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BlackBerry Bold 9780 review

 Review: November 2010  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is probably the best business phone we've ever reviewed. Business essentials include its outstanding QWERTY keyboard, exceptional email support, rock solid battery life plus Wi-Fi and HSPA for fast internet access. We're loving the BlackBerry 6 OS too. Available in Black or White.

Best buy: Blackberry Bold 9780 from eBay (£95.00)


Precisely one year after the launch of the Bold 9700 comes the Bold 9780. On the face of it, not a lot has changed. The 9780 is exactly the same size and weight as the 9700 and looks almost identical. The features are almost the same, with some very minor hardware updates and the latest BlackBerry 6 operating system. But don't misunderstand us, we like the Bold 9780 very much. If the original is close to perfection, there's no need for revolutionary change: evolution is better.

You can read our review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to find out more about what the Bold can do. We're just going to comment here that the 9780 comes with more built-in memory (512 MB compared with 256 MB), has an uprated camera (5 megapixels instead of 3.2) and runs BlackBerry 6. This is a definite improvement, with improved ease-of-use and clearer menus. The email and web systems have been redesigned, with the new web browser offering full tabbed browsing. The BlackBerry email experience remains intact, with full support for corporate email accounts as well as gmail. The home screen is more customisable, and there are plenty of shortcuts and helpful features to enable you to do what you want more quickly. It's a welcome change, but won't cause existing BlackBerry users much trouble in adapting.

In summary, the Bold 9780 is definitely the best of the Bold series so far, but existing Bold users won't see a huge change from the Bold 9700. Still, if it's time to upgrade, then the 9780 is worth having. It's a very solidly built phone with a mature but refreshed operating system. It does the job brilliantly, with a fantastic QWERTY keyboard, outstanding connectivity and a whopping 1500 mAHr battery. You won't find a better business workhorse than the BlackBerry 9780.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 features include:

  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and video recording (480 x 352 pixels)
  • LCD display: 480 x 360 pixels, 65,000 colours, 2.44 inches
  • Media player (Supports MP3, WMA, MIDI, AMR-NB, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, 3GP formats plus partial XviD support)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, push email with attachment viewer
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Voice dialling
  • Voice memo recorder
  • MP3 ringtones / 32 voice polyphonic ringtones
  • GPS with BlackBerry Maps
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Vibration alert
  • Internet: Web browser, RSS feeds, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA (3.6 Mbps)
  • Connectivity: WLAN, Bluetooth 2.0, USB, RIM wireless modem, 3.5mm stereo headset port
  • Memory: 512 MB on-board plus 2GB microSD memory card
  • Size: 109 x 60 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 122g
  • Quadband GSM (1900/1800/900/850 MHz) plus UMTS (2100/1900/850/800 MHz)
  • Battery: 1500 mAHr removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Talktime: 6 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 528 hours

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 user reviews

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Average rating from 105 reviews:

Reviewed by Victorious Bold from England on 1st Feb 2015
Best bold out Of The Line Best Battery Life ,Workhorse Never Lets You Down,Best One To Get. Perfect Phone.

Reviewed by buwembo daniel from india on 13th Sep 2014
The phone is expensive bt fake.it ct go to office messenger.if I. Stay online more 30min the inernet frezers ad I to fast remove the battery terible

Reviewed by Benyamin Limanto from Indonesia on 10th Sep 2014
If I compare my Bold 9780 with my Nokia E63 or E75, I would prefer Nokia instead of Bold. Because it have more apps for me as a student. But for email, still 9780 much better.. I've a cheap full service data plan from Hutchison 3 CP in Indonesia, only for 250 bucks a year for full service if it converted to US Dollar..

Reviewed by Luyanda from South africa on 1st Sep 2014
My blackberry bold 9780 dont want to brows but when am logging on facebok it logges on bbm it logges but other social network aint working......i need help i want to browse rihgt now

Reviewed by tworld from Zimbabwe on 30th Oct 2013
An amazin' fon indeed the trackpad is so amazin' this fon luks good in white,the camera is so good not forgetting the memory

Reviewed by Andrii from Canada on 27th May 2013
Piece of junk ,and not only my opinion .If I could take off one star I would do this.

Reviewed by Steve Hickman from UK on 14th Jan 2013
My daughter and I have a Bold 9780 each. I have had mine around 12 months and my daughter around 9 months. The case around the screen locking button at the top has collapsed and broke away on my daughters phone and looking at mine this has cracked and is about to cave in, in exactly the same way. Has anyone else had this problem and do I go back to the T-Mobile shop where they came from or contact the insurance people?

Reviewed by jorge from Helvetia on 8th Oct 2012
Outstanding!!!! RIM rules.

