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Apple iPhone review

 Review: November 2007  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The stunning touchscreen user-interface of the iPhone is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Combining a phone, music player, camera and web browser, the iPhone is a stunning device. However its high cost and many limitations mean that it is a flawed beauty.

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Ah! The iPhone. Never in seven years of reviewing mobile phones have we encountered a phone that has been so controversial. We've even been personally abused by reviewers who disagreed with our opinions. This review is an attempt to find balance between the conflicting opinions (something we always strive for at Mobile Phones UK, but which has been hard to achieve with the iPhone). Regular readers of Mobile Phones UK will know that we wrote an article back in June 2007 which cast doubt on whether the iPhone would live up to the hype. We hadn't seen the iPhone at that time, but when it finally arrived here in the UK, we were blown away by the user interface and gave it a 5 star review (although we did point out its numerous limitations). With hindsight, 5 stars was wrong, and having taken on board all of the feedback from users, we've arrived at a 3 star rating.

The thing is that the iPhone is in some ways so good, and in other ways so bad. Let's be generous and start with the good.

The iPhone is the first of a new generation of phones: it's a touchscreen smartphone running Apple's OS X operating system. Instead of using buttons, joysticks, etc, the iPhone has icons that appear on the huge touch-sensitive screen. The screen is enormous, and the user interface is simply breathtaking. Apple claim that the iPhone is five years ahead of the competition, and playing with the user interface you can begin to believe the hype. Touch the Phone icon on the screen and the address book appears; tap on a name and the iPhone makes a call. Touch the Photos icon and your photo album glides onto the screen. The responsiveness of the user interface and the wealth of effects makes using the phone an absolute joy. SmartPhones have a reputation for being slow, bug-ridden and difficult to use, but the iPhone is the absolute opposite. Using the iPhone is simply an amazing experience, and once you've owned an iPhone it's hard to imagine ever going back to a normal phone.

The iPhone is an iPod too of course. It plays music and with a built-in 8 Gbyte of flash memory, you can throw away your iPod. The iPhone plays music and video (on that stunningly big screen) and can download songs from iTunes on the move. 8 Gbytes is enough to store 2,000 songs.

Other great features include the Safari web browser (which provides one of the best implementations of the mobile web that we've come across), Google Maps (which is fabulous on the iPhone) and built-in Wi-Fi support.

That's where the good stops and the bad starts. First the price. The iPhone is exclusive to O2 and will cost £269 to buy on a £35 per month 18-month contract. It's locked to O2 and will continue to be locked even when the 18 month contract ends. This makes it far more expensive than any other phone in the mainstream market.

Some of the technology under the hood is more like "five years out of date" than "five years ahead of the competition". For example, the camera is just 2 megapixels, lacks autofocus and has no flash. It's just a toy camera compared to the Nokia N95, Samsung G600 or Sony Ericsson K850i. These three phones are currently in the top 5 sellers in the UK and all have 5 megapixel cameras with flash and autofocus. Apple seriously misjudged the public's desire for quality cameras in their phones.

The connectivity of the iPhone is also seriously lacking (hey, it's an Apple, we shouldn't be surprised by this!) The most obvious omission is the lack of 3G. It's the only current smartphone that lacks 3G. For a phone that places so much emphasis on its music downloading and web browsing capabilities, the fact that you can only download at 2G speeds is a major limitation. It's like a Ferrari with a top speed electronically limited to 30 mph! If you're in an EDGE-enabled part of the O2 network or a wi-fi hotspot, then you can access higher data speeds, but still nothing like 3G. It's such a shame, because the web browsing capability of the iPhone is the best we've ever seen on a mobile. It seems that the iPhone was designed primarily for the US market where 3G is largely unavailable and where the choice of handsets is smaller. The Bluetooth support is also seriously limited, with no filesharing and no support for stereo Bluetooth headsets.

The battery life of the iPod is another issue. The iPod has a huge LCD display that eats power and with so many gadgets to play with, the battery is going to be used up fairly quickly. But even heavy users should get a full day's use between charges, so it's not the end of the world. Other problems include the omission of MMS, and the fact that you can only assign MP3 tracks to ringtones if they were downloaded from iTunes.

So, what to conclude about the iPhone? It's clearly not a phone for everyone. It's very expensive, so we should compare it with the best of the competition. What has the iPhone got that the others haven't? The answer is the user interface: a huge touchscreen display, with a user interface that really is a modern wonder. It's also a fine media player, but then so are its competitors. If you've got the cash and you love the look, then the iPhone could be your phone, but for the rest of us on a budget, you'd be advised to forget the charms of the iPhone and buy a cheaper alternative that does so much more. Alternatives include the LG KU990 Viewty, the Nokia N95, the Nokia N81, and the Sony Ericsson W960i.

Apple iPhone features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Display: 480 x 320 pixels (3.5 inch) touchscreen
  • Music player (AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 1, 2, and 3), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV formats)
  • Memory: 4 Gbyte or 8 Gbyte flash drive
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
  • Size: 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • Talktime: 8 hours
  • Battery standby: 250 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 24 hours

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Average rating from 395 reviews:

Reviewed by Joanna from UK on 3rd Jul 2012
I hate this phone. A nightmare. The phone is nice to look at but not user friendly.

Reviewed by vamshi from uk on 15th May 2012
its nice best ever and unique

Reviewed by sannah from united kingdom on 27th Jan 2012
this phone is the greatest phone in the world i absolutely adore it sooooooooooo much its excatly like a person-your personal assistant11!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jase from UK on 3rd Aug 2011
Great review on the iPhone, cant wait for the news on the iPhone 5. Hoping it brings most of the rumours that are foating across the web. I also found this site to be of use too - hope it helps others.

Reviewed by Aaron Stephenson from UK on 16th Jun 2011
I like that it provides great entertainment and communication capabilities. I like that you can get excellent music functions, Wi-Fi internet, and maps and GPS support along with iTunes and Apps store. When you need assistance on the iphone they ask you a million questions before they answer your one question. When you damage it costs you £200 for them to repair it. The email on the iphone doesn’t work very well.

