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Apple iPhone 5 review

 Review: September 2012  

Last updated October 2012

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The iPhone 5 has a larger display, faster processor, improved camera, super-fast 4G and ultra-thin design. But the retail price is higher than ever, and some will criticise the fact that its screen size still lags rival phones.

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iPhone 5 - thinner, lighter, faster

So, after months of speculation, the new iPhone has been announced and will be in the shops by the end of September. And it's not called anything silly - just the iPhone 5. It's the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever, but also the most expensive, so let's take a closer look.

Longer & thinner

The iPhone 5 looks very much like the iPhone 4S, but it's longer. The reason it's longer is because it has a larger 4 inch display. It's exactly the same width though, and that's because the display is the same width as before. It's just had a bit added to the top. An extra row of apps now appears on the home screen. Keeping the width the same means that you can use the phone single-handedly exactly as with previous models. It also means that the aspect ratio has changed to a conventional 16:9 widescreen format, which is a benefit when watching video.

The number of pixels in the Retina display has increased in the vertical direction and remains the same as before horizontally, giving a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. As usual, the Retina display is impressive, but we can't help pointing out that it's not a HD screen, like those of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the new Sony Xperia T.

An increase in screen size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches is welcome. 3.5 inches was looking ridiculously small compared to rivals with screens up to 4.8 inches or more. Apple haven't made the leap needed to catch up with its competitors, but nevertheless any increase in screen size is positive. Existing iPhone users will appreciate the extra space, whilst feeling that it's an incremental change rather than a completely new look and feel. Existing apps will work with a black edge above and below until developers have time to update them to make use of the increased screen area.

A cynical viewpoint might be that Apple didn't want to make the jump to an even larger screen in order to hold something back for the iPhone 6. But there is an argument that keeping the width the same and adopting a conventional 16:9 format means a seamless transition for existing users and apps.

Did we mention thinner? At 7.6mm, it's astonishingly, vanishingly thin! It's also significantly lighter too. Apple have clearly worked hard to miniaturise every component to make it fit into the reduced size. It uses a nano-SIM card, which is 44 percent smaller than a micro-SIM. The old 30-pin connector has been replaced by a new Lightning connector. A Lightning to 30-pin adapter will be available to buy for around £25, so you won't have to replace all your accessories. The screen has been made thinner by integrating the touch technology into the display layer, a bit like the Super AMOLED screens used on Samsung phones. The result is an even brighter and clearer display.

The design of the iPhone 5 is similar to that of the 4S. It's available in a choice of two-tone colours - Black & Slate or White & Silver. A high quality aluminium housing is used for the casing, with an anodised aluminium back with inlays along the top and bottom made of ceramic glass (on the White & Silver model) or pigmented glass (on the Black & Slate model). The build quality and materials used clearly demonstrate why Apple products are so highly regarded.

A6 chip

The processor that powers the iPhone 5 is a new A6 chip. Apple aren't being very open about whether this is dual-core or quad-core, but they've said it's twice as fast as the A5 chip used in the iPhone 4S. Since the old A5 chip was very fast indeed, we don't think there'll be any complaints in this department.


The addition of 4G (LTE) in the iPhone 5 isn't really a surprise, as it first appeared in the new iPad, but it could be a game changer. With T-Mobile/Orange now given the go-ahead by Ofcom to roll out 4G in sixteen UK cities this year, and the other operators to follow in 2013, 4G will finally become a reality for many UK phone users.

The benefit of 4G is that it offers much faster data rates than 3G - up to 100Mbps, which is as fast as fibre optic broadband.

The device also supports dual-band WiFi at speeds up to 150Mbps.

iOS6 and Maps

A new version of iOS has been created for the new iPhone. iOS6 doesn't bring very much that's new, but it does include an improved version of Siri, the voice-activated intelligent assistant and it brings a new Maps app.

It's no secret that Apple hates Google. So being dependent on Google Maps must have really hurt. Now Google Maps has been kicked off the iPhone and replaced by Apple's own version. It's not a copy you see, because someone might get sued if it was, but it's a way of displaying your location on a mobile phone and finding a route to your destination.

Maps can show you directions on screen in 2D or 3D and give turn-by-turn voice directions too. It can also display real time traffic information. Flyover displays interactive photo-realistic views of major cities in 3D. You can also do a local search to find restaurants, hotels, etc.

But it didn't take long for people to find that Maps doesn't always work. There are many errors in Maps. Some of the most spectacular include showing bridges with sharp plunges, moving the location of an airport, changing the capital of Israel and turning hospitals into supermarkets.

After being used to the brilliant Google Maps, this simply isn't good enough. It isn't good enough to replace a fully functioning app with a broken one. Apple realised that and CEO Tim Cook issued an apology. Apple, he said, is "working non-stop" to fix this problem, so watch this space.

FaceTime HD

At first glance, the 8 megapixel camera included in the iPhone 5 is no better than the previous model. But Apple say that it has improved low light capability and faster photo capture. A new Panorama feature has also been added. As before, it's equipped with autofocus, an LED flash, face detection, image stabilisation and geotagging. It can record full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. It's a very capable camera, and the new iPhone must rank among the top 10 best camera phones, although it isn't a match for phones like the Nokia Lumia 920 or Sony phones using Exmor™ R technology.

The secondary front-facing camera has also been upgraded, making FaceTime video chat possible in HD (720p). Another improvement is that you can now make video calls over a 4G connection and not just Wi-Fi.

New EarPods

Another new development is the inclusion in the sales package of redesigned headphones, called EarPods. According to the Apple hype, "their design is defined by the geometry of the ear." You might have imagined that other headphone manufacturers have thought of this before, but Apple says no, they're the first.

In any case, they promise to deliver great audio quality as well as comfort, and they're provided free with the phone.

Battery life

Apple claim that the new A6 chip uses less power than the old A5 chip used in the 4S. That's quite plausible, but it doesn't necessarily mean improved battery life overall. There's a lot going on in the new iPhone and all of it uses power. Apple are quoting a figure of 8 - 10 hours use from a single charge, but we bet that's under idealised conditions. Don't be surprised if you need to recharge your phone before the sun goes down.


The iPhone 5 will be available in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB versions and in a choice of black or white. The basic 16GB version is expected to cost £529 in the UK, which is about £50 more than the 4S model. That makes it the most expensive phone on the market. You're looking at a two-year £30/month contract plus an upgrade charge. Ouch!

Conclusion - the best iPhone yet?

It's frighteningly expensive. It doesn't have NFC (Near Field Communication technology for cashless payments.) It's still got one of the smallest screens on any modern smartphone (even entry-level Android phones have bigger screens), and it'll lock you into Apple's restrictive content system and extract every remaining penny from your pocket.

On the other hand, it's clearly the best iPhone to date. Despite criticism that it hasn't changed much from the 4S, there are some new features here that existing users will clearly notice if they choose to upgrade. The 4 inch screen is a welcome move in the right direction. 4G will deliver real benefits now that Ofcom has cleared the way for Orange/T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere) to start rolling out 4G this year. The updates to the processor and camera are nice to have. And the new gorgeously thin design is the icing on the cake.

We originally awarded the new iPhone five stars. But then the Maps issue came to light and we thought, "Oh no, not again!" Because it seems that every new iPhone has some huge unexpected problem, from non-existent reception to diabolical battery life. And now MapGate. When you buy the most expensive product in a shop, you expect it to work perfectly. And Apple are now building a solid reputation for making products that don't work first time. They may be "working non-stop" to fix them, but that's what's supposed to happen before they release the product.

