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BlackBerry 8220 review

 Review: March 2009  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A BlackBerry in a clamshell form factor! Not our favourite BlackBerry, as the Pearl series is looking rather dated now, but still a good compact phone/PDA for mobile email, with a camera and MP3 player thrown in!

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We've been a bit slow to review the 8220 Pearl, considering that it first appeared in the last quarter of 2008! That's because we assumed that it was just intended for the US market, and we didn't think that it was going to appear in the shops here in the UK. Well, it has appeared but it seems that most people feel the same way as us, because not many are buying it.

The 8220 is basically like the other Pearl devices (the 8100, 8110 & 8120) except that it's a clamshell. It's fatter as a result, and we find that the clamshell form isn't ideal for using this kind of keypad. It's also heavier than the other Pearl phones. But it does have the advantage of a larger internal screen. It's equipped with BlackBerry Maps too, but it doesn't have a GPS receiver.

Basically, if you like the BlackBerry Pearl series, but prefer the clamshell form factor, then this is the BlackBerry for you. Personally, we feel that the whole of the Pearl series is looking rather dated now, and we'd steer you in the direction of the 8900, which is a cracking phone with a full QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry 8220 features include:

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BlackBerry 8220 user reviews

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Average rating from 60 reviews:

Reviewed by Mike from USA on 20th Apr 2011
THE worst cell phone I've owned. I'm on the 4th phone, and 3d SIM card. "SOS" keeps popping up in antenna status and phone stops working. Or it displays SIM CARD and again shuts down. Trying to type on keypad is a joke. I'll get a few numbers into a phone number and it will switch to text and I have to start over again. The phone can't keep up with normal typing speed and bogs down. What a piece of JUNK! Every replacement phone they've sent is a refurb. T-Mobile refuses to take it back and allow me to stop making $15/month payments on the phone. I still owe $75 for a phone I can't use. I feel sorry for anybody who got sucked into buying this phone.

Reviewed by Tom from Canada on 4th Apr 2011
Great keyboard and display. Blackberry features and pc software are now much better than at first. I liked the phone but bluetooth has failed once again. This seems to be a common problem with the 8220. Now I can't get it replaced or repaired but I find the keyboards on the newer models very difficult to use.

Reviewed by Lester Frederick from Tobago on 3rd Mar 2011
I love the phone, it looks good all over and i love flip phones, but sad to say my bad experiences are:- the blue tooth suddenly disabled and wont ever remain on enable, the then viewing of callers on the external screen was also disabled suddenly, i am not able to transfer my contacts even to the sim card to use another phone. if i can get assistance to resolve these issues it will continue to be the best phone ( symple6@yahoo.com)

Reviewed by Somebody =O from England on 1st Mar 2011
~I've had this phone for about a year and I've dropped it a couple of hundred times,dropepd in the sink filled iwth water once and it still works...Well except for the external screen which is rotated 180 and flipped...Nevertheless it's easy to type with and works fine with and without BIS.

Reviewed by Marc from Sutter on 14th Feb 2011
Always bugs...

Reviewed by reena from Indian on 7th Jan 2011
my blackberry 8200 bluetooth is not enable

Reviewed by Betsy Cross from USA on 6th Jan 2011
Probably the worst phone I've ever owned. Always having problems with freezing at which point you have to reset which then takes another 5 minutes to reload. Bluetooth never works. Camera takes lousy pictures. This phone sucks.

Reviewed by Grahame Birchall from UK on 4th Nov 2010
I love the 822O Flip. It sits nicely in the hand so you can do everyhthing comfortably with the thumb. Brilliant key board design as it combines Qwerty layout with LARGE buttons and very good predictive text, which means everything can be done at great speed. I have had it 2 years and now the buttons are starting to wear out. BUT HORROR OF HORRORS no-one is stocking it now and I can't find a replacement. Am I the only person in the world who finds the full QWERTY keyboard too small to use at speed or with comfort ? Have the ALL mobile designers in the world traded common sense for fashion and style ? If so, let's get some NEW designers please. I am very disappointed with Blackberry for apparently discontinuing this brilliant 'Suretype' invention. By the way mine has never frozen. Just lucky I guess.

