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Apple iPhone 4S review

 Review: November 2011  

Last updated April 2013

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Although it looks just like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S has a new dual antenna that eliminates the reception problems that plagued the iPhone 4. A new dual-core processor makes the phone run ever so smoothly, and we love the voice-activated Siri intelligent assistant.


Regular readers of S21 might have picked up that we're big fans of evolution. Messing with a good design often leads to tears. The iPhone 4 design is a classic and there was no urgent need to change it.

There was, however, an urgent need to fix the reception problems that dogged the iPhone 4. After all, what use is the best phone in the world if you can't make a phone call? Apple have worked hard on this problem, replacing the old antenna with two new ones, and the reception is now much better.

Now, you could argue that despite its iconic looks, the iPhone suffers from a relatively small screen size. Certainly the Retina display has an amazingly high resolution. But only 3.5 inches? We've become used to high-end smartphones with massive 4.7 inch screens. That's nearly twice the size. We would have liked to see a bigger screen. But the screen size is probably the only area where the 4S can't match or better its opponents.

The 4S is powered by a dual-core A5 processor. This is twice as fast as the processor used in the iPhone 4. For graphics, it's an incredible 7 times the speed. This means lightning fast responses from the user interface, plus the ability to record and play 1080p HD video in all its glory.

The still camera has been upgraded to 8 megapixels, with new improved optics as well, including a larger aperture to let in more light. It's probably one of the best cameras in a mobile phone, and certainly good enough to replace your digital camera, unless you're a pro. There's no more need for PhotoShop either, as the 4S comes with its own suite of photo editing tools, right on the phone. Now you can take the shot, tweak it and upload it straight to facebook without needing a computer.

The new version of the operating system - iOS 5 - brings more than 200 improvements: some big, some small. iMessage is cool. It lets you send unlimited messages to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 5. A new notification centre brings together messaging, emails, reminders and friend requests so you can easily keep on top of what's new. Better Twitter integration lets you tweet directly from apps like Safari, Maps and Photos. Over-the-air updates mean that you'll never need to connect your phone to your computer ever again.

iOS 5 also brings new security enhancements. As well as password protection and encryption, you have access to enterprise email via Microsoft Exchange.

iCloud is another new feature. With iCloud you can store all your music, photos, videos and other data online. Apple's servers will store it and safeguard it for you, so you can access it from anywhere. iCloud also keeps your calendar, contacts, mail and reminders automatically synced. Cool.

Perhaps the most intriguing of all the new gadgets is the voice-activated Siri intelligent assistant. Siri is perhaps the first mainstream AI app, and it can understand natural language questions and commands. You can have fun trying to catch it out with trick questions, and when the novelty wears off you can start putting it to work properly: "Text my wife to say I'll be home late this evening," or "Schedule a meeting with James at three this afternoon." Siri will come back to you with supplementary questions if it needs more information or wants you to confirm an action. The voice recognition feature can be used with other apps too, such as updating your facebook status, or dictating a reminder. Just don't speak to it in a strong Scottish accent!

Another new feature in the iPhone 4S is Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 uses less power and has the potential to be faster. The new twin antenna also doubles HSDPA data speeds to 14.4 Mbps. The amount of onboard memory has been increased too, with up to 64GB available. And the phone's available in Black or White right from launch.

Finally, let's talk about battery life. When launched, the iPhone 4S suffered from truly terrible battery life. This was quickly identified as being a software issue, as iPhone 4 users who installed iOS 5 on their phones found that it killed battery life for them too. Apple released iOS 5.01, which failed to make any impact on battery life and then went quiet for about six months, apparently in denial. But then in March 2012, a new version of iOS 5.1 appeared. This finally seems to have fixed the problem, with most users reporting much improved battery life. "Much improved" is a relative concept, of course. Smartphones always struggle with battery life, but at least now the iPhone 4S can safely make it through the day without recharging.

Update, October 2012: The release of iOS 6 has removed the brilliant Google Maps and replaced it with a broken Apple Maps. Be warned. If you choose this phone and upgrade to the latest OS, you'll be missing out on a key smartphone feature.

Hopefully you've got the impression that we like the iPhone 4S. It's a magnificent device. Sure, we'd have liked a bigger screen, but apart from that all is good. There's only one more thing to mention, and that's the price. At launch it was insanely expensive. Now it's merely very expensive. We're talking about 500 quid PAYG, or £30 a month on contract. That makes it a significant purchase, so we're sure you're thinking hard about whether to buy it. The thing is, it's so much more than just a phone. It's more than just a mobile computer. And top-of-the-range Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 cost about the same, although arguably they do more. If you like Apple style and the iPhone ease-of-use, we'd recommend that you stick with what you know and choose the iPhone 5 with its larger screen.

Apple iPhone 4S features include:

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Apple iPhone 4S user reviews

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Average rating from 120 reviews:

Reviewed by afzaal akram from pakistan on 10th Dec 2014
i like iphone

Reviewed by Mint from Uk on 13th Dec 2013
Love it , nice small size for your pocket
Only one snag ,you must case them up because of delicate screen no problem with that ,But when you take photo in flash mode picture comes out Fuzey .

Reviewed by Mel from Wales on 16th Sep 2013
Horrendous battery life, no swipey keyboard lol, boring, heavy, overpriced. Nice screen quality, decent camera. Never again!

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 25th Apr 2013
I've actually gone back to using my 4s as I simply couldn't get on with the S3 for one reason or another of course it's a great phone but personally prefer app quality and ease of use over all round usability.

Reviewed by dawn from uk on 21st Apr 2013
Got this as a second phone and to use as ipod for walking/gym. I am a phone junkie. My main phone is the note 2, which is great but not always practical due to size. . The iphone 4s has a beautiful form factor and screen, I love that it's small and easy to use one handed. Calls and music sound great. The phone is always fast and responsive. Everything feels fluid, clean and snappy. However, IOS is much more restrictive than Android, tinkerers will hate this phone!! Android offers far greater flexibility and many more options. But the 4s still has its positives, being simplicity, ease of use and just plain sex appeal. Negatives are *dire* battery life, which plummets rapidly if any data driven app is used. I'm charging more than once a day. The lack of Swype is painful , especially on such a small screen. Camera is not impressive..blur. Lets not mention itunes. So, I got it for music and calls, which it manages well enough. And physically the handset and UI is gorgeous. Possibly style over substance. But I do love it still. Somehow it feels like a luxury item.....If the battery was better, I would have given 4 stars.

Reviewed by Emma from England on 11th Nov 2012
Love this phone, best ever for me yet and I've had Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and few others .
Its like a mini computer, so depends what you want.

