 79 reviews:

Reviewed by Tris from Uk on 8th May 2014
So here we are. The bold 9900 has been around for 4 years. Many people thought this device was outdated even when it was released. Many thought Qwerty had no future anymore. The Q10 has been and gone. BB10 just isn't hitting the mark with consumers. I've become a real fan of blackberry so I decided to buy the 9900 as a cheap backup to my Q10. First off the build is great. The keypad is perfect, much better I'd even say then on the Q10. Once I delved into os7 I found it to offer far more then bb10. This is a communications device in the truest sense and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Amazingly people are holding on to the 9900 for dear life. It would seem a lot of life is left in this old beast yet..... So much so that production is due to be restarted on the 9900 as demand is still very high. Bb7 devices outsell bb10. The 9900 does one thing, and it does it well. Against the odds I would say its stood the test of time and I can see why. Defiantly blackberry's greatest device to date.

Reply by Michael from Russia on 10th May 2014
Right you are, it's a great device. Love it too. Got Nokia Lumia 925 and BB 9900. BB is rock solid, premium kind of a cell phone. Never gonna sell it. Besides, it has great camera with HD rec., great media player with decent sound, etc, etc. I've heard about production restarting also. And I think it's a great idea.

Reply by Tris from UK on 17th May 2014
Bring on the blackberry classic and the Q30 I say. Not everybody likes typing on glass and mobile phone form factors have become very boring now. What do you mostly have, rectangular slabs of plastic, metal and glass that do the same thing and mostly all pretty much look the same. I want qwerty, clamshell, sliders. I want mobile phones to be interesting again. This is a reason I like blackberry. They are very different and work really well.

Reply by Michael from Russia on 17th May 2014
Yes, that's the reason I've got 925 and BB 9900. 9900 gives me feeling no other cell phone can give. That's why I'll use it with my other cell phone. And hands down it looks great. It's Armi Salvinelli of a cell phones world.

Reply by Tris from UK on 14th Jun 2014
It's now back on the blackberry website to buy. Not sure if they are old stock and rather insanely they are as much as the Q10.

Reply by Michael from Russia on 16th Jun 2014
Oh my, they deserve it. I've heard that 9900s are more popular than Q series. And I think the reason is BB 7 OS. Regarding production I suppose that BB will make the new ones. It's pretty hard to say exactly where they will make them. My BB 9900 was made in Mexico. And it works great.

Reviewed by Michael from Russia on 21st Mar 2014
Update from 20.03.2014. I didn't use my BB 9900 from December 2013 (just switched on the other phone). Yesterday I changed my current phone back to BB 9900. Fact 1: when I put the battery and started the phone the battery was almost fully charged (rested in the box for 3 months!!!). Fact 2: the battery lasted for 1,5 days without charging. The abovementioned facts are absolutely true. Please think about it. Blackberry is Blackberry.

Reviewed by laura from zambia on 10th Feb 2014
I am so disappointed with the blackberry 9900, I was given as a birthday present from my sister. It only worked for a few months then it went off nd never turned back on, I thot it was the battery but up tiLl now its a dead set. I have a lot of friends complaining about the same problem. And I heard its been phased out. Is that true. I would really like a refund for the useless phone I got by blackberry!

Reviewed by Angry customer from South africa on 19th Jan 2014
Mine just went off without being dropped and the worst part was that its not fixable. I ve been hearing people with the same problem, if your bb 9900 stops working no 1 can do anything about it.

Reviewed by Michael from Russia on 22nd Dec 2013
The best BB ever IMHO. 5 months in use. Great keyboard, touchpad, camera with HD recording, etc. As about battery life - don't forget about the thicknes of the BB 9900. It's thin. Therefore the battery is thin also. For those who think that battery life isn't good - you'll not get everything from this battery in 1-1,5 months of using. The battery in BB 9900 starts to work well approximately in 3-4 months. At least in my BB 9900. All in all - BB 9900 IMHO is a great phone made from premium materials. Not for gamers at the same time. Highly recommend it.

Reviewed by mjr from wales on 25th Apr 2013
Good phone, but heavier and bulkier and battery provided is a mystery - badly underpowered. never used the touchscreen as so used to a blackberry without! Too bulky for my little hands and battery life too much of a hassle to be reliable for me. Went back to the Curve 9320 - screen not as sharp etc etc, but lasts the whole day, is small and light and for what i need a phone for is more suitable.

