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Asda Mobile

 In a nutshell  

Last updated April 2017

Asda Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the EE network to supply its services (previously the network used Vodafone.) From April 2017, 4G is now available on the Asda network.

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15 30 day bundle reduced to 10 (2gb, 1,000 mins & unlimited texts)
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Best buys
15 30 day bundle reduced to 10 (2gb, 1,000 mins & unlimited texts)
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Why is my phone showing sim invalid?

Asked by Jackie from UK on 21st Apr 2017
I haven't used my phone for a while and now it's showing sim invalid.

Every time I top up it supposed to be a month I am going to change my sim as it has run out again. like I said not getting a month.

Asked by ruth from cheshire on 16th Feb 2017
Just writing. To say not happy with sim card every time I top up it seems to be running out earlier each month was ok when I first changed to Asda sim card but I don't feel I am benefits. From this the last 2 months its getting earlier to top up doesn't seem that long ago I topped my phone up and now its at least a week early it needs topping up again its usually. The end of the month now its now again very early.

Can I keep old number?

Asked by sylv from uk on 6th Feb 2017

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Asda Mobile user reviews

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Average rating from 360 reviews:

Reviewed by William Wilcox from U.K. on 15th Apr 2017
Two problems, when I get down to below 5 I am peppered with reminder text, these seemed to be sent at least every hour it was most annoying so I changed provider, secondly, my credit just seemed to vanish for no reason, I would check my credit, not use my phone and would still be lower. I moved.

Reviewed by Dawn from Great britain on 4th Apr 2017
This network is absolute rubbish! Every month i top up 10 and when I come to purchase the 10 bundle I get a message to say I haven't got enough credit for that bundle. Yes i have, ive just topped up 10!! So then i have to resort to the 7 one, which I didn't want. Have already sent for a new SIM for next month so I dont keep getting ripped off anymore.

Reviewed by hurry up from uk on 29th Mar 2017
you need to keep this up to date as I told you a week ago asda mobile has launched 4g its super fast and the whole time I was on tesco (02 network) I never once got 4g even though I had an expensive 4g phone.

Reviewed by D from England on 24th Dec 2016
It's good value for money when it works but it needs 4g. Coverage that's the only thing missing for me also taking credit I haven't used.

Reviewed by Jason from England on 29th Oct 2016
I find ASDA mobile data a rip off, if you have multiple data bundles, it uses the one that runs out last first. e.g. I today was given a free 1GB of data free for Halloween, which runs out on 6th November (7 days time) However, I already have a data bundle which doesn't run out for 26 days, and it uses this first. I still have 500MB left on this bundle and so I will not get to use the free 1GB unless I use this bundle up first. This happens all the time with data bundles. Surely the bundle that runs out first should be used first, other wise I am getting ripped off because bundles with data left expire before I have a chance to use them. Very frustrating, sneaky and a total rip off!

Reviewed by wojciech from UK on 24th Oct 2016
Two weeks ago I went to Germany and Poland to do buisness . Before I went I rang Asda mobile team about coverage of Germany and Poland??? They said is no problem is working with EE.. So I went to Germany and Poland and my phone didn't work at all. The massage show me the network error. After nasty expirence with Asda mobiles abroad I going to finish with trush asda mobile. Im going to look for new network. Ive lost trust with Asda mobile network!! The customer service is the worst to deal with. Asda mobiles is not fit to serve the customers!! Give up Asda and shut down your poor network!!

Reviewed by Gail Wilcox from northampton, uk on 12th Oct 2016
As someone who is stuck between a rock and a hard place as I'm only allowed ee network due to no other signal moving to asda has been a breath of fresh air.

Cheap, friendly, reliable service.

Thats all i want, ee is a major rip off out of bundle minute charge 50p get stuffed.

Sadly ee will go down hill like the old bt brand as they will keep uping the price and giving you less.

Despite asda using the network haven't had one issue. If people want to complain about signal go to ee on a cheap contract get a free signal booster then go back to asda :)

Bundles are at a good price too cannot fault 20 unlimited texts, minutes and 6gb data.

I'm well happy :)

Reviewed by Rob from Uk on 3rd Oct 2016
Best quantity for money good coverage too for my surprise but does the e.e app still work with asda thanks rob.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 27th Sep 2016
I recently purchased a pay as you go ASDA sim and can tell you it was the worst thing I did. The signal is non-existant. I have called them numerous times and all they keep telling me is that there is a new mast being erected and that it will be more beneficial for me. I have now been hearing this for the last 2 months and nothing has changed. My work number is diverted to my mobile and I need to leave my home just to get calls or messages. As soon as my monthly bundle is finished I will not be renewing. I only wish I would have known this before choosing them as a provider.

Reviewed by Judith from England on 9th Sep 2016
Really disappointed. Highly rated by Which but can't see why. Don't want a contract and O2 PAYG tariffs becoming prohibitively expensive, so gave asda a go. Reception very patchy, frequently no signal, calls default straight to voicemail. Need a reliable network for work but this is not it. Fortunately have an unlocked phone, so the simcard will hit the bin when the credit is used up. Cheap but definitely not cheerful.