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 13th Oct 2012
Just an update on my first review - I've been served fantastic,y by the 4s however the phone is really starting to lag behind the top Android handsets some people will blame Apple for not enhancing the phone enough but as the current sales chart shows with the iPhone 5 then this format is clearly an extremely popular choice despite the somewhat lack of technological grunt - however I. In dire need of a big screen so will switch to the S3 later this month as IMOitsoffers a lot more for the money than the IP5 - but still a big thumbs up for the 4S - it's been great

Reviewed by aga from London on 8th Oct 2012
My first Ihone and..I really don't like it.I used Android phones,ant they are so much easier and straight forward,more beautiful. Had to pay for apps that are free on Android, whatsapp doesn't upload pics. such a dissapointment

Reviewed by zenil from india on 8th Sep 2012
Best phone in the world iphone 4s

Reviewed by lee from england on 8th Sep 2012
Ok lets try and sort this out

Firstly the good points

Build -you will not find a better built phone than an iphone the quality is unmatched in terms of body material and feel

Display- once again you wont find anything better out there crystal clear

Software -apple software is much more cleaner and polished than android versions also you will find many games that are online multi player on iphone but NOT on android also in games apple gets releases first with some games apps not even getting ported to android the ios has come along and kept and updated it quality and ease of use generally it does everything in a clean compact way so in terms of general design in and out YOU CANT GET BETTER


We have to ask is build quality and general screen quailty the most i.portant thing in a device that no matter what you call it has become the new mini multi computer so because of this and the features now offered on mobile phones it has to be viewed this way price also means this so lets now move past LOOKS and actually view it properly or fully in relation to the current market and technology

This is where things start to show a few cracks in the apple hype or price point as once you lift the lid you find this and earlier model struggling to keep up with a market that apple actually set most of the main issues can be put down to apples choices or want to drain things in order to make money with consumer the one that suffers this tactic and we are not just talking about screen size which is the first tell tell sign that apple might be more money that customer focused the fact that we are in late 2012 and apple still wont give there customers sms delivery reports in another big hint and a major reason that people jailbreak there device (why couldnt apple give these feature out of the box ) unless your a crack head you will not appreciate this from a company that you spend good money with then there the market that seems to have overtaken apple in every department leaving only the hard core fan boy to promote it none of this is to say that its a bad phone NO but its not exactly 2012 or meeting the market in term of features (the only pary of the market it holds is general quality) if apple spent as much time on all the other areas this would be unbeatable but its not leaving trailing behind

Iphone 5
Following suit we may find the same tactics with the up coming releases of new iphone and ipad for that matter (tho im told apple will finally give there customer more than 3.5 screen size) WOW THANKS as its not been released yet its to early to call but until apple start losing real numbers in customers they wo t change there tactics at all

So after all the hype after the first iphone after the only good phone being the iphone









Thank you for reading

Reviewed by Mario from London on 1st Sep 2012
If you love your music and looking to be entertained this is probably one of the best phones out on the market. Camera is pretty good too, obviously its not going to be better than even a cheap digital camera but its good enough that I no longer take my digital camera out with me, or my iPod. Its a very convenient phone to have I used to take my ohone, iPod and Digital camera when I went out, now all I need is my iPhone.

Of course no phone is perfect and it does have its flaws. Firstly Its overpriced, yes its a good phone but when compared to other smartphones that can do similar things you are being ripped off. I'd say this phone is worth about £350, not £500.

The security is bad on this compared to other phones. My very old Samsung g600 (not a smartphone) had better security. Meaning you could set a pass code for every individual part of the Menu. With the iPhone you can only set one pass code for access to everything which means anyone using your iPhone could easily go through your messages, e-mail, photos and another personal stuff.

Overall a good phone if you can afford it, but not worth buying if you are worried about your privacy or if its gonna mess you up financially (as some of my stupid friends did, lol)

Reviewed by Unknown from Somewhere on 19th Aug 2012
Update from last review

I'm not a massive fan of Apples restrictive iOS, but after finding out that jailbreaking doesn't affect warranty I now can use my iPhone 4S as if it were an Android open source device. I've made a few tweaks here and there with how the front-side of my iOS looks and behaves and made a few tweaks in the background. All of which can be deleted to return iOS back to its original state.

10 out of 10.

Screen size is perfect. Anything bigger just makes it uncomfortable to carry in my pocket. I don't have a man-bag and never will so 3.5" screen is perfect.

Reply by Russ from Wales on 21st Aug 2012
**Warning** - incorrect advice there. Jailbreaking WILL invalidate your warranty.

Reviewed by Jon from England on 16th Aug 2012
The hardware is good but the screen is too small compared to modern handsets. It is a bit weak,as witnessed by several friends who's iPhones break easily. The real problem with Apple devices is the inflexible cash cow that is iTunes. Apples greed and small screen put this way behind the latest HTC and Samsung devices. Apple is bringing out "new" things in ios 6 that Android has had for over a year !. Get with the times please Apple

Reviewed by Unknown from Somewhere on 31st Jul 2012
Well I've come back to having an iPhone. I sold my last iPhone 4 as I was tired of poor battery life. I now believe it was an issue with iCloud and a few other phone features suck valuable juice. I got a lumina 900. Hmm. Not a bad handset, I just could get on with windows phone OS. plus I missed a few essential apps that are only on the iPhone. I decided to return the lumia and got the iphone 4s. As soon as I started using it it was noticeably better than the iPhone 4 I had. I have no need for email or the iCloud features. I tend to have my phone only running on 3G as I have a good signal wherei am and I have unlimited data. Compared running 3G to wifi and wifi depleted my battery quicker. So this morning after driving to work having unplugged my phone at 0800, by 1530 on my way home I glanced at the battery usage. I sent quite a few texts, checked Facebook a few times (refreshed several times). Used safari at breaks and I find on my way home my battery was at 96%. Was I imagining it. No. Charged phone on way home as I use it as sat nav. Unplugged After getting back to roads I knew. So it's been off charge since 1615 ish.

It's now 2200 and I've watch 3 hours of a YouTube video on 3G and browsed the web and listening to music constantly since being home. My battery is now at 68%. My last iphone would be dead by now. What's different. I don't have email. I've turned off all non essential location services including system location services.

Apple know how to design iconic devices which work. Yes they could have put a larger battery in them but then it'd have to be larger with a bigger screen and in turn use more power. A perfect device is the 4s. I wont be getting rid of my iPhone this time.

(I now wonder if it was my old iPhone 4 battery that had an issue or the fact I used iCloud, email etc)

Reviewed by Mark from uk on 23rd Jul 2012
I have had iphones for the last couple of years and have tried dabbling with other phones but i just hate Android. Currently i have a work Bold 9900 which despite some peoples reviews is a superb communictor and i ahve not experienced any issues with battery or software.
However the iphone 4s is just a fantastic piece of kit which is unrivalled for music, apps and for me personally using the video camera. I easily get 2 days out battery from my phone, never crashes rock solid reliabilty, and having owned the s3. as well i think i can honestly say no other phone comes anywhere near this handset

Reviewed by JH from England on 21st Jun 2012
Horrible! I had the Blackberry Bold 9900 which is much better! Using an iPhone when having another apple device such as an iPad is no pont. Blackberry is much better. I swapped back. Too hard to type keeps freezing and breaks easily. When unboxed I had a faulty charher and had to get qnother one. Battery life goes in about 2 hours and no memory card slot.

Reply by Ianj from GB on 8th Jul 2012
Jh are you having a laugh, have you read the reviews on the Bold 9900? Compared to he 4s it's not up to the job. Typing is fine, freezing is almost unheard of, sure anything breaks if you drop it, to say the battery goes in two hours is exaggerating to the point of incredulity. If what you say is accurate, perhaps you could try another 4s as you clearly had a faulty one.

Reviewed by DW from England on 11th Jun 2012
Looks like the iPhone 4S needs a totally honest & unbiased review rather than Fandroids/iClones hogging the board.

