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Apple iPhone 3G review

 Review: July 2008  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The iPhone 3G is an amazingly user-friendly touchscreen phone. It includes many powerful features such as GPS navigation, OS X applications, fast web browsing, Apple's famous music-playing capabilities, up to 16 GB of built-in memory, and Wi-Fi support. But at the same time it's a very expensive device that misses a number of features that we've come to expect from high-end smartphones.


The iPhone 3G. Another difficult phone to review. Some will love it, some will hate it. Let's try to steer a middle path and avoid the hate mail we received after our original iPhone review last year!

The original iPhone was a flawed beauty. It was one of the first touchscreen-driven phones, and probably the most user-friendly. It had tons of memory, and was one of the best music players on the market. Other great features included the Safari web browser, Google maps, a brilliant LCD display to make the most of the multimedia features, and WiFi support too. But on the bad side, it was phenomenally overpriced and was locked to O2. It had a very poor quality camera compared to the competition. It lacked 3G (a major problem in a multimedia phone, and the only smartphone on the market to be missing 3G) and had limited Bluetooth connectivity, with no filesharing and no support for stereo Bluetooth headsets. Battery life was also poor, and there were various other limitations, such as the omission of MMS. The whole thing clearly demonstrated Apple's lack of experience as a cell phone manufacturer.

So, one year on, has Apple learned its lessons and fixed the problems? Well, the first lesson that Apple has learned is that it needed to release the iPhone worldwide simultaneously. No waiting 6 months for the second generation to appear in the UK. 6 months is a heck of a long time in technology! So Apple learned this lesson and released the iPhone worldwide on 11 July 2008. Secondly, they learned that the first iPhone was too expensive, and so the second generation model is cheaper. Still expensive (£159 for the 16 GB version on a £30 per month contract), but not quite as expensive as before. Still, let's have a reality check here - the iPhone 3G is still the most expensive smartphone on the market.

What about the phone itself? Well, clearly it's a 3G phone, so this fixes the single biggest complaint about the original iPhone. But remember that every single smartphone on the market has this feature, so this is nothing special. However, it does mean that finally the user can make the most of that huge screen and Safari web browser for a really outstanding mobile browsing experience. The 3G feature also supports the music downloading capability of the phone, and we can start to see the second generation iPhone fulfil its potential as a true multimedia device. We'd be mean not to say that it's a fantastic platform for all kinds of multimedia.

The camera is one feature that hasn't really got any better. Apple make a big deal about how user friendly the camera is - it's certainly easy to take pictures (partly because it totally lacks any useful features such as a flash, macro, autofocus, etc that all of Apple's competitors include as standard), and the photo management system is nice too, but the camera quality still lags well behind phones such as the Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson C902. Some other stuff that we take for granted is missing too, like MMS and video calling for instance.

But the new iPhone does include some powerful new features. First up, there's GPS, combined with Google maps. With the iPhone's huge screen, this is a brilliant implementation of satellite navigation. You can use this for in-car or pedestrian navigation, and can use keyword searches to find places like nearby cafes, etc. Traffic information is also available. Another feature is the App Store, where you can browse, download and buy third-party applications for your iPhone.

So, what to conclude? The iPhone 3G is still a strange kind of phone. Some things it does incredibly well. Others it does badly. Overall it's definitely a big improvement over the original iPhone. Is it worth the money? It really depends what you want from your phone, and what kind of compromises you're willing to make.

Update: With the release of the 3.0 software update in June 2009, Apple have raised their game a bit. The iPhone now has MMS, a copy & paste ability, a landscape keyboard, the ability to connect a Bluetooth headset and some other minor additions. First, let's just say it - "It was about time too, Apple!!!" Gosh, that feels better. Now, we'll calm down and re-assess whether any of our conclusions above are changed by this improvement. It's definitely a much improved phone, and some of the things that really irritated people about the iPhone have now gone away. On balance though, we're sticking with our 4 star rating. Not, as some have suggested, because we're "apple haters" (on the contrary, I eat one every day) but because the iPhone 3G is just about the most expensive phone on the market and it STILL doesn't have some features that much cheaper phones have got. You'll need the new iPhone 3G S for the full 5 stars. Of course, it's always worthwhile to compare handsets before you buy, in order to find the best smartphone for your needs.