Reply by gaz from uk on 12th Oct 2016
Why don't you ring ee and have ago at them?

Reviewed by bryan from United Kingdom on 1st Sep 2016
Problem with voicemails, only receive them in 2's, even received one the other day telling me that i had a voicemail, if i didn't answer it within a time period it would be deleted, well surprise surprise, i received the notification after the deadline for the delete.
This is not the first time, the network is a shambles, as soon as the credit is used i will move to a more reliable service.

Reviewed by Pauline from England on 11th Aug 2016
Have purchased a 20 top up voucher at Asda and have phoned all day (at least 30 times) to try and get the phone topped up - beginning to think that I've purchased the wrong phone....its worrying as I can't make or receive calls.

Reviewed by stuart carmichael from uk on 27th Jul 2016
First class service and mobile coverage. Call center staff are excellent, patient and helpfull.

Reviewed by JVC from England on 11th Jul 2016
I have used Asda mobile with a pay monthly bundle for about 5 years.
The reception is about the same as every other service I have used.
No better no worse. Definitely the cheapest for what I want, only 5 per month.
Last week it stopped working, no calls no texts.
I phoned their Freephone number from a friends phone.
The man who answered was very helpful and patient when it took me a while to remove the battery and sim card.
He found out it was a problem with their computer, apologised a few times and got it working.
This is such a huge difference from Virgin Mobile who threatened to take me to court when I very politely queried the amount I owed them.
That is why I am now with Asda.
And I am a very satisfied customer.

Reviewed by Flip from England on 8th Jul 2016
Needed a nano-sim for my new phone. Called the Help-Line on a late Friday afternoon and was very quickly connected to a friendly, efficient chap who took details then said 'no problem, the sim will reach you within 3 working days sir'. It actually arrived the next day! How's that for service? Perhaps I'm just lucky but I've never been without a 3G connection and YouTube or iPlayer video watching is usually stutter-free. And to top it all Asda Mobile is one of the cheapest going (at the moment). So ... no complaints from me, just a big thumbs-up. Well done.

Reviewed by Sue from Scotland on 5th Jul 2016
Two days and no signal am going to switch since they changed to see it's been rubbish.

Reviewed by Dex from England on 24th Jun 2016
Moved fron giffnaff to asda mobile 6 days ago . So far ive found asda mobile good the 3g speeds are up to 14 mbps down and 2 mbps up on giffgaffs 4g I could only get 0.17 mbps down .. Also harassed constantly by giffgaff for direct debit so if your on giffgaff move to Asda mobile the only thing asda mobile needs is 4g . Signal for me has been good but it is slightly poorer than o2 .

Reviewed by Laurence from France After on 15th Jun 2016
After 2 wks of really bad reception i finally used out the remaining credit & removed the asda sim & destroyed it! Have just got a co-op mobile payg sim card from local store & wow! It's crystal clear signal. My advice is avoid asda mobile & go elsewhere.

Reply by Robert from England on 22nd Apr 2017
Hi I read your comments just to point out that co-op mobile and asda mobile both run on Ee network.

Reviewed by Charlie windsor from uk on 10th Jun 2016
Asda runs on ee on the old t mobile network it's rubbish, take your money and give it to a decent network it's stolen the signal bars of phone.


Reviewed by Sharon from Uk on 7th Jun 2016
I used to be on 02 but the signal has been terrible lately. Decided on Asda mobile 10 bundle. Very happy with this and customer services were very polite when i rang. Now i have full signal:)

Reviewed by Bob bigbit from england on 27th May 2016
better than 3 goes a treat go on bag your self a treat I kiss you

Reply by Stig from GB on 22nd Jun 2016
Eeeeeeewh! Keep your kisses & your Asda bag! Worst ever mobile signal. Cant believe i got sucked into trying their service. Utterly naf!

Reviewed by Leslie Jackson from United Kingdom on 27th May 2016
I have used Asda mobile for many years and have always found the service to be reasonable and if I have had any problems these have been sorted out quite qickly. I should however add that I only use them on my mobile for text messaging and a small number of mobile calls I use their pay as you go service. For more tech. things I use my iPad or desk top computor. Based on the foregoing I would say ok for non tech items but for more serious things think carefully.

Reviewed by George from Scotland on 18th May 2016
The worst internet I've seen! Stay away of them! Totally unusable ! Money for nothing...

Reviewed by judy from uk on 10th Apr 2016
I have given my pac code from id mobile to move to asda mobile at 1st of april but until now more than a week they still not transfer my old number back . 3-4 times call customer service and they give back answer is : o2 didn't release my number and they don't know when will be( I still don't understand that I am using id mobile and they using 3 net work why tell me o2 ? At beginning they told me vodafone on second times call and now is o2????). Asda mobile told me my pac code is no problem and I don't have any problem with my credit..why more than one week couldn't change my number back ? i want change other company but I am already given my pac code to asda mobile and I don't know when it will work ... and my pac code mybe won't work within 30 days then I will have problem to us my old number... never had this problem before with others aways transfer with a day ... anyone can help me what to do??? Or asda can reply me why is happened?

