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Apple iPhone 3G S review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated May 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The iPhone 3G S is more polished than earlier models and without the reception problems that plague the iPhone 4. Highlights include GPS navigation with a digital compass, OS X applications from the App Store, super fast web browsing, Apple's famous music-playing capabilities, up to 32 GB of built-in memory, and Wi-Fi. And the price is now very realistic.

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The iPhone 3G S launched in the UK on June 19th 2009 on O2, and is now available on all the networks. It is available free on contract, and finally, two years after launch, you can buy it for what seems like a moderately fair price. The iPhone 3GS includes features like a video camera, voice control and a digital compass. The camera has been upgraded to 3 megapixels with autofocus. Battery life has been improved and applications run faster. And, set your eyebrows to "shocked" because you can now copy and paste text, and forward messages.

There was never any doubt about the basic platform on which the iPhone is built. The original iPhone set the benchmark for touchscreen phones, and the iPhone is arguably still the best touchscreen-driven phone on the market in terms of usability. What was lacking in the first two generations of iPhone was the featureset that users expect from a modern phone. Now, with the 3G S, we can say that there is nothing essential missing. That's not to say that it's the best in every department. The camera is still basic when compared to the 8 megapixel camera with HD video on the iPhone 4S for instance. And the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a much higher resolution screen. Etc, etc. The point is that the perfect phone doesn't exist - will never exist - and as buyers we have to weigh up the options and choose the one that seems to meet our most important needs. Previous versions of the iPhone often failed to meet quite basic needs, and had to be excluded from the shortlist, but the 3GS does enough to be considered a player.

First off, there can be no doubting the sheer style, ease-of-use and fun that the iPhone 3G S delivers. It's such a slim, tactile, good-looking phone with such gorgeous graphics that we want to just kiss it - phwa! The iPhone delivers on its promise to replace three devices with one. One - it works brilliantly as a phone, and once you've started touching your friends' names in the contacts list to make a call, you'll never want to go back to a conventional phone. Two - it replaces your iPod, obviously, no contest. Three - it's one of the top mobile internet devices around, with the wonderful Safari web browser and the easy scrolling and zooming of full web pages, displayed in all their glory. It's also brilliant at email. But the iPhone has more than this. It also has the App Store, which is now a mature library of thousands of applications, many of which you can download for free. Whether you want to play games, access Facebook, edit your photos or plan your finances, you can probably find an app that does what you want.

The camera is a considerable improvement on the previous iPhone. It's now up to 3 megapixels and crucially has autofocus. This works really well in fact - you just tap the screen to tell the camera where you want to focus - quite a brilliant innovation we think. Although the camera can't match most similarly-priced smartphones, it's good enough for casual snaps.The video camera isn't totally useless, with a VGA resolution and up to 30 frames per second.

The GPS system has been upgraded, with a digital compass added, which is very handy. There are other improvements across the board, such as enhanced YouTube support, voice memos and voice support, and faster apps. All these improvements make a big difference in fact.

The iPhone 3G S works well as a phone, brilliantly as a media player and portable internet device, and perhaps most of all as a portable mini computer internet games music camera thingy that is so good it's virtually a must-have. Once you have it, you'll ask yourself how you ever lived without it. It's good value when compared with the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, but Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the HTC Sensation XE will give you a lot more for your money.

Apple iPhone 3G S features include:

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Average rating from 292 reviews:

Reviewed by James from UK on 16th Dec 2012
This phone is really old now and most new users of this phone will be purchasing it as used. A word of warning for anyone coming in late to have/use this phone.

I have had this phone from new and couldn't fault it. Obviously it is far outclassed now by Apple's later versions. I currently have the 4S and so I do know what I'm talking about.

I kept the 3GS as my back up phone and kept it regularly charged. Here is the warning!

Last week I noticed that the rear of the phone looked distorted and had developed several cracks. Now the phone spent the majority if its time in a drawer and so I knew it had not been dropped or worse, stood on.

After a few more days the phone had visibly expanded and now the screen is bowed and popping away from the frame.

A quick search of the Internet later and low and behold other users have experienced the same unexplained occurrence. It would appear that the battery has failed and its "safety/protection" is to expand within its packaging rather than leak fluid into the phone. This "safety" feature has destroyed my phone from the inside out.

I've booked an appointment at the Genius Bar to probably be told I'll have to pay for a replacement.

I'm not holding out any hope for a reasonable solution and I'm expecting my relationship with Apple the company to be massively damaged.

I'll keep you updated.

In it's day this was a 5 Star phone. Today that has dropped significantly purely through evolution.

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 20th Oct 2012
I noticed I'd forgot to update my original review - I had a brilliant few months with my 3GS between Jan - May when Orange offered me the 4s and iPad new for just £6 extra then I simply couldn't say no - anyway back to the point I would definitely recommend the 3GS to anyone looking for a good value iPhone it may not have the fancy gadgets of the 4s I'm not able to review the iPhone 5 as I'm interested in something different next time - but the 3GS does the basics extremely well and IMOi it feels nicer to hold than later models

Reviewed by Chloe from Scotland on 11th Oct 2012
I have the I phone 3GS and my contract is for renewal at the end of October and I am shall not be getting another I phone. My phone today had blow me. It won't load for anything rebooted it the lot nothing happening. It's being binned by the end of tonight. SAMSUNG❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Reviewed by HARIS KHAN from Pakistan on 22nd Apr 2012
salam to all viewers....
i m very happy to found iphone 3gs in pakistan itz very cheap now a days around 15000 PKR around 160$ you can get gud iphone 3gs 8gb version with cable and charger....
i m iphone lover installed ios 5.1 threated very gud responce no lag or slow..
camera quality iz very gud and specially love iphone application no 1 can beat them like android apps....
love ma iphone very much.....