Reviewed by kim from USA on 12th Oct 2010
I hate my Blackberry! It's cheaply made the back piece is impossible to find, the camera takes the worst pictures and I can hardly wait for this phone to just stop working. The only reason I keep it is it was so expensive. Man I would not recommend this phone to anyone!

Reviewed by Elizabeth from UK on 26th Sep 2010
Wow - sorry for all those who've had problems - but I love my 8220 - yeah it freezes now and then but thats the only problem I've ever had with mine (fingers crossed). I love the qwerty keypad and have always hated typing on regular mobiles and I love the flip format too. I'm converted to Blackberries but find the standard models too wide as I only have small hands. The weight and thickness are small prices to pay for this beautiful handset. I have a feeling that those who have experienced problems probably upgraded from other quite modern handsets and probably use their phones a lot more than I do - having only used old fashioned Nokia's this was heaven to me.

Reviewed by geoff from uk on 17th Jul 2010
the concept of this phone is good but!!!!!!! the battery and sim have been in and out more times than i leave my house. this is my second phone and sim, and now my bluetooth wont enable, and I have been waiting over a week to get it resolved via orange. Think this is destined for the bin.

Reviewed by naresh gyawali from nepal on 17th Jul 2010

Reviewed by fuzzywarmapples from USA on 29th Jun 2010
I've had the 8220 since 1/2009. It is now 3 days shy of 7/2010. I've had this phone replaced 4 times. It started giving me trouble 3 days after I got it. Before I list the problems- which pretty much everyone has listed I will list the PROS: - the headphone jack - the BATTERY life DOES last up to 400 hours. If your battery is not lasting that long its because you have overcharged it. MOST people do. This means that you plug it in to charge and leave it plugged in for long periods of time or even overnight. I have two batteries- one I was very careful to unplug the moment it was fully charged- that battery will give me 2 hours of talk time and still have a full bar left over. My battery fully charges in exactly 40minutes. I can go 3 days before it gets to one bar or gets to the last bar that turns yellow. - I like that closes. Even though the specs list it as being heavier than the other Pearl models I think its small and convienent. - The key pad is chubby finger or long nails friendly. CONS- - CAMERA SUCKS - Battery cover moves and eventually the grippers break - The phone gets a ton of error messages: 1. Invalid SIM card 2. Application Error 523 3. Invalid Media Card 4. Media Card has been replaced. All of which only unfreeze if you pull out and replace either the sim card, battery or both. - I HATE that in order to backup your contacts to your SIM card you have to save each one INDIVIDUALLY- and if you have than one number for a contact - you STILL have to save each one INDIVIDUALLY. This sucks even more because whaever notes or details you had for a contact such as Company, anniversary etc. does not transfer to the saved information on the SIM Card. You can only save this ifnormation if you have backed up the phone data on the Desktop Application Loader. - The Application Loader , which by the way looks simple but your logical clicks don't yield the results you wanted. - The keypad has jammed where you press a key on the left side of the phone and it dials a letter from the right. My recommendation- If you wanted the blackberry for data storage get yourself a Palm Pilot like I was intially on the market for. Im not impressed with the Blackberry. The Iphone however is looking interesting....

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 23rd Jun 2010
Love it. Beautiful to type on, handles all my messages and emails perfectly. Camera isn't the best but that's why I have a proper digital camera right? It also gets a bit slow at times and does occasionally freeze but that's the price you pay if you want a cheap, but powerful phone. Got mine for £65 from CEX and would recommend it like a shot.

Reviewed by Jess from England on 12th May 2010
When the phone works properly it's great however I always have a problem with my SMS. I would get it fixed but not long after it will screw up on me. Batteries dies really fast, which annoys the hell out of me. I want to change mobiles however I'm in love with the keyboard. It's just so easy and efficient to use compared to other mobiles. Turned me off Blackberry mobile phones though. Blackberry was supposedly a very reliable, good branded product.

