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BlackBerry 8110 review

 Review: September 2008  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: If email on the go is your top priority, and you don't like the size and weight of the big BlackBerries, then the 8110 could be a good choice. However, the 8110 lags behind other smartphones when it comes to most features, and it isn't the easiest phone to use either. Available in Black, Red or Pink.

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BlackBerry's 8110 is the same as the Pearl 8100, but with the addition of GPS positioning. It's available in a choice of colours: Black, Red or Pink.

BlackBerry 8110 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with flash and digital zoom
  • LCD display: 240 x 260 pixels, 65000 colours
  • Media player
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, push email with attachment viewer
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Voice dialling
  • Voice memo recorder
  • MP3 ringtones & LED call indicator
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Vibration alert
  • Internet: Web browser, GPRS, EDGE
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB, modem, stereo headset port
  • Memory: 64 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot
  • Size: 107 x 50 x 14.5 mm
  • Weight: 91g
  • Quadband
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 360 hours

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BlackBerry 8110 user reviews

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Average rating from 95 reviews:

Reviewed by Onyeka onwuka from Nigeria on 5th Jan 2014
1)i can recieve data from other bluetooth devises.2)operamini 7,4.5 and 3 refused to work on my bb 8110.help

Reviewed by Mickel mofokeng from South africa on 27th Dec 2013
Its a vry smart phne dat any1 cn use nd i used it 4 3yrs

Reviewed by DhIReN from INDIA on 31st Jul 2012
I love my blackberry 8110 handset.
I have this mobile now.

Reviewed by Erda from Indonesia on 26th Dec 2011
That Blackberry looks just like mine!It's great to have that blackberry till now

Reviewed by moanysnowflake from uk on 19th Aug 2011
I love my Blackberry Pearl had it nearly a year now, still loving it and discovering more things it can do. Feels lovely looks lovely, great phone.

Reviewed by belinda bieronski from england on 18th Aug 2011
Not the best phone i have ever had. Difficult to use, if i knew this i would never had bought it.

Reviewed by jhon rambo from taiwan on 9th Aug 2011
no wi fi ???? it sucks !

Reviewed by saikiran from india on 14th Jul 2011
i had this mobile it is excellent handset

Reviewed by Daad from Pakistan on 30th May 2011
Excellent handset

Reviewed by TIM from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
PANTS, had a dual sim samsung 3 years old better screen better browser better camera. the blackberry has no gps no wi fi and is slow. would definately not recomend

Reviewed by harwinder from india on 14th Oct 2010
Hi this is Harwinder.S.Rayat.I have this ph.i like it.

Reviewed by Lolade Bamgbose from South Africa on 20th Sep 2010
my blackberry 8110 is da bomb like they always say never judge a book by its cover

Reviewed by franny from uk on 12th Aug 2010
Haha... I think the only people giving this phone a bad rap are men with fat fingers who can't push the little buttons! I love this phone! It's amazing. Works really really well for me, I was a bb virgin and it was really easy to learn how to use it without even looking at any instructions. I'm a bb convert for life now!

Reviewed by Daniel from United Kingdom on 14th Jul 2010
I've owned my pearl 8110 for six months and its worked flawlessy in that time. Ģ89 on payg with a years free blackberry email & internet on BIS was a steal. It's not a high spec BB but fully encrypted push email works great,GPS and blackberry maps work great(try the POYNT app!)GPRS/EDGE data rates are fine and fast enough for any browsing. I've had use of higher spec BB's but this one is the only one i've known that never needs resetting. The music player is also very cool,load up a micro sd card and you have tunes on the move in high quality. The battery life is extremely impressive. The camera is probaly the only weak point but its primarily a communication device, not a camera/video recorder. The memory cleaning option keeps my phone in tip top condition and it never bogs down. It's obsolete now but if you are a 'crackberry' you wont find a cheaper or more cheerful Blackberry to get you started. I'll be upgrading to a 9300 later this year when my free airtime expires :)

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 7th Jul 2010
i got this phone and it never asks me to reboot and has never crashed i lve this phone i am glad i bought this phone it does everything a student needs but i am going to upgrade to the new curve so i will put a review about that when i get it

Reviewed by mark from england on 19th Jun 2010
i bought this phone 3 days ago ive had no problems with it,it wasnt new when i bought it and the last owner said she had no problems with it,its easy to use and looks very stylish im very happy with it and im very glad i brought it.