Reviewed by jovan from uk on 16th Apr 2012
What a silly phone. I can't say how bad this phone is. Internet is slow, google maps most of the time take ages to load. After 2 years silence button broke and if on silent it still rings loudly, but can start vibrating at any time by itself. For this reason went to apple shop and they said they can't repair it (the silence button!?) but would replace my phone for new one for 119 pounds!! Daylight robbery.
In addition, after updating with newest software on the through itunes, the phone actually got slower and more unresponsive - how is that for an upgrade!
Don't buy this brick, for this is the only good use for it.

Reviewed by Demi from UK on 11th Apr 2012
I owned an Iphone 3Gs and got fed up of it after a month. Comparing Iphones to other android phones such as 'Sony Xperia S' or 'Samsung Galaxy S2' Iphones are rubbish! No. 1 the camera has no quality to it. No. 2 The aerials built in Iphones are not so good for signal so unless your surrounded by 3G then getting service can sometimes be unsuccessful. No. 3 When wanting to tranfer music, images ect from your PC to an Iphone it's not as simple, unlike most phones you have to download Itunes onto your PC and sync items you want to tranfer that way and you can't delete the items you've sync off your handset, you have to plug it back in to your pc and delete through Itunes. No 4 You can only download apps from Itunes and most of them cost! No. 5 Bluetooth was never successful for me. No. 6 When using Itunes it said i had to update otherwise i couldn't sync anything so after updating it, it came up with 'This sim card is no longer supported' and after that the Iphone would no longer let me recieve or take calls and messages so the Iphone became useless to me. In my opinion for the huge cost of an Iphone and all the negative points ive experienced with, they're are not worth it!

Reviewed by yugi from boston on 27th Mar 2012
i love it the life camra and omg the apps!

Reviewed by Nader from Egypt on 15th Mar 2012
I've been a 2 months user for the iphone 3gs , it's an Amazing phone , it came with ios 4.1 , the Performance was Superb, everything seemed to be Running Very Smooth! , i Adore this phone & then i Upgraded to ios 5.0.1 , for those saying there is Performance issues , well i say that i have 155mb of Free RAM!! , which is Absolutely Amazing! , it's really Awesome when you'r holding a Smart phone made since 2009 & it's still one of the BEST EVER!, i'am Totally Satisfied with my iphone 3gs , i love Gaming on it all the time, & for the Draining BAttery , i bought a Varta portable Battery Charger which Doubled the Fun time !!! :)

Reviewed by tarby from England on 15th Mar 2012
Had mine now for six months, and I can't fault it.
The Iphone is a mini computer really, so if you was using your laptop the same way you use the iphone playing games, downloading, and internet I bet you will have to charge your laptop twice a day.
As for me I turn of 3g and Wifi and only turn them on when I need them, this way I can get 3-4 days between charging.

Reviewed by Karen J Taylor from Australia on 12th Mar 2012
My Personal Thourghts On 3G S IPHONES,
Firstly , All the Big Company's , Make It Impossible to New People,With New Tecnology , Just by upgrading from a Plain Mobile.... I Started With A Pager, Upgraded to now what's known as a Brick, Then a Couple Plain Mobiles.. Reaching Out to "A Computer Phone" At My Age, With No !!Computer Skills Whatsoever , was Scary to say the least, Have No Computer Skills, no Laptop, table type Computer..
So Now I Find Myself in The Hands Of Yes Big Companies, And now Feel Terrified!!!
As Soon as I purchased This 3G S , and it Cost a Lot Of Money To Me, that it's Way Out Dated, but in the Mobile Shop It Was This Huge Display For a Prepaid Yes!!! 3G S ...
The Shop set it up to my Carrier, Saving what they Could, found out
Later, I had only Phone Numbers, All Photos Gone, and all the Nice
Wall papers, Ring Tones Everything gone. So Now What do I do, ...
Ended Up being Hooked up On Line , by A Computer in Queensland ,
By , a relation... The fact of the Matter They put the Wrong Information In..
Wrong No' Wrong Name Wrong DOB...
So my World Of A New 3G S, Turned Into A Night Mare...Was told To Fix It.. Full Stop!!
So With One Little 3G S and me.. Have Had To Work Day and Night,
To put Things Right !!With No Other Computer!!
Thirdly, Almost There With Not Much Fun, Now Find Big Company's
Are At Me Left And Right, getting me to Change passwords, not just that But
Retype in Capcha Scibble, so Called Letters, that are Not Even IN SIGHT over and over Again...
Now I Find Myself Without Email , Why Do I Even Bother Now With This Tiny 3G S
Without a Social Friend Page, A Moodle, A Vahvoo, and Nobody Has A Customer Care Landline To
Call, except Apple, and Optus,
All and will say It Again ALL others, Want to to Fix Things On Line..
So it all Comes Back To This 3G S IPONE and Me,
Where Does One Start!!!! OR Do They Thow Out A 3G S
Because they Have Social Phobia, Anxiaty Diabetes, and Depression..
They can't. Even Get To A Libary, Let Alone Use A Big Computer
Because they shake to Much, Causing a Panick Attack.. Full Stop.................... !!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Cheryl from England on 11th Mar 2012
I've had the IPhone 3Gs since May 2011.....not had any problems apart from sometimes logs me out of what I'm doing & sends me back to main menu! Can be a tad annoying at times but not really a problem, people moan about the battery life, yes it doesn't last a day but how hard is it to charge it through the night when your sleeping!!! Just got the IPhone4 so have to see how that goes!