Reply by Mateusz from GB on 12th Apr 2016
After 30 days if the PAC code has not been transferred to Asda mobile you will need to call back id mobile & ask for another PAC code,once you have a new PAC code choose another network as clearly Asda mobile is not bothered!

Reviewed by Goody from United Kingdom on 4th Apr 2016
This network is useless. The coverage is very limited. At our home address all I get is the No Service notification have contacted Asda Mobile & EE their stock answer is its down to upgrades and repair. It's been like that for 5 years.

Surprised no one has taken this networks poor performance up with Offcom. Asda are stealing money with their claims on coverage. Stay clear if you can.

Reply by Jack from England on 29th May 2016
I'm surprised by your claim of limited coverage. I've used my mobile phone all over England, Europe and the Americas. No problems in any place and my phone is pretty basic.

Reviewed by Anonymous from Northern Ireland on 28th Mar 2016
Got this sim a few months ago and noticed that I had no signal when in Asda stores, there are other places I cant get signal too.

Only good thing about the network is the price of calls, texts and bundles. I would not recommend this network unless you only want it for the deals and can live with limited signal.

Reviewed by William B from England on 21st Mar 2016
Switched to ASDA mobile about a month ago. Went to the store in Walsall and dealt with the store manager, an American lady named Barbara. She was ever helpful, gave me more of her time than she should have, set everything up for me, helped me to figure out the bundles and network and was just all around wonderful. Id go back to them any day and the network has no coverage issues for me and theyre cheap as chips. 5 stars from me for ASDA Mobile and the shop and staff.

Reviewed by ray hall from wiltshire on 27th Feb 2016
switched to this utterly useless network week ago, cant wait to ditch, had over week. travelled extensively. round wilts nth somerset bath, drove all up m4 all round london never once getting asingle wi fi access. useless.

Reply by Chris from Uk on 16th Apr 2016
Wifi is nothing to do with the mobile phone network.

Reviewed by colin from britain on 27th Feb 2016
I am new to mobile phones and this is hopeless. don't buy an asda mobile phone. I'm fed-up with it and I'm going to throw it in the bin. My advice to any one is to go to a High Street phone shop and speak to a person face to face.

Reviewed by Joe Brown from UK on 23rd Feb 2016
All of a sudden, can no longer use the Helpline 2732 to check balances or top up from an Asda mobile phone. Is this service down? Is anyone else experiencing same issues calling 2732?

Reply by Pierre from London U.K on 23rd Feb 2016
Yep same problem here! The service is up & down. Managed to get a PAC code from them & have decided to move to the Cooperative mobile. Keep trying the helpline you will eventually get connected! Asda Mobile your cheap but definitely not cheerful!

Reviewed by Meshy P from UK on 10th Feb 2016
Just started using Asda mobile a month ago. No problems in switching over and porting the old number was done quickly. Now its time for me to topup and I am using the 7 pound bundle. But they only let us do the 10 pound topup. Now where will my rest of the money (3 pounds) will go if I do not use any chargeable numbers or texts. I am confused....

Reply by pierre from U.K on 16th Feb 2016
The remaining 3 should remain as credit so you can use it as the standard PAYG tariff anytime.

Reviewed by Phil from uk on 28th Jan 2016
A week after switching to Asda I can still only make calls, I cannot recieve either texts or calls. I was left for two days with no service at at. I am now regreting the move.

Reviewed by bam from England on 24th Jan 2016
It's so cheap.

Reviewed by Dan from UK -Bournemouth on 14th Jan 2016
Love asda, please ignore all negative feedback. cheap and reliable, never had an issue and I am on the 7 bundle and I am pleased with what I get, I am a very high user of texts too so this bundle works really well for me,

Please try If you want to save some money and still get great service.

Reviewed by Anna Sadler from Uk on 13th Jan 2016
I have never been happier with a mobile phone provider! Staff are always so helpful, it is easy to top up, just spoke to Patrick who was so helpful, advised me to drop my bundle from 10 per month to 7, I use my phone a fair bit so this seems such good value - thank you!

Reviewed by Wes from Uk on 8th Jan 2016
Impossible to top up .... Rubbish customer service and asda has the cheek to ask for your feedback , you call it very poor and they don't even contact you , stay away

Reviewed by Alan. from United Kingdom on 29th Dec 2015
After reading a number ( mostly negative ) reviews regarding ASDA mobile, I decided to give it a go anyway. I am very pleased that I did. The cost of texting is only 4p a go which is a lot less than my previous company charged me. I had something of a problem last evening, & sent an e mail to them. I received an automated reply very quickly & the matter was fully resolved by 11am today. Thank you Patrick & Rebecca for your help. These two could not have been more helpful if their lives depended on it!!

Reviewed by Weed from England on 8th Dec 2015
When trying to top up by phoning 2732 and using the credit/debit card option I get the message, 'Sorry, the system is unable to access your information'. Additionally their support line is closed more than half the time.

Reviewed by Pierre from U.K on 5th Dec 2015
Update from my original review on 30/10/15. The signal problems & other issues i complained about have resolved since first joining them so at the moment it's pretty good & hope it continues that way. As other reviewers have said it must vary region to region.
Giving them 4 stars now!

