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Asda Mobile

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Last updated December 2013

Asda Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the EE network to supply its services.


Asda Mobile recently switched to the EE network instead of Vodafone.

Asda Mobile user reviews

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Reviewed by Shan from England Nottingham on 29th Mar 2015
The Nano Sim and Micro Sim was sent to me very quickly but doth don't work properly!

I can only make phone calls but when others try to ring me it's goes dead or straight to the voice message.

Wish I looked up this before buying any credit!!!

Reviewed by D Wallis from England on 27th Mar 2015
I bought a Huawei Y330 phone from ASDA in September, and use an ASDA PAYG SIM.

Data coverage seemed a bit erratic for a while (I live in a rural area in Wiltshire) but from the middle of February until yesterday (six weeks)I had no internet connection. I tried taking the SIM out, switching to another ASDA SIM that I had spare, resetting the factory settings, a hard reset, downloading the internet settings from EE, speaking to the ASDA support team and visiting an EE shop.

It didn't matter whether I was in the countryside where I live, in a nearby town or in my closest city, I could only access the internet using wifi.

Yesterday the internet signal magically reappeared, long after I'd given up trying to correct the problem myself and after I'd assumed I must have a hardware problem.

I'll use my remaining credit and switch to a different service supplier. The last six weeks says all I need to know about ASDA Mobile.

Reviewed by nigel from uk on 27th Mar 2015
I repeat the views of others. Asda are contemptible and hav stolen my money. But despise them.

Reviewed by Julie from mansfield UK on 22nd Mar 2015
I don't think I have ever ever come across a worse network than Asda mobile. To be fair they were good when piggybacking vodaphone but now they have switched to EE ... Forget they exist. I bought an Asda sim for a Sim Free phone which was accepting Giffgaff no problem. Put the Asda sim in ...INVALID SIM. had already bought a £10 top up. Immediately went back to Asda. "Sorry we can't refund top ups!!" Excuse me ...this thing don't work!! Assistant then put orange sim in my phone.... Lo and behold it worked!!! The problem is with EE/ASDA SIM CARDS.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th Mar 2015
We purchased two PAYG phones and one sim from Asda over two years ago, for use as emergency backup phones in our cars. We had no problems until the recent move to EE, since when its all been downhill. The final straw being all three Sims being listed as invalid and all remaining credit taken,(Stolen). I contacted their technical services to try and get them reinstated without any success and was told I would need new sims and new top up vouchers. I feel I have been to say the least badly short changed and think the standard of service appalling. I intend to complain to both trading standards and to OFCOM about their appalling service. Meanwhile I will transfer to another hopefully more creditable provider and frankly intend to avoid ASDA from now on. Like many others their service rates far less than one star.

Reviewed by moretea4mikey from UK on 28th Feb 2015
I don't like to bleat on but this was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's Comic Relief time again and I tried to donate money to Comic Relief by Text on the Asda Mobile Network.

I could not do so and so I contacted Asda Mobile to see what the problem was.

Here is the relevant section, cut and pasted from their e-mail of explanation.

"With regards to the text messages that you've been trying to send to charities like Comic Relief, this is not a service that we support at this time. Therefore any texts sent to a shortcode number, except our customer service number 2732, will fail."

Pitiful isn't it. I don't know what Lenny Henry would make of it.

Reviewed by moretea4mikey from UK on 25th Feb 2015
I was on Asda Mobile and all was well, then they moved to EE last year and it has been down hill from there. Firstly my phone refused to work when I was in New York (it worked fine before I went and when I got back to Heathrow). The massive ( thanks for moving with us to EE bundle of minutes, texts and data ) seemed to evaporate far quicker than my actual usage. Then recently my Mobile Internet failed without warning. Thought it my be my phone so I used a Sainsburys Sim in my second slot which gave me 3G Mobile Internet no problem. I re jigged the settings for the Asda Sim several times and eventually managed to get Mobile Internet but not as a 3G connection.
It's enough to give a bloke a severe attack of the ' Screaming Ab Dabs '

Reviewed by Ricky Jamo from U.K on 24th Feb 2015
Sent voucher code to the number well within the end date. Messages failed so I attempted to call their cust svs but their call centre was closed until the following morning.

When I did get round to actually finding the time to come back to this, it was passed the promo date. Hardly my fault your system failed to send and your cust svs shut:

Reviewed by Joan from England on 22nd Feb 2015
I have been with asda Mobile for 4 years and the first 3 years was perfect but since they moved network from Vodafone to EE its been a nightmare. every time I want to make a phone call it says limited service. asda mobile is the biggest load of rubbish out. when my money eventually runs out I will be going to a different network. Asda will be losing a lot of customers and going downhill with Tesco.

Reviewed by sue from england on 19th Feb 2015
Ok. But have spent 3 days not being able to call any one including Asda mobile as credit ran out so can only topup from my landline but I don't get hmtte i8pm and the lines are closed then.

Reviewed by kaj warming from uk on 13th Feb 2015
transfering to Asda EE including my old number very easyand fast....
coverage better some places, but can be very erratic, signal strength going from zero to 4 bars, do Asda read these comments or are we talking to ourselves??

Reviewed by Harry Clay from England on 3rd Feb 2015
Can't make any calls and get message saying wrong number dialled, although phone will receive calls. Dial 2732 and get electronic beep. My top up credit seems to be lost. An annoying waste of time so will try another network.

Reviewed by carolinepreston from england on 28th Jan 2015
Changed from o2 to asda mobile so easy everything went smoothly kept my old number it was ported over less then 24hrs later my mum swapping too well worth a ten pound top up helpful staff thank you asda happy customer.

Reviewed by chelle from uk on 25th Jan 2015
Told to ring 2732 to top up voucher but cant get through been trying all afternoon.