Reviewed by protik from bangladesh on 11th Mar 2012
i have been using iphone3GS for 3 months.it is a superfast smartphone and i can easily use pc apps and games with it.

Reviewed by Biswajit from India on 29th Feb 2012
I own an iphone 3GS for the last several months. And I have mixed reactions. First I want to tell that its a superb phone if you analyze from the point of view ease of use and interface along with iOS X, though it doesn't have the best screen resolution but it happily manages to take for granted. The app store is awesome with its wide range of apps just ready to be downloaded. 3G connectivity works fine. But the battery life is not so good. Battery drains heavily if you browse on 3G connectivity, as a result I need to recharge the phone even twice a day! There is another thing, I didn't update to ios 5 after reading countless negative replies by the users who updated their device. I'm still using the iOS 4.3.5. So overall that's my experience with the device. I like it. And would definitely recommend for others even in 2012! Good bye!

Reviewed by Merv from England on 17th Feb 2012
I have had IPhone 3GS for twelve months it is excellent I was very unsure about getting one when reading reviews my daughter bought me mine secound hand. I don't feel like I want anything else
As a phone I use it to its full use calander. For every day use email. And Internet and after loads of research on apps have found. About 6 very every day useful. Apps . The Bluetooth connects ever time I am in my car Toyota hands free the battery lasts though out the day if running low I plug it in
On charge it works fine why do people moan. It is very well designed. Phone with extras.. My first phone twenty years a go was like a brick the battery was four times the size of the iPhone . I use iCloud with my iPhone switch on computer calander is updated people that write poor reviews have they really put the iPhone to uses. My big step is should I change up when content with iPhone 3GS

Reviewed by Phil young from United Kingdom on 17th Feb 2012
I have an iPone 3GS. At the age of 56 taking to this type of innovation was extremely easy. I find the unit easy to use & easy to see. It has minor problems when using the note book facility. The size of the script cannot be enlarged using two fingers as when using the web. The camera also is very slow when taking a picture & often the subject being photographed moves creating a blurred & poor photograph. Another problem when switching from my Blackberry is the lack of a word processing facility that will read MS Word & the lack of a spreadsheet able to read MS Exell. The iPhone 3GS has a far better touch screen compared with the Blackberry. I have a problem with the iPones Bluetooth system as it will not connect to my Mercedes. Neither my service provider or Mercedes can sort out this problem. So to resolve this problem I have had to use a seperste Bluetooth device clipped to my sun visor. The battery life between charges is quite poor. Other than that it is a very user friendly device. I now await the launch of the iPhone 5 to see how it performs. I have heard rounded that it is unlikely to be launched until the launch date coensides with that of the first iPones to make the take up match the end of contracts.

Reviewed by Jennifer from Scotland on 11th Feb 2012
So brilliant, I can't bear to update to i4!! I only once had a problem, the "end call" did not respond, but the usual trick of switching off and on again did the trick. I've had it for at least 2 years now - since they first came out. Still love it.

Reviewed by glenda nyondo from zambia on 22nd Jan 2012
The battery on my apple iphone does not last for two days and yet am not downloaing anything......

Reply by James from England on 24th Apr 2012
I'm sorry but i'd like you to find ANY smartphone on the market that has a battery that would last 2 days!

Reply by Steve from UK on 24th Apr 2012
My Google Nexus S will easily last for 3-4 days with 3G switched on and automated software updates enabled.

Reply by KIARA from LEEDS on 9th May 2012

Reviewed by Ryan from Wales on 18th Jan 2012
My first iPhone - and I love it does everything I need and unlike the 4 and 4s it looks and feels like a million dollars not to mention a lot cheaper - here's to a long and happy partnership with my iPad 2

Reviewed by janet from england on 15th Jan 2012
Amazing phone i love it i have had 4 blackberry curves all broke in 1 week do not get blackberrys get iphone 3gs its much better than other iphones and from £15.32 a month its a great deal

Reviewed by iphone 3GS from UK on 7th Jan 2012
Bad News, I have owned two iphone 3GS, and they are both just as bad as each other. The iphone freezes in the middle of a conversations. Software updates does not seem to help, and sending it for repair is a waste of time. At times , the phone gets very hot and shuts down. It restarts after an hour in the freezer!!! .... Fact

Reviewed by Lizzie from England on 22nd Dec 2011
Im 12 and i have had this phone for about a month now, i think it is brilliant! It always has fast internet accsess, the app store has millions of free apps to choose from and the phone has loads of memory. The texting is simpla and the touch screen is very responsive which means the letters are easy to tap but some times you could try to be writing something and it atoumaticly changes it. I dont know why Lee Clark said he hated the phone because i found it enjoyable and easy to use.

Reviewed by lee clark from england on 17th Dec 2011
i hated it never had a phone as bad in my life and would never wont a iphone ever again i got rid of it befor my upgrade is due thats how bad i think it was i have give it a 1 star for poor becouse they is no 0 for very poor or -1 for very very poor i just hope the ipads the laptop and pc's are better than the phones becouse if not god help us all.