Reviewed by Haze from England on 21st Jan 2013
I've had this phone for 7 months now and if you're not sure whether to get it, I would reccomend it! Its an awesome phone in my opinion. The build quality is much better than any other blackberry out there. The lock button and volume keys on the metal band arround the phone work really well. OS 7.1 works amazingly well! the display is good, the touchscreen is SO useful! I use it alot as it helps out and the pinch to zoom on the internet works great. The internet overall is okay, slightly faster than any other blackberry. The light-up track pas is pretty cool. The qwerty keyboard is the BEST to type on. I type really fast thanks to it and no-one else should have problems making mistakes, I have big hands and it still doesn't make mistakes in spelling or stuff. The LED notification light is alot better and richer in colour. The camera is really good, flash makes pictures so much better. The battery life isn't even as bad as some people say. Its all to do with keeping your phone cool and not over-using the battery. You can always get an extended battery like i have :) i get pretty much most the day with it. The Bold 9900 is really user-friendly so most people shouldn't have problems getting used to it. The flaws of this phone are that sometimes it lags and the clock icon comes and freezes for a minute. When app world is loading it takes like a minute loading which is silly. Sometimes there are delays when you go onto something or are typing something. Thats about it really. Of course there are much better phones you can get but if you have your heart set out on this then go for it :) overall i'm happy

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 17th Oct 2012
I have a Bold 9700 and my wife has a Bold 9900 and both suffer from the same problem - dodgy charger connection - will only charge the phone if it is leant against something. Add to that the abysmal battery life on the 9900 my wife is far from happy with it. I have had 2 Bold's in the last 4 years and in general have been more than happy, however I am due to upgrade in December and although I see BB have a new model coming out in 2013 both I and my wife are moving to the dark side and will be getting iPhones - I think BB's have had their day. BBM's were always a selling point but with the amount of contracts with unlimited texts and calls seems rather pointless now. Especially has you have to pay extra for the Blackberry side of things...

Reviewed by Anonymous from Isle of Man on 14th Oct 2012
In the past I have never used blackberry, but I decided to get one. It is very good but I was disappointed when I couldn't use some things e.g BBM because I needed to have the blackberry contract. Everything is very good, the camera is the best I've seem on a phone, much better then the new iPhone but on the other hand the battery life sent very good, so I charge it every night. Other than that little glitch the phone is.l outstanding!

Reviewed by Haze from England on 25th Sep 2012
I had this phone for a month, loving it for the first 2 weeks. Then problems started to occur. Also, first day I got it and opened it, the bottom plate wasn't even fixed in properly. I had to push it into place. Even though I was taking good care of it when I'd press the lock button it would lock, when I tried unlocking it, the phone would delay the function and it was like, SO annoying. My old phone was the Blackberry Curve 9300 and that always had the timer freezing the phone for like a minute randomly. And the same thing started to happen AGAIN with the 9900... And the screen plate that has the "end call/call/media key,back key" was loose and every time I used the trackpad it felt rough and like it was going to scrape my finger everytime. I'm not putting it down though. This phone is actually amazing, much better than any other blackberry. Battery could be better but I don't have any major problems with it. Lasts me like 8 hours, more or less depending on how much I use it. It only needs 1 charge a day and I leave it to charge over-night. The OS is very good, much more improved. The keypad is so good to type with, so soft and easy to type. I have big hands and I dont make any mistakes with this phone. Very user-friendly and to be honest I reccomend it to other BlackBerry fans. I guess I'll have to take more good care when my new 9900 arrives

Reviewed by Ian from England on 6th Sep 2012
I would be lost without a trusted Blackberry. The 9900 is the best yet. However it really should have a better battery. Although not a major issue as I have chargers at work and in the car. Just becomes a problem when you are out all day. However I still love it. Camera is also the best that ever had on a Blackberry.

Reviewed by Shah from Pakistan on 4th Sep 2012
Probably one of the best phones I have owned
Everything about it is just topnotch be it the screen, keyboard, touch input,call quality,or professional stuff that is the core of b.b
The only problem that can be highlighted is the battery life which is extremely poor especially when compared to Nokia e6
Moreover its slightly on the larger side so slipping it into tight jeans pockets can be an issue.
Apart from that it is just an outstanding device which does what it is intended for superbly
Awesome device & does justice to it's price tag

Reviewed by mse from NZ on 19th Aug 2012
I find that this phone is really for the person who knows exactly what they want, rather than an 'all in one' package. If you fall in this consumer category, iPhone is the way to go. I have specific needs (and also tastes) and Blackberry meets them. The product itself is high quality, make and design. I have upgraded from the 9000. Blackberry is really your classic business phone. Nothing more, nothing less.

Reply by Jay from England on 14th Sep 2012
Blackberry used to be your classic business phone except every modern phone can perform their functions now (sending and receiving emails and IM is not unique), it is no excuse to say its not an 'all in one package'. If the phone has the function it should perform it well that is not an unfair expectation for $600+, the OS is as flawed as the battery. I can only imagine your specific needs and tastes consist of having a phone that lasts until only lunchtime and disappointing your employer/customers when you are unreachable for half the day. It is no coincidence that RIM is losing money at a time when they have failed to adequately improve their product to keep pace with the market.