You'll need to have deep pockets to afford the iPhone 5, and also to carry it around. And you'll need to put up with the Maps problems until they've been fixed. Also, check your phone for scuffs and scratches, because people have been reporting problems with quality control. If you can put up with all of this, then the iPhone 5 will be a great upgrade for anyone who loves the Apple experience. But Apple can no longer claim that "it just works," because it quite clearly doesn't.

Apple iPhone 5 features include:

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Average rating from 62 reviews:

Reviewed by Mel from Wales on 5th Dec 2014
Great phone, slim, lightweight, fast. Fine since iOS 8 update. Lovely solid easy to use phone with a good camera. Charges fast. Lasts a full day with a fair bit of use.

Reviewed by Ryan W from England on 19th Dec 2013
Have had my iPhone 5 about 2 months now and love it. I was an Android user for years so this is my first iPhone. I have the 16gb black version and have added a metal gold case to it my next phone will most likely be an iPhone 6 but at the moment iPhone 5 is fantastic. I have no issues with ios 7 or battery life. Very happy with it.

Reviewed by David the quality geek from UK on 19th Oct 2013
Well, had this phone for business for a year. Nice small tablet - forget it as a phone in UK. The phone drops calls and misses calls very easily indeed using 3G and Orange (EE). I suspect that EE don't help with UK transmitters switch off all over the place. However it is very frustrating when travelling to have reconnect 4 times for a 15 minute call. I suspect that somehow Apple have under specified the signal control and amplification on this model. Full software re-load has not had any effect. Apple have indeed swapped the phone on the basis that it may be a hardware fault...but same issues I am afraid. So as a phone - don't bother, go for Samsung. Oh and don't bother with Orange/EE either.

Reply by Dave from Australia on 24th Dec 2013
Strange, I went from iPhone 5 to Samsung galaxy s4 and now have issues with reception in places that the iPhone had no trouble at all. Am thinking of going back to iPhone just for the better reception. I am with Telstra in Australia and there tech support have advised me that poorer reception than most other phones.

Reviewed by Jo from England on 8th Sep 2013
I didn't like it at all. It was unintuitive(why do some folk think it is intuitive??) and very restrictive (everything needed to be done the Apple way rather than allow me to customise MY own phone). On the 3rd day it froze, so that was the last straw.
Now it's time to find some phone i like, and it won't be an Apple phone

Reviewed by Ken from Brum on 28th Jun 2013
A follow up my Day 1 purchase. Having got used to the longer shaped design, I now don't see the phone as necessarily ugly. It is could have had 4.3 inch screen without too much bother but that is just a quibble.

The OS integrates brilliantly and I have no doubt IOS7 will work seemlessly but it just lacks a certain something (doesn't move the mind) and the inability to be truly an office solution (ipad too) frustrates me deeply

Make no bones, given the option my next phone will be Apple but it is a good phone that is not great!

Reviewed by Tris from Uk on 23rd Jun 2013
Been using iPhone 5 for 2 months now. It's a mixed bag for me. The hardware is outstanding, highly refined strong and light and fantastic to use one handed. The same can be said to a degree for iOS . Very smooth and refined. One thing apple does really well is matching its software to the hardware really well. This is something android has had a lot of trouble with due to the amount of different spec devices that use it. However...... In truth it's only a good phone..... Not a great one. First of is the very tight Eco system. It really sucks. No2 it still drops calls, not just a bit but fairly often. iOS is getting way behind the times now and even with iOS 7 on the way, that too only offers what has been on android for a very long time now. Social integration is very behind too. It's just really basic. While that maybe a strength for apple being simple it can only go so far as we all expect more and more features. Apple maps may look good but function wise it's still lacking compared to google or nokia. Battery isn't great. At this price they really should have taken care of this, after all. They've had long enough. Take away the App Store and what does iPhone 5 really offer. All the apps I use I have found on windows 8. I have a lumia 520 and apart from build and camera functionality wise, it's every bit as good and surpasses it for social uses ie Facebook/twitter. It Leeds me to think this. iPhone is good. It's a good phone with a great suit on. Lumia 520 is a fraction of the cost, every bit as usefull and functional as the iPhone. So why is the iPhone 5 times the cost. Most people won't change the loyal iPhone user but I think this is the honest truth. Mobiles like lumia's are hot on the heels and a mobile phone is only as good as it fits into your life. To my mind mobiles like galaxy s 3 mini and lumia's fill this form factor of mobile phone just as well and at a fraction of the cost!

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 19th Jun 2013
There's an old saying - "if it ain't broke then dont fix it" and for me personally choosing another iPhone was an absolute no brainer it's the slickest O'S and the best quality Apps - I'm 32 so the Android novelty just doesn't rub off not to mention almost all of them have gone back to the shop with problems unlike the iPhone I just want a phone and not a pocket pc so If you want a straight forward no nonsense mobile experience then the iPhone is still the king

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 31st May 2013
After ditching iphone 4 and 4S for the galaxy S and S2 due to their lack of competition against Samsung I was finally hoping the iphone 5 would be back on the playing field sadly it is not. I feel it lacks in every way possible compared to its competitors I stuck with it for a month hoping it'd improve or id find that reason to keep it instead just got more put off with it. Will be going back to S3 for sure!

Reviewed by Toni Paneto from Germany on 30th Apr 2013
2 months now with iPhone 5 and i always enjoy the sound quality when I capture videos. The only problem is that everyone walking around with iPhone now and after 3GS we all look the same.. I purchased a carbon sticker and i don't get bored from the same exactly design over and over. I also get mad when some talk about oranges(Galaxy S3-S4) when we talk about Apple..

Reviewed by Steve from Southend Engerland on 26th Mar 2013
Droped calls all the time, dodgy wifi, flimsy, gave it to my sister, gone back to N95 8GB.

Reply by KDM from UK on 27th Mar 2013
Seriously? You have given up one of the best phones on the market and Gone back to a phone that was first released in 2007? Wow!..... Oh btw... *dropped *England

Reply by Steve from Southend on 31st Mar 2013
KDM *Gone - capitalization mid sentence? What you simply must understand is that my N95 8GB just functions better than the iphone I gave away. It is possible to carry a spare battery for a start, I can customise all I like, I can install anything I like without some overlord from apple getting in my way and when it fell off the table on to a marble floor the screen did not break. PS as for Engerland - I am from Southend and I support Millwall and Engerland at football so for me it is the proper way to say it.

Reply by KDM from UK on 31st Mar 2013
Yes I can understand anyone's reasons to choose a mobile phone, we all have our reasons why we pick one phone over another. Surely you must have done a small amount of research about the iphone before you got it? You would have known that you can't install third party apps unless you jailbreak it. I too have dropped my iphone a couple of times and so far it hasn't been damaged. I have no problem with wifi connection and it is one of the best made mobiles there is, it's not 'flimsy' at all, and the call quality is perfect, no dropped calls. Sure, I agree, it would be nice to be able to carry a spare battery but I have a charger in my car and a charger at work, I would guess that most people with smart phones have the same set up. Anyway, each to their own and I hope you enjoy your N95 for another 6 years or so... PS You may pronounce it 'Engerland' but the proper way to spell it is England. :)

Reviewed by Glen from Uk on 23rd Feb 2013
I've had all the iPhones except the 4s. Went from a 4 to a samsung s2 then to the s3. Got a 64 gig for the right price and all I can say is wow, really missed the smoothness of them. IOS is a little dated compared to android but it is less clunky and laggy. Love the build quality do the 5 and the feel glad I went back love it

Reviewed by CS from England on 2nd Feb 2013
Don't listen to anyone else. If you have an iPhone or had one,get an iPhone 5.You will be disappointed if you swap and will expect things to be as easy as it used to be with iPhone, they won't be.You will need a car charger or office charger, or just an adapter, that's all. Iphone is easy, intuitive and quality. Just think, you get what you pay for. Why would you pay less for a better product? Why? If you want a bigger screen buy an iPad mini or iPad. I bought a Galaxy Note 2 and ended up returning it and buying and iPhone 5. Apple is easy, iTunes works great. I have an iPhone 5 and I'm happy again.