Apple iPhone 3G features include:

  • Assisted GPS
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Display: 480 x 320 pixels (3.5 inch) touchscreen
  • Music player (AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 1, 2, and 3), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV formats)
  • Memory: 8 Gbyte or 16 Gbyte flash drive
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Size: 115 x 62 x 12.3 mm
  • Weight: 133g
  • Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) plus UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)
  • Talktime: 5 - 10 hours
  • Battery standby: 300 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 24 hours

Apple iPhone 3G user reviews

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Average rating from 387 reviews:

Reviewed by Neil Maidman from England on 3rd Jan 2012
I have an iPhone 3G and until recently I was very happy with this phone. Unfortunately the update software 5.0.1 has failed to work properly. The Phone now over heats and battery runs down in about 3 hours. I have to always switch the iPhone off to keep it cool. The software can not be removed so I hope Apple repair the software quickly. At moment no one at apple seems to care. nielmaidman@gmail.com

Reviewed by Frank Cutler from UK on 19th Oct 2011
I have had an iphone 3G for a few days I also have a nokia N95 which I have had for a few years. Although the iPhone looks great I have to say that my N95 beats it hands down. WHY..... with the N95 Nokia you can put contacts into groups NOT on the iphone The Predictive text on the iphone is very very arkward. if the iphone thinks you have mis-spelt a word it brings up a word it thinks you should use which is OK but now the REALLY REALLY bad bit, If you want to keep the word you typed you touch the word thats popped up. If you want to swap the word you use "space bar". So nearly every time you press "space bar" in your sentance it changes your word and you end up having to retype the original word. So your best bet is to turn predictive text OFF. you can't use bluetooth with other fones and the iphone so whats the point of having it ??? Although the screen is nice and big the camera is totally crap. from what i have experienced using the iphone apart from it's looks and touch screen i truely DO NOT rate it, I'm just so glad I brought it second had for £60:00 because to be honest my N95 beats it hands down........... If Apple instead of putting all their efforts into being fancy and good looking they put some effort into it being practical and useful you just might end up with a descent phone.....

Reviewed by Wick from UK on 3rd May 2011
I've read the reviews and agree about the mixed feelings. I DO love the phone, BUT since my wifi suddenly disappeared have found it very difficult to find satisfactory solution without paying huge fee to Apple as my warranty has just run out. Judging from the Forum I'm not alone with this problem so buyer beware. It might be worth buying extended cover when purchasing a phone

Reviewed by joey from UK on 23rd Jan 2011
i love it. i had this phone then i got the iphone 4. i like iphones because you can play games on them :)

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 15th Nov 2010
The apple iphone 3g is a wonderful phone, it is very user friendly and the amount of apps are amazing. I have reviewed almost all other phones and i am drawn back to apple each and every time. Its internet usage is quick and extremely easy, checking emails is superb. Well done apple!!

Reviewed by jon banker from UK on 12th Oct 2010
this phone is the best phone i mean it does all the things that the other ones do and it is cheaper so this is a must buy

Reviewed by george rosbrook from UK on 9th Aug 2010
absolutley amazing must buy

Reviewed by Dr.Aathish from UK on 29th Jul 2010
Very user friendly phone except one thing- the keyboard. Once it gets used it will be not a problem. It is the king of all phones without any compromise....

Reviewed by Me from UK on 6th Jul 2010
Great Phone!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Simple Simon from UK on 25th May 2010
I have suffered with this device for 2 years now. Okay, it looks good(until you drop it) and its got some good apps that keep you amused while waiting for the train, but to be honest this phone isnt worth buying for one reason only, the battery is only just next to usless. I also hate the way you have to hook it to itunes to do anything with it. Apple at its best.....moan about Microsoft creating a monoploy ....until they can. Hypocrites. Pure rubbish.

Reviewed by pete uk from UK on 13th May 2010
brilliant phone but you need to jailbreak it to get the best value

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 8th May 2010
No faults what so ever and I've had the 3G for 18 months.

Reviewed by tim from UK on 27th Apr 2010
this is the best phone i have ever owned got it on a 18 month contract paying 45 pound a moth alot of money but well worth if u bu this phone u will always be entertained i sm know think of getting the BlackBerry® Curve 8520 but thhinking it could be s big mistake as would miss this phone alot

Reviewed by charlie milton from UK on 23rd Apr 2010
i think the reason people only give one star because you probaly dont pay enough a month to be able to access to the the internet thats the whole point of the iphone

Reviewed by hamed from UK on 21st Apr 2010
the best phone ever!

Reviewed by King Khan from UK on 21st Feb 2010
The phones very good especially the price i paid.........boii its worth it...obv not as good as the 3GS

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 20th Feb 2010
I commented on this phone on 3/2/2009, i have had the 8gb black iphone for over a year now and just started paying for my wifi bolt on with o2 which is £10 a month. i have to say that its the only phone i have had that i haven't got bored with after a few months so I am upgrading this with the 32gb 3gs model at the end of month as i need more space.

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 13th Feb 2010
so much slower than the 3Gs

Reviewed by Daveb from UK on 28th Jan 2010
Well with the new software upgrade all the old problems seem to have gone away. I bought one on pay and go and its totally worth it. Great slick interface. Great internet functions.Looks fantastic . Good phone quality but a basic camera. Text messages are easy with the rotating landscape keyboard even for people like be with big fingers.The apps are fantastic fun and the games are great as well.The i pod is great and with slick links with things like facebook and youtube that work just great. Gps is also a godsend as well. This is what you want a gadget to be like and the i phone does not let you down.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 13th Jan 2010
its a top notch phone i would recommend this to anyone!