Reviewed by Jay from Nigeria on 5th Aug 2012
I had been and continue to use a HTC but got this as bbm is essential in Nigeria it seems, however I am really disappointed as I used to have the curve but in comparison the battery here is awful. It really is not an exaggeration to say if you browse for an hour or so the battery is almost drained, generally you would always have to begin charging by around lunchtime. In addition to this mine has an annoying habit of occasionally rebooting for no reason whenever I try to unlock it. RIM is not going to be around much longer if they don't make a real effort with their new OS as this one is clearly just a rehash of what has gone before.The hardware is mostly sound but the OS is so buggy and slow guaranteed the phone will freeze at least once a day always when you most need it this phone will test you resolve not to just fling it out of the window! A blackberry with android would be perfect, the only reason to keep this phone is bbm and if everyone used whatsapp its essentially pointless. I have had many phones of differing brands through the years when this works (which is not often) its excellent but overall I would say its thw worst phone I have ever owned.

Reviewed by Mark from uk on 23rd Jul 2012
this really is a solid reliable phone,if you remove the social feeds app the battery life is brilliant easily 2 days using constantly for emails, messaging and dare i say phone calls which incidently are cyrstal clear. Sure you cant compare it to an iphone after they really are two different beasts but as a solid communicator its superb with no issues to report as yet.

Reviewed by Hassan from England on 20th Jul 2012
I just got this phone 2 days ago and I really like it! Its so easy to use and I love the bigger keypad and light up trackpad! I wasn't so sure about getting this because of people complaining about battery life. But i went ahead and got it and it works perfectly fine. Should last you most the day. Everything is better than other blackberry's and i totally recommend it

Reviewed by Brian Adair from UK on 16th Jul 2012
I have got the bold 9900 and i have been looking at all the reviews about battery life. First of all its an excellent phone for typing and communicating with. Second its called battery management all phone now a days use a lot of juice. Deal with it (Manage It) Overall a great phone. I have been using the iphone for the past 2 years now that is a battery killer so think yourself lucky. Carry a spare !!!!

Reviewed by Katie Price from Brighton on 2nd Jul 2012
Really is a great phone upgraded from a 9780

Reviewed by JH from England on 21st Jun 2012
Amazing! I got this phome and got the iPhone 4s but had to change back as this phone makes you fall in love. The QWERTY pad is easy to use and for on goers who don't stop. Excelent.

Reviewed by ian from uk on 14th Jun 2012
i've hada bb curve 8520, bold 9000, torch 9810.. loved and hated them, i hate bbs! i moved onto iphone and i have a galaxy s2... traded my torch for bold 9900.. omg i am in love again! its premium quality, the battery only lasts at most for 10 hours, no matter how many people say it lasts for days. if you play music or watch vids it'll last around 4 hours. so i got myself a spare battery and portable charger, it's worth it.. this phone is the best bb out there and sexy as ;)

Reviewed by Rog from UK on 12th Jun 2012
This is my second business issued Blackberry and I remain unimpressed. The battery life is terrible on this model, and my colleagues agree. The combination of touch screen and trackpad causes issues when I use the trackpad (which is what I am used to, having used a 9700 previously) but catch the screen with my thumb, resulting in many instances of mistakenly selecting the wrong email/message/webpage etc. Two key strokes to type numbers is still ridiculous, and I thought having a touch screen would enable the editing of an email message you reply/forward, and also allow cut/paste of text, but alas this functionality is still absent. It is also not as stable as the 9700, therefore I have to rate it lower than the 9700.

Reply by Mark from England on 20th Jul 2012
After reading lots of complaints about the battery I was a little worried however I stumbled across a forum where the advice was all the usual things like brightness, update etc but also it seemed that the best thing to do was delete the social feeds app. This is only my 2nd day with the phone so it's only had 1 charge it's now now been on for 14 hours and I'm on 60%, I've used my phone for quite a few calls,emails and messages as well as having a bit of play.So try it and see if it helps and let us know

Reviewed by Kat from England on 20th May 2012
Rubbish phone 4th one int 3 months!

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 12th May 2012
RUBBISH!!! Had a curve 8900 before that was fab, upgraded to the 9900 and have had nothing but problems - i have 3 contracts for myself and family and within 5 months we've been through 7 handsets!

Battery is dire, as someone who travels on business this phone is only any good if you turn everything off, otherwise lucky to get 12 hours out of it. Various software issues - although still in contract have convinced vodafone to swap all handsets to something else - anything other than BB!!!