Reviewed by Jessica Keefe from England on 2nd Oct 2012
I can't complain about the performance, except for the few times it froze and needed to be rebooted, but I have huge complaints about the build quality. First of all, the plastic and the dark chrome used gets very easily scratched. When I first bought this phone in 2011, I bought an Otterbox Impact Case to put it in. Barely a month later, I noticed that the black plastic above the screen and the keys that contain the menu, call and back keys have begun showing small but visible scratches. Later on, the matt black plastic below the bottom keys began showing scratches too. What surprised me the most is that the parts covered by the Otterbox case became heavily scratched too, particularly the dark chrome that surrounds the phone. It looked terrible. Soon, the top plastic that contains the lock button began showing tiny bubbles/blisters that soon started peeling. Six months in and the phone looked like it's six years old. I was really peeved about the chrome part getting scratched by the Otterbox case. Very cheap materials for an extremely expensive phone. I don't know what RIM is smoking selling these cheap plastic builds for very high prices.

Reviewed by roddick shaw from Insomnia land on 9th Aug 2012
Masterpiece,great.5 stars.

Reviewed by Ellie from England on 20th Apr 2012
This phone is amazing!! This is my 1ST smartphone and i have had NO problems with it. Its not slow, BBM(Blackberry messenger) Is Brilliant, MMS AND SMS is amazing, It is definately worth the money. The battery last for 2 days (at the least ) The Battery is BRILLIANT , it lets me upload photos/ Twits Perfectly on Facebook , twitter, tumblr. The qwerty keyboard is PERFECT, because i have small fingera so.....The trackpad is perfect, The shape of the Phone is Nice and thin , Both Nicee colours in Black and White. I dont regret buying this phone. YOU HAVE TO AGREE AND BUY IT. you will regret it in the end.!! Byee i hope this helpss .

Reviewed by FEMI from NIGERIA on 2nd Apr 2012

Reviewed by Chris from Uk on 4th Mar 2012
Had this phone for the best part of a year now. Brilliant if your a 40 year old business executive who only cares about writing emails and working 24/7, but for a 20 year old lad at university, this phone is poor at the best of times.
Lacks any decent apps, poor camera, freezes, loses signal easily and has a poor battery.
All in all theres alot more value out there compared to a blackberry. The qwerty keyboard is the only good thing about it. To be honest its brilliant, but thats all it has going for it.

Reply by JanusMan from Bahrain on 19th May 2012
Dear Chris. Every phone has a basic performance limit. So it is not at all justified if you expect the performance of an iphone 4S. And maybe this phone is for Business Execs?? You are biased.

Reviewed by M from United Kingdom on 3rd Mar 2012
worst phone i have every bought. battery life is awful & phone keeps freezing & internet does not work sometimes & to fix the problem i have to keep taking the battery out for few minutes. it has now finally crashed & i have lost all of my photos & videos & contacts :(

too big & chunky..absolutely useless phone.

ByeBye Blackberry...helloo Android :)

Reply by wilf from uk on 22nd Aug 2012
same as me i went bye bye blackberry bold 9780 hello android

Reviewed by erol barry from wales on 3rd Mar 2012

Reviewed by Nazi from UK on 29th Feb 2012
Fantastic smart phone. ;)

Reviewed by aslam k m from UAE on 10th Feb 2012
Its a cute phone for official use and uploading videos in youtube but the only thing I still don't uhderstand is how to use a VOIP calling software in this coz its a smart phone not like others its got installed but stilll some confusions to how to use it...

Reviewed by Andrea from Bristol Uk on 6th Feb 2012
i bought this phone for upgrade from the 9300 (missed having the flash ) the phone is brilliant battery life last me all day with little battery left (HEY BUT PEOPLE FORGET WITH BLACKBERRY AND OTHER NEW PHONES ....the more data and more things you get on a new phone these days ..the battery life goes down ......GONE ARE THE DAYS A PHONE LASTS 1 WEEK OR MORE .......because all you had was text and call so please people dont expect miracles if you want everything on a phone be prepared for shorter battery life .....but i have too admit i have never had problems with any battery life of my blackberry's .....SIMPLE SOLUTION i charge it every nite ..no hardship really ....the camera and flash with geo-tagging and auto focus are great on this phone ...bbm is excellent especially when i found out you can send pics as well ...(dont get charged extra to send pics to friends with a blackberry ....e-mails excellent blackberry app world with all your useful stuff ...nice and loud so you can even hear it in your handbag ....so me personally the 9780 is a great phone does what it says it does well done blackberry again ..........