Reviewed by NIKET from INDIA on 6th May 2010
Outstanding Performance by Black Berry 8110

Reviewed by Gary Hopkins from United Kingdom on 15th Apr 2010
When it works, the BB pearl is a very good phone. However, the constant freezing and need to re-boot almost every day is a disgrace. T-Mobile where I bought it from are no help at all and tell me to just do a soft re-boot, well ok guys, but not every day !!!! BB' s may not be so good after all. Come on BB do something about this, starting with giving me another BB model to prove that customer service really exists, or not.

Reviewed by Mike from Venezuela on 9th Apr 2010
This is totally the worst phone ever made, it just freezes anytime, even while I'm not using it. I wake up in the morning ad it is freezed. Also it is slow. I would not recommend anybody to buy this junk, go buy a nice Nokia and don't waste your time or your money. I totally regret buying this phone. Also, the keyboard organisation SUCKS, its really hard to adapt to the keyboard and the dictionary sucks. Camera is very very poor quality, and also the microphone. THis is the worst phone ever made. Don't buy this, for your own sake. Thank you for reading and good luck!

Reviewed by gandhi patel from uk on 22nd Mar 2010
very poor indeeded

Reviewed by Marcus from Australia on 15th Mar 2010
I loved the 8100. I have had three 8110 all with the same problem; constant rebooting. Note I use BES with lotus notes. It is a dud because of it's instability.

Reviewed by DAVID ROUSE from England on 23rd Feb 2010
This is the worst phone I have had. It looks great but is so difficult to use. I bought it from Carphone Warehouse on T-Mobiler PAYG for Ģ90 including Ģ10 credit. It has been a total wste of money. The staff in Carphone Warehouse, Stafford were useless when I called in for help in sorting out the address book access. Neither member of staff had a clue how to sort it out!

Reviewed by bharathi from india on 16th Feb 2010
BlackBerry fantastic phone beauty full hand set beauty full hand computor.withfine touch sereen very use for business palmtop which useful to use an internet on travel

Reviewed by Hanif from Bristol on 11th Feb 2010
good phone typical blackberry and nice and smal compared 2 others

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
This phone does everything I want it do do - calls, texts (with qwerty keyboard - ace!), web browsing, email, Facebbok, MySpace, MP3 player. I would not swap it.

Reviewed by hassan from kenya on 28th Jan 2010
I luv it is so so nice

Reviewed by n-dubz rule from GB on 25th Jan 2010
ok ..... its not that bad my m8s got one k ps love you ndubz

Reviewed by Ashleigh from Uk on 25th Jan 2010
This phone is a complete and utter failure. I dropped it and now the keys are broke. The ALT Key is jammed in and now i cant look at anything on my phone without it seriuosly annoying me. Im going to get it fixed and if it carnt be fixed then they can have it back!!! :@

Reviewed by Gavin from United Kingdom on 22nd Jan 2010
I have recently bought this telephone and i have had so many problems with it. i would appreicate it if you could give me ALL my money back. The reason i have decided to send this phone back is that i have a lot of debt that i have to pay or im going to get chucked out. so id much rather have a home then this phone. thank you for taking your time to read my story. thank you

Reviewed by Ian from Australia on 11th Jan 2010
Hate this phone, the QWERTY keyboard with buttons sharing multiple letters makes it almost impossible to use. Just a simple txt takes minutes. No folders for txt messages. The wosrt phone I have ever used..