Reply by Tony from UK on 6th Mar 2013
Absolutely agree. Went from iphone 4 to a Galaxy Note 2, but now changed to the iphone 5. I missed the simple reliable interface among other things.

Reply by Ryan from Wales on 1st Jul 2013
Absolutely well said to both posts people need to stop comparing Android phones to an IPhone - their for two completely different consumer groups

Reply by Andy from UK on 26th Jul 2013
Funny neither person mentioned Window's phones just Apple and Android. Trust me you are missing out if you have not tried a Windows phone... They will never sway the hardened closet Apple or Android user, my wife has an iPhone and has tried every which way to try and convince me but to no avail, but even she is impressed by my Window's phone. But if you don't try it you will never know :-)

Reply by Ryan W from England on 19th Dec 2013
No one mentioned windows phone because it's rubbish and still lacks apps

Reviewed by LM1980 from UK on 22nd Jan 2013
I am by no means an apple fanboy, but apple do make exceedingly good phones.

I've had every version of the iphone but also have had top end android handsets and blackberries but after a few months with them I always end up going back to an iphone, either the latest one or the version I had. Since the wife got her iphone 5 I have always thought what a waste of time apple took to design a phone that is only slightly taller instead of keeping the same ratio screen as the 3.5" iphones but made it 4.3" or so.

Anyway, I was finding my iphone 4s 16gb of storage restrictive considering androids can come with 16gb and can be extended via SD cards. So I decided to look around for a new phone.

As I have unfortunately fallen victim to apples ecosytem (apple tv 3, itunes match etc) I ended up getting the iphone 5 which I said was pointless. I got the 32gb version. From previous experience I know 32gb doesn't mean I'll get 32gb, but when I saw 28.8gb I was a little surprised. 3gb missing, I'd expect 2gb. Small issues really. After carefully reducing my music collection of 31gb to a playlist to 20gb leaving 7gb (just under) for other apps etc I am more than happy. I don't watch films on my phones as I prefer larger screen experience.

overall impression other than screen size negative is a very good phone. I prefer the metal back rather than the glass on the 4 and 4s, but prefer the 4s handset weight. The 5 feels a little light.

5 out of 5 for what the phone is, but I hope the next iOS release (iOS7) will bring a slight change to what the UI is like now. Basic rows of icons is a little dull now.

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 17th Jan 2013
It does everything it supposed to do brilliantly but it is so boring. Agreed the UI need revolutionary update and build quality could be better, but a fantastic phone that does what it says on the tin

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 14th Jan 2013
I have had problems with connectivity, battery life, and email set-up - so much so that I'm taking it back to my provider and will go back to Blackberry. A great disappointment from an avid Apple supporter!

Reviewed by SKT from UAE on 23rd Dec 2012
I've been using it for a week now ,upgraded from Iphone 4 .
It's a great phone. Weight ,Speed , screen clarity and size is perfect. Battery needs an improvement but it's fine for a smart phone. As a user need I consider this is the best phone at the moment for my use . Maybe others won't agree on this but again it's all about your expectation and needs . So you decide based on your own need .

Reviewed by Mo from UK on 18th Dec 2012
I have had the iphone 5 for 3 weeks now and I used to be an android man before. Still am to be honest. Anyway, I am with O2 and I am very happy with the phone now that google maps is back. Regarding battery life, I got 5 days out of it the second time I had it fully charged. The trick is turn off your wifi, bluetooth etc if you don't need them. I must say that I am an average user and generally I get 4 days out of it. The phone has one of the best batteries I have found in smartphones. It was difficult adjusting to the restrictive iOS at first but I got used to it. If you want the iphone 5, get it. If you want the battery to last then turn off the things that you don't need. It is a good phone and will what you want and do it well. I have docked a star below due to thr restrictive iOS. Oh, like all the other phones I have had, get a screen cover and case/wallet for it if you want to keep it in mint condition.

Reviewed by Mint from Uk on 17th Dec 2012
I keep this one short
Just simply the best mobile phone ever.

Reviewed by David from uk on 15th Dec 2012
Best phone out there.... not sure why everyone has had problems...it does what it does with speed and agility....battery life is fantastic...wifi brilliant and build and finish superb.... this phone is a serious piece of kit and all the naysayers wrong.... there are reasons why the 5 hasn't a bigger screen and no NFC.... phone fits hand nicely and pocket well....bigger screen would be awkward..have seen people struggle with other phones.... NFC.... new technology and lots of bugs to be ironed out and security an issue still...wait till the 6 for that little baby.... nope...maybe expensive but you get what you pay for and this phone is well worth it.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 14th Dec 2012
iPhone is the best on the market in my opinion except one thing - wifi. Thousands of users including me (see: discussions.apple.com) have reported slow, unreliable wifi which constantly drops on the iPhone 5.

I'm still having this problem where the wifi would drop unexpectedly and am worried this is a hardware problem and can't be fixed with a new iOS update. I've tried everything from changing routers, router settings, and wifi settings on my iPhone.

I have tried Galaxy S3, HTC, Blackberry and Nokia but I prefer the iPhone 5. If only Apple could listen to their customers and fix problems with their iPhone or at least drop the prices. Hopefully this wifi (and maps) issue would be rectified with a future update and apple won't brush it under the carpet like they usually do and pretend everything is okay.

Reviewed by Bob from Scotland on 11th Dec 2012
iPhone 5 is my first iPhone and I love it. My previous phone was a HTC Desire which I thought was great. On the face of things the iPhone 5 doesn't warrent the extra cash but having used the phone for about 2 months and now getting used to it, I can say that it is worth the extra outlay. I love the rock solid build quality, the fast peocessing, the crisp display and the great battery life. ios just seems so much more logical than android, I feel already that I would struggle if, after only 2 months, I went back to the HTC. Obviously I cant compare it to previous iPhones, but in its own right its top notch. My only slight disappointment is the camera. If the subject is still, then the photos are brilliant, if however my dog moves slightly even in good light the image blurs. Still, I didn't buy it for a camera!!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 15th Nov 2012
Had it about a month now, great build quality but in terms of improvements from the 4S, I had a 4S and to be honest it just isn't really much better. I sold my 4S for 300, and in all honesty I regret shelling out the further 230 for the 5. If you have a 4, get one, but not if you own a 4S, wait for the next one!

Reviewed by BC from UK on 15th Nov 2012
I have had iphone and android, just selling my Samsung Galaxy s2, as my iphone arrived and is so much smoother and more consistent in flow and performance. It feels so nice to come back to ios, and you would only appreciate the OS after leaving it and coming back after a while.
4 stars as the hardware is not a great upgrade from the 4s.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 5th Nov 2012
Firstly lets get it straight, I am not an iphone hater, I have owned the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and unfortunately now the 5. I bought this as a replacement for my now out of date 4S, how wrong could anyone be. My iPad iPod and iMac are a pleasure to use.

Firstly when the 5 was announced my first reaction was "well what have they done to justify this hype" I did not see any major leaps foreward from the 4S so I held off for a short time.

