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BlackBerry Curve 8320 review

 Review: March 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The BlackBerry 8320 incorporates push email, a full keypad, a camera, media player and expandable memory. With both Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a WLAN connection, the 8320 is the best connected of the Curve series too.



The BlackBerry Curve 8320 incorporates virtually all of the features of the BlackBerry 8310, so read our review of the 8310 for an in-depth look at what this device can do. The one difference between the two is that the 8320 doesn't have GPS satellite navigation, but it does have WLAN connectivity. This means that you can access broadband internet speeds when within range of a WLAN-enabled computer (at work, at home, or in a WiFi zone such as Starbucks.) This could be handy for syncing data with your home or work PC, as well as fast downloading of emails or web browsing.

BlackBerry Curve 8320 features include:

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How to activate wi-fi connections?

Asked by norris from zambia on 3rd May 2016
How to open internet web in bb8320?

BlackBerry Curve 8320 user reviews

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Average rating from 51 reviews:

Reviewed by adil from faisalabad on 16th Aug 2014
it is very good mobile


Reviewed by Cacious jongwe from Zambia on 12th Apr 2014
Am having difficulties in internet

Reviewed by Imran from Bangladesh on 18th Jan 2014
Nice 1

Reviewed by enowee from Cameroon on 29th Feb 2012
Itz fascinating, easy to use, and very portable.
But try to make it connect to Lotus notes

Reviewed by Peter from England on 17th Jan 2012
Ok first of all I use to have the curve 8520 gosh it gave me so much problems hated the trackpad what a pile of junk that was,so I went back to the curve 8320 we're as the trackpad on the 8520 had no feal to it the 8320 trackball has that feal I wanted. I love the 8320 it feals better and it even has a flash, plus the keybored is well litt :p anyway I give the 8320 9/10.(The curve 8520 gets 3/10 :@)

Reviewed by Shyam from India on 17th Nov 2011
How many ever recent models come in, BB Curve 8320 will forever remain the most outstanding mobile i've ever used. Luv u BB 8320. You're all anyone will ever need :)

Reviewed by Eivon from Philippines on 4th Nov 2011
I hate my bB *8320,,,, i cannoT connEct n the interneT pLus if you have a prepaid Load the fOne eats it uP tiL nthing LefT,, uRrrgggHhhh.. iTs not worth the pricE

Reviewed by Allison from guyana on 30th Aug 2011
i hate my blackberry 8320 curve it cannot connect on the net the company says the data is lock

Reviewed by Joanne Johnson from England on 17th May 2011
Absolute rubbish!!! Bought it as a Christmas present for my daughter. Had to go back after 1 month because mouse stopped working and kept freezing. Came back after 3 weeks, lasted a couple of months then same thing went wrong plus camera stopped working. Went back for another 3 weeks came back and still not working. Going to go for the iphone now instead!!!

Reviewed by dayal from india on 22nd Apr 2011
I love blackberry 8320 specialy because of track ball but I don't why it keeps on hanging please can you tell me what to do

Reviewed by hannah from england on 24th Nov 2010
i just got this phone today, it is dull but really easy to work..

Reviewed by Purva from India on 10th Nov 2010
My boyfriend gifted me balckberyy 8320 on my birthday.. its amazing phone.. i m very satisfied with this phone.. i loved it very much.. just not because, it is a gift from my boyfriend but it has very good technology and services which are very useful for everyone.. i thing i am falling in love once again but this time with blackberry 8320...

Reviewed by hannah from England on 6th Nov 2010
I got this phone around 3 weeks ago because my samsung genio qwerty broke. ive never had such an amazing phone like this in all of my life. its great! im only 13 and our school is sort of obsessed with blackberrys at the moment and myne is just amazing. i love it! TEAM BLACKBERRY!