Reviewed by ceejay from n.ireland on 4th Jan 2010
i have this phone i got it for xmas its good theres 1 question id like to ask how do you work the bluetooth

Reviewed by Hai Nguyen Thanh from Viet Nam on 2nd Jan 2010
it good for me

Reviewed by tim from england on 21st Dec 2009
extremely good phone people saying about the camera result... its 2mp. the phone isnt a camera its a PHONE! 2mp results can come out very good the trackball can get sticky but you can just take the front appart and clean the ball, people saying about the msn..the problem of the msn on the 8110 may be if it is network locked the software may have a problem, usually if you take it into a shop to get it unlocked they will give you a software update, GREAT PHONE :D

Reviewed by Mian Arif from Pakistan on 6th Dec 2009
Its very good mobile i like it. Its camera result is very good.I love blackberry 8110

Reviewed by Rachael from UK on 30th Nov 2009
I have had this phone for almost a year now. I did love it but in the last few months the rollerball has been sticking making it difficult to navigate the phone. Also recently, the blackberry messenger hasn't been working properly with me not being able to read received messages. I have also had this problem with text messages with them disappearing from my phone - I've missed some nights out because of it! Also, call logs are disappearing every week! I think I will get the bold 9700 next time because despite its faults i love my blackberry!

Reviewed by Doods from UK on 25th Nov 2009
This is the worst Blackberry I have used. I am going straight back to my 8800. That does everything you want and then some.

Reviewed by Skeeter from Spain on 19th Nov 2009
Hello, it's me again. You know this phone constantly amazes me! At 1st blush it appears so basic ( for a BlackBerry) and then I read how the Nokia E63/71 locks up/sends texts without the owner knowing it/etc, etc. I tell myself to be contented. Think I'll hold onto this and just get a bigger ( 4gb ) sd card. Let's see. My 8110 does, 1) push mail. 2)Internet access. 3)CUSTOMIZABLE fields in Contacts. 4)Search by category w/in Contacts(EZ setup 1st). 5)Genuinely MULTI-TASKS. 6)BONUS decent Music/Movie player w/a Universal EarPhone plug size. As well as a std mini USB inlet for connecting to my PC AND charging. ( good thinking RIM) And no, I have no affiliation with these people. I just LOVE it when a product works, and stays out of my way. And has a bonus or 2! Caio

Reviewed by Cora from England on 2nd Nov 2009
I love my BlackBerry Pearl!! :D

Reviewed by Fahad from Pakistan on 28th Oct 2009
No emoticons in sms message. Hence no fun in using for messaging. No windows OS, means no Ms word or excel. Otherwise ok phone.

Reviewed by Stephany from UK on 20th Oct 2009
I used the blackberry 8110 for some months. it was quite good and nice size for me but it had a problem with the low memory manager. Texts are sometimes deleted as soon as they come in or whenever. you'd have to save a text message if it is urgent else it will get deleted. Also the button used to scroll always messes up. Generally though, i enjoyed it because i could check the internet whenever i wanted to.

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 7th Oct 2009
I've had this phone for a few months now and I dont understand why everyone is slating it! I understand where people are coming from when they said its difficult to use. For the first few weeks I could NOT understand how to use it, but like all phones, you get used to it, and now it seems so simple! Although after a few months I have been having problems with the rollie-ball-thing sticking a bit, and sometimes wont scroll down. but that could just be because I dont look after it well! :) hope this helps! x

Reviewed by mark from england on 30th Sep 2009
for all you people who are slagging off this phone must be thick its the easiest, most reliable piece of kit you could ever own i've had nokia's samsungs, motorolas and sony-ericssons they are all rubbish none can touch the blackberry i've got 4 of them in my household and never had a problem with any of them.

Reviewed by Frances Leafe from England on 30th Sep 2009
It is a lovely phone and it has a lovely style to it. The phone has well everything it does it has messaging to it and camra and bluetooth to it and voice diling. when you put your old phone on standby the battery does not last that long, but on this phone it can stay on standby for about 360 hours which is very good so i give this phone 5 stars!!

Reviewed by hira from uk on 22nd Sep 2009
simply hate this 8110,voice quality n picture quality is so poor & the biggest problem is with the key pad, u cannot send a msg if you are in a hurry,really hate this phone specially when i have to write a msg.would not recomend this phone to anyone...NEVER!