I received what I expected to be my nice shiney new iphone 5, but the box was just about the only impressive thing I have received. The phone itself had chips along the edges of the screen and the metal casing was shoddily painted to say the least, but I persevered placing it in a specially bought case.

On using the phone daily I found that the screen although a little bigger did not really enhance the iphone experience, in fact worked against it. I find myself now taking a call and instead of reaching a few millimetres with my finger and locking the phone one handed, I have to now have to use two hands one to hold the phone and one to lock it, all for a tiny extra longer screen.

Google maps still do not work properly, I want to find where I am going, I don't want a 3d image of the building as I hopefully will be standing right outside it as I did using my old 4S using the 2D viewer.

The salesman at the car phone warehouse said its thinner and sleeker, what an idiot am i, slimmer the 4s was hardly a unwieldy thing in the first place. In reality it's about 3mm which to be honest is hardly worth the mentioning once its in my pocket.

Final straw came today when I opened my nice expensive case to find small flecks of paint from the back plate rattling around inside. Listen when you spend in excess of 500 on a phone I expect it to be top build quality not a second rate attempt at a premium product.

To say the least it went back today, and what did the salesman say to me, oh yeah that is a common problem with these. I'll send it back to apple and you will get it back in a few weeks. Erm no if its a known problem fix it before you sell any more faulty phones.

I had a Samsung galaxy S2 that I had as a work phone so I exchanged it for a s3. My god what a difference, I now have a working phone that has been designed to be used rather than an after thought after the pure look, I now have a phone with ergonomic ally designed features allowing me to use the phone one handed again, the paint has stayed attached to the phone shell where it's supposed to be and the features also make it a lottery advanced that the iPhone ever was.

Reviewed by BC from UK on 4th Nov 2012
I have had two now, both turned up with chips marks on them, so forget it, looks to me the black paint will fade quickly making the phone look worn, just like the 4s was out to correct the 4, a 5s will be out to correct the 5.
looking at the nokia lumia 920.

Reviewed by Ianj from UK on 29th Oct 2012
Just got my "5" In terms of quality materials and construction I don't see anything else even approaching it. Everything works too. Great screen now it's a little larger and so simple to use. I know they are expensive, but not that much more than the competition. I think you get what you pay for, a premium product.

Reviewed by unknown from UK on 25th Oct 2012
I'm not an iPhone fanboy but have owned each version since release. I have now gone the way of the Android with a Galaxy S3 (not the 4G one).

Since upgrading from the 3GS which was in my opinion the best iPhone. The reason why I say this is down to iOS 4.3.3

Again in my opinion this was the best iOS version. More so when jailbroken. It removed almost 90% of its limitations compared to Android.

A review on the iPhone 5 is why I wrote the above, but since I now have a Galaxy S3 it seems odd that I do.

Well I think the latest version is not what it should have been. Come on Apple. Look at what other manufacturers are doing. All Apple have done is tweaked iOS 5 to have a few extras and called it iOS 6. The handset, wow, it has a 16:9 screen ratio so we can watch movies without black bars. The screen is to small to watch movies. Yes build quality is fantastic, but this doesn't warrant such a high price.

Apple have changed the type of plug/connector. There goes my BOSE dock. I am not going to pay another 25 for the adapter, why should I.

I just don't understand what Apple had in mind when they came up with the iPhone 5. It didn't impress me at all.

I believe there are several problems with the iPhone 5. Not to sure how many issues there are but since my wife (me) upgraded her 4 to have iOS 6 she has had problems and I keep having to reset network settings for it to connect to the web and itunes/store etc.

The last time I had an Android device I wasn't dead keen on it. I think it was 2.3 or lower. Now on 4 or 4.1 I am blown away by how far it has come.

iPhone 5 - 2 stars
iPhone 4S - 4 stars
iPhone 4 - 3 stars
iPhone 3GS - 5 stars
Galaxy 3s - 5 stars

Reply by KDM from UK on 26th Oct 2012
I'm confused by this review... did you actually own an iphone 5? You say "I believe there are several problems with the iphone 5"... did your 5 have these "problems?" You talk about your wife's iphone 4 having problems with network connection, did you have this problem with your 5? (there are fixes for wifi problems if you search the web btw) and you can buy an adapter for the 5 for less than a tenner (I spent more on a case) if you search the web too, so your Bose system will still work with the 5. All in all a confusing review, and I think more geared at earlier versions of the iphone rather than the iphone 5

Reviewed by Martin from Uk on 20th Oct 2012
Is anyone else having problems with IOS 6 with home Wifi? I like this phone, specially the build quality. I just can't get Wifi to work fully at home. Apple support have no cure and don't admit the problem despite hundreds of pages on Apple forums on the subject. I give the phone 4 stars but IOS 6 one star. Disappointed with Apple

Reply by Mike from UK on 22nd Oct 2012
Yep, same problem with my iPad (3)

Reply by Martin from Uk on 28th Oct 2012
Problem now solved. You need to have an up to date router for it to fully work. Now it's working I believe it deserves four stars mainly due to good build quality, good battery and excellent screen :-)

Reply by Mike from UK on 1st Nov 2012
I have the latest BT router and WiFi is beyond unreliable!

Reviewed by kafu from England on 19th Oct 2012
Got the I phone 5 on upgrade it went back, exchanged for the Samsung s3 which is fantastic. I have always been an android user so going to iPhone was a bit risky. I have an iPod touch so I sort of knew the layout of the phone. For me it's so restrictive in what you can do & very boring. Everything Is through iTunes which I find very UN user friendly. Also it's the specs, it baffles how this phone is the most expensive phone yet it's not the best phone! In all honesty all iPhone user would for better staying with your 4s and wait & see what the next iPhone brings you because this one is not much of an upgrade. IPhone have fallen behind, if your a die hard iPhone user you will probably like this phone, if you want, sheer power, entertainment, a great screen & and no loan needed to buy a phone then go for the Samsung s3 or the HTC one x. Or the Samsung note 2 for roughly the same price as the iPhone but streets better it'd just very big!

Reviewed by Goatman from UK on 18th Oct 2012
A simple good & bad points list for you all

The GOOD- Build quality is second to none, with premium materials used. Amazing light weight, but also very rigid. Screen is eye searingly bright, colourful, contrasty & sharp. Screen size is a great balance between area & corner reaching ability. Ios is, as always, beautifully simple with some useful tweaks. New charging port is great, bi directional will take off!

The BAD- Still prefer the curved back design of the 3GS over the hard edged 4, 4S & 5. Phone designers, take a look at the shape a hand forms when holding a phone! Apple, you had it nailed a few years ago........ Teeny tiny sim re design is surely not necessary? Charging port adapter for 25? You guys are now officially taking the **** with pricing!

All in all, superb stuff

Reviewed by Garry from Manchester uk on 17th Oct 2012
This is a follow up to the review I submitted earlier on. I was fairly Luke warm about the phone compared to my 4s which I have given to my wife. However now that I have used it for nearly a month I can understand why apple is so highly regarded. It is the user experience which for me is on a different planet from anything else I have used. The biggest improvements from the 4s is the call quality and the colourful screen. The best endorsement of this device for me is that I have both a 17 inch laptop and a desktop with an apple 27 inch display and I use the phone for browsing 95% of the time. At the moment I am on holiday in Hong Kong and I am typing this over breakfast one handed. I did try out the galaxy s3 and note2 and I think they are great phones as well, but this phone is so satisfying to use that I have no regrets about upgrading from the 4s. To me I am more concerned that an operating system works than being able to use widgets, customise, etc. also there is an apple store in Manchester and they help you with technical queries even though I did not buy the phone from them. Sure it had a scuff mark on it from new but I have quickly forgotten about this. The cameras panorama app is exceptional. I am using a 2k slr and lens combination while on holiday but some of the best photos I have so far are the panorama photos of the Hong Kong skyline lit up at night. I am not a fanboy I am just telling you as it is. I will continue to assess all phones from different manufacturers from time to time but at the moment this iphone5 is giving me everything I need from a phone

Reviewed by Fiona from Brum on 15th Oct 2012
On Friday 19th of October I will have had it for 4 weeks and I am bored already. When is my upgrade?