Reviewed by Joshua Breeze from UK on 9th Jun 2011
I have recently purchased an iPhone as Apple preached that they were the best phone on the market at the moment. My contract was due, so I thought I'd buy one of these smart phones as I could use it for college and work. The phone was superb for the first 4 months till it started playing up a little. I found that I had missed calls on my phone from people (which in this instance I hadn't heard the phone ring). I thought to myself that perhaps it's just a one off, but how wrong could I be. The phone hardly ever rings, it just goes straight to voice mail and leaves a missed call. I have been to the supplier and they just said restore it to factory defaults and this should sort it. It didn't! And to this day I still have a major problem with the phone and receiving calls. I would not recommend this phone to people if you are wanting a reliable smartphone.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 24th May 2011
with out doubt 1 of the worst fones available, i phone 3 and 4,had them both n cannot wait till my deal is done in a few month, i can honestly say that i know alot of people with these fones n not 1 wld say they r problem free,they r awful extremly poor reception,they r great little gadgets but as a fone they simply do not work or last,i think apple were in to much of a hurry to build these, a fine example of this would be 2 pop into ur local apple store were ever that may b n hav a look at the genis bar or watever its called n watch how many of these handsets r swapped or returned,on 1 of my many trips to the apple store to complain i counted 15 fones being replaced n that was jst at my table within 10 to 15 min,every1 goes on but how great n easy to use they r but i promise you they do not work as a fone, so if u r buyin a fone as a gadget n dnt realy need to make calls by all means buy 1 but if u require reception and incoming outgoing calls trust me DO NOT BUY 1 OF THESE,any1 that says these r great n hav no problems with their i phone either has only had it a few month or has no1 to call or call them,ive had a mobile for the last 12 years n these 2 so called smart fones r by far n away the worst ive ever had

Reviewed by iPhone Reviewer from UK on 24th Apr 2011
I love iPhone but I hate Apple and it's restrictions... It's a Marmite relationship for me! I'm looking for people to help me start an independent iPhone review community. If you want to help come to iphonerev.blogspot.com

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 17th Jan 2011
There a big appeal about this phone in the fact it looks so good but when it comes to every day use well I was not so impressed I found it had limited appeal the touch screen is not all its craked up to be. Gone back to Blackberry its a bit like there computers which are useless in the real world.

Reviewed by Daniel Trotter from UK on 8th Jan 2011
I've had an iPhone 3Gs 8 on the 3 network for a month now and it's great. It has fast Internet, great at calling and the ape are fab. 10/10! www.hy5cleaning.co.uk

Reviewed by benjiman idandas from UK on 13th Sep 2010
its awsome x and soo good for work

Reviewed by Jon Taylor from UK on 25th Aug 2010
All the people I've spoken to about the iphone think it brilliant if they own one and people who rubbish it have never owned one. The PC brigade stuck years behind always dis apple products but really would love to use them. Time they grew up and moved with the times.

Reviewed by Eds from UK on 17th Aug 2010
I have a 3GS and it is a brilliant phone. It does absolutely everything I want and I have no complaints to make about it. It is intuitive, fast, efficient and in fact i am writing this review on it. I have also got apples ios4 upgrade which gives me all the features of and iPhone 4. And also the camera on my phone gets auto focus. A phone I can really recommend.

Reviewed by albert from UK on 17th Aug 2010
I've had a 3gs for about 9 months. All was fine for the first few months then the gremlins started appearing. I did not upgrade from os 3.01 and it was very slow. The writing was on the wall when os4 appeared. After a couple of weeks the email app just decided it was NOT going to work. Despite rebooting & a few other tweaks it constantly crashed, basically making it useless. It is now off to apple for repair or replacement as I now have the white blank screen of death & have lost everything & i have to say I would be wary of getting another or the idog4. As a footnote - i bought my wife an ipod touch last christmas. Since then its been back to apple 3 times (in 6 months), & she is now on her second new ipod replacement. Why? - well each new software upgrade completely trashes the ipod - basically apple are completely rubbish when it comes to upgrading UNLESS you connect for an upgrade to an imac or apple laptop. They are absolutely useless at upgrading from a pc - you have been warned.

Reviewed by AGM from UK on 11th Jul 2010
As a disabled user I find the iPhone relatively easy to use. Disappointment with a few features, e.g. unable to use uppercase unless you keep hitting the shift key which is a nuisance. Also would be useful to be able to enlarge the font size like a PC 8-36 pitch etc, especially for the visually impaired people as the current font size is restrictive. The notebook & text fonts are far too small as I struggle to read my text & notes. May have to consider another mobile within the next 9 months.

Reviewed by Rulee from UK on 30th Jun 2010
Apple & Orange - I normally like my fruit but not these two! I tried to buy an Iphone at the weekend. First of all Orange said they were sold out. BUT when I said I wanted to upgrade they said they might have stock. ( a bit dodgy?) Shop assistant then told me that people have ordered iphones and not come to collect them (it was only 12.30pm) so they were giving them to other people, like lucky me. Then when we got to the till for me to pay, £119 plus sign my life away to a 2 year contract!! Shop ass, then tells me I can not have an iphone (the one he has in his hand that he just came up and waved infront of me, is now off limits) because my contract doesn't expire until December. So Orange doesn't care that I have been a customer for about 10years and Apple doesn't want my £119. I don't know but somehow I don't feel comfortable with large money hungry Fruit holding power over me just because I want an up-to-date mobile phone. Gone off Apple, definitely gone off Orange completely and in this heat would much prefer a Watermelon (mojito maybe)

Reviewed by thierry from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
dont like the iphone, battery is rubbish, cant really hear it ringing and poor connection when trying to make a call or it drops, would not get another one, camera is not too good with no zoom, no standard fm radio, slow internet or no connection, would not get another one at all.