Reviewed by Geoff Beaumont from uk on 9th Jan 2015
Used pac code to port my number from Sainsburys over to asda. So simple to do spoke to a very helpful member of the customer services at Asda she told me it would be ported across in two days and even gave me a time of 3pm it was completed at 2.30pm she even took mt swipe card number to enter it but it would not work,Rang me back three hours later to tell me it had been completed.
Also she put me my free £20 bundle on hows that for first class customer service ? WELL DONE ASDA.

Reviewed by p.fox from uk on 8th Jan 2015
Thought I had found a great deal from asda mobile,how wrong I was ! Left virgin mobile for asda due to free £20 bundle on payg.Tried to take my old number with me but been a week now and still no joy!despite being told it would only take 24 hours to transfer, also signal is weak to nonexistent in my home or anywhere else for that matter,taken sim out and binned it(best place for it in my view ) and installed GIFF GAFF which is brilliant and cheaper. My advice is to leave adds mobile well alone!

Reviewed by ICB from UK on 8th Jan 2015
Same problems as AMG. Been waiting a week for my old number to transfer. Still not working and just been told it could be another six days at least. Appalling standard of service.

Reviewed by AMG from N Ireland on 7th Jan 2015
Terrible trouble with this network. Provided pac code for old number, and I have been waiting 4 days with no service. My old sim no longer works, so I am unable to access any messages. If this is not resolved within the next couple of days, I will be requesting a pac code to move elsewhere. Can anyone suggest what regulatory body I could report these issues to? It would appear that this network is not fit for purpose. I would be safer trying a string and yoghurt pot- I may stand a better chance of making a call.

Reviewed by parker from uk on 4th Jan 2015
cannot access my voice messages and no one ever answers you
i have voice messages and cannot listen to them

if you ring or text the network for information you cannot get any as no one is there to help like other mobile phone companies as you are left to work out things for yourself. it is a cheap form of a mobile network more suitable for just text messaging

Reviewed by Fred Ray from The United Kingdom on 31st Dec 2014
"Sorry this webpage is blocked, please go to ASDA with your passport"...

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 13th Dec 2014
Since ASDA Mobile switched to EE the phone connection has been poor. Network service is frequently restricted or unavailable.

Reviewed by grahame from uk on 13th Dec 2014
Adsda mobile is absolutely useless. When they were with Vodafone they was a good network. I stayed with them and went to ee what a nightmare my mobile keeps saying restricted service so sometimes I am unable to ring anyone. Also I am unable to send photos and use the network. When my money runs out I will be joining another network. Also the asda help line are run by a bunch of morons who do not answer your emails.

Reviewed by L Millington from England on 10th Dec 2014
I got home with my new ASDA mobile and followed the setting up instructions to the letter.

NO,,,,,,,,,,,it wouldn't work at all.
The ******* instructions are wrong!!!!!

Now it keeps going dead if I don't use it regularly.
Also, I can't retrieve my credit level without ringing the help line.

Reviewed by jan from england on 1st Dec 2014
So fed up with this phone have phoned 4 times told its my phone,no its your problem all these views below cant be wrong will be purchasing another phone and it wont be asda or ee

Reviewed by Julie Haines from UK on 29th Nov 2014
Asda was okay until they switched to EE. Now my account tells me I have £9 left on my credit but I can't phone or text anyone because its telling me its an incorrect number but I've been texting and dialing them for years. I try calling the Asda 2732 and I get a series of electronic beeps and the call ends. I've tried emailing Asda to help me with the problem...no reply. Now I just want my PAC code to go elsewhere but getting it is another thing. I ring the number on their sites and it says the number is no longer in use. I need to transport my number because its on my business cards. All up...the service is disgusting. I'd rather poke sticks in my eye than give them any more money. They're pathetic!!!! And the coverage is rubbish!!!

Reviewed by DC from UK on 23rd Nov 2014
Have had poor/terrible/no connectivity since the changeover. ASDA customer services act as though it has nothing to do with them.

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 22nd Nov 2014
The worst network going! Which is understandable with EE running it. My mum transferred to the new Asda Mobile in April, and it has been terrible. The signal is much worse, the SIM card had voicemail activated which my mum didn't even want in the first place (and no obvious way to switch it off, which resulted in a call to customer services) the 3G is unusable because of the bad signal, and the fact that the automatic parental controls block nearly every website (this means another call to customer services AGAIN!!!) and also she has gone through 3 new top-up cards, because when it came to topping them up they were declined, even after I linked them to her phone for her. She never had any of this trouble when Asda were with Vodafone, back then it was a brilliant network. In my opinion they should have never teamed up with EE in the first place, it was obviously going to be a spell for disaster!!

Reviewed by Bradley from England on 19th Nov 2014
Changed over to ASDA from EE, they totally messed up, promised to call back - didn't happen. There are plenty pay as you go providers out there, my advise is don't use them.

Reviewed by Darren from England on 12th Nov 2014
I think your asda mobile is the worse network I have bin on going to O2 I had an emergency an can't top my phone up I put 15quid on it and it would not let me top up I had to phone customer serves and it cost me 25pence and obviously I had no credit and it wouldn't let me phone because I had no credit how ya work that out ever since I have this asda network I have had nothing but a head ake I was with 02 for time and never had any problems so u have lost a loyal customer and 02 have got me bk proper joke asda

Reviewed by lynn from england on 23rd Oct 2014
Not very happy about not being allowed to enter competitions with a text, surely it's up to me how I spend my own money, this is since the change over from Vodafone to EE, not a happy bunny