Reply by Fozzy from Uk on 16th Oct 2012
I paid for a sim free one. Exactly the same, bored after 2 weeks or so. I've just bought an htc one x to replace it. It's a good piece of kit, it's just so dull, should come with a pipe, cardigan and a packet of Werthers Originals.

Reply by Ken from UK on 16th Oct 2012
Me three, boring beyond words! And now the proprietary chip thing in the cable has really frustrated me. The last iPhone for me after having had 4 iPhones, an iPad and an iPod touch.

Reviewed by Anastazija from Canada on 15th Oct 2012
Hate the iPhone 5 - only because of the nicks on the aluminum (sides and on the bottom.)

Nicks were there, right out of the box.

Carrier refused to do anything about it.

I should have stayed with the iPhone 4.

Reviewed by Trent from England on 14th Oct 2012
Ok, let us be clear IT IS NOTHING SPECIAL. It is just an iPhone 3Gb in new clothes and on high supplement vitamins (5 is my main phone but 3g is my player phone). However that said, it is so easy to use (probably too easy) that setting it up to go doesn't take even a GCSE in English or Maths to be able to use it. Nice build, good screen, useful camera, boring Internet interface, reasonable voice calling capability but brilliant hype.

All in all, an average phone that has the magical ability to appear to be more than it really is.

Reply by Alton from Wales on 15th Oct 2012
You must mean 3GS? Overall one is in agreement on your review of the phone. It just has not evolved enough

Reviewed by David from Australia on 11th Oct 2012
Had the Htc One X from the day it was released and have had nothing but trouble with it , it has been exchanged 3 times and every one that I have had has poor battery life , poor call quality and just plenty of software issues. Decided to bite the bullet and get myself iphone 5. Best money I have ever spent!! Just a better phone all round. It's been 3 weeks and problems so far , battery is getting better with each week and the camera is amazing. Highly recommended .

Reply by Dave B from Uk on 23rd Oct 2012
Agree with you about the HTC One X , I had nothing but trouble with mine! Did yours get red hot!! iPhone 5 far better!

Reply by David from Australia on 24th Oct 2012
Yes it did , forgot to mention overheating problem. Phone would heat up and then turn itself off. Have no regrets in getting iphone 5.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 11th Oct 2012
Not impressed,I upgraded from my 4s and to be honest there is a problem 'BATTERY LIFE' its pants,I had to reach for the charger by lunchtime with small amount of use,my 4s would give me a day and a half.. I tried all the usual tricks so squeeze more ot of it,no joy,chatted to few Apple friends who upgraded and they have they same problem!
Battery life is a problem,the black ones are a finger print magnet too,I was not impressed returned it to the store and got a refund and guess what I was not the only person to have returned one with battery issues,I am now back on my 4s and sticking with it for now.

Reviewed by Jass from UK on 10th Oct 2012
Avoid avoid avoid!!!...had for 1 week and returned it...glade i did that...and bought HTC one x..much better phone...Apple is ripping people off...Launched new phone with one extra app (map) which doesn't work properly and slightly large...Steve Job must be really frustrated up der...it has battery issue..camera issue..

Reply by Brad from Australia on 10th Oct 2012
My iphone 5 battery life is much better than the HTC One X that I had before it , One X camera is good but iPhone is a long way ahead of it. If you really don't like Apple and think they rip people off then it makes you wonder why you got yourself an iPhone , if you really did.

Reply by Jass from UK on 11th Oct 2012
Wanted something new..thats why I bought it..I'm not what you mean by Iphone is a long way ahead of HTC one X???????????...only Apple's fan boy say these things, I can understand but practically is not true (other way around)...are you sure you ever had One X?..Anyway I don't wanna argue with it...just gave my honest opnion so people don't waste their money...

Reply by Brad from Australia on 11th Oct 2012
The problem is anyone who defends Iphone or Apple products gets the usual come back that you must be an Apple fan boy.I have owned and used HTC One X for around 3 months and yes it is a great phone but I consider the Iphone 5 better for myself for everyday use. The Iphone does get better battery life than the One x and the camera on Iphone is way ahead of the camera on the One x , you only have to read all the review sites that say the same thing , its not my opinion its just the way it is, One X camera is good but the Iphone 5 camera is better.That does not make me a fan boy.Most of the user reviews on different sites that completely put down Iphone 5 seem to make it very clear that they do not own an Iphone and are only posting comment to be able to put down Iphones . I now have Iphone 5 which I use for work and I have One x that I use as my personal phone, my wife also has the Samsung Galaxy S3. I think they are all great phones it is just that when I need a phone I can rely on for work I always seem to end up back with an Iphone.

Reply by Jass from UK on 16th Oct 2012
coming back to the camera..Iphone5 gives u pink n green shades in front of bright light and answer from Apple is don't hold camera front of bright light...don't take a shot when is sunny day..its ok in UK bcoz we hardly see sun but not sure in Aus...I found HTC so easy to do things..like printing..uploading document on websites..so easy which u can't do Iphone...anyway end of day ..all matter wat u like n wat works for u.

Reviewed by William from Great Britain on 4th Oct 2012
Funnily enough I'm actually typing this from my iPhone 5. I bought the phone today on a 2 year contract, the 32GB version in white. I noticed when I first opened it, how light it was! It was almost a if there is nothing inside it. Also it is lighting fast for web browsing, the camera quality is outstanding and it feels like a really nice phone! I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking at buying one 5 stars.

Reply by Lauren from UK on 6th Oct 2012
A case of the emperor's new clothes me thinks! Nice phone, nothing interface and nothing new to write about. What it could have been! I being an owner of this new iteration, like my phone but it doesn't feel special.

Reply by Daniel from UK on 7th Oct 2012
Having owned the Iphone from having a 3GS, 4 & 4S I can also say the 5 is outstanding, it's an improvement over what was an already outstanding device, not a case of emperor's new clothes me thinks.....

Reviewed by Dave from Australia on 2nd Oct 2012
Been using samsung galaxy s3 for a couple of months but could not resist Iphone 5 when it was released last week as I had Iphone 4 in the past and found it to be a great phone. Iphone 5 is a very good phone , great for calls with better reception than what I was getting with S3. Camera is also better than S3 and it is nice to be able to place a smaller phone in my pocket as I found S3 a bit big for my liking.The one thing I have found with Iphone 5 is terrible battery life. I have been running out of battery by mid afternoon where the S3 got me through the whole day with still around 30 to 40 percent left. As i use the phone for work and am not always in a position to be charging the phone all the time I am thinking of just going back to using S3. This is a shame as I really like the Iphone and have tried everything people have suggested on forum sites but with no improvement.I am not saying S3 is not a great phone as it very much is , I just prefer Iphone and find them easier to use. The Iphone 5 to just feels like a bit of a let down after being told that it would have better battery life.

Reply by Sam from Leeds on 2nd Oct 2012
Have you spoke to apple about the battery? I'm having great battery life better than iPhone 4S.. Maybe you need a replacement handset if its not holding charge

Reply by Dave from australia on 4th Oct 2012
Got replacement phone today , see how this one goes.