Reviewed by Emmanuel from England on 19th Nov 2015
PLEASE JUST STAY AWAY!sounds cheap but it comes with a price.
1. You can't trust the customer services, 99% of what they tell you is just lies. They are just there to make a fool out of you.

2.The service is that bad,I was told my number is gone missing after making a transaction from an Asda sim to another Asda sim and the funny part is, I was told THEY CAN'T DO NOTHING. Seriously? One of them even had the gut to tell me to call my former service to ask them because they had the original number. Which is not possible cause I have stipulated a new contract with Asda and they have a new pac code for the number,making them responsible .

3.Text messages,incoming calls don't' get through often.I learnt some other peeps have already complained about that too. So just stay away.

4.These people are just liars. JUST STAY AWAY. one person tells you a liar and another tops it up.Bullshits. Everyone of them have a different lie to tell. Was told by them oh will are call you to notify you of any changes which has never happened. When you have an issue,they don't really care. Just STAY AWAY! Some has even pretended to be the technician,another time I call, I'm told it's not possible to speak to the technicians. just lies to keep you on the phone and ramble. They won't even take not of the issue.I spoke to 4 different people and the 5th one told me there's not record of whatever I am saying. But the previous ones told me they have notified the issue.

5.One of the worst customer service out there.I mean the worst!!Arguing for nothing and getting angry for no reason. If there's someone to get angry it's the client paying for something which they are not receiving. They are not just professional.

The list is infinity and just stinky. JUST STAY AWAY,I wouldn't advice anyone to make a transaction to ASDA!

Reviewed by Chris P Bacon from England on 15th Nov 2015
I do not know why there are so many bad reviews on here as I have never had a problem with it. Bundles are as cheap as chips, all you will ever need and signal is great.
Compared to the rip off PAYG cost I was previously paying this deal is excellent with the peace of mind of never running out of credit or texts. Would highly recommend.

Reply by Robert from Englsnd on 22nd Apr 2017
Hi chris I know this is a little late but I think most of the negative comments is from giffgaff customers because they want people to go on there network.

Reviewed by F,Chilvers from England on 11th Nov 2015
so much for sainsburys dumped with a text message gone back to Asda got sim&card linked it with services good signal& internet

Reviewed by KENNETH KITCHEN from LINCOLNSHIRE ENGLAND on 10th Nov 2015
I phoned customer services because I had a problem hearing every word spoken to me on thier mobile phones I was told by asda mobile customer services to take the phones back as it could be a fault ask to test another pair so I did welwel
I was spoken to very arangantly and nastaly you know something like you have just stood in .
Well because I had used the phones and the sim card they was not prepared to do anything guess what I did asked for my pack code and went to TESCO . GREAT STAFF I had a problem with tesco etop up went into tesco sorted there and then 11 out of ten now on tesco I ADVISE ANYBODY PLEASE DO NOT USE ASDA MOBILE THER ARE LOTTS OF BAD COMENTS ON THE NET ABOUT THEM PLREASE READ THEM BEFORE YOU VENTURE INTO A WORLD OF HELL.

Reviewed by Godfrey from Norfolk england on 10th Nov 2015
Since being on Asda had no problem good signal for voice and internet. Excellent value can't comment on customer service as not used it, would recommend.

Reviewed by Mitco from Uk on 2nd Nov 2015
ASDA mobile is worst service I've ever used. Regularly don't get phone reception or Internet services even though I live in the city. On my way to a job interview and using Google maps. lost Internet services and ended up late. You just can't depend on it. I've also had lots of top up problems.

Reviewed by Geoff from UK on 2nd Nov 2015
I switched to Asda from Tesco a few years ago for a cheaper deal, which was with the same network, Vodafone. Service was pretty good. Last year's switch to EE was poorly managed and caused a bit of hassle for a couple of weeks. However, now that's history and the service is superb in my experience. My phone is never without reception, whereas with Vodafone there would be dead areas, especially indoors. I'm on the south coast - maybe it's different in other parts of the UK.

Reviewed by Pierre from U.K on 30th Oct 2015
EE signal problems since i connected with them. Txt's coming late & some not getting sent! getting same txt's from previous days & sometimes going straight to voicemail when phone is on! Prefferd the sainsburys moblile network with vodafone had no probs with them.

Reviewed by mike from UK on 12th Oct 2015
hate it got a new sim a year and a few month ago and now its been cut off like why

Reviewed by poul from grimsby on 10th Oct 2015
very poor and this customer service.... . no never again

Reviewed by john from hull on 10th Oct 2015
rubbish customer service

Reviewed by Andrew from Germany on 8th Oct 2015
Absolutely diabolical to put it simply. From day one of using Asda mobile I have had nothing but problems topping up, continuous text messages coming in telling me my balance, (23 in under 10 hours,) customer service representatives telling me things that aren't true. How they even put one foot in front of the other is beyond me because this has got to be the worst mobile phone company that has EVER existed. Too many technical difficulties, poor service, and lies is how I would sum up Asda mobile. Warning to anyone considering using them in the future. DON'T!!! Look elsewhere and save yourself the headache, time, trouble, and money.