Bit of background first, I have been using "smartphones" exclusively since 2002/2 (first handset was the original O2 XDA) so I have had plenty of experience with "smartphones" over the past ten years or so.

I have had all but one generation of iPhone's (didn't go for the original EDGE version) from the 3 through to the 4S, and all have been fine other than the 3GS which multiple handsets had major problems with the WIFI chipset in both speed and connectivity issues (other variants were perfectly fine just the 3GS). The iPhone 4S is by far the best of the iPhone variants. The dual core A5 processor is snappy and also power efficient compared to the A4 processor from the standard 4. Going from a 4 to the 4S didn't really seem to be a big jump in performance on paper, but it is actually very noticeable. I never experienced any issues with the "grip of death" on the 4, and I am pleased to say that I have not had this problem on the 4S either. Apple changed the antennae layout on the 4S to the 4 and signal strength on the 4S is constantly better than on the 4 (my wife has my old 4 and on same network and can check both handsets in same room). WIFI speeds on the devices are the same and are faster than the networks 3G on the downstream, but lacking on the upstream (this I can do nothing about as the upstream speeds are limited by my fixed ISP) and the iPhones both reach the upper speeds set by the fixed ISP. The downstream WIFI on the iPhones seem to be limited to around 5Mbps regardless of actual router configuration or ISP speeds (have checked this on numerous connections and routers across the country with ISP speeds ranging from 2Mbps through to 50Mbps cable connections).
Battery life on the 4S is better than the 4, and with even heavy usage, lasts a full working day (8am - Midnight) before the 10% remaining warning appears. The only time this changes is if in a low signal area but this will have the same effect on ANY phone, not just Apple, due to the constant searching for a stronger signal. To save battery in these areas, it helps to turn off 3G, WIFI & Bluetooth (unless using the latter 2).

The retina display on the screen is by far the clearest I have used or seen (and this includes S-AMOLED screens from Samsung).

iOS 5 is very snappy indeed and as you would expect it to be as it has been written specifically for the hardware within the iPhones/iPads, and has very few crashes compared to the Android handsets I have had in the past (which are each compiled and skinned/overlaid for the different specs in the handsets from each manufacturer in a similar way to Windows on a PC which depends on drivers to be used for each different piece of hardware compared to the Mac OS on Apple computers which has been developed to run on their hardware only rather than a million different hardware configurations).

One thing I will point out is that if you have a bumper from a 4, then it will not fit on a 4S due to the slightly different button layout which has come about from the antennae configuration change.

Audio quality is very good on the handset speakers (albeit a little tinny at times), earphones (when they are situated properly in the ears so the bass is effective, and I wish Apple would use different type headphone buds as they don't sit in my ears correctly for some reason), through bluetooth (car stereo supports bluetooth audio and sounds no different than the USB stick does through the sound system) or on a dock (obviously the amplifier on the dock I have boosts the quality through a good set of JBL speakers).

The camera on the 4S is very good but I don't tend to use it very much as I prefer to use a DSLR for my photography. The sensor works very well in low light conditions as well as normal daylight, and pictures taken in Wookey Hole caves recently were outstanding (especially with HDR turned on and put through Photoshop to combine the different exposures).

You cannot really compare an Android handset with the iPhone as they are designed to do similar things but in different ways. The iPhone just works because everything has been written specifically for the device so that you know that if you download something from the App Store, it is going to work (due to Apple screening apps before allowing them onto the Store) where as the Android Market allows apps to be placed up there without being scrutinised and you are then at the mercy of the developer to have coded it correctly for the version of Android installed.

I am not going to go too in depth regarding SIRI as outside of the USA it is more of a novelty than an actual useful service. It is good fun when drunk asking stupid questions to it such as "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood" or changing contacts names to "Ghostbusters" and asking it "who you gonna call". SIRI is basically a voice activated connection to the Wolfram Alpha site and most users could type in the query directly in the same time as they could say it.

I have noticed that one person states that they wish the keyboard was lowercase. This I find strange as the keyboard is lowercase after the first character is typed by default unless you double tap the shift key on it.

I am happy using both Android or iOS, and I am very happy with the 4S and due an upgrade in the next couple of weeks, and I am considering going with the HTC ONE X (won't touch another Samsung handset after having major hardware issues with the original Galaxy S that Samsung acknowledged were there, but never fixed on the devices), until the iPhone "5" is announced (wife will be due upgrade then so if it is significantly better than the 4S I will have that and give her the ONE X :o) ).

I have used Galaxy SII, Nexus, Note, Sony Xperia, HTC Desire HD, etc since having the iPhone 4S and not been swayed at all to change as they would not be offering me anything in benefit over the 4S other than a slightly larger screen, where as the ONE X has a quad core processor (actually 5 cores as when the handset is in "sleep" mode with screen off it switches to the lower power fifth core).

If I was to give one possible improvement to the iPhone 4S it would be that I would like to have seen HSDPA/HSDPA+ hardware inside the device as basic 3G speeds aren't cutting it compared to the HSDPA/+ chipsets in the Android devices.

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 11th Jun 2012
Had this phone for two months- and I absolutely love it. I had the Samsung galaxy s2 but always wanted a iPhone. Top phone! Very very happy with it.

Reviewed by Jay from United Kingdom on 29th May 2012
I've had the 4s for about a month now, and managed to figure out the tricks to save power, and I have no problem making the phone last a day on heavy use and 2 days on light use. I used to have a blackberry prior to this, and have already found the iPhone easier to use and less annoying.

Reviewed by yuki katoka from england on 28th May 2012
I like the iPhone4 because it is stylish and there are many apps and games like rat race and the speakers are very high quality. You can dock the phone in many different devices. It links into Itunes and you can download whatever you want.

Reviewed by Waz from Uk on 20th May 2012
Fantastic phone, i was looking foward to buy and use the samsung note
But after a few weeks its not that i didnt enjoy it
Just was pulled into the apple world now ive got both phones
But using apple to write this review, and got to say its
Really easy to use reall quick and just has that comfortable premium feel.
I pray i get to use this for a great time as i have always seem to get rid of phones early as before the samsung note i had the htc one which i sent back on the fact i cudnt afford thr contract so what do i do get an iphone cntct that is 5 pound more lol, i recommnd it as i had it 5 days and have enjoyed every minute of it

Reviewed by Jess from Uk on 15th May 2012
I love this phone so much! It is really easy to use, stylish and comfy to hold.
Even people who aren't very good with technology can even use it! I think that it's a really popular phone. Xx

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 10th May 2012
I had no intention of changing my 3GS but those great people at Orange offered me an upgrade to a 4S along with an IPad 3 for only an extra £6 a month ( honest ) the phone absolutely rocks awesome performance and a fabulous camera I'm delighted to have the white version as I've had black phones for what seems like ages could only get the ipadin black but you can't have everything I'm loving Apple - my Android days seem a very distant memory

Reviewed by Julian from England on 9th May 2012
Have had the 4S for about 3 weeks now and I have been super impressed so far, after spending the last 2 years on the HTC Legend (which was a brilliant phone) the hardware had not stood the test of time as it became increasingly slow and forgotten by the various Android updates so I finally made the jump and no regret so far. After coming from the HVGA screen, the retina display is truly amazing. The media is second to none with Youtube videos and iPlayer being crystal clear, the in built speaker is really good as well. The camera is very good as well, definitely will leave my camera at home from now on. And all this is run so smoothly and lightning fast due to the duo core processor inside.

