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Apple iPhone 6 review

 Review: September 2014  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The iPhone 6 finally catches up with Android and comes with a big 4.7 inch screen and NFC cashless payments. It's probably the most beautiful, most practical, most desirable phone in the marketplace in 2014.


Design & looks

The iPhone 6 finally does what we at S21 wanted. It brings a big screen to the iPhone and matches the experience that Android users have had for years. Why did it take so long for Apple to make such a simple change? We don't know. But now, all those Apple fans who spent years claiming they loved their 3.5 inch screens can finally dump their old iPhones in the bin and admit that big is better after all.

Don't get us wrong. We're not saying that previous iPhones were bad, just that they weren't right for us. But all that's changed with the new iPhone 6. Let's see why.

Well, it's an iPhone but it's bigger. End of story. The iPhone was always the best looking, nicest phone. But the screen was too small. Now the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen. It's perfect! It's literally the perfect phone.

You want more info? We're just filling up space with unnecessary words now, but here we go.

As usual, Apple has imported rare unicorn horns and fairy dust to manufacture its phone. It also used anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and glass to craft a drop-dead gorgeous, seamless phone body that just oozes class and sophistication. Nothing with an Android badge on it can touch this design. The new display is Apple's thinnest, helping to make the iPhone 6 a shockingly thin 6.9mm. Apple has also re-engineered the side buttons to make them perfectly easy to use with the new larger design.

The weight of the device has increased to 129g, but it's still significantly lighter than any comparable Android device. It's that fairy dust at work. The phone is available in a choice of three colours - Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

But it's the display we really want to talk about. 4.7 inches may not quite match the 5 inches of the HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5, but really, who cares? The experience is the same. And it's a good experience, whether your gaming, browsing the web, reading a book or just tweeting. If you're upgrading from an iPhone 4S it will blow your head off. Even iPhone 5s users will notice a substantial difference.

The Retina HD display has a 1334 x 750 pixel resolution, or 326ppi. That makes it the first HD display on an iPhone. Of course, Android phones have had this for years and now come with even higher resolutions as standard, but we'll say that we're content with HD for now. Most of the time you can't tell the difference. It's an IPS display with a new technology called dual-domain pixels that is supposed to improve colour accuracy at wider viewing angles. We can't say we'd ever noticed this being a problem with earlier iPhones, so we're not sure what this does exactly.

A8 chip

The new 64-bit A8 processor is faster than ever. Like the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 uses an M8 motion coprocessor with a range of advanced sensors, including a new barometer. The A8 chip gives more power for the HD display, but goes beyond what's strictly needed, delivering even slicker graphics power. It's also more energy efficient than the A7 chip.

Memory options are 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

iOS 8

The iPhone 6 runs iOS 8. This introduces new enhancements to make the most of the larger display. There are new health and fitness tools, and Siri has been upgraded to make her even smarter. 

iSight camera

The camera remains at 8 megapixels but has an improved sensor, improved face detection, and exposure control. Autofocus is claimed to be significantly faster, and in video mode the autofocus is continuous.

The main change to the camera is improved video performance. The camera can now record full 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second. It can also record slow motion using up to 240 frames per second.

The front-facing camera now captures more light, for even more beautiful selfies.


Apple claims that the new iPhone supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone. 4G LTE is faster, with speeds up to 150Mbps. And with new support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac, you’ll experience up to three times faster Wi‑Fi than with 802.11n.

And just when you thought that Android still had something to offer that the iPhone didn't, Apple have introduced NFC, along with the new Apple Pay system for cashless payments.

Battery life

The battery life of the iPhone 6 is claimed to be around 10 hours when used intensively. Talktime is 14 hours. Most users should easily get a full day of use out of it.

Conclusion - buy it

We've had a love/hate relationship with Apple products over the years. But with the iPhone 6 the pendulum has swung firmly in the love direction.