Reviewed by David from UK on 18th Sep 2015
Have for the last wke been having Unable to connect to server, have looked at all the settings,had this problem before and contacted ASDA Mobile all we get is check your
settings the settings are as stated ok, so why is my phone
saying this unable to connect to server. is their a problem with the system again like the one everybody had when they changed from Vodaphone to EE.

Reviewed by Jim McMahon from england on 11th Sep 2015
The asda mobile signal is rubbish, I get no signal in the house or when Im at work, changed phone 4 times still rubbish. It used to be good on the old vodophone network.

Reviewed by Dee from uk on 9th Sep 2015
I'm not a happy bunny, been trying for the last 15hrs to top up my phone . bought a 15 Voucher, all I get when I call 2723 Is regret this service is temporoly unavailable. We are sorry for any inconveience this mast cause.. .. Dahhhh I have no phone and no way of getting one. No information about when this system is lightly to be up and running. NOTHING ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO ..... Asda dare you answer this.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 7th Sep 2015
ASDA claims to have coverage over 99% of the UK mobile network, am I the 1% they don't cover because I know for sure I don't get coverage in 99% of places I go. My phone is a windows phone so needs reception and internet for most tasks, this is just not possible with EE. It makes me feel bad knowing I had to give this review 1 star but no stars isn't an option unfortunately. I would DEFINITELY would not recommend EE through ASDA to anyone and I know I wont use it again! Its appalling!

Reviewed by Chris from uk on 7th Sep 2015
Brought a bundle for my holiday in north Wales for the internet usage to keep in touch with my family. Had no reception anywhere I went,put it down to been out in the sticks. Got home and still find it hard to get reception. my bundle runs out today and I've only used 34mb. Absolute waste of money, come on Asda you shouldn't be selling services that you cannot provide, Will be looking for a different provider when I upgrade my phone. ADVICE don't waste your money with Asda.

Reviewed by R hughes from Wales on 1st Sep 2015
Now they use EE the service is rubbish no signal no charity or comp text. go back to Vodafone before you loose all your customers.

Reviewed by Kay from UK on 28th Aug 2015
Waste of even one star. Lost my cherished mobile number as was not told that after 90 days of no OUTGOING calls, the SIM gets suspended. Asda telephone support had no clue about this EE catch and wasted time trying to to recover it. By the time EE got involved, the number was out of my hands. Furthermore, both Asda and EE had not 'reference' on their system to the cherished number - just a SIM number but nothing they claimed connected it to the number itself (which was previously ported across from Orange). I had had this fab number with Orange for over 10 years - but lost it with Asda Mobile in 90 days. Customer Service is absolutely shambolic. This truly is a bad set up and I would never recommend them, purely on the basis that both Asda and EE is an incompetent and amateur partnership trying to compete with their more experienced competition.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 18th Aug 2015
Since Asda switched to EE service is appalling. Very difficult to connect phone calls and virtually impossible to send texts. I have to wander around my garden in all weathers trying to pick up a signal. Rubbish!!

Reviewed by Denny from Scotland on 2nd Aug 2015
Can't text to 5 digit numbers since moving to EE. Also I could not find anywhere that would accept my Top up card in Bluewater shopping centre - not even the EE shop!

Reviewed by mariano from italy on 1st Aug 2015
very very good

Reviewed by gracie from England on 28th Jul 2015
Since changing to EE Asda has gone right down the pan, I can no longer send or recieve multi media messages you can't text 5 digit numbers such as the ones used for charity donations info or competitions, sometimes my service vanishes then reappears with no explanation and as for the 7 bundle they recently text me about...its con. None of the shops are set up for it knowing nothing of it when you call the helpline they say you have to top up 10 then call them they'll do it and you'll have a spare 3 credit!!!! They claim its due to the company that sort the bundle didn't talk to asda properly about it.....rubbish.

Reviewed by Alison from UK on 15th Jul 2015
Two BIG annoyances with the current system, since ASDA switched to EE. Before that everything was hunky-dory with Vodafone.
(1) Voicemail switches itself on whenever I go abroad, in my case to Europe. They finally admitted it was not just me getting the error, so they know about the problem, but as with other issues, they've done nothing about it.
(2) You cannot text 5-digit numbers (8xxxx) used by many services e.g. BBC radio, or, yes, as noted below, donation centres. Again, they know about it but have done nothing about it.
So, like many others I and my husband will be moving to another provider once the credit has run out. These people are pathetic. If I could give 0 or negative stars, I would.

Reviewed by Sheila from UK (Cumbria) on 24th May 2015
Since the transfer from Asda Mobile to EE, the signal in my area, (Eden valley, Cumbria) is almost non-existent. I have to hold the phone out of an upstairs window, if I want to try to send a text, and that often does not work.

