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Avro Energy

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Avro Energy is a new energy supplier aiming to provide consumers with low-priced energy with simple tariffs and billing. The company uses a UK-based customer service team.


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What is the best electricity tariff from Avro Energy?

Asked by Linda from Scotland on 14th Feb 2016
I only have electricity in my home. What tariffs might be available for me. I have storage heaters.

Reply by S21 from UK on 14th Feb 2016
Linda, Avro energy's current tariffs are listed here:
The price depends on your region (e.g. Southern Scotland is different to Northern Scotland). You can choose a tariff with no standing charge, or one with a standing charge and lower costs per unit. The Economy 7 rates seem to be the same as the day rates currently.

Avro Energy user reviews

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Average rating from 15 reviews:

Reviewed by RRS from England on 20th Apr 2017
Been with them for a year with no problems. Have now renewed at a very competitive price. Communications are clear and website is also good.

Seems i am in the majority who find Avro very good.

Reviewed by Sarah from Scotland on 19th Apr 2017
I switched over to Avro at the start of February and although DD was taken in advance which i was not aware of everything looked promising.

I supplied all required meter readings etc on time, however 44 days later my previous supplier cannot provide me with a final bill due to Avro not agreeing on final meter readings with them - well to be more precise they have agreed on the gas and just not bothered to respond to the electricity one! They have tried to blame Npower on the delay saying they have not received neccessary information on my electricity meter etc, but I have spoken to Npower and this is not the case as all info requested has been provided. I have been promised a call back by the end of the week... not holding my breath.... if they dont call me by friday afternoon I guess I will be phoning them back again and probably going to be stuck in a phone queue for another 40mins! Wishing I had not switched to Avro now... if i had used someone else I would have had my final bill and money refunded by now! FUMING!!!!!

Reviewed by Sue from Uk on 18th Apr 2017
Have been with them for a year now. I must admit as a new company I was a slightly concerned, but, I have no complaints at all.

Reviewed by Judith from United Kingdom on 28th Mar 2017
Excellent utility company, best I have switched to over the years. I am still paying the same price they quoted 12 months ago when I started. Definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Janet brooker from England on 21st Mar 2017
I have been with avro for 1year. I am now moving to the simple and spring tarrif.
I have found customer serice brilliant. I got quoted for one tarrif and they got in touch saying they found a new cheaper one. As a pensioner I have to watch the pennies. Thank you Avro. I know I can take a chance with a new company but I'm happy with this one.

Reviewed by Derek Timmins from England on 19th Feb 2017
We have been with Avro, for around 12 months and have found their service intolerable.

During this time, we have consistently received false bills based on estimated readings, despite our having provided readings to them.

Compounding this, has been constant attempts to increase our direct debit payments through the year, allegedly based on forecasted usage. But these forecasts are nearly double our actual usage. (Personally, I think they are just trying to get as much advance payment from you as they can and hold onto our money.)

The final straw came as they wanted to increase our £70 direct debit to nearer £130 per month and we decided to switch suppliers.

We have just been notified by our new provider that Avro have objected to our switching, which means we now have to plead with Avro to let us go??

This is a genuine user review of Avro Energy.

Please don't fall for their marginally lower prices, the hassle we have received from them is really not worth it.



Reply by Joanne from England on 13th Apr 2017
I have had problems as well. Totally agree they made it as difficult as possible for us to switch, which I thought was not allowed anymore it's taken nearly 4 months to get sorted. They are a joke.

Reviewed by Paul Balmain from England on 17th Feb 2017
Switched to Avro April 2016. I knew my usage and did a reasonable amount of research and was concerned that something might not work as promised when the savings were around 30%. 10 months in to my contract and everything works perfectly. My estimates have worked out exactly (in fact I'm a little under). Was pleased when they moved to monthly billing as I like to monitor my use. Unless someone else is offering a rediculously low tariff on the anniversary of my contract I will be sticking with Avro. I reckon even with recent price increases I can keep my direct debit the same next year as my usage was favourable this year. I was always a little wary that such low prices might mean a risk but would recommend to anyone. Like the chap below I keep updating as I change lightbulgs and appliances as and when and have cut my total energy costs from a peak with British Gas a few years ago of £1,600 a year to £600 a year now!