Reply by John from Ireland on 4th Oct 2012
I agree with Sam. I am getting two full days of battery power before charging. The same usage with my S3 was one day, granted it was a bigger screen though.

Reply by Stephen from Cyprus on 10th Oct 2012
How is the new battery going?

Reply by Dave from Australia on 17th Oct 2012
Had 2nd phone for about two weeks now and battery life is much better , really glad I stuck with this phone and didn't swap for something else.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 1st Oct 2012
Well Ive had the phone for a week now so feel I can write a fair review. Before this I had the I Phone 3GS which I loved.

The positives first, battery lasts ages if you dont use it, longer than the 3GS but drains quicker if your on it doing things. I'm getting almost 2 days use out of it. The screen quality and speed is light years ahead of the 3GS. The phone itself feels very solid and the bigger screen works well in landscape mode for writing texts although u can also speak in to the phone which picks up sppech very well.

The negatives, its very expensive. Miss the traffic of google maps which just worked a lot better. SIRI is a gimic as you have to press it to make it work. Worse of all is the operating system which is looking very dated next to the Windows phones.

Conclusion, Despite the negatives I love this phone. Its fast, works well and feels like its well made. If they could update the operating system it would get five stars. If your a 3GS owner wanting to upgrade then you wont be disappointed

Reviewed by Fozzy from UK on 30th Sep 2012
Bought a 64gb version sim free in white. Love the build quality as always and it is exactly what you come to expect from an Iphone. Battery life is on a par with most smart phone devices. I have no issues with it except one. It's just an elongated Iphone 4s. Take away that extra 1/2 inch and when put in a phone case (like most Iphones are), most people couldn't tell the difference. I also have a Galaxy Note, S3 and Razr Maxx, the Iphone screen is still too small by todays standards. As someone who paid 700 for a new sim free Iphone 5, I would only recommend it if you have no previous Iphone 4 incarnations. If you have, save your money.

Reviewed by Victor James from Uk on 30th Sep 2012
Had an iPhone 4 before this one which was over 2 years old. Was happy with it all the way and the IOS 5 update was fantastic. A 5 star phone all the way for me.

Holding this new one in one hand and the old one in another hand, I could really appreciate how much slimmer/lighter it was. The bigger screen is a nice touch. It's the right size for a phone, wouldn't want it any bigger. Styled very well too. Has an upmarket feel and still feels small.

I like how iCloud just seamlessly transferred everything from the old one to the new one. The speed of this thing is really good, most of the time it's lightning fast on 3G. Siri is decent. Facebook integration is nice to have. Mail VIP is useful too.

I really want to give it 5 stars. But unfortunately the maps spoils it. Can't do streetview anymore and there are some inaccuracies. I hate not having google maps on my iPad anymore because of ios 6. I really want to go back to ios 5

So I am downgrading this from 5 stars to 3 stars. Unfortunately apple have put their pride (against google) before their paying customers.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 30th Sep 2012
Sorry but its pants stick with a Galaxy S3 if want the next big thing.

Reply by Mark from Uk on 30th Sep 2012
Great review thanks so much

Reviewed by Mikey from UK on 28th Sep 2012
Ok, had it a week now. Here is the down low (no not that type)

1. Siri is useless
2. Form factor is ok, should be wider, like 4.3 inch screen
3. Bought a case before I got phone so I don't know about scratch issues
4. IOS 6 is no great upgrade
5. Useability is where this phone really shines, sadly without a glitzy interface (shame)
6. Maps work, it really does.
7. Camera should be 9.6 mpx and front 3.2 (for FaceTime to really work)
8. iTunes is a marmite moment and I hate it but Apps Store new look is an improvement
9. Battery is great if you don't use it but for a few calls, but begin YouTube, mail, Facebook and battery is really poor
10. As a phone, absolutely marvellous
11. Internet browsing is better with Chrome than safari

Overall a good phone with a really dated look. However unless Wp8 or Rim 10 come up with something special, it will be king for another 12 months.

Reply by Jayne from Scotland on 29th Sep 2012
That is the best summary of the iPhone 5, I have seen and the issues around dated interface and poor battery do need to be addressed, otherwise the contenders willl in 2 years, remove the gloss from Apple's halo. It is not a 5 star phone, 4 yes, 5 no.

Reviewed by John from Ireland on 28th Sep 2012
Its a beautiful phone! Its bigger yet it feels smaller. It feels very good in the hand and made of good quality materials. iOS 6 is a nice upgrade. Before I bought my new iPhone today I was aware of the scuff gate problem so I opened my device in store and thoroughly examined it and found 3 marks, 2 were tiny and the third was bigger so changed it for a second one with no problem. Please guys thoroughly examine your device before you leave the store!

Anyway I am going to give the new iPhone 4 stars and have withheld the last star for the scratching issue and for what I feel to be an ageing OS as well as not big enough changes to the form factor. But still a great handset.

Reviewed by Merv from Uk on 27th Sep 2012
Well. As you do unwrap. It. Look at it first impression is that it is lighter. And thiner But not a lot bigger its what. It dose that counts. Out. Of choice. Of hand set I prefer. Samsung s3. But on what I get out of performing. My every day use. The iPhone comes. Top I hate. It but love it for the functions. It dose for me. I have scanned. Thou the iTunes. Apps. And android. Apps. The apps on iPhone that I have bought. Work. 100%. The apps I have bought on android. 70%. That is the down fall. The iPhone 5 signal. At the moment. Is the strongest. I have had for long time I have bought a case that makes it look. Bigger. Connection. To my Bluetooth is 100%. On my Samsung it was not so good. Shame. The bottom line is the iPhone. For me works. all day with out any problems. And that's what I need.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 27th Sep 2012
Thank. You. Merv for the. Review.

Reply by Pedro from UK on 3rd Oct 2012
Merv, appreciate you taking the time to review the phone but your use of punctuation made it almost impossible to read! Very disjointed...

Reviewed by Ste W from United kingdom on 27th Sep 2012
This phone is mint, the quality and feel is superb and in my opinion is is way ahead of the rest, love Siri and just all in all a quality phone, you get what you pay for, it's a solid piece of kit

Reviewed by Keith Farrow from UK on 26th Sep 2012
I migrated to the 5 from a HTC Desire. A very good phone.
First thing I noticed about the iPhone 5 was just how much faster everything was. It will load a web page on a 3G signal as fast as my HTC did on WiFi, as for loading under WiFi, well it is on a different planet. Whilst on the subject of signals, this phone will get a signal in places that my HTC never did, 3G is picked up in far more places.
Everything about this phone is slicker, screen responsiveness is great, music is superb quality and camera pictures sharp.
It feels a really high quality phone, build quality seems superb and it is really easy to hold. I'm not a lover of the massive screens on some new Android phones, the whole thing gets too big, I wanted a phone not a tablet. Apple for me have got the size spot on.
Siri seems to work very well for me.
What do I not like? Well I miss the Android ability to configure the phone exactly as I want, you sort of have to accept what Apple decide is best for you.
There is one area though where this phone fails dismally............battery life.
Even when I manually turn off all unused apps, the battery is still struggling to get through the day. Turn on Bluetooth or maps and it just eats the battery.
Apple you have let the phone down big time. This failing reduces the phone from outstanding to merely good. A phone is of no use if it will not work, no matter how well the rest of it is designed. A real shame.