My only gripe really is the contacts layout, I do miss the Facebook integration that you could do on Android and I miss widgets on the home screen otherwise best phone by far that I have ever owned

Reviewed by Russ from Wales on 16th Apr 2012
Had various Android phones for 4 years and was pretty happy with them. No real need to deviate from their easy-to-use way of doing things but I had the chance at getting the 4S for slightly more than what I was already paying and after playing with one in-store I decided to take the plunge. The first thing you notice is the build - although slightly heavier than my last phone (HTC Desire), it just feels so much more 'premium'. HTC phones were good but to me they always had a slightly cartoon-ish feel to the build quality and layout. The OS takes a bit of getting used to if you've been on Android for as long as myself but there's nothing wrong with it and pretty soon it's second-nature. Call quality is great, people sound a lot clearer than on the Desire and they sounded good on that. I've always been a big fan of drag-and-drop when it comes to loading pictures and ringtones so having to potch about in itunes is a bit annoying but not enough to make you want to ditch it. Safari is pretty good and has not crashed on any of the sites which would make the android browser crash however the bookmarks layout isn't as straightforward as it is with android. Also the zoom and 'text-to-fit' functions on Safari aren't as good as the Desire but still work ok. Siri isn't perfect but it's also quite good and IMO works better than any of the Android equivalents. I could never dictate a text properly with android as it would get words quite wrong however when I do it on the 4S it has worked perfectly so far. It's slightly annoying that it can't find UK businesses but I'm hoping that will change in the next OS update. I use satnav a lot and the perfect integration of Google Maps with Google Navigation is sorely missed on the iphone. Although there are some great free satnav apps for the 4S, I used to be able to go in to Google Maps, find wherever I was going, tap the 'Navigate' buttom and it would all be set up for me. At the moment I have to go in to Maps, find the postcode for my destination, copy it, come out and go in to the satnav app I'm using and put it in that way. None of them have as good integration as Android does. All in all I'm happy with the 4S. I've not used the iphone 4 so I have no idea how similar it was but there's no getting away from the fact that the 4S is a really great phone. Not perfect by any means but still very good.

Reviewed by KevM from UK on 14th Apr 2012
I have had the 4s now for about a month after upgrading from an X10. Never having an iphone before I was very dubious about getting one. My first impression was how easy it was to set up and operate. I'm not really a techno phobe but it really is simple to use, and as a phone it works very well. Good call quality, loud volume for the speaker (X10 owners will know how frustratingly quiet that phone was), I have not had a problem with the signal strength and the battery life is better than the x10. The camera is very good and browsing the internet is a treat and very smooth and quick. The wifi works very well and I haven't had it freeze on me at all. All in all, a great phone and I'm pleased I made the switch to Apple.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 10th Apr 2012
As a smartphone it is great, IOS is getting better with each release but it could do with a refresh on its appearance. The innovation in 2007 that we saw on the first iPhone has been tweaked and improved but it is no longer that really cutting edge piece of eye-candy that it once was. It is still a beautiful bit of kit but not jaw dropping.

Reviewed by Munawar hussain from Iahore pakistan on 9th Apr 2012
I just love the iphone 4s its quite expensive here but inspite of that every one would love to own one l my self have a iphone 3gs 32gb ln black but saving up for a 4s in black can't wait.

Reviewed by Hassan from United Kingdom on 7th Apr 2012
This phone really is outstanding, the negative reviews are from Samsung and HTC owners who can't afford this phone, the camera is brilliant, you cant beat the retina display and finally SIRI, is just an amazing feature to help you accomplish everyday things in life.

Apple is the best, their competitors get their ideas from them anyway, it will always be a original and unique company that others are nowhere near

Reviewed by shirshah from afghanistan on 5th Apr 2012
i love this 4s ................ thanks apple

Reviewed by Matt from England on 27th Mar 2012
This will be a long one but please bare with me, i bought the IPhone 4(my first IPhone) when it was released i gave it 5 stars and all the usual comments - awesome screen, fantastic build, fast, reliable, good battery (ios4) etc. This was after owning various android phones, mainly the HTC desire. Anyway after the IPhone 4 which i sold to buy the Nexus S (which i loved) and i had this phone the longest of any so far, almost 10 months. It was brilliant, the screen,the looks etc and i loved vanilla android. It was updated to ice cream sandwich, which was great but it drained the battery and i decided to sell it. I bought the Galaxy Nexus which i must admit seemed massive but again the looks, build and that screen!!! but then to be honest after the Nexus S it seemed maybe too similar, yes better apart from the size, much faster etc, But i couldnt help think it should have been a bigger step up and to me it was not. Now to the IPhone 4S, i sold the Galaxy Nexus to try this and i bought a 32gb white one, im still using it. The camera is the best i have had so far, but only just! the Galaxy Nexus was good too, its fast, but no faster than the Galaxy Nexus, its slower on the mobile data internet but i was expecting that but i was not expecting the speed of the wifi!!! its terrible!!!! yes the battery has improved over what it was but again, not good at all and nowhere near the Galaxy Nexus. The build is good obviously being almost exactly the same as the 4, the screen quality is great but now seems far too small! But to be honest this is similar territory to the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus S. Just not enough of a difference to spend all that money, If you have a 4 keep it till the IPhone 5 is released (Fingers Crossed its different and worth it) the 4S is just too expensive for what it is! siri is useless! fun for the first week but no use at all, i live in lincolnshire. Honestly i kind of wish i had kept the Nexus S, as a phone and a complete package for the money they now are its better than all of them!!! I was gutted with the IPhone 4S i wanted to love it, to love Itunes after the memories from when i had the 4, to see a vast improvement as a all round phone/entertainment item but no. So i cant give it the rating i was hoping too, it will be sold and i will go back to android (Again) Im looking forward to the HTC one S in black, i will maybe give that a go but i will go back to the Galaxy Nexus if not, and live with the size over the Nexus S for the other all be it slight im some ways improvements. So sorry Apple your getting 3 stars! What a shame, a wasted oppotunity.

Reviewed by perry from england on 25th Mar 2012
had the 3gs and the iphone 4 now got the iphone 4s oustanding phone but the one problem i have is i cant use wifi i.e. cant connected to internet phone picks up router signal i have tried my password to many times to mention and i it wont let me connect good job i have unlimited internet with my package

Reviewed by Jammy from England on 22nd Mar 2012
Upgraded from my nokia X6 and the difference is truly amazing,quick and easy to use One thing that will stop it getting 5 stars though is the fact the satnav DOESNT talk..whats the point of that? Even my nokia had that and that was nearly 2 years old so why a brand new iPhone doesnt is mind boggling? Are you seriously supposed to WATCH the directions as youre driving?? Any solutions would be most welcome..

Reviewed by Conor from UK on 14th Mar 2012
The iPhone is truly an incredible work of art, useful in any situation and very very reliable.