Reviewed by Rowli from Wales on 10th May 2010
SO bad! This phone won't connect to the computer package on the USB cable won't send or receive picture texts, needs charging twice a day and seems to forget its got a SIM card in it so won't make calls or receive texts. I hate it. Don't get one.

Reviewed by eric routledge from england on 10th Apr 2010
Looks great, but it keeps freezing out.... ive had complete reboot from orange ,which worked for a while then back to same old freezing . On charge and it kocks itself off ...card out battery out and restart. batery life is the pits. my partner has a cheap nokia that gets a signal where I cant... both phones are with orange never ever again I would be better with 2 cans and a piece of string would be more reliable

Reviewed by Martin from Ireland on 29th Mar 2010
I have had 3 replacement 8220's in 7 months. When it works it is great , but I would not have another one as the phones freeze and the only way to reset it is to remove the battery. My service provider will not change for another model. I am going back to Nokia

Reviewed by gemma Kelly from Ireland on 25th Mar 2010
does the back where you take the cover of for battery move mine does and its doing my head in, is this happening to anyone else ?

Reviewed by Eloy from UK on 6th Feb 2010
Very good looking phone but once you start using it, oh dear.... The battery doesn't last more than a day despite the technical specs. Very unstable software and way unrealiable. After 2 weeks of use the phone felt into a loop and rebooting and never came back to life until reloading the O/S. This solution only worked for two days. Don't get conned by Blackberry, I still believe that they are the greatest swindlers ever. The people who buy BB for personal use is mainly to use the BB messenger. I am switching back to Nokia and forgeting the BB issue for good. My real score should be -5 stars rather than the score of 1 star that the system allows me to score..

Reviewed by Krysta from Canada on 21st Jan 2010
I have to pull the stupid battery out and the sim card out and put them both back in and turn the phone on and off. The fing sim card doesn't sit snuggly and press onto the freaking conductors and it's freaking loose. I hate it I'm constantly repeating the whole process on the piece of junk model. There needs to be a better freaking phone design where I'm not annoyed and ready to chuck the phone out the window. It's only a year and it's causing havoc. The carrier tech guy said oh my girlfriend had the same problem with her phone and I stuck a piece of paper in between there and it worked and it seems to solve the problem but it doesn't freaking fit nor can I put the cover back on. Some freaking help he is. Give me something different. Emergency calls only signal is not freaking useful. The cell phone signal will do two arrows trying to see a freaking phone connection.

Reviewed by Steve from USA on 7th Jan 2010
This phone is a POS! I didn't really get it to make use of all that Blackberry's are capable of, but as a long time customer of T-Mobile, I got them to sell it it to me dirt cheap. Problem is the phone has been noting but trouble since right after I got it. First off, battery life is incredible low. It runs down when not even being used. I charge it daily even if I haven't used it, but worse than that is its constant shutting down for absolutely no reason, usually requiring me to pull the battery, then waiting at least 5 minutes for it to boot up. This phone sucks beyond belief.

Reviewed by Dino from Canada on 17th Dec 2009
Personally this phone is garbage, my wife has gone through 3 under warranty and I myself 2 and it looks like I am failing again. JVM errors, Fatal Errors, SIM read...Invalid SIM..the list goes on. I am fighting with my carrier to replace it with a Curve but so far no luck

Reviewed by Roxanne from USA on 14th Dec 2009
This phone sucks. It uses up the battery on stand by, so you have to charge it every 8 hours even if you have not used it. It also powers itself off for no reason and the only way to get it working again is to pull the battery. I am on my 2nd one now and have the same issues. Not sure how many more I have to "try" before I can get a different model.