Reviewed by Pamela from United Kingdom on 7th Oct 2014
I returned to the UK end of September and had my replacement SIM card waiting for me. Good I thought so I put £20 credit on it as I don't have a landline at the moment. This didn't last long so I tried to buy a £20 bundle using the automated service. This failed so I rang 2732 to be told my bank had declined the payment. This was untrue as when I checked with my bank they confirmed all was ok. When I rang 2732 back I wad told I couldn't add a budge as I had already put £20 on the account in a one month . eventually I was able to add a £10 bundle. What I didn't realise was that you can't use a bundle to ring premium rate numbers or even to ring ASDA on 2732. Catch 22. For me. No credit, automated system won't let me top up because I tried automated system & was rejected because ASDA security system wouldn't let me not my bank. Not allowed to try topping up again for 24 hours catch22 can only to up by ringing 2732, no credit to ring them. Got through to them by chosing lost phone option Was eventually given £3 credit so I can ring them. Somehow this credit is being used up no idea why our on what as my budge is still working. I'll be looking for a new PAYG provider as soon as I can

Reviewed by Angie from UK on 30th Sep 2014
I am new to Asda mobile - thought it would be a good thing. Rang before transferring and they seemed vey good in customer services and extremely helpful. Gave them my PAC CODE to transfer my number on 19 SEPTEMBER. Old sim number was cut off on 22 SEPTEMBER and today (30 SEPTEMBER) my old number HAS STILL NOT BEEN TRANSFERRED!!!!!! Ringing Customer Services daily and they have been most helpful - I know it is not their fault - who have said it is a Technical Fault. This is just not good enough Asda. Wish I had gone to gif gaff now!

Reviewed by Sandy from Scotland on 14th Sep 2014
Similar story to the rest. Been an asda mobile customer for years and no complaints although charging 25 p to top up when your phone has ran out of credit is a bit much.
After the change to EE i had very little coverage. After the hassle with customer services over changing etc I decide to go back to vodaphone. Great service - if not more expensive. But i would rather pay more for good coverage / customer service

Reviewed by dave from uk on 12th Sep 2014
I am new to Asda mobil and I asked to keep my old number I gave them my pac code and my Asda mobil number
this was promised to go though yesterday 9 september 2014 but it has not been done
my old sim with my number on has been cut off no service but my number has not been transferred
Rang email every day different answer every time
it today 12 september 2014 still no number transfer if i hah known this i would not have changed to asda mobile

Reply by dave from uk on 16th Sep 2014
had my number transferd today 16 sep 2014

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 17th Aug 2014
I bought a Sim in the ASDA store in August 14 thinking they were free they were not.
I then asked several staff members to sell me a two £5 a month BUNDLES for two phones. I was sold a voucher for the standard tariff. I said the word BUNDLE (NOT top-up voucher) several times There could have been absolutely no mistake in what I said. The staff member sold me the voucher at a self- checkout, I have no idea what codes he was typing into the machine by hand but had to pay for the sims and vouchers that are not the ones I want. I am really annoyed about this. I don't think I can return them and I have no phone to use. I need to send texts but the £5 top-up voucher I was sold will not let me do anything like the number I needed and expected from the £5 a month bundle. I wan someone to do something about this and explain why the staff misunderstood my clear instructions Is a credit card number expected to turn the £5 voucher into the bundle or not? I am extremely frustrated with this and feel I may have made a big mistake with buying an ASDA mobile.
I have had my old numbers ported over now too.
The leaflets I had read in-store very carefully before deciding to buy this bundle did not indicate any problems. But I thin it seems only possible to buy bundle if you give credit cared details and register the sim I don't want to do that and so I will, it seems, end up with an expensive standard tariff I don't want.

Can you tell me if I an convert that 3 voucher to the £5 a month BUNDLE? If not can you tell me if I can return an unused voucher sold to me in error ( I was told that all the sims and vouchers are the same). I really frustrated. it is a LONG journey for me back to the ADSA store.

Can someone please let me know what is what?

Many thanks

Reply by Kelly from uk on 1st Sep 2014
Hey don't know if this helps but I thought you had to buy the vouchers like you have as normal credit then apply the bundles by text so if you wanted the £5 minutes,texts and data bundle you text the number 5 to 2732 and that would use the £5 you added using the voucher

Reviewed by Juana from UK on 3rd Aug 2014
Was with Asda Mobile for years without problems, now after the switch to EE, unable to text to the US. Unbelievable. From Asda Mobile support:

"Thank you for your email about texting the US.

I'm sorry that you've been unable to do this, and I understand your concerns.

I'm afraid that at the moment, Asda Mobile don't support the facility to text the US which is why you've been unable to do this."

Asda Mobile has lost a long-standing customer.

Reviewed by Agnes from Scotland on 28th Jul 2014
Asda Mobile for years, no problem. EE rubbish, was told that Asda was 'piggybacking' off the EE mast and not a strong signal. That was from an EE shop. Back to Vodafone and no problems.

Reviewed by M.Kennedy from England on 26th Jul 2014
If you are on ASDA EE. Don't try to text to any 5 numeral text addresses.Used for Argos,the BBC.LBC and other radio stations also by charities, equipment hire firms etc. This service was available before on ASDA. but has been withdrawn now by ASDA EE. Ken.London

Reply by Bill from UK on 1st Sep 2014
M. Kennedy, please would you like to reconsider correcting your 5 star rating of this service in light of your comments? ASDA magazine last month featured an advert competition that required you to text a 5 digit code to enter it! The ad included the ASDA logo, so it was presumably designed in conjunction with ASDA, just not their mobile phone department!

Reviewed by Philip from England on 25th Jul 2014
Been on asda mobile for about 2/ months and the ee signal is very on off. some times when I check my balance it tacks 25 p . Not fair. When I have used my credit I think I will move to tesco or 3 mobile much better service.