Reviewed by Umar from UK on 14th Jun 2010
i bought this fone the camera was not working so i sent it back to carephone warehouse, they gave me replacment after a few days the touch screen became unresonsive and then i gave it back again. after 10 days carefone warehouse gave me another one then the fone tuned out to have no middle button. therefore i sent it back again and asked for a better one they gave me one and it turned out to be blocked. so i recommned everyone else to get NOKIA 5530 becuase it is an amazing fone you will not be sorry. never ever get an iphone worse design ever

Reviewed by Oliver from UK on 29th May 2010
I love my iPhone! It is so handy and I just love being able to get apps!! I just didn't realise how helpful it would be to my life until I got it.

Reviewed by Faye from UK on 22nd May 2010
You'd have to be pretty 'internet' to be able to use this phone, y'know, since it's mac and all...but it's fun to play around with, and it's probably limited from ages 12-25...maybe?

Reviewed by C Ramsey from UK on 21st May 2010
On the surface a briliant phone. Get to know it and it's a let down.I've upgraded backwards by three years.I can't do a lot of what I did years ago.I'll be upgrading early on this.The opposition will be streets ahead by then.This is the second time I've commented and my feelings haven't changed. I don't have any problems with Apple they just don't meet the high standards I expect from a Phone.Maybe us Brits have higher expectations.

Reviewed by steve from UK on 3rd May 2010
the iphone has very much changed the way i use my phone, i use the iphone mainly for surfing the net and checking my email

Reviewed by Tiny from UK on 1st May 2010
Mind blowing. It will quite simply change your day to day life. I revise on my iPhone, I write my shopping lists, track my periods, go treasure hunting outside, find my my way in car and on foot, play fun funky games, do my CBT to help me manage my depression, there is an app for everything......the next generation of information and phones is here with this phone. Stylish, understated, easy to customise and personlise with covers etc, EASY to use, idiot proof. I'm blown away by the impact this is making on my day to day life , for the good. Get it, you won't look back, thank you apple. :-)))

Reviewed by Oz from UK on 30th Apr 2010
Its fine, im not a techno-nut and i use it in practically its most basic form...calls, txts, apps and the odd pic here and there...but it wont accept my postcode. Grrr!!!

Reviewed by Carlos from UK on 20th Feb 2010
I already had an ipod touch & decided to upgrade my nokia N95 phone to an iphone so I could have all my music, photos and phone all in one unit. Upon receiving my iphone and playing around with it I'm slightly disappointed to say the least. I have a vast music library and often assign tracks as ringtones to specific contacts. On the nokia it's a doddle just select the track and set as ringtone, takes 5 secs. On the iphone I have dicovered I have to mess about selecting the portion of the track I wish to use, done by changing the start/stop time of a track. Then saving and converting it using itunes, deleting the newly saved track and then importing the converted track. What a hassle! I also had video of friends saying funny quotes assigned as personal ringtones - I haven't even bothered investigating if this is possible yet. I had lots of trouble connecting it to my wi-fi router it just wouldn't detect it. This wasn't due to my incompetence, I have laptops and my ip od touch connected no problem(I also work in IT so not a novice). The camera is poor, still no zoom which in this day and age is pathetic although now 3MP. On the plus side still has the excellent user interface I loved so much on my ipod touch and synch's with my current library. Surfing the internet is a breeze and it's a stylish handset. It's such a shame apple make simple things every other phone has manged for years complicated. I would recommend having a demo in store or playing with a friends(everybody knows somebody with one) before buying. At the current price there should be no room for disappointment and depending on what you expect from it maybe you won't be. Personally if the touch screen and interface on the latest nokia's was better I wouldn't have considered the iphone.

Reviewed by ann from UK on 18th Feb 2010
short charge

Reviewed by Barry Hearn from UK on 12th Feb 2010
The iPone is good but could and for the price should be so much better. Compared to the N95 and other phones the camera and photo album is rubbish such a shame.

Reviewed by andalucia beach from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
need to have ears like dumbo to hear it ringing!

Reviewed by oblivious from UK on 29th Jan 2010
i love the iphone and think it is defantly the best phone ever made in my time!! who would hate it? out of jelousy perhaps? who wouldn`t love all the apps and cool stuff that is just soooooo intteresting and fun? who wouldn`t want to show off to their friends that would all be wanting to "just have one more go pleaseeeeeeeee"? thats my opinion signed oblivious

Reviewed by dhzbgdug from UK on 18th Jan 2010
I think the iphone is brill. There is so much you can do on it which you can't do on other phones. it is also very sensible and easy to use. i mean sony ericson phones have about 10 buttons where as iphone has one main button and volume buttons, how easy!! Not only that it looks devine

Reviewed by vince anderson from UK on 7th Jan 2010
just got a contract with o2 with the 3gs , i was with 3 and explained to the sales person in the o2 shop i cant get a signal at home and always fancied the i phone ,she said it was the best phone since sliced bread and i would get a signal anywhere if i changed to o2.I did this and still cant get a signal from my house i would just be as well back with 3 , and another thing the life of the battery on the i phone is rubbish ,not as good as it is made out to be. check your coverage first.

Reviewed by BOGE MAN from UK on 30th Dec 2009

Reviewed by Me from UK on 26th Dec 2009
Don't listen to the bad reviews. This phone is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It isn't a 5 star phone because of the lack of 3G, but a definitive 4 star rating from me. The people who say it's bad are mostly Apple haters who know this is better than their phones. The only honest bad reviews might be here because the phone lacks some "basic" features, which certain people really need in a phone. But, most of these lacking features can be replaced by apps. A lot of people are complaining about no bluetooth, but I have an app called iBluetooth that fixes that right away. The appstore is actually where the iPhone shines the most, and one of the main reasons I love the phone. The camera is a 2MP which sounds mediocre, but I swear it's better than most phone cameras which claim to have a 5MP camera (Prada2 for example).

Reviewed by Kimberley from UK on 20th Dec 2009
The iPhone 3gs is absolutely amazing. I can't actually mention any faulties or difficulties using it. Its like those futuristic phones that hey use in movies. I wouldn't be surprised if the next version had a hologram. Outstanding phone!