Reviewed by LUKE from wales on 14th Jan 2012
for some reason....not as good as the 9700, not even the 5mp camera was better, i miss my 9700 :,( ...i think blackberrys are getting worst instead of better

Reviewed by dan from london on 19th Dec 2011
useless phone

Reviewed by Niels from United Kingdom on 12th Dec 2011
Disaster! Had the phone for 11 months and two weeks, and absolutely loved it: Battery life, security, ease of use, keyboard etc. Then screen went white - curtains, one dead phone. If you google "BlackBerry white screen" you get thousands of hits, so obviously an issue. Very dissapointing. Reliability and build quality seems to be an issue for RIM. Hello Android for me now.........

Reviewed by jason from trinidad on 8th Dec 2011
this is one of the worst fones i have owned. Froze up several times, takes forever to start up.

Reviewed by alex from uk on 5th Dec 2011
ferrari, aston martin, concorde, blackberry 9780. all machines that its possible to get emotional about. what sets the blackberry apart is that i hate everything about it. wish id bought almost any other phone. id happily put my sim into the old nokia i have in my drawer were it not for the ridiculous amount of money i foolishly paid for this thing.

Reviewed by doug potter from australia on 25th Nov 2011
My first smart phone at the age of 69 years. Find it easy to operate and an amazing communication tool. With no previous experience of this type of technology using it is like childs play. In combination with the playbook the possibilities are endless......thank you Blackberry.

Reviewed by Zubair from UK on 22nd Nov 2011
Its a fantastic phone, I have been using for 3 months and the phone is top class.

Reviewed by gary from philippines on 22nd Nov 2011
UPDATE UR PHONE always thru blackberry desktop software then ur problems will be gone. doing so, it will improve ur phone for the better. DO IT!

Reviewed by Joel from UK on 22nd Nov 2011
I've been using this phone for about 3 months,no proms at all,loving it,excellent keaboard and camera,pretty fast also,as an ex-iPhone 4 user i recomend it to everyone.

Reviewed by seon from india on 21st Nov 2011

Reviewed by . from England on 18th Nov 2011
Had the phone two months, it works really well, not had any of the freezing people seem to complain about - has turned off by itself once. The only real problem is the keyboard, it looks really nice and it might just be me but I personally find the angular shape a nightmare to type with, constantly press the top and then my nail slides so it feels like it presses (but doesn't) it's rather awkward to type with.

Reviewed by Lauren from England on 15th Nov 2011
I had the 9780 for about 6months and iv had nothing but problems always freezing and its very slow! Was using it yesterday and it froze on me and hen the screen went. Its not as good as people make it out to be worst phone iv ever had. Iv been sent a new one out today but would rather stick to apple!

Reviewed by Silvanus from Nigeria on 10th Nov 2011
Nice features, but RIM need to incorporate quickoffice to make it full business mobile phone

Reviewed by samia from germany on 9th Nov 2011
its ok

Reviewed by James from England on 17th Oct 2011
To many faults will be sticking with apple

Reviewed by annoyniuoumsmsms from america on 3rd Sep 2011
i had this phone for about 6 months? music player is terrible, randomly turns it self of and charges when it feels like it. sent it back and had a week fo erfection and after that all the problems came back so i am now loooking to buy a palm pre 2

Reviewed by Matthew Wickham from England on 1st Sep 2011
When i fvirst purchase this phone back in Dec 2010 I thought it was a great phone, then after having the phone for a while it started to freeze and the battery life is very poor. then last week the screen went wrong and now the phone screen soea not work only lines flicker on it. I have brought a new phone the Bold 9780 did not even last a year very disapointed, How can people on here give it a 5 star rating is beyond me!!!

Reviewed by KGorriceta from Philippines on 15th Aug 2011
I'm using my blackberry 9780 right now to type this. This is my very first blackberry and it has changed my life a bit. It's fast but OS6 is notorious for memory leaks, the UI annd universal search is a lifesaver. Battery life gets me through the day with heavy usage 2-3 days with light. It wouldve been better if RIM could focus on their products' build quality, my 9780's suffering from the stuttering keypad issue. The letters double up unintentionally while typing. I've done a lot of deleting and retyping on this post for that, I'm giving it three stars.

Reviewed by Murat from U.k on 15th Aug 2011
Way better than iPhone and fb app is ski

Reviewed by Chilli Hughes from never never land on 8th Aug 2011
Top phone but needs more apps !!!!! eeerrrrrrr dead dry !!! egg mayo butties !! great phone !!