Reviewed by bob tipton from uk on 25th Jul 2014
i find the new service just the same as the old although customer service is open more i believe it is i think orange as orange is sometimes displayed instead of asda its difficult to see where some of the complaints such as cost comes from as they are cheaper than any other network that i have come across including their old one when there is a large number of costumers i guess there is going to be some dissatisfaction and they are the ones that are more likely to write a report but from where i stand they are great

Reviewed by David from Uk on 21st Jul 2014
The adult content blocker won't even let me access the Daily Telegraph website. FAQ says ring 2732 to unblock which cost me 25p. Advised that card system wasn't working so couldn't be unblocked. Rang again today (cost another 25p) to be told that I had to take my passport into an Asda store to prove I am over 18. I am 60 years old FFS! These guys are extracting money with menaces.

Reply by jenny from Graham on 7th Dec 2014
yes but how do they know how old you are? youre a voice on the phone FFS!

Reviewed by John from Wales on 16th Jul 2014
The ASDA EE service is an absolute waste of time, I cannot even text when I need to as the service is constantly going off air with an 'emergency Calls only' facility.
The staff were next to useless in sorting the change over to EE from Vodophone and I had to change my phone as well.
Stick to Vodophone, EE is rubbish.

Reviewed by FRED from UK on 12th Jul 2014

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Jul 2014
Swapped from the previous ASDA Mobile PAYG offering to the 'new' PAYG offering. I am now unable to send any text messages. 'We are looking into it but it may be your phone' the customer service people have said. Apart from that the phone is constantly switching into 'limited service' mode. Just great!!!! I never had a one problem with the 'old' provider.
Please do yourself a big favour an avoid Asda Mobile they have gone down the tubes.

Reviewed by m from n on 30th Jun 2014
My sms is clogged with reminders that my credit is low. I know it's low - I got the message first time. I remember. I am not a goldfish. Stop sending reminders continually.

Reviewed by Fred Walton from England on 30th Jun 2014
I have been avery sattisfied user of Asda mobile with 3 numbers for many years but since the switch to EE the service has become useless. Back to the old days of dropping out and now something that I have never experinced before I just dialed a numberb and got the message The number is not available from this network.To sum up reception is at best sparodic and connestion to other networks is unreliable. If I am lucky enough to use up my credit which given the limited use that the new network offers I will not be renewing it. Because this site does not allow zero star ratings I am obliged to give 1 star but I would give zero 5

Reviewed by JOHN from UK on 23rd Jun 2014

After adding bundles, on multiple occasions the bundle has not been added.

Once noticed absolutely no effort had been made to rectify the situation. Not even checking phone records to satisfy what ha happened.

This is effectively theft, so please be warned.

To add insult to injury the customer service personnel felt it appropriate to interrupt and talk over me.


Reviewed by kelly from england on 22nd Jun 2014
I was an asda mobile customer for many years and couldn't fault them however I was not pleased with the swithover to EE, for starters it took nearly a week for my existing number to be changed over, then there's been many a time when my phone just wouldn't work due to bad reception sometimes for up to 2 days despite the coverage checker saying I was in a strong signal area, and lastly the top up swipe card never worked despite asda mobile customer help telling me on numerous occassions that it had been linked to my phone, I am now with sainsburys mobile much better no reception issues as they use the vodafone network which asda used to, plus the transfer of my exixting number was completed within 48 hours which was much more acceptable, I am a very happy customer

Reviewed by David Stewart from England on 17th Jun 2014
Their customer service is dismal and I sense their people demoralised. I was getting low on credit (about £1.20) while in france and 1st time I dialled 2732 to top up I got cut off at end of process as the database become unavailable. Next time my last 64p of credit got sucked up before completion - yes, IT COSTS OVER 50P A MINUTE TO TOP UP WHILE ABROAD!

Was forced to make international call from landline - more expense to their call centre to top up and be told the charge is in the terms and conditions. Is it? Perhaps but I can't find it. Time to find new network.

Reviewed by Irene from england on 15th Jun 2014
I contacted Asda several times regarding the problems I was having with my phone, after the change to EE. Both my husband and myself cannot receive or send any pictures on our phones. We had no trouble like this before on Asda/ Vodaphone. Customer services told us to go to our local EE shop to sort the problems out. Of course they were not interested in the least, because this should be sorted by Asda.
So we will have to go to another company perhaps Sainsbury's ....

Reply by John B from England on 17th Jun 2014
You just have to go to this page opn the Asda site
FAQ Home Ľ Asda Mobile network on EE Ľ How do I set up my handset?
and then CLICK the link where is says " You can click here ", Select your Phone and it will text your setting which will auto install for SMS, etc when you click it..

Reviewed by kath from england on 11th Jun 2014
further to 16 may review..contacted asda several times ...told firstly it would take a month before they would sort out international text problem...then told it was not known when they would resolve the problem..finally told there wasn t and never had been a problem and the asda customer service worker hung up when asked why other workers believed there was a problem. Also, although co op customer service are a lot better there is also a problem with receiving texts from abroad...they also use ee.

Reviewed by lee from england on 9th Jun 2014
ported my number from orange to asda last week.I tried to send text messages but it kept saying I had insufficient funds although when I checked my balance I had almost £20 in credit.I rang asda customer services who said that they were aware of the problem but didn't know what was causing it but were investigating but had no idea how long it would take to sort it out .This is terrible service it appears that as Asda are new to the mobile market they do not have the experience to provide an accepable service .STEER WELL CLEAR OF THIS PROVIDER

Reviewed by Elaine from England on 5th Jun 2014
I have a mboile for business use but for private use I was with Asda mobile via vodaphone. It was brilliant eg cost of checking credit balance was free and updating apps was at minimal cost but new service with EE is not. I only use my phone infrequently for emergencies by texts or calls and have always bought unlocked phones. The costs have increased MASSIVELY on Asda with EE. Previously a £5 top up would last for about 6 months, now it is about 2 months. Am very cheesed off and am investigating alternatives eg Sainsburys mobile but there is very little clarity as to what other services charge for basic use including credit balance checks. I really do not want to get trapped into paying a for a £5 monthly package when my usage is so low. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Reply by Jimbob from England on 14th Jun 2014
Thats Funny! the costs on the new Ee service are lower!!