Reply by allheart from uk on 8th Mar 2012
get a life

Reviewed by Mohammad from UK on 7th Nov 2011
It is good phone but not user friendly

Reviewed by Shinda from UK on 4th Oct 2011
I've had mine for almost 2 years. Best phone I have owned to date but that doesn't mean it's perfect... ++ It's fast, responsive and has a shed-load of apps available. -- Occasionally, it does freeze or slow down and needs to be turned off and restarted. Sometimes it gets warm for no apparent (to me) reason - again, a restart fixes this. I hate iTunes. It is soooooooo restrictive. If i buy a phone I'd should be able to use it as I like. I would have preferred to use Windows Explorer to copy files to and from my phone, but that's just me. This is what I dislike most about this phone and why for my next phone I will be looking at something with which I have more control.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 29th Sep 2011
I bought into the hype of this phone but wish I hadn't. Even on my O2 network getting a signal is more often than not very difficult. The messsage No Service is one that you will have to get used to with this piece of kit. My friends like them and have upgraded to the Iphone 4 but to be honest I have had better phones in the past which diodn't do anything like as much but were simply better phones and that is surely the primary objective here and not whether it links to Facebook or number of Apps available etc. All in all this phone when it gets a signal is clever but if e-mails are wanted and or a decent phone then look elsewhere, I wish I had.

Reviewed by Shweta singh from UK on 28th Sep 2011
Hmmmm i had atleast 200 phones in 2 years of time but this is the wirst phone ever i had htc wildfire , salsa , sensational , nokia n8 , x7 , n97 , sansung galaxy tab , Galaxy S II , wave 575 , blackberry bold 9800 touch , blackberry curve, blackberry storm... These all i had and the list continues.. The thing is that i phone is expensive and it does not hav message forwardin system + it lacks many features !

Reviewed by William from UK on 26th Sep 2011
I love my 3GS i have the 32GB model and have no problems with it what so ever, the camera quality is amazing for a 3 megapixel and the phone is very fast with a nice feel to it, so i would recommend this to anyone.

Reviewed by Leynards from UK on 1st Aug 2011
iPhone 3GS is still well ahead of competitors in useability etc.

Reviewed by John from UK on 27th Jul 2011
It's a great phone & a tv in your pocket well done

Reviewed by christian from UK on 20th Jun 2011
the phone is brilliant for browsing the internet and playing on games. But as a phone it is rubbish when u put it up to you face it turns the screen off(like it is supposed to do)but then when u come to hang up the screen stays turned off. But a recent software upgrade has made this fault a bit better.

Reviewed by Ian. Brock from UK on 9th Jun 2011
Waiting for my third 3gs previous two cintinually looseing the siganls/no service. Had the phone checked at Apple and Voafone both say it is working correctly. I put the sim card from my 3gs into my other halfs Motorla Defy and get a good signal can browse the web no problem, but the same sim card back into my iphone 3gs no signal /no service not even on 2g. Thankfully in the new 3gs is the same I will be able to change to another model.

Reviewed by hassan from UK on 8th Jun 2011
nice n smart fone .

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 31st May 2011
I love mi 3GS but wudnt get one if u dnt av ur own comp n Internet v hard runnin two iPhones on one comp iTunes abit confusion if nt comp wiz but gettin use t it x

Reviewed by Cheryl from UK on 28th May 2011
LOVE my IPhone, did have blackberry curve 8520 which loved & didn't think could get any better until played with sisters IPhone & next day took contract out & got my own!! Downloaded so many apps on it & so many to download which are brilliant, sound quality is amazing, ppl have said cameras rubbish but mines brilliant, pics come out fantastic. Would say the only problem I have that it can be on lock & decide to either play me a song or go onto an app!!! Can get annoying at times! Battery life good aswell, have it on from 7am till bed at 11pm & usually still have between 20% & 40% of battery life left so just charge it overnight which no problem as don't need it when in bed.

Reviewed by dave smith from UK on 5th May 2011
Awful,im getting mine swapped for the 5th time tomorrow and will be selling it and getting something different

Reviewed by Declan from UK on 5th Mar 2011
Well, it has everything you want in a phone, but it has one very bad flaw, signal quality and reception is very poor. I had to go to my network provider and get the phone changed to a Nokia, lucky for me, I don't have any reception issues anymore, especially indoors. The iPhone got to three bars at best, whereas the Nokia had full bars. If you want an Apple product, iPod touch still gets five stars. A phone is only useful if have proper reception

Reviewed by chris from UK on 29th Nov 2010
Had this phone for about a year now and can honestly say its the best phone ever!!!. although the new iphone with the retina display and 5mpx camera looks hawt!

Reviewed by Zac Hunter from UK on 19th Nov 2010
By far the best Smartphone, I have one myself and it's the best! Apple have done a great job making this and I think, thumbs up! My only criticism would be the screen, it is easily smashed. This would be my third iPhone 3GS, I dropped mine twice and the screen smashed but apple happily repaired it for me with a fee of £75, which I think is pretty good.. and well the third replacement of my phone was because it 'went missing'. Some of the apps you get are absolutely outstanding, the camera, well it's okay... (you can get apps to improve the quality of the pictures). The texting is really easy, tricky at first but after a few months your typing will be quick and you wont even have to look at the screen. The notes app is really handy for noting down homework or for the older generation meetings/interviews? Email, it's super handy to be able to have your emails at hand. An also very handy function is multitasking, easier because you don't have to exit the app your on an d try and find the one you want you can just double press the home button and it takes you to the apps that are running. Safari is also top notch, the quality of the web is amazing. You can arrange the apps into folders for instance all the games apps into one and all the social ones i.e Facebook, Msn etc. Zac Hunter, 13 :) Thanks Ps sorry if i've miss spelt something, I'm not that good at it. Same with my punctuation.