Reviewed by Doug Again from Australia on 7th Dec 2009
Latest problem. I have an Australian car, a late model V8. It's a Commodore SS V with built in bluetooth capability. I found it was running rough, giving poor fuel consumption, rough cange down in auto. I put it in several times to the dealer but they could never find anything wrong. It is fully computer managed so you can't even adjust the throttle. I suddenly found it running perectly then realised I had left my Blackberry 8220 at home. You would never believe it but when it does the voice in handover to my car bluetooth it totally stuffs the engine management system! Turn the Blackberry off, car runs perfectly. leave Blackberry on but turn bluetooth of car still runs perfectly. I downloaded new service books to the blackberry and voila! Problem solved. Bloody Blackberry! Cost me hundreds in extra fuel and at least 5 days in the dealership trying to fix the problem! Uggh. Nvere buying a Blackberry again.

Reviewed by Ed from England on 30th Nov 2009
I love the 8220, but in 8 months I have needed 4 replacements. All for different faults, crashing, screen not working, reception bad. I might get another Blackberry in the future but I wish I did not have another 10 months with this one unfortunatly.

Reviewed by Carmen from Germany on 16th Nov 2009
Same problem here: First it froze when scrolling through the menu. Then when I charged it the whole night, the battery would begin running empty within less than 1 hour! I hope I get my money back. Never again a BB! This never happened with my Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Jill from UK on 29th Oct 2009
Absolutely rubbish !!! I would not recommend this phone to anyone, it is forever turning it self off when you are in the middle of a call or in the middle of a text it so annoying !!!

Reviewed by robert mccarthy from wales on 8th Oct 2009
never again will i purchase a blackberry phone of any sort. nothing but trouble from new and no phone shop will look at them so you are left to sort it out with blackberry who do not want to know i have a pearl 8220 which soon will meet my friend the hammer come back motorola all is forgiven

Reviewed by Doug from Australia on 17th Sep 2009
Have had the 8220 for a few months and basically it is the best of the small Blackberry range. Once over 40 y.o you won't be able to see the numbers on the Pearl which makes the 8220 good because the numbers and keys are quite large in fact the biggest of all Blackberry's. Because it is a flip, the screen is bigger than the Pearl. You also get the external screen which shows clock, incoming messages etc. Same is shown inside in more detail. The camera is rubbish and is something that really needs to be looked at. The photo resolution is no better than a throw away camera, worse in fact. My advice is don't mess too much with the settings because the thing does hang and eventually you will be abusing your service provider. If you want a Blackberry but don't want to carry a brick like the Curve and 8900 around I suggest this is better than those or the Pearl. Battery still lasts 4 days and a good 4 hours with continuous use. But I hate the fact that you cannot turn off the key tones whilst dialling unless you change the whole profile to silent. There is a key tone off setting but it does not work for the phone. I would have liked the colour trackball too but apparently the led is not multi coloured so you cannot download the software to make it change colours like you can with the Pearl. Have had other problems like not being able to change the signature on emails from the phone, but can do it when logging in over the internet. Also the key lock started working automatically which I did not want and could not turn off. Changing the software was the only way to fix it. Only other problem is RIM seem to stitch the carriers up into providing Blackberry Internet so you cannot put casual internet on which basically means you have to pay much more on a plan than you should. Mine was disconnected by Optus in Australia because they said they had license issues with Blackberry, even though I had casual internet access for the first three months.

Reviewed by Robert Frew from United Kingdom on 21st Aug 2009
I am reading reviews on the Blackberry 8220 and i find it hard to understand how people are saying the battery life can last up to two days, i am on my second 8220 and the battery life is terrible, after just two calls, lasting on average 10 to 15 minutes the battery is down to 25% and then the handset dies on me, does anyone else have this problem Living in hope!

Reviewed by Dennis from USA on 7th Aug 2009
Avoid this phone. It worked great for a few months, then went into interminable resets. Did lots of research on the Net (google "blackberry pearl 8220 resets itself") and read about all the users having the identical problem. Nobody has an answer better than "bring it back for an exchange." I ended up pulling the SIM card and putting it back in my very old Motorola V60, my trusted companion since 2002.