I predict them going bust very soon


Reviewed by Was from UK on 19th Mar 2012
this is my third blackberry and just upgraded from a 9780 Bold which was excellent. This new 9900 Bold howevere is useless. The touch screen is pathetic and the battery life will last half a day if you put the phone to some use. It amazes me as I use this phone and think why is it so hard for blackberry to make a phone which can compete with others on the market?? It seems they are going backwards with their technology. The only thing holding me on bb was the bbm function, however the Bold has now gone and the Iphone 4s has been purchased, and I tell you what you notice the difference in quality, ease of use, apps, battery life and overall excellence. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by Harv from UK on 5th Mar 2012
I'm a big Blackberry fan. Recently got the 9900 which is my 5th consecutive Blackberry. The phone looks great but the battery life was so atrocious that I had to swap it for a 9810 after a couple of weeks.

Reviewed by Jasper from England on 19th Feb 2012
UTTERLY DREADFUL DESIGN FAULT...Had the Bold 9700 before the 9900, that was quite a good phone. Upgraded to the newer model and within a day was cursing the track pad. The old Bold has a raised track pad surrounded by a crome bezel, this new one is flat and flush with the cheap feeling plastic which is less than 1mm from the bottom of the touch screen. So with it being a touch screen when you put your finger or thumb on the track pad if you touch the screen ... which I did frequently, it jumps to whatever you have touched...Battery...has it got a watch battery inside ??. Sold it.

Reviewed by kamran from united kingdom on 17th Feb 2012
not good

Reviewed by tom from northern ireland on 10th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Tahel Miah from Bangladesh on 27th Jan 2012
Had this phone for a week now and i love it to pieces, much better than the iPhone by far!

Reviewed by Elizabeth from England on 26th Jan 2012
Honestly, some people that review these phones say the most ridiculous things at times. Saying ignore reviews about the battery as people text, tweet, email, play games etc.! isn't that the reason we use the phones for these days especially when you are on the go, as a business person, i use the email an awful lot and a lot of other things on it that helps my business and i find that the battery runs down very quickly and i have got very frustrated with it. I can assure you that just because i complain, doesn't mean that i am not using it correctly either!!!

Reviewed by Jack from Ireland on 12th Jan 2012
This is my 4th BB HAVE IT 1 month and I love it but it froze today. I took out battery and reloaded and that did the trick but I am concerned that it migh happen again. Battery time isnt an issue as I have a THB Bury Car kit which charges the phone as well. its the Take and Talk which I have had for the last two curves (you just change the cradle for a new set)- brilliant.

Reviewed by Marc from London on 10th Jan 2012
Having read mixed reviews about this phone, mostly about battery life I was uncertain if I had made the right decision. All I can say is that I am delighted with the 9900! It has a quility feel, the touchscreen is a dream to use (as good as iPhone etc)and the querty keyboard is just outstanding. I have disabled features that I don`t use on a regular basis such as wifi and GPS and also set the screen brightness to a sensible level along with the vibration settings. This has helped battery life and I get about 2 days with moderate use. Ignore people who bang on about battery life. These are people who text, tweet, facebook, email,play games and listen to music all day, then moan the battery is flat! Transferring all my settings and cotacts etc from my old Blackberrywas soeasy, it took 3 minutes using the Blackberry desktop software. I didnt even have to re send my BBM contacts my new pin, all sorted automatically. In summary, a great looking quality phone that does all it says and more.

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 9th Jan 2012
Had the Bold 9900 and its the Worst phone ever, battery life is terrible, hangs all the time, a rubbish phone to say the least. If your a heavy business phone user don't get this phone!

Reviewed by Donal from Ireland on 28th Dec 2011
Got this phone for Xmas one word - EXCELLENT!!! Tricky to set up at first since its my first Blackberry but its working like a charm now. Battery last for 2 days. People who are complaining are just not using it correctly. If you after a QWERTY phone then this one for you.

Reviewed by Jodie from England on 23rd Dec 2011
WOULDNT RECOMEND ANY ONE TO BUY THIS PHONE! I have to fully charge it 2ce a day. When i 'try' to unlock my phone it take about 1min to finally unlock. It freezes all the time even whilst i'm on the phone sometimes. I had the Blackberry Curve 3G last it was great had no problems with it. If i was to choose between this phone or my old one I'd pick the Curve 3G.

Reviewed by peter from manchester on 16th Dec 2011
got this phone for my daughter and had nothing but trouble changed it 3 times lots of problems with the lock button and also screen freezing and unable to use some of the apps its very disappointing as she waited for this phone to come out after having the curve with no trouble for 2 years now changing to the iphone

Reviewed by Barney from Australia on 15th Dec 2011
Well i recently switched to BB. Always had nokia, except for the very early motorola. I think that the best use for the BB is to prop open the back door to let the breeze in. tried both 9800 torch and when it had to go in to be replaced (would not send SMS) they lent me a 9900 bold, (GPS did not work). seems that everytime i connect to the PC i have to remove the battery. i am running the latest software. ran the latest in both phones. Orientation is another very annoying bug bear. I have an old samsung touchphone that beats the BB hands down.