Reviewed by John from Scotland on 14th Sep 2009
Wonderful phone especially for the price, less than Ģ150 from t mobile pay as you go. Pity about the image quality of the camera

Reviewed by skeeter from Spain on 5th Sep 2009
Update: See below on May 29. Chad, Girl, Miz..... people, I donīt know what to say. My 8110 is a really neat bit of Kit. There ARE more capable pieces out there, but mine has only once locked up. Right now Iīm jamming on Dr Dre/Tupac, I Hit the Red Phone button, switched to contacts and filling in details on customers. Hit the BB button, switched to Calender. Pussycats DOlls W/Busta R. are playing now. Multimedia is okay. But this IS a BUSINESS/ Email piece. Like I said, neat bit of kit. Does what I ask it to. Stays out of my way. 3-4 Programs/Apps run at the same time. I donīt notice degration of performance. My business depends on it. DOWNSIDE... No NATIVE S.Sheet other than downloading one. Likely there are others I donīt know about. I disagree with the autofill-in used by the system for guessing spelling. SOME of the choices leave me speechless. DUMB. Up side..Downloads are reasonably quick. Thereīs Opera for BB. But the native browser ( emocion ) suffices. Movistar ( I know... Telefonica ) has neat promos. 21 euros/mo. with all kinds of freebies 1st 3 months. ( LOVE competition) Like I said. neat bit of Kit.

Reviewed by chad from UK on 28th Aug 2009
I dont like blackbery to be able to usse internet you need to pay more money

Reviewed by miz from usa on 24th Aug 2009
I bought it and i wanted to cry. Somehow i cant do anything, i cant send messages, use bluetooth, sorf the web... Later the keyboard started going crazy.... This phone is worthless... Idk, i will try to fix it, but now i'm dissapointed and i want my money back

Reviewed by girl from england on 11th Aug 2009
its alright. i suppose. not the best phone. but its good for some things not msn and pictures or music

Reviewed by patrick from China on 9th Aug 2009
excellent? no

Reviewed by Skeeter in Spain from Spain on 29th May 2009
I downloaded from my Linux PC movies. From my Win XP PC, songs. Set up in my 8110 BB playlists. My 30min power-walk to work. Solid playing/listening. My customers call me all during my walk. My BB 8110 stops the song, phone picks up. I can annotate my notes. THIS phone stays out of my way. Does what I need..The Movistar 3g network here in Spain provides easy and quick 3g enabled internet for access. Email, no prob. Speed. moderate. Convience. Sure Movies I downloada Irenman and watched that as well . Although I must say I did have to cfind a converter utility to convert under Win XP. I'm out.

Reviewed by bigmo99 from UK on 25th May 2009
iPhone is the best, blackberry is just too hard to work with specially if u r writin a msg...y would u have QWERTY keyboard on a fone?! the apps r ok

Reviewed by DINESH from INDIA on 7th Apr 2009

Reviewed by ashlee from usa on 4th Apr 2009
I love this phone you can't go wrong with this phone truthfully!!!!!

Reviewed by Ben from England on 19th Mar 2009
Ok, I have to use this phone, no jokes about it, I was told by my work that I have no choice, and I need to do it to site a $1000 BlackBerry course to help users. I hate them, Never liked the look of them, and sine then, I have come to relise, once you get past the stupid email client, stupid two letters per key and menu layout, its not that bad... Still, I prefer my XDA Stellar and iPhone 3G lol

Reviewed by kelley from USA on 16th Feb 2009
I love my BB pearl. Its great! Best phone I've ever had and I've had plenty. If ,those people who have had some trouble had had the sense to report it while they had Warrenty their phone would have been replaced. My first one was. It was deleting my messages also. I will definitely buy another when its time for upgrade my son wants this one.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 14th Feb 2009
One of the best phones I have used to date. I usually change my phone every few weeks but this is the one I have kept the longest out of everything so far, even after an iphone! Email, facebook, gtalk, MSN and loads of apps like twitter and weather, what more could you want. Piece of advice for those who complain about lock ups and freezing, check in options>status if you are showing less than 12mb then pull the battery or use an app like quickpull to empty the cache and free up some memory. With regards to youtube and streaming, its a 2G phone not 3G, why would you want to. Blackberries like the storm or bold are better suited to that due to the higher data speeds.