Reviewed by ibrahem from england on 5th Aug 2011
i got it last week the battery sucks but everything seems ok

Reply by luke from england on 12th Apr 2012
all the official reviews ive read say the battery is outstanding, you should try using the 9360 the battery has a 3rd less capacity, personally i think this phone is epic! its fast, nice camera, os 6 is awesome, bbm, and the browser update on os6 is very cool

Reviewed by Stivan from Bulgaria on 4th Aug 2011
I'veyad this phone for abot a month now and I must say that this is an excellent phone but the only thing thaht I do not like is that there aren't so many apps for bb but every thing else is excellent I LOVE IT

Reviewed by Jaci from Scotland on 18th Jul 2011
Bought the BB Bold 9780 a few days ago (my 1st BB) I love it.. .Apart from having problems sending pics. When I send a pic with a caption underneath the phone seems to split it into 2 pages ,meaning the person at the other end receives the pic on its own totally seperate from the caption or message underneath? A real nuisance when I need to send several pics one after the other that may look very similar. Ive never had a phone do this before ,my daughters 8520 doesnt do this so its obviously not a BB thing. HELP...Anyone no how to sort this? Really need to find out soon before the dreaded 14 days are up!!!

Reviewed by Noel Hughes from nepal on 6th Jul 2011
I think phone is very dry !!!!!!!! the best phone in the universe

Reviewed by shane richie from albania on 1st Jul 2011
fone is sik

Reviewed by chelsea from UK on 28th Jun 2011
email me if you know the answer to this: gogirl.uk@hotmail.com my bb bold 9780 is black screened & the red light just flashes... no re boot or anything.. what does this mean?

Reviewed by Nick from Sussex on 19th Jun 2011
What a great phone had it for 6 months. No problems at all and great battery life. Camera and video camera best in a phone. Email, text and messenger all works great and the keyboard is SO much better then a touch screen. THIS IS THE BEST PHONE ON THE MARKET.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 19th Jun 2011
Got given this as a second phone for my new job and it certainly is the best of blackberry. However, that is where the positives end. Clunky, ancient operating system and overpriced plastic... this will certainly not be replacng my desire hd. I would not even choose this over my daughters £8 pm wildfire.

Reviewed by Steph from Scotland on 14th Jun 2011
Had this for three months now and mostly delighted with it. I'm not one for gimmicky apps, but use for texts,calls,email and browsing. Connections are very quick and navigation smooth. First qwerty keyboard and i cant imagine going back to alpha numeric. Camera is excellent too with clear pics indoor and out. However......I am experiencing an issue with calls going straight to voicemail. At first,because my phone is on silent at work, i merely thought i hadnt noticed the call. Now that it's happened when the phone is not in silent mode, it makes me wonder if it hasnt been happening all along. I even get the alert noise to let me know a voicemail is there! Very disappointing because its otherwise a great phone and for the money i'm paying, i'd expect to be able to receive calls. May make me think twice when my contract is up.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 9th Jun 2011
No problems with this phone. Just works perfect!

Reviewed by charlotte from leicester on 8th Jun 2011
What was a dream quickly quickly turned into a night mare had nothing but problems freezing on internet errors downloading apps and reboting itself a nice phone ib general but regert swaping from a iphone which u can do so much more on

Reviewed by charlotte from leicester on 6th Jun 2011
Love this phone had a ifone 3gs but was sick off charging the battery all the time and got boring the battery on this phone lasts ages everything is thought off only faults are the apps are expensive and no radio

Reviewed by Gary from Southampton, England on 5th Jun 2011
It's a great smartphone, I've had blackberry devices since the 5800 T1 device. However, I have had serious issues with this phone permanently going to SOS mode or having poor signal/coverage issues. I even changed my provided from O2 to Voda and this hasn't improved matters so I'm convinced it's the phone now. I have tried my sim in a bb curve and an old Nokia and on both occasions the signal has vastly improved in locations where my new Bold 9780 is on SOS!!! I've upgraded to the latest os in sheer desperation and this has made no improvement. Hopefully RIM can sort this else this phone will get a bad reputation, which RIM can I'll afford at this time in their business cycle..."...

Reviewed by mir from uk on 1st Jun 2011
I just got a blackberry and I'm amazed that speed of the phone and the web browser is so fluid and easy to use . This is the perfect phone for a teen

Reviewed by Cutie from Nigeria on 26th May 2011
Its a must have for all.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 21st May 2011
great phone and stylish too very happy with the white model

Reviewed by Abby from England on 10th May 2011
I love Blacberry 9780 its very brilliant. I have one in black and i love it, couldn't have asked for more so great.

Reviewed by Tyler from Australia on 9th May 2011
The 9780 is a fantastic phone. It is great at getting ones life in order haha. 100% satisfied with what is my first BlackBerry purchase. I am coming off of an iPhone and I must say the.Bold comes in on pole.

Reviewed by Salman from United Arab Emirates on 2nd May 2011
For years I have always had samsung phones but, after the debacle that was the tocco lite, I thought lets give blackberry a whirl. I had the bold 9700 which this week died on me suddenly, and I was given this as a replacement, all I can say is its an amazing phone, it does everything I need it to do and more, I never thought anything could be better than my 9700, but this beats it.