Reviewed by bhupi from india on 8th Mar 2012
Good phone

Reviewed by Ryan from Heywood, UK on 3rd Mar 2012
Had my 4S for a month now on upgrade from the 4, must say...I regret upgrading, bar the better camera theres nothing "new" or special that the 4 had to offer with the iOS update months ago, Apple do everything simple and very well but since I upgraded Ive noticed Data speeds are a lot slower, you get bored waiting for social networking sites to refresh they take so long, wifi gets recognised then forgotten too often, O2 like milking you for bolt ons because you now use way more data than before apparently, iPhone should be the best, in so many ways they are but for me, Im going getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 tomorrow, fed up with such slow data progress on the outskirts of manchester they should be rapid, my speedtests show.. Ping 41ms..5.13mbps download and 0.17mbps upload via wifi and on 3g its 38ms, 5.79mbps and 0.67mbps, thats useless now aint it.

Reviewed by Kayleigh from UK on 29th Feb 2012
I purchased this phone in November 2011, unboxed it and found a faulty charger. I then returned it and got a new one and got another faulty charger. I sent that back and finally got a good working charger. Battery life is rubbish, lasts two hours maximum if you use internet and other apps a lot. Siri doesn't work but I know it is in BETA mode. Camera quality isn't that good, it's so orangey and red and needs some effects like Android has. I sold this phone in January 2012 and purchased the HTC Incredible S and that is amazing. Android can offer you more for less of your money. Switch to Android smartphones, they may no have Siri but they has better camera quality and faster web browsing.

Reviewed by Kyle Weaver from UK on 29th Feb 2012
One of the worst phones Ive ever owned, My Nokia 3310 is better! Constant lag and freezing even with the 3 that Ive had(Been replaced) My current phone is a Samsung Android and its brilliant compared! Apple was not meant to make phones.

Reply by Se7eNMONK3YS from Uk on 2nd May 2012
How wrong you are.....Troll, all have there benefits so it's down to personal choice, Apple shouldn't make phones ?? That's like saying a Search engine shouldn't create an OS !!!

Reviewed by mungel from usa on 23rd Feb 2012
One of thee very best phones no doubt about that also the very and mosgt impresive iphone yet!

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 15th Feb 2012
Love the iphone! Had a Samsung touchscreen a few years ago and really hated it but this is so much better. So easy to type and even searching the internet - the screen is so clear. Love the fact all my music is on there too. Highly receommended! I do also like Siri even though it's not much use yet...

Reviewed by Meer from Uk on 14th Feb 2012
If you have £500 Spare put it into an isa account, cos if you spend it on this phone you'll not be earing any interest after you've played around with its Novelty features.

Reviewed by Dave from Canada on 10th Feb 2012
Overpriced garbage,
slower than Androids, camera delay, SIRI lies and doen't work properly outside the US. this garbage is for iclones only. All the stuff ripped off from all other devices work better on other devices. Also what kind of company is so bad that they can't even put in a lower case character set on the keyboard?

Reply by W from Egypt on 13th Feb 2012
Are you Kidding????????????

Reply by George from England on 17th Feb 2012
I have to agree

Reply by Silent Bob from New Jersey on 24th Feb 2012
SIRI lies, and so do YOU Dave! SIRI is a BETA release because this type of technology has NEVER been used/released before so they had no way of knowing every question SIRI was going to be asked. Which Android phone has SIRI technology Dave? Which phone did Apple 'rip' that idea from Dave? As for the 'lower case' remark, may i suggest R.T.F.M Dave?!! ME : Is Dave a idiot SIRI? SIRI : Yes, i believe Dave is!

Reply by ron from uk on 3rd Mar 2012
agree with dave

Reply by Stewart from Scotland on 7th Mar 2012
Siri is pretty useless outside USA !

Reply by skoopylou from wales on 5th Apr 2012
woah i think silent bob is a bit mean to dave here, this site is for reviewing phones and dave is giving his experience of the phone, i don't think we should be replying like that as dave is entitled to give his opinions, it helps ppl like me who are thinking of getting a particular phone so value ppl's experience with iit.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 6th Apr 2012
Thank you, skoopylou. Let's end this discussion now, as both sides have had their say.

Reviewed by Waleed from Egypt on 9th Feb 2012
Honestly, nothing like iPhone. I tried the Samsung GS2 and it was a great mobile but not like the iPhone. The iPhone 4s is very fast, smooth and powerful. Camera also is very good. touch screen is fantastic as well as the screen quality. Build quality is excellent. lots of applications and we even have now a jailbreak too :).
Downsides in my opinion are battery (although it's better than the GS2 one) and the iTunes (which i hate actually). Also the signal reception is good but not great.
My advice is this: you will never regret buying iPhone 4s especially if you never tried iPhone before.

Reviewed by Marwan from Israel on 4th Feb 2012
Fantastic phone. Very easy to use and come to grips with. Battery life is better than the iPhone 4 - the previous model.

Reviewed by Mint from England on 17th Jan 2012
Had this phone for three weeks now , Defo the best mobile phone out , Battey life is fine ,just charged it every bed time , Siri and Face call the only difference from the 3 gs , maybe a little faster , screen a little smaller , camera better , not much difference I suppose , maybe best to wait for the I phone 5 . However still the best out there , ps , people who slag this phone off , Dont really own one .

Reply by mark from england on 9th Mar 2012
The iPhone is a triumph of marketing over product, its owned by people that 'think' they are cool. If you knew anything about mobiles you would not own an iPhone, you would have an sg2 or galaxy nexus. I admit apple started the smart phone revolution and set the standards for everyone else to follow but the current iPhone 4s is so far off the pace of the top Android phones its laughable.

Reply by Carl from England on 23rd Apr 2012
What are you on about Mark, the Iphone 4S frequently comes out on top in reviews on mobile related websites and magazines. Are they all wrong too? Or does your arrogance clearly our-rank your knowledge? I suspect the latter.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 23rd Apr 2012
No more replies to this please, as it's degenerating into the usual love it-hate it argument.

Reviewed by suresh from United Kingdom on 16th Jan 2012
Iam surprised to read a lot of battery issues. I have used both 3g and 3gs, the battery life on them is so poor that I have to charge at least twice a day. I am quite impressed with 4s battery life, I have been at work since 7AM and I still have 65% juice left on it(time now is 9PM). With so much hardware upgrade its a winner.And I am not even going to talk about 'siri'. My only disappointment is the screen could have been bigger.

Reviewed by Nicola from UK on 15th Jan 2012
Just 1 thing to say - battery life is GREAT! Seriously I don't know how others are havin problems. My phone is of charge at 0630 and lasts easily until 10pm, that's with 3 email accounts set to push, wifi on, screen on auto brightness, 20-30 emails sent a day, around 10 texts and calls, plugged into to car stereo aux input playing music on car journey. Phone is a big improvement on iPhone 4, Siri whilst being a bit of a gimmick is great for setting location based reminders "remind me to call bank when I get home" and when I get home the reminder pops up - brilliant. Camera shutter speed is great for taking repeat snaps quickly. Overall speed difference shows with the A5 dual core processor on board.

Reviewed by Charli from Wales on 15th Jan 2012
Held back from getting an iphone until now because of the price etc etc. But had a blackberry before and oh my god is it so much better. It's such a good phone you don't even feel like you're using it that much - because everything is so simple! I had a touch screen qwerty phone before that I simply could not type on - but the iphone's keyboard is so clever that it knows what i mean even when i type complete gibberish (most times anyway - i do end up with some silly things sometimes :P) The only thing that disappoints me for the money is the fact that the screen is so small compared to others - my boyfriend has a android phone with 4.3in screen which he got for free on a £26 a month contract... seems like i lost out! Another slight issue is the fact that siri can't do anything because apple don't care about non-americans... but siri isn't a huge part of my day to day usage. All in all i love my phone :)

Reviewed by Trevor from N Ireland. on 10th Jan 2012
My first ever iPhone. And I must say I am very impressed, the interface is superb. I could see the battery life bring an issue for some, but for me it's not. Was with blackberry before this, and moved because of the recent problems. Loved my blackberry, but I think they have lost me for the foreseeable future. Best phone I have ever had.