Reviewed by John from Uk on 14th Feb 2017
I have been with Avro since last may and very happy with the service, they have just put up the prices but so have all the others. They always reply to emails quickley and are very good if you telephone. Keep it up Avro I am impressed.

Reviewed by rob swinn from wales on 14th Feb 2017
After receiving my yearly statement from EDF i was shocked to see how much i was spending on gas and electricty i was paying over £160 a month by derict debit the majority of my useage was electricty.
I decided to shop around online through various comparision sites to find a better deal AVRO Energy came out as the cheapest with fair to good reviews so i decided to give them a go. They came back with a saving of £40 a month compared to what i had been paying with EDF thats a saving of nearly £500 a year. The switch over was no hassle just provide them with meter readings on the requested day and everything is done by them.
The only downside is you pay for your energy a month in advance by direct debit but i asked myself does that really matter if i pay a month in advance if im going to use the energy anyway?
Seeing as i had a £40 a month saving on my bills i decided to change my light bulbs to LED bulbs over the course of three months, after a little research i discoved that the average household uses more energy on lighting than anything else and LED bulbs use 85% less energy than standard bulbs. Now after changing over to LED bulbs my energy useage as dropped and i am saving another £35 to £40 a month.
I estimate i have cut my energy bills in total by switching supplier and changing over to LED bulbs by 50% around £800 a year. WIN WIN WIN what are you waiting for.

Reviewed by Shaun Mitchell from UK on 31st Dec 2016
Been with Avro Energy about 6 months now - the switch over was painless and very easy.
I've had absolutely no problems with their supply or billing - saving a tidy sum each month as well.
Win win

Reviewed by les from uk on 2nd Sep 2016
Changed to avro back in april, and so far all going well, well worth the gamble to go with them, after all what you got to lose.

Reviewed by Rob Meston from UK on 29th Aug 2016
Signed up to Avro in April 2016 because of the savings - £25 less per month than my previous supplier. The whole sign up process was easy and painless although you do have to fork out the first payment in advance at sign-up. I had to email them a couple of times with queries and both times received a fast email response. On my experience to date (now four months with them) I have no option but to give five stars.

Reviewed by Tiffany from england on 23rd Jun 2016
Reading all the reviews, and everyone is so quick to attack the company for things they make extremely clear.

they send you an email explaining your payment dates and start dates on the day you want to switch, if you donít read this then that's your own fault. i always read everything when i sign up.

it is clear the payment comes out 21 days after signing up, i even phoned to ask why and was happy with the response I was given so carried on the switch. Besides they are saving me money anyway.

it is clear when i go live, it was in the email attachment.

on the actual last page of signing up it even told me my account number and that they will email me shortly and it stated if i donít receive an email to contact them. itís funny how people are saying they hear nothing from them, but they clearly say if this is so please contact us.

the company is saving me a lot of money so the last thing i am going to do is complain.

Iíve had a few queries with them but each time had my queries answered straight away, and even my phone calls were answered promptly. so i am very happy with their service and i will spread the word! will most defiantly be staying with them.

Reply by Tony from UK on 7th Jan 2017
Tiffany you say the company makes everything extremely clear, so what were your queries.

Reviewed by STEVE from ENGLAND on 23rd May 2016
My switch over to Avro has taken 3 weeks so far is still not complete and to make things worse, Avro have taken £70.00 from my bank account even though I have not used any energy with them yet.

Reply by Tom from Wales on 23rd Nov 2016
Read the terms and conditions.

Reply by tony from UK on 7th Jan 2017
Steve it is now Jan 2017 what are your feelings about Avro.

Reviewed by Caxton from England on 5th Mar 2016
Have only just joined... so far they seem OK altho my electricity readings have not yet arrived at my previous supplier, who say this is normal (12 DAYS SO FAR)


Avro Energy website

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