Reviewed by Qaiser Walvir from India on 10th Dec 2011
RIM has lost it! I used 9900 for few months and tried almost every possible software update but battery life sucks big time. Awesome phone otherwise but I wouldn't have complained if it was a little thicker to have a bigger battery that would at least run through out a day (Min 15 Hrs). I still love and prefer a 9780 and if OS 7 is that good for you then 9790 instead. I don't know why RIM opted for 1000 to 1230 mAH battery for os 7 devices?

Reviewed by tommy from London on 4th Dec 2011
BEST PHONE ever !!!!! That's all that's got to be said here I've had best part ofblackberry and iphones over the past few years and never have I had a phone that does what its meant to do and that is just works. My battery is the best I have ever had on a phone it last me right the way through till 1:00 in the morning on heavy usage. WIKITUDE is a gimmik but its nice to have on your phone. Its soo well built and when you've had your phone charged all night and you go to pick it up and the steel band is freezing it makes the phone feel soo nice I enjoy holding this phone. I was a bit worried it would be a bit too big upgradeing from 9780 but actually its a wicked size it fits judt right in the hand and its very solid. If you ask me RIM have made all the right moves with this phone and BB os7 its a masterpiece :)

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 2nd Dec 2011
After reading these reviews I was in two minds whether or not to upgrade to the 9900 due to the poor battery life, however two days after giving it a quick (not a full) charge, I am still waiting for the battery to drain - this is after constant texting, a few calls,using the twitter app and a couple of games. If you dim the backlight and shorten the time for the backlight to blackout, use auto on/off, check the vibrate and LED settings you should have no problems. Anyway about the phone, I love it, has a good solid feel to it, much better keypad to the Curve, the camera is good quality 5 megapixels is ample for me on a phone as I own a camera) plus the addition of a flash and different shooting modes is an excellent bonus compared to my old curve. Internet browsing is fast, the home screen is excellent, with the choice of viewing all icons, or only favourites etc, and also much easier now to change your wifi settings or turn off your mobile radio as it's all on the home screen. Anyone concerned about having to use the touchscreen, you don't really need to, it still has the trackpad. Overall this is an excellent phone, I cannot find anything to fault with it.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 27th Nov 2011
This is my first BB nut after setting my wifes curve up I fell for the simplicity of it, so decided on my next upgrade to get the 9900. My previous phones have always been SE so was a bit apprehensive. I neednt have worried - The 9900 is an outstanding phone for emails, texts, BB messenger and internet browsing (Im not a game player). I was worried about the battery life but perhaps this problem has now been sorted because It lasts from 0600 through to 2200 no problem (an its not even on low then). Had the phone a month now and I will say you will not be disappointed as its the best phone I have ever had since my first Nokia in 1996 :)

Reviewed by Tina from United Kingdom on 26th Nov 2011
Those of you complaining about the battery but love the phone itself - get yourself a spare battery and carry it with you in emergency just incase it dies when you need it. Problem solved!! :)

Reviewed by Liam from United Kingdom on 21st Nov 2011
I'm still sort of a BlackBerry newbie, but I have been on the BlackBerry shop now for a couple of months and I am thoroughly impressed indeed! I originally started on an 8520, then a 9780 for a couple of weeks and now the 9900. I've owned the phone for just a few days but already, I am absolutely blown away by how impressive this Blackberry really is! This is by far, the best Blackberry out at the moment - yes this phone may of suffered firmware and software issues during the release and shortly after but these have very much now been phased out and fixed! The first thing I noticed about the phone was WOW! The look and feel of this Blackberry is absolutely lovely, especially the stainless steel frame. The build quality of this phone is also spot on - much, much better than the previous Blackberry's I have owned. One on my key things about this 9900, is the awesome keyboard it comes equipped with - I near enough got used to it straight away. Compared with my pre-owned 9780 & 8520, the keyboards on them took some time for me to get used it. One thing I like about the 9900 as well, is how slim it is, it fits into the hand lovely. The touchscreen on this Blackberry is absolutely briliant too, the screen really is crystal and crisp and is very bright. When I got the phone, it originally came from the .261 firmware version but after various research I have upgraded to the latest official .540 version. I can confirm that the battrery life has vastly improved a lot (as other reviewers have confirmed) but their again, one of the minor bad points about this phone is that it only has a 1230 mAHr battery (compared to the 9780 and other modern smart phones, which have much rated higher battierties). In general though since the update, the phone runs even more faster on its BB OS 7. Overall, I would give this phone 8 or 9/10. The only single and most noticable bad point with the phone is the battery - in my opinion, this is the only thing that is stopping the phone getting a possible 10/10.