The iPhone was always the best-looking phone. It was always blisteringly fast and easy to use. In recent years Apple has beefed up the hardware, giving it a fabulous camera, 4G connectivity, fingerprint recognition and all kinds of cool stuff.

But the screen was no bigger than some entry-level phone from China. That's now changed, and so there's really no reason not to buy the iPhone 6. Provided you can afford it.

Apple iPhone 6 features include:

User questions

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Apple iPhone 6 user reviews

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Average rating from 19 reviews:

Reviewed by Eddy from uk on 26th Feb 2015
Had for 6 months now very average. Had the htc sensation before this, Apple is like stepping back in time to early android. I find signal drops a lot doesnt with sim in old phone. Camera produces very dark pictures. Average phone, people who have apple have had nothing else so dont know, after having android I would say apple is years behind. HTC Mini 2, m8, Sony Z3, Samsung galaxy s5 blow this phone away in every department. Only good thing is facetime is good, but with skype on the others they win handsdown.

Reviewed by Andre from Notts uk on 8th Jan 2015
After having a 4s for nearly 2 years my wife treated me to a unlocked I phone 6 silver 16g.

I was very unsure before about the phone 6 being bigger in size than the 4s and also the rumours that they started to bend !!!!!!

But let me reassure you this phone is awesome !!! Love the bigger screen and it seems to fit in your pocket better to be honest. It's beautiful to look at and incredible to use, so easy no lag at all and battery life well, I charge mine up at night to 100% turn it off before bed switch it on at about 7 in the morning use it quite steady during the day, checking mail,messages,calling and checking the net a bit, getting home at 7 my battery is at 80% sounds good to me...

Take my advice (if you want to ) get this phone it's brill !!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by DaveB from UK on 23rd Dec 2014
I recently upgraded from the iphone 5 to the 6. The phone is of a lovely build quality and the increase in screen size really helps my 51 year old eyes. As usual the ios system works flawlessly for me, it is so user friendly and easy, however I find that the battery life is still dissapointing, a day of medium useage will see the battery drop quite dramatically, so the phone does need charging each and everyday (so did my iphone 5). The phone does constantly search for data and quite easily loses signal. Overall a very very nice phone with a great screen.

Reviewed by Heanster from UK on 11th Dec 2014
I recently bought the 6 and can find no fault with it. I had the 5S before and the htc One before that. Whilst I appreciate the ways in which the android phones are said to be superior to the iPhone - I just find iPhones easier to use. The design, the layout, the iOS is just brilliant for me - working seamlessly with my iPad and iMac. I have an android tablet too, which is OK but it is just not as user friendly - and I found that with the htc One.

Never been tempted to Samsung - they just feel cheap and plasticky to me. This iPhone 6 is beautifully crafted and just right for me - does everything I want.

Reviewed by GC from UK on 8th Dec 2014
This is my first venture away from android and have absolutely no regrets. I went for the 6 rather than the 6 plus and find the size perfect. It's exactly the same size as my previous HTC One (had 2 actually, both went faulty with the speakers), so much so that it fits in the same in car support.
My main concern before I got this phone was the battery life but I have to say that once you turn off all the unnecessary stuff (google for what you need to disable) the battery life is brilliant. With light use I can get 3 days without a problem.
It feels brilliant in the hand and looks smart.
I'll admit the screen isn't quite as sharp as the HTC One but it's still very good.
Where this phone does slap the HTC into submission is taking photos - damn this thing focusses fast and takes really good photos. Easily the best camera on any phone I've had.
The iphone may not top the specs sheets in any department but sod that, I'll take a good looking phone that works flawlessly with great battery life any day of the week.