Reviewed by tj from scotland on 9th Jan 2012
Small screen compared to other smart phones. Mine drains the battery very quickly. Few hours and its flat apple can never seem to get the iphone right lets hope number 5 is better

Reviewed by Alex from America on 9th Jan 2012
It is terrible and very low battery standars like 5 hrs really.

Reply by W from Egypt on 9th Feb 2012
Sure you use a lot of applications, WiFi or 3G. If you are not, then your mobile is faulty because the battery is not that bad at all.

Reviewed by Liz from United Kingdom on 6th Jan 2012
amazing phone. has everything, great camera, great for music, great for texts and calls, browsing the internet and of course the amazing apps available at the app store. Had this phone for a week and i love the amazing screen, all other screens are awful compared to this one! I have had a iPhone 3g s in the past, and then tried out the blackberry which is no were near the iPhone standard, so i wanted to change back to iPhone as soon as possible and when the iPhone 4s was released, i knew i should have it- and i have never looked back. The only thing is the battery life, but the charged is portable and it does not take long at all for the battery to be charged up again. I purchased the 'bumper' case in Blue with the phone and it is amazing. The apple staff at the store are very friendly and make purchasing the phone a great experience! if you want this phone, i definitely recommend it, but purchase from the Apple store!

Reviewed by Bluewood from Thailand on 3rd Jan 2012
I thought I'd give apple a go, after I played with my sister's Iphone 4, and... I was very disappointed. I wasted a lot of money on this. I thought 'd buy the 32GB because if it was good, I wanted to put my films and music on it. The battery is just appalling! I've had it for a month, and the battery only lasts 6 hours when I'm using it, and 72 hours when I'm not using, just leaving it in the kitchen. The camera is not bad, but the filming is naff! My Sony Ericsson W902, takes a better film. Only thing good about this phone, is the internet browsing. Reasonably fast and easily usable. DISAPPOINTED!!

Reviewed by Tom from Uk on 2nd Jan 2012
I have gone through 2 of these so far, the previous ones were returned due to issues with battery and signal which i thought were meant to be fixed. After all these issues i thought about why i wanted an iphone, was it because it is a good mobile.....no, in fact compared to its competitors it is actually quite a poor phone, i wanted one because its fashionable, after getting over this i went with the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and i have to say i have never looked back

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 31st Dec 2011
Superb phone, simpicity itself to use. Never get less than a whole day from the battery but thats down to my usage. Must say the signal was very poor until I changed networks. If you are considering this phone I would recomend you speak to current users in your area about their network providers signal before purchasing and save yourself a lot of frustration.

Reviewed by Lee from uk on 25th Dec 2011
Have had the phone a few weeks now upgraded from a Htc desire android phone and i have to say i really like the iphone its well made screen isn,t the biggest but still good with a crisp display. The apps seem to be off a better quality and run smoother than the android and so far the phone has worked with no issues. Battery life isn,t great but what smart phone is if you use all the features they have. Great allround phone can be expensive if not on a upgrade so far love it

Reviewed by Golddalek from UK on 22nd Dec 2011
Love it.

Reviewed by James from England on 21st Dec 2011
Did not like it at first so striped out the ios and installed S60v5, since then it has been good.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 21st Dec 2011
You kidding?

Reply by Arunmon from KSA on 30th Sep 2012
Any further info on this review? What was he saying about Android on iPhone?

Reviewed by lizzy from uk on 21st Dec 2011
Am fairly happy with the 4s my only cripe is the batt drain its not good sometimes it will drain in 3 or 4 hours for no reason and that's on standby, i recevied also update but not much better, This will be my last iphone i need a phone that can last a working day for work.

Reviewed by mj from UK on 17th Dec 2011
Had the 4s for 3 months then swapped back to my Blackberry.Probably one of the worst phones I've ever had due to the appalling battery life..even with the software update it didn't make a difference to mine.

Reviewed by anthony from uk on 17th Dec 2011
Battery time is rubbish worst ever. i know all smart phone's aint good but this is a joke with only the 3.5 screen it should be good. My old phone had a 4 inch and it was much better. Ebay here it comes

Reviewed by Xperia from UK on 11th Dec 2011
Upgraded to 4s and after couple of days revert back to Xperia. I didn't like the screen size and there is no option of widgets. Siri is good however its going to record every thing you say on their server and I am not interested to prepare their database with my day to day life. Thx

Reviewed by Mark from United Kingdom on 11th Dec 2011
First time I have ever had an iphone and I have to say this is really great. The build quality is superb and everything about the phone is quality. The speed of the apps and the speed and smoothness of everything on the phone is very impressive. For me siri is a bit of a gimmick, maybe when it gets updated and can look for things in the UK, I will appreciate it more. Not sure if I already had an iphone 4, if the upgrade is worth it, although the camera is excellent for a phone so maybe it would be worth the upgrade, personal choice really.

Reviewed by shawn from uk on 9th Dec 2011
Screen is way to tiny compared to other phones i dont get on with my iphone but am stuck with it on contract

Reply by Jammy from England on 6th Apr 2012
Sorry but why an earth did you get one then? Surely you must have seen the size of the screen before you decided to commit? Really naff excuse to give it 3 stars as theres loads of cheaper pnones with 4"+ screens out there so youve only got yourself to blame!

Reply by Dean from Uk on 11th May 2012
You're not 'stuck' with it. iPhone's hold their value extremely well (unlike all the android tripe) so you can sell your iPhone for a good price and go waste your money on something inferior (although you'll probably regret it in a couple of weeks when your htc/Samsung starts displaying their customary faults).

Reviewed by A374 from UK on 7th Dec 2011
Having never owned an Iphone or smartphone before I wasn't sure how qualified I'd be to review the Iphone 4S but after having it for a month or so now and comparing it with other friends' phones, including older iphone models, I really cannot recommend it highly enough. Yes, battery life is irritating but with moderate use I easily get 1.5 - 2 days out of it no problem. The dual processor makes it significantly quicker than the iphone 4 in reality and is worth the upgrade (even if Siri and the like really aren't of any use whatsoever). The simplicity of the operating system compared to some Android systems is second to none. I found a friend's Samsungy Galaxy S2 extremely confusing and she admitted that after a few months of the phone she's still none the wiser and is now considering switching to an Iphone.