Reviewed by esyosy from Scotland on 7th Aug 2009
i am on my second replacement phone, battery life is terrible. if you put on Bluetooth to use while driving, the battery will only last for two hours max, not much good to anyone. i would not recomment this phone to anyone

Reviewed by Pat from England on 18th Jul 2009
I have had my blackberry 8220 for 5 months now and I am not impressed. As many other reviews state, it has a nasty habit of switching itself off even when half charged, I even bought a new battery which made no difference. It also does the same occasionally when being charged, I use this phone for business purposes so it it very inconvenient having to remove the battery and recharging when you least expect it. Also I still have not worked out if I can bar a specific number - I can not find any options to do this - can anyone help on that one plz?? Not impressed with camera - poor quality pics which are not worth keeping. Would not buy again.

Reviewed by jose cuesta from usa on 8th Jul 2009
I love my phone

Reviewed by Steve from canada on 28th May 2009
I have had this phone for a week and just love it! I traded in my iphone for this phone and i feel I have made an exellent choice!

Reviewed by rob from england on 19th May 2009
have only had the phone two weeks but on the third phone first one lasted two days started doing weard things and when dialing numbers not appearing on screen second one lasted one day same problem numbers not appearing when pressed phone rubbish would not have another blackberry

Reviewed by Francisco Modesto from Brazil on 16th May 2009
stylish phone but too complicated when you have to to find anything in it. also cam is very poor. i´m still getting previous owner emails which i cant find how to cancel. But in generaly not as bad as people think.

Reviewed by tim from uk on 6th May 2009
nothing but problems from day one the first one kept coming up with a java script message replaced with another it lasted one day and the screen went off given another which keeps switching itself off i,m being sent another battery to try although the phone shows fully charged i bought it for business use and have totally lost confidence in it there isnt a star rating low enough for this phone

Reviewed by Pam from UK on 5th May 2009
I am currently on my 3rd phone and returning it for a different brand of phone. I've had nothing but problems since the day I got one (Dec 08) - pathetic battery life of less than one day on 1st phone, loose battery cover that lost connection on 2nd phone, crashing 2 or 3 times a day which means taking the battery out, waiting 20 mins and replacing on 3rd phone, missed calls that never registered in the first place. Love the QWERTY keypad but that's about all. I definitely do NOT recommend this phone and will in all likelihood never use a Blackberry again. So disappointed!

Reviewed by aes from Canada on 26th Mar 2009
I hate this phone. I upgraded from the 8100 Pearl last November and have had it for 5 months. The design is not very robust, one of the external side buttons no longer works. I find that I type faster than it can think and it hangs up on me and types gobbeldegook instead of catching up. Some of the external notifications have mysteriously quit working even though they are set to work. What is with not being able to edit the custom dictionary? My fast typing makes it learn wrong words which I could then manually delete on my 8100. I also don't like the brickbreaker graphics anymore. ;) I would like to try the iphone but I am too addicted to blackberry messenger, and I would like to have a phone that fits in an evening bag, so I called my provider and they are graciously switching me to a Pearl 8120.

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 9th Mar 2009
I've had this phone for about a month now. When it is working it is a good phone, but I have had lots of problems with it. Essentially it is supposed to be a phone, but I find that it doesnt always accept incoming calls and I end up getting a text message saying that I've missed a call - It shows that it has reception and is on so dont knwo what is going on there. Also, if I leave it by my dab radio overnight it crashses (like someone has already described below) so you need to reset it by taking out the battery - Its happens so often but organe say there is nothing wrong with my handset ? If you're thinking about getting it then don't - I really regret it.