Reviewed by TC Conner from U.S.A. on 10th Nov 2014
Great review S21, I concur with your write-up. My first iPhone was the 3GS, I was completely satisfied with it. But then started to be drawn to the larger screen phones, of which Apple had none to offer. I kept hoping they would come out with one and stayed with Apple thorough the 4S. When rumors started that Apple might be introducing a large screen iPhone with the 5 I had high hopes. Unfortunately the 5S was not what I expected and I decided to make the switch to Android in order to get my hands on a larger screen phone - Samsung's Galaxy S4 was my choice. I regretted leaving Apple's much simpler OS but made the switch regardless. I used my SG 4S for almost 2 years and although I was happy with the larger screen, the Android OS was a rather difficult adjustment for me. I am extremely excited to be back with Apple and my new iPhone 6 has been nothing but a joy to use. I did make a minor sacrifice of .3 inches in screen size, but I knew that it wouldn't affect my overall user experience. The market is flooded with smart phones, but there is only one iPhone. I choose Apple products (I also use an iPad Air) because they have never disappointed and I think the iPhone is the Caddilac of all smart phones

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 5th Nov 2014
When the very first Apple iphone was launched I was one of the many that bought one. And I fell in love instantly, who wouldn't, it was a serious piece of kit, quality with a fantastic touch screen, like anything we had seen. And I was a follower right up until the iphone4 & 4s was launched. Since then I have seen the light, if you like, & Apple products are a lifestyle, you want other people to see you using them. So, when the iphone6 was announced I decided I was going to give them a try again, & see if the hype was true. I went for the iphone6, as I thought for me 4.7 inch screen was just right. However, when I got it home & played with it in setting it all up, I felt deflated. It was not the iphone I hoped for, I expected it to be exciting, cool, & full of specs that would be ahead of it's time even in 24 months. But it won't, since I have been using various other smartphones for past few years a gap has grown. Other manufacturers have been pushing forward, & Apple have been standing still. I had bought myself the HTC One M8 beginning of the year, & when comparing it to the iphone, the gaps are quite vast, & are even noticeable. My iphone has been sold to the local Game store, & it was up for sale there today at 725.00. I am not sad, just glad that I have made the right choice.

Reply by Ian from UK on 7th Nov 2014
All very well saying Apple have been standing still, but whited you want the iPhone 6 to do that it doesn't and what other features would you like it to have?

Reply by Ben from UK on 8th Nov 2014
Ian, I just want the iphone to do what the very best Android phones do. Better screen, a full HD screen should be standard, 326ppi is just poor these days. It should have a 1080p screen nothing less. The camera lens sticks out on the back, if this was a Samsung phone it would be torn to bits by every tech website, it rocks on a flat surface. And the camera should have been at least a 13mp, as cheaper Chinese models are coming out with bigger specs. The iphone6 has the same specs nearly as the Nexus4 has two years ago. It has no multi user support, and you cannot run multiple apps. These are just a few things not on the iphone6.

Reply by bob ama from uk on 4th Dec 2014
13MP is meaningless. Just google the 'myth of megapixels' to see why. You obviously have no understanding of optics, sensors and so on.
Should have nothing less than 1080? Are telling me you can see the individual pixels on a Retina or above density level device?
With apple you can still upgrade the OS years after buying the device. Android manufacturers have no interest in doing this as they want you to upgrade the handset

Reply by Ben from UK on 4th Dec 2014
Very sorry "bob ama" to disappoint you, but I am a photographer, so I have an idea about megapixels, sensors & optics.

Reviewed by John B from Ireland on 15th Oct 2014
Now this is the iPhone I've been waiting for. Big and beautiful screen, slick OS and an amazing body. I'm very happy indeed with my iPhone. Battery power is pretty good at about 1.5 days with medium usage.

Reviewed by Paul B from England on 12th Oct 2014
I've had my iPhone 6 for a week now and love it. I've had all the smartphones under the sun and always seem to return to Apple. The iPhone's just work. Everything seems to be slick and made for it. The design is sleek and premium with a nice weight to it. I have the 128gb version and yes, it's expensive, but I plan on having it for the next two years until I upgrade. I really cannot understand the negative comments. It's just a quality product that is going to command a premium price. It all boils down to personal choice. I love it!