Reply by Neil from Uk on 1st Oct 2012
Interesting, maybe a fault with your battery. I use my phone with Bluetooth and I'm charging every other day! I'm amazed by it. I'm writing this at 2202 with 22 %battery having not charged since yesterday morning. I surf, email, text and watch the odd video during the day

Reviewed by Max from uk on 26th Sep 2012
I have been an avid follower of the iphone, this is the 4th version I have owned. But although is saddens me say - it will probably be my last.

Iphone has lost its feel good factor, apple feel that they can release the smallest of changes and keep thier audience chained to them. But not me, may even consider selling it on and moving to the darkside.

RIP Stevie Jobs

Reply by Haroon from UK on 27th Sep 2012
Why spoil a winning formula. Apple have got a great product which is the envy of the world. I love my iphone 5 (i upgraded from iPhone 4). If it wasn't for the original iPhone, there would be no tablets or consumer oriented smartphones at all.

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 25th Sep 2012
I've been an Android user for the past 18 months with the wonderful HTC Desire HD. That was a fantastic phone, but I missed my 3GS and the apps I had purchased from before, so I thought I would give Apple another try. I was very close to cancelling after I read the reports of Scuffgate in the news. My White 64Gb arrived and I opened it to be confronted with 6 nicks on the bottom, the phone itself was still sealed but dirty. After seeking details of returning my phone I had a closer inspection and the nicks (or what I thought were nicks) rubbed off. Cleaned with a microfibre cloth and the phone was pristine apart from a bit of fluff which has entered the casing. This really is unacceptable to send out phones like this. I have never, ever encountered this even with the cheapest of handsets.

Anyway. Now that the phone has been used a couple of days, I must say it's incredible. It's fast, light and does everything better than my last fews smartphones. It connects quickly to my car for Bluetooth, gets better connection at places I struggled before and Siri is working well with my Scottish accent. The battery seems to be holding up too. I have all the settings on and it's not getting drained too fast (maybe that's after having the desire HD - it's battery was pitifully small - And yes you could replace it if you wanted but it was horrible to get the cover off)

Last thing. Get a case. It's far too easily damaged. I know this is something Apple products have always been like, but it's getting old now. You can't even look at it, but it's threatening to be scratched.

5 Stars for the phone. 1 star for the state it was in when it arrived and minus one for the Apple store in Aberdeen that had no accessories at all. Nothing. No cases, no adapters, screen covers etc (not sold out - they'd never even had any stock). Thank goodness for Carphone Warehouse.

Reviewed by First Time Apple Buyer from UK on 23rd Sep 2012
This is my first iPhone and to be honest I would consider myself an android fanboy. Previously I have owned an HTC hero, HTC Desire, HTC Desire S and most recently a Samsung Galaxy S3.
My only reason for buying the iPhone is that I'm supplied an iPad and iMac in a job I'm about to start so I wanted a totally compatible phone.
I bought the phone from Apple on Saturday am and my first thought on picking up the demo instore was that the home felt like a children's toy compared to my S3.
Although I was taken by the solid feel, I think my opinion was formed more due to it's small feel vs the substantial S3. Putting the iPhone on top of the S3 it's pretty much the same size as the S3 screen!!
I went ahead and bought it thinking that if I can't get along with it I'd give it to my wife and live with comparability issues.
Here I am just over a later typing this a complete convert. This phone is just incredible. What is most incredible though is that in many areas the S3 wins...I think the S3 has abetted screen, more adaptable with widgets etc, bigger screen for viewing media spring to mind.
But I can't put this iPhone down. Once getting used to the smaller size (which will actually be a godsend given how much I travel), it just feels superb in hand and does everything I want really well. I find it at least as fast as the S3 if not faster and genuinely find iOS6 a work of art (let's not discuss maps though).
The battery on the iPhone wipes the floor with the S3 which with moderate use often needed a blast of juice by 7pm.
The most pleasing discovery is the music player and ear pods...the S3 was pants, I'm currently listening to The Who and loving it.. Next long haul flight will be a breeze!!
So in summary, if you want the best phone on the market in terms of paper specs then go and buy and S3. If you just want the best phone then get an iPhone 5. But do me a favour, don't go waving it around outside the Apple store wearing designer glasses and sporting a man bag!!

Reply by First Time Apple Buyer from UK on 24th Sep 2012
Please forgive the typos in my review

Reviewed by Haroon from UK on 23rd Sep 2012
I upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 and quite simply this is the best phone I've ever had. The phone is incredibly light and is effortless to use. Absolutely outstanding!

Reviewed by xenon from uk on 22nd Sep 2012
Bit of a let down .... galaxy S3 is better

Reviewed by Iceman from Luton UK on 22nd Sep 2012
I hardly write any reviews but after reading some reviews I am compelled to give you my personal experience of the iPhone 5. I am a bit perplexed to read how people jump to buy an apple product then they begin whinging. I have had the iPhone 5 since yesterday and in one word I would say its Amazing. Very solid and classy build, very responsive and fast processor and an absolutely stunning display. And the apple customer service is without a doubt the best.

I have used the Samsung S3 for a month and this phone is way better in every aspect. Looks,build and the classy IOS and if your S3 goes wrong you have to send it off and wait for three weeks twitching your thumbs. The S3 has a known problem of overheating!! Now the only downside i have noticed so far is that battery is similar to 4S and that could be because it hasn't been charged fully !

I would highly recommend to anyone it's a brilliant phone with a solid and stable iOS. If you want to be an iPhone wannabe then buy Samsung, HTC or any other.

Reviewed by bc from uk on 22nd Sep 2012
Firstly, I'm not an apple hater, had a 3gs &4s, just amazed that with all the premium hype it turns up like someone had dropped it, just google this, scuffgate and see the many users and aritcles

Reviewed by Bally from UK on 22nd Sep 2012
Sublime, build quality is like my BMW, superb. And why should my phone be plastic? It should be built to last, look like it really is worth the money, will still within my contract work...I love htc also but I have just upgraded back to iPhone, it's fast, new screen and display are awesome, Siri is really slick now, tinternet is blistering fast, 4g is going to be out of this world, the new casing is classy looking...battery good, panoramic camera is unreal.I do miss android for personalising home and apps the way I want, but you can't have everything eh...
I know there are apple haters, just like Manchester United haters now... Or Liverpool haters back in the day...but the fact is, when success is apparent, people naturally hate something...
I rest my case...
If u can afford it buy it, if you can't, get an S3, Sony or Nokia free on a 20 p/m contract and keep hating lol

Reply by Sam from Leeds on 23rd Sep 2012
Well said.. Nothing worse than a squeaky plastic phone!!!

Reply by Scott from Dumfries on 24th Sep 2012
Funny, I have a plastic-backed Galaxy S2 which when I bought it, some folk said "Oh, it's so flimsy compared to an iPhone!". However, I have found it to be very solid and have had no issues with it whatsoever and I believe the S3 is better again. On the other hand, the number of iPhone owners I know who have had to replace cracked front screens or back plates because they have breathed on it is unreal...

Reply by P Stonhead from UK on 27th Sep 2012
Worst I've got a BMW and an iPhone 5 review ever

Reply by Bally from UK on 29th Sep 2012
And it's a brand new M5...lol boo hoo for you P Stonhead...it goes nice with my iPhone 5 Must be a Nokia mars bar owner, remember them because he/she does lol

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 30th Sep 2012
OK, that's enough BMW humour, boys.