Reply by Bill from UK on 1st Sep 2014
re: Jimbob's comment. Elaine says she likes to check her credit is ok. Asda Vodafone cost 0p but Asda EE cost 25p

Reviewed by Audrey from Sunderland on 31st May 2014
Received SIM, insert to Nokia, 'SIM not valid'; that's not covered by the instructions, try 0845 303 2732 no longer in use, Search internet and the changeover is a disaster for way too many. Should I persevere with what is reported to be an expensive service and difficultly contacting anyone at ASDA who can solve the problem? Well it's worth one go but the writing seems to be on the wall already. Now for the rating well if you see one star below that's me saying zero really......

Reviewed by Tweezer from England on 31st May 2014
I had two mobiles on the old Asda network which I'd bought sim free and unlocked from Argos. When the changeover came the new EE sims were rejected as the phones seemed to be locked to Asda/Vodafone. I think that's bad practice. An unlocked phone should remain unlocked.
Asda customer services, when I finally got through, were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. As I needed working phones I tried Sainsbury who are partnered with Vodafone. No problem. The sims were accepted and worked straight away, the calls/texts on PAYG are the same price as Asda and I can top up anywhere the green 'Top-up' sign is shown by using the linked top-up card. There is also no charge for checking credit, topping up etc.
My wife has a new phone on the new Asda EE network and the service/coverage has been pretty patchy compared to Vodafone. When the credit runs out on that she'll be switching to Sainsbury as well. Asda need to up their game or get out of the market altogether.

Reviewed by Robin Arnold from UK on 30th May 2014
The whole changeover to EE must have cost me at least 3 hours of my time and about 2 pound in calls to an 0845 number. ASDA website gave the incorrect details for internet settings. 2732 number kept cutting me off, I couldn't even register a debit card to pay them. Basically they've made a mess of a switchover that they wanted to do, not me. They should have given out an 0800 number (or 0300) to handle problems rather than trying to charge people for support for fixing their own mistakes. You'd think for the sake of the ASDA brand they'd apologise and give everyone 10 pound credit, not just 100 minutes that expired after 30 days.

Reply by Fred from England on 30th Jun 2014
Your problems will begin when you manage to use the network EE is useless very poor cover constantly dropping out and will not connect with some other networks, I had 3 phones on the old Asda network now I am just trying to use up he credit I have on he last one before changing to a provider who does not use EE

Reviewed by alan curtis from england on 29th May 2014
Used old asda vodaphone for 6 years.Wonderful service.Joined EE what a shambles!Have done everything right, transferred PAC code,had to use the house phone to top up and thought I am ready to go but no!No 3G, phone on EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY WITH FULL LOCAL SIGNAL.Asda told me to turn my phone off/on to cure it.I now have to wait till June 9th to retrieve my PAC code.Asda you have lost all my custom you really are taking me for a fool.

Reviewed by M.eggleston from England on 28th May 2014
I have had a phone which was with vodaphone then was changed to EE that is where my nightmare begins told to phone help line no help tried over 5 days finally got through and was told to wait for a PAC code got new code just to be told that cut of was 25 recived coad 28 this is a disgusting way to run a business I have phoned several times to and just been passed around and around know one seems to know how to sort this compleat mess out my advice is keep well away no customer care a con

Reviewed by Danni from London on 28th May 2014
This is additional to my first review - Asda do charge per second after the first minute's charge. The first minute is charged in full regardless of how long the call is. A 30 second call would still be charged at 8 pence. I think this is quite fair.

Reviewed by Danni from London on 28th May 2014
Actually I am quite happy. Customer services were helpful with switchover queries, I registered my credit card and now just need to dial 2732 helpline with mobile to top up through simple options keys. Just to point out you may be able to use your landline with the 0845 3032732 number when you have free call time. There is also a top up card provided with the SIM card if you want to top up in-store but I do not use this. The good thing is that a £5 top up does not expire in a month (obviously use mobile every couple of months at least to avoid being disconnected completely).
To switch off voicemail you need to go to Calls - Divert Calls - Voice Calls - unanswered- and select cancel ( that is how the menu is set up on my mobile.) I think it is 8 pence to answer a voicemail call if you wish to keep it. The only thing I was not sure about was the 07953 222222 number which came up. I now realise that this is the Voicemail calling number for Asda mobile. I googled it and discovered what it related to.
The free intro bundle at switchover which lasted a month was very handy although I didn't use it all before it expired. I also got a cheque for my unused credit on the old Asda mobile service so can't complain. If Asda sees this the charge per second as I have read in other reviews forr Sainsburys etc would be the icing on the cake.
I understand that the SIM cards are not available for the newest iphones so these guys would need to look at other providers.

Reviewed by John from Harrogate on 27th May 2014
Just been into ASDA Harrogate as i can't top up and my credit was eaten without much use on my part, not the ASDA mobile i am used to. ASDA Manager not interested pushing for me to call the numbers, offered me a phone to call them on but refused to act on my behalf. Past customer of both Orange and T mobile i was not with Vodafone-asda because i wanted to but because orange and t mobile were so bad, great idea why not mix two rubbish companys and then add Walmart. I see they are charging 25p for things that with vodafone were included, thanks ASDA-WALMART offering me a worst service and costing more, like others i am leaving ASDA for mobile and shopping. Yes Shame on you ASDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Peter from Wakefield -UK on 27th May 2014
Avoid Asda mobile by EE, Like many others I used ASDA mobile-by Vodafone without issue for over 5 years, in fact used it anonymously so did not received a single unwanted call, cheap and reliable. EE however want it all registration and higher costs than our old Vodafone partner.
Clearly WALMART & EE share the same Ethics and values. Bit of useful history incase some of you want to look at facts One2One had to re-branded as they were a horrible mobile company T mobile was there re-brand the same disgraceful mobile company by a new name, and then Orange who were a little better also shared the issues of One2One and T mobile and they all were re-branded together as EE and strapped a virtual network called Virgin Mobile on to there already badly run operation. An operation that works purley for profit as they will just change there name when people retract from them, BT and Plus.net just the same corporate shareholder story.
ASDA Mobile by EE charges 25p for voicemail, 25p for customer service 25p to fix there problems over the phone £7.50 being the average cost and 25p even to top up. If you have tried to switch off your voicemail they took care of that you will not find a simple way but there is a solution online, I havenít added it here as I am sure they will want to block people switching off voicemail so a criminals do they will removed the info. Shame on you ASDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My advice is use up your credit and move, there are some better options out there, no one expects 5 stars like with the old ASDA but the below one star EE is not for us old ASDA Mobile by Vodafone customers!