Reviewed by Hiten from UK on 27th Apr 2011
This phone is perfect in every way!

Reviewed by Mark Martins from United Kingdom on 16th Apr 2011
I love this phone BUT they should have included an FM radio - disappointing at the price of the gadget

Reviewed by Kafu from UK on 15th Apr 2011
Had the Blackberry bold 9780 for only a few days before exchanging it for the HTC desire s which I have to say is brilliant. Having said that I'm sure the 9780 is great for business users, but for me I found the qwerty keyboard to cramped & I have small fingers, and it was the little things like no function to store template messages so you do not have to keep typing the same message over and over again. I found the lock function to sensitive the amount of times I took the phone out of my pocket to find it had unlocked itself was incredible. I have to admit the internet was quick facebook & twitter loaded in an instant but because I found the keyboard to hard to use it made using the net quite difficult. The camera is good and I was suprised how good it was, and it has a good media system but for me I could not find it a phone I could be happy with for 18 months so I have exchanged it for a touchscreen which so much easier to use for me which much better apps as well as I found blackberry apps limited. For the business user probably a great phone but not for me.

Reviewed by GG from England on 27th Mar 2011
Pretty much the perfect phone for me. Battery life is absolutely outstanding. The keyboard is fantastic. If you use your phone as a communication device (calls, SMS, email, FB etc.) this is THE ONE. Criticisms: slow browser, too small and slippery unless you put it in a case! Obviously if you want your phone for web browsing and the official Hello Kitty app or whatever junk people are playing with these days, look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Matt Jones from England on 22nd Mar 2011
After waiting 3 months before passing my judgment I am sad to say I am already counting down the days before I can get something else. Quickly got the qwerty bit,emails work (slowly),battery life is appalling even logging out of FB and turning LED notifier off it will not last. The day! And the really annoying bit is you continually have to go back and address the fullstop capital letter it puts in the middle of sentences if you don't catch the space button just right.. It's a shame because call quality is good,texts quick and BBM is very handy but recently my handset reboots all on it's own which I hear is a loose battery,which in my language is poor build quality when it lives in my provided holster when not frustratingly typing on it!

Reviewed by Gary from England on 16th Mar 2011
Bought the bold 9780 after reading this review and was due an upgrade from my FAB 8900 Blackberry. So I thought that I would try this phone as I use my phone a lot for business. So far, so good :) Seems to be quicker, more powerful and have a fair few more features for my to use and enjoy. My 2nd Blackberry and I am hooked on the brand and the phones :)

Reviewed by rachel from london on 16th Mar 2011
had my new phone a few weeks, honestly great buy!! Finally went for this phone over the iphone4 but totally glad i did end up getting this. all of the features are great and such a good phone :) !!

Reviewed by david from UK on 11th Mar 2011
I have had the phone for approx a week now.having had an i phone 3gs and the issues with poor battery lofe i have found the blackberry so much better.approx 2 days with fairly heavy usage.connectivity is pretty fast and the blackberry apps are better than i thought. it has taken a bit of getting used to but i cant really find fault, albeit the camera isnt amazing but then again i didnt purchase it for that..overall a very impressive good all rounder that does what it says on the tin..

Reviewed by Chris Cox from England on 27th Feb 2011
Mine was brilliant! Everything worked well, new OS is gooood!

Reviewed by Billy from scotland on 18th Feb 2011
first smart phone upgraded from nokia6303 all I can say is that it is brilliant ,easy to use great for hooking upto the internet at home through hub,only down side is keys are a little small but I have fat fingers

Reviewed by nigel from mansfield on 14th Feb 2011
@Busola yes u can theres an app for that, check app world on ure phone ;-)

Reviewed by Busola from London on 6th Feb 2011
i love the phone put you cannot make your pictures black and white / sepia etc ..

Reviewed by Minty from London, UK on 3rd Feb 2011
Update of my previous update. After getting in contact with Blackberry themselves I was told that the cause of the app error 603 was the preloaded Facebook app that came with the phone. The helpful guy told me to delete the Facebook app that was on the phone then go to Blackberry App World and download and re-install it from there as it would be the latest version. Since doing this the phone has posted pics to Facebook without a hitch so my rating has gone back up to five stars :o)

Reviewed by Sifa from Kenya on 2nd Feb 2011
This is an impressive piece of technology. I have had the phone for over a month now and i have not had any issues with it. The phone connected very easily to the office BB server email. The phone has opened if not all, most of the attachments i have received without freezing. The synchrony is flawless with my office computer. This is truly a powerful business phone. The size is good for my shirt pocket and the weight is manageable. if you are looking for a business phone this is a 5 star phone.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 24th Jan 2011
My first BB and I am a convert - was looking at a Samsung Galaxy S as an upgrade - which although is worth it's outstanding rating is more of a gadget than a phone in the true sense of the word. I have had my BB for about a week now and it is so easy to set up - emails, texting, music, photo's etc etc (how many apps do we actually need anyway)- in short I love this phone - definately the right decision.

