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BlackBerry 8800 review

 Review: September 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The BlackBerry 8800 is packed with a wide range of communication features, including phone, email, instant messaging, GPS, maps, web browser, a wealth of personal organiser functions, and even a media player. It's the most businesslike of the BlackBerry series, but lacks 3G and WiFi.



The BlackBerry 8800 is the same as the 8820, except that it is missing WLAN. Read our 8820 review for a full description. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 updates the 8800.

BlackBerry 8800 features include:

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BlackBerry 8800 user reviews

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Average rating from 25 reviews:

Reviewed by Lavinia from United Kingdom on 1st Dec 2011
I have a blackberry and im 11 years old... Its very good and extreamly usefull... But im only uspest because it hasnt got a camera, so i have to take pictures with my camera, then convert the pics onto the computer, the convert the pics on the computer to my BB... (blackberry) so theat kind of... VERY annoying!! IT REALLY NEEDS A CAMERA!!!! lol x

Reviewed by curtis from england on 19th Mar 2011
very good and quite smart looking for the price, only problem is the expandeble memory port :(

Reviewed by bilal from england on 6th Mar 2011
i used this phone for a couple of days and the middle ball stopped working... got it repaired an i want to sell it now but nobody wants to buy it!!! therefore do not buy this phone.. there are better phones for a cheaper price!

Reviewed by Dillon from England on 23rd Sep 2010
its a good phone, it needs a camara tho x

Reviewed by charrlotte from USA on 23rd Aug 2010
to be honest i thought this phone was not very good.it was chunky.ugly and the blackberry messenger was awful DO NOT buy this phone, buy the curve 8250 excellent phone.

Reviewed by Jezzka from England on 14th Aug 2010
I love this phone. But my service wont let me use the messenger or facebook. i cannot use the bluetooth due to a fault in my phone. and it needs a camera. however, when it come down to calling or texting, it's the best phone ever.

Reviewed by zia from pakistan on 27th Jul 2010
i use it from a year every thing it has as was written adout it and good result

Reviewed by Azar Amiraslanov from UAE on 28th Jun 2010
I am using it as got no other option. No mobile with camera allowed to my workplace. The only benefit of Blackberry 8800 as a smartphone is email and nothing more. Even no wi fi...

Reviewed by ssentongo festo from uganda on 26th Jun 2010
Its a very nice phone to have in your life..

Reviewed by ĈE from Iceland on 8th Dec 2009
I like this mobile. For business use.

Reviewed by esanafao from uk on 3rd Mar 2009
no Wifi, poor GPRS..there are better phones

Reviewed by PDJ from uk scotland on 19th Jan 2009
Give it a miss there's far better out there

Reviewed by i love berrys from london on 13th Dec 2008
Blackberry is very good but has high sar rating slow internet

Reviewed by NR from India on 3rd Oct 2008
Very good phone. *****

Reviewed by Visah from England on 12th Aug 2008
Not bad, it does it's job well, needs a camera.

Reviewed by maria ulfa from indonesia on 12th Aug 2008
i like this mobile

Reviewed by Shaun Byrnes from England on 19th Jul 2008
I like this phone, I got it for business use, mainly the Sat-Nav, which is excellent. No camera though and its a bit big. I ready for a change.

Reviewed by Angus Myers from England on 15th Jun 2008
After being desperate to own a blackberry, i took the plunge to buy the Blackberry 8800. I had never owned a blackberry before but the brand has been so well publicised across the world, i felt it was time to give one a go! So i ordered it locked to vodafone and started my use. The screen was nice and big and bright. Looking at images was a pure delight on the big wide screen. The lack of camera was quite strange as i had become rather accustomed to having the convinence, but i have to say it wasnt missed too much. Sound quality was VERY good i thought: nice clear sound (although sometimes came across slightly tinny). The only thing i felt this phone was lacking in was a nice looking UI! It felt a bit old fashioned and not terribly user friendly. But you do get used to it after a few days. One of my favourite features has to have been the way text messages were layed out like conversations rather than starting a new message. So overall i thought this phone was a definate sucess in my books but could do with a better UI :D

Reviewed by David from UK on 1st May 2008
While features and speed initally impressed, i can't say i was blown away by the ergonomics and quickly decided to return it for the more familiar feeling 8310. The keyboard is "tight" and the buttons, whilst larger, have a raised centre making fast typing harder than on the smaller keyboard of the 8310.

Reviewed by ms honey from georgia, usa on 29th Apr 2008
its a really nice quality phone and ok sometimes but this is my 4th one like this and all it does is freeze up and automatically delete my text messages and my call log. so ive just decided to deal with it!

Reviewed by michael from ireland on 25th Apr 2008
my 1st blackberry which was given to me for my dead xda orbit by o2. after a disappointing start I am beginning to warm up to it. The xda had so many features but did glitch or freeze quite a bit. The 8800 is less featured but a very smooth operator and much better looking too.emailing and texting is 100% but the gps is a let down after using copilot on the xda. Hopefully this one last longer than 10 months....

Reviewed by Fishy Mcgee from UK on 4th Apr 2008
Average phone, rubbish looks x

Reviewed by Ali from Turkey on 21st Mar 2008
The phone really good. I am in touch with my customer all the time. The e-mail works perfectly. I don't have to go to office or connect my laptop to WiFi to chec my mail. Any place I have been so far no problem. it is a business phone.

Reviewed by derek from alberta on 8th Mar 2008
its perfect

Reviewed by Bob from nigeria on 7th Mar 2008

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