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 15th Jan 2009
I have had the BlackBerry 8110 for around 6 months now and totally regret buying it! The camera quality is awful at only 1.3mp. The phone is really slow, and freezes after you've listened to 3 or 4 songs in a row. It also freezes regularly at other times for no reason. This can be particularly fustrating when in the middle of sending e-mails or texts and it all disappears once you get back on it. I also have regular problems with texting where I don't receieve my texts meaning I have to restart the phone by taking out the battery for 2 mins and putting it back in. This is annoying as don't always know when I'm not receiving texts!! I have also had charging problems with it where it is unable to charge using the charger so I have to use the USB lead on the computer. It sometimes decides to do this randomly. I know a few other people with BlackBerry's and they have the exact same problems with them being too slow & freezing all the time and not being able to receieve texts. Without a doubt, the worst and most unreliable phone I have ever purchased. I've had so many problems with it it's unreal.

Reviewed by Chaz Davenport from United Kingdom on 10th Dec 2008
I recently got this phone from my employer for e-mail on the go and such like. For three years prior to this, I have had a Nokia N70, a phone which I loved, was easy and fun to use, and never once let me down. This 8110 blackBerry thing I now have is an infuriating piece of kit. (Rhyming slang). The user interface is apalling and difficult, if not impossible, to customise. Do not get me started on the camera quality though. It really is dreadful in this day and age to be presented with something with such very, very poor quality reproduction. That said, hosever, I have now got used to the keypad for texting etc, so that really was just a learning curve. In my opinion, this device should be taken back to the drawing board and re-thought.

Reviewed by allen from UK on 4th Dec 2008
Super phone!!! Once you get your head around the keypad, it works well, slow to surf but keeps the bills down and get the job done!!! Email is usual BlackBerry class..

Reviewed by mussy from England on 20th Nov 2008
I love this phone ! Granted it took me a day to get used to it but the web browsing is great and the menu is very logical. I even think the keyboard is fab and easier than normal phones as the predictive text is the best I've ever seen. I'm typing this from it now !

Reviewed by quenten from england on 20th Nov 2008
well i like it, looks nice.works well. a good compromise beetween size and function

Reviewed by mike from uk on 17th Nov 2008
i AGREE with same (below poster) the phone is very good after you learnt how to use it, Nokia menu system users are going to find ANY other menu system hard, because nokia made it so easy, But you dont have to be a mastermind to work out the blackberry system, and if your phone isnt working proper get it flashed and up dated to the lastest firmware, all in all it is a cheap Bizz phone, its not for joe public user, i really thinking most of the young kids get this phone because rappers are banging on about it in their tracks,

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
I got this phone as replacement to the original 8100 pearl when it broke and what an improvement! If your not a complete tool and you have figured out how to use a blackberry then you will not be disappointed, this version is so much faster and more responsive! all the features work so much better, the music player especially, i use this phone as my mp3 player now! The sound quality is excellent! Texting is a doddle, and i get signal everywhere! The only bad point to mention is the customer service, my god.... it took me 2 months to get this replacement!

Reviewed by paul from uk on 19th Oct 2008
the black berry is the most usefull handset i have ever had, I'm lost with out it with msn messenger blackberry messenger if you want to cut your phone bill down this is the phone, with GPS sat nav email on the go this hadheld may be lacking in someplaces but makes up for it in other places

Reviewed by rich from uk on 1st Oct 2008
this phone is disappointing! terrible phone, text and usability.

Reviewed by Great fatga from Nigeria on 25th Sep 2008
Damn This is the best phone so far, I got this phone for 3month and i would say it's the best phone... i love black berry.

Reviewed by peaches from amarica on 3rd Sep 2008
it isn't what i expected to be i found it un useful to use i woudlnt recomend it to anyone really :(

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 1st Sep 2008
I got this phone 3 days ago, because i have been looking for a new 1 for agess! so decided on this. Got it all great then it comes to texting/emailing etc, its a nightmare! To be honest i only really choose it because i like the colour and it looks nice but it seems now thats not everything, the colour has payed off now. Also the camera qualitiy is rubbish. i wouldnt recommend this phone atall

Reviewed by Mike from US on 25th Aug 2008
Emails may take up to 10 hours to be displayed on the phone. Acts like it is on drugs at times, vibrates when it should ring and vice-versa, shuts off by its self, locks when it shouldn't, etc... Using this as a modem works well, when it wants to. May work for hours or minutes depending on its mood. One day I spent 3 hours trying to get the modem to work and only 15 minutes was spent online. I think I got ripped.