Reviewed by karla from usa on 8th Sep 2010
Does not hold charge for more than 3 hours. Drops calls No battery indicator, does not beep to let you know when its going to die. so far it sucks..........I am returning it

Reviewed by Ryan from England on 4th Aug 2010
received a 8320 for my birthday and i love it, battery life is great (Charged it once in 10 days and is still going!!) the only down point on the phone is the camera, but i always carry my camera around so not a problem

Reviewed by Saher from Pakistan on 1st Aug 2010
I have Blue Berry Curve 8320 and im not that much happy that i expected from this phone, the service is not that much good, the camera result is very poor.... Last but not least, i don't feel any excitement after using it, it's just OK

Reviewed by Caroline from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
I have had this phone for 18 months now and it has been great. No problems at all. I did drop it and smash the screen but because of the 12 month warranty that blackberry provides, my service provider (rhymes with sorange :) replaced the phone for free. The warranty is definitely a major plus because I never take out insurance. The other major plus has been the push email. I'm not sure I could live without it now, great for work and social and I have never had any trouble with it. The internet is not the greatest aspect of this phone, but I would say that this is true of many blackberry's. The battery life has been fine, lasts me a few days and even when it is showing empty it usually lasts another 5 or 6 hours of texting and emailing. What I do think is good is that the recharge back to full battery only takes me 45 mins. I have never had any dropped calls or freezing. I love this phone and have got a sim only contract for another 12 months as I don't see any reason to replace it. The only thing I would like to be able to do is hook my iPod touch to the blackberry Internet (don't know the technical term for this) like u can with some Nokia's.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 19th May 2010
I have this phone and its amazing and I posted this from the phone

Reviewed by Stasha from Honduras on 10th Apr 2010
I bought the 8320 Curev WIFI and am very disappointed. After 2 minutes, the phone just drops my call every single time. It's NOT my service provider. The battery only last a little over a day.

Reviewed by Gaynor from England on 19th Mar 2010
This phone was the worst phone i've ever had. I've had problem after problem with it and this is the 2nd one as my first kept on dropping calls. The battery life is rubbish. The internet is slow and fiddly to get on. The screen is small and not very clear and the camera is just dreadful. I could go on but i'd be here all night! Thank goodness my contract ends next month.

Reviewed by Fashion from India on 11th Mar 2010
love it. no problems here. Ps I love my blackberry! I've nicknamed it PRIYANKA CHOPRA !

Reviewed by Solomon Menya from UK on 11th Mar 2010
I have had my curve emerald black 8320 for 13month and it has been the best phone i have ever used so far.Internal memory could do with being expanded but again the curve is becoming an old model hence the need for some thing different. I have put my eyes on the new bold come my next upgrade in a couple of month. Over all,my curve was a good buy. Solomon Menya,Feltham Middx,UK

Reviewed by claire from uk on 6th Oct 2009
i got the blackberry 8320 today and am pleased with the phone.The only thing i finding hard is useing the email.When i tried to log in to windows live messenger it says it not compaitble with this hand set.I thought that's what the blackberry was for.It might need to be set so going to look into doing this.I havent tried useing any other internet app yet so hopeing it all goes well.

Reviewed by LENUS CHARLES from trinidad on 22nd Aug 2009
i love these blackberry phone,the features,and the manny funtion,it has.any choice you are making,please chose ablackberry 8320mthat the way to go.

Reviewed by sterling from america on 22nd Aug 2009
i love this phone. the only phone better is the i phone. which i didnt wanna be forced into buying the data plan so i got the blackberry 8320.the phone is sweet with web browsing reception is surprisingly strong.the media player is great easy to use, micro sd card slot full keyboard.and you can get gps on this phone download it for free. bottom line if you wanna charge your i phone every 5 hours and spend the money on the data plan which you have to have go ahead i good with my blackberry 8320

Reviewed by ANUJ from INDIA on 28th Jul 2009
this phone is awesome,.,.,.it has got everything in it, which i needed,.,.its simply a magical box to me.,.

Reviewed by M Faisal Naeem from Karachi Pakistan on 25th Jun 2009
i m the user of Motorolla and big fan of It i just recently used my V8 that was wonderful cell phone with camera, MP3 playeer with touch screen.now i m using Blackberry 8320 Emerald Black its good its like a mini notebook in your hand that has every thing, but there is a problem with camera thing is its just snaped the photgraph not record the video.overall Blackberry is the complete phone.

Reviewed by marsha from jamaica on 31st May 2009
i always hated blackberries because they were big & full of buttons, but this phone is great, it can be complicated at times but its a breeze when u get it right. the video camera, camera & music player are my favorite features. i love the fact that i can change themes like how i change my clothes & its a good value for $$$$$ if u have a hectic social life. its been a blast, kudos to blackberry!

Reviewed by faisal majeed from pakistan on 24th May 2009
this mobile is just outstanding. this is not a mobile but a true friend for me.anything you want it has with it.