Reviewed by edd from uk on 7th Oct 2014
disappointing to say the least, had for 4 days going try to swap for z3. App store freezes, battery is rubbish, hope can swap within 7 days or will be gutted or on ebay

Reviewed by iPhone 6 Plus user from Earth on 5th Oct 2014
Look peeps. Everyone chill out.

Apple's iPhone since the first have been iconic. Whether good or bad many people buy them. Many people's views will differ, but less hostility is required.

All smartphones have problems with battery life and iPhones have always had issues with this. I have the 6 plus and battery life is great, however I find the phone too big for everyday use. If only Apple fitted the same capacity battery in the 4.7" iPhone 6 adding 2 or 3mm to thickness would have been apples golden egg moment in my opinion.

One of the reviews on here from Borris comments on cost, I agree iphone prices are above average. Do I think they are worth it? No I don't. iPhones always have a trade off compared to other devices. Screen size or battery life. I personally think Sony's xperia z2 and z3, and HTC one m8 (shame about camera) have got it right and almost complete all requirements for a flagship handset.

I'm thinking of trading my 6 plus in (although I'm still in my 14 day exchange/cancellation period). But I can make a small profit on the handset cost by trading. What would I get if I traded it in. Probably the xperia z3 or as there is little difference between it and the z2 I may consider the z2 as its cheaper and make more profit. By profit I mean I only paid 300 handset cost on contract and can get 525 as trade in, could make more by selling it on eBay but it wouldn't be sold as new so fairer to trade in.

iPhones are good but I feel it's a combination of device and OS that makes them good. Like I said. If the 4.7" had the same batter I'd have gotten that, but it doesn't so I'm willing to trade in and get a phone that fits my needs. I think 4.7 to 5.2 makes a perfect sized handset for me.

Reply by Tris from UK on 5th Oct 2014
Ok you have a calmer handle on things but can you explain the 16GB model loosing 5.2gb after Ios8 update. Its just insane when it costs so much. All it does is force you into a high app rotation and very limited on media and photos. If you buy a 16gb plus then it really is insanity. I have seen the screen res on the moto g (2014) and it's 720p, plus it has a micro SD slot. The lines between iphone specs and low end android and windows are slowly becoming blured. How long before an an all alu sub 200 android or windows phone hits the market. The market could very well shift then and samsung is addressing this with the new a market of phones it has planned.

Reply by Adrianeds from Wales on 5th Oct 2014
Just to let you know, I have just bought the new Sony Xperia Z3 on the Three Network. Cost new 529.99, yet to buy the Xperia Z2 cost 549.99, so as you can see the Z2 costs more than the Z3. And there is quite a difference between the two. The Z3 is much better, the screen is twice as bright & sharp, with better colour mix, & viewing angles are vastly improved. It's slimmer lighter, & as for the battery the Z3 lasts & lasts two days at least. All in all it is a much improved beast & justifies it's position as an upgrade.

Reply by iPhone 6 Plus user from earth on 8th Oct 2014
Since my review or whatever you would like to call it, I have parted company with my 6 plus for the Z3. Got the Z3 for 480 from Amazon. What made me part ways, well bendgate is official. Well, twistgate. I pulled my 6 plus out of my pocket a day or so ago to find the back had been dented inwards in two places and had a slight but noticeable twist to it. I'm very disappointed in the quality of Apples latest iphones. If I were to return to using an iPhone I'd get the iPhone 5s again. Unless apple recalls all iPhone 6 & 6 plus handsets and replace the metal backs I think they are going to end up with lots of angry customers. Boo apple.