Want to show ASDA how totally cheesed off stop shopping at ASDA I have, if they want to be and keep bad company they can but not with my custom!!!

Reviewed by john marriott from g britain on 26th May 2014
Was with asda because reception was great with vodaphone network so when changed to ee had to change to sainsburys because they use vodaphone and at the time i had £5.02 credit with asda but was told to wait till april and i could have back in gift voucher so waited until april and asda say you were not with asda TT time of transfer so no payout thank you asda sainsburys gets my shopping from now on

Reviewed by Gazz from UK on 23rd May 2014
Appalling change over service. Did all the right things, new sim, activated, spoke to them, 15 days later, no PAC code, got onto them, and they said they had no record of either old number, new one, name address post code, then got cut off on land line, told to get onto Vodaphone (Asda's provider), again no records of anything, even though Asda should have been dealing with change over.

Got so fed up, went to Sainsburys, got PAYG sim, put in and bingo, no problems, only thing is had a new number, but it's a small price to pay.

Whats odd, is that they sent a cheque for a refund on the old credit, so someone found an address for that?

Reviewed by john from somerset uk on 18th May 2014
am new to asda pay as u go sim card .ten pounds topup 250 mb date lol thats joke 2000 texts 250 mint talk time .but cant get the inet to work .why am on here lookin it up .so looks be try out tescos next .any help any one why will not work on ent

Reply by JohnB from England on 22nd May 2014
What phone do you have?

Reviewed by Adrian Voller from England on 17th May 2014
I have been with the Asda Network for several years With no problems. However, since the change to EE I have been forced to make 15 calls to the helpline, unfortunately manned by Indian operators to try to get some sense out of a phone that works perfectly well before the network was changed. The website advertises a seven day a week service, but the number to which I am being directed (according to the operator)is only manned five days a week.
Don't these people know what they are doing! Don't they look at their own website!
I am unimpressed.

Reviewed by kath from england on 16th May 2014
I was with asda for years. came back from abroad end of march and found i wasn t allowed to put credit in old sim. Ordered new sim...didn t arrive...got one from supermarket..imediately tried to transfer number...took weeks to transfer. tried to send urgent text to gambia today (my main normal use for my mobile)..not delivered ...informed by ee that the service hasn t been set up to this country yet....wish i hadn t wasted my money on the credit ..have now bought co op sim ....must be honest..it also won t let me text gambia.co op say they will check problem and let me know next week...what a load of...

Reviewed by Spyros from UK on 15th May 2014
I have been with ASDA Vodafone mobile for a couple of years and very happy .
However since changing to EE many times while on the phone I get cut off .
I never had this problem before ASDA joined the EE service . I am now considering to
change mine and my wife's service over to another provider .

Reviewed by m from uk on 13th May 2014
Already written below about Credit Low texts. The latest, which woke me around 5am, spurs me to do so again.

At least a dozen texts have been sent in the past couple of days. Given that there's also the audio warning when making a call, this is totally over the top. Customers aren't goldfish, we do have memories!

As for the rigmarole involved in complaining directly...forget it.

When my remaining credit is used up, I'm returning to Vodaphone.

Reviewed by Dave from Derby from UK on 12th May 2014
The fact it took me three phone calls listening to music for some five hours just to transfer my number before I got through, I was cut off dead after two hours once, says it all really. The delay is because presumably thousands of customers are having problems. I finally managed to arrange to keep my number and even had five pounds bundle added. I spent about £1 of it before the rest disappeared into thin air. I have registered a credit card to top up. It costs you 25p to call the number, there is no credit on my phone, that's why I'm trying to top-up, so yet again I am cut off. What a complete shambles. Very, very, very poor service. I'm going to try Tesco instead.

Reviewed by clair from uk on 12th May 2014
concur with most comments.i have switched to co-operative mobile. £2 per month plus 7 pence text/call.ON EE!!!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 12th May 2014
Thought this was a good idea due to cost saving. My mate sent me a picture - Well, he tried to. Failed again and again. Phoned the shambles of a Call Centre and apparently I need to activate this and they sent me a Pin. Didn't work three times. Tried again on the EE Website. Didn't work again. Never had any problems when Asda were with Vodafone. What a shame. Lost my business due to this rubbish network.

Reviewed by Vaughan from UK on 12th May 2014
I had 2 phones on asda mobile. Received no new simcards from the text message system. Had to order from internet site. The first phone with new sim took 10 days to transfer old number to new sim.
I didn't transfer the old number on the second phone/simcard because the phone (bought from asda) was locked to asda network. Customer service told me to go to a market stall and pay to unlock it. Transferred both phones/simcard to Sainsbury Mobile. No charge to call Customer Services and less than 24hrs to transfer the old numbers.
Who knows if I'll see any credit coming back to me but glad I left Asda Mobile. Senior management must be spinning over this cockup.