Reviewed by John P from UK on 8th Jan 2010
My Iphone is due for an upgrade. I think my next phone will be an Iphone, no worries.

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
Fantastic phone i recently managed to break mine and purchased a tocco lite for a while while t gets fixed, but my god does it show how good the iphone really is. Every other phone i have used is just boring. The iphone offers everything u can think of perfect.

Reviewed by Colin McSherry from UK on 28th Dec 2009
I Cannot understand all the negative comments on the iphone, I suspect these comments are from wanna be owners who have never had an iphone. The phone is the best on the planet with nothing to compare. Buy one and be stunned by the technology , There are apps for everything, Games, Productivity,Tools,Maps,etc with stunning graphics and a touch screen to die for. Brilliant in every way.

Reviewed by Vince from UK on 18th Dec 2009
Well, I have had many phones over the years, smart phones basic classic phones etc. I have just spent out and purchased the iPhone 3G 8Gb as a early christmas present to myself !. Its so easy to use. Setting up e-mail accounts was so easy. So many extra's available. Ive been used to "well thats the one and only case we do for your phone". Ok the camera is a rubbish 2 meg pixel. But even the 12 meg pixel camera on the latest Sony Satio is rubbish. Just buy a digital camera to take good photo's, these even come with a 3 x optical zoom ! for under £100. No I must say Apple, keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 6th Dec 2009
It is good. but it can break. The Samsung Tocco lite is better.

Reviewed by lucy Morgan from UK on 28th Nov 2009
i bought the phone for £350, now its worth £96 and it keeps breaking i wish i bought a blackberry

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 27th Nov 2009
My wife has just got this phone. She is delighted with it and finds it the easiest to use phone she has ever had. As far as I am concerned, I agree with her. The only think I find to criticize is when using the touch keypad, it is easy to press the wrong key as they are close together and I have big fingers! The battery life seems OK so far. The camera is not great, but who cares, it`s a PHONE not a Nikon D300! Overall, Apple have done a good job and it certainly looks cool!

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 20th Nov 2009
i have had it for the last 15 months, i would say graphic wise its a pretty good and i have to say what makes it 2 stand out its the programms that u could download from App store. only thing missin its the video camera

Reviewed by stoydi166@gmail.com from UK on 4th Nov 2009
i have iphone 3g for 6 months.i bought it unlocked as all iphones in greece.after 3 months aplle deside with os 3.1 to lock iphone and not work in wind.i forced to jailbreak it and now i can not connect it to itunes.very good phone very good battery,very good function,application in middle level.the most aufull is that you are not free.apple controls you with the os.i gave 650 euros to be controled.i am stupid.(the stars are for the device and not for the policy)

Reviewed by miz from UK on 30th Oct 2009
outstanding, but the battery life is poor, so only four starts. quite slippery so would reccomend a case to go with it

Reviewed by PHIL from UK on 25th Sep 2009

Reviewed by adude from UK on 12th Sep 2009
worst phone EVERRR !!

Reviewed by amaan from UK on 8th Sep 2009
it is so good

Reviewed by Claire Zumwalt from UK on 4th Sep 2009
Great phone, a must buy!

Reviewed by Nigella from UK on 21st Aug 2009
After having kept away from Apple as a whole (I did not even own an ipod), i have given into its demands as i was curious about the fuss and also i have a contract with o2. i've had the phone for less than 48 hours and have completely fallen for it. Shame about not being able to put music to a ringtone but i am astounded at some of the properties - checking your voicemail via a list, a music player which is great and the apps :) I'm still getting to grips with everything (probably as it took me about 30 mins to figure out how to insert the sim card!) but top notch all the way!

Reviewed by colin from UK on 20th Aug 2009
I have had my iphone for over six months now and have to say its a brilliant phone. I owned a top of the range samsung previously and the iphone is quicker to use than that one. I admit there are a lot of things missing from this phone that apple should of added but all these can be overcome one by one. There is a software app that can make the phone do almost anything you can think of. people who dont like the text keyboard etc can simply install another text program that has a different layout. by the time you have finished the phone can be totally personalised. As someone said previously its not the megapixals that always make a better pictue, there is a camera and video application that is 10 times better that the one installed giving better pictures,zoom functions etc and the pictures are almost as good as those of a 5MP although the phone does lack a flash. My iphone is now fully personalised with ringtones, sms tones, background pictures etc, i have a full europe sat nav installed on it and have all the applications i could ever want. A lot of the apple applications are free for example i did not have a convertor program on my iphone like i had on my samsung, so i simply downloaded one from apple foc which is a far better one than the samsung. The applications that you may have to pay for are around 99p. you cant go wrong. My phone is a pay as you go and my only gripe is that when you purchase the phone you are locked onto O2 which i think is a rubbish expensive network for PAYG customers but this can be unlocked for any network. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is thinking of getting one.