Reviewed by Ramon Russell from UK on 17th Dec 2009
Major flaws make it a waste of money, there's other phones out there that do much better. To view a received picture message you need to log into a website and then type in a code that was attached to the message noticifaction - you can't even selectively cut and paste the code, iphone highlitghts whole message. You cana't bluetooth anything even thought it has an active bluetooth cjip - Apple have likely done this deliberately to prevent file sharing and to encourage you to go into itunes store and pay for anything you want.d 3rd party apps are restricted in what they can do so only apples own calendar can run in background and generate reminders

Reviewed by Mike Tyler from UK on 28th Nov 2009
Well it's a great looking phone with thousands of great applications, but the real problem is the hardware. So much goodness packed into a small box. The problems with overheating are probably a bit overstated, but you wouldn't want one to set fire to it self in your pocket. The other known problems about it are many, but the real problem is getting it fixed or exchanged. I committed to spend over £900 on an Iphone, but did you know you can't just go into apple and get a new one even if the old one has an obvious physical problem. Mine has stopped vibrating, as well as loosing the network, I've just been told they won't replace it today, they have run out of Iphone appointments. So I'm sitting here after having to argue very strongly to be seen at all waiting for a standby appointment, It ironic really because the place is full of red tee shirted apple staff with very little to do. So buy your phone experience from Apple but don't expect to get much in the way of service if it all goes wrong.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 19th Nov 2009
absolutly brilliant i don't know why you have moved it from 5 stars ! for the people who have got the iphone already why don't you just put more software to make it a 3G i did and it saved me loads of money ! ! ! !

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 9th Nov 2009
I have had my iphone for about 6 months and find it o.k to be honest..music is brilliant ..camera not good but hardly use it.The email is good and easy to use. My iphone has broke b4 but apple replaced within a week so cant complain.applications are good and easy to use. I bought mine on pay and go so no contract.

Reviewed by x from UK on 23rd Oct 2009
Love this phone because it has everything you need and battery lasts well...but it breaks a lot, randomly freezing or sometimes the home button gets stuck. It also cracks really easily and the internet is so slow. Can anyone judge whether they're better than blackberrys or not?

Reviewed by Alistair Leckie from UK on 17th Oct 2009
I'll keep this short - it's awesome! I got mine 2nd hand and use it mainly in work for the internet (edge on o2 is fast btw - faster than 3g on my three phone although I realise this is technically wrong). The iphone even does push email – I synch with gmail and google calendar. I can’t say this enough, get one. Original iphone is brill! (and cheap)

Reviewed by gummy bear 12345 from UK on 17th Oct 2009
i think this is a good phone because ...i have got the i-phone 3gs and it is much better than this 1 . it does not have ; compass voice memo so it is not the best !!!! (just remember that) i do not recemend this to any 1 !!! i have had much better phones than this !!!! do not get it gummy bear!!!!!!12345 (age 11)

Reviewed by jiya jaiswal from UK on 17th Oct 2009
i hav this phone this phone is awesome i have purchased it from sydney ,australia its features are excellent

Reviewed by Mr.P.Anic from UK on 13th Oct 2009
Running the 3.1 software this phone is just great, what a beauty! I can record video using an app, that was free, speaker sounds fairly loud now 'cos i prerformed the needle speaker hack lol, get it if your considering it, a jailbroken original iPhone rocks, simple as...

Reviewed by tom gr3 from UK on 13th Oct 2009
best phone every had. everything i need in 1 thing even though no bluetooth still apps that act as it

Reviewed by Jason H from UK on 1st Oct 2009
It was the best of times ... it was the worst of times. Or should I say the iPhone is fantastic and at the same time frustrating! I've had the 3G and the 3GS, sold both and bought an iPod Touch 3G instead. I'm not an Apple fan but I forgive Apple for not including MMS from the start (though it works well now), I also forgive them for not including bluetooth file sharing, or allowing direct access to the file system, and I definitely forgive them for making the phone such a multi-roled device so much so that you end up flattening the battery after 3 or 4 hours tops. What makes the iphone great? An unbeatable, usually intuitive, stable, user interface, and App Store! There really is just about any app you can think of from usual ones like Faceboook, Ebay, etc, to the more offbeat graphing calculators (very handy for my degree), full featured Astronomy apps, IT network testing apps, and games. So many cheap (Need for Speed for £2.99!), good and different games I never use my PSP any more! And choosing and downloading Apps, Videos and Music is all seamlessly integrated into the UI - it makes going to a PC, looking for somthing, downloading it and uploading it to your phone seem positively stone age! Plus also most apps update for free to give extra features (e.g. the Facebook and Ebay Apps has really evolved a lot) So why have I sold my iphones? As a phone it's actually only mediocre (my N95 is a better pure phone, has a better camera, and hangs onto a signal better, and is more robust) and the great tech in this device drains the battery very quickly (don't blame Apple necessarily, battery tech really can't keep up with what these smart devices can do). But my wife still loves both her iphones! Instead I decided all that money invested was better used elsewhere and got an iPod 3G (which technically has slightly later hardware under the hood than even the 3GS) which is still blindly fast (light years faster than the iPhone 3G was, and a tiny bit faster than the 3GS) and use a well known hotspot app on the N95 I already owned to get data when I'm out and about. Voila 90% of an iphone for £230 (£330 if you gotta buy an N95 off a popular acution site). And if you accidently break it then it's not as many mega bucks and loss of phone functionality for however long it takes to get it replaced. And hopefully the 4G (or whatever) will be another revolution worth trading the iPod in for (batter camera plz! Nokia like phone handing plz! better battery life plz! access to the file system to backup game saves to different devices plz! HD video output to a TV for movies plz! 128 GByte storage (I wish)!) Overall, I'd give the 3GS phone which is pretty much state of the art with current tech 4.5 *, but urge those unsure to get the 32GB Touch 3G first to see what they're missing!

