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Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

 Review: October 2014  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The iPhone 6 Plus is like the iPhone 6 but with a larger screen and stronger battery. It's a beautiful device, but super expensive.

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Design & looks

The iPhone 6 Plus is a variant of the iPhone 6 with a bigger, higher resolution screen. The 5.5 inch display puts it well into "phablet" territory, which feels strange for an Apple product. It's certainly not the biggest screen available on a phablet, but it's definitely a lot bigger than the standard iPhone 6, making it the right choice for power users.

We've already reviewed the iPhone 6 in detail, so we're not going to repeat everything we said before - we'll just cover the differences and give an overall assessment. 

As we've said before, we regard the iPhone as almost certainly the best-looking smartphone, although the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z Ultra come very close. In its 6 Plus form, the iPhone is just as nice as ever, and is beautifully slim at just 7.1mm.

But weighing in at 172g, it's as heavy as phablets from rival manufacturers. When you consider the combination of high weight and high size, it's fair to say this is not a phone that will suit most users. It's slimmer than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but thicker than the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, so kind of average for a phablet.

Then there's the bending problem. Type "iphone 6 plus" into Google, and it will helpfully suggest "iphone 6 plus bending". Well, we haven't tested the phone to destruction, but we would respectfully suggest that if you spend a grand or so on a phone, you need to take good care of it. Any phone can be destroyed if you abuse it sufficiently.

5.5 inch Full HD display

There's one reason to choose the 6 Plus over the standard 6 and it's the screen. It's big, it's beautiful, and it has a higher resolution of 401ppi compared with 326ppi. It's a beauty, although we feel compelled to say that the Galaxy Note 4 has an even higher resolution and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has an even larger screen.

Optical image stabilisation

The cameras on the 6 Plus are the same as the 6, except that the main rear camera comes with optical image stabilisation.

Battery life

The battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly longer than the iPhone 6. Used intensively it will deliver 12 hours compared with 10 hours. It's a welcome improvement, but not a game changer.


Let's be frank. We never know how to rate Apple products. Whatever we decide, people hate us. We gave the iPhone 6 five stars. But reluctantly. Because all Apple products are over-priced. In the case of the 6 Plus, it's massively expensive. We think you'd be daft to buy the 16GB version, so that means either the 64GB or 128GB versions. To get a free upgrade, you'll be looking at something like £60 per month on a two-year contract, which works out at well over £1,000. Is it worth it? No.

But already we hear people queuing up to tell us that we're wrong. All we are going to say is that you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Sony Xperia Z Ultra for close to half the price. Both of these Android phones do more than the 6 Plus does.

That's all we're going to say.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus features include:

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus user reviews

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Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 11th Nov 2015
I've had the 6+ for about 6 months now and still love it. I had an Iphone 4s then moved on to android for a few years but while good quality phones the actual experience of using the phone just didn't compare to Apple. I really missed itunes and never found any music player on android that was as good and constant glitches with call quality and apps not working just put me off android. This phone has a great quality screen and no problems with using for calls/texts/internet/apps etc. So while this is overpriced I just find the experience of using it much more user friendly than android...

Reviewed by Tris from Uk on 18th Aug 2015
My wife gave in to our daughters demands for a 6+ and got her a grey 16gb. Here's the thing, its just not a great phone in itself. The thing that defines apples phones really is the optimisation, fluid use and the content. Needless to say she filled it in less then 3 days with videos and what not. This got me thinking about how budget could you go for a similar experience. Turns out very very low indeed. £125 outright. The phone in question is the vodaphone smart ultra 6. 1080p 5.5 inch screen, octa core CPU, 2gb ram, SD up to 128gb. Don't get me wrong its not quite on par with iPhone....... But it ain't far off. 5mp front shooter and 13 mp rear, lollipop 5.01. It's a steel and Voda can't be making money on these. That must be doing it just to get you on the network. I sent the iPhone back and switched to the ultra 6. Put a 128 SD card in and reduced her tariff. She's extremely happy as she's not deleting all the time now. My point to you all is, apart from brand snobbery. Do you really think you are getting value for money. How much does a 128gb iPhone 6+ cost.......... Opps I will tell you..... A lot more then £125!. I urge s21 to take a look. In many areas it can't match apple but its a real gem for sure!