Reviewed by erik bachicha from philippines on 5th Dec 2011
wow i love it

Reviewed by edward from France on 3rd Dec 2011
This is my second iphone, First one had faulty screen, 2nd ok but not really happy with it i think i should have buy better, Friend has Samsung Galaxy nexus and he loves it

Reviewed by sean from uk on 22nd Nov 2011
not nice phone i hate this phone power run down quickly no no

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 19th Nov 2011
OMG!!!!! i love this phone :D no battery problems, dual core processor makes a BIG difference :D love it recommend to anyone

Reviewed by lizzy from uk on 18th Nov 2011
i agree the best iphone yet but it isnt the best smartphone. well outdated screen size

Reviewed by Scott from England on 18th Nov 2011
Fantastic phone. Great build quality, excellent features. I upgraded from a 3G to the 4S and it was well worth it. I can't speak for anybody else but 2.5 days between charges (with average usuage) is excellent in my book. Highly recommended

Reviewed by David from UK on 17th Nov 2011
I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and itís far better than the I Phone 4 s. The reason why I know about this, my friend has the I Phone 4 s and after comparing the 2 phones the Samsung S2 wins hands down. The I phone is well over priced for what you get for your money.

Reviewed by Ben from England on 16th Nov 2011
"...the iPhone 4S is so much more than just a phone. It's more than just a mobile computer." That may well be true, but what the 4S isn't is a very good phone and or a good mobile computer. It does have a great camera and a nice, albeit unforgivably small, display, but that's just about it. Overrated, overhyped and seriously overpriced.

Reviewed by Norman from Wales on 12th Nov 2011
I did not like my 4S because of battery and signal issues, I am on a good network that dont allow sharing so that argument has hit the buffers, I have replaced it with a Vertu Constellation much nicer and not common.

Reviewed by Matt from United Kingdom on 10th Nov 2011
OK let's bring a little sanity to his discussion. The iPhone 4S is a mobile phone. It is not the answer to the ultimate question of the meaning of life, the Universe and everything (that's 42). It is however an excellent smart phone that blows the competition out of the water in some areas and needs to improve in others. I've owned many different phones and operating systems in my time and the iPhone is easily the best all round package I've used. The build quality of the hardware is outstanding. It feels solid, looks great and is easy to use. I've had the 4S since release day and I've not dropped a call yet. The call clarity is noticeably better than my old 3GS. The Retina Dispaly is a wonder of the modern world. Immensely clear and is easily the most responsive touchscreen I have ever had the pleasure to use. It's the same story with the software. It's obvious that a lot of work has gone into iOS 5. I've upgraded from a 3GS running iOS 3 then iOS 4 and the improvements are great. iOS has always been an intuitive and easy to use OS but the little tweaks and refinements add up to something phenomenal. Previous versions have been, whilst easy to use, a little frustrating. Anyone who's had a game of Angry Birds interrupted by a text message pop up in the middle of the screen will know what I mean. iOS 5 sorts this out brilliantly with a far less intrusive system that tells you you have a message but let's you get on with what you were doing. OK it borrows heavily from Android in the way it handles notifications, but didn't Android copy iOS in the first place and build on the concept. All advances rely on those that come before them to some extent. iCloud is a really useful feature that will only get better with time and Siri has the potential to be a game changer in the way we use technology (as long as Apple can teach it to understand a Scotsman). Now for a couple of gripes. Battery life is slightly worse than I expected. My wife's iPhone 4 will outlast my 4S. However she has also noticed a drop in battery life since upgrading to iOS 5. Hopefully the just released iOS 5.0.1 will fix this. I have just upgraded and time will tell. However the battery is no worse or better than most other smartphones I have used. We do so much with our smartphones it's a miracle than they last a day let alone 2 or 3. That said, I'm still finding that I have enough juice to last me a full day (just and I just keep a spare charger handy). If only Apple would put an 1800 mah battery in the iPhone. Secondly the screen is a little on the small side these days. 3.5 inches was big 2 years ago. Now it looks a little 'last year'. However the pixel density of the Retina Display makes up for this and it's so easy to zoom in that it's not really a huge issue. Before I get called an Apple fanboy I would like to point out that I have owned several Droids, the last being a Galaxy S, however I always found myself going back to the iPhone as it was just so much more pleasureable to use. The 4S is not perfect but in my opinion it is easily the most rounded of the current crop of super phones. Sure it's expensive but then it oozes quality and the iPhone experience is second to none.

Reviewed by Tech-Boy from UK on 9th Nov 2011
I suggest, that those of you having signal issues are on a network that shares it's signal with another, try a pay as you go sim in your device, using a network that doesn't allow signal sharing. You might be surprised. iphone 4s, is a superb device on a decent network.

Reviewed by CARLY from UK on 8th Nov 2011

Reply by Steve from England on 11th Mar 2012
Sorry but I'm on £50K a year... so yes I could afford an iPhone if I wanted one ...the Smamsung Galaxy S2 is a better phone.

Reply by Antonio from UK on 5th May 2012
Smamsung?? is that a backstreet chinese copy?

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 7th Nov 2011
Yet again you bunch of fandroids downgrade it because it's apple. I have this phone and the battery easily lasts a day of very heavy usage and the signal is far better than the sgs2 which you gave 5 stars to. Show a bit of objectivity rather than the usual lame excuses used to justify downgrading a phone rating just to pander to the army of fandroid children invading every forum. This is truly an outstanding phone which works well with no lags, far better than the sgs2 which has several issues which are well documented elsewhere.

Reply by stu from england on 25th Apr 2012
You all just need to get a life... Apple, android? Just get which one appeals to you, stop trying to justify your (overpriced Apple) purchases and get on with life....!!

Reviewed by gazza from UK on 7th Nov 2011
Absolutely horrible,you have been warned.DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Reply by Dean from Uk on 11th May 2012
Genious review. What kind of person wastes theirs, and others, time to write a review without actually reviewing the item in question. You have not given any reason for why ppl should not purchase iPhone 4s. Your 'review' suggests to me that you have never actually owned one. Maybe not in a financial position to own an iPhone 4s so are trying to deter genuinely interested ppl with your drivel. Do everyone a favour and leave the review to those of us who own the 4s.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 5th Nov 2011
I'm not sure about this phone to be honest. I upgraded straight away from my iPhone 4 - which I always insisted was worth the extra money, it was just that much better than its rivals. Sure it works very well, the camera and screen are excellent, Siri is pretty cool but really just a gimmick, battery life is not brilliant but acceptable. Simply put though, I'm just not sure it's that much better anymore I'd say it's on par with the Galaxy S2, marginally better at best. Not worth the price.

Reviewed by Bishy from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
I have an iPhone 4, on iOS 5.0, battery lasts 2 days everything is switched on except push email. Two days is fine by me.

Reviewed by mikey from london on 3rd Nov 2011
sadly i have the signal problem that was suppose to be fixed..theres no point in having and expensive phone that drops calls..mine also over heats you could fry your breakfast on it. one thing good thing is it looks good and well build but thats it folks you have been warned its well noted now that the signal problem is still present..

Reviewed by Jimmy_b_vip from Wales on 3rd Nov 2011
Upgraded from the 3GS and so far have no regrets. The speed of the phone matches my iPad 2 and puts my old 3GS to shame. I've not experienced the battery issue, in fact I'd have to say its better than the battery I had in my old iPhone. As a heavy user (no matter which make & model of phone I've owned) I've always had to consider extra batteries or external battery packs. I've already got one for my 4S. In any case is it that much of a hardship to take your power plug out with you? Whenever I'm in a coffee shop or travelling on First Great Western people are always plugging in their laptops or mobile phones. Irrespective of the make and model I'm running windows 7 and have had no problems with iTunes or when I transferred my music and video collection from a Windows XP desktop to a Windows 7 laptop. My only grumble and it's a minor one is the removal of the option to switch 3G on and off. Not only was it a battery saver but very handy when travelling through some of the 3G dead spots (on Orange) in South Wales

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 2nd Nov 2011
I love my iphone 4 so I thought I would upgrade to the 4S. Mistake. The 4s would not connect to itunes running in widows 7. (no problem with the iphone4)I learnt at the Apple store that this is a problem for other users and at present there is no fix. There was nothing wrong with the phone itself though, but as I could not load songs, podcasts etc via my laptop, it's as much use as a chocolate teapot. For the moment I am staying with my iphone 4 and got a refund for the 4s. Shame really Apple might have relised that not everyone has an Apple computer.