Reviewed by Tris from UK on 4th Oct 2014
I bought the iphone 6 for my wife as she wanted an upgrade from her i5. I have to say. What a rip. 326ppi screen. Rocks when you put it on a flat surface, slippery in the hand. Just a slightly bigger more of the same. All the styling features have come from android phones. Ion hardend glass, yeah ok..... all gorilla glass is Ion hardened by the way. I will give it that it's fast. Please tell what the point of the 16gb model is and why it jumps to a 64gb model. How can they justify the price. I hope on the 6s they do something about the camera ring, give a 1080p screen and make the base model a 32gb. That for me would redeem it some what. 326ppi at this price is just a joke and against a 1080p screen I can tell the difference. My wife's phone is already marked on the rear bottom edge from rocking on the table. Coupled with dodgy updates...... what are playing at apple. A note to S21. How come you didn't point these things out apart from the screen. Its a travesty when the nokia lumia 735 can give simple grace and style. Great camera features and smooth performance and even give wireless charging and a Oled 720p screen all for a 1/3 of the price!

Reply by Dami from London on 24th Oct 2014
Yeah i have to agree there. You can get a good Nokia phone with Carls Zeiss Lens and a good processor and a good screen as well for a fraction of the high end overpriced piece of junk. Apple dont deserve any profit for the rubbish they produce. Its not good enough. I mean most of the features which they have recently introduced such as the pull down notifications were already introduced by Android. No wonder why Android is still at the top of its game. Because they actually think and try and make the experience better for their customers.

Reply by Tris from UK on 12th Nov 2014
Dami I couldn't agree more. I know its not all about the specs, a good user experience really matters to. I've sent my wife's phone back and traded for a Lumia 735. After some getting used too she is over the moon with it. All what she did on her iphone she can do on her Lumia.she is very impressed about the expandable memory and the snap on covers. The only thing she wishes she had done is been brave enough to try something different sooner. I have to admit compared to the I 6 it really is value for money if your not I to heavy gaming.

Reviewed by nick.stark from tel.aviv. on 27th Sep 2014
i love this phone my friends want to buy hope it doesint snap this is the way to phone really...

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 26th Sep 2014
I thought this was about people review the I phone who actually had purchased it?
I had the 3GS then the 5. I found the screen size increase on the 5 disappointing as I've always wanted a large screen. I now have the 6 and have to say it's a step ahead of the five.

The biggest improvement is that you can use the keyboard upright now as the buttons are big enough. I also love the finger print sensor as I never bothered to lock my phone before as typing in a number everything was a pain. Love the way you type in your iTunes account and all your settings are downloaded automatically so no need to learn or set up a new phone.

The down side is that the operating system is looking dated. Looking at the windows live tiles which looks the way to go for me. Also the cost, they are getting beyond most peoples reach of what they think a phone is worth. Dropping it now would be a complete disaster.

I love the phone and I'm glad I've upgraded. I think to bend it would take some considerable pressure. If your an I phone fan then you will love it but I think the cost will put off new customers to the I phone experience.

Reviewed by Kev from Scotland on 23rd Sep 2014
If you want a top of the range that blind every phone out if the water look no further than the Samsung galaxy s5 it's has amazing specs compared to its rivals

Reply by Ian from UK on 23rd Sep 2014
But isn't this revue supposed to ne about iphome 6?

Reply by peter from uk on 2nd Oct 2014
Kev, your like a stuck record. Why do you feel the need to post TWICE about the S5? I think we get the point that your either a Samsung emplyee or simply very happy with your S5, if so post your views against that phone and not the Iphone 6!

Reviewed by Borris from UK on 22nd Sep 2014
Hello all & S21

I've been a loyal apple customer since 2007 and having the first iPhone. Every year I've been able to upgrade through my provider and at little cost to myself due to the length of time with my provider...... However, I have decided to leave the apple tree..... Why? I hate companies that try to dominate the world in a non-competitive way. It took apple years to remove DRM from iTunes music, thank the lord as I have spent a fortune on music from iTunes, but I am stuck with the hundred of so movie downloads and due to this have been made to stick with the apple ecosystem.