Reviewed by tia from UK on 21st Sep 2009
i wll pay you £5000 for the iphone

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 20th Aug 2009
I have had many phones over the years and the iPhone was my first touch interface mobile and it has been the worst phone I have owned. My dad got me the iPhone on contract from 02 last week and it broke within 5 days, he was paying £35 a month for a 2 year contract and it would be £899 full price which is disgusting since the phone is worth £699 without contract (basically 02 was robbing my dad of an extra £200) When I first got it, I was excited, well until I started using it, the phone wouldn't send texts, make phone calls and I couldn't hear who ever I was calling or the phone just made constant crackling noises and cut out in middle of calls WHEN I did get through after about 5 attempts. The phone constantly froze and took at least an hour to reset that's how much it crashed. I have used many apple products and never had any problems until now, and I own one of their ipod touches and the ipod works 100% better and even faster than the phone does. I feel this phone was quickly put together to make more money and wasn't fully thought through and now apple are suffering the consequences. And never get ANY phone on contract on 02, because they rip you off and refuse to let you pick another phone.

Reviewed by ab from UK on 12th Aug 2009
Nice piece of kit, but you have to jailbreak & Unlock it to use its full features.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 10th Aug 2009
I loved my phone until- it's started turning off and not allowing me to turn back on causing me to have it sent away. Then I lost everything off my phone including pictures of my new born- as I didn't have time to back the pictures up. It would freeze all the time and I don't even have that much on it. It wouldn't play music from it some times and half way through a song it would just turn off. The battery is pretty bad too- come on I'm a mum who hardly uses my phone and it needs charging every day! I thought the phone was great at first but now I just figure the more technical we get the more there is to go wrong- I'm going back to my old phone!

Reviewed by mark from UK on 9th Aug 2009
the iphone 3g s is the best phone in the world. I can do everything without having to carry masses of equipment (see below) I went on holiday recently and instead of taking a camera, video camera, phone mp3 i just took my iphone and save loads of room in my case. I know it costs alot but i wold advise EVERYONE to buy one. NOW!!!!!!

Reviewed by !!!!!! from UK on 4th Aug 2009
i dont own an ipod(well i did then it broke)personally i think itz rubbish and tbh i dont want to own an iphone cz when i had a go of ma m8s i woz quickly dissapointed because if ur sendin a txt u press all the buttens u dont mean 2 press i would reccomend the samsung tocco ultra!!!lol

Reviewed by meeee from UK on 1st Aug 2009
I wonder why British people hate iPhone? Just because it’s from Apple? No, I love iPhone, because it delivers excellent features!!! So please consider both the brilliant features and lacking features when giving a review! I have experienced iPhone for a month. I always read reviews from this site, I haven’t seen this site been biased at any time, but some people have complained the administrator. I have summarized some advanced features of iPhone; 1)Touch screen: most sensitive, the one and only multi-touch phone so far produced and user interface is as simple as it can be. 2)Configuration: 128MB RAM, 8GB Hard, 400 MHz CPU frequency, 16 million colour display, 3.5” LCD wide screen (480X320), and operating system OS X makes iPhone fast, fun (simply amazing) and enough for anything to run in a phone 3)Brilliant Key board: it’s not just a key board when you need; it’s the key board that you need (different key boards for different situatio n). Initial letter is automatically Capitalized if you type a name, abbreviations are in capital letters, spelling is always correct: by mistake if you typed “yii” it will be changed to “you” when you press the space key. Many more… 4)Internet: it’s better than your computer. Double click to zoom, Safari zooms anything to best fit, it’s amazing, Safari knows tables, column, pictures, text fields etc… 5)iPod: cover flow, wide screen for video, start from where you stopped (touch a video icon, each video starts from where you stopped earlier, “Play now” to start music from where you stopped) 6)Supports: Send and receive emails with attachments, Google maps, YouTube, PDF, addition fonts, IM Chat program, games, Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth 7)Installer: there is a program called “installer” for iPhone, everyone will love the iPhone when you get the installer. Open the installer, you will see hundreds of FREE progr ams for iPhone in category view (3rd party programs too), install what ever you like and when ever you want. 8)Customize: arrange and/or hide icon, change theme customize system messages like “UNLOCK” instead of “slide to unlock” – just do anything (everyday the phone looks NEW). Install an iPhone browser or an iPhone viewer to your PC (FREE) so that you can customize iPhone ringtones, its not a must that you have to buy ringtone from apple, you can make it using these programs and save/view PDF files/Word documents on your iPhone and install fonts. Default is set to preview SMS on screen even phone is locked, many people hate this. Switch Off/On SMS preview is available. All Nokia phones have security features Phone lock code, pass-code lock or key board lock with security code as in iPhone, but not in all 5 stars smart phones! Same like iPhone not a single Nokia phone is ranked with 5 stars, but many Sonyericsson phones without security featur e are ranked just because of camera or what... Oh! The interest of UK people is different! But I have not seen people taking pictures with highest pixels of their camera, because either they can’t zoom in or phone is slow/can’t preview them, or 2MP is enough (you can print to as large as A4 size images with 2MP). So what’s the use of 3.2MP or 5MP cameras without optical zoom or other great features? I meant Megapixels is not everything!!! iPhone is behind all the other smart phones in many ways! 1)SMS: You have to type the message every time you need to send, you cant resend, Forward, Send to All, send to a Group, save in Draft, SMS texts from note book or copy paste anything, these features are there nearly in all smart phones. 2)File transfer: the only way is emailing; no Bluetooth, no infra, no MMS, you can’t even use memory cards to transfer files. 3)Camera: very poor camera, just 2MP, nothing else, can’t zoom 4)No 3G, “mark” or “select” feature is not available, can’t delete or email selected files, do it one by one… I appreciate the incredible features of iPhone and hope they will do a much better job next time! "Buyers should buy the phone only if they like the phone, we have enough choice I hope!"

Reviewed by jhkk from UK on 25th Jul 2009
its rubbish

Reviewed by Joel from UK on 13th Jul 2009
Great disappointment .. Worse phone I EVER bought and highly regret it ! Here are my points: Bluetooth ONLY connects with other Apple tools. It will not connect via Bluetooth to my Vista laptop, it will not connect to my actual Sony-Ericsson Headset nor my car handfree ! Have to buy all new Apple periphericals. Have to reboot it regularly as it is very unstable. Cannot send contact cards via SMS. Meaning you cannot send a contact to your wife who doesn't have an Iphone.. No video Less than 2MegaPixels camera Too big in pocket and most of all , full of crap useless applications !! I am stuck with it now until the end of my contract .. hell Just get a proper phone from Sony Ericsson, my old W850i was FAB and had more functions that the iphone.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 13th Jul 2009
Great phone - buy it!