Reviewed by Minty from London, UK on 23rd Jan 2011
Update of my below review: My phone has developed a hatred of posting pictures to Facebook, it posts the picture, then freezes and comes up with an "App Error 603: Reset" message. It then turns itself off and reboots. Not good... so I'm knocking a star off for giving me grief!

Reviewed by teebee from notts on 22nd Jan 2011
For years I have always had samsung phones but, after the debacle that was the tocco lite, I thought lets give blackberry a whirl. I had the bold 9700 which this week died on me suddenly, and I was given this as a replacement, all I can say is its an amazing phone, it does everything I need it to do and more, I never thought anything could be better than my 9700, but this beats it.

Reviewed by Minty from London, UK on 21st Jan 2011
This is my second BB and I have to say it's a great phone. My first was the 8520 Curve and it was such a cheap feeling phone (and also developed so many faults that I took it back! the lest said about that freezing piece of junk the better, lol). I've had this phone about a week and the only problem I can find with it is that there are not many apps available for it yet (come on BB, some themes would be nice... before you release a phone get them ready, lol). The battery life is good (charging every other day) which is good for a BB... yet came as a shock to me as the phone I had before, the Sony Ericcson Elm needed charging less than once a week (and it was never turned off!)... anyway, considering how much the BB does, every other day is good! The keys are fine for my huge fingers (some mis-typed words, but nothing major, loving the delete key, hehe). The camera is excellent and I can't fault it, there are many different modes, including auto, face detection, portrait, sports, landscape, party, close-up, snow, beach, night, and text... all the modes I have on my digital camera. Plus is has geo-tagging for pictures, too. It connects to my home wireless quickly and easily and sites such as Facebook are a breeze to keep up to date with. I've never missed an email (sadly) and they are delivered quickly without fuss. The music player is clear and LOUD as is the ringtone volume (which goes up to deafening, as I found out when it rang in my ear during a nap earlier, lol ouch!) Remember to turn all of the notification alerts off of silent when you first turn it on (I didn't and wondered why I kept missing stuff). I've never missed a BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and have also never had one not delivered. The scanning barcodes are so cool and I regret not knowing more people with BB's just so that I can do that! I was stunned by the accuracy of the maps, too, it got my location down cold within four metres! My sat nav doesn't even get that right and constantly insists I live on the opposite side of the road, LOL! Apart from my living in a weak signal area (virtually nothing on Virgin downstairs due to tall buildings opposite me and living at the bottom of a hill) I cannot fault this phone. As soon as some of the apps are brought up to speed it will be nigh on perfect :o)

Reviewed by matrix21 from England on 18th Jan 2011
I got my blackberry bold 9780 about 6 weeks ago, so of course I have had plenty of time to explore it's many features in great detail. I had the 9000 before, and that was a good device, however it was plagued with memory leak issues and with only 128 mb of memory on board, it suffered under heavy use. The keyboard was brilliant though, and then there was that glorious 2.6 inch 480 x 320 pixel screen. RIM don't even use this resolution anymore! This new 9780 really is something else, it's more than just a simple upgrade to the 9700. The increased memory (512) makes it feel more lively and when I've got loads of applications running it just goes fine. You really don't see much of that clock with this thing. Oh and the battery is outstanding, I think a lot of this is down to how well the OS manages it's resources. The universal search is very powerful, it allows you to search for pretty much anything you want and displays results which are relevant to the search. The new web kit browser is a big improvement, I find myself browsing the net far more frequently than you would expect of a blackberry owner. I think this is currently the best device RIM make. Probably the best blackberry ever made... I think blackberries are ace, if your thinking of getting one for the 1st time then the 9780 is a good place to start it's not cheap but you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by ILoveBB from UK on 13th Jan 2011
I got this phone 2 days ago and it is by far the best phone out at the min! I previously had the 9700 which i loved but when i heard about the 9780 i had to have it. I have it in white which looks great, the new blackberry 6 software is flawless, the camera is fantastic, the web browser is much better and now allows you to open different tabs and the battery is out if this world! Everyone that i know that has had the Iphone4 has traded their Iphone for the blackberry. I would recommend the 9780 to everyone! Love it.