Reviewed by jaxe8 from uk on 16th May 2015
tried to move my number from Tesco mobile to asda. gave pac code and my number stopped working Wednesday 13.5.15. promised it would be reconnected by midnight. phoned thurs still no service and they have no idea what is wrong. they will check and phone me back. phoned back Friday, they will check and phone me back before they finish at five pm. I phoned back at five fifteen as not heard. told there is a technical problem, but they don't know what but its been escalated the day before so wont be long. will phone me back tomorrow - Saturday - to keep me informed even if no news. I phoned them just now. . . there wouldn't be any news today as the relevant department don't work on Saturday or sunday. however after talking to the tech dept they could tell me that Tesco have not transferred all files they need to port my number. so I phoned Tesco - oh yes they have!!!! stuck in middle. its a new business and losing calls. I cant make or receive calls or texts. in fact have no service at all. asda response is that no idea how long it will take, just that it will be done asap. but when I asked if it would be weeks, months or even longer I was told it wouldn't be that long, but they really don't know. nor do I get the feeling they really care!!! I did ask if I could revert to Tesco mobile, but apparently I have to wait for number to work, then request a pac code from asda and port number back again!!!!! I am now in the situation where I have to decide whether to hold on, or spend upwards of 200 getting new signage on van with a new number, plus amending all advertising!! my advice is, it may seem cheaper to transfer, but just stay where you are, its a whole lot less stressful for a start!!!!! any suggestions for getting any kind of result from asda would be gratefully received!!!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 2nd Apr 2015
Like other users I mysteriously lost my mobile data service from Asda Mobile about 6 weeks ago only to find it had returned today to the same SIM with the same APN settings. Despite calling customer services several times, I received the usual excuses. One agent was extremely abrupt and another clearly couldn't understand simple fault finding processes. A third told me to 'go and buy a new SIM card'. Like other users I will be moving to a different network once my credit is used up. For voice and txt's the service has been OK but don't rely on the data service or customer services to help you.

Reviewed by Shan from England Nottingham on 29th Mar 2015
The Nano Sim and Micro Sim was sent to me very quickly but doth don't work properly!

I can only make phone calls but when others try to ring me it's goes dead or straight to the voice message.

Wish I looked up this before buying any credit!!!

Reviewed by D Wallis from England on 27th Mar 2015
I bought a Huawei Y330 phone from ASDA in September, and use an ASDA PAYG SIM.

Data coverage seemed a bit erratic for a while (I live in a rural area in Wiltshire) but from the middle of February until yesterday (six weeks)I had no internet connection. I tried taking the SIM out, switching to another ASDA SIM that I had spare, resetting the factory settings, a hard reset, downloading the internet settings from EE, speaking to the ASDA support team and visiting an EE shop.

It didn't matter whether I was in the countryside where I live, in a nearby town or in my closest city, I could only access the internet using wifi.

Yesterday the internet signal magically reappeared, long after I'd given up trying to correct the problem myself and after I'd assumed I must have a hardware problem.

I'll use my remaining credit and switch to a different service supplier. The last six weeks says all I need to know about ASDA Mobile.

Reviewed by nigel from uk on 27th Mar 2015
I repeat the views of others. Asda are contemptible and hav stolen my money. But despise them.

Reviewed by Julie from mansfield UK on 22nd Mar 2015
I don't think I have ever ever come across a worse network than Asda mobile. To be fair they were good when piggybacking vodaphone but now they have switched to EE ... Forget they exist. I bought an Asda sim for a Sim Free phone which was accepting Giffgaff no problem. Put the Asda sim in ...INVALID SIM. had already bought a 10 top up. Immediately went back to Asda. "Sorry we can't refund top ups!!" Excuse me ...this thing don't work!! Assistant then put orange sim in my phone.... Lo and behold it worked!!! The problem is with EE/ASDA SIM CARDS.

Reply by Chris from Uk on 16th Apr 2016
The problem is the phone!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th Mar 2015
We purchased two PAYG phones and one sim from Asda over two years ago, for use as emergency backup phones in our cars. We had no problems until the recent move to EE, since when its all been downhill. The final straw being all three Sims being listed as invalid and all remaining credit taken,(Stolen). I contacted their technical services to try and get them reinstated without any success and was told I would need new sims and new top up vouchers. I feel I have been to say the least badly short changed and think the standard of service appalling. I intend to complain to both trading standards and to OFCOM about their appalling service. Meanwhile I will transfer to another hopefully more creditable provider and frankly intend to avoid ASDA from now on. Like many others their service rates far less than one star.

Reviewed by moretea4mikey from UK on 28th Feb 2015
I don't like to bleat on but this was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's Comic Relief time again and I tried to donate money to Comic Relief by Text on the Asda Mobile Network.

I could not do so and so I contacted Asda Mobile to see what the problem was.

Here is the relevant section, cut and pasted from their e-mail of explanation.

"With regards to the text messages that you've been trying to send to charities like Comic Relief, this is not a service that we support at this time. Therefore any texts sent to a shortcode number, except our customer service number 2732, will fail."

Pitiful isn't it. I don't know what Lenny Henry would make of it.