Reviewed by =} from UK on 30th Jun 2009
Brilliamt!I love this phone!

Reviewed by =] from UK on 12th Jun 2009
Great phone and all the accessories are great :) The only bad thing is you cannot send multimedia messages through text but you can through e-mail. The internet is very handy and you can access all sites. I love this phone and would recommend it!

Reviewed by Stu K from UK on 30th May 2009
if you are a fashion conscious student who likes to show off then get it. if you want a phone that you don't have to wrap up in cotton wool every time you go out then don't. My silent switch broke after 4 days of ownership....this phone is far to fragile to be considered a mobile phone ---you might as well call it a rubbish laptop, as it does lots of things that laptops do and nothing that other good phones do - ie. no video. Really is a poor product if you live a busy and energetic life...get a blackberry curve, i did. it really is so much better. don't get sucked into apple do things so much better....style over substance has never been so apparent. a poncey product. For poncey people who like to show off. All because its different doesn’t mean it is a better product.

Reviewed by vinz from UK on 29th May 2009
I like it although it lacks some features but the new iPhone update will allow you to carry out the missed out features for example forwarding texts and copy and pasting information!

Reviewed by helen cole from UK on 26th May 2009
Only had my phone 3days and so far Ive found lots of features on it that were quite fantastic and surprising. The reason I opted for the iphone was the camera. i saw images on a freinds phone and was really impressed. However, Ive discovered that I cant email my photos to an email account so I can print them because my lap top hasnt got this Wi Fi thingy! Im really disappointed because it looks like Ive got to spent yet more money to get what I want from this phone

Reviewed by Has from UK on 19th May 2009
ANyone giving the iphone 5 Stars must be working for apple or have connections with them, the iphone is all hype, very limited what it can do, & very overpriced.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 12th May 2009
Some mind find this really hard to believe, but I have only negative comment about this phone; its obvious size. Otherwise its an amazing phone. I've owned a wide range of phones including your average Sony Ericson Camera phone, your Windows based Smart phone, to the LG Viewty. Compared to them all, the iphone outshines them all. My main reason for getting one, was simply to have an ipod and a phone in one. I don't like carrying two items around when I can have one.I got mine on pay-as-you-go, and while it was expensive, it was worth the cost for what you get and the contract offers suck! The iPod bit is nothing new and works just as great as any other iPod Apple have released. The Internet browsing (with WiFi) is great. Despite what others may have said it is really easy to use, read and navigate. Something which is primarily down to the screen size and very responsive touch screen. Its the best internet browsing phone ive ever used!! The texting may take getting used to, but the QWERTY layout is remarkably easy to use and offers VERY good auto-correction on words. It can predict and correct words, despite them being spelt completely wrong (Its not perfect mind). The camera is no where near as awful as many have made it out to be. I had a Sony Ericson and an LG Viewty before this, which both took much high resolution images and to be honest... I cant say I miss it that much. My one concern was when changing was the photo quality... and it hasnt bothered me at all. At the end of the day, the photos are still good. Unless you are a budding photographer who needs high res images, the ipod will do for taking photos. The battery life is also not an issue. I personally don't sit there and use my phone 24/7 like some people, and I charge it up every day or two over night. I've NOT ONCE had it run out on me. The only time it has run down is if I have played a game for an hour or two. Otherwise ive found the battery is fine if you are just browsing the net quickly, texting and listening to music. Note that you can charge it up while connectd to any PC, so you could carry a USB connection around and charge it up at work or university if need be. In terms of using this as a smart phone (i.e a small PC) I have no issues. It allows me to write notes, set calender dates and alike. I can also very easily read my email and use online chat programmes like MSN or AOL using one of the many downloadable applications which are both free or pay-to-dl. As I said above, there is one small issue and that is its size. It isnt the most descrete phone to use in public and you may wish to stand away from crowds (unless you want to show off) incase it gets nicked. I also personally have mine wrapped up inside a SwitchEasy Colours rubber case to protect it and it is still in perfect condition. Im not the kind of person bought this phone to show off. It was purely about functionality and making my life easier and its done that. If you don't mind the rediculious cost the phone or taking up a rubbish contract deal with O2, then I would recommend this phone or waiting until the new model is released. It IS a good phone and with the soon to be released update, it will just get better with MMS texting and paste and copy. I would how ever recommend this more for people with a little computer know how, as your Gran or your mother might find it hard to use.

Reviewed by SteveP from UK on 11th May 2009
The iPhone is a life changing device! No other phone has ever come close to the functionality I get from it. Music, video, data, calandars, contacts, games, utilities, GPS... All simply stunning! All the naysayers are blinded by the fact that this device is not just a phone. It's the world's best minature personal computer, with a phone attached! Absolutely my best ever purchase, bar none!

Reviewed by raz from UK on 3rd May 2009
i've been wanting to get a touchscreen for a while now and i was looking at the Nokia 5800 for a long time. Then i thought i could raise some money and get an iphone. as the price is the only drawback for the iphone im very pleased.The camera is awesome but the texting is somtimes fiddley and annoying but i have becoomoe accustomed to it.I absolutely love my phone and i'm so glad i got the black version as it is so sleek ang gorgous-sometimes i have to just get my phone out and look at it!!If uyou want one JUST BUY ONE, THERE GREAT!!!!