Reviewed by Ian S from England on 13th Apr 2009
I'm a service engineer and got saddled with this thing by my company, in place of a perfectly adequate Nokia. Did I need camera, email or piddly keypad? No, but would they listen? Now half the time when I go to clients' premises the phone gets confiscated because of the camera, so any so-called advantages of the 'connectivity' are lost and I have to resort to fax machines to get information in the field. Can't use the keypad without my specs whereas on the Nokia I could text with my hands in pockets. Hands-free speaker was louder on the Nokia too. Hate the damn thing, the sooner I lose or break it the better.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 13th Apr 2009
Ian, is this a review of the phone or of the company that you work for?

Reviewed by K-Man-4-Phones from U.K on 30th Mar 2009
I have had this phone for a month now... everyday i find something new!! it is amazing!

Reviewed by Shahid Iqbal from Pakistan on 28th Feb 2009
Good phone but I have experienced abnormal hang-ups of few minutes duration during phone calls quite often. This puts one in embarassing situations as one cannot reconnect or call back to other person for quite sometime and the later may feel offended. I shared this with few of my colleagues who also use this model and they all had experienced such problem. Shahid Iqbal, Lahore, Pakistan

Reviewed by Ali Arshad from Pakistan on 28th Jan 2009
Excellent Phone,

Reviewed by Jonathan Godfrey from Northern Ireland on 22nd Jan 2009
I've had my BlackBerry 8320 Black Emerald since September 2008 and now I think it's about time that I posted my review of it. I owned an LG Prada beforehand and I absolutely loved it. It was the first really beautiful touchscreen phone and it did everything that I needed it to do for me. I took my BlackBerry 8320 Black Emerald on a 24-month Contract from Orange for 30.00 oer month for 600 minutes and unlimited texts and I only pay 2.50 extra a month on top of that for BlackBerry Talk and that gives me unlimited E-Mails and unlimited web-browsing. First imprerssions; it's nowhere near as bulky or as heavy as other BlackBerries such as the BlackBerry 9000 Bold and previous models in the 8800 range. It's pretty light too and it's attractive to the eye as I have mine in the relaunch colour of Black Emerald which is black to look at but emerald green when the light catches it in the right way. Functionality; having never owned a BlackBerry previously, it did take me a few weeks to learn everything that my BlackBerry can do (and I'm still learning). Things are a little complicated at first wuth needless menus and sub-menus but over time, these just become second nature and make the phone look a lot more professional. Having access to my E-Mails on my phone was never an issue for me before but now it is a necessity thanks to my BlackBerry and I don't know how I ever lived without it. The amount of applications that you can download from varioous websites such as www.blackberry.com is vast and one only bettered by iPhone's Apps Store in my opinion. You can well and truly personalise your BlackBerry and that means that your BlackBerry has it's own identidy and that it's unique. The media player is fantastic and the layout is just like an iPod. It's very simple and easy to use and makes accessing youre music very easy indeed. The camera isn't bad at 2 megapixels but of course this could improved as R.I.M. have done by adding a 3.2 megapixel camera to the BlackBerry 8900. The zoom is really easy to use, it's simply adjusted by rolling the trackball up or down and the flash is like a gattling gun! A video camera would have been nice but again, you can get one in newer models such as the BlackBerry 9000 Bold and the BlackBerry 8900. Connectivity; Bluetooth, 3G, 3G+ and WiFi...ticks all of the right boxes there then, doesn't it? when I'm at home, I connect mine to my BT Home Hub. Overall, this is quite simply the best phone that I've ever had and I know that my Upgrade will be a BlackBerry too, maybe the BlackBerry 9000 Bold or the BlackBerry 8900...it's just a pity that I have to wait until June 2010.

Reviewed by Perry Clarke from United Kingdom on 18th Jan 2009
A truly superb phone/PDA/camera.... everything!! Its ease of use and funcionality make it a goliath compared to the Apple and nokia's in its class. It just happens to be the sexiest handheld I think I have ever come across. Well done Blackberry, I am a convert!!

Reviewed by Kashan from Pakistan on 7th Jan 2009
Great Phone overall, it was just recently updated by local provider with new features like Video camera, Documents to go, voice recorder. Best phone in my openion when it comes to size and functionality in Blackberry series

Reviewed by ali from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
I have had the 8320 for a few months now and unfortunately I have found it plagued with faults. I have had over 15 replacements in that time, as have many if my collegues, ranging from trackerball problems to software issues, the lates problem is if you use the media player on your standard headset, and stop the music with the headphone button, when you replay it, the music quality drops. And then when you remove the headset anf try to make a call, the handset micraphone stops working. Its sad because up until the 7th or 8th replacement, I was still trying to sing the praises of this phone.