Reviewed by Mohammed from UK on 4th Nov 2010
I have used it since June 2009 and it is up datable and I am planning to get the new one because the face time and the camera

Reviewed by Lorna from UK on 16th Oct 2010
Had the Iphone from January when it came out on tmobile, took a while to work out how to work it. Love it to bits!! battery life not rubbish, i use the internet & text all day every day, my unlimited alowance gets well used & by the end of the night thats my phone just at 13%!! only thing i would say is camera is rubbish, everything else is great!

Reviewed by missy from UK on 12th Oct 2010
its an amazing phone it is really interesting and helpful it is amazing

Reviewed by Duff from UK on 8th Oct 2010
At first I loved my Iphone 3GS but being a phone geek I'm beginning to miss some features that I took for granted on my E71. Don't get me wrong I personally think the camera and video are better in daylight hours and produced some excellent pictures from a recent holiday, also music capabilities speak for themselves and the app store is great but there is just something missing for me. Could be file transfer or the restrictive features of the phone. I do have to say though that it will take some beating come upgrade time...

Reviewed by Bill Mammatt from UK on 6th Oct 2010
The most over rated phone ever. I Have used Apple computers for the last 15 years, but the phone is a big let down, the signal is bad, battery life bad, lots of screen faults. I an now using my 3 year old sony, gets a better signal with the same sim card.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 29th Sep 2010
Brilliant for some stuff you never knew you wanted, not so good for some you absolutely do. Not easy to make a decision on the basis of the polarised views on here. The interface is game changing, the integration of web services is game changing. all the froth about "closed system" and restrictive practices is irrelevant, if you want a smartphone to use internet services and integrated mapping its a joy to use, whist the signals and battery power permit, the games great fun and its a great music player with smart integrated services. I read my daily news paper on it, Goggle with a screen and interface good enough understand the results, settles arguments at a stroke. e bay commerce can be done on the move, up until the iphone nothing really did this, The negatives purely as a phone its not very good, for messaging its only OK and the battery life particularly when doing internet or GPS is inadequate, this thing will let you down unless you're charging it at every opportunity The other problem is that the legacy of the iphone is that everyone else has got much better, many of the features touted as revolutionary by Apple were already present on other smart phones, just buried in un-navigable menus and key combinations, problem is for Apple, guess what they aren't anymore!

Reviewed by annonamous from UK on 27th Sep 2010
Amazing phone ! Looks better than the new iphone 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Stanley stuart from UK on 13th Sep 2010
iPhone 3GS on vodafone not good very poor there server can't cope with the capability of the iPhone 3G coverage is very poor to I would not recommend to buy 3GS iPhone on vodafone and they scam me on Internet usage u have been warned it's up to u

Reviewed by Shahid - UK England from UK on 19th Aug 2010
Outstanding Phone - Wouldn't change it unless Apple release a Phone where I can make a call & jump out the other end into receivers location! Does everything I for need for now & lots more :)

Reviewed by Sadie from UK on 18th Aug 2010
I bought the 32gb just after xmas, since then ive had major issues with battery, aswell as (randomly) screen goes white and will stay like that for hours, or on other days it will stay turned off and will not turn on. On a regular accurance nobody can ring me (while phone is on with full signal) texts wont come through for hours. Emails fail to send half the time or recieve them. Also one huge problem, updating your computer or getting a new one? Say bye bye to everything u have bought. I have looked up on that matter though, and apperently apple will replace what u have bought, i havnt made that call as of yet though as id like the hundreds of albums ive bought returned to my handset! I had an ipod touch before this phone and to be very honest the battery can last me a good few days listening to music or watching videos. The iphone, a good few hours, even in the airplane mode to stop all the signals draining my battery. There needs to be some improvements. This phone was not worth £550...i could have bought a decent phone and treated myself. It is no where near good for ur money! Im contemplating whether to even bother trying the new iphone 4

Reviewed by diane knight from UK on 10th Aug 2010
The I phone is very easy to use but every time I sync with I tunes I have a problem and it does crash I have looked at my phone a number of times and all my contacts have gone so into I tunes if you are out without your laptop you are in trouble, wish I could find a touch phone as easy but without Itunes or apple as they are very unhelpful

Reviewed by jimbo from UK on 22nd Jul 2010
you have obviously not tried this phone in a low 3g or 2g only area functions are great but as a phone abysmal

Reviewed by Martyn from England from UK on 17th Jul 2010
Have had my 3gs unlocked and am now with T mobile.I connected the phone to itunes and it has upgraded the software to iphone 4 standard and also the cellular data settings have upgraded and are set up automatically.Everything works ok I have even got firefox on my iphone to sync with my PC. Who needs an iphone 4 [not yet anyway,wait till Apple have sorted out the phones problems then maybe]

Reviewed by krisn from UK on 2nd Jul 2010
Great phone so far had it for a week now love it the touch screen is so smooth had a n97 nokia as an upgrade just before christmas and to be honest it was a pile of rubbish the touch screen was so slow it took an age to catch up when scrolling with it my wife has a n97 as well and loves it but i just had to sell mine could not get on with it always wanted iphone 3gs but as i was on 3 didnt think i could but got a second hand one unlocked and now 3 have just started doing iphones so when my next upgrade is due prob go for the iphone 4

Reviewed by Gav from UK on 21st Jun 2010
With IOS 4 this phone has just got even better. 6 Stars

Reviewed by simo from UK on 20th Jun 2010
The iPhone is the best mobile phone in the world and the next instalation will be even beetter than the curren one. Some may beat it by spesifications E.G. Screen CPU Ect but nothing even comes close when it comes to OS, Apps and expierance in general it is truly an iPhone revolution that will not go away for the next decade, until Android pull there finger out and make android a better expierance, also with the bonus of being open source and the disadvantage of it until they truly embrace that. And they have the chance to overtake the new iPhone by spesifications at least they will have one victory. But unroll the iPhone mania ends Apple will rule until the next decade.