Reviewed by Moody from France on 13th Jan 2011
my first Blackberry was the bold 9000, which was good but a bit too thick and heavy. Then I got the curve 8520 which was a piece of junk, works well but its made like a toy, plastic and stuff. Then I got an iphone 4, which is nice and all but too fragile, I was always scared of it falling on the ground. So I sold it and got the new bold 9780 ! And man what a phone it is !!! Its like all the best features from all the phones are here. The new OS feels like a iphone, its really fast and very very beautiful. You can really do anything you want, everything has been thought of. For example when you are surfing on the web, if you wanna send the adress to someone, you just have to click the blackberry button then send adress by mail, text or anything you want. Its so easy to use and very handy. Also the quality of the phone is really nice, and the black color is freaking hot! This is the best phone ever, and I mean it coz I have had all the phones recently : iphone 4, HTC HD2, BB 8520, nokia n97, nokia n8, xperia 8, iphone 3GS. This is better than any of those phone, its got everything ! And another exemple, this morning,I was thinking about a song in my head, I go to the webrowser, type it, download it, and listen to it in my music library !! It that easy !! Also you can sync you music on WIFI with itunes, so thats just heaven !! Get this phone you won't regret it... Cheers

Reviewed by David from UK on 12th Jan 2011
Just moved to the Blackberry 9780 from the iPhone 3G. Although the iPhone is a GREAT phone the need to constantly charge it was very annoying. The Bold has great battery life, doesnt drop calls, great for sms and email. OK the apps are not that great, but if you want apps then get am iPhone or Droid. This is a sold mobile phone / messenger. The webkit browser is ok, again not on par witht he iphone but this is not what its all about. Sum up, want a solid performer for calls, sms, email, get the BB Bold. want an all singing and dancing media device get an iphone

Reviewed by Juanita from UK on 10th Jan 2011
This is my first BB and I love it - I've always had Nokia phones but decided to upgrade to the 9780 and I'm so glad that I did - its so easy to use, the trackball and keypad took a while to get used to but now its not a problem at all.

Reviewed by Vivienne from USA on 9th Jan 2011
OMG i love this phone better than all previous models and all other makes. Its a joy to have, texting is great, dont really use it for internet but who cares this is a fantastic phone!

Reviewed by Robert from sweden on 8th Jan 2011
absolutely fantastic phone. camera is great, it looks and feels nice, the new operating system is outstanding, and just an averall stunner. would recommend to anyone!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 6th Jan 2011
palmeredz i have the sad life? at least i left what is an honest opinion in my view. i deal in mobile phones which is how i have so many and that was my honest opinion of the Blackberry, unfortunately some people are blinkered to a particular manufacturer as you obviously are, and will not tolerate someone saying something less than positive. And people slate apple fans off . Sorry its not perfect , what phone will be as there will always be something that doesn't suit everyone.

Reviewed by palmeredz from UK on 5th Jan 2011
Mark your review is rubbish and way way out.With the insults chucked at the BB you cannot have used it,well really not even the others!! Why do people want to insult such phones,because they are a threat?Or with that much phones you must have a sad sad life!All the phones are good anyway.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 4th Jan 2011
Just taken mine back after putting up with it for 2 long days, all i can say is what a tedious boring piece of junk. The web browser is still terrible to use and no better than the original bold. As far as speed goes if anyone honestly thinks this is quick then you clearly have not tried any of the up to date smartphones such as htc desire, samsung galaxy, iphone 4, X10 all of which i have and this is by far the worst out of the lot. I do not think this phone is any better than any other of the afore mentioned phones for email any more sorry but Rim are going the same way as nokia they have got left far behind Apple and the other manufacturers who had the foresight to invest in Android. Call reception is not as good as previous Blackberry's i have owned and nor is call quality. I cant comment on battery life as i didnt have it long enough. The key pad is decent and typing is very easy but overall i really dont see any difference between this and the curve which i have also tested. so if you got to have a blackberry then save your money and buy the cheaper option.

Reviewed by Ronnie from UK on 4th Jan 2011
I got mine delivered last month. It is flawless to say the least. This phone is best described as 'perfection' !! :D

Reviewed by Nigel from Nottinghamshire on 1st Jan 2011
This mobile rewrites the standard, i have the white version which just screams excellent build quality. Emails direct to my phone faster than received by my laptop, seamless connection between my wireless internet and my orange mobile provider. Great media player and camera. A decent browser, unsurpassed search and fantastic integrated social networking with instant notifications and able to upload and tag photos direct on the phone. The only critism is i am taking a while to get used to the small keys with my sausage fingers, but i am getting better.

Reviewed by Chris Williams from UK on 30th Dec 2010
With the intention of retiring my old BB-8100 I have just bought a BB-9780. To my horror, RF reception seems to have taken a backward step (same network with the same SIM card). Whereas on the 8100 signal strength indicator registers ‘2 blobs’ in my office, allowing phone calls to be taken/made, the 9780 registers ‘zero blobs’. So, at present, my new purchase is ‘unfit for purpose’. I am now back on the 8100 and awaiting a response from BB (and Carphone Warehouse from whom I purchased).....