Reviewed by Phil A from UK on 4th Mar 2009
I prefer flip phones, and needed a Smart Phone for work, so this was the only choice on the market, so here are my thoughts. For such a recent phone, and being a BlackBerry, it's surprising that it doesn't have 3G or GPS - the EDGE connection is OK, but not brilliant. The camera is not great, although the review information at 1.3megapixel is wrong, it's 2. The flash is acceptable, but not great. Once you get used to SureType it's pretty nice, although I do have to switch between MultiTap and it on occasions. I can't fault the phone, it does everything I need and does it quite well.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 28th Jan 2012
Thanks for the review, Phil. You are right about the camera, and we've corrected the spec above.

Reviewed by Terry Barr from USA on 24th Feb 2009

Reviewed by Grace from Pompano Bch, FL on 22nd Feb 2009
I've had my BlackBry for about 2wks now and the 1st thing I learned is it isn't scratch resistant, so be careful:( Otherwise, it's an awesome phone. I mainly use it for the appiontment book which doesn't seem like much @ 1st glance but once I get in there & play around with it I find that I can set the calendar time to 11pm. Really Great Feature!!!, especially if your day typically end @ 5pm :)

Reviewed by Mike from Canada on 7th Feb 2009
I liked it! 5 stars ell yeah. Like I would always say cos im a batty from canada... the guy below me is weiiiiirddddddddd

Reviewed by Holly elizabeth cooper from UK on 4th Feb 2009
hello there dear friends,i find this phone riveting i love how my sexy husband bought me this presnt it was a blissful gift its easy to work and good on the hands

Reviewed by Francisco from UK on 26th Jan 2009
Maybe I was a little pre-mature in my praise. I woke up this morning and the phone was off (despite the fact that I had not switched it off). It did not respond to the on/off button being pressed. I had to take the battery out and replace it to get it to come on. By the way, I still had 50% charge.

Reviewed by Francisco from UK on 24th Jan 2009
I've had my 8220 for a couple of days now. I chose it from the lack of reports of problems with it (quite unusual in the current mobile market) on this and other sites. I know it's only been in the market since September but it's still good going. It takes a little getting used to (especially switching from a traditional mobile to one where the letters are in QWERTY format and there are 2 per key) but it's worth the effort. Another thing that is different to other phones I've used is that you cannot, from what I've seen, adjust the frequency of e-mail checking -- it just does it, in the background, at the default interval. Other phones I've had allow you to choose the automatic check interval and/or check e-mails manually. As such I would recommend anyone who gets this phone get an unlimited usage bundle for internet if they intend to use that feature. The screens are crisp, clear and bright. The interface is fast (except when trying to pick tones for various things because it insists on finding the file and playing a bit before allowing you to move on if you stop scrolling). Programming it to pick up my e-mail was surprisingly easy to set up. The scroll wheel responds well. The phone is generally well built and the metal feels solid. The exception is the battery cover, which is plastic. You can set it so that you have to put a password in every time you lock the phone (a very useful security feature). The battery life seems to be good but I'll have to wait a few days to really test that. It takes standard 3.5mm earphones so you are not tied to the default ones (I've yet to try those). I've mentioned a couple of things on the downside above. One of the irritating things is that the default configuration doesn't have text messages on the first screen. You can move things around but I just simply reprogrammed one of the convenience keys to access the SMS part of the phone (after all I only use the phone camera on holidays). Overall a good phone with a couple of minor irritants.

Reviewed by mike from Canada on 24th Jan 2009
I got this phone 4 days ago and so far i really like it. I had the sony ericsson w810i which was a phenomenal phone and i was nervous to change because of that but i really like this 1. features are great, i like the size of the screen. applications im still not sure as i havent try all of it but so far its fine i like getting my emails and using msn on it i didnt have that before. this is my first blackberry and so far i like it. I placed 4 stars because im not sure of the quality of some pieces liek the side buttons the battery door or even the keyboard but time will tell! awesome look, light, easy to use, i really like it!!!