Reviewed by moretea4mikey from UK on 25th Feb 2015
I was on Asda Mobile and all was well, then they moved to EE last year and it has been down hill from there. Firstly my phone refused to work when I was in New York (it worked fine before I went and when I got back to Heathrow). The massive ( thanks for moving with us to EE bundle of minutes, texts and data ) seemed to evaporate far quicker than my actual usage. Then recently my Mobile Internet failed without warning. Thought it my be my phone so I used a Sainsburys Sim in my second slot which gave me 3G Mobile Internet no problem. I re jigged the settings for the Asda Sim several times and eventually managed to get Mobile Internet but not as a 3G connection.
It's enough to give a bloke a severe attack of the ' Screaming Ab Dabs '

Reviewed by Ricky Jamo from U.K on 24th Feb 2015
Sent voucher code to the number well within the end date. Messages failed so I attempted to call their cust svs but their call centre was closed until the following morning.

When I did get round to actually finding the time to come back to this, it was passed the promo date. Hardly my fault your system failed to send and your cust svs shut:

Reviewed by Joan from England on 22nd Feb 2015
I have been with asda Mobile for 4 years and the first 3 years was perfect but since they moved network from Vodafone to EE its been a nightmare. every time I want to make a phone call it says limited service. asda mobile is the biggest load of rubbish out. when my money eventually runs out I will be going to a different network. Asda will be losing a lot of customers and going downhill with Tesco.

Reviewed by sue from england on 19th Feb 2015
Ok. But have spent 3 days not being able to call any one including Asda mobile as credit ran out so can only topup from my landline but I don't get hmtte i8pm and the lines are closed then.

Reviewed by kaj warming from uk on 13th Feb 2015
transfering to Asda EE including my old number very easyand fast....
coverage better some places, but can be very erratic, signal strength going from zero to 4 bars, do Asda read these comments or are we talking to ourselves??

Reviewed by Harry Clay from England on 3rd Feb 2015
Can't make any calls and get message saying wrong number dialled, although phone will receive calls. Dial 2732 and get electronic beep. My top up credit seems to be lost. An annoying waste of time so will try another network.

Reviewed by carolinepreston from england on 28th Jan 2015
Changed from o2 to asda mobile so easy everything went smoothly kept my old number it was ported over less then 24hrs later my mum swapping too well worth a ten pound top up helpful staff thank you asda happy customer.

Reviewed by chelle from uk on 25th Jan 2015
Told to ring 2732 to top up voucher but cant get through been trying all afternoon.

Reviewed by Geoff Beaumont from uk on 9th Jan 2015
Used pac code to port my number from Sainsburys over to asda. So simple to do spoke to a very helpful member of the customer services at Asda she told me it would be ported across in two days and even gave me a time of 3pm it was completed at 2.30pm she even took mt swipe card number to enter it but it would not work,Rang me back three hours later to tell me it had been completed.
Also she put me my free 20 bundle on hows that for first class customer service ? WELL DONE ASDA.

Reviewed by p.fox from uk on 8th Jan 2015
Thought I had found a great deal from asda mobile,how wrong I was ! Left virgin mobile for asda due to free 20 bundle on payg.Tried to take my old number with me but been a week now and still no joy!despite being told it would only take 24 hours to transfer, also signal is weak to nonexistent in my home or anywhere else for that matter,taken sim out and binned it(best place for it in my view ) and installed GIFF GAFF which is brilliant and cheaper. My advice is to leave adds mobile well alone!

Reviewed by ICB from UK on 8th Jan 2015
Same problems as AMG. Been waiting a week for my old number to transfer. Still not working and just been told it could be another six days at least. Appalling standard of service.

Reviewed by AMG from N Ireland on 7th Jan 2015
Terrible trouble with this network. Provided pac code for old number, and I have been waiting 4 days with no service. My old sim no longer works, so I am unable to access any messages. If this is not resolved within the next couple of days, I will be requesting a pac code to move elsewhere. Can anyone suggest what regulatory body I could report these issues to? It would appear that this network is not fit for purpose. I would be safer trying a string and yoghurt pot- I may stand a better chance of making a call.

Reviewed by parker from uk on 4th Jan 2015
cannot access my voice messages and no one ever answers you
i have voice messages and cannot listen to them

if you ring or text the network for information you cannot get any as no one is there to help like other mobile phone companies as you are left to work out things for yourself. it is a cheap form of a mobile network more suitable for just text messaging

Reviewed by Fred Ray from The United Kingdom on 31st Dec 2014
"Sorry this webpage is blocked, please go to ASDA with your passport"...

Reply by Tiptop from Uk on 16th Apr 2016
Only right too! Its to protect our kids from adult sites.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 13th Dec 2014
Since ASDA Mobile switched to EE the phone connection has been poor. Network service is frequently restricted or unavailable.

Reviewed by grahame from uk on 13th Dec 2014
Adsda mobile is absolutely useless. When they were with Vodafone they was a good network. I stayed with them and went to ee what a nightmare my mobile keeps saying restricted service so sometimes I am unable to ring anyone. Also I am unable to send photos and use the network. When my money runs out I will be joining another network. Also the asda help line are run by a bunch of morons who do not answer your emails.

Reviewed by L Millington from England on 10th Dec 2014
I got home with my new ASDA mobile and followed the setting up instructions to the letter.

NO,,,,,,,,,,,it wouldn't work at all.
The ******* instructions are wrong!!!!!

Now it keeps going dead if I don't use it regularly.
Also, I can't retrieve my credit level without ringing the help line.