Reviewed by Richard Pitt from Uk on 3rd Aug 2015
I really loved my iPhone 6 plus, 64GB & I shall miss it. It was lovely to use & hold, wrapped in its phone protecting cover. I got a great deal on an upgrade with Vodafone, £35 a month, 4Gb data, unlimited calls & text.
The problem was Vodafone & it took a month to sort out, I have since returned the phone & know cancelled the contract until I start to hear & read better things about Vodafone, I shall not be using or recommending them to anyone. It is only when things go wrong do you find out how great your provider are.
I would recommend the iPhone 6 plus in a heart beat. I can not get a good enough contract to replace it with another one, so am pluming for a Sony z3 as I have heard great things about it, if only the z3+ could've been as great. Happy hunting folks.

Reviewed by Ian from USA on 17th May 2015
I have had the iPhone 6+ for about 8 months now and I have to say it is one of the best phones I have had. Clarity on the phone is great. Camera takes very nice pictures. Video is great for a phone.

I am an avid bike rider and I take this phone with me everywhere. I have a mount for it on the bike. I also read a lot of e-books and I would have to say that reading them on this phone is a lot better than it is on others. Although I usually read those books on my IPad II.


Reviewed by Rockin from UK on 14th May 2015
The iPhone 6 Plus is WITHOUT DOUBT the very best phone in the world but why oh why do nearly all premium phone makers seem to neglect the primary purpose of a phone - TO MAKE PHONE CALLS?
I've never had any problems with any of my previous iPhones - until this one. I've been given all sorts of different solutions suggested including disabling Vodafone's 4G until it's more reliable, changing the sim card, soft, hard and finally factory resets. Nothing seems to improve the reception though and I can only think the actual phone is at fault, seeing as all the other family members with 4's and 5's have no problem in the same location.
Has anyone else had any trouble on Vodafone?

Reviewed by Cris from UK on 6th May 2015
I will try to keep it short. I have had the iPhone 6 plus for a week and so far has proven to be the best phone I have ever owned. In the past I had the Galaxy Note 2, Xperia Z3, iPhone 4,5 and 5s, Galaxy Note 4, and a few more handsets. The iPhone 6 plus has a great battery life, outstanding reception, never drops calls, fast internet, quality calls, .... In my opinion has the best operating system, and yes, android is tempting, flexible and customisable, but, you will always find the apple system a lot simpler, more stable and better in general. I loved the widgets on android and other little bits but nothing like the quality, ease of use and great simplicity of an iPhone. That's why you get what you pay. Get an iPhone and enjoy a great phone. Andy questions or comments please feel free.

Reviewed by Chaychay66 from Uk on 10th Apr 2015
Great phone . I really like iOS for me it's the best operating system. I have tried android ... Samsung note 3 for 9 months and yes Amazing phone & operating system, but it just didn't work for me . iOS is easy no complications , does everything I want to do for me . Enjoying the new size screen , If people want to call me a fanboy for the choices I have made, that's fine but I have tried 2 different os they are both excellent in different ways . but for me iOS works . Just enjoy your choices x

Reviewed by Brad from UK on 24th Nov 2014
I gave up the iphone 5, looking for a larger screen. I have used them all, Samsung,Note 4, S5, nokia lumia 930. There is no best phone, it is what suits you. I look for high quality software, no noticeable lag or stutter- iphone and windows give me that. Then I look for the app's I need, windows phone lacks here.
I look at the quality of the build, iphone excels here, but the others are just as good,maybe not the gold standard,but certainly premium. The camera are all good on all the devices.
Then the services, traffic info that alerts you automatically, google does this the best,on their devices,as you would expect.
Then battery life, note 4 and S5 and iphone 6 plus, are all superb. Nokia lumia 930 being the weakest.

So why did I go back to the iphone, 1) smooth OS, 2) good customer service, 3) excellent support
and I can live without some of the auto alerts I got on my android device, in favor of knowing I get updates, no manufacture skin or overway, no bloatware. Oh and I tried the Nexus 5, poor quality and low standard.
The cons, I miss the led alerts, and having to use itunes, rather than my computer seeing the phone as mass storage, and just simply drag and drop.
But that's my view, as I said everybody looks for their own needs, some will prefer Android devices, where the odd lag and stutter does not bother them, in favor of no preparatory software required to file transfer, some custom adjustments. Good Luck.

Reply by Ste from Uk on 7th Dec 2014
iPhone wins for me too, had HTC one for a year and a half, great phone, but back to m old 4s and it's just better in almost every way. Android is too bland and boring, even with cyanogenmod, I don't miss it one bit. And that camera was horrendous...