Reviewed by Rosie from UK on 12th Aug 2009
The only downside to this phone is its size - it is big, but that is because it has a beautiful big screen, which makes internet browsing possible. I have tried to do this on my husband's Nokia 6600 - impossible on such a tiny screen! The GPS is superb, the text messaging in 'speech bubble' conversations is superb, the photo albums are brilliant, with the ability to zoom in - the camera is only 2 megapixel but quite decent pictures. I use 'proper' camera for most pics anyway. I have had lots of Nokias before this, never got very excited about mobiles, but find the iphone is SO much easier to use I would never want to go back!

Reviewed by Om from UK on 5th Aug 2009
People who cant afford Iphone 3G say that its wortheless. I do acept that iphone havn't got that high mp cameraand you cant transfer files thru bluetooth but the people who use iphone use so many apps that it keeps their interest in the phone. There are thousands of apps out there even for free. I have had bold, storm, nokia 5800 xpress music(seriously worst look from outside and not good touch screen at all!)and many other phones but after a while i got bored of them and wanted to change them but iphone have hundreds of apps comin everyday! that its been a year i am using the phone i am bored at all. Its the phone for every type of user business user, a kid, teen. In apps you can find anything(also many for free) from nude wallpapers to high tech stuff. navigon GPS software and tom tom is comin out in october. Believe me if you can afford iphone 3G or 3GS buy it. I wouldn't recommend you Iphone 2G. For more info on iphone apps search iphone app on youtube and watch some videos. thanks for reading

Reviewed by Dean from UK on 14th Jul 2009
This is the best phone i have ever had, i love the phone the only thing that is disapoiting is the camera although it is better than nothing. the wi-fi is brill and so are apps altough it costing me a fortune because every time there is a app i have to get it. If you are thinking about getting this phone don't think twice about a bet you, you wont regret it.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 8th Jul 2009
Can I just start by saying that the majority of bad rad reviews are probably from people who don't actually have the phone, or even touched one! I love my iPhone, its by far the smartest and easiest to use phone on the market, and with the 3.0 update it adds a whole host of great features to make this phone even better. I have it set up connect to my Wireless broadband when I walk into my house, and even surfing on Safari using 3G is extremely fast.

Reviewed by Abby from UK on 7th Jul 2009
I've had the iphone for a year now & can't wait to get rid!!!!! I hate it, for the money it is rubbish! No bluetooth, no camera features, silly send buttons thats when your halfway through a text it sends becuase the button is in the wrong place, a silly messages screen that makes the messages come up like a conversation and no video OR video calls. Just not a good phone for the money it is worth. However, 3g is handy and i love the apps, i do like the ipod aswell, which comes in handy. But just not a good phone for the money or the reviews it gets!

Reviewed by David (GBR) from UK on 5th Jul 2009
well, i have it and it's pretty amazing but I'm just wondering how much better the 3GS is... just because it has compass and some other stuff doesn't mean they should exaggerate how good it is. Ps. they keep saying that it's the best iphone yet well probably because there's only been 3 =)

Reviewed by jimmy from UK on 3rd Jul 2009
"the best phone 4 ever"

Reviewed by Will from UK on 28th Jun 2009
Brilliant phone and I have updated to the latest operating system 3.0. It still lacks the ability to tell you if your sending 1 message or going into 2 which is annoying (maybe it will come one day?!) Easy to use and by far the best phone/iPod I have owned! Go buy the sim free one for £342 if you don't want to fork out for the monster priced 3G S!

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 19th Jun 2009
Dear Editor :o) Apart from the camera/video issue, I really can't think of what else could be missing from a Iphone....a Toaster perhaps? What I find frustrating is phones like the Nokia 5800 and Samsung HD get 5 stars even though they have their major faults and flaws. Yet in their cases, you are easily willing to overlook them....(don't even get me started on the 5800 touch screen usability or the horrendous 3.2 camera that is just as bad as the one on the iphone...if not worse)...yet the smooth running Iphone with a 2 meg camera (that actually does a very admirable job)gets 4 stars. Yes its an expensive phone but most apple products are expensive. That's not a valid reason to deduct points!! Bear in mind the Iphone is actually a very good phone, extremely user friendly, great call receptions, hardly crashes and a very very stable OS. It also excels in many areas that other phones don't (with it's apps facility alone, it deserves 5 stars) example: Hitachi makes good cheap products that would give sony a run for their cash, but you can't underrate sony products because they are marginally more expensive... which is what you seem to be doing to the iphone...

Reviewed by DAZ from UK on 18th Jun 2009
I have pruchased a pay and go I Phone and i agree with Admiral i now only carry my I Phone as it is all i need and does all i need in one handset. i was unsure to buy or not to buy was my issue but now i have i will not look back i sync up all my appointments and music ive got all my pics of the family for when im away and i can go WIFI when im out without my laptop great well done APPLE !!!! I dare say we will see some more tweakes on the updates etc soon they dont let us down with the apps i must admit lots to choose from. All in all i love it.!!!!!