Reviewed by Darcyc77 from UK on 18th Nov 2011
Always been a Blackberry fan and recently upgraded from my long suffering battered 8900. New 9900 is fantastic. The keyboard is arguably Blackberry's finest and the overall build quality of the handset is fantastic. the touch screen works a treat and OS is good too. Email FB Twitter and the internet are all pretty spot on as you would expect. Having read the reviews on this site (and other sites), a common thread is the poor battery life which I personally dont agree with. The trick is to not keep any apps open whilst not in use and then the battery is fine. Simply hold down the Blackberry key to see which apps are open and close off FB Twitter etc when not in use. also, dont keep the internet open, simply click on the tabs icon on the top right and close off when not in use. Problem solved.

Reviewed by Dazza from UK on 15th Nov 2011
Just wanted to give an update on my previous review, Over the past few weeks i've been trying different OS versions & i have to say the latest official version OS7.0.0.503 is superb, not only is the handset even faster to use overall but the battery life has increased for me by around 50%. this OS update is a must for all heavy users & i cant recommend it highly enough, as i type my phones been off charge for 16hrs & ive still got 35% battery left after heavy useage - couple hrs of calls, fb,twitter, bbm & browsing. This update has now given me the best Blackberry i've ever owned :)

Reviewed by Ruth Pickering from England on 13th Nov 2011
Purchased the Blackberry Bold Touch & after 2 weeks I had an issue where the phone needed to be charged up & it would'nt work !! T-Mobile agreed to exchange it for another one! Now this one is the same . When I contacted T-Mobile the first time this happened ,I was informed by the Customer Services Agent that they had other customers contact them with this problem !

Reviewed by Alex from England on 7th Nov 2011
I love this phone! Was scared cos of the reviews about battery life, but it is absolutely fine! I do miss my htc though :(

Reviewed by Laney from UK on 5th Nov 2011
This is my 2nd BlackBerry upgrading from a 9700, was worried about the battery so purchased a car charger and a pod charger for work. Love the phone, and has a keypad, only regret is the camera does not have auto focus. Email, docs and fb , twitter great 10 stars for this. well done BlackBerry.

Reviewed by Chris from Glasgow on 2nd Nov 2011
Had my bold now three weeks and it is superb. My battery is lasting nearly 3 days with moderate use. It's fast, crisp and clear screen and a good camera. Music player is excellent. My iPod gave up and this is now my sole device for Internet and music. I'm not missing my apple at all. You won't regret getting this phone

Reviewed by Kev from Uk on 2nd Nov 2011
Great phone, upgraded from bold 9780 and it works really well.touch screen is great addition and it's very quick especially on web browsing.the phone feels real quality and after a few days of using the battery seems allot better than I feared and with my job I'm using phone all day. Great phone all round.

Reviewed by Andrea from United Kingdom on 31st Oct 2011
Great love to bits was worried because i heard about the dreaded battery life but then went with my instincts glad i did has all i want plus a touch and the keyboard :) well done blackberry

Reviewed by Dazza from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
This is the fourth Blackberry i've owned & i have to say i have mixed feelings, the build quality and premium feel & speed of the handset are superb but they are all let down by what can only be described as "terrible" battery life. Such a shame as battery life has never been an issue for me with any BB i've owned before but i struggle to get 6hrs out of this handset with moderate useage. I have have tried a few different OS updates, both official & leaked but tbh they dont make much difference, but i live in hope that an OS update will come along to improve the batt life. Its a real shame as the 9900 is perfect in every other way but you WILL find yourself constantly checking the batt levels & charging every chance you get. Summary: only 3*** due to battery but i still rate this phone as the best BB to date & im happy to stick with it until the new BBX handsets come out in 2012.

Reviewed by The Tiger That Eats Towerblocks from Croydon on 19th Oct 2011
Best phone ever spoilt by a weak battery

Reviewed by John from uk on 5th Oct 2011
very poor battery

Reviewed by Massive Dwarf from England on 27th Sep 2011
Im on my 3rd 9900 bold in last 10 days. First one kept changing date to 2043 and invalidating many features on the handset. Second one i got decided to delete the os and any software on it so as left with a completely blank phone. PIcked up my 3rd one just now so fingers crossed because despite all the problems with the software (and there are many) and the pants battery life i love this phone, i never want to put it down. Ill send a further more in depth review once i see how my 3rd one gets on haha wish me luck

Reply by Your replies from The same place as you on 1st Feb 2012
Hahaa put it down, it's not your dog!!! But I totally agree with you, don't worry I had to replace all of my bolds so far but this one has that great holiness about it and it hasnt broke yet!! Bye and thanks xx

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 24th Sep 2011
Took this as an upgrade mainly based on the quality/premium feel to the handset, but wanting to have touchscreen functionality. The screen is clear, and the operating system is 'ok'. The touchscreen isn't great when you've come from using an iphone. However, take note of the reviews on battery life - it is terrible. Very lucky if it gets through the day on light usage - i thought people might have been exagerating a bit, they're not! Taken it back to the shop...

Reviewed by James from UK on 23rd Sep 2011
Got this as an upgrade from 9780. Excellent phone, quick and very well made - but the battery life is poor, otherwise would have been 5 stars!