Why do I write this? Well, unfortunately my provider wont allow me to upgrade this year without me paying an extra 15/month and a handset cost of 300 or so. I was outraged with my provider and managed to speak to a manager. It isn't my providers fault, and I believe them.

Due to apples iPhone being an iconic smartphone, apple feel they can charge a premium for it. In a nutshell I mean rip people off. This year being far worse than previous years.

The iPhone 6 4.7" 128gb = 699
Using S21's review for the specs and allowing for iOS not requiring a huge processor and RAM, these two variants of the iPhone are not worth the money. if you take other phones, albeit android based handsets, you get higher performing processors and more RAM for less. But I like the fact with android you can swap handsets for different make/models etc as and when you like.

I have used android before and windows phone handsets before, but as I've been brainwashed and robbed (harsh I know) of my money I have had no choice but to keep with apple since 2007. At least with android you can purchase movies and music from multiple sources and play them on other devices.

I don't own the iPhone 6 and soon won't own the iPhone 5s either. I've decided to get the Sony Xperia Z2 after a long debate with myself on which handset I should get. I Played with all the flagship handsets out and thought the Xperia Z3 suited my needs better.

Cost wise, Xperia Z2 + 64gb SD card = 426
Ok, I haven't bought the phone. My provider has given it to me at no cost and my monthly payment is 23 for unlimited texts/calls and 5gb data with 4g.

iPhones are just a symbol, nothing more.

My other reasons for ditching apple (still got ipad and ATV3 for now) are due to my experience at my nearest apple store where I wanted to try out the iPhone 6 before I made my mind up, but how I was treated made my mind up straight away.
I had my 2 year old daughter with me, she was fast asleep in her pushchair when I went to enter the store. I was stopped and told I couldn't come in with my pushchair. I was given no real explanation other than not enough room. I saw a good 10 other people with pushchairs/prams inside and said 'what about them?' and again I was given no real answer. I was then told I could leave my daughter in the pushchair outside and then come in. I told the geek to get F@$cked and that I wasn't leaving my daughter outside alone. I spoke to the store manager and said if the store was that full then it was over capacity for safe trading. Sadly I work with Health and Safety daily at work and explained to the manager that people would end up getting hurt if a fire alarm was to sound as people would all be rushing for the double door exit. Considering the size of the store and only one exit they were lucky if I didn't report them.

Anyway, I left the store shocked by what they said. My wife and I are ditching our apple products. I've told our family and friends of my experience. One friend is sending her iPhone 6 back for a refund.

Not only do apple rip you off they tell you to leave your young children in pushchairs outside their stores. Disgusting.

S21..... Shocking reviews lately. You clearly aren't using the handsets you review, but instead just reading of spec sheets. Please amend your ways.

zero out of five stars from me.

Reply by Steve Jobs from UK on 24th Sep 2014
What a load of rubbish you have thrown your toys out of the pram and nothing more,and we don't believe anyone would return an iphone 6 to apple cause you couldn't get your own way and get in the store,on what grounds has the product been returned? absolute rubbish and at no point have you reviewed the phone,just moaned about not getting your own way

Reply by Kof from UK on 24th Sep 2014
Can I ask who's your mobile phone provider as you seem to be getting a good deal on the Xperia z2 Sorry about your experience in the iPhone store. What a dum cheek for them to ask you to leave your daughter outside!