Reviewed by Em from UK on 2nd May 2009
Do not buy this phone RUBBISH i brought it and after a day i got bored of it, it is a waste less piece of junk you would be better off buying a ipod nano and a sony errecson than buying this its an overpriced piece of rubbish after 2 days the screen wasn't as callabrated as it should be, it took over an hour to turn on and the battery life is RUBBISH DONT BUY IT STAY AWAY

Reviewed by iphone from UK on 26th Apr 2009
it is no good, waste of money

Reviewed by Utash Yangvixer from UK on 7th Apr 2009
All of you guys, who say it's rubbish, I bet you that you don't even have an Iphone. You obviously like another phone or your just messing around with your mate. Or, you don't like the Iphone but that doesn't mean that it's not great. I got the Iphone around 2 weeks ago, it is the most fantastic phone that i've ever had!!! The touchscreen is so good, it's nice to feel in your hand, not chunky at all. The internet connection is wicked. The email is awesome. The camera is not bad. Some people think that the texting is so difficult, well those people are complete and utter saps. I don't rate this phone 5* I rate it 10* !!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jim Norden from UK on 2nd Apr 2009
I have an unlocked apple iphone, and all the good points mentioned in the review are true, it is a joy to use, and the big screen for old eyes is great. I need to have e-mail alert on my phone and the apple iphone worked fine for about 6 months, now it won't alert, and I have to go through safari to manually open e-mails. The Apple shop man said there is an internal problem, and he can re format the iphone for a cost of $30.00 usd, but there is no garantee this will fix the problem, and of course I will lose all the downloaded music etc. I do love my iphone but rather than spend $30-00 on a maybe fix, I bought a HTC touch phone that will alert e-mails, has brilliant blue tooth capabilities, has microsoft office.the touch screen is not as good, or easy to use as the iphone but other phones are fast catching up. I carry two phones the iphone, and HTC.

Reviewed by Roland from UK on 28th Mar 2009
Im 12 and im gettin one soon hopefully they are amazing my freind has one and they r cool most of my mates have ipod touch which ae gd but im gettin a Iphone the graphics are gd and the features r gd and cool

Reviewed by alice x from UK on 13th Mar 2009
the apple iphone is amazing apart from when you touch to go onto a thing it goes onto something different. I wont dissagree it is a bit over priced but it is sort of worth buying if you really enjoy phones if you only use them a bit then dont bother but if u use fones alot (like me) then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GET IT!!!!

Reviewed by Lola from UK on 5th Mar 2009
I crashes sometimes and always clusmy. Nt a good deal.

Reviewed by rahul from UK on 4th Mar 2009
dont ever buy this phone

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 25th Feb 2009
woooooooooooooow the iphone is a amazingggg ! me an my pale jamess man got 1 and its really cool it does everrythink you wnt it 2 do i love it :D

Reviewed by jamal shah from UK on 19th Feb 2009
i like this phne so much bt i thnk realy surprised me y their is no blue thoot or recording video ?

Reviewed by roofer from UK on 11th Feb 2009
The iPhone is a great piece of technology but Apple have definitely catered for those more interested in it's internet/mail/ipod features rather than those wanting a mobile phone with extras - ipod, PC then phone in that order. The 3G internet facility is reliable and fast enough to surf the web in most areas, as is the mail feature which is easy to set up and great to pick up your emails when on the move. The ipod section is as good as it's always been, easy to use and with the 16gb version theres plenty of space to fit all your music and films on. For me the inclusion of Apps such as Skype, Facebook and Myspace mean I spend far less time cranking up my desktop. All sounds great and to an extent it is...but call me old fashioned I miss some of the simple features that Apple shouldn't have overlooked - the inability to forward text messages, no way of creating a contact group, no sending/receiving of ringtones/pics etc via bluetooth, no video feature....all abse nt from the iPhone. Really hope Apple release software soon to patch up these important features.

Reviewed by marc from UK on 9th Feb 2009
hello i own a iphone 2g 8gb and like it very much but was disapointed to see it does not take videos or mms messages and quite alot of lil things u would find on a 50 pound phone but not on a £400 phone (on pay as u go) but music,games,and inet is the dogs plus might be 2 mp camera but the screen makes the photos as good as my nokia n95 (8gb) phone but still a good 4/5

Reviewed by anoumous from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
4 words; all show no go. bad luck apple.

Reviewed by Greg B from UK on 30th Jan 2009
I bought my iPhone last October. It looks really good, is excellent for music and has some great features. It's phone feature, however, is not one of them. I've encountered the following problems: (1) Screen freezes: these usually occur in phone mode. Sometimes the screen blacks out and sometimes it becomes white. You can do nothing but wait to reset it when you get home to connect to your computer...i.e. you'll have no mobile phone to use until you get homem, which can be a pain. This ha happened to me a half-dozen times over the past few months...which I think is very poor (2) Texting is really a pain: no matter how small your fingers, you are likely to find that you mistype with remarkable and irritating frequency. Texting using the iPhone's touch screen is nothing like on a regular mobile phone where it is relatively easy; (3) Accidental dialing: I've lost count of the times I have unintentionally dialled people. You must always return your iPhone to its d esktop screen otherwise, while holding it or putting it into your bag or pocket, you'll invariably dial someone by accident. I've probaly dialled people 50 or 60 times this way. One of my oddest experiences, however, was speaking with one person on the iPhone and suddenly finding that someone else was on the line: it seems that in the course of one call, as the screen was touching my face, it ended that call, returned to my phone book and dialled someone else!!! How bad is that?!? Hopefully these problems will be ironed out in the next generation of iPhones but for me, my iPhone is more trouble to me than it's worth and I rather regret buying it.