Reviewed by m from uk on 12th May 2014
Repeated Credit Low texts, at least half a dozen in a day. One woke me gone midnight, the next at 6am. Replied, asking they cease. 'Sorry, do not understand' reply. Who runs this shop?


Reviewed by Paul Atkinson from Uk on 10th May 2014
the HURRIED change to ee was handled so appallingly badly it could have been a UK government departments spring "party in a brewery"!

another is on the vodaphone network 'kinnell?

the change by text was a REAL COCK UP and whoever thought of it should join the lib dems! as they have NO IDEA as well!

now they send me my credit in a shop voucher!
& I LIVE a round trip of over 50 miles to spend it


Reviewed by Davie from UK on 9th May 2014
I got my new SIM Card from Asda Mobile with no problem, but when I tried to use it on 4 April SIM was not valid. I phoned Asda Mobile and was told there was a problem with Vodaphone and they would send me a new phone, with my existing number. This sounded too good to be true! I've received no phone, and repeated emails to Asda Mobile have been ignored. I guess I'll be changing supplier.

Reviewed by den from uk on 7th May 2014
1st call having listning to music for over 20mins the battery dies. got charged for so called 'customer service'.
2nd call over an hour listning to music, got thorough and said I had requested new sim on the 20/04 but had not arrived and now over 7days. customer services said I can pick one up from a asda store and its free and I replied before I call you lot, I did go to the local store and they refused to give me for free as I had to purchase one or call customer serices. customer services said it takes over ten days and I replied that on the website it says 5days, so who is right. She got pi**ed off and transfered to 'sim team' said they will send new sim 1st class. New sim arrived on the 01/05 - so called through a landline as mobile connection dead and spoke to someone who's english was poor. took my number and details and said they will send me the pac. That was 7 days a ago and still without a connection and it cost nearly £1.00 to call them. ridicilous.

Reviewed by bob from UK/USA on 6th May 2014
Having the same problems as everbody else, number transfered but cannot topup! Need credit to call. ASDA was good now poor. I travel between UK and USA and need a local UK phone number when l arrive, they have really screwed up.

Reply by Anne from uk on 10th May 2014
I could not top up my Asda mobile with top up card, I did not know that you need to register your top up card to your phone? (no other company I have used does this) Call 2732 using your phone with the new sim card in and follow the instructions, remember to have your top up card with you as you need to enter the 19 number on the card. Then go to a shop which will accept the top up card and tell them how much you would like on your phone anything from £5. To my surprise it does work.

Reviewed by Harold Wyld from UK on 6th May 2014
Asda mobile switch to EE? Total rubbish!!!
Hopeless and confusing "advice" on their website.
Contacting their customer services involves a conversation with someone for whom English appeared to be their tenth language.
Having switched SIM card over a week ago, have had a "dead" phone ever since. Apparently I'm connected to Asdamobile and EE - but can't make or receive anything!
I'm about to try one of the 0800 numbers others have suggested. If that doesn't get results - and fast - it's farewell to Asda... and not just their mobile phone shambles!
Suggestion - please add a "no stars" rating - as "one star" is too generous!

Reviewed by Lynne s from England on 5th May 2014
Sunday 27th April 2014 I spent 1 1/2 hours hanging on to the phone so we could register on the new net work in fact i cleaned 3 bedrooms and a bathroom whilst waiting. I cannot get rid of the voicemail and also forward my number on my new phone to my old phone (which I take out when I'm running instead of my expensive one). On call forwarding it keeps telling there is a problem with the network provider. Asda use to be very helpful now I think they are rubbish.

Reviewed by michelle from uk on 4th May 2014
I also have 2 asda mobile phones that are both locked since the switch over.
I am disgusted at the way asda is dealing with this matter. It is NOT the level of customer service I have come to expect from ASDA.

I will NOT be purchasing from ASDA again.

After a week of phone calls and emails with no success I am intending to take matters forward to trading standards and Ofcom.

I have had to rate 1 star as there is nothing lower!!!!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 4th May 2014
My partner and I have had no trouble transferring from the old Vodaphone to the new EE service. One of us changed to the new sim card in February and had the old number back within a day or so - the other one of us changed to the new sim card on 27 April and had the old number back about 48 hours later. We both had unlocked phones and followed Asda's clear instructions re voucher codes, etc. The new service gives excellent coverage and also tells us when we've missed a call, even if our phones are switched off. I don't doubt that some people have had a terrible experience in trying to switch, but there must be lots of others, like us, who have had no problem at all.

Reviewed by keith f from uk on 1st May 2014
Transferred two Asda phones over three weeks ago using the 50p sim card from Asda.That in itself is a cheek ,Its the that want to move not me!!!
One plain sailing done within four days the other still waiting now.By the way customer services said I had not switched the service over so I gave them the temp and old number and and they said 5 days max that was 9 days and counting.
I can't say so far I feel very confident that my unused credit will be sent judging by their current performance

Reviewed by r.frenti from scotland on 1st May 2014
I tried to phone their customer service team to get my pac code so I could keep my existing number it took 3 days of consistent persevering to eventually get through, when at long last I managed I went to sainsburys mobile, I'm not prepared to spend hours on end to try to speak to a customer adviser with asda ever again!

Reviewed by bohdan from england on 30th Apr 2014
was good now shocking stay away from asda mobile

Reviewed by Steve S from UK on 30th Apr 2014
Spent 20 minutes last week waiting for ASDA mobile to answer after my new EE Asda sim card wouldn't work in my old Asda Moblie Nokia 100 phone which I use for business use, as it appears to be locked into Vodaphone. Was promised a replacement Asda moble phone in post. A week later still no phone has arrived.

Called yesterday as the new EE Asda sim card wouldn't work in my Nokia 1800 mobile that I use for personal calls. Took over an hour to get through to their technical department only to be told "...to buy a new phone and I'll be reimbursed up to the value of £10 but I need a PAC code to keep my exisiting number. I'll be put back in the queue but the hold time is approximately an hour!" Really Asda? I had lost the will to live by then so just hung up.