Reply by Borris from UK on 29th Sep 2014
Dear Steve Jobs, sorry that I have upset you by my experience. I do however think you've missed the bigger picture of what I've wrote. Please read it again, excusing any typo's I've made. Customer service experiences can sell products. Not just a product being good. I have used an iPhone 6. My friend had one. By her word she tool it back, on the grounds of not fit for her purpose. She is only 4'8" and has tiny hands. Even the 4.7" phone was to big. She said if it wasn't for how I was treated she would have put up with it as she said it was a great phone. She has gone back using her iphone 4s. Just to add it's my daughter who throws toys out of her pushchair. Never in the two years of being a parent have I been told to leave my daughter outside a shop so I alone Will be permitted to enter. Customer service very poor. Also, I strongly feel that the iPhone 6 is over priced for the differences they have over the 5s. Bigger screen, ok, would have been nice if the iPhone 5s was the time they changed it. The real Steve jobs once said 'the iPhone is perfectly sized for your hand as your thumb goes from here to here' then the iPhone 5 came out and they had someone with a slightly bigger hand going through the same motions. I have always preferred iphone/ios over android and others but to me price/value for money and customer service is important. Without this then why should I get the iPhone 6. Well. I have the Xperia z2 right now and I just can't get along with android. It may be kitkat causing the issues, will try cyanogenmod 11 tonight but if no improvement then I'm going to get my iPhone 5s back. KOF - I'm with O2. Have been since time began plus a friend works for O2.

Reply by Fred from UK on 2nd Oct 2014
Hey Borris, Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at your local Apple store. Which one was it? I have a friend who works for apple. I've emailed what you wrote to them. They were shocked by your experience and says that store must have been overcrowded to deny anyone entry. It doesn't sound like apples normal customer service. They are going to forward your experience to her management. Have you complained yet? They advise you need to. Don't give up on Apple (yet at least).

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 22nd Sep 2014
S21 shame on you. You clearly state in your review that you love this phone over all others. However it leaves me confused. Other phones have far superior camera's, video recording, battery life, sound etc and yet you claim this is the best phone ever and everyone should buy it? I am certain compared with previous iPhones that this is probably a huge step up and about time too. But that is for Apple users only and not the rest of the phone buying market. Apple fans enjoy your latest manifestation. As for the rest of us we will still keep enjoying the latest offerings from ALL manufacturers

Reply by Tony from UK on 22nd Sep 2014
Correct me if im wrong S21 but your comment "The iPhone 6 finally catches up with Android" is not a good thing, the android phone it catches up with is the 2012 nexus 4. The iphone6 has the sames specs and the Nexus 4 which is alot older and cheaper. The iPhone6 in order to catch up to android needed, waterproofing, wireless charging, Ir Blasters, multi user support, split screen apps & virtual buttons just to name a few.

Reply by ian from uk on 22nd Sep 2014
What a ridiculous review, it appears the author has not purchased or bought the iPhone 6 and bases this review, it appears, on third party information/reviews. I wish people who submit reviews would only do so if they have personal knowledge of the item concerned, has used it and tested it themselves, be it Apple or any other manufacturer, otherwise the comment is simply that, a comment, probably an ill informed one and worthless as a review. as evidenced by the one star awarded.

Reply by Andy from UK on 22nd Sep 2014
Sorry if my comments upset you Ian but my review was of the review not the phone itself if you read it again you may realise that. As for the iPhone itself. From my point of view it's horses for courses and if you like the iPhone, and my wife loves hers and the iPhone 6 as well and won't have any other phone ever, then that's great. No need to get upset about it all though, its just a phone after all :-) :-) As for the one star, that was done by default as I never actually selected one, because I was not reviewing the phone....

Reviewed by david from fordingbridge, UK on 21st Sep 2014
Looking to buy the iPhone plus for a better reception, used the samsung note 3 and had signal problems, can any one comment on the iPhone reception performance? thanks.

Reply by Nik from UK on 20th Nov 2014
The iPhone 6 & 6 plus do not get as good reception as the iPhone 5. My friends and I proved this last weekend, as we're all on o2 I got the best reception & data speed with my old i5....

Reviewed by Fireboy from Uk on 20th Sep 2014
Just upgraded from the 4s and you're right in saying it will blow your head off !! Superb its a must have well done Apple.

Reply by Kev from Scotland on 23rd Sep 2014
Apple iPhone is a top notch phone but still not as good as the Samsung s5

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