Reviewed by Russ from Uk on 23rd Sep 2011
Why why why! The battery has undone all bb's work. It's amazing but the battery runs out by 3 pm on normal usage. Back using my bold9780. Gutted. Why not just put a battery that can last a day that's all 1 day!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 20th Sep 2011
I just got this phone and the first version had a security problem. They sent me another the next day with no problem. This phone is fantastic, it's very fast and very usable, it has to be the perfect balckberry out there. The only downside is the battery, you'll have to charge this phone everyday at least and that only if you use it lightly. This would is the phone that if they put the right battery in (like the 9780) then business women and man would have get this. SUCH A SHAME

Reviewed by Uzair from UK on 17th Sep 2011
I have previously had the bold 9780, iphone 4 and samsung wave 2, now have the 9900 and it is the BEST phone I've ever bought, I've handled over 100 phones and this new bold is a SUPERB phone and it is the keypad that does it, very satisfying, and for someone who doesn't like touchscreen typing and prefer buttons like me then this is the phone for you. Bought mine for 407 unlocked and brand new, best phone out now, everything is perfect, not froze once, amazing interface, touchscreen is responsive and gives NO lag, the battery life is a little disappointing, turning all connections off including the mobile network at night has saved me some battery life, lasts me about a day, but far too small to nag at or blemish the positives of this phone

Reviewed by John J from UK on 16th Sep 2011
Simply --- Awesome!!

Reviewed by Richard from London , Hackney on 16th Sep 2011
i got this phone yesterday and it is the best blackberry so far the key pad is wicked and fast to type on...the screen is a little small but ok i have just come out of a torch , i would have kept the phone but the key pad was to small. the biggest problem with this phone is the battery is stinks,the phone had a full charge last night so i switch it on this morning i made a call at about 10 am for 20 mins and from that call i lost 50% of my power by 12 am i was out of power, what a joke i will be taken ths phone back to the shop and will be changing it for a android phone, i think blackberry have shot themselves in the foot launching this phone with such a rubbish battery life....silly silly..i have used blackberrys for 5 years now and i will change tomorrow to a android phone as all i want is a mobile that will last a day, IS THIS TO MUCH TO ASK ?

Reviewed by John J from UK on 16th Sep 2011
Simply --- Awesome!!

Reviewed by temi from nigerian on 15th Sep 2011
i love blackberry

Reviewed by Minibraveheart from England on 14th Sep 2011
Fantastic feel to it, great keyboard compared to older bold, touchscreen a nice little touch to finish off a well put together phone BUT !!! battery is a bit poor will need charging every day if not more.would of been 5* but battery haslet it down slightly

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 11th Sep 2011

Reviewed by Terri from UK on 11th Sep 2011
Got this for my little girl because she start secondary school this week, I love it as much as she dose, beautifully made, elegant, amazing features. I now getting one for me as well when JSA arrive Thursday

Reviewed by Rodney from Peckham on 6th Sep 2011
Lovely phone, qwerty, touch screen and everything, cosmic at last a phone to replace my E61i, well done Blackberry

Reviewed by Cris from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
Got the 9900 a week ago. Unfortunately the phone is going back to Vodafone this week. I have owned Blackberrys for the last four years I have loved them all. Then I tried an iphone and I was amazed, except for not knowing when I had received an email. I sent the iphone back and a few days later I started missing the iphone!!! I rang Vodafone and I'm now getting my iphone 4 back. I made a mistake,but going back to Blackberry made me realise what I was missing much more by no having the iphone. Iphone is great, you can still get your emails, media is great, applications are amazing, phone feels quality, overall feels great! As much I have loved Blackberrys all these years, now it's time for a change and iphone seems to be the answer. The touch screen on BB 9900 is dissapointing (only if you have tried an iphone), battery life isn't as good as BB 9000 or BB 9700 or BB 9780. Screen is too sensitive which is annoying. Phone looks like a modern version of BB 9000. I don't use Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking sites so can't give an opinion. Overall great as any BB. I'll give 4 stars because of the battery life as I'm a heavy user. Hope this helps. If you like BB it's a definite buy. If you like the iphone 4, don't buy it.