Reviewed by Hugh from Scotland on 22nd Dec 2010
My last phone was a HTC Hero, I had it for 8 months, before this I had a Nokia E63, this had a full QWERTY keyboard. Which is partly the reason why I was looking into BlackBerrys. The keyboard on this Blacknberry is amazing, I have fat thumbs and I can type fast and accurate. And I will never go to an all touch phone again (HTC Hero) once you have had a phone with a QWERTY keyboard you cannot go back to a normal phone or switch to an all touch phone, in my opinion anyway. The music player is great, it has a function in the options menu called "Audio Boost" this enhances the sound and makes it louder, although its only noticeable through headphones. And I have heard it syncs through iTunes, I my self have not tried this, I just drag and drop my songs in. The Camera Is amazing and in low light, with the flash on, it looks like it was taken during the day! no joke. The Battery is Brilliant, I have had it lasting 3 days and that is auto brightness and taking pics with the flash, music player and on facebook and msn, so its not really light use, so in my opinion the battery life is 7 out of 5 stars! My sister has a Curve 8520 and my Bold 9780 is a lot easier to use, as it has BlackBerry 6 O.S. Reception is fab, I am on Orange and I have been set up to use T-Mobile when I have no Orange signal, also UMA technology is in the phone so you can make calls over Wi-Fi for no extra charge on my tariff any way, you are never out of a service area!

Reviewed by Yasmin from London on 20th Dec 2010
This is my first ever Blackberry & i love it..Its wicked..Such a fab phone for anyone but speacially for someone young who likes to have facebook twitter and bbm on the go..battery last a day..definatly should buy

Reviewed by newberry from berryland on 15th Dec 2010
This is my first blackberry. My previous phone was the xperia which runs on android. Before I bought this phone I knew they for different purposes n auiences, e.g blackberry has no apps compared to android,I've never used an iphone but still the same. The point is its unfair to compare them as they're in a different sort of setting. The keyboard, trackpad, os 6, browsing, and the apps which it does have are the best, nothing can beat them for me. If your a person who has all day n u go through apps all the time this then maybe isn't the phone for u. But if your on the go, need reliability, emailing, texting, calling, managment n organisation at a professional level nothing can beat this. Its email n bbm definitly fulfills the legacy. When I say professional, say ur a student like me this still applies, I browse facebook the lot.

Reviewed by lonelyStu from mushroomLand on 12th Dec 2010
Well after 3 years with Bold 9000 I get new 9780 .Amazing phone.Good camera,perfect signal,fantastic display,new OS.5 stars,highly recommended.RIM great job.

Reviewed by warblow from poland on 12th Dec 2010
dhis yeah is good kah i have it but i profer da curve still!

Reviewed by Paul Bushnell from England on 2nd Dec 2010
I had the Bold 9000, then the 9700 and now this one. Whilst there isn't a great deal of difference between this and the 9700 the OS6 makes for a much better experience and the phone seems a little faster. I love the Blackberry anyway (had an iPhone and you'd be hard pressed to find a mobile with better apps) but this is a "grown-ups" mobile and is second to none for email etc. I recommend the Bold 9700 and 9780 to all!!

Reviewed by ian from scotland on 30th Nov 2010
i had an iphone 4,this is my 1st blackberry ,had it one week and it is by far the best phone there is on the market ,texting is a dawdle ,the keys are easy to use once you get used to them ,good camera cant fault this ,i will be recommending this to all my work and friends.

Reviewed by RUSS BRACEGIRDLE from manc on 29th Nov 2010
if you buy anything else your a muppet! end of story!

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 29th Nov 2010
Once you have had one Blackberry, you have had them all. The apps are rubbish (Is Pocket Koran still no.1 app?) Good phone but boring........! Blackberry NEED to up their game or be left behind.

Reviewed by Pod from York on 26th Nov 2010
Had this phone for 3 weeks now, have given it a thorough check over & have to say it is just superb in every way. Had the iphone 4 for a week prior to the 9780 don't get me wrong the iphone 4 is a great bit of kit but battery is awful & when you're out & about a lot it's just no use. The battery life on the bold & all of it's features are superb. can not fault it well done blackberry.

Reviewed by steve from england on 25th Nov 2010
had iphone4 but didnt like the feel of it. plus constantly cleaning it due to smear marks. This is my first blackberry and WOW proper grown ups phone quality feel to it love it get one u wont regret it.

Reviewed by Charlie from England on 24th Nov 2010
I have just replaced my Bold 9700 with this phone and it is a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better piece of equipment. The new operating system is fantastic and as a result the phone is faster, more user friendly and the range of features is superb. The quality of the materials used is very high and it feels like it has been properly put together. All this coupled with the excellent battery life makes this the best BB yet by far.

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