Reviewed by leasea from China on 21st Aug 2008
I just want to say,it's realy a excellent phone.

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 16th Aug 2008
The phone is pleasant to look at, and he email was very easy to set up. However it seems to selectively send emails through, and it will only display text. Everything else is a long annoying web link which you have to painfully and slowly scroll past. The screen is too small to surf the internet on, and it seems to be very slow..... This phone is still only suited to businessmen who wish to make calls and view text only emails. I had to change this phone, as having this phone with unlimited internet was a complete waste of money. Its technology feels dated.

Reviewed by Karina from US on 16th Aug 2008
Ohhh.Woww. This phone is hard to work with.!!

Reviewed by Carlo from UK on 7th Aug 2008
I am disappointed with this handheld. It has very bad network connection and poor audio quality. After years with Nokia, I find the interface uselessely complicated. The phone feels badly put together and with cheap materials, I doubt it will last long. The qwert keypad is a good idea, the predictive text with the possibility of switching between languages is a useful feature. The one great asset of this phone is the instant access to email, but it is hampered by the poor connection to the network, and by the fact that the device is slow and sometimes freezes. I think this a poor brother to the more professional Blackberrys, not worth much.

Reviewed by Paige from USA on 24th Jul 2008
This is the best phone ever! I love it. It is not cheap- feeling. It is a little hard to work at first but it has a help guide so I figured it out the first couple of hours. I have had mine for a while and have dropped it and everything. Mine never scratches or breaks. The camera is amazing. You can add multiple numbers per name and I don't think there is a limit on characters. You need a microSD card to shoot video. That is the ony setback I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by chump from uk on 16th Jul 2008
poor poor faulty phone......... dont get it unless you absolutely need mobile email.......... as a functioning phone it is probably the worst on the market..... slow OS bad quality ear speaker, and a trackerball that will break within a week....... im on my 5th phone in 6 months

Reviewed by unknown from uk on 15th Jul 2008
worst fne ever brakes if u drop it once my addivise get the sony erricson w910i its amazing

Reviewed by Aftab from pakistan on 15th Jul 2008
very attractive good looking smart set

Reviewed by Oliver from UK on 11th Jul 2008
My dad owns this phone and I think it looks great, but I can't help thinking the phone itsfelf feels cheep. The back panel that covers the battery feels very plasticy and loose. But perhaps that is just his. Overall the phone is very cool and nice to use, as well as reliable.

Reviewed by doc522 from USA on 7th Jul 2008
I had to take some time to figure out how all it works, considering this is my first smart phone. After a few days, I have been flying around with it and all the email that I receive comes to me quickly.

Reviewed by eric bellend from uk on 5th Jul 2008
i've had the pearl 8110 for a while from O2 as an upgrade. what a mistake. initial investigation of it when i got home put me off trying to use it more. it's rubbish! O2 installs very poor, rubbish, really slow and clunky (must be beta) software. eg just for starters: bluetooth 'services' only allows remote voice control (whatever THAT is) it does not allow file transfer of files, so no pics, avi's or mp3 transfers to it from my other phones and no hands free link up. the address book is bog primative. very limited number of characters per entry, no multiple number entries per name, no user defined ringtones per name. no picture per name, and despite being promised that it was a brand new, all singing and dancing phone, i notice in the text sms history there are texts dating back to before i bought it from people i don't know! overall, what a load of rubbish and a rip off. i have put my simm back in my other phone now.

Reviewed by ROLAND from UK on 22nd Jun 2008
Love my blackberry, it's a quality phone. Vodafone Sat Nav is brilliant, menus and applications work really well when you get used to them, So if you get one take the time to get used to it before giving up!! The QWERTY keyboard is excellent and makes texting and email so much easier and faster. It looks great (mine is balck and looks really cool) and it is fairly small in size, also the keys work well even though I've got big hands.If you're thinking of this phone go for it, I was thinking of a Sony Ericsson C902 as an upgrade but now I wouldn't be without my Blackberry. IT'S OUTSTANDING !!!!