Reviewed by jan from england on 1st Dec 2014
So fed up with this phone have phoned 4 times told its my phone,no its your problem all these views below cant be wrong will be purchasing another phone and it wont be asda or ee

Reviewed by Julie Haines from UK on 29th Nov 2014
Asda was okay until they switched to EE. Now my account tells me I have 9 left on my credit but I can't phone or text anyone because its telling me its an incorrect number but I've been texting and dialing them for years. I try calling the Asda 2732 and I get a series of electronic beeps and the call ends. I've tried emailing Asda to help me with the problem...no reply. Now I just want my PAC code to go elsewhere but getting it is another thing. I ring the number on their sites and it says the number is no longer in use. I need to transport my number because its on my business cards. All up...the service is disgusting. I'd rather poke sticks in my eye than give them any more money. They're pathetic!!!! And the coverage is rubbish!!!

Reviewed by DC from UK on 23rd Nov 2014
Have had poor/terrible/no connectivity since the changeover. ASDA customer services act as though it has nothing to do with them.

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 22nd Nov 2014
The worst network going! Which is understandable with EE running it. My mum transferred to the new Asda Mobile in April, and it has been terrible. The signal is much worse, the SIM card had voicemail activated which my mum didn't even want in the first place (and no obvious way to switch it off, which resulted in a call to customer services) the 3G is unusable because of the bad signal, and the fact that the automatic parental controls block nearly every website (this means another call to customer services AGAIN!!!) and also she has gone through 3 new top-up cards, because when it came to topping them up they were declined, even after I linked them to her phone for her. She never had any of this trouble when Asda were with Vodafone, back then it was a brilliant network. In my opinion they should have never teamed up with EE in the first place, it was obviously going to be a spell for disaster!!

Reviewed by Bradley from England on 19th Nov 2014
Changed over to ASDA from EE, they totally messed up, promised to call back - didn't happen. There are plenty pay as you go providers out there, my advise is don't use them.

Reviewed by Darren from England on 12th Nov 2014
I think your asda mobile is the worse network I have bin on going to O2 I had an emergency an can't top my phone up I put 15quid on it and it would not let me top up I had to phone customer serves and it cost me 25pence and obviously I had no credit and it wouldn't let me phone because I had no credit how ya work that out ever since I have this asda network I have had nothing but a head ake I was with 02 for time and never had any problems so u have lost a loyal customer and 02 have got me bk proper joke asda

Reviewed by lynn from england on 23rd Oct 2014
Not very happy about not being allowed to enter competitions with a text, surely it's up to me how I spend my own money, this is since the change over from Vodafone to EE, not a happy bunny

Reviewed by Pamela from United Kingdom on 7th Oct 2014
I returned to the UK end of September and had my replacement SIM card waiting for me. Good I thought so I put 20 credit on it as I don't have a landline at the moment. This didn't last long so I tried to buy a 20 bundle using the automated service. This failed so I rang 2732 to be told my bank had declined the payment. This was untrue as when I checked with my bank they confirmed all was ok. When I rang 2732 back I wad told I couldn't add a budge as I had already put 20 on the account in a one month . eventually I was able to add a 10 bundle. What I didn't realise was that you can't use a bundle to ring premium rate numbers or even to ring ASDA on 2732. Catch 22. For me. No credit, automated system won't let me top up because I tried automated system & was rejected because ASDA security system wouldn't let me not my bank. Not allowed to try topping up again for 24 hours catch22 can only to up by ringing 2732, no credit to ring them. Got through to them by chosing lost phone option Was eventually given 3 credit so I can ring them. Somehow this credit is being used up no idea why our on what as my budge is still working. I'll be looking for a new PAYG provider as soon as I can

Reviewed by Angie from UK on 30th Sep 2014
I am new to Asda mobile - thought it would be a good thing. Rang before transferring and they seemed vey good in customer services and extremely helpful. Gave them my PAC CODE to transfer my number on 19 SEPTEMBER. Old sim number was cut off on 22 SEPTEMBER and today (30 SEPTEMBER) my old number HAS STILL NOT BEEN TRANSFERRED!!!!!! Ringing Customer Services daily and they have been most helpful - I know it is not their fault - who have said it is a Technical Fault. This is just not good enough Asda. Wish I had gone to gif gaff now!

Reviewed by Sandy from Scotland on 14th Sep 2014
Similar story to the rest. Been an asda mobile customer for years and no complaints although charging 25 p to top up when your phone has ran out of credit is a bit much.
After the change to EE i had very little coverage. After the hassle with customer services over changing etc I decide to go back to vodaphone. Great service - if not more expensive. But i would rather pay more for good coverage / customer service

Reviewed by dave from uk on 12th Sep 2014
I am new to Asda mobil and I asked to keep my old number I gave them my pac code and my Asda mobil number
this was promised to go though yesterday 9 september 2014 but it has not been done
my old sim with my number on has been cut off no service but my number has not been transferred
Rang email every day different answer every time
it today 12 september 2014 still no number transfer if i hah known this i would not have changed to asda mobile

Reply by dave from uk on 16th Sep 2014
had my number transferd today 16 sep 2014

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