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 18th Jun 2009
Now that many software issues have been resolved with the release of V3.0.... does the iphone 3g get that extra star?? or still hating apple ;o)

Reviewed by Daylight Robbery from UK on 18th Jun 2009
iphone, more like i am out of £350 Phone, Its all Show & No Go.

Reviewed by Natasha Lawton from UK on 14th Jun 2009
i love my i-phone it is so cool best phone ever it is a bit expensive but i bought mine on ebay for £50 cool ay. BUY THE I-PHONE

Reviewed by DAS from UK on 9th Jun 2009
Absulute Rubbish, Its Just Apple cashing in on you Punters. Just the Same as the first One, Pathetic Camera, LG Arena looks Like a good One.

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 9th Jun 2009
Couldn't live without it...I have the White one, which always gets compliments. There's an awe from other people too, "wow, you have an iPhone..?"...I frequently use the maps while out of foot, when I'm not sure where a restaraunt/street is. The Internet is amazing, I'm using my phone now. I have loads of great apps like the London underground maps, where to dine and tv guide. I'm constantly on facebook too which is almost as good as an computer. I rarely use my pc/iPod now. If I could only take one thing to a desert island it's be my iPhone...oooh and charger :) yes the battery isn't great but how hard is it to plug it in every night?? It lasts allday then..

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 9th Jun 2009
TERRIBLE - unless U R always near a wi-fi hot spot this FAILS TOTALLY as a practical MOBILE DEVICE

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 8th Jun 2009
Being experienced with a variety of phones, this phone beats every other hands down!! love it to bits and apple has a way of overcoming what some may call 'limitations' i.e. email in place of bluethooth (if you can't afford internet on the go then thats your problem). the only thing is that it literally sucks battery! but that doesn't make it any less exciting. Truly love this phone and is endlessly exciting!!

Reviewed by Kazzzza from UK on 6th Jun 2009

Reviewed by Mutley from UK on 6th Jun 2009
iphone....love most of it but why oh why did they not go that little bit further. Like most people I am not impressed with the camera and with no video function it lacks even behind 30£ phones from Argos. My other gripe is MMS. WWWWWhy must I email my badly pix elated photo's rather than be able to send them to a mates mobile. And lastly my third gripe. TEXT messaging. No forwarding or cut n paste possible.??? When I get a good joke or bit of gossip I don't want to spend ages rewriting the message to all my friends individually. Absolutely stupid omission I feel. Everything else I like by the way especially video quality and the fact I can watch BBC iplayer over wifi of an evening. But it has to loose half a star for the camera, half for no picture texting and a whole one for it's non forwarding message system.

Reviewed by stu k from UK on 4th Jun 2009
this phone is aweful....way, way, way to fragile. don't drop it ever!!!

Reviewed by Geraint Morgan from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
First I'll say its a good phone, and the app store makes it even better. It's simple to use, easy to access internet, check emails and so forth.. There are a few let downs, camera is pretty rubbish compared to most phones but don't dont let that turn you away. It lacks a few features which should be on there from the start (update 3.0 fixes this) which is out soon. Overall its a good phone just I'm a camera freak but don't always carry my digital camera on me. Good first or second attempt what-ever way you look at it.

Reviewed by Harvey from UK on 2nd Jun 2009
I agree with all the countless complaints made below which make this the most DISASTEROUS HYPED RIP OFF phone ever, but i think one of the worst things is that you have to stand near a mobile mast to have any chance of the phone to work reliably otherwise its worthless rubbish so you need to carry around a decent reliable mobile with U ASWELL - which is STUPID! - Whats the point of calling it the i"PHONE" when it can't even make clear,audible (FAR too quiet volume as with music) reliable/not droped calls for most of the time/places + i've heard ENDLESS same complaints from people all over world, so proves its purely a problem with the Iphone itself

Reviewed by RIPPED OFF ! from UK on 2nd Jun 2009
AAAHHHH! I'm onto my 5TH replacement phone ALREADY in a matter of months.*BUT* there's EVEN WORSE news than they all keep developing SERIOUS faults - U NEVER GET a NEW REPLACEMENT its always 'refurbished' ie U just get the OLD USED FAULTY iPhone that someone else returned.... this has happened to HUGE numbers of other iPHONE owners as can be seen from their reports ALL OVER the web. NIGHTMARE!!!!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 1st Jun 2009
Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish , freezes ,Turns itself off,and a complete waste of money

Reviewed by p-f from UK on 1st Jun 2009
had for a week - sent back and got a htc touch hd best move i ever made...come on apple u avin a laff??