Reviewed by aileen conroy from scotland on 18th Jun 2008
ive had this phone now for 3 months. i must admit when i first got it, having been a sony ericsson addict for years, i screamed with frustration.its an incredibly difficult phone to get your head around if its the first time youve had a blackberry but i promise that if you persevere the rewards are endless. its a sleek shiny phone which can send and recieve email. its built in maps service is so much fun to use and you only pay for your wap charges when using it. the only thing to remember when buying this phone is that although its a beautiful pretty phone....it IS a business phone and its more difficult to use the standard features that are simple on other phones...like bluetooth. it has a qwerty keypad ,this is difficult to use at first but after the first 2 weeks you can develop the ability to type on it at a super human speed and become unable to text on someone elses phone. all in all id highly recommend this phone to everyone young and old that has the patience to learn new things as its just as reliable as my old ericsson and i just love my blackberry....im even eyeing up new colours as i currently have the blue one pictured above but id maybe like the pink or the red.

Reviewed by sam from canada on 15th Jun 2008
i hate my blackberry because i'm not able to connect to you tube or other streaming media

Reviewed by Dawn from UK on 13th Jun 2008
I got my phone this week and when i first used it I didn't like the display on the phone. i thought it looked a bit old-fashioned however with some few adjustments like adding a pretty-in-pink wall paper the display is not that bad after all. it took some time getting used to the QWERTY keyboard but its functionality is good especially with the predictive texting. It is probably now easier and quicker for me to text. I think the readibility of the text messages is a plus for the phone and reduces the amount of time you spend when reviewing text messages from the same person. on a first glance I wasn't particularly happy with the phone but now i think I am falling in love with it. the color pink is lovely and the overall delicate features and glossy image of the actual handset makes it a bonus. plus it acts as a great fashion accessory.

Reviewed by mangi from kandaypair on 27th Apr 2008
lovely phone

Reviewed by James from UK on 23rd Apr 2008
I like the look, the design, the readabililty of the email. I have to say though I am hating how slow it is! It is forever hanging on various applications, the little sand timer thing is forever showing, this phone is more frustrating than windows vista! This is my 2nd 8110 after the Vodafone sat nav application didn't work, the replacement doesn't work much better but I cannot be bothered resending it back. Will wait for a upgrade replacement and use my laptop for email as much as possible as this phone is excrutiatingly painful. My score 1 out of 5. *

Reviewed by trevor from b/wood on 3rd Apr 2008
once you work out how to use the phone,its good,but blue tooth slow.

Reviewed by james jennings from uk on 1st Apr 2008
its a brilliant phone cannot wait to get it bit slow though

Reviewed by trevor from england on 1st Apr 2008
I just got one yesterday,letters laid out same way as mey laptop so makes it easy for me to text quicker,did have to change my blue 121 chip for white one as blue a bit dated and phone could not read blue one,so if you upgrade bare this in mind.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 28th Mar 2008
My wife has just had one of these in pink. She is Nokia through and through, but I convinced her to go for something different. She says its "the best phone ive ever had". Took a few days to get used to the predictive text entry on the half size qwerty keyboard, but integration with Outlook is fantastic. All in all a brilliant handset. Im off to buy myself an 8120, so I can have wifi on it as well! The best Blackberry tarrifs in the UK seem to be on O2 - Ģ10 a month extra for unlimited web browsing and blackberry instant email! Thoroughly recommended.

Reviewed by Bob jones from UK on 27th Mar 2008
just got this as my new works phone and i have to say it's the best phone i have ever had, i think i might even keep this one longer than 6 months!

Reviewed by jay morgan from england on 11th Mar 2008
just had me first 8110. it takes abit to get used to if you've never had one before ( like me) but i think we'll have some happy times together once i've got used to it all. a little disapointed with the lack of start up info with vodafone but otherwise very happy.

Reviewed by kelly from england on 24th Feb 2008
best phone ever its got loads of goood features

Reviewed by michelle from england on 17th Feb 2008
i got the blackberry in pink, and it is the hardest phone i have ever used and ive had alot of phones in the past. To write a message to someone u would of thought u go through messaging when i selected the name i ended up ring the person every time, i had to go through the phone book and as for typing a message it took about 10 minutes for 2 lines because of predictive text and having to find the word. tones aren't very good i never knew when i recieved a message. overall make sure that u can use this phone before u keep it, i had to exchange it for a different make.

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