Reply by Jay from UK on 14th Oct 2012
I'm fed up with apple fans saying "you only buy Android because you can't afford iPhone," fact is the Android flagships are just about as expensive a the iPhone maybe 5 quid a month less, we Android users are not envious that you have an iPhone and we don't, we could have had one but choose something else because maybe we want to send stuff visa Bluetooth or use or phones as USB mass storage devices or even just carry a spare battery that we can swap over ourselves when our big screens and multiple cores deplete the first one. I don't hate apple devices but I do hate people who think they're better than me just because they have an iPhone and I have a galaxy s2.

Reply by Freddy from UK on 22nd Nov 2012
Got given an Iphone 5 as a work phone last month and I already had an S2 as a personal phone. My personal contract is about to run out too on my S2, so was in a dilemma, to stick with just the Iphone 5, or upgrade to s3???? Neither, my S2 is still the nuts, got 3 spare batteries to take with me again this year to Reading festival so I don't have to join the hideous queues to charge my phone or pay 25 for a pants little rip off charger. My contract was 26 a month 900 minutes, unlimited texts + 1.5GB of Data. Find me an iPhone with a contract like this. Doubt i'll even upgrade to the S4, just cut my contract down, best part is, the maps still work too.

Reviewed by G from England on 22nd Sep 2012
Mine too looks as if its been used previously for a while out of the box. its a good phone, but it has no groundbreaking features, which we have come to expect from high end smart phones. It seems like another "filler". i went from galaxy s2 and have used galaxy s3, and the screen quality on the Samsung cannot be matched. Id say 3/5.

Reviewed by Mark from Uk on 22nd Sep 2012
Well it seems the apple haters are out. I wonder if they have actually got one or not? I have and it's great not sure where they get that the quality is poor from. It feels solid and has a nice bright screen that is responsive and clear. The feel of the phone is really quick and very little lag. As for the first reviewer If your phone is damaged tell apple about it and they will replace it there customer service is great. I think it comes down to of you like apple product you like them and you would be happy with the new phone. I went from a 3GS and I'm very happy. I didn't get an android phone because they have gone to big I need a phone I can get in my pocket and the latest android phones are just to big. And I'm not just a apple fan boy as I have an android tablet. Why do I have one because its better and cheaper than an IPad and it suits my needs. So basically buy the phone that best suits your needs and lets stop the hating.

Reply by John from Ireland on 22nd Sep 2012
Who is hating? Seems like people are just leaving their feedback and their opinions... You can't call people haters just because their opinion of a product is different from your own. Even though i think the new iphone is great not everyone will agree, thats life.

Reviewed by Mike S from UK on 21st Sep 2012
Just my iPhone 5 upgraded from the 4. In terms of speed it's streets ahead, loading safari pages over wifi is like 10 times faster, I'm impressed with that. You tube vids load much quicker. I tested my 4 and the 5 over the same wifi connection. I like the new form factor looks cool in white, also the lighter weight feels beefed in the hand. Siri seems slower than expected, but never had the 4s to compare to.

The camer in low light with flash on is definitely better, not sure so much without the flash. The speaker is loads better, and I'm sure the Air Play sound with my Zeplin is better too.

Still a few more things to test but so far I'm pleased and impressed.

Reviewed by Garry from England on 21st Sep 2012
Like the previous reviewer mine was not perfect out of the box-it came with minor scuff marks around the edge. The phone itself-I noticed that it was faster than my 4s but not dramatically so. The 4s became significantly faster once I had downloaded iOS 6 on to it and also benefitted from a full screen option when browsing. The screen on the 5 has a less greenish and more natural tint to it, although there's not much in it in this respect. The extra screen size is useful as the text comes out larger than on the 4s (in landscape mode), and is easier to read. Some may complain about the light weight having a detrimental effect on perceived quality, and I can understand this. However this makes the 5 easier to hold in 1 hand despite the larger screen, so I can understand apples thinking behind this decision to reduce the weight. I do not use apple or google maps so cannot comment on this. The camera I feel has definitely not improved from the 4s, the photos taken so far coming out less sharp than the 4s and also the photos do not fill up the screen, having black bars on either side. I obviously cannot comment on battery life yet as I just purchased it today. Overall so far I feel that although the screen enhancements are welcome, I think the camera needs improvement (possibly this can be done through an early iOS update), and I am aware of the problems encountered in apples maps replacement. Because I use the phone mostly for browsing the phone represents a decent enough upgrade for me, but I can understand if others are underwhelmed by this phone. I bought the phone intending to give the 4s to my wife, and I would say that overall it is better than the 4s but it is not worth upgrading unless at the end of a contract as the 4s with an ios6 download gives you 90% of the performance of the iphone5

Reviewed by bc from uk on 21st Sep 2012
mine has just arrived, box is unmarked, yet the unit has chipped marks around the edges, shame, poor and rushed.

Reviewed by Ken from Birmingham, UK on 21st Sep 2012
Oh my days, just got home and all I can say is, What have I done? Or more to the point what have Apple done? Having had a 3G and 4! I had set my heart on a Windows Phome 8 device but got pulled in by the smoke and mirrors of Applle.

The elongated form factor is down right ugly (hugly), the feel is cheap, the phone doesn't look or feel isn't the quality that the 4 or 4S have. What have I done?

I genuinely thought I was getting the latest state of the art device and deliberately stayed away from the Galaxy S3 because it is a cheaply constructed device, but so is this new iPhone!

What have I done?

Anyone with common sense who reads this should consider WP8 or any top class Android device, as this is a real let down.

Reply by Sam from Leeds on 21st Sep 2012
Nothing cheap about the feel of this iphone!!... I had all iphones including the 4 & 4s & just now I was looking at my old 4s & holding it & it felt cheap & fat!.. This is sleek & beautiful. & the screen is big enough without being massive.. A lovely designed piece of equipment from apple

Reply by Paul from UK on 21st Sep 2012
Well what can i say, i had mine delivered at 10.00am and its fantastic. I have had a Samsung Galaxy S3 and anyone that claims it is better is just fooling themselves. Ken from Birmingham should sell it if he doesn't want it as there will be millions that do. Sorry but if you cant spell Apple you should probably stick to Windows anyway. What have you done, you have purchased a really superior product that will give good service,be reliable and easy to use, look great and if you look after it you will be able to sell it next year for iPhone 5S or 6. I really do wish Microsoft luck with their windows 8 Phone because Apple need some competition as they aren't getting enough at the moment. I am not an Apple nut or fanboy i just like the quality phones they make.

Reply by MikeHunt from UK on 24th Sep 2012
@Paul. Apple aren't getting enough competition at the moment.... A quick Google to check their smartphone market share should set you right on that one. As a hardware manufacturer they are top, but when you look at the OS penetration, Android is wiping the floor with iOS. Yes they make most of the profit, but they don't make most of the smart phones.

Reply by Paul from Uk on 25th Sep 2012
@very clever name. Apple aren't getting enough competition at the moment...I was referring to quality competition, there are lots and lots of phones made using the Android OS so it's obvious that they will have a larger share. Samsung, HTC, Sony just to name a few, all make great premium products, they just dont feel as good. In reply to Ken from Birmingham though, seriously 1 star for iPhone 5??? He got home with it and considered "the elongated form factor down right ugly" and the "feel is cheap", so ken went to the shop, where they were on display, didn't look at them, didn't feel them, he just bought it! What has he done....I'll leave it there!

Reply by Freddy from Uk on 22nd Nov 2012
@Sam Lmao! 4 & 4s feel cheap now? is that because as soon as 12:00am hits on the day of the new iPhone release anything other than the new iPhone becomes pants. You're an idiot mate, i'll probably be seeing you in the Darwin awards dying of exposure queuing up for the next release because you didn't wanna be caught on the day of release with something other than the new iPhone whattaberk!

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