Reviewed by Emma Burton from UK on 28th Nov 2008
I am going to like this phone.

Reviewed by Veesh from London, England on 3rd Oct 2008
What a spectacular phone, I say. I have never really been a big fan of BlackBerries but this one has won me over. Incorrigibly chic, very intelligent, and rather easy to use. I'm enjoying the phone thoroughly, although that tracker ball in the middle needs a way to keep a webpage rolling. Scrolling a long email is tedious because you cannot scroll and hold? Unless someone else in a review will have something that absolves me of the only misery. Spectacularly well-balanced.

Reviewed by Les R from UK on 24th Aug 2008
The 8320, I've had mine for about a week now and I thought I'd share my initial impressions. I like it. I'd always been put off Blackberrys primarily because of their miniscule buttons but once you have the thing in your hands typing becomes second nature, albeit with my fingrnails. The scroll ball works well enough and although the option is there to use the desktop view (that is the traditional 'mouse' style of navigation) I would recommend against it. Surfing the web has proven efficient, the screen is comfortably large enough to convince yourself it's a mini PC, the WIFI connectivity is fine and yes it does pick up any hotspots no problem but so far all of the ones I've found have all required an access code for usage so not much use there then. One thing I can't complain about is the abundance of features, the music/video playback with or without supplied earphones is excellent but as with so many mobiles these days, no fast forward/rewind facility, will someone please a dd this simple extra, we don't want to start at the beginning of every movie should we choose to watch something else inbetween..!!! Point to note, the 3.5mm standard earphone socket is a Godsend. Onboard memory serves at a basic level but a decent sized Micro SD is all but essential for any real funtionality/storage. My contract is with Orange, I am hoping that it's their fault for the abysmal signal strength in my area, not the phones inability to grab and hold onto same. I must confess that I don't think I've discovered all of the 8320s' secrets yet and I look forward to doing so in the very near future but for the here and now with its immense connectivity, ability to read Office documents, long battery life and light weight, I am a very happy chappy. Oh, and the case that comes with and its ability to switch the phone on and off depending upon whether the phone is being drawn or put away, a stroke of genius. One of the previous reviwers did say that if you have an IQ of below 130 then don't bother with this phone, I'm not too sure about that but he does raise a good point though, this is so very far above 'Hoodie' intellectual level that at least it isn't likely to be the most popular target for theft which makes it worth getting for that fact alone.

Reviewed by Umid from Uzbekistan on 11th Jul 2008
Great phone. Easy in use. Good quality

Reviewed by tony from usa on 11th Jul 2008
Love this phone, but wish I had gps and steaming video

Reviewed by Johnny Newell from U.S. A. on 5th Jul 2008
Tis a bitter/sweet relationship between my phone and I. I love the convience of a handheld web that is fully functional, but I hate the fact it doesn't record video. I love that I can use the note pad to write my articles on if away or on assignment and by using google docs I have endless storage capability. I find the camera difficult to deal with, the shutter speed is slow and it is a pain to upload the pics to my desktop. All in all it's a keeper.

Reviewed by Mario from Indonesia on 17th Jun 2008
its fun playing with trackball

Reviewed by Gail from England on 13th Jun 2008
I bought one like that. Fabulous

Reviewed by Jason from England on 27th Apr 2008
Simply brilliant, and the battery, its amazing

Reviewed by Wes from USA on 9th Apr 2008
This is an almost perfect phone, although some other wofo phones have better browsers. Don't let this set you back, this phone is awesome.

Reviewed by Andrew Cyrus from USA on 22nd Mar 2008
they claim that the 8320 does not have satellite Navigation, but I have an 8320 with sat nav, how is that possible?

Reviewed by Hamid from UK on 19th Mar 2008
not really a fan, i got one today it does its job but i'm afraid to say its a bit on the dull side. too dull for me.

Reviewed by umair from pakistan on 7th Feb 2008
this is the great invention

Reviewed by ajl from england on 3rd Feb 2008
this phone is amazing if you like all complicated and different feeatures but avoid if your IQ is below 130.

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