Reviewed by wheeeeeee from UK on 1st Jun 2009
it's not a bad phone actually, but its very easy to break. I dropped it once and it was BADLY broken, after i had it fixed, which took forever, it got all stuck and slow and not good. I am not using the phone anymore because its too much work and too sensitive to use, i will be buying a different phone soon.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 31st May 2009
Rubbish - now only a mobile braindead BABOONS buy. Everyone else can get something like the LG Cookie KP500 instead :)

Reviewed by Daz from UK on 28th May 2009
in mobile terms this phone was released in ancient history and since then technology has advanced in leaps and bounds leaving the iPhone an outdated, poorly spec'ed, overpriced + oversized monstrosity that only technologically ignorant, vacuous, dumb fashionistas will still crave - the rest of us, with IQs into double figures, meanwhile having moved on are now benefiting from todays technology like the the LG ku990 which wipes the floor with the dinosaur iPhone in every respect :)

Reviewed by ROCKY from UK on 28th May 2009
When the phone first came out, i was amazed and when i got was shocked at how good thee phone is and what it can do. I only wish that the camera was better. However, in the current market, you can get phones with just as many featureas, better camera and most inportanly, at a decent price.

Reviewed by MOONHEAD from UK on 26th May 2009
I have just brought this phone yesterday on pay as you go and i have to say that it is a brilliant phone. I also own an iPod touch, however i purchased the iPhone for the fact that it is a phone and an iPod built in. I have been using it often and cant see myself buying any other phone for at least 2 years or so from now. Top quality phone that i would recommend to any one. If you like iPods and need a new phone you would not regret buying this!! Dont forget about the app store!! (so many apps i have lost count) good luck with your decision :) The iPhone rules

Reviewed by John from UK on 25th May 2009
Why on this phone to you have to pay to do basic applications which are free to do on other phones. You can't use the phone as a modem. There is no app for MMS. Next you will need an app to make a phone call.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 24th May 2009
I have never owned a smartphone before and really only used a phone before to text and phone people. Occasionally bluetoothed ringtones to and from my kids and recieved a few MMS every now and again. Borrowed the Viewty for a few days and hated it. Far too complicated and too many features. I love my ipod video and love music, so when my upgrade came i decided, what the hell, and went for the iphone on a 2 year contract never had more than a 12 month contract before! Well when the phone came, i was blown away by the quality! it feels devine in your hand, top quality and gorgeously heavy. Feels high quality. I have very long nails and was surprised that it didnt work with my nails or a stylus like the Viewty or HTC phones, so promptly cut my thumb nails off! Plus points: looks gorgeous, very expensive feel to it, excellent user interface is simplicity itself. Intuitive and FAST. Applications for almost anything including MMS!! so you CAN receive and veiw MMS messages. The applications are very reasonable from free and 59p to 20 quid. I have found contact management apps, facebook, ebay and hotmail apps, i have sinc'd all my email accounts including my microsoft exchange work email, which i have never done on any other phone! It is awesome. Internet conection is amazing and fast, the google maps is brill, and so is the weather app, i can see what the weather is doing in all my fav places (saddo!!) Negs: No bluetooth (well there is but only for carkits) no forwarding of SMS (well you can take a screenshot and MMS it or email it) and the need to have short nails (although you can now buy a stylus that works) The camera is 2mg pix and perfectly adequate for a phone cam. ITS A BLOOMIN PHONE NOT A CAMERA! you want better pics? Use a camera! I have found the features missing for me are the ones i hardly ever used. In MY opinion, the i phone is worth every penny and i adore it. If it could change a plug and mow the lawn I would MARRY IT! If it had proper MMS bluetooth and SMS forwarding (properly) then it would get 5 stars. However at Carphone Warehouse it is free on £34 per month for 2 years and that is fine by me. i was paying that for a LG k600 peice of rubbish.

Reviewed by mr me from UK on 24th May 2009
i have a lgku990 and was going to get a iphone but wont bother now as the ku990 was cheaper an has most of the i phones features your realy only paying for the apple name

Reviewed by Ben Dover from UK on 21st May 2009
You can spend all day on this phone, and you will never get bored, that's how good it is !! And i'm loaded, and i havn't bought another phone for over a year

Reviewed by Ric from UK on 19th May 2009
All hype & No Go, Ive sold my iphone now, might get the LG Arena which seems to have much better spec.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 17th May 2009
Bought this "phone" (since it only functions like a phone occasionally if you are lucky making the whole thing pointless) quite a while ago and still the battery life rarely makes half a day.Considering its already brick like dimensions adding a battery pack is out of the question and out of budget given the cost already.Its simply ludicrous to call it a "mobile device" more like a "crippled mobile". Thanks to a friend i have been trying out a Netbook and i can tell you its much easier, faster,reliable, pleasurable to use and cheaper. Its far less unwieldy and importantly the battery life lasts for days - a truly mobile device. Given the iPhone never works reliably as a phone anyway thats no loss and a modern budget micro mobile is superior + more reliable to the iPhone's phone functions in every way.To get my own Netbook i only have to get rid of this iPhone, but now it seems the novelty has warn off, its impracticality has been realised and everyone else is trying to get rid of their iPhones too, leaving me chained to the equivalent of a concrete block that cost me the earth but is no longer 'worth a penny'.

Reviewed by vizibledog from UK on 16th May 2009
The iphone rocks. I had a N95 8GB before this but the iPhone kicks its @ss. I dont know how I ever got by in life without it.