Reviewed by John from UK on 16th Jun 2010
Dreadful, overrated hype-machine that is technologically inferior to every other high end phone on the market. Too many lock downs and restrictions, which leaves only the OS which is very good...but that's not enough really. All the features of this phone, except for the apps I had years ago on much older devices and nothing has changed with the release of the new iphone 4....old tech in comparison with other devices in it's class.

Reviewed by Spyros from UK on 16th Jun 2010
Well, its a very nice mobile. But! The letters due writting an sms are so small. Do u have any idea how i could make fonts looking bigger? thnx

Reviewed by zen from UK on 6th Jun 2010
Best phone I ever owned. Love it

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 5th Jun 2010
When you see people giving 5 stars when they are admitting to having problems with their phone,it makes one wonder. While the apps and looks of the phone are top notch,I couldnt even type a text properly even with my small hands so I dont know how others manage. I will stick with my N70 thanks. 3 years of faultless service,never crashed, never froze, never let me down. If I was given an iphone, I would use it but would need my N70 as a back up for emergencies for when the iphone battery dies. The cost is unjustifiable for me. Anyone remember when the in thing was making smaller and smaller phones,well it has reversed now and phones are getting bigger again. Also those that want a camera, buy a camera. Camera phones have a long way to go to compete with my Canon L series lenses

Reviewed by Ash from UK on 4th Jun 2010
Most overrated phone I have ever come across, hope 4G will be any good

Reviewed by sheri3466 from UK on 4th Jun 2010
I bought my iphone 3GS from Tesco on a 12 month contract, mainly for using the web. I gather Tesco use the O2 network. The phone is a nice, solidly made device, but here are my complaints. It won't link via Bluetooth for ANYTHING, so I can't send pictures or music from one phone to another. I can't even Bluetooth y contacts, so I would be looking at typing for a week into my computer to synchronise them over. I have tried and tried, and still cannot, get decent web speed, and the YouTube application is useless, nothing comes up! So no streaming video, which for me is then a waste of time. It's a shame, as obviously this is not the phone's fault, but the screen shows no 3G, so no chance. It's going back.

Reviewed by jono from UK on 29th May 2010
The iphone is easily the best phone in the world. The best bits about it are the 12.1mpixel camera. The app thats lets you have slow internet called safari and the other great bit is when it breaksdown and you have to pay£400.

Reviewed by Maddy from UK on 23rd May 2010
OK, so i bought the iPhone 3gs last week and it was one of the best things i've done! It works great, my kids love it, its easy to type with evern if you have big fingers like me!! I love it to pieces and i never leave the house without it, whether i'm going to my friends house or Watering the plants! It's always there, and there's just about every app you can think of! LOVE IT BUY IT ***** 5 star

Reviewed by Barry Hearn from UK on 21st May 2010
This is the first iPone I have owned I have the 16GB model. I use it side by side with a Nokia N95 8GB, the iPone is brilliant I love it. A couple of things, the Nokia is better at somethings but the iPhone is a pleasure to use. One thing that annoys me is when one sets the device up, one is asked which language, I selected English but I got American English, which is rubbish, but there you are let's hope that is addressed with the new 4G.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 21st May 2010
If you have the chance to own a 3gs then take it! this phone is by far the best you can get by a mile!

Reviewed by Bastounet from UK on 19th May 2010
Incredible tool! So addictive than i can't live without it now. Only bad point: PRICE

Reviewed by Rocky from UK on 18th May 2010
Jose, you bought the iPhone knowing it had no bluetooth and knowing what memory the phone had, yet you bash the iPhone? I dont believe you had a real iPhone to be honest. I disagree about the screen being unresponsive, the iPhone has probably the most responsive screen in the mobile market. If you dont believe me, do research and you will see this is the case. The iPhone is incredible. I agree about the signal issues but thats pretty much the only flaw on this beast!

Reviewed by Jamez from UK on 17th May 2010
Lovely phone! It does whatever you want it to do, if not just download it from the app store!! For me, my iphone + sky mobile tv + iphone catchup tv (freeview) is all i ever need. Can now watch all latest and live sports/tv where ever i am even without wifi!! brilliant!!

Reviewed by Yemi chrizan from UK on 17th May 2010

Reviewed by Vic from UK on 15th May 2010
I owned 3GS since Feb 2010 and before that I had 3G. I don't know if it's my faulty handset or the 3GS in general but apart from faster internet it's nothing but trouble. I almost never have signal indoors or out, NO SERVICE is almost a permanent fixture, battery life is appauling, lasts 3 hours from 100% charge. misses calls, txt's, and an error message constantly saying "this device is not compatible with iphone" when I'm not even touching it!!! It's in repairs now and I hope they'll get it fixed because despite all the problems, I miss my iphone. I had 3G before that for almost 2 years and never had a single problem with it.