Reviewed by K from England on 2nd Nov 2011
The best phone ever! I upgraded from my 3GS to the iPhone 4S, and the difference in speed is amazing. The camera and video is excellent. Yes the battery life is not perfect, but neither is it on many top end smartphones. The signal quality is brilliant so I cant understand why some people are experiencing elsewise. I rarely drop out of 3G in London (my 3GS was always EDGE in many places, except near phone masts). Maybe people experiencing signal issues have lack of a good signal on their network in their area? Anyway, a top phone and 100% recommended!

Reviewed by Lloyd from England on 1st Nov 2011
I agree with the reviews on the battery and the signal the battery is a joke no way will you be able to play games on this phone it will kill the battery off and i lose signal every time i put it in my pocket and it has trouble keeping a wifi signal . And siri a waste of time in most countrys unless your in the usa. Im off to buy a htc

Reviewed by Maz from Wales on 1st Nov 2011
Took the 4s out after hearing how good it was. Not that my wildfire was all that bad, I just had to try it for my self. Problems started when I tried to send my first picture message.Apparently you have to have 3g on the screen before you can send, but I am out of signal range at work and at home. I have to drive a few miles to send a picture or stop off on the way home to do it. Other problem is the bluetooth, I cant get it to connect with anything that I could with the wildfire. For instance my picturemate and my car hands free. Can't connect to other phones, but I have been told that this is to protect the phones security. So why wasn't I told this before I took out my contract. Build quality is second to none but I do get stressed out incase I drop it. Apps are so easy and connection via Wi-fi is a doddle. Battery life is a bit of a pain but in fairness it's got a big engine. Overall, nice phone but should have kept the wildfire and taken a sim only contract. Will I ever learn.

Reviewed by abi from uk on 29th Oct 2011
25 years ago we used to watch a tv series called nightrider with michael hassalholf and his kit car the 4s reminds of that but more reality now than fiction its a gimmy but fun to use i think its a excellant phone nevertheless only the downfall in my opinion a bit overpriced

Reviewed by Paulo from Scotland on 28th Oct 2011
Awful battery life. Now on my second 4s as the first one was running out so quickly. Calls dropping like flies, this one is going back. I just need to decide what phone to get next as it wont be a flipping Iphone.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 27th Oct 2011
I've always had iPhones & loved the the iphone 4.. So when the 4S came out couldnt wait to pre-order one.. After using it for a while it's not much different to the original iphone 4 although it is alot faster & of course Siri can be quite fun though useful aswell I suppose, however I don't use this feature much.. The thing that really disappointed me was the battery life.. With the 4 I got easily 2 days, however with the 4S I only get a day at best.. After installing the iOS 5 on my iphone 4 I also noticed a rapid decrease in battery life so I'm now confident this is just a problem with the software & I'm sure apple will release a fix for this in due course.. The signal is so much better, I get excellent 3G reception almost everywhere compared to my iphone 4 which wasn't as strong signal wise.. The 4S wont fit in any cases that has individual cut outs for the buttons on the side as these had to be realigned for the new antenna.. So all in all I'm more than happy with this model

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 26th Oct 2011
Put simply this is the best phone I've ever had. I think some people must have faulty phones as my battery is lasting for 2 days & beyond. It's getting a strong signal where my HTC struggled & the design is a future classic. I think SIRI is a bit of a gimmick & I never use it. I just wish there was a simple way to choose your own music for the ringtones. That isn't a big deal though & it doesn't stop it getting 5 stars.

Reviewed by ron from uk on 25th Oct 2011
awful battery life i get about 5 hours from mine and thats not heavy use also i have signal problems i thought this was fixed in the 4gs but appears not to be, i rushed out and bought and now regret it am trying to get shot of my awful iphone 4gs. buyers beware the signal problem is still there

Reviewed by B Pendergest from United Kingdom on 25th Oct 2011
Amazing Phone , Ive had it about a week , this phone is the best mobile I've ever had , 10/10

Reviewed by Suefromlondon from Uk on 24th Oct 2011
I absolutely love the iPhone 4s. I had the 3GS before which was great too but this is way better. Highlights are the camera, reminders, Siri (what a laugh but practical too) and speed. Battery life wasn't great but have drained the battery twice so far and it's improving. Had the phone from launch day on the 14th October.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
Finally decided to upgrade from my iPhone 3G to the NEW and improved iPhone 4s. Disappointment crept in all to soon when I noticed I had crappy battery life that meant I wouldn't make a full day on one charge - this was with moderate use and with a lot if features switched off (iCloud, Siri, ping, iTunes, brightness down, push mail off). Also the phone needs a cover as the antenna problem still exists but is slightly better then iPhone 4. With a slim fitting case this device still feel like a square brick in your hand compared with the curved back 3G (and I have largish hands) One week of poor battery and I returned the phone, yes it's fast and the display is gorgous but for its price (£750 on 12 month contract) its fallen short with these issues.

Reviewed by Sid H from Uk on 22nd Oct 2011
fantastic looking Phone!! Internet vv Quick, apps music siri brilliant!! Loads of fun but if you want to make a phone call = hopeless >>15 calls made 5 connected, txtd 5 times 2 got sent, qwerty keypad to small kept having to back space to delete the letter next to the one I wanted to type, compete waste of time, its booked to be returned, it could of been a one off?

Reviewed by Brad from UK on 21st Oct 2011
I have now had my phone for a week now, after selling my 3GS, I find the iphone 4S, a super piece of equipment, I'm not a fashion follower, but a purchaser of quality products, and this is one. I had a Samsung Galaxy S II,and I returned it, as like the HTC. There are cheap and have a tacky feel to them, and the Android platform to me feels rough and no where as polished as IOS, also I find Apple have super customer support, as I dropped my 3GS, and Apple charged me £130.000, for a re-con unit(as good as new), tell me what other company would do that ???????, I know I would have to pay at least £500 min.

Reviewed by That bird on the bus to Ashford from Englandistan on 20th Oct 2011
Siri comes up with some dumb stuff when questioned other wise a great phone, love the new 8mp camera, premium product for premium people.

Reviewed by Paul B from UK on 20th Oct 2011
My "um-teenth" iPhone now and the best of the lot. Yes, aesthetically its the same as the iPhone 4 but its the insides that make all the difference. You can certainly see the difference in speed, the camera is a lot better and Siri is great. Worth an upgrade? Yes, I think so. I came from Android this time(Galaxy S2)and whilst it really is a superb phone the Android market is still behind the App Store. All in all this is a great addition to the iPhone line-up.

Reviewed by A Woods from UK on 19th Oct 2011
Gone from a Blackberry to Iphone. Big mistake. No Battery life, no signal. It looks the part and I like the use of the messaging software but otherwise its just a gimmick

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