Reviewed by Bob jo spankadoddle from UK on 14th May 2009
I have the iphone and it's a good looking phone but the bluetooth dosnt work :(. The camera is good but u can't record videos :( x So the phone has good and bad points. :/

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 13th May 2009
The usual buggy nonsense from Apple - only a KID could love it (or an Adult that can't count past 10 :D )

Reviewed by piggy/gum gum from UK on 13th May 2009
This phone has a lot of apps which why i am going to buy this phone. my mum and dad has this phone and they love and they think it has great internet connection the phone is easy to use and has a piggy nose

Reviewed by brian from uk from UK on 10th May 2009
the phone is a as much use as a guitar with no strings i bought one on the 21.04.09 not a easy phone to use in fact i wish i had never seen it its coused me so much trouble take my advice its a no.no NO NO MINE HAS BEEN SHUT AWAY IN MY DROW NEVER TO SEE DAYLIGHT AGAIN

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 8th May 2009
I upgraded to the iphone 6 weeks ago. Before i upgraded to the iphone i spent hours and hours reading reviews by iphone users on various websites. Peoples main gripes with the phone are MMS and Bluetooth all of which will be solved with the 3.0 software upgrade coming in June/July The 3.0 software upgrade will make the iphone a top device and i don't think that anything out there will touch it. The only problem i have had is getting used to the texting, but slowly getting to grips with it. Again once the 3.0 software upgrade is available you will also be able to text in landscape mode so that will make texting easier. The iphone is a stunning phone and my advise to anyone in 2 minds about purchasing one is to pop down to your local 02 or Carphone Warehouse and have a play with one. Another major gripe with the iphone is that it's so addictive, you can spend hours searching through all the apps!!!!!!

Reviewed by Barry is an iron ? from UK on 7th May 2009
Best way to describe my feelings of the iPhone is Im a serial phone swapper. Not since I got my iPhone . I've had it for 9 months now and not even thought about changing it.I really wanted to hate it but I don't . God bless the iPhone.

Reviewed by Pete in Bath from UK on 5th May 2009
Having read all the reviews I finally decided to go for the iphone, why so long because of the mixed reviews on here. Sadly a lot of people complaints appear false (but I am sure others are) or negative about its features as long as the ones it has work well then whats the problem eg video calling and mms. I checked before buying what it had and what it didn't have and those folks compaining should have and as Mr Bob below says those who haven't purchased please don't review. The phone, I love it, i am wasting hours on the apps, viewing web sites, listening to music as well as crystal clear phone calls and texting, which is a nack but I am getting there. I can only recommend these, the apple interface is so user friendly I only wish I had bought one sooner. The camera isn't great but I didn't buy it for the camera so no grumbles there.

Reviewed by Holly from UK on 3rd May 2009
Very good, but I think they should really include video and bluetooth, thats quite unuasual to not have those things nowadays. Texting is okay, not too hard but not very enjoyable, great looking but people always stare at you when you answer a cool or something. Mainly its the features it doesnt have that make the mark less. My opinion though, for some people it will be the perfect phone.

Reviewed by Mark. from UK on 1st May 2009
Fantastic phone, ipod, phone, internet all in one, does everything. software is great. dont moan about camera, if you very high quality phots by a digital camera!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 30th Apr 2009
Great Phone, Cannot be beaten. Best phone I have owned and will own for a long time. No other rival, I cant see another rival to this phone for years to come. The User interface is great, easy and fun to use.

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 29th Apr 2009

Reviewed by Mollie from UK on 29th Apr 2009
Yes it's a good phone- but not worth the price at all! The cookie is very similar and cheaper; and comes in pink too. But still very good (: enjoy using it

Reviewed by RH from UK on 24th Apr 2009
Amazing, just amazing. In my opinion blows anything else out of the water ! (latest disaster I used was Omnia)

Reviewed by Unusually High SAR Rating!!! from UK on 24th Apr 2009
Yes Martin U are not alone with the iPhone causing radiation sickness (why it has the name iRADIATE as well as iFAILURE :D ) - its SAR value is exceptionally high and the symptoms you describe specifically beginning with using the iPHONE , can be found reported ALL over the web by suffering owners.The amount of overall switched on time near (anywhere on) the body also relates the degree of absorbed radiation - you would aspect anyone that raves about the iFAILURE to have their brain cooked - but considering how brain dead they are already to come to such an inane belief (eg. given the price and available current technology around TODAY compared to the years ancient iPhone tech ) they are well protected from the risk.

Reviewed by Looby from UK on 21st Apr 2009
Well I bought my phone 3 months ago and I love it! It was my first new phone for about 5 years. OK the camera isn't great, but that's it. Following the update in July 09 it's going to be even better!