Reviewed by nazim from UK on 13th May 2010

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 12th May 2010
A great piece of work. This is a great phone for fun Unbeaten memory on mobile phones, the 32GB Battery and camera could be better A great phone for music lovers Overall v good

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 3rd May 2010
I am in awe of the iphone but it is way out of my price range I have used it before and so desperately wish it could be mine

Reviewed by anne from UK on 29th Apr 2010
Martin...what iphone you useing as the 3gs as bluetooth

Reviewed by rob from UK on 29th Apr 2010
no way near as good as some would have you beleive battery life is dreadful your lucky to get a day out of it. 3 megapixel camera is poor for such and expensive phone wish i had waited and got the htc desire much much better. i was a fool

Reviewed by Jose from UK on 27th Apr 2010
Bought the phone after all the hype and i have found it a huge expensive waste of time. Camera is honestly rubbish compared to other phones out there. It has a fixed amount of memory and I bought the 16gb and got most of my music on there but now its slow. Bought the sat nav app which was £45 and thought it would be worth it as its cheaper than an actual satnav but it hardly works and got lost a few times. Apps are fun once but your really never going to use them again. The internet is tricky and the touch screen isn't as responsive as it could be. No bluetooth!! Very very over rated. My partner just got the htc desire and I am definitely trading in for it, it is going to be the iphone killer for sure makes the iphone look like something from the stone age. Rubbish and over rated! No stars if it was an option

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 20th Apr 2010
In short nobody makes a perfect phone. The range of apps is simply unmatched by anything else and makes it far more than just a phone. Yes you can argue an ipod touch does all this too but it will only do that if connected to a wifi network. The screen and UI is brilliant too. But its let down by many things too including the ease of uploading music and photo's to phone (have to use itunes and if you connect it to a different PC will sometimes wipe everything), then there's camera which has no flash. You can't simply add a 2nd battery and texting is too fiddly on the small keypad. So its 4 stars. Apple could however upgrade this to a full 5 if it fitted 5 megapixel camera or higher with xenon flash, HD video recording, multitasking, an option to connect the thing as a drag and drop hard drive, and reduced the cost of music on itunes to something closer to amazon.

Reviewed by K from UK on 12th Apr 2010
What a superb phone! I mean I read some people are saying they hate Apple and think its overpriced....dont get the phone then! Go stick to your Nokia or HTC. I think this phone is without a doubt the best, most addictive gadget I have ever bought. Its a phone, ipod, browser, camera, satnav, games console, internet radio, telly, media centre, plus more all in one!!!! You just cannot get bored of this phone! Ok there are a few reception issues with the phone but thats more network related. Buy this phone, you will not regret it I assure you!!!

Reviewed by Nasser Aziz from UK on 9th Apr 2010
I have just bought the iPhone after giving up my Blackberry and have mixed feelings. You lose a lot of control over settings as you cant really customise the phone beyond the restrictions Apple put in place. Network performance isn't great and battery life is terrible. e-mail service is adequate but calendar sync is not great as the iPhone does not recognise ics format files. If you pay to use Apple's 'Mobile Me' service then all these problems disappear but I am not prepared to do this. The Apps store is great, but most of the apps are no more than fancy web pages. They display info available on the web but in a customised format that are available at the push of a button. I know I should be jumping on the iPhone love wagon (I am an Apple fan and have been for years) but I believe fanfare has trumped functionality.

Reviewed by paul from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
I got the iphone 16gb 3gs in december 2009. At first I thought the apps and web browser were great,and the media player is great. However the camera is rubbish - more like a 2mp than a 3mp, with no flash. reception is bad, considering I'm on O2,and have had no problems with any other handset before. Battery life is awful(had to get a juice pack). At present,I have had TWO replacements.The first handset just died,the second kept turning off.The courier who picked them both up told me he has exchanged loads of them. As a web browser and media player, it is unmatched - however as a phone,it is hopeless!!!

Reviewed by Harj badwal from UK on 29th Mar 2010
Awesome phone, easy to use, 3GS is the ultimate device...just that bit better and quicker then BB9700...definately recoment this phone to anyone

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 29th Mar 2010
It's just superb. I've had mine now for a month, and I've not had a single problem with it. I'm addicted to the thaang! I've had lots of phones - this is the best, easily!

Reviewed by Rafael from UK on 28th Mar 2010
the iPhone(3Gs) was so Good for me but it is really expensive!

Reviewed by shock due too 2 you from UK on 27th Mar 2010
wow amazing phone i love it its excellent outstanding the best phone ever made

Reviewed by Apple Hater from UK on 26th Mar 2010
I hate this phone it has 1 large flaw it is apple i despise and sold mine a month ago. I hate it so much.

Reviewed by Jackie from UK on 24th Mar 2010
Iphone is simply amazing, not better phone out thereeeee.

Reviewed by John Burns from UK on 24th Mar 2010
I have had nearly every mobile device and I can honestly sat that the Iphone 3GS is simply the best mobile device that I have ever used. I cant recommend this enough. Apple are light years ahead from the competition. A few years ago I never though that Apple would have created the best mobile device on the planet.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 21st Mar 2010
Brill phone, does everything you need it to, and its the in thing to have at the min. Not too sure what Gill is talking about, to get the iphone 3gs free from o2, you have to spend at least £45 a month, not £30. And it does have bluetooth, its in settings, general then right there in black and white BLUETOOTH, jees people dont put a product down because it doesnt have a feature you havent been bothered to look for. Also the camera is fairly adequate, come on how often do you need 8Mp camera? if your taking pictures that often surely you need an actual digital camera?