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 29th Aug 2011
Quite simply the best phone I've owned. Looks and feels wonderful; so sleek and elegant. The keyboard is great for typing out those long emails. Perhaps the best keyboard to appear on a Blackberry. Battery life is around 25% less than the Bold 9780, but this isn't a problem for me because it's still a hundred times better than any HTC phone. There's not a lot of Apps around, but apps are overrated for me. The in-house Twitter & Facebook apps are extremely reliable and easy to use. RIM has also updated their Social Feeds app and it now has a ton of new features to keep you up-to-date with RSS feeds and social networking all in one place. The camera is superb, despite no autofocus. HD video is crystal clear, as is the screen. This is the first Bold with a touchscreen, which is super-responsive and a joy to use. The trackpad still comes in handy though and is by no way a redundant feature. Standout feature has to be the browser. It's around 40% faster that the Bold 9780 and it really shows. Works superbly well and has some nice features, like the ability to add your own search engines so you can search eBay and Amazon right from the address bar. Wouldn't trade it for an iPhone 10.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 29th Aug 2011
Got this as an upgrade from the Iphone 4. Thought it wouldn't be able to compare but it really does. Works brilliantly haven't had any problems with it. The features you get with the phone are good but the only thing I found from upgrading from an Iphone is that the app store isn't as good but you do get an app store which isn't to bad. All in all an amazing phone and well worth getting.

Reviewed by Phil D from UK on 28th Aug 2011
Had this phone for a week and having had BB's for years together with other phones including the iphone 4 there is no contest The 9900 beats them all A quality piece of kit its easy to give it 5* rating well done

Reviewed by Paul B from England on 26th Aug 2011
I got my shiny new Bold 9900 a few days ago for my O2 upgrade. Wow. I am quite lucky in the fact that this will only really be used for work as I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 as my personal handset. The two phones are not comparable as they are designed for different things - I use my Galaxy for satnav a lot using the very intuitive Google Maps Navigation (hasn't missed a beat) and the BlackBerry cannot compete with this, but it's not meant to. I rate my mobiles on what they are designed for. The email and messaging function on the BlackBerry is unrivalled. I often receive my mail on the handset before my PC. Having the bonus of a touchscreen brings the Bold right up to date with the current market and works very well and isn't just a gimmick. There is a noticeable speed difference with the new processor, the keys are a pleasure to type on and the whole feel of the handset oozes quality. I would thoroughly recommend the 9900. As an owner of quite a few mobiles over the years I can honestly say that this is one of the best I have owned. Buy it for the purpose that is was designed for, not comparing it to the iPhone or latest premium Android handsetsand you will not be disappointed. Plus, BlackBerry have seen fit to include a decent leather pouch and cleaning cloth - bonus!

Reviewed by coco from uk on 26th Aug 2011
This phone is one word - amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love it screen quality and brightness is superb and internet is fast. Love how its so light too. Way forward better than an iphone - has bbm!!!!

Reviewed by phil da'drill from uk on 23rd Aug 2011
got rid of my iphone. this is in my opinion the ultimate smartphone. with the exception of the amount of apps available on the iphone this is superior in every way. the keypad is easy to use, call quality is brilliant and the battery life isn't half bad. top that off with bbm and everything in the garden is rosy... i cannot recommend enough... 6/5...

Reviewed by LEO from UK on 22nd Aug 2011
Bold 9900 is a Blackberry on steriods. The speed of this thing is amazing. The best QWERTY out there by a mile, you can type without looking even. The screen is good and the 640x480 res makes a lot of difference. Im not a fan of touchscreens so I hardly use it and I wish there was a option to disable it. The only downside of this phone for me is the battery. Where I was use to getting 2-3 days moderate-heavy use on my 9700 I only get 13-15 hrs from the 9900. This is quite disappointing from RIM as one of the reasons why I stuck with BB is for their battery. Would of got 5 stars.

Reviewed by Simon Maxwell from England on 18th Aug 2011
This is a wonderful phone! Rock solid build, blindingly fast messaging and browsing, terrific call quality, beautiful to look at and immediately compatible with Outlook, this is the best business phone on the market, bar none. Thoroughly recommended - five stars!

Reviewed by Steve C from UK on 18th Aug 2011
Received my 9900 on the 15th and sadly sent it back as the software had not been fully installed by vodafone, therefore couldn't actually open any emails. Replacement received yesterday and it is absoloutely brilliant. I had the Storm 2, and the touchscreen software was so glitchy that it became very frustrating. All these issues seem resolved. It's super fast and very light - I highly recommend this to the hardcore BB community - RIM have done really well on this one!

Reviewed by BB Fan from UK on 13th Aug 2011
I got my Blackberry Bold 9900 yesterday and i think its an excellent phone! I have also owned Bold 9700 and the Bold 9780 and i loved them both, but this phone is by far superior. They phone is bigger than the 9700 and 9780 making the keypad extremely easy to use if you have wide fingers, and the new and improved icons are very crisp! The touch screen is very responsive i haven't had to touch an icon more than once to get it to load, and the internet is very quick compared to other blackberry's. The only downside to this phone is that the trackpad is a little slower than on the bold 9780, (although it improved when i turned the trackpad sensitivity up to 100) but its not really a problem because you don't really need to use the trackpad at all thanks to the amazing touch screen! Another great feature if you use your blackberry for work is the fact that 'Documents To Go' comes pre-installed on the 9900, so that you can view, create and send Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and also view PDF documents. I give this phone 5/5

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