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Does technology excite you? Do you sometimes hear about a new device or idea and think, "That's awesome!"? If so, this section of S21 is for you. Here we're donning our virtual reality glasses and taking a look at technology that makes you stop dead in your tracks. Some of it is already here, some of it is coming soon. All of it is mind-bogglingly cool.

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Fonkraft - the first crowdsourced modular smartphone, Google Glass (updated), The rise of wearable tech, Quantum computers, The 100 Year Starship Study

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Fonkraft - the first crowdsourced modular smartphone
For the past few years the technology world has eagerly awaited the emergence of the first mainstream and widely available modular phone, with Project Ara always thought to be the prophesied handset. Unfortunately for Google however, Project Ara looks to have been beaten to the finishing line by the Fonkraft handset.
 The rise of wearable tech
Access your socks via your smartphone; talk to your watch; see the world afresh through smart glasses; and tattoo your password on your skin. Whether you're a geek, an athlete, or a fashionista, wearable tech is coming your way!
3D printers
Imagine a machine that can make anything you want. Almost instantly.
 Google Glass
Project Glass is a project by Google to create a working design for augmented reality glasses. The idea is that the glasses would include a head-mounted display showing information about the real world.
Quantum computers
How quantum computers are set to transform our world utterly.
 Self-Driving Cars
If your computer has ever crashed, you may be more than a little nervous about the idea of a computer-driven car. Yet self-driving cars are already a reality, and as of September 2012, they are legal on roads in California, although a human driver must still be present in the car just in case things go wrong.
Lockheed Blackbird SR-71
The Blackbird was designed to be the ultimate reconnaissance aircraft.
 Vulcan Bomber
The delta-wing Vulcan was the most iconic of the UK's three V-class nuclear bombers, developed after World War II and capable of dropping a nuclear bomb.
IBM Watson
Watson is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of understanding natural language and answering questions on any topic.
 Skylon spaceplane
Skylon is an aircraft that will be able to fly at 5 times the speed of sound and fly directly into space, like a rocket.

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