Reviewed by captain from UK on 30th Jan 2009
i think its amazing everyones should have one, i have the 16gb white its fabulous

Reviewed by 3ing the iPhone? from UK on 27th Jan 2009
I do not have the iPhone but my cousin does. Over Christmas he let me see it. I loved the look and feel of it - but was worried. I mean, a phone that is expensive and the slightest drop might break it? I'm afraid this isn't so good. I would HATE a phone that I was scared to be around!!! On the other hand some of the games he had downloaded for it, my favourite being Topple, were absolutely FANTASTIC! And my dad wants an iPhone but... after reading some of these reviews I think I will barricade him into the house to stop him buying one, he currently has a Nokia N95 and is on an 18 month O2 contract and is hoping by the time his phone is upgraded the iPhone will be on the list! I did happen to notice my cousins iPhone's screen froze a bit but if you love to look good, an iPhone is currently the height of fashion (apparently!) x

Reviewed by Layla from UK on 25th Jan 2009
You freaks out there saying that the iphone is rubbish..well your talking out of your arses i have no idea in the universe why you make stuff up like tht but i no for a fact that this is a good phone my lovly boyfriend has it cos he got it for christmas and he loves it there hasnt been one fault on it and there wont be be because all you wierdos are lying cos if somebody is lookin for true and honest reviews im sure they dont want to see lies if there looking at the reviews for the fone that they are thinking of gettin so everybody stop lying about the iphone being rubbuish with all these faults because they are not true people trust me on this ..x

Reviewed by waqar from UK on 25th Jan 2009
very bad really dont buy buy lg phone

Reviewed by RyanEyes from UK on 24th Jan 2009
Just cos you all cant afford one, dont get pissy.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 21st Jan 2009
Total Rubbish, Hate the Apple Menu, Rubbish Camera.

Reviewed by ferg from UK on 20th Jan 2009
this phone does nothing i tell it to!

Reviewed by keg from UK on 20th Jan 2009
i have had my iPhone for 3 weeks and loving it, it got me out of a real jam at work as i had use of the net. love it love it love it!!! only 2 things i miss bluetooth and sending pics but still love it...

Reviewed by Steve Chivers from UK on 18th Jan 2009
The iphone is well over rated. Simple things like the inability to forward txt messages to friends is a major oversite. I have had several problems with mine including the screen going blank when making calls and then having no idea how to end the call. Biggest mistake getting this phone and after contract I will be replacing it. The other downside is the hype to it. Teenage daughter is desperate for one as she thinks there "cool". Tried to explain the are not and if used as an ipod as well as a phone the battery is about as much use as tits on a fish, but they think they know better. Poor phone, which is what it is with extras and certainly will need some good updates to correct basic errors for me to keep it.

Reviewed by David from UK on 17th Jan 2009
i have a apple i phone i have recently found a massive problem it aways seems to crash and freeze up for a few days dont know why as i do the updates 3 times a week. another problem is if u have pictures that u want on the phone it always deleats my current ones in exchange for others it wont actually let me have 2 picture folders also you cant record a video because it doesnt have the video built in also bluetooth is useless because you cant use it with another mobile it doesnt not find the phone when looking for other mobiles blietooth only works 1 2 1 with another i phone toatlly a bad design. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS I PHONE.

Reviewed by =] from UK on 16th Jan 2009
had the iPhone...its more or less a BUSINESS phone, fab memory camera doesnt seem to baad..VERY classy..everyone goes ooh and aah however NO BLUETOOTH!! thats a major turnoff very easy to mess it up, it'll free or half the screen will stop working

Reviewed by kev in from UK on 14th Jan 2009
whats the point of producing what could have been a world beating phone and then ripping out all the goodies......... are they bent on killing off the iphone.... and I am a dedicated apple fan!!!! apple take a tip, try sorting out blutooth so that we can exchange pics & music without Itunes.... anyone want an 8gig nano, toomuch trouble adding music, bought a sony and wept as I put away the nano... apple designers... where are your brains.....

Reviewed by Kk from UK on 13th Jan 2009
what was apple thinking???? you cant forword messages and you cant use bluetooth (only with another iphone) and lousy camera res and cant record videos and NO 3G!!!!my overviw: its an ipod that can make calls and take lousy pics!

Reviewed by katy from UK on 7th Jan 2009
you thinks its great till you find that its broken or frozen and its not cheap phone that you can just buy another one it is extremly expensive so i personaly dont see the point of having it i perfer and good touch screen phone which is more reliable but cheaper and so much like a computer. i just think its like a normal phone !!!!...x

Reviewed by John Doe from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
To i like it, you can have your own ringtones its either a choice to buy them from itunes or to trip and convert your existing songs to the ring tone of your choice, videos on toutube will explain how to do it.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 30th Dec 2008
Well. I purchased the iPhone used as my Blackberry 8800 had limitations and the chance was there to buy this iPhone. Having owned Apple Mac for years (including my trusty MBP17) I decided to get the Iphone. I didi find it limited though with its applications. So I 'jailbroke' it. Now I have tonnes of new apps that are perfect for me and my job. I've also purchased an Otter case for it too. The phone is performed flawlessly since I've started using it. SMS widescreen I downloaded. Perfect. Well, maybe I'm biased. However, also being technical, I can hack this phone to the moon and back. Great phone and worth it.

Reviewed by Paul Valente from UK on 30th Dec 2008
Overated without question. No text forwarding No MMS Poor Camera No Flash Very big to have in your pocket Easy to switch ringer off by mistake However the other features are good NOT great. Overall an average phone no better than most other mobiles

Reviewed by maddy from UK on 30th Dec 2008
i dont get whats so good about the i phone the camera is poop and it cant record videos. my brother hated his sooo much that he traded phones with me (i had a viewty) and wow i wish i hadnt the viewty is sooo much better so is the new renoir from LG. and its ugly i hate the look of it there are so much more good looking phones than this one

Reviewed by Anil from UK on 24th Dec 2008
I bought the iPhone in January 2008. I have had it for 11 months, and when I bought it, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because it just made my life so much easier! I am texting 24/7, the texting on this phone is OUT OF THIS WORLD! It is amazing, I have never had anything like it. But sadly I recently sold my iPhone to save up money. Im now back to a basic phone, on the first day without my iPhone, I was so depressed and frustrated! Trust me, the iPhone is the best phone ever! Im currently looking for a new phone, but only one that is the next best thing to the iPhone, otherwise I might aswell not live haha.

Reviewed by frankiie from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
its no good 2megapixel camera get the lg kc550 of the lg viewty for the 5megapixel camera!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jatt from UK on 14th Dec 2008
load of rubbish dont buy it

Reviewed by witheld from UK on 7th Dec 2008
The iphone is an amazing phone and i dont know why everyone is turning against it. I've owned one for about a year now and it hasnt broke yet so there.

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