Reviewed by favourson from nigeria on 23rd Jan 2009
i think amongst all other blackberry famly, this very product BlackBerry 8220, is the quetest thing thats happened to the househld of te berrys. its a package i personally and oficially recomend for any business especially in nigeria my country if you're ready to beat the recent traffic. its such an adorable baby of an expectant successful entity. ohh... my quetest adorable BlackBerry 8220 i love to see you always and i so much wish i could have you to myself.

Reviewed by th bigg boss from london on 16th Jan 2009
this phone is soo good battery life is wicked and so is the features it is the beez neezs

Reviewed by Lucy Pendfield from new york on 12th Jan 2009
this fone id so totally fetch i adore it its so easy to use. BUY IT!! loool bubbbiiii xxx

Reviewed by joyce taylor from england on 11th Dec 2008
nice fone

Reviewed by Guess Who from Québec, Canada on 5th Dec 2008
hi i just purchased this phone and i love it, all my freinds say it ugly, however love it, easy to use, love the browser really fast, but i guess it depends on the wireless provider, love the games, video & music player, ringtone are sucky but overall a great phone, camera works amazing like when the flash knows when to come on & not, and there is so many options to explore, the back piece is a lil cheap but the phone it self is great, clear reception also.

Reviewed by Petar G. from Chicago IL on 11th Nov 2008
I retain my four star rating from previously HOWEVER, be advised that the screen is NOT scratch resistable and will get scratched easily. Took me about 2 weeks to find that out.

Reviewed by John from uk on 8th Nov 2008
This is a good phone, the keyboard is great, which I am using to type this, without any problems. Also the screen is bright and the Os is really easy to use, there are many good options. On the badSide I would say that the internet browser is abit slow, but if you disable java script then it runs abit quicker. The other great thing is the media player, and the roxio software that comes with it, it allows you to convert videos to view landscape on your phone to a really nice quality, and works with open source music as well as itunes Feels abit plastic and light, but very comfortable to use, some people say they thought it was to big, but really its a good size, and the low weight makes it sit in your pocket you won't know its there. The sure type system is great. I like it, I think its a keeper.

Reviewed by Ben H. from UK on 5th Nov 2008
Just got it (as a replacement for my lost Curve) and I'm sending it back! it I like the interface, which is just like the Bold, but it feels SO cheap, when it's opened, it looks silly and the menus are too wordy/texty just like normal BB's even though this is trying to look like a phone.

Reviewed by Petar G. from USA on 1st Nov 2008
After being a blackberry pearl user for so long I decided to switch and I stopped myself on this because the curve was too much money. This phone is beautiful to look it and very much the same as any other blackberry. The large screen is awesome for browsing the the familiar keyboard is really easy to type with because it is so large. One nice thing about this phone is that when u get an sms,,the front dispay shows u the sender and first line of the text, immediately followed by the whole thing. If you get a text and u flip it open immediately, the message will open and u don't need to scroll to it. Another nice feature is that, you can be in the middle of texting or browsing and if u close the flip, the phone does not stop it's action. All the other features on the phone are typical blackberry ones. On the down side, the battery life isn't so good, I'm not sure what it is advertised to be but I find that heavy use (texting and browsing) can drain the battery in one full day. If you use your blackberry for nonstop messaging this might not be for you. Also, the browser is somewhat slow. Overall, I love my pearl flip and wouldn't trade it, at least not for the time being.

Reviewed by Alex Newman from United Kingdom on 4th Oct 2008
At first glance... It looks terribly like those old Panasonic Megapixel phones... And the only further similarity it has is it's plastic feeling. But do not judge it yet! It is brilliant! The huge display and the gigantic keypad make it extremely easy to navigate! The "pearl" is snuggled into a very comfortable fitting instead of springing out the middle of the phone, which I always hated with the liked of the 81xx, 83xx and 88xx blackberrys. My only concern is the lack of 3g. You would think that after releasing the Bold, RIM wouldn't go back to it's "GPS or wifi" nonsense, and include what is now the minimum standards... So yes, without 3g this phone is still quite slow on the web browsing... The new OS and being able to navigate a "mouse" while surfing make up for this though! 8/10

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