Reviewed by Mr Thoughtful from UK on 21st Mar 2010
Well, I've moved from the equally iconic N95-8 to the iphone 3GS 16Gb. Mixed feelings. The iphone rates superbly on style of course. And the apps are out-of-this-world. I've just been outside with the Starmap app, and for the first time in my life been able to identify almost every star I could see. But there are a number of problems Apple could do well to fix. OK - it probably can't fix the major one - that only one app can run at once. But others need attention. The GPS is RUBBISH, which is why Tom-Tom build a proper one into their car kit. The N95 had a wonderful mapping system, turn by turn voice, etc. This has a cut-down Google maps, and no voice directions. Syncing is file thru itunes, but the iphone cannot do Outlook tasks. They vanish. No apps for them. The problem with itunes is that it is continually trying to sell you songs and films - but you have to put up with that to do any linking. Bluetooth and Wifi work beautifully, but to switch them on and off, you have to burrow down thru about 5 layers of settings. Why on earth aren't they in a simple app on the desktop? Battery - I barely get one working day!

Reviewed by steve from UK on 21st Mar 2010
This is easy .YOU WILL NEVER SEE A BETTER PHONE trust me .

Reviewed by Gareth from UK on 20th Mar 2010
I never thought I would say that a phone can make you a better person... But the iPhone 3GS really is that good. Off to buy one for the missus tomorrow.

Reviewed by Gill from UK on 18th Mar 2010
Just got my new iphone 3gs and it is great, so easy to use with plenty of gadgets I am still a novice with it but finding out how to use it is very simple, I previously had a LG qwerty and was happy with it but glad I got the iphone. Got a really good deal through 02 network, free phone on a £30.00 month contract with unlimited txt and internet

Reviewed by steve from UK on 18th Mar 2010
Really dont think its that great. Sold it after a fortnight. Too wide to fit in my pocket, looks very boring, most of the apps are completely pointless and i would never use them. Yes the ui is ok but thats about it. Itunes is the devil in disguise. Poor camera, no bluetooth. I really do find it too much of a girls phone. Got the nokia n97 mini instead and it is so much better.

Reviewed by Gray Notting from UK on 17th Mar 2010
wow, 3GS! I want to kiss my iphone, i love it. I am working as a designer, so I really need gorgeous graphics on the phone. I buy this phone on myefox uk shop, i think i need to say some about 3GS. who has this phone can share with me. I am a iphone fans....love it love it love it

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 17th Mar 2010
I don't know what certain people are complaining about! After years of waiting for the 'right' iPhone to be released I decided to take the plunge on the 3GS (a great deal from Tesco I might add!) In short, I don't know how I lived without it for so long! Okay, the camera isn't the best but it's perfect for casual day-to-day use. If you are really that keen on taking a 'great' photo to enter into a competition then go and buy a proper digital camera with flash, etc! The battery life isn't great either but I have solved this in 3 ways: 1) When I'm at work I plug the charger cable into the computer, keeping it charged all day. 2) When driving, I keep it charged. and 3) There are some nice little battery packs out there about the size of a box of tic-tacs (I got one from Amazon for about £12) which effectively doubles the battery life - handy if you're ever caught short for battery life! The benefits of the phone are phenomenal. Apart from being a phone and iPod, it's also my number one device for emails, facebook, keeping an eye on the footy scores, schedule, TomTom, contacts, trading, etc, etc, etc! In short, it's a great phone and it only has limitations depending on your viewpoint!

Reviewed by STEVEN from UK on 16th Mar 2010

Reviewed by john craig from UK on 14th Mar 2010
I bought my wife one of these for Xmas. Easily the best smart phone ever made. My contract is up for renewal shortly and I'll be getting one of these

Reviewed by Don-UK from UK on 13th Mar 2010
I aint ashamed to admit that I am over 60 and bought this on a whim, well you can`t take your dosh with you can you. I am a mobile phone freak, love trying new ones. This is the classiest one I ever had. It just oozes class right down to the quality of the plug and cable even. It is not made of the usual cheap/ nasty recycled plastics that some, even very expensive ones, use. Browsing is an absolute dream as is so fast. I have done some speed tests on it and the results are pretty consistant at 6400+ downstream and 440 upstream, thats kb`s/sec. Picture quality is nothing short of superb, even my fav site, amazon! loads thumbnails etc. as quick as some laptops I have used. Some peeps who duly claim that "their phone is better" A)can`t afford one. B)are jacked off because they didn`t get one. C)can`t use it properly or to sum up are just downright pig headed enough not to buy apple--for no logical reason. It is bar none the best phone money can buy.

Reviewed by Dodge from UK on 11th Mar 2010
I love this phone was a bit concerned about size in relation to carrying around in your pocket but it's fine. What really is outstanding about this phone is the fact it does everything so easily and fuss free only downside is you can't bluetooth phone to phone. And this is from someone who has had a lot of mobiles incl N97,N95 etc etc and this is better then them.

Reviewed by Etienne from UK on 9th Mar 2010
I love this phone! i've had it for 4 months now. Very easy to use as i had the ipod touch previously so was used to interface. Love the fact that apps can be used with both ipod touch and iphones. Never really interested in mobile games before but the games on the iphone are amazing. Music player is really good and has great connectivity. Also has many accessories available for it. would highly recommend the Iphone 3gs (in black if possible)

Reviewed by K from UK on 9th Mar 2010
I see some people are saying the awful N97 and the very plain Nokia 5800 are better. Fair enough thats their view, I have to say the iPhone is magnificent! The best phone out there, go have a play with all phones and see how well the iPhone performs compared to other phones. The iPhone is sharp, responsive, has a beautiful browser (who gives 2 hoots about flash!) has so many apps (so many are free!). This is a must have phone :)

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