I'm writing this to fill up the waiting time today, already been on hold for 45 minutes with both phones on loud speaker. I just want my PAC numbers so that I can keep my numbers but will be using Giffgaff from now on!

Shame I have to give them 1 star, I'd rather give them no stars!

Reviewed by STEVE W from UK on 30th Apr 2014

Reviewed by John from UK on 30th Apr 2014
I have been to get a PAC code from Asda mobile for 2 weeks and have spent hour after hour on the phone to them. You just get put in a queue and that cuts off after an hour!

They are not interested if you want to leave and I'm contacting OFCOM to complain. Please all do the same and boycott Asda and all its products

Reply by Jayne from uk on 30th Apr 2014
Yes we should all get together and complain. My pensioner mum has lost £16 in credit.

Reviewed by Alan L from UK on 30th Apr 2014
Wasted an incredible amount of time over the past 2 days trying to obtain my PAC code: have been told the system is down but I will receive a text (still waiting; have held for hours trying to get through again but without any success.

Am disgusted with the service and will be contacting Ofcom.

Reply by STEVE W from UK on 30th Apr 2014
RING 0845 412 2732

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 29th Apr 2014
I've managed to migrate 3 numbers from Asda using PAC codes with no problems what so ever. I guess if you are going to leave it until the last minute to get your PAC code then you should expect problems!

Reply by STEVE W from UK on 30th Apr 2014

Reviewed by Laurie from UK on 29th Apr 2014
What a farce!!!!

I already got my giffgaff sim that i want to switch my number to ages ago but I've been putting off ringing ASDA to get my PAC code, I wish i hadn't! I cannot get through to customer service - I just stood in a phone box for almost an hour because i don't want to top my phone up with credit just to ring them. VERY angry!!!!

On a slight plus side, i found a free number for landlines (0800 9520393 - will take u through the ASDA EE, and they should transfer you to ASDA Vodafone) but to be honest i'd rather just sack off having to stand in a phonebox for an undefined period of time than keep my number.


Reviewed by dorothys partner from england on 29th Apr 2014
have been with asda mobile for years.but having wasted many hours recently trying to get asda mobile to appreciate the errors in the recent texts they sent out I am moving to another network.their customer services should be renamed customer disservice,for they neither listen to your complaint,nor sympathise with the situation their errors have created.I wish to give them zero stars but cant.ASDA MOBILE NIL POINTS

Reviewed by Dorothy from England on 29th Apr 2014
My partner and I have used ASDA Mobile for years. Before the changes I moved to TOGGLE because we spend time in France and their rates for phoning the UK from Europe are amazing. Call charges are as impressive when back home and I receive 10% free when I top up. I've been extremely pleased with TOGGLE and their customer support and website is so good. The latter is easy to use and very informative. My partner meanwhile has wasted much time and energy complaining to ASDA. Not a happy man!

Reviewed by Raymond from Scotland on 29th Apr 2014
This is a disappointing service from ASDA and breaks all contractural laws. I have logged all calls with times and dates. I still have not had my PAC code and may now not get it. There are grounds for seeking legal redress. I am now off to off to contact Ofcom.

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 29th Apr 2014
To Unhappy below - thank you, I too did finally get through on Sunday evening using the landline and dialling 0845 303 2732. After an hour's wait I was just about to put the phone down as it was turning 8.00pm and to my surprise someone answered. I did receive my PAC code - whether it will work or not is another matter!!

Reviewed by Kam from England on 28th Apr 2014
Been trying to get through for the last five days to obtain a PAC code. What a nightmare ! From when they open to close can never get through. Been in hold for more than an hour on most times. After one hour the phone disconnects after a recorded message states there has been an emergency and call answer the call?? What are they playing at? Where are the staff? Rollback??? Never ever ever again! Sing waste your valuable time.

Reviewed by jenna from england on 28th Apr 2014
omg i have wasted 9 hours of my life, i have phoned about 12 times, pac code wont work & basically i will lose my number, im gona give up and try another provider. like ff how useless can asda be? this is a NIGHTMARE!!! im almost crying with shear frustration. I need this phone number for my business so I wont be happy if i lose it.

if i could rate minus 100 i would.

Reviewed by john from england on 28th Apr 2014
absolute rubbish, all calls to 2732, 60 mins wait Saturday AM-then cutoff,40 mins later on, no answer! yesterday same thing! now been trying to contact for 2 hours + still no answer.
been on 35 mins still no answer. What is going on?????
Says all calls have a 20 second answer target on web page!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 28th Apr 2014
Totally agree with many of the sentiments below. Almost certainly won't be able to get my PAC now so will lose my number and all the hassle that goes with that. Interesting what Julie says regarding Ofcom regulations and PAC. Methinks I might sue if that's the case. I don't know the regulations, but my mobile number is just that, mine, and Asda are telling me, by deleting it in 2 days time, they're keeping it - does that constitute theft?
Asda really need to look into how they can extend the period that people can obtain this number beyond 30 April 2014.
I also support the sentiments from many that Asda will not get any of my business in any form, whether food shops, online purchases, ever again.
The managers have handled this transfer so badly I believe they should be sacked for incompetence - many others are (aren't they Mr Moyes?). No doubt the blame will be pushed onto the hard pressed and woefully understaffed customer services staff who are probably working their socks off trying to support us with no thanks from us or management.

Reviewed by Alan Jay, Paisley from Scotland on 28th Apr 2014
Like many others I've held on to to 2732 for hours listening to how busy they are. Then they cut me off. So I'm off! I will be checking to see if I can claim some sort of compensation for the inconvenience and additional costs I will incur in advising everyone of my new number. If it would allow me I would give zero stars for service.

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