Reviewed by mikey from uk on 23rd Nov 2014
top phone runs smooth no lag any where good battery life looks great loads storage with the 64 and 128 model.

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 21st Oct 2014
Bought the iphone 6 plus as a treat for myself, and seeing that I have been without an iphone for 2 years. So what can I say, I am very disappointed, I expected to come back to apple & be amazed, what a shame I'm gutted. Compared to Android phones Apple are two years behind at least, I would honestly say they have slightly fallen behind Windows phone.
Ok it looks good, and feels stunning in the hand a quality piece of kit. But then I can say that about the HTC One M8, or the Sony Z series. However, as far as specs go there is no competition, come on Apple the screen looks watered down, there is no sparkle & sharpness to it. Ok, it's fast, or is it, as I can't see a major difference. The camera, it's just plain lazy by Apple not making the camera's resolution higher, & thinking they don't have to as the badge will sell. The camera is nearly the same as what it's been for two & a half years now. And I can tell the difference, and what bugged me more than anything was, two of my mates have a Samsung Galaxy S5 & a Sony Xperia Z3. The picture quality on these two phones compared to my I-phone 6 plus was laughable to be honest. How can I explain, my photos look like there's tissue paper on the lens, they look muddy. Yes, people are still flocking back to Apple, because we are easily lead, & don't want to be left out. It's like being part of a gang in school, at the end of the day it's a status symbol, but not for me. My I-phone 6 plus has been sold & I won't be going back to Apple for a long time. I have seen the daylight & bought myself an up to the minute Sony Xperia Z3, a phone that has cutting edge design & technology, I have gone off a phone that has old technology covered in a new coat.

Reviewed by Lee from Wales on 18th Oct 2014
Had a go of these in store along side a Sony Z3 and must say that apple have fallen way behind.
yes it looks nice and it works but is it worth the price tag? No
Apart from, yes being quicker (you usually expect that with newer technology) it all looks the same, no widgets, just nothing that stands out and you go 'WOW'
I have had a 3GS, 4S and my current iphone5 and to be honest i would rather keep my 5 than waste money on something like this. Yes apps might load a millisecond quicker but who cares?
I can get a Z3, which I think is a much more advanced, better looking phone for £20 per month less than the iPhone.
Come on Apple, I used to get really excited when you launched a new phone but all you seem to be doing is playing catch up, you need to WOW us like you used to.
How about improving the battery life than trying to make the phone so thin? Would rather it was few mills bigger with a battery that lasts more than few hours.
This is why I will be getting the Z3
Iphones are still good but they are not as good as they once were.
I would also point out that whilst looking at this in store with the same mobile operater, Z3 had a full signal and the 6+ had 2 bars.

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 10th Oct 2014
Got it now, got it in silver wish I had the grey but it does the same thing. I have a iPad mini retina and now recognised it would have been better to buy a 5s or top of the line andriod because the 6 plus just doesn't feel that special.

A good phone and being an apple user, it is easy to navigate but that sense of s new phone bringing new shiny is simply not there.

Does what it says on the tin, weary of it size but a welcome addition to the apple lineup

However 1gb of RAM? Come on!

8 MP camera, 9.6 should be the minimum for rear camera and 3.2 for front camera.

2,years ago I bought the iPhone 5 and can say it was the best phone I ever had, I wonder if I will say the same of the 6 plus?

Reviewed by Oiltec from BREAMORE on 10th Oct 2014
Thought I would have a change from Samsung and try the iPhone 6 plus 64 gb, big mistake, having bought the phone on Wednesday it is now back in the apple store and received a full refund. To be fair I have used Android for a few years now and know my way around but hear a few likes and dislikes for what itís worth. Likes Looks. Dislikes IOS, Battery just lasted the day had to charge at 5 oíclock in the afternoon, lots of buffering on 3G not so with my Samsung note 3, the phone will need a back case minimum as the camera is not flush with the back, for the very high price of this phone you will need a heavy duty case as if dropped I cant see is surviving to well, I love my mac book pro that was pricy but the iPhone 6 plus is under specíd and at £699 a total rip off. Canít wait for the note 4.