Reviewed by Clem from UK on 20th Apr 2009
Ok so the iphone may lack some qualities such as mms and a video recorder but with the release of the 3.0 software soon to be coming out withen the next few motnhs, it solves all of these problems by a long mile. besides what some people think the iphone "lacks" it more than makes up for it in many of the areas. for instants its stunning display and easy interface, the fact you can download thousands of applications for it to combat such prblems. my conclusion is for you iphone haters to grow a pair becasue i the iphone is without a doubt the most revoloutionary phone which has ever been made. to finish this off, you dont see someone switching their contracts to o2 to by the samsung touch phone or the LG one do you!?

Reviewed by agooner from UK on 20th Apr 2009
I have had my iphone 3G for 8 months now, as a media device there is nothing to touch it in my opinion.

Reviewed by ANGRY from UK on 16th Apr 2009

Reviewed by Unknown from UK on 14th Apr 2009
First thing WAY to expencive ( 3G PAYG ) I want one but there way to expencive. Even the 8GB is too expencive, but other things, excellent ( i know 'cos i've played on my mates :) )

Reviewed by Davey Martin from UK on 13th Apr 2009
I don't own one, and am not a fan of Apple as a marketing company, but am intrigued to see where the 3rd generation of this phone may go. It's a fairly unique piece of kit, having seen it in action, and there is *something* about it. However, it's only on a par with the N96, HTC Touch and the latest BlackBerry phones (which have really impressed me), not in its own league - however hard Apple sells us otherwise. It just seems to appeal to people who see their technology as a lifestyle 'statement' - but if you're a true techie tart, you want something with power, usability & expandability and not, as with many things Apple, something that works hard on its intrinsic good looks first.

Reviewed by Joseph from UK on 13th Apr 2009
Owned it then sold it got the LG Arena recently very nice! Good phone some unique ideas but limited in some areas some of the apps are useful but a bit gimmicky and with the camera don't even bother. These phones only serve to guarantee apple future revenue as opposed to offering value to the consumer. Apps, replacement batteries, itunes, limited networks and incompatibilty with other devices mean you will always be opening your wallet. Most features can be found on other phones the only uniqueness is apple's flair for sleek design and presentation; very good but as flava said 'don't believe the hype'! :)

Reviewed by Martin Crombie from UK on 13th Apr 2009
Only had the phone for a few days, gave me serious headaches & nausea with the high SAR ratings 1.35 Both myself and my partner felt car sick whenever it was switched on. We call it the 'iPain' good riddance! Nokia here we come.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 13th Apr 2009
After waiting ages for an iphone i was extremly dissapointed by it! Within 2days of having it iam bored of it already and will be taking it back tommorrow . No bluetooth!! Less than basic camera!!! A rip off when you consider you can get the ipod touch which does more or less the same thing for £160 and is slimmer. This will be that last time i buy a phone whithout reading reviews first and just going off the hype. Bigg mistake!!!

Reviewed by me ! from UK on 12th Apr 2009
i think the iphone is a good fone it is stylish cool the touch screen works very well i am disappointed at the lack of video and the 2 meg camera overall its a ok fone EXTREMLY overpriced and a bit of a rip off !!!

Reviewed by I Sheikh from UK on 10th Apr 2009
This is, by far, one of the most amazing gadgets I have ever owned. But first, I cannot say that I wasn't slightly dissappointed at the lack of customization options (i.e. mp3 ringtones, backgrounds etc.). I thought that having an "operating system on a phone would allow a greater degree of personalization for power users. Aside from that, I have to say the interface is very fluid; emails are easily managed on this phone; and the apps make this a very powerful phone. Yes, people have expressed their concerns over the camera, but to be perfectly honest I feel this is a matter of preference; I am not too bothered about a camera, more so about everything else, which this phone does very well (if not the best) compared to others in the market. IS 09/04/2009

Reviewed by Landie from UK on 7th Apr 2009
Played with an iPhone belonging to a relative last week. All gloss and shine, no substance, major features missing that we in the European market take for granted. A phone for tragics and fashionistas. Good music player, but then so is an iPod Nano. The rest of it is a waste.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 7th Apr 2009
Hello.As someone with a PhD in electronics technology and who repairs mobiles for a hobby i can assure you that 5 star iPhone reviewers here either have never owned a mobile without serious issues OR have only ever used apple products (however, given the clear limitations of their IQ it would seem some parents let their children have far too much unmoderated web time ;-) ). A mobile "PHONE" implies exactly that - a functional voice communication ability - clearly these 5 star reviewers never use a mobile phone to speak to people outside the room they're in and/or out of speaking distance.When it comes to a hardware fault created during manufacture NO amount of software updating will remove the problem + those that are bribed so easily with updates instead of the real issue being solved have apple sniggering (at them - as they'll be able to pull the same ploy on those same gullibles again and again) all the way to the bank :D and continued ripp off + misery for a majority of those who are still blissfully unaware of its serious issues and continue to buy the now well outdated technology wise iPhone. Thank you for your time and hopefully this will save you time, money and YOUR DIGNITY ! (but if you have the mind of a child then none of these things will matter and the sheer limmited dumbed downess of the iPhone will make it the best TOY you have ever had in your pointless 2D existence.....LOL! )

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