Reviewed by Tony from Sussex on 8th Oct 2014
My thoughts:
I love Apple products and have been waiting a long time to get a big screened Apple phone, and am certainly in love with this device which is beautiful but not perfect. IOS swings it for me, Android is just not my cup of tea.
I am still coming to terms with the cost of this thing, hugely expensive to be forced to have a 64gb (Apple has squeezed customers into going for the mid price model knowing 16gb is not enough, yes I know they say they are doing us a favour for giving the mid range device 64gb instead of 32gb but this is 2014)
I love the design but I have to say that it is too tall, LG had a good idea here by reducing the height and putting buttons on the back. I would personally rather have a thicker and shorter device.
Battery life is awesome, I am going 2-3 days with moderate use.
Clearly the new screen size is going to take some time to be utilised fully by IOS and the developers, some things look too big right now, I can happily live with this for now.
Camera is a joy to use with pics and video looking professional to me (although I am not an expert).
Right now I am going to keep my ipad, this phone cannot replace it for sofa / couch potato usage.
The phone has a gel skin case on it. I am a big bloke and have no problem having this in my front trousers, not tried back trousers as that would be daft.
Sound is very good for such a small device although it cant beat the HTC One M8.
All in all I am sure my love affair with this phone will continue, especially when the software catches up with it. If you can stomach the price then go for it.

Reviewed by william from uk on 8th Oct 2014
what a rubbish review how do you get the note 4 to near half the price of the iphone 6 plus? note will be around 120 cheaper lmao. iphone 6 plus 64 699 note 4 32gig around 579 ive been useing the iphone plus 64 gig for last week and its a fantastic phone no lag any where most samsungs ive used have been laggy, battery is also very good am getting 2 days with plenty use nice metal finish no cheap plastic

Reply by Tris from Uk on 8th Oct 2014
It's not worth buying a 16GB i6 plus so the price jumps up majorly. I've seen the note 4 advertised for 530. Maybe it's not as cheap as s21 suggests but it does now have metal and a sd card slot and also a UI that's optimised for a phablet unlike ios. I think the price referance is for the xperia z ultra which is a whole lot of awesome for around 250. To be fair I think s21's review of the i6 plus is realistic. You just can't ignore the price and if it was an android phablet trying to charge that price, everybody would just laugh.

Reviewed by edd from uk on 7th Oct 2014
Dissapointed with this as an upgrade, wish I had gone for the sony z3 or htc m8. Tries to put my whatsapp on to this phone apple wants my credit card number? strange as its a free app! hopefully going to swap it or sell on ebay, android is light years ahead, feel like I took a massive step backwards from my htc sensation

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 2nd Oct 2014
Ok. Just took ownership of my new iPhone 6 plus. Coming from the 5s iOS is nothing new, however, using the 6 plus with iOS is a totally different experience. Wasn't convinced of the new sizes but as I wanted a bigger phone and bigger battery over the 5s I thought the 6+ was the better choice.

Well it's the same as the 6 but bigger. I think better. Yeah its a bit to big to use one handed but I've managed to write this one handed. I've got a Tech 21 case on it and it adds a more secure hold in my hand. Top heavy. Not really as I extend my index finger slightly to just below the apple logo and its a perfect balance. Can I reach all the characters on the keyboard. Yes.

Qwertyuiop. There see.

Personally I think the 6+ is great. Ok this is my first day using it but as like many have had every version of the iPhone (except 5c) I dobt need to use it for long to know how good the iPhone range and iOS will be. iOS 8.0.2 is not really any different to previous iOS versions. Icons launch apps. iOS 8 is just tweaked over iOS 7 and works well. iOS 8 on my 5s was for some reason worse than my 5. It ran awfully. On the 5 it ran smoother. Odd. Maybe the 5 not being 64bit helped. Don't know.

Doesn't matter which version of iPhone you have. I think the 6+ is the better option over the 6 to upgrade to.

I have android phones to but always use iPhones as my daily driver. I think the 6+ will allow me stop using android devices.

5 out of 5 stars for the 6+

Reviewed by rob from uk on 27th Sep 2014
i got the iphone 6 plus 5.5 its much bigger than i expected it makes my 5.5 lg g3 look small, its my first apple phone am not blowing away with apple operating system androidi would say is better, the phone is awsome lovely screem battery life is also very very good, i would avoid dropping it as it would likely do damage, as for the bendy ones well folks put any large phone it your rear pocket and sit down and it will bend, its a lovely peace of kit the 5.5 may be to large for some but i like big phones so ok for me

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